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Wednesday, July 11th

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Michael sheltered those studies are college football gurus join us on the second job just slide in easier to a ridiculous with stories and prognostications about the upcoming college football season Michael I remember all of. I'll bet all right never do. We're good merger but I don't all the things I was really can't even always article over at SI dot com this morning did you see that by the way the NFL vs college football. I did I appeared to believe that yeah. OK so for those who have been basically Andy is saying that you know I look discussing the guy who works and covers the NFL so you would expect some some partisanship there buddhism look college football has the NFL beaten. You know and on tradition and pageantry and sense of community and ended by a mile buddies had him if you wanna see the best of the best of the best illiquid and already knew that like darted on watching the best of the best of the best on Sundays but you know there's just something about that those college football product to read it does. You know get me excited about the pageantry in the tradition and a good sense of community and I just don't know that you can be hit and so that's why I love talking college football even in the middle of a lot. I I hear it here but we're very I have heard. Content including people don't know what game you play football. You don't spend time worker at a dinner at a time. So mark again whatever I lit. So that's part that people are all into like yeah you do all well Walt the bigger and bigger. You know you'd do well another coworker on but there's some stuff that little wire. You don't give the partaking everybody opened the period. So I think when you look at it I've got the pot I've been white collar beer and dark dirt out and look at the year Fulmer also there's respect begat. We are well because. I don't match up nearly market when you want ultimately but rather the word you're working you're working in the industry here. I've had people aren't going from Sunday into work on Monday because I expect some public and what you know welcome our belt. I've got to watch these are players play now air. Their openers there's there are a lot of mid integrate the search is like keep the order I'm really torn apart or brought about what Bert. But there're there are still important college football where I dirt just bad air that leads to. All right good deal a lot of BP played an excitement that people want. You know and you're right about all that and hopefully you and I can revisit that conversation at some point but I kind of -- jumped on yesterday Michael by -- state fair to the senate if you had -- are strong -- in college football didn't even bring -- NC state no -- that's what we're doing Michael chill and I want your take on the states' email because again you know when you return a quarterback like rice and when something we'll talk about wow OK okay so you come here with a bang your the deal -- at least back to you you lose your entire defensive line in the NFL. You know yeah -- Samuels has gone -- is -- that's that's a lot of production and make up for another big recruiting well which they do that. Are they can't become a big banker immigrants it would be a grown man like he had beat. You gotta go from being think that it helped make plays sport there have to get spirit would be distributor. Being brought diet I don't like any. Forced to route quarterback but they what either roast people Oprah that Obama utter a word that. That there have been many people would be referred to make but they were what all they're not appear that the pitcher you're gonna repeat. But at the order a couple of the other players that were adamant that I we've spent so. Serial host or tablet that they're broke brawl that people don't want to be a lot. He's so Boehner obviously showed you got some real ability to Robert what happened we've got to be a weaker and go somewhere and I think. At that point yet that the pay is only good thing but they are. Multiple order it they beat their you know worked well put out the bigger what what they're expecting that it's. You know you're Alomar or North Carolina. You know Michael is another school that you know I'm not sure we get the same pushed back does that talk about those were relevant we wanna be told everywhere. I think but there's a lot of people have differences of opinions with them because of the injury situation that took place last year you know I'm. How many guys were depleted and and set the dimensions are you didn't finish the season but this could people possibly a completely different team headed into 2018. Well all we've included a bit because if you look at large or what what we are back and so you don't we are they're pretty and that they've. It's beep a combination not obviously I need help people also is being retired what our injuries forced where I don't respect. The play into particular big you don't expect them to be interim. Regarding it breed aggregate cap that was fired he should grow up but I think that's what they're very mr. white and hopefully. They reap the benefit the packet which created you know I. But one of the apartment as well or you were ordered a few years ago Matt we've entered a wall there all the upon watching them as well. Into the wall broke up why are already your Forte are expressed in here and start over the benefit of having all those extra guys quite. Or were there for a while doing now are probably going to be very very clear what I'll probably admitted they all economy ought to go one it was forced the pilot we don't know well. A lot of you have been a Beatles yeah well I broke. But what you were studio and this year it. Or letter to Dora because reaching the critical team I think people. You know gave him a little bit of a patent Pedro worked out while the battle there which operate their Teddy I got to go out I got the ball really people. What sport so competent that might spell. And in this job terror watch your world. We will bring it there's balanced. Do you do you need to do that you add to the jazz are if your if your Fedora or you can continue to keep your options open. Thank you to jets are at the peculiar going to be wet spot where it it was the ball down field. Back something that you all been on what the cute you know we know we were what we hear. What you all out until. Obviously rental unit to be in but we all will see what are proud to break our freshman to come then. You have to be able to push the ball down they'll bet they are all very. Only worked a quarterback can do it all out are tired now repeal. Sort you depicts scenes Oprah in the rug paired. The witness is more. Talking to Michael shoulder joining us on the tech job just slide into it Michael talk about duke because of the two teams that we talked about Carolina state and I think they're both very very interest in teams but I can't help shake this feeling that duke could end up being the best is. Those relief for ACC teams in the state what it's also been done because. You were you bring back a guy like Daniel Jones and too many people don't realize how good their defense was certainly in the context of the ACC last year this should be a really balanced football team. And look I'm we're book alternate train are preparing to go to on but I look at other art applaud you don't like. In the Tibet deeper and art and it worked out Torre passed he tweaks or or all the way. I've yet to immediately he can take credit I first got number. I mean could it be. Apart bit chippy I think governor Rick Perry's. I know pat what are the overall are stacked this is out now you are Jerry towards below bettered the beat your older where it all worked visually. It'd be better err think. He is still spot player you've got out today that he got big impact in those spots so when you look at it would double this one of those aren't where. They can't know what I happen if you go to our. Now it's just gonna be about. Made it being that scheduling going out what you get and just oil industry keeps. Realistically. We should start out for go to begin that your big and they're taking up to your attitude they've got to go out there try to auto wouldn't put it akin to what was the hospital our commitment to them. I think to wind their he'd done that aren't great. I think at peace is back and they have guys that they know what to expect. Our outlook what I know what they noted that he may have guy they know what they're gonna get out and I think that shipwreck boats cited are. Michael as upstate played in the coastal side of the ACC. We're with a finished. Wounded men are. I bet that they are what you're you don't wherever they but it just missed critical I think right now in my mind. Poppy might have been built there what do in peace or are we out of them but then Bob what a lot of weight for all reported that they are most well. I am here at them. I'll take maybe it wouldn't attach belong in that discussion of that and then after that we'll look at the postal unbeaten. Well we just detected that there or we aren't gonna to attack and that's what you do what they can't beat all the how the play. The coast all our coaching a super duty so. I mean I looked at him what do we have talked about. Sure enough I mean there's entertainment so we should should it won't be right there in the pre war almost Irabu pitched. You eat. Go back to Carolina for a second because you worn that uniform and you you've represented a school and I for a long time like many people that probably thought as well. That it didn't make sense why Carolina wasn't consistently better the noise and they've had flashes obviously need eleven to one floor with a college football playoff and yeah you're doing something right but you know what in your mind as as an alarm a guy who has been there what what does. What's preventing that program from taking the next step to consistently bring in a nationally relevant conversation every single year. We got our whole football pick hairy I think a lot of part of their candidate Barry the fact of the matter pick as you know as they tout how what do you. 23. Quarter of football game more more often than not gap apple were all in about that I mean you're dot. All very well it could wipe out all because they you know that what they're create a the other side in particular were speaking. You know rental that we recently looked idea where the ordered all our sport our point if you were too tired and beat them or all would be that it really. He galloped big about it about what's papers and I think about what. Mack Brown had been out the other because our culprit and there are Cave Creek. He's been to what's ordered the mayor Parker what all they're very they're eager to perpetrate. More per quarter and in particular have. You don't know what are so I consider the idea of consistently wedding you can have some structural assault spot. So we it is but at the end of the day you have to have more strict the weakness of our big east there is no all we are all very. Become so well we if you all our ability to all appeal. Our ability to stay on the bill wake of the per barrel when your team also are an app where. He's become possible well you'd start in the law they should be W criminal law is because just like you can't have a record two purple all of a football game that older people a couple of break it to be deployed to break. Five minutes it great to be true and but that last little bit. There's got to do what's station I think the problems are try to space you withdrawal are you go there there's mr. oh what earlier target this year. We're all and equality bill bell but also this year go to appropriate book all deep and making UT that at our obamas are well off. That has been very wide convict you can. Sought out and put out there right there where they are all big Obama won outdoor carpet to retire just. We got a great group or wide receiver are not done. Plus beat it back Vicky play not just yeah not just don't put it and it broke up. Yeah you know Mike you a lot of that that you said to me sounded like pride. Tradition culture right the things that we talk about when you look at Miami for example you look at Alabama. Hell you can even make yard metro Clemson is that there is something bigger than just going on there imply and you know for the guys that are on the field it's you know this is what we're supposed to do this is why we're here. And if North Carolina to me ever wants to be great to. They start carrying a little bit more and embraced seeing some of the tradition and maybe bring in some of the old guys back in May be listening to more guys like deems deems may or dribble hire yourself for other guys that are playing for. You know this school and bringing them back in two. They get ingratiating them into the culture there of North Carolina. Why and it it's one of those big about it but I don't work through it. What we're watching and I know what the botnet had gone through. Ty Willingham about destroyed our program. Because he yeah. What you're just I go back after it I think interstate. Because they're in which we would know what are we don't pick and Charlton or retired. What are all trotted urged air. We know that it'll bat when coach we're we're still walk out there you would talk to all the guys that were in all either play good or prepare. And our border sponsored Al root ball. What happened what's the next step what happened next because it's wanted to stay where I didn't know that there are what drew you to. We were somebody's old apartment so you know to go to other except we all play so with a short. Somehow get it after so although it's and that is where certainly for the programs state opened steady to preparation and understanding thirty would be a 888 K open before it could duplicate the corporate leaders is a rare bit of a Turkish standard of what you expect out of the program. Air acting bit part of their parliament got to be just expect people ordered suspended production they've aside everybody I think it. Obviously when you talk about it there's a group of people truly believe it. Being content and North Carolina or more fortunate people want all our big bad as people think that's spoke well people beleaguered back. Are clearly older they're clearly where our open that open exists there anymore and I think that they you know were rushed for an important watching. There are current I just come up administration. Be all and on real spent a spot of the ball and didn't feel just kind of been you'll. Neglect BP will remember boat collided as they looked at June. I forced our linebackers last year. That whole deal and in particular interstate eighty Wilson. And North Carolina in the wouldn't want. And feeling like you lose about like that. But side at all. What was then we're like what are we re focused they're not gotten to where we do it because it happened between the Tokyo called the play but at all. Michael I to squeeze his last two in their world where a pretty much out of time but I can't not released it takes from you on both Wake Forest and ECU they Claussen is obviously got to navigate the first three without a starting quarterback and sky in the numbers try to save his job so I wanna make sure we get a thought on both of those schools. All were forced I want to reduce these type equipment that was the year thick smoke out what all and it meant to be technically and their quarterback and they bought the and I'll be OK we'll study whatever whatever where it went in football and obviously Eastern Europe that spot. Because of the way and you whip Latin beat Neal and I don't know how effective you are out. I'll be waiting because I don't think it's better to. Greet help about the way they bait and apparently chippewa well well I could start up rural. I'm Michael solar joining us on the ticker John just on follow him on Twitter at in the bleachers and does your college football fan you should already be doing that Michael we appreciate your grossed 93 time. Yet it.