Garcia And Bailey: Marty Hurney Stops By

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Monday, April 16th

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But looking here. They brought a suggestive clusters in the cold for an hour at and their make it up for Barbara Nicholas ATF south that the guys dressed relaxed here you got Carolina Panthers fans instead work and are prepared for the draft your general managers out here playing golf today I made it. How can I ask how I get a frank doesn't go. Now of course that the body guard to come visit us a voice of Marty artists that are dealt with as if you're not quite familiar and guys that didn't have it fixed they're both different just kind of escorted up purely out of Catholic high density has noted is notre name atop that might die down that might have been the best blocking of frank Garcia isn't. But the ball lands well are you get. They don't eat the dead yet yes and it's true that we we're torment his earlier kind of half joking if you had to draft tonight could you. Serve so yeah you're right today that we make such a big deal out of the draft and how technical it is and how much research done at Wendy. I mean but I kind of tale does this mean you address the same way tonight you will have to wait split but in terms of the preparation I mean you've got reports on 250 guys you've gone you don't. You know GS Strasser aboard you know our scouts start this process did you know they'll start lectures process and meg. And we we have meetings in December we have meetings since February does initially said the board in December and then we tweak it in February that we looked at again after the combined. And now for the last couple weeks we've been meeting and wolf can team meeting up through the through the draft so. You know I wanna say that we would have the same way in and two weeks that we would if we had to go tomorrow but if you said. We have the do it I think where we're ready for. How much movement do you think I mean because one of the things that keep you from because you already know your draft and gimme a break come out you know value I don't but because of all the movement a lot of people are anticipating do you think. The first round of distress going to be completely scrambled with deals or maybe not as many as some people like Bobby. So you have tops can affect how many quarterbacks go and how that affects accomplishes position players down I think that this is a different draft because. It's nice and normally in past drafts like you look last year and I think there were six offense tackles on the first round in. In six corners go welded that the positions of strength helped Topper little bit different I think delay as far as depth wise that is a little different than he usually has so it's harder to predict that thing. What's gonna happen. It is there is there's such a thing as conventional wisdom in the draft of the reason I say that is because for about ten years we were told there was no value anymore running back right in the first round. In three years in a row you get a running back in the first round we're told there's not much value and a wide receiver maybe pass picked him. But he did the rounds to treat it is there's such a thing as conventional was hammers a truly year to year quad city depends what skill set it depends what position has the best players something that's easy and it's you know if running backs weren't dressed the first few years Centene short sighted there weren't many running backs. That were first round skill set type of guys that don't when you have guys coming. That are that they get drafted in the first round so I I you know you hear the course shape picked the best player on the board but you really do have to approach it that way because you're building your team not only for this year by. For the next 34 or five years. So if you need quarterback Richard you get that's bucks wanna for the best player under boards just as a defensive tackle you're gonna take a defensive tackle gap to gap too now when you say is I think it depends what the gap is but it there's a huge gap in his. We always go back to Ryan Khalili using him as an example is. Day we had just I think signed. Justin Hartwig is free agent and we got to the second round and Ryan sit up there in the Obama first there was two big gaps away. We draft a rightfully own the rest is history so I do think you have to do the traffic yeah that's sick you take shortcuts and. That's a tough odds audited I didn't that I. Bitter you have every year at the when it started. Oh man that's fair I. It started secular and I am sorry that I should know so now that being said Marty. If the best player on the board when you get to twenty four's Mark Jackson you're gonna take cornerback if if if I think that. I think you have to consider everything but I do think that quarterback is a different column fervor for. A portion of the draft. So did the Oca ferret journal that was true yes you got your answer there exactly but it. But how how would you grade yourself and on the policies and so forth that's how would you all ought to get it done dugout bat or audited. I don't know cadets last you do it's a terrible out there and I don't I don't. I really you know he just it's one good decision it's time that's why you have to approach it now. Did that you're graded your record via in a you know it did just that would that's what determines what he did a good job or not when he wondered if somebody else wants to grade just on a division has agreed to sell their yeah I don't know your son did you got your plays golf today under the Sunnis like Arnold back to work let's make that lawyer cannot. I have not a blank copy of what I got for you guys I'd actually be on the way back to work they got what I found out. Yeah he's at a golf course he's dressed for golf I'd just say yeah it's a great if you'll have to forgive that mistake there at this great event they do a terrific job messing your great cause and I just add that this wanna. Stop by our puzzle factory it's out we appreciate it.