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Thursday, August 9th

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Welcome back it's Garcia barely hear on this Thursday and not just an Thursday's special Thursday Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers tonight opened buffalo. And our first glimpse of these new look Carolina Panthers. You're on WBZ elevenths and 993 Jim's Oki Eugene Robinson on the call. And Dick Nixon of course who joined us earlier in the show you can watch him tonight on W ccb. He and Mike Rucker with a pre season television broadcast make sure to tune into that if you can. And right now we talk more football with our guy Lorenzo Neal sixteen years in the NFL as a fullback played under Norv Turner. Out there in San Diego now is doing some radio and 957 the game out in the Bay Area he's joined us on the technique dubbed just like the reds or our about it. I am great I'd be back and saw the football that we get to talk about your I've seen what they've been though what they're gonna be dual and beat out. The quarterback position everyone talks about the quarterback but he did help or give away that if the quarterback position a lead of the day if that did media 12830. Million for. For five years after I gave. Well you look at what's going on it is that National Football League it's so exciting especially to watch the young player and you don't feel that the night and all regret that preceded. I'd so what is it again Bay Area you're talking about Jimmy Jeter a second ago you you're just coming off the air a little while ago what what what's the what's the hot noise right now NFL related out Norway. That date mean the biggest story right now. I think you have to do on group come to count on the white horse in your hundred million dollar deal. Quarterback yeah I mean code that now if he had that should they created on the side agency group on the side because. He had that at the rabbit. That. This and you look at Jon Gruden. There's two there's there's one person we built towards one day on on or on the Oprah made that John Rupp. Oh sure because we will be back but he's sick or is that state. Of the Oakland Raiders right now would be John Bruton and I think you can see that with little Mac one bet. Actually gain seen and right now not on if we don't pull the trigger here your quote screwed it. Eddie eagle went there we need glue back inning is wards where. They're seeing what good equipment. Last year and eat it. Still didn't play well. We need to get better defensively though when your head coach. They that. It intercede with the player of that magnitude. It may be Sonia eight it will work shop in our route I think that begins right now you know Cooley back not in camp. Little Mac maybe on the trade block out there right now players get it means that you know elbow player again held without structure. An album man there. There's no doubt about it and you know you hate to see that you know maybe two sides come into the disagreement and he's been so important that. That squad but you know we all know the business in the speed of the yes speaking of business you know you know the business tonight you know print the first pre season game against the bills. You can't fake playing fullback going as one of those linebackers or illustrate leads rice goes but. No the guys just don't maybe give that extra effort what's the one thing we should be taken away from these pre season games. I'd it's not about winning and being preceded it see critical is that most of guys to beat it to be to. Now I can step in physical get after he was football player I would expect went from a different receivers see that I. I don't think back to back them decided that cynical and it just a regular and nickel and you know pay this bill that and technical player. BP played linebacker position. And we know the line at that he cited yet you see guys or able to execute about winning. It's about execute it about these kind of guys due at 11 position 11. I would say altered count at thirteen could count that there is specialties count very. I think tonight UC guides but special teams is very important step in pretty good UConn at no point to be your starters you kind of know. Beatle bet that storage digital mobile Internet security guys that didn't back that. Better to be back at all because they play special teams and it at eye level so I think that's always speak specimen cup the tree seed that you won a seat. How cup guys are of course you want to see a they play football but a huge part of that night when you look at these pre season game it. Q do org I'd let up in all the fundamentals at play. At the plate beside it yet. Who knows it can't beat duke. That the main thing between the preceded and you know they're waiting on quarterback but don't shout out that about it. All he's gonna play two quarters so they're gonna have it's a look at what's in Carolina Panthers India we the get Bigby picked yet. As you put this in this league a long time you know you understand offense as well as anybody in. You know we all have our ways even as players we wanna be the office coordinator this is what we would do differently this would be our touched that we would put we'd run would be more physical we'd open it up we throw the ball whatever might be. You play it under Norv Turner now you have Cam Newton as your quarterback. Yourself in Norv Turner issues having played for him what should we expect different. With him at the quarterback position. Well I think you have got what people feel book. 10 he did the football field. Take shots don't be surprised if they played in coming down the field the product it's the first litigate that. There. I think they have a office there's an app that protect it could turn it on art that that that dropped. It. Gives you can't quibble vertical see what are cropped out winnable a lot of vertical route. And it will play cover two. You sit back and play cover two you know the middle until the Oprah you get a power. Oh and build real. He's gonna put a lot of pressure all fallen those are the biggest bank and he put more turner. It may god protect Cam Newton you guys these are our current spec equipment shut down. Are we talked to Lorenzo Neal sixteen years in the NFL now doing some radio but 957 the game in the Bay Area joining us on the tech become just like. Reza help me Ellis opened here because. I do think the NFC south on is the best division in football right now that's fluid we know it's been different divisions in different years but. You know you you look at Drew Brees and New Orleans what they're doing Atlanta obviously. And out Cam Newton a company here in Carolina with a bunch of increased and an upgraded weapons on the offensive side and you know year after year I think you look at Carolina and says it's probably the best defense in the division but it seems from coast to coast. There are a lot of guys who do what we do with the national levels like asked opened the Panthers to a third best team in this division and look they may be you know we'll we'll find out when they when they hit the field with. I think Carolina deserves a little more credit than they're getting nationally right now do you feel about that. You've. Got. Yeah. But right there or are. In net debt opera about who the hatred that. I mean I don't disrespect the buffalo but. It up yet there about the cake walk and England met a number are great quarterback play game but think about it the at the boat and are very. Take a look at what scored on a wet out here you got that were okay. I'll I'll buy. That but we don't know what I'd I'd. I. Wouldn't that 88 said that the forty talk about fifteen back out opposite global I agree I think it. They're looking to read about Ike would get the quarterback there in the eight all. Gains but the ball. I mean. Opal. You still get the rich is to get the rights to every every player you know when they're done. For the most part you know they they kind of get to that time were creatures of habit you get to you you know August September and you start twitch and. No question about our open week mobile app by working out and think it out of oak. Amber's Purdue program Clayton but the wind picked every three at 330 actually number of people are entered. You're up any. Product it's a better that the but out at least I got it that you did. It's within about reality aptly. 3839 years old guy that played well well well so I'd miss leading. It as. I did it. But still bit. If I could do it outlet I wish it was back in that activate your own clinic gained the king's ransom. In the locker at the core of the guys did you meet. Locker room hanging out with guys is that silly that you could never replace I've missed it that law. Yeah I know you you do have a very talented son up there it's Purdue last time we talked I was wondered did that no man nicknamed sticker though with a with a relive Apollo. A I. Let go. At it era. And a the port that you these but you do that. It. You see what that national poll the Internet such import so many people that cheered him and it better. But abolishes. Eight port because every game. You know. Pre season creeping support even but he that's why it is normal for. 0860. Whatever and Obama are being weak that it. One well. And we. Getting that. Baseball bat the ball you look at is that all the oh it's just sixteen weeks. Sixteen weeks or read every. Single. Week you've. Got is being. That. Work. You know I don't know if you had a chance to watch hard knocks would Jarvis Landry had incredible. Speech you know about culture you know and in. In Cleveland and in a talked about changing it and you know being injured verses being hurt in a toughness. You know verses. You know maybe taken the easy way out and having that country club environment. I know being a San Diego for all those years it was easy to take those days off. But that's what you guys got to fight against is that the hardest thing for for the challenges that football players have today. Because of the forty the twenty hour rule in the different rules that are. It in in places those type of challenges that country club environment. No no question. Is it now. I'd think it over stretched. You more or practice lowly. Not that oh. So. I'd. Ball I. Thought guys now. Air. Pick jacked up on. The world full boat guys introduce its are. Also note that practically part failed or goal line short order the a local Marty Schottenheimer. That all gold. It was no work at 080. With what. Or at a practice book called moderate. Hear what all the they're split and the thing. The they're very. The there are a great. Let the ball. Out of it. On carpet you know you're. There it is in there. Or that. There. I'd Lorenzo Neal 957 the game out the Bay Area sixteen years as a fullback in the NFL joining us on the tech become just like. Enjoy the rest your day off manager of the games tonight talked you zone. Are they go more than 270457. Or 96 to your thoughts on any of that your thoughts on bills Panthers tonight. Open buffalo what are you looking for who were you most interest event and maybe what's got you the most concern that those calls those text those emails we got its candidates who don't forget Steve Merrill joins us later in the show we talk a little gambling that's habits I you know the seasons back we get into some gambling. We talk about the juiciest spreads in the week one of college football. And we get the latest from his perspective. On the sports gambling landscape now that. The NBA's signed the deal with MGM and things changing in the sports world all that ahead plus Joe's Joseph person joins us live from buffalo for you Panthers training camp update driven by differ Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram the family store Garcia Billick W offense that.