Garcia And Bailey: Lorenzo Neal

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Tuesday, May 22nd

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Right now again we go to one of the great fullbacks to ever play in the National Football League is now a 957 the day about the Bay Area Joseph lo and did this is the show you'll find him on he's also CS and Bay Area analyst. And he's joining us here in the Korean city oh it's a great job does slide let's Brenda and Lorenzo Neal Lorenzo cowardice or try to for the top. I don't worry guys how we do not want our movie wonderful how I did not do great we got there. And we got a bit. It. Now you're exactly right is available are going on right there medal I wanna do it's there would be here in just a second but does the story of the day out here is that the Carolina Panthers have just. Got no official word to David tempers that improved as the new owner of this organization and I think a lot of fans are excited about that and I think he's gonna play a big heart and what the NFL it's owners do moving forward and in negotiating new TV deals and everything else is a big deal totally against the Panthers. Question when you look at a guy who ever that a rabbit options that astute businessmen don't really bring. A lot to the Carolina area and also to the Panthers are not the bat is but it. And I don't know because unique entity or patent for god would it be poor bank in the head over it you look it. There are sport in our well that's why it happened day you know whatever song they are fun to take a corporate even Churchill. We've had about a grand comp we're all in all the other sport. There aren't can take them mark this year it is still the number one mark sport. Because every bit me so much you could have great people great. Did he hate you could depart and I think that we get it gets. Lens fans slipped through ownership to bring one thing wins and wins alone what I don't what do players look for a with him when it comes ownership visit the food is that the travel is it the the family environment what is it that tough players looked and more. No no question and you you hit it out Eric Idle before all the above court individual there and they want whenever we get that. But it clears you want to make sure pitcher ownership in your hey coach they're they're going to do they care about US and individual. We understand that what left the 47%. Of NFL contract are guaranteed to every day at most then they'll think about that. Not if you respect their on April 18 basket a lot of money the average contract only 45 or 47% that Turkey. But other. It 3% if not guarantee so I don't written than what they're putting their lives there every bit in the big Dalai. You know what would be retreated without proper respect and also the player got reelected but we want that I respect. Got to respect the brand and got to respect their ownership or respect their coaches as well about who clerk what they want that they want their communication. They want owners not just look out. As you know at its peak the meat they want ownership that want to be open they want auction that if about the family. And understand their need to understand that this is not just big business. But it relationship given did that well. Doctor Lorenzo Neal sixteen year NFL fullback 9570 and other Bay Area joining us on the take the job just like old. X sixteen years. Playing fullback in the NFL that's a lot of Wear and tear on the body my man I mean you got to fill some of that now know. You don't want you know I have you know I like that they are into that and then from Purdue University plate you're going to build the old course that it may mean he played he tackled at three technique. The only fixed very unique. 330. Count 325 pounds now bring your work week I'm still trying to kick it but why you know why. I look at it but you know anomaly are eleven are equal it and they didn't you to go and hear what's. It's through me because. It is indeed I did not have some of the eight the pain to go with it and best yet there aren't a lot of travel between Euro. Don but I've been very both guys you've got to be blessing got to be lucky to play that well. But he got all the all the work if you are put in. And that's why now with my son and started you know more school break to come out and trying let me who got there at eight that you did what you. But now I think he know what it take it to the next level about what he you don't argue do. But but it it is eight page cannot do try to you're expected to rest but would this beat him 47 I hit a move like that. The newly built the other but they keep me young I wouldn't change anything if I go back in time I wouldn't change anything because we're wrong. And played it can't get kicking around them and I've been very very good. You don't deal with the Geller Minnesota Sebelius milk men out there in California NASA. I'd learn a little S closer we had directors Jim Marty hernia on about a month ago on a Sunday morning if I just what did you two from watched a whole bunch of old games above norm San Diego Chargers is that gonna give me a glimpse into what the printers are gonna look like this year Marty's a pretty much. So so how much does that excite you to maybe watch this Panthers team and and see if you see flashes of what joy used to do. No question. Who probably wondered beautiful mind and what he really beautiful might need one more remote most creative off the coordinators in the game. I really believe he's gonna help Camby because it back to quarterback is that they're dropping get the bar and quick do you think great game plan BP they. Great offensive coordinator I think you guys got a good and that. He's going to run he's not a pass the ball. Our pairing our equal additionally about and I pay if cam light it up he then why you don't letter written here is how he will not. In the capital league right now in or you're gonna at all that that the equipment won't on the war. If if you're in or if you've you've been around him so I'm sure you know and understand his offense he played for one of the no greatest running backs to ever play this game you're lead blocker form. You know what are what are you using king Hamad so you can use it more as he passing quarterback 23 throw the ball and hit the five step to the ball hit that seven steps throw the ball or did you say listen let's just cam let him be athletic let him play the position let him go out there improvise and you know this is just. You know make him make it happen. I rudely. I know yeah yeah are there and the economy tough questioner brought outlook and I don't think can delegate. He will you said that talks but I think norm until he's Smart he's not have an opportunity covered a lot of the patent because it yet because the norm often that he. Just turning blue pill to court and an athlete he can make it and we know delay they got one of the biggest strongest quarterback is being that ever seen. Beat it beat it. But Q what longevity and technical morbid office in you can run the ball. Nor would want to do a lot of flare action empowered Lee. And you're at par or you can get their running game board now when you do that there are everywhere not good at their ears back because you've got a public run the play accurate. You'll see a lot of play action. And you can shot taken out of you know but you'll become term protection often want to protect the black back side protection keeping the bag yet. And also the right back to have a huge are. The productivity added about the because in effect when you do what Britain. The eight speaking out and create. Matchup would have been easy a lot record there have you given more. The time and get that quarter but normal being you got so due to an avid. That ought to try to protect camp but he couldn't take them chart he's out there that brought. If you could protect in Vietnam aren't you he can be able to little old ball that everyone know you got people would. He will takes a shot don't look for that early in the pattern on the ball. Lorenzo Neal sixteen years in the SL as a fullback and they'll with Norv Turner in the San Diego Chargers now in 957 the game around the Bay Area joining us on the second job just slot. Elisa we can talk about to go around. Ignore going to be bucked you know it's easy to be pretty good when he got Lorenzo Neal blocked him frailty or Darren Sproles. Antonio Gates and some you know pretty good bit wide receivers out there. You know and say you know when you start looking at this offense and you look it can you look at some of these receivers look Christa McCaffery very similar the way there may be gonna use a guy like Sproles. You know there's a lot of pieces that kind of are similar to what you guys were successful with. What's the most important he's minus a quarterback when it comes to his offense. I really believe in the running back but wouldn't you know opened solid thing Thompson works and that often because bill to make people miss and state. McCaffrey to peak too bad. Is too fast for linebackers to political what they knew that I will have to seven honing your partner even. And not turn off because the way to heat and being got to think about that that drop out when you drop that that. You dive down a bill that take you down that filled the corner on appeal now you can get them underneath coverage and beat that guy. One on one matchup and learn that the sound and don't want to meet dad album way out. More on what's more back that can read on the way out and that woman that we do. You don't beaten big plays in the game because of the fact that seven step drop because of the fact that they even threatened they're gonna be down but still. Rick McCaffrey is going to eat me you don't eat well but I think if you got Abbott the quarterback without a doubt but if you have a running back it indeed thank you know who he was going and an aunt. But at running back also that I and it's going to be taken to stop it he talked on 08 the bank that he was able to do it because the vacant home state even whole linebacker in the bank they can do. Middle of the bill that I'm going to be wide open because there are recoverable speedy receivers. I really believe that you have a good run back in the top and black holed up in Vietnam who are eager to put up great numbers you guys there in airline. Listen I know you've been humbled and you don't play sixteen years in this league without being a beast. You know without being a guy that they got to put it takes some time because god they're knocking heads off of linebacker. I had my point exactly. You gonna have a little dog union and in order to have that you you got to have a guy's going to be able to go out there and do that its goal is the full backing and this offense. I think it is Norv Turner feedback the dire when they get the pat he got. Remote turner also about a well run the ball up your hot that day you're right that rock is a lot of the date they it'll it'll blow below the middle let both blocks. Anywhere else call out the Dalton duke. That'll eat this you don't meet our. Pull back very important dot. Every video and I had probably the third of four great I would not start out and first grade we get our streak you told our future state you know what. I have a number shall want to. What everyone Britain and the best fruit and vegetable whatever the priest he had to bring an inch probably hear it right pod about strawberry and cheer even. All the beautiful you've argued apple. And I brought no argument about this stuff bring in all un. I brought an onion people who have pulled red no brown back everyone Bartlett the he got on hated everything. He laughed and had an onion got a day what is smoke one bit despite it being bad movement a group but when you want their little doubt you've called on their and we knew what they're good. Hamburger ego and I knew what they Google you call will be allowed the don't deal in at least not yet. The blue Labatt U don't want you boys know a. I don't know I don't know I love the they don't get as fired up there on Tuesday mandatory let's ago I wish we had more time there's been an you're talking mortars every single day out there and there is Steve still looks really really special and sometimes affixed to court Simonyi on Twitter last known senators when I wish I give him credit they say look this orders team's gonna play with it's those little bit maybe drop a gamer too because they did board they sure looked like the chance to make. That they do and I think it that way you to cap plan apart and they are you look at LeBron this is LeBron finals the ticket to make it get passed ball and he does. You know be in your by the warriors when you see the war is what they've been able to do they have poor guy pull. For all but when have you seen and I know they don't talk apparently Jordan no I have not I feel ignored not yet. But by about you have arguably the greatest. Three point shooter to ever walk on the face they are it is a good guy who got it probably a better. It that there are. Think about what he's been able to do you broke it all wrecked over the new breed I mean oh didn't play prompted partly to top five record unit of the day. Oh by the way 8080 are great three pointing it in the days. If they haven't ordered it the best job chuck content according integrate my brain you don't. More all part and god what their plan and they're moving the ball around they're part would be if you did UBR prep but by between the two people wanted to. Double that could be it being whenever comment because of the fact they for all our. There aren't selfish and that's why Haiti's debt I want some of that and that's why fear when I. And there are LP. When they're well they're jail. Lorenzo Neal 957 the game on the bay area's sixteen years and in the football in the National Football League is a fullback. Don't suppose he's got us all jacked up here on Tuesday etc. And this is little Lorenzo stars gone by the milkman I expect some some royalties all right we deal with that. And our buddy we'll talk to everybody.