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Wednesday, January 31st

We talk to great guests and all through this hour as we're coming live from Radio Row in Minneapolis.


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No everything's about. Now networks don't talk. But sports spending isn't too. Ever dealt drill back. Father we missed. If this did try not to play an important job there. Cause we're back over here yet. You're killing that. That's not your fault it's my fault I got so excited. I decide to go full there very often writes that I get made fun of visits on either. I don't go full there are very authored by the we're gonna to play that intro again because we were all sitting around talking to many missed the first part of it which is the best part. We got Brandon like the inspiration for one of the great movies in my mind as those who agree sports movies too for the moment the economy the chino. David Rousseau I'd say to get cult classic. And I love this movie so much brand like doc John defied his work there. He's a handicap breeze and odds maker he's one of the best out there what's up and only two in three and Super Bowl picks. And I'm impeccable there's an unbelievable. This is an honor for me you realize that right where those those are this man's microphone up close but we're just I'm so excited roll over the place right now. I can't even I can even do my job properly reckless meant. I keep my radio row and and and I hurt me to pick against Carolina. And in the dim receivable. From that of course last you've got lucky with the with the new England and Atlanta. But sometimes get a good feeling that when he took three had to be lucky. I was talking to them honest enough to admit that I play. That's your question yes. I hope so no god I've got some of the questions were sent to the filming a movie only Vegas totally and they just had to go to Vancouver how much consulting did you do. I didn't do anything with a sampling that would be in Gilroy and I wrote the script right. You we were to script. In Rhode I would I would go to dance office and he would people that tape recorder he fresh record we would talk for two hours segments. Indian would just ask me questions and I would go. Did this for probably a year to he had so much of mean. Then it was very easy for the end to sit down right strange then it was Wallace did it accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish. It in addition to being one of my favorite movies Matthew McConaughey is my favorite actor of all time but he's cool skywalker the Clinton years. How how incredible was it to have Matthew comedy. Depicts you. Playing a movie one night when I first looked LA into the job the golf course and I was gonna become a caddie in and caddie for director producer writer and given that caddie circle and pitch in my idea. I had the reactors in mind. AFLAC Vince Vaughn and Matthew McConaughey and so it actually execute that any caddie for the end you're oriented she might be in the had lunch with him and rename Renee said the gambling once the winner than they decided to get behind. And it was like for the projects they were considering a rate aces. Immediately went and in the end. The stories of Mays is the end rodents back. So the indeed need like three grand just to option my idea and the DV. 40% of what he got for the script and he got 500000 for the script. So we controlled everything. So DN TO cashed in future ahead. That was fast and future. Paid cash to future one of which called page one rewrite. That means you rewrite the script. He takes it he can make the change you want answered don't know what's gonna patent re write my script and so we can't him. And it's kind of came full circle back to love it's absolutely love it how much she denies it. Russian oil in my head sugar in your Romeo you actually are you you're still free to walk away anytime model I've got I got as a lever to the result of a good look at your face right now is like. Dear all I thought I made fun of for so many years to loving this movie as much as I do the gunmen and I'd devoted an entire segment revenues for five years on the on already your shows have ever done. To that movie elements so much like your I have the inspiration the Genesis of that movie sitting next to me why would I not asked to nerd bush does not. Have to tell you that haven't met played me but you didn't hear the line that now is give people. Which is on 54 my wife is 44. If you Google Brendan Lane's wife she is a giant piece I kicked out kick my coverage from here back to full. I did and I tell you what I'm unhappy about some really good job right I'm I've done it several times. Half half I'd gotten the bald spot going right now I'll start to develop that he. Late fifties belly up but it don't matter. Is my wife looks twenty yelled good Jim if you like Joyce ruled that bedrooms and money. Close your eyes vinegar yeah definitely. I love it that's I don't. I gonna ask you some real push their dad like and I both were low we were both John sewers of the dark arts if you want I loaves I love Vegas action that would. I've never truly got a grasp of how these odds makers do you know I'd ever. Truly understood the how would guy can sit down and end in the legal apply whatever math logic he's doing it come up with a six and a half points is the spread your and it was probably change from. 403040 years ago to the way they do it now but tell me how in God's makes it doesn't -- has announced they could do his job I've. Done it for 27 years OK it's incredible and all use the Minnesota saints gave us an example. In this industry finds a dead number. If you look kid if you go back when Ross fairy back your hotel tonight look at every NFL score regular season. See how many games someone far. There's maybe for the whole year. So to post a line. Love scenes. Like seems fine. Love that game phone line. Five. With feet in. I just was like why and then I I always say finally the favorite. By the half. Beverly three and a half heavily seven and a half ten and F fourteen and seventeen have Tony when it's that the number falls. I posted that I posted that play because I had to I hit it big plan Philadelphia over Atlanta. Come my website at 200 timers is because I go. And I had a 200 dime run Philly over Atlanta. So I came a little lighter on Sundays are really need the game was a winning week we're feeling good so what you normally with Minnesota has a post that flash on my five. So by the Florida half an hour ago now it's a good number to Bryant played in upon fondled by outfit number. And then when he runs and he scores and then sent to Torre goes they have to they have to take the extra point to complete the score everybody got all excited. Wolf you remember the money nineteen. When the Eagles returned a fumble against the raiders for one night he was nine and haven't put it on nine had to come back into the neat. So everybody got all excited insist they're gone they're gonna take you need it's lived up on five unless you idiot. I don't know the guy that cut the just such a loser if we have read it like with a spread like dot com was written by the stuff you know bread and obviously you look at this game and you know you've been so rights northern as the Panthers who have the weather was good but the patriots last year. The pages this year you know but the amazing thing you always have these (%expletive) these are the numbers though the the spreads there's always something that you brains when you start looking at these lines and the one thing the kind of sit out for me is. With these patriots victories. They've only been for the most part I believe my field goals 3334633346. Only one of those games have gone over that five. You know in you know here's another indicator or aggregate good example of a team that plays great defense. How do you not take Eagles in this game. If you objectively look at the patriots. They are one or two plays away from being 17 Super Bowl. Rams' Super Bowl Kurt Warner went right through the first three physicians kicked three field goals and let him hang around got beat. Jake DelHomme in Carolina for the 31 on and we just couldn't Dicey weeks among your network. Couldn't give them one stopped in the fourth quarter that you needed if they could not stop the moment Steve Smith mom. Carolina really served when. You leave McNabb and Reid kind of plummeted on themselves in the first half Philly dominated that erupted in the media who was the back door touchdown and a give me that Super Bowl winner of what we want sex to go and then of course they never should be Seattle members revealing so realistically. When the patriots get to the Super Bowl. They're not the better team. For the better coach Steve. And that's why they've won most suitable class to my check. They're not putting up a fifty spot like the niners did on San Diego they're not put up a fifty spotlight Troy Aikman in Galveston on buffalo. In any one of their Super Bowls so you said it best people say why are you Tony two and three let's do you handicap the suitable. You take the hype and thrown out the window and your approach to games just as if you're one of thirteen games on Sunday. And stick your handicapping principles and that what the eye test tells you. And that mortgage on the right side of the game and I've only been on the wrong side of one Super Bowl where I was wrong. That was Seattle Denver and on the third play of the game of the big at the safety I got out my wife sit there with her dad. I got up my gone gone we mean it's and I go it's eight there real calm going to the movies you guys can watch this destruction I'm not gonna torture myself it's a loser. But which of the movies they came back in this set they're it was a final. Figure of 48 he had destruction assumed what do we will woo and for dinner that's the only when I was on the wrong side the other two that I lost was. Indianapolis in the saints. The onside kick to begin the second half of really great scene of that Indy recovers and goes down this course it's game over. Think baskets the one that fumble that they can stop a couple of cheneys outside a whole foods and LA years later now we were sense that they could trainees and that's gonna cost of the Super Bowl. And in Pittsburgh and Green Bay if you remember that game at minus three and a half Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh was three and a half green Bay's got a third and twelve from their own nineteen with five minutes to go Jennings runs a slant. Rodgers sits in high terror Polamalu have been pulling down now to further down he sports and up to the forty. They tackle in there. Basically they run three times give it to the two minute warning or they picked up another first down game over. You know what happened they picked up two more first downs got to the tenth kick recovery field goals in the twelfth so far as on the right side. And I think come on the right side of the story. My friend like we're out of time but it was it was a pleasure out of relief. That's the Brennan my doctor got bodies were there we we love having to buy a fuel loss at him for days by the way unless movie regulated though I don't know about I thought. I did hear a live radio roller Super Bowl pitches he brought to relatives that are real moral we come back it's Garcia Billy. Cause I can't fake UN. It's like this song because it's. Nothing could find nothing could more accurately depicts. How I feel in my heart plus right now a bit this is love. It's like win it's likely Charlie Murphy saw retains all around. That's absolutely what this is like Gaza and I and again I can't thank you enough. For making this happen and I can't thank enough branded line these random like a lot of you out they're probably the demand would adore what a dummy. They'll look. A guy who is you know slobbering over handicap for who has. You know in a movie that maybe you've seen or maybe you have a good deal we all got our stuff right like for you Star Trek shirt she makes funny you what did you think it is what it is. I think that is one of the best movies of nobody's had too many people still don't know about two for the money that's to do this is the guy Matthew McConaughey portrays that movie that we just struck a deal. All fair. For branded line to become the new official handicap with us onto for the money and I absolutely love us so we I don't know I really hit it hasn't even heard the shift. Branded lineup for like I just struck a deal off clearance for him to become the new handicap for the third handicapped with us every week there are two for the money segment. And and that's that's an incredibly exciting thing for me it should be for the vote. It shouldn't prevent those specifics on the US starstruck to thank you guys release humor mixed feelings you're not it was like yeah I really loves her wallet and the fire the man is only yards loaded. So I don't know Freddy Garcia is up to lose that fear what's left is right there is right here we've got to frank David talkers over the that looks beautiful people floating. Our sponsors so yeah you welcome. And that's yeah. You're welcome you're welcome to daddy you have the right guy look at Rydex like the rest of us don't do you think you know again. He's the only one out here working on how you are you don't over here making out with your man crush our projects you'll be happy to know that we just struck a deal off camera for brand like to join the two for the money segment and a it only makes sense for him to do Soledad. Given that that's what the segment is so I hope you're gonna be okay with them how does that grab. Typically McDonald's may finally the big crush the Mount Pleasant thing like this that there are lessons O Powell your romance with. This is very true this is very true there. That was the best that was might make maybe the biggest romance the only thing that would have been bigger quake with a look on his face would've been if Matthew McConaughey was sitting right there insurance. It's idiotic and I got down from his need a hole that's kind of threw a clear. But sure. Every altogether and accurate at times. The fifth but that we're having a blast event I'd say well this. That's the kind of stuff that you love about these events were try to bring that the essence of this event you go back to you guys in Charlotte there's great interest in people here but that would mean to you. You have to talk about how brilliant they don't listen to his love his voice still intact I got is you know what what Joseph thought there was saying earlier. About Kim do. And you Robert tried to kind of do expound upon that talk about it more but so the schedules allowed for the moment frankly I just was listening to 2000 talk about him. And some people got a little bit worked up about that saying that all these these big too critical it's not it's not accurate James better than he sank years. Joseph Johns has got a very clearly Lyle Lovett is hard for Cam Newton. And he wants him to succeed he wants can't continue to get better and and the gist of what he was saying was. This guy's got his high ceiling has anybody anybody no. In the NFL anybody to ever play the position in the NFL and Joseph just desperately wants to see a guy hit that ceiling that that's what he wants to sit and what's wrong with that nothing at all. Nothing at all an annual keep order to have a problem because anytime you bring camps name on. And you don't kiss his ass than you think that you're you're talking now do we get some is not a case you know it's constructive criticism and one of the got to go out there and reach his full potential. You know it's what coaches talked about is the way players who speak about a few of themselves and other players. And to you know and they look at athletes and they see all the potential they want them to going to be able to achieve that know whether to do that. Is through hard work dedication desire all the things we talk about your foot in the catch phrases you know as far as athletes go. I think we'll tell you what this is just the last zit for camp is it like WOC. Few quarterbacks coach dean and this time now to let you demo it for five years left maybe it's playing its loans playing in this is it. Coolest animal did the most how do you tell. I love it. But it's it's it's put up portion of time for camp. And it's of it's it's the kind of higher than makes it that way or here's the thing right I mean ultimately at the end of the day. You know everybody's gonna blame Shula the it was a torrid offensive and do this they did do that. You go get a recorded you've heard all the people that have played wished with north Norv Turner. Then to give a marine endorsements don't seismic who has a lot of experience in this game he talked to Brian bold leader who has a lot of experience in this game you talked to. All the guys that we've set here that could mention Norv Turner and they also the same thing the guy has knowledge he has understanding. He makes it simple to read he makes it simple to do. He he brings perspective to the position. And all you have to do. Is take time to understand to evolve to grow. To work in those types of things and took to get coach Tony and to me. Do we start looking at you may be some of the difficulties the cameras have over the years. It's is he willing to be coast and that's going to be the question and I don't know of too much snow on the year but I'll steer him Howard's talked for a couple minutes and he believes it or turn Jimmy Christian McCaffery that. As a receiver. I'm eat eat he can eat 3000 yard receiver in this system Monet from a position and a 340 yard runners so. It you don't need help on heroes for more than three or 400 ball you know all about I think what's the think I think he's leaning more towards any. Julian element type player don't you. Listen you know there's not many players of about a 1002000. Net write it in Marshall Faulk is one of those guys he's not Washington. No he doesn't announce. The size. You have to hit to pick between the tackles consistently enough. He goes down a little bit too easily offense is that what the rams were gonna spread you out you know hit the holes and had to stop one thing. People when they play the rams decided to stop till the passing game he'll hit the deep attack because you had no. For your floor the hall of famers Marshall Faulk you'll benefited from that dislike the receivers benefited. From more people have been back there so it was kind of you scratch our back we do everything kind of worked. With the Panthers those of the things that have to exist in order to be successful pieces have to fit the puzzle. What type of office do we want to do we have pieces in place when I build offensive lines you know you look at certain body type she looked at certain. Our skill sets you look at certain attributes that guy's half he put him in position according. The same thing happens on the college level the same thing happens that the NFL level. You look at guys that you say left guard looking guy you say right tackle you look at guys you say senator. The same thing exists with wide receivers if we're gonna run this type of offense we have to have these type of players we have to have this type are running game. And that's the thing that has to match in line and that's why it's in its true goal was what more you Bernie. And Norv Turner you have these meetings to say this is what we want to do these are the pieces that have to match. And I think nor I think nor was going to be more of duty. And a father type figure Duma a guy that he knows as. Thirty plus years of experience and NFL coaching offense head coach Colin plays. Have a vote you know you only get better from that guy the guy like that. Let me ask you Mike Shula. To really know turner six or wholesalers Africa we're talking about the new days is that there's this notion that the guys. Evict the game's passed him by analyzing and got not a coach flew away and I I can't guarantee everybody this is going to work with that with say that it can't. Is absolutely absurd to me and there I think I look back at his present day and where he's been the players that he's worked with what was one of the things of rival bigger so it's Ozzie said. They're nor has always had to have that pump in the backfield that big bruising back that he's always needed to have them well. You wanted of course you'll want to experience last year that they won a letter from that we all knew he wasn't going to be there and there was some folks want to back it didn't take one wolf I think. This is the year who did this big deep. Class of running backs coming out this year or college football. They've got a chance to go draft that guy to get ignored the kind of guy he wants he's already in the here in that room we look at these guys figure out who's got the best of what he wants to do thank Jason Jason still lessons and gas in the tank from. Maybe have a lot he's probably donate to detect left with no he's got something left drafting guys rumors replacement. Use those weapons get some of these guys healthy and I think Norv Turner he's focusing on this office with a weapon like him which he's never had before. Is going to be could potentially a very good. Very fun thing to watch. 57045709. B six dead we still have a parade of guests coming through the rest of the show its support Ryan leaf was supposed to join us. We'll get his thoughts on this David and a whole lot and Brian Billick didn't stop fighting. Thought he looked like mob boss and as soon he's one of the best dressed in Hollywood bad actively it was pretty impressed and some Arafat to come in. The sit down hello boys let's go and I'm gonna look like a made man when I walked it was more it was so you save lives really trust. I'd live from radio row here in Minneapolis brought to you by the load city's center its Garcia but it looks. Every. So I said there was apply it on radio row everybody got no fly it's. When did you what are the definition of fight shapes up over on talking to people in Charlotte where you are you where you gonna talk to do. Some people watch it there you are. Everybody's freaking out over supposed to fight right now on radio row which lead to Houston radio host and we of course got you know and tricks that a fight as the fight it was students visited each other and they were as they were standing up yelling got a little fights it was literally if you wanna make it a fight it was a radio type yes source of anybody refusing their work if you're out there listening and if anybody to get the did you see this fight on radio road to Super Bowls don't want to it's not worth the four minutes and takes the watch video there was no fight it was two dudes yelling at each other that was it. A live look like there's still. We Ellis is Europe's leaders come and it's only a man up extortion crutches and a good look. It happens and migrate it happens to be once in fifteen years and it it's like a cult classic I think the good. You just spit everywhere I went all over that's kind of like what you're doing all over him I wasn't a cappella concert that's that's that's under attack I asked during this is man up SARS so it isn't a good look. You know I don't go to the star struck over obscure handicap for us what I'm gonna do all right that's my thing don't worry about it. I ended link you're my hero. That's there's a hero but I mean that the outlook the movie what here's that your main love the movie started off awkward to water but yesterday you asked. You know what it's what do you do to go approach a person to give article is that like on aggressive because you you move the goalposts in my conversation I don't understand autograph I don't understand the purpose behind them so our nationalism becomes an answer for our graph sir can I haven't yarder thank yet yes thank you go. There were very very easy very easy PG it enough you causes me to put the nerds what did you do a fantastic. No no you're you're asked yeah if I want to ask for an autograph this is where it's not about half I don't know what deserves so different. You just relax a little bit how he would. You Iraq Roland my man like I actually nature when you're literally not only did he laments that would be absolutely love it he can't wait to decide whether so get out of here with that stuff could you just. Up there and death panels that he. Loved you so again be careful with my words there. Sympathetic. The title again we're live from radio row here at the mall America Minneapolis out of a great job. And you curse of actually sitting here for long time they'll put Madson I want to put it had some offers like that we would love to talk about something for a moment. Because Grissom Maxwell was the deputy editor of the sporting news in Charlotte formerly vice force she's a veteran in this industry and she's been here for a couple of days. I have really during those couple of days she has been like unbeknownst to him. Didn't keep an and I am protecting hit man from himself somebody needs to and that's that's what we've been told because the immediate look this guy like he can go he burns the candle of both sense. He gets it done all the professional fraud and he gets it done the party's front he knows how to live life. But you've been watching I even kind of this is what would Louis with a look going today there is well and it shows I'm glad I was there is a guardian Angel baby sitter were just thought that. Yeah last thing we went to the media party had including universe and then. You hit man walking around with his Mike Gundy be like some sort you. I thought that. I've never seen a grown man and excited to go to Roland let's. We're gonna lose a good idea or animosity Sally gets that big of a roller coaster and eat eggs yet exactly seeing how this can that be like. But it was a little. I do feel this is the great and good at this that if we need more of this we really suited bonus I have tons of video evidence as well. I'm stepping fortunately where can we see that video evidence so it's all my fonts on TV and it is I know I know him. And content field from so we we knew when you talk to the hit man to see make. You've been out with him does he forced people to call him hit man. No in fact I'm getting in to the habit of it we just calm Tony yeah we think it's usually like this long enough to through. He is easy. Really just being really weird annoying but it took the we got to get to the hit man persona and last name like typical man does do my job for me kept cutting me off interrupting my videos all I'm nearing INN. New blog at the Super Bowl tickets to the content PCs. And he is just like 8070% of attention all the time it's exhausting. Thank you he's the life of the Florida thank you. So he's Irma Texas in front of the search ads only on video Mans winning team if exactly exactly I'm trying to marry what's going on and he's literally pushed me out of the way he's likely to hit it to be infancy. You don't Green Party it'll look closer. He got more out there. That could put a foot cookbook that is awesome. You're Sunday you know you really the only thing I mean you've just you've experienced here at the Super Bowl as the woods are now more than I am I'm Minnesota new invention could. So what's the coolest thing you've done so far here. I don't lie I mean it's so funny my parents to keep taxing them like or you've been working this week because I have gone so multilingual I played ice golf. I. US Olympian Allyson potter injured. I took Isaac herself from the chargers so really it's his first time. Snowmobile similar feeling yesterday he had nine degrees is greatest on. This happening. Those little fight to the breaking up or violence or another radio thought he is he is the biggest CD he just told a great story he designed the ideas ADD like you believe I apologize. He likes to see frank. Francs through the prism through which frankly used thinks Obama jerk I know that well are the terms about being a jerk he says you know I've got to keep this train on the tracks and so I'm dealing with multiple things at once I've received just sits there waiting for me to finish the sense that he discussed are saying what he wants it. There is a lot happening around us right now so I can. Completely getting at the ultimate test the folks at it if I am getting distracted myself I'm trying to say on the fact that he had not done a lot of fun things. Also thinks almost every single brewery in Minneapolis area says you need any craft through advice I got here. Okay yeah. There's going to be a Tor guys. I love that so we'll have the FaceBook this lies. Or incident but why would we do last year or two years ago what has faced Oklahoma you yeah we don't know whether there Stewart prayers go there was there one of those who don't do that absolutely downtown and other hit then we'll take the lead with that means it's. As well as gruesome. It's OPEC will gruesome we appreciate popular we know what to make your correspondents look at our hit man correspondent I'm living dog sledding tomorrow as a tale about fat. Now wanted to do that I know it's for you serious I it's still cool so how does one get in on the action I. I you find out I can I can look integrity you can give me an adult son to a nominee needs a big asset. A double with younger. All right anyway good deputy at the editor of the sporting news tourism actual. We're gonna bring it Audrey Roberts falcons wide receiver return man and he is joining us here. On radio row and though we appreciate you stopping by for small. About Brazilian delegates up. Great to have a great sound bites and so first and foremost I would get to visit just the second but. When you are talking to pick his fans surely you realize all right so president as a falcon you you kind of start in the negative so you gotta work some equity got to work your way up here. I understand it's okay. The fifth the fifth. Talk about the season you guys and obviously it was a tough loss in the playoffs this really David I just do do the best candidate to front wheel drive type that they don't put. And at that lawsuits or to Philly and in the early portion of the playoffs there's a hard fought game low score game not not. Not really what I expected the way that they've turned up. Via phone. You know through food of course knock us off live in every every opportunity. To win a game you can only have incidents so. I think we had a great game plan against him from the weather was kind of got a tough you know as if it was cold and windy and I think that was another reason my low scoring game but calm by SM in every opportunity. They did their job at another plan today you get to see guys like yeah you could see guys like Julio Jones. You'll go out there do their thing nearly Matt Ryan talk about the leadership lead the way they approach the game it what makes Julio better than everybody else. Com well you know I saw it when I was early in my career when houses there is on the was Larry. And please show me was how hard he works every single day from like. Easy young guys and ninety system and its lead and that's something we viewed as. When he's out their practices and works hard he goes so far it you'd think some of those number one guys. They don't go as hard practicing just playing the game that. He's one of those guys that bomb I know. Is your reason why that Ryan likes so much because he goes so hard practices he knows exactly what happened practices gonna happen again. You guys play what I think is so the best division in the NFL but it Vivian at the NFC south is. Incredibly incredibly difficult and admitted it starts obviously with the quarterbacks who always does he doesn't deserve what accorsi would know what what makes that that division so competitive week in week out. Home like you said the quarterbacks in the defense is. They do save defense win championship. You know Tom Brady has won this year's series championships. Of being on offices in the event but on defense and in defense of leaf from our division is really tough calm even with Tampa. They had of had a pretty good team and you can see them coming can't come and gone at it. And I was actually part of something like their early in my career when. Since friend had a college cafe and obviously Russell Wilson in Seattle that whole thing was the on on BAT's got to Arizona retreated six he didn't make the playoffs that divisions it was so tough and if you think back innings because of Seattle's defense San Francisco defense. They had you know those linebackers their front seven. Playing strong of a week when you game plan for the Carolina Panthers host the one thing that you're looking at two exposed because. Everybody's gonna talk about the strength of the defense and thirteen architecture strikes they're gonna check your weaknesses. When you play the paint as what's one of the things that you think that you can really take advantage. Poems. Well having the receivers that we had last year obviously second period. Trying to kids who deeply in those fast linebackers. Out of position tell us in this direction things calm and I think he did that. Pretty well flown there to games there's community their front seven. Tough you know you have a really good front seven your secondary can play really well. You know that they'd like I said the defense that you know being deceived its. C south has started and ended up. Audrey Roberts wide receiver and a return man for the Atlanta Falcons about to become the seventh. Recipient. Of the salute to service award presented by the US say they were great Dawson Philly a couple of months ago if you on the navy game you were the child to a members of the united states army and industries a lot to you. One of those times I wish we had more time which we appreciate what we got. Thanks congratulations I actually live there again Audrey Roberts seventh ever recipient of the a salute to service award presented by. US they say it so we go from Audrey Roberts. Two way out to a Super Bowl winning head coach Brian Billick is about to sit down here was on radio row and Coach Billick show was on what is actually just a couple of days ago by the phone for the first time we get to a chatted person for second on the press coach first and foremost I walked in this morning. You were over there with 95 the sport so in Boston when we got here about 8 o'clock Cuban going part of this thing in the ass. Three hours that's all right I'm never no one's ever accused did not having enough DS okay. I can just start seeing go wolf I think it was three hours and it then. Look you can do really good job breaking things down for us anytime you come on Charlotte's automotive centers and we appreciate that I'm sure the folks who would say the same thing but of Super Bowl stuff first. You've been in this game you notice like to prepare for one. This these the two weeks between these championship games and the super most coast of sure you'll love this for you for preparation. But it's a long slow march. Tremendous today it is your number one tasks make sure you can players to spin sells out truly emotionally physically. Because like those two weeks ago about a part of everybody's keep up around. Comptroller of the building when they're outside the building going into the market bottom feeder or whatever first couple days here it's crazy. You gotta kind of embrace that role within the beginning today on Wednesday. You gotta start making it feel normal. The league does a nice job that minimized with the players have to do a week from the practice time you back to practice routine he begins to okay now. I'd know this side of this feeling tired and obviously the pregame and all that's going to be a little bit different but this sounds cliche beware that kicked the punt and kickoff. Now it becomes. Would she will always do this we will. How much does. History how much does he have the this the the fact that Tom Brady in the New England Patriots have been here before. Play into this game because I remember as a player and you've probably experienced as a coach when you first time. Now how fast everything goes on how the weakness there and you know held talks about the 22 weeks we only had a week you know in 2001 because of the 9/11 situation. So we were there we made our decisions and we are in the end it and everything right away but. That last week it just goes by so fast and before you know it the game is there you're out there on the field the ball's kicked. And then everything kind of happens from there. It's good which is good you know did you Kiefer and obviously the experts what will new England and tell you know makes no difference that was in the years ago. But no it makes a difference because you've been there no matter what happens you've kind of you've dealt with it the challenge for Philadelphia is he weathered the storm something that's gonna happen. Deep you know and then they've been through this before that regard but this is a Super Bowl. Focus on the process not the outcome. Not oh my god what is this week don't pay you been here before we fumbled four we saw an interception for we've given up the big play for to worry about. Come back rebound do what you don't let that muscle memory kick can't and don't panic you weather the storm and we don't knowingly do that Philadelphia is gonna show they have to. Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach of the Baltimore rated short Agassi on radio row and I agree on much time with your always wondered though. With all the success you've had a great team can put on the field he was watching for years ago people try to pride dry dog grew back out of those and on the field. How close did you ever come to come back. You know a couple of opportunities when I first left that some lifting up I pretty good first marriage of speed Ozzie Newsome Baltimore Ravens. Got an idea of what I thought it would look like. The download what I am doing that and you know it everybody's got a price we know a group says you know. Know that I have is that it what I have is there's a hundred dollar bid. Could entirely after one year because I don't know that I wanted to have. I love that bed and then I did when we get about a minute left we had we had 2000 come through earlier got to ask you got Norv Turner is norms back in Carolina cryptic. Franken are excited to see what's gonna happen there would how do you envision this going. Nor does as good as there is to do a great job utilize the talent I think he'll take camp due to that next level. But you know just that experience I think players lent itself to not in my shall did a great job. 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I don't Super Bowl winner with the Baltimore Ravens kind of sit down with a super couple minutes we gotta go we're gonna come back and were already in the final stretch if you can believe it. We'll step this time we come back we're already had our number four brilliant sort of I didn't pay this guy decides I. You're like free this tells you about so much you know what's gonna go so fast flow that way you look back they may have missed about an hour had to break. But that's kind of the way your career goes that's where that game goes much talked about Super Bowl talk about we get back did you you just know it's gonna go by fast talk about it they're gonna messy and it's crazy we'll talk about that a lot more notable for its Garcia Bailey brought to you by. Below two senate.