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Wednesday, July 18th

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Here is the man of the hour later Fedora is sitting down with a us. And dice but talk to the queen city you gotta tell the coaches to have going right now you really does that's not affiliates and I don't know that I don't have to. I don't treat at a sold out there are you that that is they got Dustin Florida Destin Florida today a couple weeks about white sand beaches flights land. You know well. Turquoise blue water on me justice clearly just a beautiful place I I was doing and I worked out of Fort Walton Beach for a little while on the model I don't know well it's beautiful it is just sort although yesterday is that Larry you're the man of the hour today you know well you know people talking about Larry Fedora knowing what to settle the podium earlier in -- So I saw that you would talk to a smaller kind of broader media and I think maybe they thought you were gonna come back and you don't walk some things back but that's not the case abuses in the dissent which is said to me what you said. Now I didn't know that us that supplement that was not drastic to be honest would you deft editing not I think. I can't comical I don't think the game is safer than it's ever been in the history of the game and I think we constantly tweak the game. So that our players or safer and and I think will continue to do that. I do believe. That this game is the greatest game. In the United States in this group to it's in a war over and all book the values of the things you learner will open what we are as Americans. And you don't think we have to always secure. So it just for clarification when you sit that you think it averages that Margaret there music football's under attack and football goes down so's our country you mean that. I believe that do I believe that. And more. Yep you know what does it mean going down I mean if the game changes to work self flag football I think the game won't have gone down. You know so what I think we have to be careful I think we have to be good stewards of the game. What it always. Most important is going to be. The you know the health and safety of those players you know and and I think some people are trying to say that that's I'm not concerned with. You know to help from the safety of our players that there's some truth to that at all absolutely and you know I think that you know with what North Carolina does. In what I'm aware of and I hope that you can clarify this is that they take. As much precautions as any program in the country. To make sure that their players are safe with a note the number of dollars Linux seller that's all bombers and helmets we had dolce and talk time up in there to be able to measure the impact on the players' heads. We do we have you know Kevin Gus would choose the arcs that the dean of arts and sciences who is the leading researcher on. Concussions. You know you've got DI NFL retired guys come there to get to the study. You know so we're doing everything in Chapel Hill that we can possibly do to make sure this game is as safe as possible. We talked to Boston Bubba Cunningham but so twenty minutes ago he started to give us some time too and they're talking much program the direction of it not know you. You come from obviously had a football background you come from an area where football is is is the gospel right now. You used a lot ladies sure like coming that is right a GO. They're up there if it's how I thought I. I don't know what this is my life right now is the idea as it should be familiar head football coach but I am curious to know what win from the time you took the job. In Chapel Hill to today. What what the biggest differences in North Carolina football then to now. The biggest difference is we don't have the NCAA hanging overhead that that's probably the biggest thing for me the biggest change that's happened in the last seven years. You know cause it took six years to make that happen. And so while that's probably been the biggest change I think high school football in the state of north Carolina's continue to be extremely strong. Really good football in the state all over the state you know. Especially queen city I mean it's it's loaded with players Lou good football coaches and it's important. You know coach talk about you know your team this year and you know we've seen. The office is that she put out and scored points in the RPOs and you know getting plays out there but the more times you put those plays out there the more time at your defense is there risk. Is that the emphasis this year is maybe two. Little bit more attention to the defense and going out there and get from those stops you can have more opportunities on offense. That makes it sound like we've never put the emphasis on the defense coming you know so. I hate to I hate to make it sound that way because we put plenty emphasis on defense and you've got to have great defense be able to win there's no doubt about it. You gotta stop the run first you know and that's gonna start with the middle of your defense you gotta have gotta be good inside you got to have a good Mike linebacker you gotta be good at safety. And you have to commit yourself to stop when you gotta make people do things that don't wanna do. And die if you do that did you get a chance you can't let. Offenses they would change if you let a stellar change if it's always seconds for third in two you're gonna get beat. You know and so eventually you gotta disrupt them you've got to put him in long yard situation and to do that sometimes you gotta take chances. A total her historical book coach at North Carolina joint of some terrific job guess like just director guy. That is that the guidance that is one of our guys have got half had tried to know what allied countless. What's elderly have vol we probably got two quarterbacks and compete for the starting job right now Nathan Elliott chest wrapped. I watched earlier last year you know you've forgotten more football that I know and I know there's a lot of reason the likes revenue watch Nathan and I just thought there's lot of gamesmanship connected there's a lot of talk to some. Your Kellen Moore from Boise states and I'm sure. The off the obvious reasons he draws those comparisons what is ahead of Boise that does a lot of grit to back him our auto murder a lot of. Great tournament and you know he's probably the more seasoned than Chad's is Chaz is very explosive. Coming he can he cannot take the ball down so often and don't distance within running day. You know Nathan's probably just because shoulders a little more focal. You know he's Mormon influence servant that the chances Chad's a little more reserved. But you know pulled from the very talented young man. Their coach talk about recruiting and you talk about you build the fences around the state North Carolina Charlotte support he I know that and Gunter brewer was important to you. Remember the first time I met you came into the station. You're gonna do we're sitting there side by side I think there it was your tour of Charlotte now and in the city and he I got to meet doctor there and I know how important is to the city of Charlotte. No doubt well. Coming course walk on and I've been together with ten years. You know because we were gathered Oklahoma State and so on these family to me you know and when not when this opportunity came off which is totally album blue Ford. He was like coach. I can't pass it up and all like man I understand I hated it. You know I hate for North Carolina paid for me plot. I'm happy for you and your family you know and so. You know from there it was you go on how the next best guy which is what passcode was when Arkansas State would like Anderson who was with me before. And Luke was a GA under goner Acura lineup so he was able accommodating do the offense he knew how to speak the lingo. He is not teaching methods may be different from donors which is okay. You know what he's gonna get the same kind of results what are you most excited about this year college football for your team man I'm excited about just getting back out there. And getting that taste out of our mouth and I you know one thing I'm excited about what our players is right now they're they're excited about ten. But talk about the season you're excited I get McCain and anytime you got something like that what guys are fired up about August but things are gonna happen. What was it to you about that Susan used to decimated by injuries last year and you got a lot of guys on the field might not obsessing played Tuttle was that if you look at for silver a lot of does went for it right. I'll always looking for silver lining to an end we're going to make last year a positive we are where we're going to again. You know as a team we're going to be better because of the things that those guys learn from those experts are going to be better off the young guys played when they shouldn't have. They're going to be better because when Hubble be about a coach about pujols but about a father. Our staffs going to be better work gonna make another situation that you talked about stopping the run on the other side run the football. That you can at best quarterback in the world you can have best running back to world don't have holes to go through quarterbacks on his back all the time you have no chance. How is your guys up front you to be able to help you carry through this season. Because you talk about them get back to work that's where it starts right if you if you're not any good in year old on the line constructive manner that's best at it that's the field so. You know right now we got two guys returning in the offensive line. But it's. Four of the five guys to be playing all played last year and not necessarily war starter but because of injuries they played. And so we've got experience up there now ought to just be about getting those five guys in jail. In the selection all the but it will be on offense. Lastly from me anyway I saw Mike Gundy yesterday said that he wants to seal the conference champs get said he wants two at large berths that he wants a group of five to even make an eight team playoff blood thoughts about this Mike Gundy wants it and he's got the mullet man. I'm whoever has. That's for credits of a cry every coach wants more football unfortunately the players in the safety that we talked about is that a good thing for the direction of the game what do you could. I think right now if you look at the length of the season for these guys right now you got to decide if there's another week of gains or were you putting that. Are you are you backing up in August because you can't go the other way because so must usual with the underdog let's take you into the next semester. You know so. There are a whole lot of guys that want to come you know start the season in office coming you know start you know camps are in July. Mean you know you're talking about the NFL I mean that's that's what they do. What's the first thing you're telling your team when you get back in August to get to work. The very first night. Islamabad complement a moment something that. Because they had an outstanding zone cannot walk them know the problem what they've accomplished and Salma and what that's gonna do and how that's been curious old. All right there historical book coached or cure what tutorials we probably took too long this was thought we purchase charged us a minute left.