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Friday, August 17th

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Let's go to the tech account dust level likes than words Charlotte Observer. He covers high school football is starting tonight he's going to be pretty busy man likes it thank you for the time and how are you. Now go out the spirit via tele com reporters don't know if he's hurt but it's thought that caught. Well where's our first order sales thanks for all the coverage I know these are high school kids appreciated. A lot of the parents rely on you guys for updates scores and I know that you know I do as well but the go to great job covering the high schools around here is a first. And foremost I'd like to say thank you for them for four from them for doing that. Look very much aren't very appreciate it. It's our it's a way as you go out tonight right there there are lots of big James and Frank's gonna dive into a couple of those obviously he's. Coaching in one of those tonight there's an Arantxa go to behave in a particular date that's you as you just absolutely fascinated. Tonight Charlotte Christian and Charlie Catholic you know that's what great going to be good you know you create a new jets even chart get friend you could create crap who pitched opera. Check in Charlotte Christian think the best game tonight they're here thank god it's great program called you each other I think creation mad last year they cannot delay get it changed the beat Catholic it can't we can turn the ball over a bunch of out of Herbert walker Vincent Catholic knuckle really hit the bank made a bit keys are back at its. They're looking to go quickly and only look they Tibetans and wishing me great great match. You know where some Myers park this year another lot of people who listen in the area they have a great coaching staff cushion which doesn't help the job but they have talent everywhere. You know moves his son plays their larger book and the guy going out deems. May you know his son. You know is gone mark my son is going to be there as well arm they have as much talent as anybody in the state not the commission education because they had a ten win season last year. Yeah must aren't there first when YouTube does is give anybody to first went whom they're not our question attempts to step that the out if they that it LP they're not be good bit they need to running background they never really that much money back books because. I put sub site. But it you know Drake may mark made time regarding got into offers from West Virginia and that we ever played but the battle fight who Opel. I think they had to balance the party of the big arm get to individual it was we broke through they have a big up a lot. We've got a great defense. Not a bit damp all the beat is that great coaching all really leaders they don't. You know I mean talk about some of the players knowing sin because you just talked about. You know Drake may pressing the kid grow up my son played baseball against him he's a hell of an athlete. We all know about his dad mark and his Brothers you know Luken the one that won the national championship at Florida as a pitcher so. I mean there's genes for days there but there's some there's some great quarterbacks in some great running backs in particular around the area where Charlotte has gone and our yard we're going to be facing want tonight Christian Sun Valley has won and you just the talent in the area talk about some of those jets. Yes straighten that sounded in the Charlotte you've really gotten trade in the last I don't know twelve years old Charlie XP of that book. Since the book club well these boots up crappy luck. But you know you start out of high school football players you get there how is unbowed. They know ranks but some people don't want colts quarterback the country. Did you get the we got about mark part they get into the debate the Beckett admirals and clear about that. Particular they keep ballot. You know phenomenon among all Slaton our country. As a kid type steals. A mock you someplace the ground there's going to turn the about a good goal but then you give heart aim at the very bet I will call it country. Because Krause 63230. Brown fully recovered from a they've been treated really hurt and probably happened these last year it wouldn't into Tibet movement agree about the. You know they're talked about him or at least the article today said that his best fit in college might even be at linebacker not at running back and remember that talks with Elijah Wood so. I know that they're gonna find a way to get him the ball as many times they can and you make them a force once again and MIT start tonight against hearted. Excuse me. Yes I have never seen that who spoke well clear about that queue up in Colorado my opening bell. Type early in in including kidney Bryan local reversal back that they appeared. There are well well wherever they and he he says it all these great package it. Great kid herb real Christian about Christian. Golden tech are right he relished that. A total waste of words join us on the ticket job just like big time high school football to dinner tonight across the area and depth. I've got you list of the five biggest biggest story lines five biggest things to watch in the area tonight at one of those things obviously is up. Loyalty much Charlotte country day joined out of South Carolina to travel to Hammond and the quarterback at Columbia have it is the son of South Carolina coach will Maastricht. Sir that's right he he's going to be a parachute. They they are in the state champions they're probably the biggest. Props the power that they need got a lot of help with them his name is that are too. And now they haven't looked at the tackle Alex probably ranked number bid to keep it very productive each. Nation. It down like Oklahoma South Carolina I'll they move like that enables well Moore who beat recruit but clumps in the book god Georgian dispute. The confrontational kimono really really good team very well coast in like much but I could think about it very similar trick my sport hasn't really played yet. We have lot of ability a lot of content there's merit. The likes and explained to the people out there because one of the biggest questions I get to or the most popular questions I get a lot of times is why don't we have. You know football on television a little bit more why don't we you know get some of these big ESP and games and you look at some of the states across the country where there it's Ohio Pennsylvania go to California and Nevada. These games he's cross country rivalry games where. You're the number three team in the country on the number twelve team in the country there's a good football here's some good football players why doesn't that exist here in the Carolinas. Well basically if the estate rose they build the wind blowout games going on that they'd send the game you've gone home with the filmmaker who looks like the way up from the the crowd about the games is that they really well they're both sparsely it. Cognizant croak like the captain's final Friday and I really like that he to waited the court or site Hulu and I looked Obama's ego most are by critics but. It can I left leg program. They have that the game could develop you know they delay and all bags and certain total product that at this stage actually a footnote to requests like these games over. All we did. Do you are. That you gain memorial but it was Saturday that he felt. Likes the couple quick things then we'll turn to loosen something else that you point to when you preview for tonight's you know action across the area is. Yet but several teams including northside Christian platitudes lottery entered its quarterback to bide sentence in a medically induced coma right now. That's a really powerful store talk about about the. Only do you look quarterback independent bloc this McCollum black speech or like 220 daily audio visual user it is going to be it's urged ships aren't part yuck leap that. I didn't didn't. And you had a really good creep into the like he's going to be this are they they don't start like we think oh well it's. And you're out of luck this in the bedroom on Saturday. You think about Bill Clinton Bill Clinton's coma. In the intermission really hard to get beaten nobody thought we know that when it you know what we understand but he can't do much anything they feel like they break a coma. They could cost him like the clock to your brain damage that it just really cannot open wheel miracle. And a clinical routine so Ratner of mystery and what's so we just ask the people do you expect quite complex that would come on big can expect to beat the crap out of state ash that reached out to Christian rapper. CO spoke spoke not a mr. Graham and I got to go. Couple not so bad we close the book did you really think that the luck taken plight in boats opened young ripples so. You know there's there's a lot of things under attack right now with this game you know life in high school football around the country may be is not a popular is what it once was but here in the Carolinas. It doesn't seem to be losing steam it seems to be. You know gaining steam you see some of these other smaller school start step up you look at. You know some of the you know teams outside the metropolitan area. You know teams like crest then you know the that the Union County teams in the one of the others in your area is north Charlotte where Charlotte. Sounds mean all the areas around the outside outskirts they love this they love the sport and they make it or a ritual every Friday night. The average high school football really doing well. Right now but it Obama do that's what concerns you should up the talk. I'm more on stored you spoke Allred out of out of youthful popular supporting up to Cordoba argue well alt rock. And and I know it in eastern North Carolina period in Chapel Hill and not having had so well while it's. On abortion though that's serving as well when the layer that door and got in trouble making comments about. BP. And I think you know I've really got to go back to you gain grip to eject its proper way to tackle and they met back to think. Local people don't even want that cobalt are at who and I don't know what the answer is but do they is doing well right now but I don't work which needs. Nordson yeah I agree I agree on news the onus falls on these coaches to rep to group protect some of these kids you see some of the heat. Are you to be taken place tonight with the interest in deceit or other referees how the state decides to handle. If they're gonna give some more breaks you know maybe in the future in particular in the wake of you know what just happened you know act at Maryland if you know coaches around the country or or. We're programs around the country are gonna start you know taken that you know maybe a little bit more serious of the. I'll ask them we see it you know. But once or twice unfortunately years that I think he would be a battle with the eight like I don't know about the case the kid in attendance. But it certainly you know that the conditions being met as a rule shot my congressman's vote who you can't crack between 11 o'clock 6 o'clock. Would you do it out of Spartan days of course broke we're gonna play out mark but mark they. And spoke bug anybody they they outrun them to do think that we give leakage more watered beauty practiced with him out of practice don't quibble plus there. You know it's something has to talk about to keep an island so we could talk about this over the Lex we appreciate Tom Airbus to look and again again thanks for all you do for all these chairs lines seem you do that's not easy to be around and watch those different places. I tell you do a tremendous job and you can they can follow him on Twitter as well and gridlock however I would add about two that's at a prep runners prep football writers some of the hardest working guys in the business and we recognize that's a bestseller tonight enjoy the season there'll certainly be talking to you so. Our our paper up.