Garcia and Bailey: Kemba Walker Possible Trades and The Birds and The Bees With Board Op Evan

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Friday, June 22nd

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But Garcia. I just had a citizenship for the folks in the back. Because I committee I just allow this to happen in my cell Friday pushed into a corner defending appointed and not really all that passionate about I just don't I can't deal with that the mob. But likes. Do we all remember that miles bridges just turned one years old. But he's got some 44 year old sister your senior was decided on a pretty good and is gonna get a look at the NBA it's just when you result. He could've been one of those nineteen year old and a lot of your slobbering over last year. If you decide to come out when he would have been a lottery picks so is he going to be great I don't know going to be good I've no idea yeah I forget about him in three years I honestly don't know. But there there are some things to like about miles bridges and it's very easy to fall back into dole on the order states so they took the wrong guy they should've taken a risk on Michael Porter they screwed up again. Obama just the rest of those teams not named the Denver Nuggets in the lottery also screwed up at. Well you know you know Kyle. Anybody taken after bridges is what the hornets are gonna be judged on you know those next five guys sure write a thought struck those next five guys. Behind bridges are going to be what the horns were judged on because they had no opportunity to take any one of those guys. And you know that's where we're gonna see. You know where subject you know kind of value lies I mean I don't know if we're gonna hold him accountable. If there's a guide eighteen or nineteen or something like that everybody missed on that guy right I mean it's just a diner three in ninety. He snuck everybody. But if you're going to be thirteen fourteen. No fifteen right that range. And you had the opportunity to take him and you needed that you know at that position. That's where cut check is gonna say well. Yeah that guy you're sites and you passed him over this Porter junior turns out to be a beast. Look at Ford junior turns out to be a breeze is going to be a lot of teams and while there are facts I don't care about that and I know I know I'm BI I'm it. The clippers right because they passed over twice. But we're talking about the heart so I don't you write about that we also ask you this though. How often the guys that are 610 with chronic back problems on the through the back problems I don't know means nineteen. Not how severe it is time I had back surgery. I don't feel at all. You don't feel one seconds so I don't know what had the surgery was it was a lap Scott to me was it. You know how gorgeous she used a leftist got a communities and amateurs as an amateur surgeon I'm not kidding about this are two things have ordered a frank Garcia and a year and a half ribbon and other he knows everything there is an elbow surgeries and injuries and he knows everything there is an about the PGA events are learning how to how to. I know but we don't know what type of you don't back surgery at least I don't I mean. I mean I'm sure we could look it up conceit in how impacts that was in you know I know there's reports say he might not be backed. I mean you know until until halfway through the season those type of things but even if that. You know I mean I would look at next year and say well I think de beer immediately let reaction by even two or three years down the road you know if this guy turns and did you start because I think that's what these. The growth period is for most rookies has to be two or three years. You know before they try to get their feet when a little bit and start feeling that you know I belong this and what I can do well this is it they learn the game a little differently and I'm in that's where you know I think really the true test is gonna come to see you know how Kupchak didn't distract. 70457. Or 96 tend well I really want to pick a tortoise discussion agenda here in the next twenty minutes or so not getting also pursue a but we do that's got him gummery coming up in ten minutes. I George VCU piracy try to round out our college football week but I would also go back to the kemba discussion which we will continue but it techsters says building surtax on. Every logical circumstance points to that cab straight talking about kemba being dealt to the cavaliers he says number one. The cavaliers to the point guard that we were high on Colin sexton who knowing the sex and isn't going to keep a broad number two we could've drafted the a player and signaled this Alexandra finished usually the traded him for bridges. And number three we took on seventeen million dollars an extra salary with mas golf and your Kim looks would be getting paid. So does that make it a lot and trade is coming no those are some things you look at and say well that would actually maybe. Logically lead to that as I was Charlotte hornets and that presented itself to me or I propose that you know two in Cleveland. I think that's a win win. I grew. I think you if you can get Colleen sexton and I'm not sure if you took into consideration in you know and get rid of the contract whatever else that's gonna take him and you give Cleveland. No kemba in return. Even as the eight spot I think that's a win win what I did either starting five next year. Colin sexton. And league monk miles bridges. Nick but assumed Cody Zeller. Or nick or ordered Jeremy lamb Cody Zeller. What what is it you're gonna have NIC Batum mean all right these are jointly I mean mission and here's what I would say. I would say that. There there's a little hope I wanna see these three young players right. I don't really have much hope for the tome or or Cody in today's MBA I know that a lot of these moves were made that Cody to dig out there on the court. I think go to plays hard to I think he's you know he's he's a he gives everything he has every single night. He's a good team player he hustles his ass off the dive for lose balls he'll get a broken nose for the team in he's got to do everything it takes to win a game. So it's not I'm bagging on him is just you know as as you know a guy that probably made a living doing what Cody does. In the NBA it's different I eat you gotta have star players you gotta start potentially gonna have guys. That it was going up their role players adjusted ebitda court full star guys. I unless you're in your your Golden State Carolina don't pay hundreds of million dollars over the luxury tax so. Yeah I understand the not everybody's going to be able to do that but I think you can win with Cody Zeller. You know Batum. He's a piece. But those three players would release. I really want to see those young three players. You know because that would give me hope is and that's that they had just pulled the sword fight on my butt and ended up not an even bigger taller feasible but you give you a young core of Collins sexton miles bridges in the league all pretty small there's a lot defense well there's a lot of fast lettuce is no listen scornful there's a lot more athletic says some. And what we're used to write but there's no defense. Welcoming miles bridges is a fender bent on this or rookie. Well there's you know there's salsa you're right if the expectations should cut he's going to be a lot dawn turner you won an outside got to search there is defensive ability as well liked him and so I there's there's ask what a schism there scored points is something to be excited to doubt no doubt about it that is if a Disney optimism that it's the future looks like it's heading in the direction and there are. And now we have the mic you know now we have to put the finishing touch on. The missing link which is the doom contract yeah. And look a gamble we'll see what happens you heard Mitch Kupchak joining us are a lot of he did at least a 230 sank in minutes. It wasn't in certain terms ready didn't say kemba Walker's going to be here until he retires he did say though. We all wanna see Kemba Walker retire hornet right and so. That means something but it doesn't mean everything lots of folks would like to see that happen if you do it made sense for everybody let me ask you can't let me ask you this question going back to the original. You know topic and in debate with Porter and and bridges. If you had to bet this a good poll question if you had to bet your last dollar. On who's going to be an all star first or the all star isn't going to be bridges is are going to be torture. Who bridges reporter first wanna make an all star team who's going to be the perennial all star. I like to put it on the whole I'd add WS Lindsay on Twitter who will be who will make their first all star game Michael Porter junior miles bridges and actually we don't know the answer. We don't know the answer. We live album Christian Bale was treated last night to Michael Jordan Charles screwed up to the data never worked out form that is going to be a bomb so skip says it's going to be able miles bridges is guaranteed at least we have five time all star. So you can go and put that down right now 70 or plus seven or 96 stand up or addictive so completely full time at about so 430 we come back though and we round out our college football week. Which got a McGovern head coach ECU pirates they were bad last year. A bet there were three and I better but they got better they're dead but not met much better. This year they kind of need to deal that's just seventy. Hate to second half they bat I had on both sides of the ball they were battling with scenes and easier to use a good score and to defend that they could do Ireland last year so we're gonna talk to study next to see if this team can get better. And honestly. Big saves job and it has some folks are talking in those terms they're not the talking in those terms got to put numbers next discourse in there. We. Welcome back it's Garcia and Israeli hero on this Friday and as we've been telling you all week it's got to college football week around you may not the most special way itself. Bedard skid skeletal fall sort of we're Jones and four Ryder since they couple months away we keep college football so we're looking around the state of North Carolina all the regional teams in dot. That would not be complete of course without talkers and ECU pirates football so. A pirates listen up to big whistle is here that man's gotta Montgomery is joining us on the tech become just slide. Here in the queen city coach ours or we appreciate stopped. Going would go to such a beautiful day here in in Greeneville is only about nice prime married six to grieve. In the middle of can't be used so were happy to be able to have a chance to go home and do some recruiting goal folks are dues and suffering acute your angering your. Focus is talking about the recurrence for a second you're out there on the trilogy everybody else just to try to get these kids to come spend the next four years and ECU what you sell right now. Well right now we're just growing do they have just an inordinate a mount and immediately maybe different policies deserve of our program. Always know we were building social revision right now projects a few extra million dollar project would. Which is gonna bring booked probable are in class act greedy. Press box and still be where everybody watches late. To our fans also reduces the chance to see different things inside the building and the bigger story that I go to our immigration large projects trusses were re doing completely re doing. And they're great no it our modern home mark training room. Our equipment home and in the things they go directly. Are committed to winning for the student athletes. Great read if you are stationed in there. And and also great players Leno and Stewart got several wonderful place to the bureau and they know each other one is going also rest for the recruiting duke. Right now we're turn it up in the stated doctor Laura and all. Pop up and southeastern region that we recruit. I'll root after world we are recruiting not only from western producers well. Adore everything that we can do to make sure there won't what are. These great players here that we can develop a memory and our guys understand now that we've taken the final step and it takes to become a major major factor in an enforced and our conference. Youngblood is said that you know met David isn't about North Carolina you're North Carolina got a million of your Shelby got your Cleveland county guy and a you know it with all due respect to those other dudes you know I think you're the only North Carolina guy among the major had coaches in the state North Carolina how much does that help you the truth. No recruiting I think is what's taken us from war we were to where we are now all. I know over the last several weeks if you kick where we are recruiting that we've been. More from 123321. So Erik conference put something that we haven't had a chance to be able to do here. Put it the people that we have been replaced mr. Steve your gut and either coached me. Coast to receive our plea would have supported against all twelve states from from coaster goes we go lot of connections. And that's and in even though so supportive and understand what it takes academically to come through some of the school systems and and continue to work and some people in different places they can. Can help somebody excuse me to get a mobile homes from the ownership. And different things we have a lot of great people. All crossed the state that are open as a recruiting and showed over the last three years or we'd recruit more. Cautiously or are accused the media the school or to misty your house they would just recruited. More cute than there were really have produced two weeks more cues and we have them here and student loan would only want more on accused we will sit there when we were duped him. Especially to try to do over the hump in and around telling you introduced to use the same things couples do over the on this year we gonna. Very very powerful modern art class so the last couple years there were important to know just turn into big time players come through force. I were talking to Scott in the gummery head football coach east Carolina joined us on the technique John does slime. A listless talk about last year for a second I know that Doug didn't quite go the way that you wanted to the no coach wants things to go that way but did see some improvement and I'm sure there are building blocks you're gonna lead used to carry into this year what mostly do you take from last year. To try to make this your better team. You know we're just continually trying to do you know our culture here. Other Bob Dole and I know we were we're gonna take your we've story really sort of negates. Well which you are you have to turn a look at which didn't have we done that will move the ball from. Those things that you take is where you need to improve all we have to improve on defense or sport of football original so we received some adjustments are some things that we did were we are doing different offensively but defensively. We brought in David Blackwell new coordinators and who really has given us a big boost not only morale boost put Seymour are greedy these these simple followed things force in world war room worked nor did. The best eleven on the field not because they look like they should decline the position with a guy on the team blown actually. Hugged excuse or taken from some of the mistakes that we've merry wood and it would improve. All of our culture is continually grown. Last year I think we showed up to care about team people malware commercial about a hundred. Don't continue to grow our numbers were not losing just took. Alt fuel issues that we didn't first here. And the second year into this thing that we take you just go take every single person right now we've got a lot of guys on the ship doing the right things we're really excited about it. Who's gonna quarterback distinct. Eric rubio are starting quarterback comes down born in the camper and root afforded him having a great unity at a Dominic scoring but it. We're also route don't write my I don't want to warn north Carolinians some and you you talk about the state remote a lot of and backed badgers were troubled nuclear city. And holding euros in the first two recruiting class who we were able to go around it no more respect quarterback industry and Campbell classes. So we're really loaded now a deposition whereas before. Oh we were scrambling to try to get a jury goes guy in here to run a program that hadn't been here we're looking to read who's been here now for a couple years. Quarter to a third year in the program but now Israeli deploy and Coleman team we came we've been here and no hole here. Older semester but bore hole is really really talented and doesn't great thanks for Serwer. No doubt about it so you know whoever that is quarterback in this team and you told us so it's going to be at least for now that they're gonna have blood trail LeBron threw the football team and that's. That that's very Greta you there have been some really talented receivers to come to that program and Alexander Jones obviously comes to mind that if he seems to be another long one of those guys. Mean there there added to learn TP WW leaves somebody else to judge did have really played here in and played. DoubleTree while brown is probably one of the best of the around her body control and framing your full ball of being able to touches so he is quick to what what what happened wouldn't have these really really quick but it took so he can score touchdowns where you think there's going to be touch and tackle. It comes out of that thing running because people told extremely quick to get the ball tucked away to get the ball vertically also believed to report what most of the quarterback to destroy what's really quickly because you have such short term sort such a large territory it's time to go to that it makes him one of the best if not the best. While our receivers in the conference if not you know in the country and an adult people do who really really good player -- test to back it up hollow look of forty MM in the future. What's the offensive identity distinct. Oh we came to a bit of course so you first got here. We were almost a team where it was more probably connected to him personally know would only have a one. I think you know all all on the roster only scholarship when we got here which are the growth regard and video offices located at agreed to hear the full ball. Politics it would definitely gonna have to do it seemed to chip away at people in the running game. Publicly literally explosive passing geeks are in the run game we're looking for today and seems Steve back where bring you have any cutbacks we can do some of those displays that we had in the first year that we just couldn't come what can run dame respects here. Will do their combat this time how would dares predict record and a factual stuff they are Diddy is going to be more about. Don't know Delaware's road to reckon do things blew away we go slogan. I'll for a team we call it work in the body here and work in the bodies simply means as a program. We're going to grinding grime and worked body until the year presents himself into the ticker shut. Because of all the work we've put in our eternal ordered things one of extraordinary thing you're gonna work force. Are we talking Scottie Montgomery head football coach ECU the pirates. Of course with a very exciting season editors see exciting schedule ahead. A opening opened our North Carolina a and see on the first North Carolina on the eighth. And other Virginia Tech there on the fifteenth of September. That's scheduled to where things can open up its. As it's in the way to open a decision to end state teams in the new team that you're implying it seems every year from a the last fifteen in Virginia senator great rivalry there. You know we always play the toughest spiritual anybody in the street and you know Eminem is and all season. Our main Tenet and in the nonconference schedule what they did a great way to it would not doing two different we're over the with a team they lost and went to him and a couple of years in the U. Really will coach so offensively and defensively. And a special teams was as well in after that we of course moved right back into these street team and and they wanted to do your alma mater and right now arsenal which focused only NT and do we have to do. To come out of the first week you wanna go and then there will move home is to put an a tremendous amount of work coworkers more were bigger were faster or stronger. At a collective effort by a lot of people recruiting you and me and our guys have. Because of some stroke that we. And not having some reporters that we only have we really got your true borrower's total overcame a lot tighter dividend amount. Our young which just played earlier and now those young guys are dirt along redshirt freshman freshman. But other juniors and reassert sold more so we're really excited about our. Our coach couple quick things will turn you loose obviously you're you're confident guy and you do believe in your ability you've been a lot of places played coached in a lot of places that that validate who you are as a coach do you feel like you have the full support this administration to get this job done and turn things around. There's no question another another one or you know in the beginning there's always saying there's a coach when it comes if you wanna ask those things and if you're going to bar you don't get them. Usually go okay we got it would go to the scoring numbers were brought they've already and then there's only work when work really closely with us and JJ. Declare more analytical solutions at home is as well as the chancellor. Well we've really been able to just have used this word in the past couple years we've had some goals what are they did a lot to teach. Was nutrition I mean we we can ever try and they winner over the last couple years. And and in the conference were that is the baseline you know. Those little things that we ask forwards are really hard don't know David Chase is just some of those things a team room that and you overdo. Of an equipment room extremely well we can actually read airborne four while we were still remains and those didn't know our coverage of it now we have those things. This to do is to the next level and there's really not about what I feel. Alone that we need is more about the morale of the football players on the team. And in one you already opium which you are doing if you will. We have reduced complete support of the administration people who do things that we won't. Really really happy about what we orange talent and doubled still have a long way to go through we have a good teachers here. The senate saying they are still playing do we need to do to make sure that we can be come solidified it the power in our conference. And as a contender in congress are about him through this exact homes exactly how to deal before all awoke when we first got to do can understand what we need to do. Oh there was a lot of fluids alerting people not understanding what was going on what we do we got what we needed. So we will be successful solo like right now are cute understand or for the better because they get more. And there were so good about what we or gentleman who's news mark short and long time today. I've had last thing we'll cut you loose new rules NCAA transfer related and you know this sounds as if things are changing on landscaping though players no longer having to console with the the program they're leading us to where they can go and you know ideas out there that maybe there should be free transfers alone is GPA benchmarks are those sorts of things from a coaching standpoint how does this impact your. Well not not really. If we total the GTE TP York as benchmarks and standards. A lot of times truly successful cute academically. Call home or you know or do the likely it is that but it honestly it terms of dollars and build their relationship academically in school. The the problem that I have would sit com and their words it is it really does affect Jews. No competition due due to blow a lot of lives and sometimes we're works. You know were were to be transferring how one mosque before you know one love before a good opportunity root for itself. Calls for a young man in the playbook we definitely do you know complete look there reclaim it we're dorm because we're create some of it. I think you're recruiting you'd kill a young man if you could just saying. There's sliced bread meat comes candidate can have that is first here. Always going to have an effect don't have meet thank you lost confidence for him to be you wouldn't trade to to transfer. But the hard part about it is you're gonna have to go to the process again I don't think we know the ramifications of what accused. Gold through after the transfer. To their second home they didn't go their way worse sturdy gonna happen. After that happened so we lose to them from graduation nor are they just you know fallen by the wayside and an observer critical point which cities GPA. You know which it is purchasers do we do have a bit more workers have to be before they leave the sport is connected to degrade your points. Retention bonus for those that are coming back. There are big diesel they if you are one of the teams that there execute our school due to teach our kids leaving more good dude. What are lending and and those were some critical but he could have took. To have to have them book. There's a lot about this transfer rule that we don't know because we don't have the research. A lot of people would not have the research on something that has not happened at this point. Cards got a McGovern head football coach ECU we appreciate you coach bestseller would love to talk to do and so it sky Montgomery head football coach ECU pirates we appreciate his time we step to salvage a plenty of time left in the show and here and our number three had a sub 7045701960. And more than two more orders talk more college football it's Garcia and they looked. Is anybody else noticing how North Carolina ANC says church and a whole lot on the on the militant attacks like like. Interject brought this up and I think it's a lot of the same guy may be but it's also served and it's really loud but it did in CA and he's Arnold joining it is going to be easier to start the season and that's going to it's got to remember fire. But that it's a well what do you say what you think about your school that if that's the case or does. That mean. Seriously a million reverse that. Psychology real quick right as say well gosh you guys that bad and embarrassing to lose to note that. It can't have vitamin you know Missouri killing did you damage you brought a little more pride met. Anyway 70457. Or 96 to the bassist John Montgomery interesting stuff there from their Georgian virus. I. I know he's I he's questioners answer rather about the transfer rules I thought would perk you up a little bit. Yeah I think he's there. I think he's spot on. You know on this kind of the way I feel about it as well. You know I think that you kind of before being. In almost a conflict and taken the easy way out that's not what sports is supposed to be about in particular. In the sport that I'm. Grown up client. TG toughness it teaches you how to overcome it teaches you how to find a way around obstacles sometimes you have to go through it sometimes we can't go through it if you're around it. No but all ultimately. It's it's finding a way to the top. And you know I think that's what sports is supposed to do in general. You know give you the confidence to be able to achieve through your failures. And and your mistakes and if you just say look he made a mistake and that's really hard then when we just take the easy way out. You know I think that we're kind of work were put that upon ourselves in this sport where these sports and those rules. You know to to really not teach teach the best messages. Are the students are our take your phone caller to really quickly amid the guys wanna talk courts where this. Always talk Colombo miles bridges and Tim Albers will join the show in twenty minutes usually hear from the board's first round draft pick miles present a Michigan State in about twenty minutes. At 5 o'clock to kick off the other the fourth hour of the show here but you know we haven't talked a lot about the Monty Graham yet we haven't talked a lot about the fact that. The hornets basically dressed to deliver the Lithuanian version of any laurels with electricity since last night. It was some guy whose names are you know like it is at a cartel it is I'll tell you that the sky looks like a Lithuanian hey Arnold and does get a stash him in Lithuania the home of the digital basketball. Lowe's. Let's I want them so lots that's what they do maybe talk about that Toobin was first go to strike other front and noticed also Laura straddles a price tower to. Hey guys and guaranteeing. It just birdied one. The other cracked what name well. And earlier what do you know. We are or you know you know I particle all you know report about a lap. And I want you Bart Bart. No doubt that the make it there what about the ball makes up 1%. In a sport that app. Initiative supporter now I would try I wait all year I lived there who the whole. Shaq Kobe drama. Gold and then just what the local radio here. The arm you know the local or I got here you know the local spoke out there. And cop either what goes. But can't keep big blue dog that my. I about. An hour. Thought. You know where you are not aware. I don't quote earlier you know. We need somebody. Don't judge. Yeah because we elected there aren't we don't really want you know. God who caller diet that people are due to right there we need somebody makes it there. And it in the market all accords. Were never going to be better. Of what we think it chant like that. You know I still bitter about it up you know David you. Know but this should be in Europe now what program is. If we got the court that there are grow our job. You know and Derek but I thank you. Thank you fratricidal current named frank decorator and introduce it and I'm in good listener it's a fright thing you know clearly no. This is one of those things I just it's. I iced feel sometimes like him on being a teacher and a promise not try to do that or not I just bothers me did you feel acute. It's really easy to make that decision for somebody else it's really easy to roll the dice with the another organization's future is really easy to take seriously is our. Michael Porter junior right why it's not incumbent on the hornets to take that risk. When nobody else will and I I know which sag is there's upside there no there's also sold though there are so many pitfalls there that so many teams saw and I I'm gonna keep emphasizing is because it's important I'm getting text from people were listing the show via the work in basketball who agree that. When Jerry West passes on you twice that means a lot. It means a lot it really does and when you're sixteen and two it would back problems those aren't guaranteed to go away. There's eight would you interview poorly that matters to yeah it all the stuff matters. Yeah I mean I think there's a lot of factors other than just the back and go into this Kyle I don't disagree but I also you know with what Frank's point was will say that. You know we're not these other markets know we have tried to you know go out and maybe dabble in the free agent market and bring some of these guys in. I think there's a lot of us including myself that dot Michael Jordan's value is owner of this team was gonna have a little bit more impact with some of these players. And I'm not sure if he's he's opened his hands up in arms embraced and that responsibility. As the owner YouTube. May do it differently than everybody else because we are Charlotte and not win because your Michael Jordan. I do feel like if jordin wanted to. Use his brand his name is power that he has in this league. Do you think it have more impact I'm not sure. In I don't know this to be true if his if his pride allows him to do that. I think it will sure absolutely and I think part of the problem here too is that. This fan base alone December so I really do do it and where I've gotten to know the people ms. chambers alana because they. They want a product there and they're willing to stick out some really hard times for relief of product. But right now on to say is that we live in people want a solution right now. And you who were likely never going to either get that solution with the eleventh overall pick or you were going to know that you got that solution with the eleventh overall pick until much later after the fact. So in two or three years. If this team does what is supposed to do and miles bridges is a part of it a hundred John core players think you're saying you're thinking about Michael brought miles bridges right now are going to be very different I keep emphasizing just because it's important. He's not 42 years old he's twenty he just turned twenty years old. And the thing you hear about him like the pros and the cons are strengths and the weaknesses his strength is as lettuce isn't he plays above the rim Jay bill is called this guy the best don't occur in this draft class now again they're dunks is a lot more basketball and dunks everybody knows that. What this team lackluster what is frank routinely come into the studio and bash this team for lacking last year and that was NBA caliber asks lettuce as well hold on calories you're forgetting the one time frank Kaminsky dunked on Johnson Ted cooped up. All your stroke right everybody by foreigners by enforcement completely invalidated you write about that I'm sorry that I got a completely you know it's ridiculous it's ridiculous miles miles bridges can be. A very good player listing will be I don't know ball boy who was three years now you can tell me I'm wrong morality crow about it. But he's an all star her orders are really really good productive player are pretty good basketball team at. Just we told you that was a possibility so 70457. Or 96 then we come back phone calls and we got a guy. We've been clamoring for this every single day of the week to secure what sports we're talking about a dozen your but the hornets or competitors or anything else every day multiple text when are we gonna hear from Evan. You'll hear from board up to heaven the birds in the b.'s next. Final day of vacation from him we'll see if he's gotten. Lucky extra way to put it I don't really know starting cursing at different. It. All hornets fans as we continue to talk a little. Little bit about the draft miles bridges that drastic will join us in ten minutes small is small for a Michigan State. 66 athletic frank was three directional and the second through but still well before we do that. Let's take a phone call from my JP and QCJ he was summoned thanks rolling how do you feel about sort of stressed. I'm back some XR I would but definitely. You know first the initial feeling about Michael Porter junior. But did the things about me was that the clippers past twice holiday you know and let Jerry West and so I mean. Jerry work. I mean news is kind of like the standard or a company building seemed to mean they're helping golden straight out quick it would collectors. In the meat but it may have to. Picks. And then to be a definite rebuild mode and not the comply with either to those critics particular and that they'll need at. Is back in a body must really be jacked up couldn't vote. That that that part maybe they'll like are you believe it but I won't yet be Markel quarter junior Gerri what boom to come in that the real epic history. Look I'm with you on that and I appreciate the phone call it and I have been and I'll continue to be and I try to be. Our combat about this because I do understand. Those that wanna take that risk I did mindset I do. But just because you you want that risk and YouTube wanna take data rigorous did you see possible upside that doesn't mean that's the right got to take a risk dog so incredibly wrong that could have been done a guy you wanted to take that risk on the life. I like guys on this one I Osceola listless let's do this now. Well let's let's get our guy and here. You eventually he's reckless on Monday Al pennants. He's gonna Myrtle Beach all week we are training mission on men and how to properly date young ladies and he is vacation dating this week. So it's a little bit different but a learning experience and we've had some bumps in the road but we also had some improvements eventual spread in and board up revenues joining us live from. I don't know where are you does the gallery just on the day Dawson we're not where would you do this stuff. Arnold beat yeah I hear the way Bagram. Yeah but they're they are here or a home he's a little more vibrant today and I went and last night and we need your but it does Genesee and reserved let's go. I'm a Republican it what you guys that I have albeit it. He doesn't he said screw it I'm joining my imagination I'm done I'm done with it I'm you. I'm dumb blind your silly dance to did you lose Trier advice as a year you know for a reality TV show and or or radio show your. If you need to girls to may be. You know taken by the end in. Seeing what they can do. Not obviously epic at fort detonating fight that could be all week. And how would you know would be in bad dating us this. I don't know. I'm not I'm not at risk taker like you guys are are more. I get them keep it that broke that up like that. I think that we might have to pull trump card you just do it. No I don't think we can do it I think you're my. We're out of Akron area I think we're half I. We are or what closed until agreed to check the there though the rules and regulations on this through the FCC Evan our idea honestly. Was to give us your memo handle and let people send you money for a night on the strip club in Myrtle Beach. But. I don't know how are you willing I don't know the rules are on the. Don't unpack and up. I believe it like around all our. 9 o'clock got all night to party. Sleep on the way home. How the judges Len 200. Now. He's got a conviction. I know what I'm not sure but he's got convictions so what are USO it was a what do you take away from the sweet that. Our I learned that not a word or all the girl at out there you know it bet bank noted that gonna. All my heart so I can live early. That is better that's impressive there's nothing else that you walk away from at least you've got that right. Yeah I got a really bad on her current. The other big guy smiley face or just. But no it. Cut it cut ultimately all my you're also aboard red adamantly registered. Why are you worried that there is a red shirt with a sunburn. Yeah. Why are you wearing a shirt period your little compelling women by doing that. You would like to collate meant. Go to Allah quite believe it. Five bodies well we're proud of you least learned a very valuable life lessons and please don't do it anymore Burke we need you back on Monday Oz is not gonna pushing buttons. Path. A. I think that that he got an amber knew that the meat working on it I thought it would be back here. Just young and gracious young man thank you Ed that's the birds and the reason for a credit. Frank it would what do you what do you take away from a little disappointed in them an idea yeah I mean you didn't have talked. Ands. Not for the effort it's not for lack of effort right not lack of trying but. At least the guy the one thing I can be proud for him is that he understood that it's not gonna kill him. To take a chance and that might be the big asleep he's taken yeah then for that I will cut us on the back. It is you know we did that. We yeah we did yeah okay no I don't yeah I agree city. I don't know I don't know you're you're yes sir I'm I didn't as much credit for that why it does is wonder what I didn't addressed. We could kind of forces handled better to thank you think you learn what the radio bit out of it you think you learn how to pick seashells. Oh no we did that in putting well. I love mr. what would prior knowledge yet Italy devils probably. I'm also a pretty easy today I think we did men and honestly I felt better about not violating federal law about putting has been my head like their race against short club Mario what about it but to just send himself so we do until funny pages he had access to. While those reserves heard her seriously X it's under yeah. I'm okay I'm at a tiny Eldorado and at this hour. Pretty serious it is your business I. Dodger right this is pretty serious this might be used to the stage of critical of you are like this does given the forty year old virgin territory I mean. Evita stars in his back sabres just shaped. We might have that Julie Guy. Got Amanda Leonard on my own yeah Leonard and certainly I know I'm of those and are good lawyers and Amanda Leonard's. Resilient and cereal on the unit. Manuel Lara Amanda Leonard dislike your mullah reminder. How do you think they'll be thinking man's gates stuff on. Lets you make more. Have a clear to him on that men and that's the next step out of the Cologne the man's gay themed. You know the curls with a girl immediately went on T shirt out. I know you just try and they looked at me. I'm just me oh my god I don't know why wasn't this is coming from Baghdad. I don't big guys condone it I would go year old exact attitude towards her because Geraldo does a semi game none does so little jutting germs and have good attitudes and at what age did you start getting hair on your back the eleven. Thanks. Does not on the mound titled back tent preacher almost and diets are hotels resume backs should stop all don't shut out we don't touch my power numbers for next miles bridges Norris first round draft pick last night he enjoys the show we come back it's Dorsey in the early.