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Friday, August 17th

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It's Dave Dave boys and girls welcome back Garcia and Bailey here on WFAN seed according cities rocking come out and see us. At the Coca-Cola doghouse right here at the corner of meant and morehead inside the preferred parking studios Kyl barely frank Garcia Osborne that man. And a whole hell of a lot of Panthers fans and a smattering of dolphins fans as well weed through the pre season is. Upon us and know we have a lot to get to right now we Joseph rose. WQ you have down in Miami Dolphins broadcast crew he's in the queen city for tonight's game he's joined us on the technique dubbed just like Joseph what's up brother how you bent. I'm doing great now permits go party. One of the Carter they Camilo to the studio they don't. Yeah definitely she got a beyond being gay not that might get Michael meant someday. She'll come out to catch them. Someday you will leave you know probably put your work here in the studio as well for a segment but you need to do donor for a party benefits Iraq in place to be and that we can't wait to have when that time comes Joba. You are your paperwork and Edger here for. You know it to see if this dolphins team and OK and can really get back to what some people thought they were becoming not too long ago obviously. A quarterback in drew makes all the difference in the world but so where where's the level of optimism right now on this fan base. Well people down our car right now I had very. There's just no we don't have big part of it it's been it's been flat and though after what happened a year ago. So bad on the road especially. Just really struggled as you know even against. The Panthers last year so there was a lot of those games so they're really that this truly is pretty important. He's shown improvement. Better especially for young guy eight summit a cartridge in of course like Danielle ditches its second start. In light burst after minutes and 28 straight games. I think it's really important for a lot of our guys on this team that they're gonna get better start with a quarterback. We're super draft class and some of the keys. Free agents and trade that they greatly Nazis. So Joseph you talked a second ago but you know getting better did in your estimation at least familiar personnel standpoint on paper is this team better. I think they aren't just because right Arial quarterback. I do. All we lost who you know NFL 100 guys are really big portrait this year go to our web it and probably consume. I do know that I'm gates' approach might be all like since Oster a lot better I think he was disappointed you're going when things that it shall. This team. And didn't fight back in were blown out in some games and and you know get a beat when he gets a patriots and and not win another game in things like that. Where you could seat potentially potent they could be orbit dominated the hatred so I think so that's upwards. Was so it was really disappointing and the personality this team a year ago he killed he got better player my my only question that there. I know they got better chemistry I know a good group a guy. The question it got enough play makers and guys to win football games and and that's what we got to find out the next couple weeks. Joseph what's the level of confidence in Ryan Tamils of it he's got so much potential and ability and all the things we've been talking about the injury certainly of her pretty slashed it would where where's the level of confidence vote against. You know with the the fan base but also the front office. Well Sam bass. Actually. 5050. Out front office very good all right there you go. You sir are you older guy I think he realizes this the sort big year out derby and now a year in port games. That he really needs that shot and he eagerly made it a point. To make sure they know this is it team. These he's got a lot more local the players and things are guys are doing the right gains. He's been out here he's basically since he's been injured this whole Nazis and he's alluded that Dalton's training camp in DP. So I actually see egos as teams always good as he's got to be right like every city. He needs some help or some guys around a but he knows everything there are all backed off on him. So these gains seem to light and night you know second preceding game I don't wanna they don't get fired up about it. Both teams maybe you wanna find out quirky guy coming back from injury. Or are dumb guy it's important. Are the sort order that process to find out that you're going to be what it cal shared a few weeks. Talk to Joseph rose all the tech job just slide tonight Ted there's dolphins pre season game to end up there you go back to week one Joseph what it sounds like Matt Birk the defensive coordinator wasn't all that happy about us is defense is performer so much so there were some shake ups there in the secondary talk about that a bit if you will. I will end and you're right I actually talked to met this morning. And the idea he he's just sit just makes no sense two good weeks of practice and did get pushed around and the front seven defensively that you all would be good coverage would be it was bad meat Tampa pages. Especially early in the game just took it to all of and he was really disappointed so you look tonight third topic Jerome breaker probably play outside linebacker. You look at first while prick. Major Fitzpatrick propaganda plane as far as well safety. And out Bobby McCain. Because the guys on the outside of not cover well without you know we're gonna play a lot. Bobby McCain moved from the slot where they really like him now have to move outside and play corner. Our Joseph so just in the context of this division. It obviously in the AFC east it's renewing those division for a long long time that they are a a dynasty don't think anybody even their most ardent haters can can deny that but is it. Is it nearing an end to me is this a year where the dolphins who make a lot of us believe the second best team in a division controller content. Well I think most people you ask a nationally they just ignore England. It is clearly the best team continues beat it the best game at all as Belichick and Brady right Arctic the other. It's been increasing and honestly. Are they now play two games we can solve last night and when you actually play a lot and looked really good at it look like doing the patriot game. It looked good early on you know they're gonna be ready you're still looking. It could be. The ball operates at got to play well early infancy and are. Look good start to play doing an early in the streets and are sheep you got to play well we can't agree to squeak in your home or income. But you just can't wait quite a lot of times when that happens we're so broad that it it doesn't matter. Like opens up the play a lot better complete the second best. It is east I think seriously considered. Are the quarterback situation for all the jets in the bill but there's no I mean this thing's not about predictions that it. In any way to beat it is and to look at the patriots. And Mike are countless things include forever and they at this stage. I mean operative last what I played in the eighty classic four part six Ers and you don't know it might shrug. This being in close to allocate our great. I'd never seen anything like it and so I no longer go look who's sort of a simple. You're right mattered and that's why I asked the question because it sounds absurd to rights alone is Brady and Belichick are still there that's the assumption and it should be to deserve that that. At some point it does have to in the U Reitman nine years in a row. They've won that division fifteen out of the past seventeen which. Is such an historic raw and and not a whole lot of fuss was made about it it's probably got the ultimate compliment if you really look at it that way but. Anyway you know Joseph you and I do this god it would it would do the same thing we we we talk every day about these teams of people love him we we tell stories what what's the best story. On this team rented this Miami Dolphins team right now who who's got the best story. That they're actually like you've already got ninety garbage you've gives a really really good stories are real characters. Our. For a meaty. That bank are brewing joint below poppy McCain. In deity you Amendola the last couple years played against each other I mean. He became public McCain kicked out of the game fighting literally don't know parched. And it and now they're there played against each other in practice. Carve out two or three times where they let their way to mop they compete. I think you're making each other better but I just think it's already won a bit. I'm castle when one goes in knowing that you are certainly not all of pricing so everybody each other. Now slide out and practice and make. Me. Like it took patriots dolphins game when are out there. So. These are that would be Guatemala historic so 000 or scorn on. With those two guys always very. There are. In a jar got a chance to look to cover Isaiah four and last year they queued up. Unfortunately missed time with that with a knee injury but it sounds like three seasons going really really well for Metallica dolphins. You kind of realize they got a steal in the seventh round. Global absolutely. Local. IPad it touched down oh last week. Had to get can't play a lot of what all. Motley Parker and Cheney steals probably beyond this game and that is moves Isaiah order up. To get more snaps each series to drop to keep your adult they love curry let the biggest question the week. Is that its ability to pay. It's stated. That the that directors be on which meet or exceed the red Ryder route put. It's what apple that athletic quick boot. And they do really liked that one approach receivers gotta make it. Our territory has group it's not incredibly archaic rule so much importance you know this being played out starting tonight. When all those young guys and get apply. I Joba for a lets you go I we we can't not talk about what happened between the Braves in the marlins' the other day is a Ronald recorded junior. Jose Miranda I mean at this point we know what happened first pitch of the game. I hit secured do it it didn't make sense to me I thought it was unnecessary a lot of folks feel that way a six game suspension and an. That's not just about uranium that that's absurd to me because you're talking about missing a start you know for something bad bad egregiously dumb. Well how will what's being talked about a down their houses being talked about what is your opinion on what happened and the suspension. I was so I was curious so I can I get Syria and I you know. Rule which we think you do you'll guy that's been on fire what a great young voters. Worst hit lead off home run streak nitro on all fronts are straight games. It's been unbelievable there's no question he purposely. Threw Andy told sort of you know 97 mile an hour. After all that I banquet that is the pack or the oak oak got away. I I just look at it and I was curious you're done Mattingly was giving out this sake and I could be really disappointed it's a bit. Irradiated anyway Eddie. He wanted to make it clear. We don't tolerate that stuff or not only that tragically young player he ridiculous. Only your home. And and he looked and he wasn't so coordinating any weight so I thought it was good pay good. How long are there are I think the good news since Acuna artwork and it was a basket a lot of got a lead off single lap I won't want war you know they bought. I think that's a big part of this thing. Our Joseph well you know what we really quickly without in my Derek Jeter is he is unpopular now she was a few months ago amid. A lot of folks out our judges would like to believe that he has a plan what what what you say budgets every day of the week. You know why are we surprisingly. Very disappointed that not a great. I know relationship with them at all or Baptist done. I think he got a wake up call when he got down here. All I had thought his popularity a bit New York Yankees is the captain and other great players who were ridiculous org come out here in the middle of this Mets. Miami Marlins and the good thing to do it right off the bat. But we anticipate. Kelley just at the whole experience. So there are bigger shortstop to ensure that it be the captain. Compared to run and everything. And out into in the organization to meet a lot of six. So sore and I think he's getting better. It's dark about the stakes. And so it's no plate outbreak we got a whole wall what you hope I appeared cute Derek Jeter is no in this this like for like it's. I'd Joseph rose former tide in Miami Dolphins and of course now dolphins broadcast crew 560 WQ I have got to Miami induct. Meant I enjoy the game tonight and your name actually comes I was absolutely and you you've got a lot of fans in this building just cellular today probably comes a more and to realize got a lot of fans we appreciate your dominant. Well look we'd like to come out and department are likely to turn it down to about two hours away and we don't get to go to Charlotte uptight you met. Absolutely but it went out and we'll talk to sue a bigger Joseph rose WQA and by every joint missile attack become just like we step aside. And we comeback still more to get it to talk about the characters in the dolphins that I your phone call 7045709. DC extent. Live from the Coca-Cola dog tells inside the preferred parking studios Garcia Billick W if Lindsay.