Garcia and Bailey: Joe Person talks the Panthers GM situation.

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Monday, January 29th
Joe Person discusses whether Marty Hurney will be the Panthers GM long term, that and does Nic Batum deserve to be sat.

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Our number three child really tried Garcia and Osborne we've got to move quickly here we don't have much time Joseph person Charlotte Observer is about to hop a plane. And I think to Minneapolis are resilient in Minneapolis we'll see about their next week but he's got a list limits are really small child doesn't actually got some traveling. Are probably gonna miss the plane was subs are you gotta. Well. I hope you've got a book do but I did not it here or. Greed out but it didn't fit in with what you're probably not what your sponsor. And I got my belt and pockets. Of people caught us we need some what he called an app are called a pocket. That's why this recur or. Against you it's the ball in absolutely. Yet you know Joseph I will not have a two Boggan I'm going to go shirtless out there just like I did back to 1996 and everybody's you think I'm crazy and a lunatic. Spirit. I want you know like pay your that's. What you do that don't mind any goalie court there's ala cleared some fairly. And in the mediocre. Our Joseph I would again we are we have limited time so while stuff voice and here are fortunate it's been interviewed for the Carolina Panthers GM job Moriarty obviously more than three others. Why now what would what's what's what is the time in Myanmar are they doing this now with the new ownership on the west. You know there's been a critic skeptic in Mir may be the real or is that. You know Ron Rivera and Marty Ernie won it is to get there. It's been filled Marty Terry can keep their got now. You know it it feel like a foregone conclusion in the glory and even. Are you know like that they need crazier things have happened and could Athens but a mile beyond a I think all along we felt like when he stepped in and realize it you know he'd been away from the game. It heard it bears that he wanted to get back in the game and now he's back I don't think after one year that's gonna say OK I'm. It doesn't mean Tina backer gonna agree with that all but it sure feels like I mean. That's the other thing we call on the side. At the united reported Saturday. That Tina Becker is leading that's. Interview process but people like Stephen Grumman and in public relations. People I Ron Rivera was gonna have a very big and and then interestingly kind of a new name on the block so there is one of their. Kind of reckoned. Assistant counsel returning. Steve order indeed you know I'd understand that he gonna have a habit itself. It will be interesting obviously they could not use this that the hole in her opinion that could improve. Without getting. Slap. With rooting. Non compliant so I think. You know I'd hate to say about that sort of what this still play with guys like Jimmy Raye permanent. And laid off than they are two very qualified candidate you're not ready to play. I've been laid off when the guy that the Panthers interviewed the court settlement up so. Very that that I've been termed good timing added at a bank I think it might be a way to and I get it done before the order. You know Joan in you mentioned you know kind of the committee the room you guys if true if you will when they come in there mean if you're a worker who went one. Wanna pick picture bosque who ordered that the guy they get to work with and know their overseas things ME depict your best friend you're a big guy you like. That's not necessarily the best job you know I think if we all just kind of sit back take a step back and I was making the decisions here means Jerry Richardson. Yeah I mean that I can't let them Annie and I asked that question specifically the other day at a couple people like. Yeah he has technically quote unquote get out the data they operations. But he still signed an attack. It until he doesn't anymore and it you know and and I agree with you I think they there is maybe the feeling that that party that it took one for the team. Incoming back on short notice. You know he's really kind of the only choice they debate what what Richardson don't stay the way did it and then when he hit. So maybe it's a reward for that is better world war intentionally or Marty being a loyal soldier through all this retreat that allegation crap. You know I don't know I I've I think I think he got a pretty good point there you may rank. It'll let let they bump and help your table I mean. Just because guys when Ron Rivera and potentially pretty Ernie here it is contracts. You know that the next donors obviously about is it going to be an owner is beat it is well you know the vehicle or the by the French that. He's going to be well you know the buy out these are attractive people. But that's exactly right John let's be honest and you don't become a millionaire and now become and and not be a control freak in and things done your way and you're eighty years old. You know that no disrespect to Tina backer or Marty Ernie or. On Rivera but you're giving up control their. I am to decide who's gonna be running and stuff I mean you're making those calls still and you know he's gonna he's gonna do that going to his grass Delaware live until we do cells to. That's right and it if there's some interest in dynamic don't know whether apple are out there sure I mean. You know the timing of of bond Gilad you know I think that was appropriate they let you know. Repair and guided in the playoffs look for the by five years whatever that number is that's what it is. That so I get that you know the more people. You know I think Marty Bennett good job and the second iteration. I had but I think I think we can certainly debate. You know kind of the part about it is well what is. You know over his first tenure churlish to trap. Sources say he's the best candidate. And let's just say is the most qualified let's say that he's he's learned from his mistakes is that such a bad thing. Well not at all I mean like that's I mean there is something that is that well. You know democratic nominee and then the last minute and that was not an ad and enviable position he's basically they're rock or. That you had a little hand in building you know five years ago but mostly it was a lot of Gelman maneuver so. It's interesting I mean I've I'd be shot quite frankly anybody other than Murray Ernie that this. Mr. but you know like that. There have been a lot of strange things going on. Meant street over the last couple months never gonna spend up. All right last thing and you got a couple played here I don't know which have been told what you or what you can share but noted did you have a sense of of what the top you know two or three priorities are for this team heading into free agency the draft. Well you know everyone you talk to. Outside the building but evil inside it you hear a lot of are. I mean you just do edit it doesn't take Iraq is the figure out why. And I think that the position that they did address not only create a but it McGrath saw as think they've probably sure. They've you know they've made clear they probably need another structure regardless of what Julius Peppers. I think you know I think Charles Johnson probably done by all they're certainly. Books that way. So is that something you do and created via the draft I don't know what year per. I'm gonna do a story I think for tomorrow on me backup quarterback situation. Under the that there is scope of the evil but Nicole and all of this. You know Derek Anderson to create steel plate Billy this may be the year that that they go another direction there. So it's an interest in all he's done so many level. But yet just this knee jerk and an an interior lineman right to battle. You know I'd I'd it's going to be stretched it does it every right hander nor well. Our bloody well loved when we did out there on on wall tomorrow night and on Wednesday if we could pry you away from the Mall of America strode toward the there was lament that that's a Lawrence. Yeah we're gonna go out and get a we're gonna hold frank who has promised. I athlete athlete jealously and soccer are. Wait a jacket and gasoline was an enforcer was not so much have a safe flight you'll see a demonic. Record and a Joseph person Charlotte Observer he's been all over there is so obvious GM surge story and so we've trichet to make it to Tom is about to hop on a plane at Minneapolis so. Why do we think that it's anybody else than Jerry Richardson making these calls this beyond talk on I never have you know he's here's a guy this just gonna give up total control. Of course I mean this is his team he built from the ground up when he's eighty years old he has a bad heart. He's the may be until I hit it into the very bad news. But we all we're all gonna get there's some day. He's near the end. He's. A guy this is stubborn as you're gonna find is competitors unified. He had given up control to Dina Becker tomorrow your journey to the Toronto rare that they are making the decisions on anything going on the other than yes sir. Yes sir. Yeah no I did that was still it's a knee into you both that was readily apparent today that it happened you know what when he installed in a backer who. I don't know that woman at all and from what I understand of little people know about her she's pleasant she's hard work in a minute she's rafter what do they are. And that's great. But today that he installed her too were on the daily operations of this organization that was immediately apparent to everybody there that okay jury's gonna continue to run things from behind the scenes he just doesn't want his face approach and not come out and give an interview to anybody. You know that has asked yet to this day tea Bret yes no no no once again I can't stress this enough because we mentioned on the show before. And we would talk to Steve Reid and others about it if it to me it is is it's shocking. How little people know about her and I don't mean media or fans I mean people who are minority owners. Any organization who have said on the record they know next to nothing about her have never matter that that blows my my system either dead that's the only thing you ever needed to know Jerry urged him to still pull the strings behind the scenes until the sales spot. No surprise at all hum. And it's this morning her name is hi Marty Kearney is hired is a re hired as general manager then. Mr. Jerry wants and that is because Jerry wants and there is considered a good job it's that but also because he's done a good job he did a good job this year but. While we're there something I want to revisit when we come back to the casino this idea sounds. Other interviewing Johnny ray the third and lake Dawson to two minority candidates who satisfy that Rooney rule obligation to unifil put in place years ago a what's your take on that we come back it's Garcia and they. Location as a big game this week Jim will have live coverage from radio row with the Mall of America out of Minneapolis courtesy of low ET center and Carolina raptors Centre this Wednesday through Friday from the back attack at 6 AM to us. Garcia Bailey it's an AM in prime time with Chris for over two OWS Lindsay brings the experience of Minneapolis to life. Here and according series from big game guests to big game opinions and behind the scenes action we are your spot this week. For pre game coverage of the big game and of course are quickly looks like kill the mouse keys for once again looking to soap with some fantastic launch on Monday they bring it to a Syverson a Monday wing slider sale which is about skis is the spot to launch members that I did to me. I'm a winged dinosaur. Right and when they bring these wings and every week I did I depart these things are fair test. Who do you not know who you're with I don't know what that means but thank you about skis. I'm so totally confused right now. You never that's I don't I saw and heard the song but what's the song called Barack debate is eight. The united Telus to Bailey. Ash and their percent. Women are children should know this. I give you five tests for. Three deaths due gas line das a slippery. Now I did you make plus RNC is negative. And plus that was that I yes hi I couldn't mr. with the kind of puts a special asterisk. Brooke and so manned 70457. Or 96 and talking about so Marty Murray the GM's situation there. Interviewing for candidates including Marty plus late to also the Buffalo Bills Jimmie or the third assistant GM with the Texans. And those former panther and NYX wall from player Ryan tell them now with Tennessee Titans. Managed Joseph alluded to their during that segment we appreciate him because he's literally getting on the plane right now to go to Minneapolis but there he talked about both of January the third in lake Dawson is a big minority candidates who satisfy the road rule. And the obligation that so that it seems set to interview minority candidates. And we talked about this a bit the past there are elements of this that I don't like these feel like token interviews I think that's insulting and I don't think it's progress through the same time French you made a point before these guys get a chance to get into the room and and to hold those skills and at least a chance to be heard so I can't deny that that's a good thing like Dawson doesn't have come on the view is that he doesn't direct he doesn't have to do. Absolutely right. But it doesn't you know if he if he thinks he's been exported and his used. He can say now. But you can't tell me that the U you can't look at the situation and say okay. Assuming that what we all believed to be true isn't and Joseph called a foregone conclusion there a minute ago but it's gonna regarding her his job still but these are telling an interview we asked the for the time. Mean that was the reason why I kind of agree with that when you when you have that ability to make the decisions right now on the certain regime. You know make those decisions. You know and what you want to see the future hold. In a lot of times new ownership comes in a no I've gone through it you know would seed transition in eternal for when you get bought out by somebody. The new guys commend and they everything's gonna gonna say status schools for a little bit. Until they get their pulse of what's taken place that does seem that like who they don't but mostly when especially when it comes the corner offices of the exact they're gonna do lust. They're gonna bring their own guys a so I don't know how long that takes I don't know how much knowledge the new owners are gonna have. With one of a football operation. Or you want people play as if I'm buying an organization. For the first time and I don't really know much about love and I know I got billions of dollars. I want to people that I know to trust that are going to be able to use and work there's things successfully. Right and that's would you do or do you gonna go with experience and ultimately when you see what that looks light. In your Smart person and you understand a business runs and you know that you've been super successful you're gonna put your touches on that. So I don't think that's gonna be any different for the your organization or the ownership coming in here they're gonna you know have their ideas. But ultimately that doesn't mean the guy that's in place isn't better than maybe the guy that they thought that they won and it's in its aid. You know you're a brother. Hood it's a return of fraternity via and you know ultimately I don't care what it is you know when it comes to hear the ownership they're gonna have the guys that trust and like as well also they're gonna find a place of them I don't know if that's a general manager Donald say it's a head coach I don't know if you that's a president you know or are how they're gonna run the operation but. You want people in place that you know that have experience. So that you might learn a little something from them too and. And you know what what will again and I don't like that did token interview nature of what this looks like and oftentimes is. There is no denying that a guy like Steve Wilkes who wasn't even a coordinator interviewed for the head coaching job in Los Angeles. Reportedly blew away ownership there had a great interview and backed out around the league and so again while I did you have to point out that this rule. Hasn't exactly. Produced the results I think some people would their Orson valuable aspects to it. And what you said you know regulate Dawson junior the third door and blown away and Billy Ray of recommendations across the league draw the potential open I don't know but I I do feel like the Rooney rule has not produced the intended effect and oftentimes it does come across is a little sense. I think you can look at the adverse effect as well you know we start looking why can't we just had the most qualified guy. What is are the best coach what does it matter you know what color this Guinness and just not the best coach. Where does solve a lot of you know problems that we have. I'm forced to do this and forced to do that let's just go hire the best coach trust that we're gonna do that. So your phone call was sewage they ask to say about this he was stored archer a lot of printers in the ownership of OS OJ Howard meant. They had some good oh you are journalist Marie show. I I agree so to point number one in part about the Rooney rule IV it's not perfect I don't have the I'll stop my head that would interest didn't seem. A percentage. My I get management. And just become GMs and coaches are that that's what type of change has come about from that. I also think frank too addressed what you just said this is I think there's I mean I know you can either to a certain amount of cronyism in the belt which just comes under innately right coaching staff to one bringing out you know. According part of the benefit the value that the Rooney will bring up almost just a hey guys let's open RI somebody may not considered. And B it benefit that being that there are maybe people outside of that circle where they get which do you strike toward do you think there's value there. A bomb in in looking at that GM's situation that well what I what I eat to meet. Is this is to me and I think he touched a little bit of basically kind of a gift wrap scenario for Ernie in net they're they're really to me there's no bout it like that new ownership group is going to want to bring in our own guys but now. Ernie if he comes away with that contract. Don't have to be bought out to you normal tethered to this team where he would get. The benefit of the doubt and into the ownership group but from a true value standpoint. He doesn't really bring a lot about you or ability or for the organization because the new ownership group that is going to bring anywhere they want that to me that's just kind of a gift wrapped. Hey thanks for all you've done and I would guarantee worst case scenario you're gonna make millions of dollars out of that even a new ownership won't get rid of whereas. Which run either proven coach he's been their for X number of years. You know a cobalt team needs a head coach to trek we collaborate with the players. More so than a GM where is an ownership group comes in the next several months so. It do its ot move that it just screamed out hey your you know to get draft worst case scenario. A gift wrapped check rebate. Their mission and here's a look at what is and that's a good shot I like that Nicholas we thought about earlier what here's the thing. You're you're acting like our attorney doesn't every ten year Marty and does have an experienced morning he needs to the general match longer than. There are then now Ron there's been a head coach but I think the I think and just if I'm wrong about this dog. But what I know you what I think I hear him saying is that of course is qualified of course he would people believe he can do the job. But if the new ownership decides they don't want him. He's not left in limbo is that how it. Here's a contract we wanna put your employees maybe they keep your at least an extra year but it's not but he thank you for all you've done if you get fired it you're at least taken care -- you know that that's that's what I heard Jason in his second go and I think that makes a lot of sense short for my perspective different from where I sit through and I don't use any wrong with that Jerry still owns the team. His names on the check if he wants to make sure that the Marty gets paid and taking care of chemical. But it's a new ownership comes in at you know whoever it may be in the sides that would moral guy and Mardy is gonna get his body Amare is going to be taken care of guys and that's and dozens of and is it possible that the sentimental pick is also the right pick that's also possible because I would say if we're gonna make his argument is. Another I understand the Rooney rule understand all the other people are very qualified and we wanted to do and interviews but sometimes let me ask you this should stick close to home is the guy should make us. Here he goes to great question right because let's say heavily Dawson got them familiar with the I've played against Garrett now from federal way Washington nice seeing some grow up here is they're going to Washington went to Notre Dame followed his career is Kansas City she's doing great job as an executive you deluding himself into this opportunity. But user experiences general manager zero. Right so if you had zero experience as a general manager who is more likely to keep their jobs when the new ownership job comes open. And what's better direction for this organization. To take a shot. This and this guy might be really good kudos boy on every track record vs a guy that has experience in the next guy comes in if I'm buying the team. If I'm buying a team I want a guy that has experience in that position. Because I'm gonna be Obama is president Obama's first time buyer. I don't know anything about what combines. Other than I just like I said had billions of dollars I mean how these other owners or or or people. And on Amazon and on this touchy company or have an experience of running a football team. Run things their way when it comes to their program and things like that but not necessarily the way that you do the internal work when it comes to building a football team. Those guys haven't done that they're paralyzed I don't really have an idea who is gonna be good some technical time. To kind of get my feet wet to see how things operate what success looks like I'm sure these guys are doing their homework if they wanna be a part of that I'm not claiming that they're ignorant and it's the going to be that difficult of a job but. If you're asking me if I'm buying something. I want a guy that has experience in that position and then ultimately I'm gonna work back from that and. I think it's a valid point I think the counterpoint to that would be John much. In San Francisco in order a guy who had no energy and experience came out of the broadcast Booth playing career had none whatsoever. As a GM and was brought over to San Francisco got a job there. I know what it would anybody by the over the ownership library not autumn there's only so so just Joseph deport him to second to about no experience that's all the rest of but I totally reasonable person that was bonded to the team they got to make X Ers of course. This person right here by this team. You may or may not make a choice we don't know listings to sell but they still have the choice and it just has to. That's why they still well and that's why I think Jerry's point was a really go to net it's at at the very least. Baseline fundamentally. He's gonna make sure Marty noted it's taken care of and rewarding him for stepping in in in in him it was a messed. And steer the ship to an 115 season making sure that in and hit an iceberg aren't so 704579060. And it's a launch our parent affairs and Europe are driving around. How do you feel about this. Interviewing GMs right now should be Marty her. What would you like to see 7045709060. And would love to hear from the thirty minutes from now Erica Paul Yahoo! Sports covers the NFL will get his take as well sourcing and they look. Over the next four days in Minneapolis. Yeah he's vaccine. Garcia unveiling. Horseback Jackson's that I just got the pacers opened Indianapolis and be sure to check stores coach's show every Thursday at 63 and with Chris program brought to you by corona light came on line and official partner of the Charlotte hornets and 10256 stand. WS Lindsay child Bailey's fright Dorsey Osborne and as. Usual this thing is flying by already two and a half hours and got an hour and a half to go Erika hold Yahoo! Sports he covers the NFL will Jonas and 25 minutes north highest was to be on Thursday. 912. The law and that was a little negative five to solve. It's Friday tenth. Ali and it's it's it's a different place a call to Minnesota a lot of different urges every to residents but I talk to somebody from Minnesota my dad went up there to Mayo Clinic one time and just so they talked is about to Minnesota lie and it's just sunny is shining Atlantic is a beautiful day outside. And it's negative twelve degrees down. It's adds up. So good luck. That's fine. Not like she got well it's they want that I got to know this we don't. I don't know I. The jacket you know your she should really original and really don't consider just fringed jacket frank Miller's frostbite you rent in my moment you don't event. Evan Nichols harder than Tony's your path that's not. As. I'm not wearing a jacket who sings with coach Steele just I'm gonna. The wind breaker is that telling just what your best thing I do more one of those Libya is one of the sizes and hundreds and actual course dried up. Almost joined in on the I don't know tried Ozzie and I don't want. Oh my goodness palace is a time where you convert frank to be a sweater person you know what I unloaded into the truck is a veteran centers frank and I am very similar mindset when it comes to cold weather and where I Wear jackets and Pakistan to Georgia to every day no I don't aware of them were best as an outdoor. Doubt best and long sleeves and Guess jeans and boots and belt. When it should not Wear a belt. I'm not saying don't Wear a belt but I'm decide and that they you know you were you dressed like it's an article outside it's an Arctic several categories on where to send button down jeans and terrible was where you may want to leave this fancy shirt shorts it's the same thing out where everyday. This is different variation long sleeve. On the simple guy. By the way you know we're there we're with the radio robust. This corn in the food court in mulled American mall America a lot of chicks there tolerance plus Somalis religious. Well on the awesome I don't read you have mentally did you use to that king size bed in the run up front so that probably says. Let's not a bad feel imagine the grind babies and it's a Celtics are better for a second stimulus grant let's go to the songs were talking about the Carolina Panthers in though there interviewer Ngo and candidates Marty hurry of course won't before three others and is Joseph person put it about. Thirty minutes ago it feels like a foregone conclusion that this is still going to be more yardage job moving forward whatever that ends up meaning and whether or not new ownership keeps and we we ask you how do you feel about that what would you like deceit and we got some printers fans waiting to talk about and so will go with Doug Johns first injured his thoughts John thanks for calling me a good afternoon. Hey great show doubt he got brought up knowing it's thanks. Short so listen who I don't know who brought you're trying to learn who's responsible and not turn. I would be rather very morning Ernie. All right. I don't know man I don't know I definitely going to get a little battle I mean based on nine analog to be harder part of the port honey stick around. Don't you like about Norv Turner. I mean I act I think he's great at the 1993 you know but not and I think that the they're the calf that he had just I don't wanna put it off at all. Well these debts so you don't think he can make an adjustment. Or he doesn't have morphed into what new football looks like he's been in the game forever. Yeah right I think that and so I think what we're probably making the same point between to a different result than the big game for every. It doesn't seem like a really adopted got what what I've seen in the past and I just don't go to Cam Newton worked with Andrew Luck there and now gone on right a lot of on the developing a recorder back but it. It just something like that that's a really good step in on this one on how that happened. Jumpers or some sort be it John is that what coordinator or or it would would sit with him. You were gonna go to college now we're gonna go to high school guarantee does miles on this either on the offense. Who's gonna sit that. I don't know it's Norv Turner is going to be the answer might be might not I don't know. But what does kind of trouble me a little bit and I I had to kind of grapple with this too when it first happened you know we're talking about there's people like an assist in a Norv Turner some new ancient. Relic. That VOA doesn't know anything about modern football on he's not that old guys may be he he produced some great offenses some great teams in San Diego he started as a coordinator elsewhere if you're gonna join him off his last three or four years in Minnesota and Cleveland well basically when he had Teddy Bridgewater for about ten minutes before he got hurt. And you know that things were there were kind of in the middle of that that transformational there are so I'm not making excuses for the job and I think this notion that he's somehow forgotten how to coach. Is wrong and you give him a weapon like Cam Newton and if you make the kind of upgrades and changes they're talking about going out and getting another bona fide wide receiver drafting and replacing Jonathan Stewart with a with a bruising backs of the line champ opening etc. and run the ball in a power running game a bit more often do a little bit less of the zone read stuff. I think it works you saw in 2015 a lot of those same principles and philosophies that you saw in 2015. Are going to be applied with north to honorable. You know Tom Morris of course and metals gold sort of the greatest offensive minds to coach cup or a professional football. Not only was a hundred a hard to do for the record but what made him successful big old. See everything seen everything. From having Peyton Manning. Right well Norv Turner now has scam Newton. And you guys a margin before is that he's ever had Cam Newton he's had. Teddy Bridgewater he had Philip Rivers. You know those are the two main guys and he's had but you're the guy. As you've always try to work in what makes you think he's not gonna make an adjustment to make you think that he's gonna make Cam Newton. You know try to play like Philip Rivers or word or like Teddy Bridgewater. How does he just uses Cam Newton for what he's good dat. And helps him. Understand what he's not. I think that's a reasonable tight. I don't know why more people don't see if that was an onside I'm not. Frank knows all disagree with him whenever a feeling disagree with him but I don't disagree with a new era I just don't see. I understand it but no skepticism writing off hundreds of his four years also games passed him by an addict Lebow's the second oldest man on earth and he he still Qichen was he was till recently the still I know so you still as I know still a lot of nickel project he was he was coordinating I think the Tennessee Titans defense. So we know north jurors in his mid sixties he looks like he's 55 but obviously some guys I just don't see why vet angle is so particularly concerned others okay we can debate the merits of the offense and our sids can but you know I I still don't see that is issued ordeal just Khamis committed to running this offense. And two winning games as candidates you know camps there that a competitor of the highest caliber. Our cameras is a Smart guy Tim is a teammate I mean there's there's no reason to believe this this this marriage this partnership can't work. It's not about is will it won't I don't nobody there's no reason think that it can't work. Agrees. Yeah I agree completely I mean you know he's got to go out there and you know he's gonna want it to work is gonna put the time to make it work is not Republican agree with everything. But isn't that why this change happen. Let's think a few more diesels got a map next now a good afternoon hours of. Greg Oden Dario. Two things first call that yet Tom Brady do. I. Don't contribute anymore the very warm people accuse you grew very. Open purse went a bit. Everybody other people's democratic Europe on it was a class the class talking trash you wary of people. Crash President Obama dollar borrowers typically trashy classless market they went broke and try to do and torture political news are listed as I think being a team they applaud and sports. I don't like Tom Brady a bit more respect to warrant that they follow which unity co operate there's a Super Bowl. By the same token. Don't my career and caused by a girl daughter could bet that the company thing about Tom Brady Doris dark so a lot of arch Hugo. There's there's no call for that. As car deal rule book and SharePoint 20000. Are. Two Marty and it doesn't it is going to be your own choice but it. Three year old Parker and but it does look good been armed if I'm not mistaken. When Viacom what are. They're just a general understanding normally that would account was going to be there are but he came in and knocked it out of apart accommodated in an apparent success. Not an L a paper. Adorable in the future so they're personal matter that artwork old altar proper system but it may be a bit better than a. The ice not a version of the so called one night I died I agree both perspectives look if you're hanging on right now you wanna talk to a hang tight to step aside quickly we'll take more phone calls and we come back and wrap up our number 3:1 o'clock Erika told Yahoo! Sports covers the NFL last gym about a lot of this his thoughts on the printers and Walter of course talked about Super Bowl 62 eyes read the Minneapolis tomorrow it's Garcia and they would. I assume is why you play this. He's gonna fire you arrest. As an hour at night. It's pretty Girardi Don Murray's victory court right now for all we know. Welcome back Dorsey Israeli and Osborne as well we are headed up to the big Damon Minneapolis tomorrow night judge us all week Wednesday Thursday Friday. Broadcasting live from radio row we would does certainly appreciated if you did and by the way get my purchase your place for today's best deals to perk of the week on sale now. Today's torches Rockies pizza in hotter still spend 1250. To get 25 dollars real New York style pizza done right fresh dough homemade sauce and tons. A Rockies original toppings like meatballs for sure go column model all of zoning and that is it said it's a purple all of this really salty and it's fantastical. Video and you get it all just in time for the big day check it got to get my perks. Dodd John talking about the characters talking about ownership in north charter and GM search and we got some callers are wanna talk to a so go right back to the phone lines it will take it cost. With Carlos Carlos appreciation holed about an hour if. Jerry is done today. Already burst up the sparkly ownership goat that means it's got to go out walk out there who rarely walk on the air or by. I would like this DNA tests he DP I don't know somebody that maybe local or are well somebody out at our money. And secondly as are like everybody fear really about our Carter I mean it really. Can't predict the future obviously what happens between now and op is he ought to kick off well. I don't know mark that the that the at this Gerald I mean come on one myself and you know on the market and corporate feared that not whatever I can't Shula but I think it was a corporate chain as art beat up and go uh oh. I mean you know I don't think there are a lot of people worked at it in about not being here like they are still a lot of outward they're you know. We're out of our air and out of that number yet I mean it. You know all speculation and you know what what happened. At. Thanks Carlos per shipment frank thoughts there. All right next caller that decision is up next to a story about north turner was a did you. They're supposed auto. Loans occurred in nor what they. One point don't want admitted affair which spared this girl out and corporate all of it. But luck to child we've played Minnesota book what is flat on his statement. That came from this kid fourteen Teddy Bridgewater senator rep for mobile coordinator it would not well okay. They're in Minnesota although they want it won't of course tribute bit what it looked the picture that mr. chip shot. So and chairman Jack Cooley. Part of where you better thrower and check it struck it carried the on the chart a lot but this time as it won't do what. So I can't believe they ignore the could have had where people. Solicited him to come be coordinated Norton of coped well. What would you want to wait for the right job this might yet black shot they would they saw it grants and read doctor Richard reported what they don't lot but he won't. The simple fact is though not for what he's been around you know who's going I'm really not that sort I think he's started I think you know side. Everybody each you don't board can't bespoke do some research for what door was open about what he can can kids do appreciate both apple. Thank you did you appreciate the thoughts men and as far you mentioned tell their secondary mission that the zone read specifically frank. Dealer set in for you a week ago when you were we were talking about that and and and Damione Lewis has been a very vocal critic. Of not the zone breeze specifically but running the zone read here. With Cam Newton and how he thinks this team is at its best when there's a power running game one I formation used to fullback that sort of stuff and he just believes those two things. Already compatible in that that power running game and his own breed he wants to see for a lesson that I've I've heard folks say the same thing what are your thoughts on the. The zone read to me is the and there's a trick him fancy office it's got its say he offense geared towards this direction and you know it's not it's it's. Against the best wishes of two daisy office. You know you're not gonna Boeing consistently wiz don't making the other guy guess crawl. IE you you don't you put guys on your heels but if you don't have a quarterback. There's going to be eighth dynamics threat of me hitting home runs down the field. And it's nice to meet you it does not to be successful offense in college works in high school works because that guy is willing to put his neck on the line. Over and over and over again the reason why the option in college worked at Nebraska is why I was because he had Tommy Frazier who is a bigger threat Roy. Little balls he was or bigger threat running the football when he was passed in the four ball. Eric crouch bigger threat threat running the football than he was passing the football nearly ten yeah. You can. Now you get ridiculously tired chronology don't. Can relax and restore the option worked is because you're reading an awful one player you're either break in the decision to hand to keep. By the same thing exist with three options it's the same exact opposite offense. Is just done from a different position here option off the player. That you're you know you're reading and if you're gonna cheat you've got to be damned good runner but you're exposing yourself. To do that nor to be successful. You have to have a quarterback that's gonna throw it out there and put his neck on the line as they run or every single time in order to get the sharks. In our sport sometimes with with Kim. But it's you know is it gonna come to the the point where you're putting your quarterback your wrist too often I think you know that's where they're sick if that your base offense I think it's a offense is not built around musicality. I physically out of his line and up. Fighting double teams you match ups and coming downhill with a lead blocker. Right you look at what to Jacksonville Jaguars dead. They did it that way with Leonard for that in the back shall you look toward the Philadelphia Eagles do for the most part they do it that way they're having done some. But there are running downhill with who's tight ends pulling you as a lead blocker or in the distorted differently. I but the donut from the gun there's nothing wrong with that as a parent doesn't wanna be your running our offense you can do it that way. You know there's just the option isn't doesn't need to exist we leave in the unblocked man in your accounting for all the defenders. You have to be able to the ball down the field and opens things up for play action. And still you're gonna have those secondary routes. Because the play action might that your gonna get just throw the ball successfully ordered the deepest respect. Why and was a sting you in that conversation took you said something a minute a minute ago that. But I caught we're used to you know unless you have a very dynamic running back in the backfield to run alongside a guy like Tim Newton you know I know people some people out there are are I've been critical of Christian McCaffrey and you know his ability to run the football between the tackles in the situations like that you might look at and so was he not a candidate for that wolf. He's not the kind of dynamic guy you're talking about a I don't at least not from what we've seen NB. But Sonny what he did a Stanford and then they lined up and they they used to heavy stuff and they ran the ball down much in the way you're talking about to soak let me just let me ask this of you gives us a give Cam Newton. 61 Barkley and backs it. Are now sick Omar please knock on the on the board but it's on the printers to Nicholas has betrayed the let let's say you put sake on Barkley in the backfield with Cam Newton. That's a pretty dynamic duo argue is that is that zone read out a lot more attractive with that combination. I'm in place a country you know wish G critical situations. You know situations where you get in the red zone we are forced to run the football a bit more efficiently because the passing windows are going to be a little bit less. In the tender most successful the reds on once they're capable of running the football between the tackles don't not lined up knocking you off the ball the reason why the Seahawks and had success with Russell Wilson's because a Russell Wilson. You know for the most part I mean he was a big factor in that but there was Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch came downhill it was basically his own blocker. Our team for a tackles he got the extra yards. He was a powerful. Running back to where you know we can come downhill at you and Russell Wilson had the ability to Pawlenty. But Russell Wilson's gonna get what he can he's a little bit more of an elusive guiding cam is going to make guys miss in space where care is given to run through you. Or run around you right he's not gonna make you miss in space. Are at 70457. Or nine desist any thoughts on that and our formal take your phone calls we come back Eric at home Yahoo! Sports covers the NFL last him. A bit about that specifically the current happenings the other topical stuff with the printers to GM search ownership all that and of course we'll talk about Super Bowl system to and don't forget everyone's favorite segment the world towards Franken 35 minutes it's Garcia Baylor.