Garcia and Bailey: Joe Person and TWATF

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Thursday, August 9th
Joe Person previews tonights game, and TWATF

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But Garcia. Our number before heading into the home stretch and headed into the evening and that evening. But it Nicholson. That evening features. Real lives. NFL football pre season variety yes but. You got jerseys. Yet two teams it's televised. And hit each other it's going to be awesome can't wait for Joseph person's gonna see it in person tonight in buffalo he's joining us on the tiger John just like your Panthers. A history Tampa Bay still technically driven by Jeff for Chrysler Jeep Dodge -- the family story and Joseph Mick mixing came on earlier and told us those shocking fact about himself that he thinks chicken wings are both gross and the biggest con job ever pulled on the American public how do you feel about that. Yeah I'm gonna ask you won't admit that. It's been a natural well what the real. Meat and now you know. All my opponent and all I think what I thought it went today I had. Really are all about events reported in Charlotte is that part orders while the ball and they the couple or a girl that and it. Without all while we're entity anchor for a little while all the and then now you're main trick or any kind of particularly adorable. Well. The wings media you're out there oral. The women meteor filled Coca. At this at both at both men and women farm bureau clearly did the insulation the gold and Joseph so I'm curious that I this is one thing that I there are troubled players that I wanna see much closer tonight to deny that but just in terms of how much first teamwork you think we'll see what you were in particular can't definitely. Although it rod or whether you're you're at hand and basically it would be decay the couple Oreo. One theory is that. All right you know good draw but they'll all four are the be all that and that there is important. The ball. You know although beautiful has been off all bought. Off and so. Bad awful. Or they don't do much on and it was the bench the six feet eight back but it's also been and I think this. Joseph are you most excited to see tonight because. That we had this question earlier I. I can't wait to see what this man does at left guard because I think that they ought be before you start Penn State's means something and yeah I think just to determine. Armon you know kind of the shuffle in if we need to go outside. In the organization and maybe bring in other plan but if he goes out there and has success that we might be okay there. Yeah it couldn't agree that it ought to all the interest thing to Britain won't we won't help well I was too well. He is going in and I don't know it's got has been all of our. It won't even at the both there and I think we're gonna get a little all the fuel all the benefits that they. He has been in quite a bit and it ended sport are mostly what you hear the talk about is it and it could be you know. You know he's got to get a little bit and that's about it you got a or who's got a beer. Which they won't you know you've got to move a little bit bad apple but not all of you know. We think and they are warning that there there at the end it bit but not the matter is an industry that. There was no question about it mobility. And the tepid as well though so who or where are they get on well not. Necessarily be top rival beer while they're there to look at all but. I'm I'm with you forget it and and you know I don't know what I think our account I talk about that yet they wanna. A good look at all they expect you can't be more against the former built in but I aren't very very well but that bad as well. Joseph person Joyce Littel become just line live from buffalo Panthers bills tonight and is there are guys that that you think an agenda there are four of these so we knew that there are plenty of opportunities but is there are guy do you think really just that may or may be that needs to stand out tonight and boy it would really help. There are no or they do well but it but it can't do it to go out. Well on the offense efficiently. You're going to get it because of what we are he will get up. We oppose gamers see you know he will be out there are they not be mean you know right collegial although it won't. Well Ali didn't look so cool at all they're posting today but but he's gonna get them somewhere where got a better than we. We are starting lineup but I against Darryl. So hold them to come out that it won't then add a you know shown wow. Well actually independent you don't have rarely have people you know sign and a veteran core about what they're candor than arm that more or everywhere. Mention. Art. Yes and and what it is like if there are they can make this little AP. Other than a game that might be it won't it won't. You know Joseph you know it let's talk a little about. You know this this offense and you know I mean no maybe you know even what this is gonna look like tonight because I know the overreaction. You know that people are gonna. Is they don't understand may be that the night game planning the buffaloes a pretty good defense and if they go out there in the struggle well you know this this offense is broke it's it's do we got to change everything in conversely. The but the tools are very good deeds are offensively it's our defense should look like you know they're going out there and you know dominating most of the game and everybody's gonna got other defense is really play well on this guy's gonna be our next you know Josh Norman. How much we take away from these pre season games in this one in particular. Yeah I'm glad you brought that wouldn't be as well bottom all that edit our City Hall there. That being in trouble all the this week the story that yeah and at Banco saw that there had. You know can't sit there really permit and the it's like this is more well well well what M&M. They meant well not all all in there they are not yet there are very well look if but we got a little later on in the pretty decent but we don't need to make it all ought to feature creep up. Norv Turner's off. On the basis maybe Warren camp knew let spirit that aunt and attitude that same thing what beer or. I think I think we look forward so I don't think we are well well well where we can look to see what all all is it. You know you want certain matchups there and Spain. Not well we DJ Moore makes them play if they. But it absolutely right they don't let it get on. Tomorrow there'll. In it's crop were on the basis but they sure that apple. Joseph person observer covers the dancers is on location in buffalo tonight for the pregame and out of the pre season game Joseph enjoy it enjoy the wings enjoy everything about it and we'll check in with you tomorrow to a to toss art. Are they are Joseph person joins us on the ticket John just slot and I. Just come up with a new segment by the way what's the limit these texts are hilarious they are funny you know we understand you know that we can only control we can control -- radio we want to give you better radio but. I think this is kind of become a stick you know with Joseph in his phone and his phone is what has astle. And I mean it is literally just taking him and beating them over the head with that but I think we should read like what we've determined and as the law. That won't drop it now Joseph Joseph Joseph the it is overdo it Joseph you know. Now they're going to tell you see gender note where. Well we lost children swords into nude in the new route yet when we need to. We need to come up. Where is the top three tax. Then send in from Joseph persons found it sounds like he's doing it from inside a blanket fort well. And sell the team built a blanket for his living Germany's toy and he's doing it and doing it live from there. Does he talk to you with his nose plugs no busy talking to you on speakerphone. Is he Daryn a barrel or something like he looks like he sounds like he's in a in a tube. A big series I don't know that Joseph really knows how somebody makes cut does this cut a clip on that and somebody email it to Georgia so we can hear it. If we can do that tells Joan knows Joseph bought a brand new photo apparently he's trying his best to keep both eyes this is it's O. Amid I don't know it well yeah I think what it also a big resilient and in addition to swallowing the entire phone is that he's he's doing nothing you can get between your shoulder and your jaw yeah. And I think he's doing that so many needs to get one of those new devices like you know you see the cool guys weren in the car of the year the year. Does the coolest guys of course that's what she said it's a and it's ridiculous how they do the cool guys they were the the headsets. No strike does article does it all now I don't accept a just a lot of mineral quick Carolina man thanks for holding was undermined. Carolina man. Or yet birds who won Duma 6745709. I'm just slow the ten guys usually really fast with your TNN news of the day you're slow Wallace won New York Carolina man had a sake it's Carolina man usually spits out hot fire. Oh sort. All right so has no agenda Evan is the confidence is right where it should be it's the confidence is climate it's the contents it's got to get better we're gonna ditch of their though Brazilian sugar is Joe's thrown in his pocket as he's speaking to you or I don't know. Don't know I really don't know the tallest talked to a 70457. Or 96. Once. I'll read it never know I think everybody on the Internet sources Emily W Russians that. I met him know yeah yeah yeah. And that's what we. Then why. Thank you Microsoft. I just it sounds so good honeymoons are gross. Read. Oh honey buns I. There's a right one guy you don't tell diminished had enough bad honey buns Rwanda's completely soured on only Bosnia at some earlier today that just look delicious I think you ate one of love does is honey buns aren't any immunity might hit well. So that was yeah. I have no idea what Japan will look like she's. Leonard takes I never tasted your pin we. January oh yeah that's done. Oh. In your belly and I don't see the suspect right there would be the one bag they're grainy Nevin did you read it now my. Yeah and didn't. And how to paint will likes 78 and you're like my roommate right in college I don't know if anybody's experienced this when you live with other dudes. Right and what you go shopping and and you come back every little spot your groceries your perfect thing your last one you put him in a special place so no real to assume and all of a sudden you come back. Act and the go around it's gone. He doesn't did you know did you read it now did you know also does their blind because I didn't need it you know little. Not as good. Now Mattel is our. Look at his look at the side in his mouth sigh well the only thing worse is why did it then someone who's that than someone who steals food is like fire is someone who steals from old people. Otherwise you like the bottom of the solutions if you still asleep in the office you go to fess up to distill it so you're saying frank his old. She stole my food and no I didn't say. Talking about a different category of people there are moderate and again to accomplish good content Austin and design you're missing your honeymoon. Yet to catch hell I thought Boris to Rwanda was it was good of all he wants to talk to us Paula so men are you don't. Hey Tony good meant as by attempting wants nobody saw me do it. I know I didn't do it but some are doing to get approval. That's right that's exactly right I was on my meant. Barbie toy get blown up I would like to extend an apology to honest could be cracker made it there about the economy. Sized box of hot pockets at so we still buddies are well absolutely it's all thank you look at they're trying to. What could be. Do you remember. Teddy. Little general apparent. I try to be the kind of bottom box 65 and change. The first quarterback you knew what I was gonna get here first quarter starting quarterback with Bell's car was 1960. All. You got to treat each equipment so much pre text there can't be so much build Paul. I think like you. Don't know I think you mentioned one time. But he's got to get to the point stage five Claire and then when he gets the point you start talking about the Dallas Cowboys in 1960 I don't give a damn. I don't sorry all evidence don't care don't call out a little dip don't I don't know how roads are about ours is only Monday and listen in now. Amid a what does it's a guy was a bull bear Annie Le baron and what whose. Don't know his point I don't wanna know his point that's a little better and Freddie under a does that mean was he to call the little honey money. I don't know what he was still an is that going to be his nickname when you talk about Paul. Come on Paul and start work to do man hot pockets and honey buns or mercy. Are you were to really quickly want to and we got done today and it's Thursday as it was not that big a deal but a reopening David PGA championship bout and Lewis and Hillary even it's a course deserve you know I don't like it when I was out there in blatantly national was nice the job front probably not. Valerie I would imagine. PepsiCo sales and said he does so. Anyway Rickie Fowler. Lieutenant lieutenant. But my god he's gonna Wear his white pants and white belt tomorrow people series is tied atop the leaderboard right now Dustin Johnson the other the world number one Richard salad Dustin Johnson right now five under setting the pace and then behind them it's a three under you got about sixty guys including Ian Poulter and Jason Day and Stewart's sixth and enjoy all the way down to even for the Tories find Tiger Woods who. But he's five shots back but he had a disastrous start to this round he rebounded to give back to even so still very much it. Yeah and you know we'll see where he ends up now he's five shots back. They're right now in May be found something later in his round. And sometimes holes just don't fit guys guys know when they go out there and play and I'm you know that's in the in the back of his mind so. You're Ella to kind of you deal with those demons go and until tomorrow but I expect him to bounce back probably to be 23 under in some like that but I think it'll be. He'll probably middle of the packed in a seven under eight under tomorrow probably be new somewhere at the end of the day you leading this tournament and at least two under still six shots off the lead it makes him. It makes the cut but I don't expect much of him during the weekend. 70457096. Tend pace and what I got my. Freddy got fingered reference that's good also already well why not just look at jumped on the sinister plus plus ten. Did you read text really quickly tell Wright senate aiding honey buns and chicken wings are you all Americans we don't paycheck and went we love chicken legs here Mick mix and H chicken Wentz were actually just. Actually offended kind of when he said that and I used to like Tony runs but I had enough bad ones old ones I just amount I'm not only one guy anymore that's all the tallest. Why east tournament I don't know you know I put a structure I have no idea who you are you know I did this that seems to me Kyle Bailey now. Like in honey mine and are you like donuts of course and you don't like honey -- do do you like the cinnamon roll how many doughnuts were gonna have to let it. I know 300 which is so don't. Now I'm so hungry we're not having your way you cannot helping my cause I'm so hungry are now doing what integrity and 350. Donuts I was at practice all morning. You know and it came straight from there to here. Some stars of the indicators do little sweaty. I'm so hungry I just want some doughnuts right now did you know honey buns into doings. Why is did you folks from out west say doughnuts and peanuts the way you do. Whose columns right now and it's in Pina habits that meant combat tours in two of the way we do. Why do you why do you all over year ended in east. Say you all it's who you just I don't know used usage don't split is also the second half of the words unimportant things Joseph has a mouthful of honeymoons when he calls. Test so test so esoteric does say cast so that's a dip but he's also Hispanic so he kinda does get to tell us how to say network newscast so the president uttered caiso. Let's look into an honor and a little too I don't. What is reduced helmet goes into words artist from I don't know where does not I was not doing his job was on the line I saw I was on. EO male summit of. I mean I need Crimea river also a longer race I have an eight cents to crack is that president this morning. While. Is that really is a direct order to stop Mac arch into. I try to do that but. It is also I don't have much time in between breaks too does work to lead to more accurate are perfect. So you're out harder you just cultural losses at all. It's also blunt you know the way in the public sector public pac bell. Dale archer okay by. The bill to peppers look at what you do are you doing. I ought. 007. Men. I promise you that was haven't. I nobody told him to do that it was all his own. And he blew you up yet it was and you know stay wanna show me some love bacon shim some lure. I can't tell you guys because I just did it. Wow and so zippy is just did it big concert at a catch up to the company as it might just happened in my it's just happened look we've got to go to break if we still have. Have jobs on the other side we'll put your phone calls we come back to six. We have an announcement to Mitch. It's everybody's favorite segment the world according to strike a time now. For the world according to frame the. I insistence. There's things forward started to underscore that frank is that sees no matter whether I'm as Hispanic. He just reached across the table and Osborne wasn't looking stole the other half of the what does this tasty Jim Courier was the rule now. As we've just had the courage to do a prime my face or did right and try your I don't remember that I didn't see I now tricycle. When I waited stolen while he wasn't looking at and wait until he was looking to eat in his face is still this is a grown up. That kid. Biggest bank can admit when you steal a tasty cake from Lesnar he's feeling. Yeah okay how would you classified borrowings ODUI. Back in a tasty cake I could do that. You want some I Gaza he knows marshmallow pin wheels never had those over the top. Daniel what do you up a condom they'll start up you're wasting dot that was all right this is to listen that was the first announcement suggests a second announcement is. We are moving this segment to earlier in the show. So coming up on Monday you will hear the world according to frank we think at 3 PM. That's the new plan moving forward toward a move it back to 3 PM so just be prepared for that those of you who live and die by the segment. Now let's proceed Osborne and you have something juicy for fright while means goat though that I yes frank did your taste TJ just to lose his balance and you need anyway I know you didn't up as you're trying to prepare for this battle next week yeah. I don't feel pretty confident she didn't hasn't worked out right now I can't be how tubby de L calls diesel chubby AAF that's million. Nobody sees his his you know there was flustered his moves. Are or how are you a little bit what how. He's got moods right now don't normally just as the nipple like so far out. That you can't really tell them but now is get the mood he needs to get into the gym and he knows that he'll tell you. Among. More push ups Osborne I'm sure if I have a question what oh yeah I mean I don't know this is his name calling again. By a little inside radio for his folks what went on a hot one. We're not it would put them on the air that we are not among the air it's an agenda. We're gonna put in Greece the money he's the boss is demanding you don't hear once I always act. Yeah. I don't know that don't we have the station rules that you know what your goal is an essential twice Internet. On the call Robert I didn't want to learn more powerful now that you call those things are Brazilian TE Fiat. PC days it's easier and yet there. He's the pack try out by the way you thanks Troy Oz well what do doesn't. And out and again the work out I am nervous Tony did you have so much nervous energy teacher quick check your twitch muscles or Iraq but it. I'm here I'm nerves a silly Dina makes me nervous. A politician or not act and I have a job come Monday count. Thank you and your bedroom done. This worked out competition. And you can murderous about a capital to get out. While I. Won't yes meals for your assets just I try to lap but I halfway through our power arms full alien nobody care. If you don't like a moron. That means so easy who's beating you important yeah. I don't know Apatow. Capital forty man about a 1440000. Or two about it eyes at me you know that was avenue that those who would you drink it out and smacked him. Important avid opera 630 now. He did it again. Bear he may be a ball but I have to run the board every single there's your power. And I have to on the border whoever's behind the borders providing what's going all these talks. Multiple times yeah you to take control of your domain yeah this is your house you. Mortgage and nobody could tell you're from. You're glamorize the dons her overt your producers this would surely be huge just threw you out there and that's insane Osborne one franc I have a question. And in this IC we'll test it I think it's a testament to manhood and it's a testament to honesty is well. There anything more frightening. It went a bug flies in your face or you walk into a spiders web unexpectedly. What is worse yet. The spiders and webs for sure I'm up I'd hate spiders eat snakes is that two things that you know but there's one thing that is. That is more. Fear of frightening. If you've ever brand portal Clinton right in the in the last on the southwest. And you're going through. The the the washes as the calm in the Arroyo's you all the things you're going through you see these little hills right. Typically rabbits are gonna hang out there and things like that mr. Holtz. Pena as you're walking sometimes and you're looking for the Quayle you're listening for the sound in those things flutter out yet you know you act accordingly. But if you're walking in looking in front view what time you'll see underneath you and when you don't see these union stepped in one of those holes. You sink into about your knee in you have no idea what's in that gamble. Only thing I can think about or some travelers everywhere then Reynolds is not first ought to know that is the only thing for me is that his worst. This then walking into a spiders web spiders web widgets on your singles I do not. You have to take a shower you can't stop using your hair these are calling on where your back and here they seeds are Italy's journal like an. All time guys like to satisfy or use our smacking yourself you on the back it is terrible but it's not as bad as that is that feeling. Lasts a lifetime what I told you if you're walking through are you able wash any step and one of those holes. Goodnight you can't. Fast and hard enough and the faster you move the deeper you sing off that's awful are. So this is actually similar question things your freedoms. We just found out that you Nebraska head football coach Scott frost who was robbed it was burglarized. The cease was a seventeen year old girl. And I'm all the things you just listed I hate snakes. Don't legitimate fighters I would contend though as men. From being fat little kid all the way up to a grown as mayor with kids is nothing scarier than a teenage girl. You agree with that. I'll tell you right now this is talking they're devils but what we may wanna talk about is that your double a teenage girl. Not only that okay that's that's a little extreme but I'm just talking about a seventeen year old girl had the guts to break into Scott frost house and steal this stuff. Hello and whether or not like a little fat kid like maybe has a crush on a teenage girl or your dad with a teenage girl. We're kind of powerless against. At the end of the day a ground and stuff. Would you have a daughter you know she has you pretty much wrapped around her finger for the most part right always always solich again I theorize that. These girls some of the most powerful beings on the planet. Especially Smart one city SEC you are important and aren't open at least at least you know when she broke in the Scott trust house and sees how this all this crap on. The in the Internet. Like nobody does seeming how solar Scott Brooks got a market has got trust house in order to put stuff on it and sell it. I am a seventeen year old girl and I have custom ordering cleats from four high. Kelly yeah. There's no wrong yeah frost on the back. To get done I'm below seventeen year old girl I've been what is right your broker since I was twelve and I did well. And that might be the case but at least she didn't get ten days. Like the eleven year old girl that did in the grocery stores for stealing. And apple can you believe that that's ridiculous student eleven year old girl taste for stealing son and through from the grocery store but it is taste taste she's eleven. When he well understands. I hope the river just really didn't know just how tough. Yeah. I apologize. For. Yeah I. As for all of us on. All the time always done well annually James Lewis a hundred times you actually citadel when you're done moist ocean underdog and I don't know that I'd I have to vomit. I don't like W driven dregs of don's want to forget about Nelson got to grab other grocers and forgot about it once or twice I do feel bad I go back. It's like to say that usually drive all the way back to her I won't make up for the next time I'll welcome pundits thought the resources twice a front page of the. Little things a little those little round things to have that sees in him in the ham ham so good. And and that's true. My circle around there a couple of times and then end up with a tricky on the way out to understand how can I do have a son. I do have a excuses legitimate but it sure is long history I you know I grab one for him one for me. Make sure it's not poisonous. And everything's okay but those lamb ham and cheese trays. Don't forget about the desert that they got right around the corner to extend its attitude is at a premium chips I walked around like a bag full of tips tricks after John. Can you imagine what thirteen year old frank seldom like finally a glimpse into the second. Don't think there's an as the breadth and isn't it puts up and went to meet the season to get some traders around here Omar. Just really just do I need more cargo you. Usually go to the prestigious American you can get the things that are going to be sulfur free so you gotta go get the bread you got to go to the Turkey the Turkey that the ham and then you get a did you cheese that door. Geez nick clubs and how much we would go to door juniors dinner. And then you have frank. I had a shower in the morning couple days how is what I'm sorry clears this caused one nice. Which one do you prefer taking a shower in the morning we're taking a shower and Knight taught that you say the other as word the other password. Or shorter I thought that's what you're gonna ask. Day out which one would you ever do take Sharon mourning her teach our night which in the morning all day long every day. I hate showers at night I can't go to sleep but take a shower this morning to wake you up dodger Grassley the chronological order of the three s's with the Prius is our Evan. But we're now it's a dozen I am fit into what to say to the three. Hour. She had a date yet but on the other two in the what's the third don't know. You know no no no sit down and through the other order do you do the other us. I still like and that's a good question but who would be the first you know then. May be shower would be dissect you and initiate did you ever shares. Shaved every 23. Images which are grown up because that is the correct order. You know and usually eat this you become a man use shade in the shower. The one in the shower I don't do the other one in the shower. Under the present and I never do that the first on the Sharon and a half an hour to realize that no out of New. Hampshire. Right now a knock on nine shower. We got to jump shot I see noticeable accord front let's take a cult. We're we have called six specifically for Franken is seems appropriate to do that your news segment let's go to tenancy what's on his mind there was a meant. There aren't local I don't mind it yeah. And it might not follow up tip of the cap Evans and a gap are the British. Yes unload it is growing a threat arises and he hit Denny's giving a first present thank you right now as we speak. Played by but I don't doubt commodity demand. Not buying eye and ear oh airport. About as well all I doubt it's yet what Erik you wanna order the gut nor company. About quite a bit and Matlock and get it I'm it would do well all you want here. I doubt it pop out the get go on there and three. And the trick it Propofol. Come all the time you comment. Don't appreciate the phone called them and I hate to be I don't want to ruin your enthusiasm so prominent tell ya know yeah they did pumped up that. Wait for pre season football let's. Yeah. Just let's go. Russell won't pull global floats don't. And I found in your own and apparently. Whether it that's their than those are called and as the go to the field. Does stuff like. Well we got to go in that same note and had same vein reportedly is Camden nearly. Kept pounding it. Kelvin Benjamin a good fields in their first meeting since the I talked about we got some words exchanged between Jim Newton and Kelvin Benjamin on the field in buffalo the I just don't hear about this next has been reported right now we'll tell you about it they met up and it was not friendly sources Emily W lessons that. I. Total body check yourself welcome back wrapping up the show and Joseph Benjamin and Cam Newton hasn't met at midfield as they work out there's a picture right you look at the look on cam Newton's face right here. As an adult and Benjamin standing up pretty much nose to nose during the fifty yard line Max Jensen at cantor backs on Twitter a tweeted out this picture. And in Jordan Rodriguez the observer with legitimacy from the ridiculous element in Jordan Rodrigue of the observer just tweeted this quote. Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin finally met to talk on the sealed for my binoculars I didn't see any smiling TB shrugged him off mid sentence and starts to walk away then cam makes a body in motion with his hand. Did not appear to oh well can't speak for what was said in quote. Now there was hey are you doing tonight nine you know and I'm not doing much. Hadn't seen in awhile. By. Does not them that's not the guy who's now I don't think that's the one psychiatrist a two right here. The Genesis on this sunny outside I don't. I have great confidence that I mean CQ is there obviously she saw the the body language yeah. You know I mean I thought there might be pushing each other and end doesn't it came was mid sentence KB you turn walked off and you know camp gave him a very young. Demonstrative and they're clearly anyone here by then Jeff yeah. Okay well my. Yeah but not that that appears to have not gone well I mean. He'll listen mean we'd all of that yellow color and then and that's what you love that I is is this the Bravo. Oh yeah the smack talk. And I can promise you know guys. Hmmm this is a common thing you know a lot of times on the football field. Tom you know we're gonna see more into it a little bit. But yeah bring it on. Motivate that man please. Because I when he's motivated. He played a little bit harder little bit bigger a little bit faster. And let's go let's go let's go I like today we come by the way have you melted that microphone hostage. I don't what all know hole and I was to have. I got over losing your computer. On its own merits onkyo and it's it's rough I got to know is right I mean I've got to dismiss the hostess this diet and in laws that is an able needed to slim down a draw to a 25 disappointment Dana what he says ray wasn't on each day a solid. It's totally. That's so I. Thought oh my god. That's what's your Janet floor you know. It doesn't help touch his decisions over wow Madrid died sewed all day. There's writing you got to do a little blow me up man was that so I know it's I can taste it started it's embarrassing enough that you brush your teeth this morning's Greg yeah of course T shirt. It's nice to have the Eagles loss I hate you so much passion. And trust your nasty habits and call me out of the occasional bad break. So I cheers while only when we got to just a series odds show element and not doing that really shows where they intersect an umbrella Jewish religion was Roman jewel spirit Ellison is on the Internet. Brought diva Brenda don't proclaim this or bring you don't proclaim dye stuff on there is a good man we like to be brings us proclaimed it takes the old stuff away. We don't have to do that anymore. And we can drill all we want without having to worry about how much pro faceless who attacked what do you eat tonight to make your press smell batter I bought my dogs approximate ice tribute. It doesn't want Mitt dog I screwed up all the a slick a couple of minutes to get that healthy up your sister. Also tonight and it's 7 o'clock Little League Baseball mid Atlantic regional Maryland Pennsylvania Italy based on love it. But I think they got to find eternal parks is does best. I don't know. If you saw some of these games there was a ball literally two and a half feet outside just beat the strike zone just the catcher is set up all the way over there to be bright side of the plate. The kid hits the spot the guys pulled the batter home players like Jerry please don't let you strive to reach. The too much yeah I was I mean some of these guys get after a little bit it's a lot more record to show you really really meant a similar show. You know airplane. Or where the dumb of the guy in vampire. You know going out there. Gosh what's his name oh all the umpire was bad they're given the guys on. That was stalking and I'll think of Switzerland does I know we are anyways also tonight more Little League at 9 o'clock on ESP these guys are no help CFL Edmonton a B and numbers Colombia 10 o'clock and history and to nobody's watching that we're all watching the Panthers tonight right 7 o'clock. But this is he big was started jerk. Steve Martin Seymour and there's even EST mark so. They bought a bottle again did you not familiar TV side picnics and Mike Rucker Kevin Donnelly radio side WBT our sister station Jim's OK Eugene Robinson Sherron towards one public again kickoff set for 7 o'clock tonight into some bills naked guy. Had an affront naked gun I appreciate the Texas that just text and naked gun because I was a loss for words my brain was spinning I was literally burning up will be your smoke coming out it was almost as bad as Bailey's breast. All I can I. Here's another habitat I don't like gentlemen it's my debt addressed some decisions you have to picture an actual grooves and which it's. I'm not a vindictive person I'm going to blow you at the earliest possible. That's I presume that's not the worst when I got children at any level always you me your phone as a go into light and stuff you know front are told the to protect you get younger scientific much after Bill Snyder is apparently gonna toast throws the ball until he's 200 years old the seventy year old Bill Snyder just signed a unbelievable five year extension through 220 to the contract will take him through 83 years old. They got most whose last. It's on early on in the day and doing the bears try to retire once Ron prince nearly ran the program to the ground I was Bill Snyder had to come back and say that Jimmy Joseph how are you with sound you're giving it pep talk to his team at Kansas State. We're 800 years my coach ask you. Just don't enjoy the day we'll take. It is just took the job particularly enjoy it and tonight was they don't you're angry phone calls tomorrow look at the way. Bird man you have enough for I don't Kyle this is dinners for much tubby and they. Shake. And I was I didn't have blow your mind that you just happen.