Garcia And Bailey: Joe Person

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Thursday, August 9th

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Football pre season variety yes but you got jerseys. Yet two teams it's televised and hit each other it's going to be awesome can't wait for Joseph person's gonna see it in person tonight in buffalo he's joining us on the tiger John just like your Panthers. A history Tampa Bay still technically driven by job for Chrysler Jeep dodge grand assembly store and Joseph Mick mixing came on earlier and told us those shocking fact about himself that he thinks chicken wings are both gross and the biggest con job ever told on the American public how do you feel about that. Yeah I'm gonna be wrong and that there. It's been a natural well hopefully in real. Even now you know. All my opponent at all I think what I thought it went today I had. Really all while Obama mentioned before it is Charlotte is that by reporters about the ball and they the couple or a girl that and it. We thought well while we're entity anchor all the wrong for all and then I didn't mean chicken wing kind of particulate regardless. Well. The wings media Europe they're or the women meet your fifth cut cut cut up at the at this at both at both men and women farm bureau clearly did the insulation gold. I'd joke so I'm curious that I this is one thing that I there are troubled players that I wanna see and watch closely tonight and get into that but just in terms of how much first team work you think we'll see what you were in particular can't definitely. All the way rod or whether you were at hand and basically it would be a typical apple or it is. One theory is that. You know good draw that they'll all the be all good. And that there it is important. You know although beautiful has been off all bought. Off and so. Bad apple. Or that they don't do much non interest is such that we'll be back but it's also been out and heading to Iraq. Joseph are you most excited to see tonight because during this question earlier I. I can't wait to see what this man does at left guard because I think that you know before you start Penn State's means some them. I think used to determine. Armon you know kind of the shuffle in if we need to go outside. In the organization and maybe bring in other plan but if he goes out there and has success that we might be okay there. Yet couldn't agree that it ought to all wall interest into Britain who have them you won't tell all book I was too well. He is going in and I don't run its part has been all. You know even at the and I think we're gonna get a little better you'll although that benefit the tea he had been in quite a bit and it ended our people are. Mostly what you your books talk about is it's kind of demeanor out. You know he's panicked a little bit and it about army you got a art that is gonna beer. The stable you know you've got to move a little bit that apple but not all you know. We think Penn State filing that there there are needed to bet that knocked them out of the union street that. There was no question that all of mobility. And the tepid as well well well well well where are they get them all well not. Necessarily be I know we're not expected they'll look at all but. I'm on the eve for a bit and and you know that's what people are what I think our account I talk about that yet they want it bad. A good look at all big Jack that you can't be more against the former they're all in our aren't very very well both of as well. Joseph person Joyce Littel we can't just line live from buffalo Panthers bills tonight and is there are guys that that you think an agenda there are four of these so we know that there are plenty of opportunities but is there are guy do you think really just that may or may be that needs to stand out tonight and boy it would really help. Garrett Gilbert they do well they they're caught do it to go out. From the offense efficiently. You're going to get it because of what we are thought he won't give up. We oppose gamers see you know he will be out there cannot be mean you know radical real all right well all right. Well Ali didn't look so cool. Although posting today but what he's gonna get them somewhere where guys that are going to be. We're starting lineup against Darryl. All hold them to come out and got the ball there. You know sure now. Shouldn't we don't know merely tactical you know sign a veteran quarterback while they're under an arm that more or every wanna. Mention. Our. Yes and an Angel what it is like effect all they can make this little AP. Other than the game it might be at fault it's or. You know Joseph you know let's talk a little about. You know this this offense and you know me you know maybe you know even what this is gonna look like tonight because I know the overreaction. You know that people are gonna. Is they don't understand may be that the night game planning the buffaloes a pretty good defense and if they go out there in the struggle well you know this this offense is broke it's it's do we got to change everything in conversely. The but the tools are very good deeds are offensively it's our defense should look like you know they're going out there and you know dominating most of the game and everybody's gonna got other defense is really clear on this guy's gonna be our next you know Josh Norman. How much we take away from these pre season games in this one in particular. Yeah I'm glad you brought that wouldn't be so well bottom all that edit out there who could help there were going to be in trouble all that this week or story that yeah it. And at Banco saw that there had. You know can't sit there really regret at a at this point there is moral well well. And and and they meant well not all all in their about it yet there are very well it's. But we got. A little later on in the crease feed them but we don't need to make it all ought to feature Kriewaldt. About Norv Turner off. On the basis maybe Warren camp then let's bury the aunt and attitude that same thing what beer or the I think I think we didn't look or so I don't think we are well well well where we can look to see what well I think it. You know you want certain match out there and Spain. I'd like this we DJ Moore makes them play if they. Put it absolutely right. But get on. Tomorrow so. Bad crop were on the basis but they sure that apple. Joseph person observer covers the dancers is on location in buffalo tonight for the pregame and out of the pre season game Joseph enjoy it enjoy the wings enjoy everything about it and we'll check him a few more to a to toss art. Are.