Garcia and Bailey: Joe Ovies Wonders if State has a Legit Tournament Resume.

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Tuesday, January 30th
We bring in Joe Ovies from 99.9FM in Raleigh to talk ACC hoops with us.

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One of these days one of these days or just listen. To the wisdom. And again hello Vinatieri that happens is they'll lose my job now. Can I ask and don't we as older people are right mistakes a lot of it. And sometimes you just need to listen to some of the wisdom that we've preached it's harder to follow. It's easier to tell you it's harder to do then what you know we're we're sometimes deal given those suggestions but. I have no doubt its true to some degree you know today as well as I get older I need to take the advice. And I need to listen to guys like Jovi are still because Julius. It is I'm trying to get him on the payroll as our WS Lindsay culture corresponds this show is older. Arnold's ask him Jonas are you older are your how your joke. I told you guys think this is the least he wore. Quote I'm actually thirty year there is not a mark. Okay all right we'll soak it by the bush for those who don't know Joey is not a dime point nine FM the fan and W L'Oreal sports fan and I come out Rollins join us on the tiger come just like. Joseph before we get in the actual basketball so the reason I said that. Is because Joseph was watching the grammys on Sunday. And I'm until dobbs dobbs got Twitter open I'll always take a peek at what Joseph saying he's uninteresting there's and so he's tweeting about the grammys. And I don't recognize half the worst veteran as time life I don't know these people or I don't know what according Beers I think it's appear jeans and a I told Joseph Mike we your cultural correspondent you have to explain the world to me now Buddhist I don't even though what's happening anymore. That the pick is out there remember. Before I got on the sports talk radio what it now. 1617. Years ago. I say it to myself but that rocked back and neck so that's not gonna go into it would then this thing called act happened. It. People look up you go okay. I. Know thought. So yeah and that you were oh you're so they're. A hobby I don't know people or like there. They're I'm away from there we remember their states based on. What you do is clearly without them like I don't know I that it export glitter now. Don't keep up with music but it carpet but but but what they know all you know it buy it people go oh it's been good right now. And I want to respond what you've got don't know where to look where it got caught in England. Lugo got checked out new cool and they're making really cool here. We have to go and get out not ever. Fair enough fair enough all right well on I will continue to bug you would ask you questions about pop culture things that I don't know there. And yeah it department or eighty album or Little Rock. Go check out. The called the war on drugs are we now and the but I recruit the script that out. I liken them a check about a for the show. But NC state Sarah debts of T shirt that NC state fans a rock of these days. There's a new coach K Intel's 72 daughters yesterday man that was personal a lot of its clever but so I also love with a does duel with the program right now. Yeah the difference between seventy current Buick Warwick bit where there is pretty low and mark got re. Our art night and data and knock on it below or mart not able but the distance that were ultimately set up to scale. Lowe had not cocoa basketball or like that. And he was you know bird and it didn't really go out the war that had at the capitol Akbar god it was over the are or are they. But that was the good or back pocket and call Brad I thought god if they got at eight at such short gap. So that is you know like and I would all go to parliament. Up by the outlook root of what the current or not he was never really going to be the final and yeah well a lot of occur Saturday we knew what he was there a book what you're old and he's got these guys with a completely double program. Ought to get an at your it would all the other it and the way to the medical center boats like it did it go now what you called him. And the way it is out back off that the public would like within better than it a couple of weeks ago I got blown out. They they're really going on and other. Steps will be so far. And it it is because the world and then political and they'll recover it's the biggest collector. Here it was immediate posting questions for me is the direction moving forward is how he recruits you know does he go out for the one and guns like what to. You're seeing taken place at duke didn't. You do Greg now is dominating college basketball landscape with that you know kind of taken that from Kentucky even though they've had their run a little bit North Carolina and you see maybe don't have a little bit more of just some talent steal some other guys stick around your program guys. What type of style of recruits as you do look sort of build his program. Artwork or. After I forgot I don't think they keep they're gonna go out there and try it could be where conduct you can't hear you. There is by the bank that bank that's would describe it is looked at what Mike Brey has been able to order and Notre Dame is not going forward you over within a mathematics now why would Notre Dame will do. It's play eight on oh all with guys that coolly by it. Great they're not out of that you know development polluting street because our optical and our bat barrel. No wouldn't they all beat in targeted at BR allotment that you get there's the competitive. Are they can still the opiate problem what if they're bad back. You watch the going to be added he would welcome create turner took a look at it it's looking for the future of key to. I don't write about them up and down the road this season. And went on pit cycle in you guys are right if it's ethnic a lot of built it hurts. But it and a yet and it. So before I'm going to be a lot like Saturday about the program. A driver died but not critical Albert but if you're gonna find you there. And that the is there an up Oprah com. The bet now you know what better at what they are now I don't know the copper. They're not beaten Hewitt NBA Albert beating victim died by what point that it can't do. And you're. Yeah I think feel a ceiling would be Virginia and that's you. The that the example I would have used it notre Dame's a good one as well you start looking at. You know what are Virginia is doing right now obviously. You know they're there and then number two team in the country but we're SEC stands. You are they attorney retained. It ultimately because of the ups and downs that you talked about the inconsistencies. At times losing to some of the bad teams beating some of the good teams you know they have the potential they have the upside one plan well and can shoot well but. You know he can make Afro there are beautiful lot of teams in the ACC. Yeah well. We've been discussing whether or not it is the tournament. Don't want car in the audience that I don't think it's spared but he'd figure one final thought on August 1 beat them. As to whether or not in the front. I think the way that he had. Roy case. Our top five win with clumps and and a puppet that are a little. A little or an oval jab at a note brother that they experience and I hope early for that open about their relation with the state. That alone. Would be the marks the successful he's already got a 100 people then in gory bits right now into it right at but don't get well dot. In the NCAA tournament as to whether or not the final to Booker were acting as for the crowd and weather is an. Right now. And well in the Russian beat on the bop problem it's always. Area about the and it's really not backup is in medical information available they care about. And because of the way and they crooks you got your bureau keeps. But not out of their straw. The debt about copper and they'll perhaps the walk and error like that order Iowa ought not to air now that are gonna stick out. Well in 200 not carpet you know not copper they're into double light it it worked Odyssey team sport that how. You know were content that if you win enough games in the copper it's already have op is our guy what is. Well what in the duke North Carolina and Arizona is that on top which we have been speaking about the opposite of what the wetlands. Apple are. Believing they won't be in the that's good turnout the better but the copper well right now is that he did it yet and yet but that remain will open their growing pains. They started coming out that are not gonna get you would put them if they're at it. You know Jones and Justin because I I have to fill in the if you are taking I think branded marketing. You know there's a lot if you're taking names off the front of the jerseys and just have North Carolina. No we go. Our list of the state or not and switch these teams resonates in their schedules. I'm not would NC state you know be a top nineteen program. Am right near topped one program you know with a resume is scheduled at North Carolina has I think branding as everything in this you know you swap the schedule mcsame argument about North Carolina with their schedule. Well I'm not good argument on the brandy or write about that every thought about it in the in the back to back final but they won one last year. Eric yet. Nor now that I can't dispute that however. They're quibble would be with the way North Carolina has yet. They play games on the road dot technically North Carolina the opposite of that state. Where they have made they're well right now there are Eric may occur on up slowly get out there and our you know metric wanna do they've got good went. They've got win again at like if it airs on out that he and a light and I don't happen I think that north now auto pilot the thing out here are well Arabic the count that. But that the only one who what where a lot of though the Dutch say they haven't really worked in copper plate right now the best way to do it once then. And point number and I act if dole long way to helping them out. But so the other would help there opera is the pop right out again I'd yet you are not proper late it is better than people. It'd and that's the mean that the between evident they expect there and if you don't think they're between. Rapper all our yacht and if you're at Kent Bob what people can all pretty hard. You're not it's it's been waiting in Detroit you expected to have that debate we think it is dark matter. Up by the way speaking in North Carolina some breaking news just moments ago our freshman guard delete sultan has been suspended. Us from the team and they're not not will not Eldred are well not eligible to participate in any university activities he will not play tonight against Clemson so others look look there's a lot of fans what's a dog surely wouldn't they don't like they're. QQ what happened because it up Twitter. Is so it. Just because Brooke you know I am not dumb oh I'm open but. I don't checked out bad and what the joke before let's show what team in the ACC were not paying enough attention to. Global. I think whatever rapping with with the cardinal lose out. Off with a you know got like go and we acted as though I know how they'll come. You know a long time like Carter is a I don't act the way you might play well I think David Padgett at that they're not only been out. And I think that team is not getting enough and it right out so what he had to do it now. Well so what in the got to figure out how the Carolina where a bigger thing a whole lot in the paper and yet. While we don't that they were going to be there we go ahead of schedule being not a no cock going attic one law at what it's done. I don't pay more attention to the cordial but I think pat is generated doppler out. I Jovi is 99.9 percent out in Raleigh WR a real sports fan Dodd John you can find about their does great work we appreciate your body let him back soon right. Drop I once did jolt just joined us on the sector count just liable comeback wanna talk a bit more about some of that. And I'm gonna order lunch during the break about that drew cheers a correct Garcia both. I. Usually considered sex line. Breaks raw sexuality as a beacon of light east dark dark times. I'll just vision. I don't know why someone would say that about frank yeah especially on a grown man. Number six in most folks. Raw sexuality. Is a beacon of light. On animal magnetism I used to have the boys before you came on. A but it was just on looks right. Yup you got the looks on the roof is extra radio. I'm on TV every now and then we took our fox sports that that's true you are so dungy talked assured antithesis to really impressive statistic that that's coming upwards in minutes we dads Chad moment of the action network is the go ahead of media over the areas they. He's a lions guy he's a Vegas guy and we're gonna talk about all the bets on the border to talk about the weird prop bets and all sorts of stuff happening. With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday and I'm looking forward to this for a lot of reasons obviously were flying up there tonight will be live from radio row tomorrow Thursday and Friday. And outlook of four that is NBC's got the broadcasters are you you you clearly have some of those you want to months ago. I remember really don't have anything to talk about other than I was more note was setting about me once again it's okay do you read it yeah alliger read it once as my irons and an ego boost our president could have it does nothing to do with the fact that they're Diane is the Reverend Wright. They got. Textile writes Jesse was she says I. The reaction francs raw sexuality is a deacon a I'm a total. Australia that was that was due to the reaction inappropriate to have sex soon but there's an end. Is who met with them. My worries that. Oz just call it animal magnetism. This golf death death was caught animal magnetism and some people have. Yeah see somebody is really not that attractive but the reason is really attracted so. On animal magnetism and it's straight up there will did I would imagine people say to you all the time. I'm not as often as I'd like not typical. By the way every single friends out there are Kamal Abbas what other authors Jordan talk if you if you're out there are you listening. And you you have you happen to know attractive single young woman. You know between the ages of let's say well when he and fifty does that. And has yet to be attractive because laws might have that animal magnetism. I mean the good news on the set the bar high for Tennessee to sort of negotiation you start arrives he got thrown to negotiate a divot right. I like sick girls also. I I can't I agency assists a true it's not like guy like chips and dies there's another all it any of it everything about a woman is great but if I had to choose to be hits and I hit that isn't pretty. Strike and why had a teacher at Carolina. IE. A Hispanic politician politics teacher is in their rights gonna get we're EC had a moment as she wasn't that attractive but to get that'll actually feeling like they talk. Nine don't don't think that's that's yeah. Yes please can we wonder why we're only thirteen right I know exactly. No but seriously so you can do your build a girl like you. Just tell us what what is our dream girl look silly evidence we have a a store like these girls they didn't have a single Build-A-Bear. We should yeah yeah which used to it's it's insert anything you want into this war was who's it was star website and I'm pretty sure you harmony. Oh. Yeah. That's a New Zealanders are don't care who. It on a no definite. You. As a joke I didn't I was trying to fit as you get to insert anything you want all clients such as sorry as the fiftieth text that it we've got about I think I hit man's grapefruit size Naples people keep. But they they keep talking about his massive Naples on on this the text line what was the Minnesota. Yeah and there hasn't fought up there the man not a minimums are no numbers and given the super blown off first remitted. It's so hard so you mean that's an area minutes ducks aren't include you there but in Minneapolis. This medal winner there's nothing great about many that Minneapolis Amendola told. But is it windy. I can be spoken at the reason I ask is because we just cold isn't that bad until I. Outside right now there it is windy which makes it even more cold. It. Doesn't like cold and windy sucks just cold you can deal with as long does not wet right. Maybe if you add that that makes in their cold wet and windy Chicago like that's right that's what's your best corporate SOC analysts. It on the alike Washington does not it's not it's not everywhere and it'll turn to snow. On this going to be damn cold ten degrees is cold yeah Gibbons a degree cold weather of course is to be negative five overnight right is that women that always have you been a negative temperature. Yet you have yet it's not fun. Mean that's like skin blistering. Or you can only outside you can sit outside for very long. Hurts your pocket every coat alerts. When maybe it Manny is on its orbit citi's Jain temples and I don't know. Since that's what this meant examples to debate should there abnormally long. As true. Like you know zero to make a movie. But commendable that's what you make him a movie about it men's doubles right there abnormally low. So like joggers and that was corals have like multiple earrings pierced down there really rock roll hearings futures erode brings down his doubled a lot of these are like one of those pygmies with those big things that you know with his big hoop earrings. They could stick it right there there. People out there I think he looks like they similar were destroyed haven't seen him and with social media should've seen it by now but if you haven't seen him just based on the way we describe him. Are what are what people having their minds of the way he looks to visit our website hurt are our page to be a frenzy page. If he's at the site net with two Mattel girls act. This looks so scared. The duties like it's like polar bear and more girls like lane and out they'll go in and out the other way and he's like an. How does Amazon is in the Pritchard talking about. He looks very comfortable as awkwardly creepy he looks very comfortable he looks very happy with himself. At a time we go to we. There's gonna come back Chad Millman the action network joins us he's going to be all over every network in America over the next couple days talking a Super Bowl ads prop bets all this other stuff fried developed the stables with guys and a Mohawk that's very good description. Garcia and but it. Why don't I budget anyway. Is most prized by brown were. Okay that's something that's not quite what I thought it was I was losing to a U canal must I don't know if people if they're generally don't. Carol that much about our taste in music go on Google does it tell us. There's an out an album out there now and you'll you'll appreciate this dispute comes in the mountains like I did called imaginary apple watcher Michael to wall. The littlest of but I think you'll like that now are 7045709. 610. Chad Millman had a media for all the action network should Georgia's coming up momentarily. He is the former editor in chief of ESPN the magazine used to run the ESPN the magazine and this does that interest result wealth he's gonna be all over the network's next four days and he basically created the gambling because you know from the media covering gambling and so he's he's fantastic. He's he's gonna tell you all the benefits the props all the different stuff that goes on all the benefits that a city would have to do that. Unless the you talk about at all that you talked about at all and that this notion not socio economic impact yet and have gone. A city what to Israel you would talk to the McCrory. The couple days ago about that what's real what's not you know when you look at these numbers and in these host cities in what actually being generated and it was just interest in stuff that we've never seen here you know about really actually what's you know goes into a super ball. Well and right and so what ends up happening a lot of times there was those who the organizers they show you the big number with all the Thomas and it's it's really look at all this money that was generated within a ways out and say oh by the way we've been so much moderate spin and it happened and so the net gain wilders known it then because and then there's what might have generated. On that Wesley but long term there's going to be more benefits than than that there there will be because you're improving facilities your first improving. Notre. Irony you're bringing that's an idea that the economists who study it. It's did you do research is unanimous that there is no proof does and long term benefit so that's that's widens it being kind of a screw job for the taxpayers that's it so people benefit the doubt about some people do by and large the note the masses do not benefit from that so. I mean you know if you're living down in Rock Hill South Carolina are gonna benefit from the Super Bowl and I just programming note Chad would join a program at noon bull that's what's on the original but yeah no we we don't we have plenty of things that we can talk about there's so we'll talk to go to just a little bit one thing that I did when I had on the list of things to talk about. What do you have on the list I'll also that we that we were when this were so packed yesterday and I wanna bring this up like three or four days you actually discussed it one day we just haven't really had time to get into a foot with all the speculation. And I don't blew a really believe it. But that was all the speculation that this could be it for blew the Brady Belichick crafts you don't try numbers they're that they did Belichick might move on to a minor and that I don't want to know. Browns did a great Brady says he's gonna play always 45 I think he's danger to try to play always 45 doesn't mean at a gym he's gonna try. And so I'm sick of myself. It is impossible to predict who the next dynasty is going to be in any sport but what what. Franchise do you think his best equipped to set up right now for the future to possibly be the next great dynasty in the NFL. And the NFL are also a good start the other players and basketball is definitely the warts are obvious that the right clearly is absolutely all pieces are employed in the NFL. Gosselin who's the next up and coming group of of you know the team that's going to be in place got to look at the rams who knows initially thought that we have to include filling their replicas of Wentz. Now armor and slow my roll on Philly guy. I'm slow on our role on Philly. I give me a couple they on this 10021 because of the way that they played but. He talked a dynasty. I don't see. Natalie if Tebow well Dennis he's gonna be you know success compared to what's on the pitchers have done. A 50% of of the year Tom Brady's career has been played in the AFC championship game of the Super Bowl you're damned if the Super Bowl was what jumps forty need to whatever percent I mean. His play the aid sixteen years seven of those husbands spent spent in a Super Bowl this obviously is create the Sunnis are still in Super Bowl oh. So I think if I'm not mistaken he's played what ten AFC title and I mean it's the number that that's a dynasty. That's where you are manifest the and the blue state the gold standard but I think that might be the upper Echelon of dynasties so you saw how do we define what a dynasties that's the other question earlier you find dynasty by you winning championships. By Gideon there. On you know and put the bills are dynasty. Even though that it what does the Super Bowl that was a dynasty you know because of the guns consistent success used in the repeated years. In on where they were amazed you know obviously it's it's tough to do today's. You know FL because of parity and because of the draft come. The T used to be to have the best pieces. I'm religious I mean in the do was. I'm gonna start. You know said the rams and I think that they're close 'cause I think your golf could be a pretty good player and I think that the young pieces with Aaron Donald defensively what they have. I'll go probably a step deeper and I really believe or not you're gonna think I'm crazy. Can I think everything's cyclical in the NFL you know especially for these storied franchises. 49ers are a team that really. Played well down the stretch with Jimmy Grupo. It'll be interesting to see. How much of that carries over into year two right because when they traded for him have what do this season. That team. Was a disaster illiterate closely played hard they had good pieces they were built fundamentally from the ground up. They had a dolphins line they drafted do the defense have a young running backs that they got for the cheap. But he Leslie what happens obviously is young guys start playing well. You'd be scum of free agent in you have to you know either player or move on. But John legislators can do held a job. I think that's sort start slot why do you think that. Because I think he has the experience to see what success looks like I'm his client Romo playing good from a playing perspective whether he's able to handle the contracts. Those type of things I'm not sure right but. The eyes. That are choosing to see who the talent is he seen what success looks like he's seen what failure looks like he's seeing good he seemed bad he knows the difference. He knows what the defense is built around. And he's gonna put pieces in place to find those now northern hits and all of them or not or the F to pay these guys are now will be interest in but. I think they're one of the teams because of their cap numbers because we're their extra cut is structurally with their their contracts. They have an opportunity to really make some noise. And strike we'll aaron's hot because drop closeout one of those. In a multi million dollar quarterbacks it's gonna have to win games on his arms alone. I think what happens a lot of times in the NFL when your quarterback becomes the lion's share of that that of the salary cap. You better do it like differently better you don't do what the Steelers have done you graduate the pages don't think about this. The first Super Bowl 2000 war on the Tom Brady played him. That was a power ride. Full house backfield running football team that played pretty good defense put that now. But tell they've evolved and morphed right life because they had to pay the quarterback. The lion's share of the money he's taken less is we've heard contractually. DOT kind of ease the capped things for the for the patriots. But they have the hierarchy in place they have the coach they have the player and they have the owner. No negatives you determine what it's like abouts in the ownership for the San Francisco 49ers. I think ultimately that's where probably we should start. But I do feel like they have good ownership because they've hired good people in they've allowed their coach Shanahan is a good coach is a dolphins in mind. And he has a quarterback that he chose whether they can keep all those things in line because that's what's gonna be the difference say they drafted a good defense they have hungry young players. They're gonna do after guys I think defensively honestly. If you are structurally look at that a team in the way it should be built that should be the use of your team. The defensive side and I especially up front you should have young hungry guys that play harder and faster than everybody else. Right I think he should have a corner or two or maybe. A safety guy and the secondary that you pay. Love this gonna be kind of your belt towel. You'll guy thought this could be your belt Talbott everybody else to be young Hungary. And you're just sitting getting that next contract because to me those are the teams that play the harp since you're kind of describing the Atlanta Falcons of last year when you think about it they spend money on the offensive side. The defense decided brought a couple of cheaper veterans and guys like judge Dwight Freeney but by and large they were pretty young oh did you decide if memory serves right now. I don't think they're going to be done sooner or no I don't yeah I don't think tonight got into the Super Bowl yeah I I think what happens when you start using these old players for stopgap players. You better drafted that position does not gonna be very long they're very long they did right and they did but I don't think the the the the falcons. You know are are quite there because Matt Bryant's contract Julio Jones is a star player on the offense. You know their offensive line is you don't played pretty well I think they're really good serving them but certainly. But it's defensively they'll. Out of the guys up front may be cold Beasley. Is a guy you look to the future that might be a guy but I would probably put them you know more towards. 910. You know when stars looking at your teams that are up and coming. Matters to me would be one Jacksonville coach I would up Jacksonville this conversation. You know it's like mortal is it would have a tough decision with what the due to them. It always to look at that how you handle it his contract and what you do. But I think you can get him on the cheap because that the demand is not. It would be great because he's gonna be considered a system quarterback has to have the running back in a letter from that you draft a running game there offers a line is good. I mean really good. They knock guys off the ball go ask the Steelers are good there are eight and enabling us to say the the the page it's a good there. They'll hit you. Mean they the wave of asses cover off the ball in the inertia that's created the impetus that's going to be. Maximized. You know is tremendously gate in camps like a scrimmage in the NFL you'll see that happen very often. I would have said the Houston Texans. But I need to see more to Shawn Watson right right there another team to me that is. On the com. By when you start looking at your teams in the headed in the right direction they have the core defense. They're JJ watt he's got to stay healthy his body start to break now look more consistently and that's concerning. Because what he's good he's really good is obviously two time. Don't play defensive player of the year for a reason you got you know some really good pieces on the Internet speeds linebacker. But they have the fundamentals of players they need that young quarterback to step up literally carry that team and make the difference I think John Watson can be that guy is if he stays healthy and Ashley here comes attacks during I think I guess and I would put them this conversation top fives yeah if. And it's so tough to project this stuff front as you've talked about a Soto is all just guesses right and it always because when you think about it during the current dynasty in the NFL why does it work we'll certainly great ownership and an ultimate coach but you've also as you said got a whole thing quarterback who's not just great but he's got a sugar mama was worth ten times as much as he has and he's able to take less money to bring guys and I know that sounds like a joke or something that we disorder dismissed but that's important because these teams are under such stringent I kept. No or restrictions sometimes when it comes to bring in players making pieces fit when a when it comes down to it they can do things that a little bit more flexibility and you factor in the culture as well all that stuff matters but it's really difficult to know disorder thing at a time and it's all speculation as you said you talked about Jacksonville second choice squeeze resent the Blake moral situation is interest in because. As soon as their season ended. He would under the knife he had surgery on his right wrist. And according to Adam shifter there morals was dealing with this thing since on December of Torrey sixteen and they picked up the the fifth year option on his contract last year. But it's only and it's guaranteed through injury so. If it. It's morals is still injured by the first day of the new league year in nineteen million dollars will count against Jacksonville 2018 books no matter what. So what do they do about that and that this of and it's not just the injury it's whether or not they think he's the right guys I thought. That's it right there you know Kyle I mean these quarterbacks coming on their rookie contracts. You get to determine you know after this 56 years because of the new CBA in the way that you can extend the players' contracts and hold them hostage basically in the end. In decide what you wanna do assume franchise a mean you have. Every year it was you pick up those options right those options are important key you know these quarterbacks and I think the quarterbacks personally didn't screw with these options. You're the club options that no because free agency is where it's going to be yet but it helps the team. You know these these options help the teams like free agency this gives me the franchise tag helps the team more than does the player. I'd because he did to hold these guys hostage and not have to go out there and break the bank long term and you get to kind of ride him for the year with a really high Pauli player. So you know for for these teams are up and coming. I think that there's still has to be you know that it's almost success with their heading that direction for teams like the Carolina Panthers. You know some get some text you know here from about the Oakland Raiders were about Carolina Panthers. Paul -- -- -- -- let's address that we come back and what you wish to talk about the Panthers and their and the raiders and we come back before we do step aside quickly though the torque of the day at my perks sure plays for the best deals the perk of the week is on sale now today's purchase Rockies pizza and hunters will spend 125225. Dollars real New York style pizza Donald Wright fresh dough homemade sauce and tons of Rockies original topics like meatballs for sure going column on olives just in time for the big game checked got to get my perks. Dot com get tickets priced thoughts on the Panthers in the and the raiders as it pertains to the potential next dynasty in the NFL when we come back Chad moment of the action network consisting minutes it's Garcia and they looked. Jeff mills in the action network. Former editor in chief of ESPN the magazine will join us in about seven minutes he is sort of god father of the game would be the sports gambling beef and he is ahead of media now the action network we'll talk about. The other Vegas angle of the Super Bowl this weekend I saw an article this morning as Americans are going to wager upwards of four point 75 billion dollars contribute to that other -- with her on the Super Bowl on Sunday four point 75 billion dollar stood on its its pretty wild man and I'm looking forward to laugh. To see how this thing all shakes out it's ten minutes from now we got a couple minutes let's were talking about potential next dynasties in the NFL whatever this New England run comes to an end Somalia asked about both Carolina and open a while to give you the floor on the. You know classic is a good team you have a lot of talent offensively. You know David Carr or dare card skis and he's getting a guy that. Has to play better than he did this year he had a really good season two years ago but. The loosely catches up to you when they do we have to figure out other ways send out. I need some help maybe potentially offensively he's got some really good receivers the kids from Alabama's names escape me right now. Bomb is a guy can flat out aren't Cooper Mark Cooper thank you cause I can always count on you could pause at his trial I can never count on. Noting the brand over your guys are talking a Twitter and brand over here and pillow so you know as far as. The talent offensive line big physical. I think you need a better running back. I'm literally take office but they got a stop somebody on defense so you know if you diluted where they start you they have. The best defensive end ankle will match in in the league. But they need more help you know they're going to be one of those teams and you know the that that's a team to me that's you know it it probably be just outside my top five on the Carolina Panthers interest. Right because. You know where are we who are or are there where we don't and so this is an organization. Yeah in dollars and that was that some people out there specifically to doubts organization right now would scoff at that point. There's really nothing to scoff at me when you start looking at some of these organizations with young quarterbacks have not accomplished anything yet. This one has an MVP quarterback it's been in the Super Bowl mostly tennis they very much are they very much the longest conversation what I. Say the most important thing was in order to have a successful dynasty. Starts at the top stars the top right. Which is the owner the ownership right all right we're. Or it and that's the point I think that's why certain core we worry where we're going and what direction are we in right now. You know we have some pieces and I think we have some good pieces. I'm. You know with the some unknowns and because of that it's. It's hard to determine where you put the Frances. Defensively. You know you can't have did you Julius Peppers. As your best defensive end if you're gonna be considered dynasties are. Lou keep losing guys to be here for next 45 years health concerns secondary average at best in the secondary is old. If it's a safety position they need more use at that safety position. Offensive line influx. Right whiz you know what are you doing with nor well you have some pieces in place you know with turner. And Daryl Williams who are light for long term success. You know you're right side running game Greg Olson's an aging veteran. Right so it's hard to consider this team a dynasty. You know moving forward because they haven't been one. They've the they've made the playoffs this year that didn't make it last year what's gonna happen next year are in the history of the Carolina Panthers. You know you just you can't consider them one because they've never been to back to back. Playoffs are seizing that never went back to back winning seasons the Brenda back to back playoffs actually what three years or broke you know with the current regime and Ron Rivera but. Now you have a new coordinate how does that born to you know go over with the offense in the pieces you have in place how are these Chris McCaffrey how is. Norv Turner gonna. You use Cam Newton differently than what actually did is cam going to be able to evolves. Deal with the new offensive coordinator and you know mindset that he has because you know that's one thing we've had. You know with we Shula was consistency we knew that there was confidence within that you could trust you there was a little bit more continuity. You know those are things that are to request a so no I would not put the Carolina Panthers is a dynasty because they haven't been ones they haven't shown any signs to be one. And there's no ownership in place to nose to start the the ground work up. There's a lot of work to do there's no question about that but but the fundamental pieces employ some I would just say. Potential there are several 457096. To hit us up a time building surtax Lotto give us a call relief quickly. Make sure to catch the hornets coach or show every Thursday at 6 PM with Chris Kroger or brought electoral lights came on Lima an official partner of the stroller Sorenson 102560 and WS Lindsay when we come back Chad Millman had a media. With the action network former editor of ESPN the magazine we'll talk about the Super Bowl and everything surrounding it from a Vegas perspective there's an interest in stealth out there will do that next it's Garcia and they.