Garcia And Bailey: Joe Giles-Harris

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Wednesday, July 18th

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But gets frank Garcia ticket office headset is on the other side right now take himself as. With our guide Joseph Giles terrorist linebacker Duke Blue Devils. First team all ACC linebacker Lester is joining us on radio row how are you book I'm good thank you bad parts of you two figured out which which former Catholic kids are gonna harass or don't dress had with the support of him. So he got a teammate took that Vick practiced earlier arrest right now it. Yeah then again at nine. I called soft because solve this he was softly plays for us well and turn himself into a pretty good player though they don't play at and they happen to be a good friend a self reflection leadership prevailed. Pat cash app that I. Joseph it's out yesterday is what we we talk a lot about your team here recently because the first almost cut he's been one of our favorite people in college football for a long time. Classy dude Smart guy with a football stuff we know about the I don't know that you guys are getting as much recognition had to get this season as maybe you decoder you should not and how you feel about that a refuted here but. You you're helping to lead defense that was really good question. Yeah it's you know it's exciting you know it's it's all right you don't get much press you know it's it's better that way you come father and you gotta you know prove. Bruce on the somebody else you know and that's as we've been doing this much we possibly can he's trying to prove ourselves and you know show people we are here already going when you got a place you've got to play it is not a cakewalk or anything like that way and that's the best part and just as the defense you know we take pride in their kids. What we did was huge grave all the this year were new we got a lot of people back you know who wanna be better than we did last year that's the exciting towards you know who have not doing given somebody. Given people who doubted us a little show and tell them where the revealed. Coach I talked to these guys all the time about the defense of side of the football and not an offensive guy so I always think that the defense guys are a lot dumber than the offense guys but you don't obviously want to do it to us not to chase your side every year you're bucking the trend. Yeah it's it's only does that if they think it is definitely different oval so people no offense I think we're far little bit more sometimes you know defense on the life. No it's go play ball moving to go to my lawfully at all check all day level that is so. Com but there's definitely a lot think that goes into it especially in the secondary end in the whole front for the library you know and all the other does help melt the they get the prize that goes in the end you know it's a split second decisions. No yes yes his question to officer goes all the time you know quarterbacks a year talked about putt you talk about you're his relationships with then we sit with Peyton may passing camp on that but. You're really asked by the defense of perspective with close cut what your thoughts with coach governor as a coach you cannot say anything negative about him but don't why she's such as her coach Paul. He's consistent and he's he's he's a realist so he's. He's out they've given us his best effort every day and it's it's funny you know coach tiller he said is often the guys spent most developed over the truth so you know we took the defense to create new Lutui at innovative. He might they thought you know all threads are related and these guys lead out there and he's trying to show you know you have to do this is this your album now would you go to you to go about the defense and but he's very intelligent he's studied defense a lot. And he's been a big help for us you know and development that culture we have the defense to be in a very aggressive type and you know using his knowledge of golf than the ball knows what quarterback don't like you work often don't like him you know Altman's a similar nowadays you know as a running shoe and he knows Heather you know combat that so it's been a huge help for us. It's not a talker Joseph Giles terrorists first team all ACC first in relaxed your Duke Blue Devils linebacker end up. You don't just perpetuating the stereotype the Jersey kids coming out of their perhaps. There's still look great when they recruited you what they tell you what what why did they convinced we got out right got a great basketball pros don't know how to kind of Democrats are sold out today on those. There's courage to my brother was committed to do forward. And a replay of the growth that yourself. He committees freshening your eyes close saw more than when I finally at the offer was not a life coach come down at sea and he told me would you like about it when not like came down here you know being from. New Yorker with a high school Jersey and you know see different people and may give people fail do you you walking up the street below those ability you like it has. And that's a thank kinda like that it's like you play a lot of people so for a new. Out of casual outfit and after a while we have to go I don't know you waves whatever and these are see how different it is and what it's like you do on campus and certainly the people and meet some Cuban team that was really sell point and then. Coach because you know speaks for itself you know he told me right away and he loses everything is so minute days being consistent and now that a lie and he's he's how he felt worked what he told me so let's it was easy and they are commitment. You know judge the talk to talk to me locker room guy talking and talking Zandi darkness of the other guys on the team and everybody says they're talking about during the Dick's. The really good football it's basketball or does that it'll do the guys the guys get tired of hearing. Nor does not. You know we're not closer or not this team or not that team has locally duke did it gets really ill and if you know I can be fortunate do you think is another. No another doubted that you gonna prove wrong and I think we've gotten good you know lets you can help we'll fix in a row after row like altogether makes sense now and you know you come back and win three in the back and he's still got to prove some somebody and I think that's that's what you're going to do you have played you have two point shall. You know people are gonna Dutch you know all your basketball school use a football team you know it's funny I didn't do beautiful bolted to muscle when guys it's they as it does today and you know it's it's been fun to plan that they thought because. It and if you want to give you underdog and visual work a little bit harder and you know when people do have to play you. It's kind of a shell shock in reality his. You know we're bringing it to you do as much you know bring those and that's we absolutely look at what did know what's what's with what I appreciate about this program too is that he. Yeah as an offensive guy which are always fundamentalists out there you don't beat yourself civilian special teams are no mistakes they're typically defensively your your. You know you you know how to tackle you're you're typically where you're supposed to be and I think as much as anything that's good that's become sort of the hallmark of duke football. As good an disciplining condition and as a coach because two things you know we're going to be initiate if we're going to be any big and we're going to be disciplined you know we're not going to be there's those you're going to be this year to come to listen you have taken from us. That that's it we're not gonna lay down and by the way are you stupid stuff to cost us begins and it's I mean that's some he's put the onus on an. He's excited about and I think it's we've grown and we love that about you give me a defenders in your daily dose. He's athletic knee hit you sneaky athlete with a candidate. In practices Scientology you take a look at got to me turn a corner in your old. You'd expect that or to put a ball just over your fingertips like. OK you know he's doing they just go like you know but he's been consistently and he's he's a good leader is somebody everybody you know when he says some. He raises his voice a little bit would have turn and look at you know. Went with some going on yet say something you know it's a real issue so he's got to respect of everybody on the field and oh we don't know that'll go moves within. Good job and others if you wanna win every game you play you wanna when every snap you play you wanna go out there compete it's that your greatest ability to exert game. This is circle on the schedule that says. That means a little bit more I wore out really the yeah and it's going to be when it comes but guys look at the schedule says I can't wait for that. This is the Carolina game. Throughout the game and you know I'm saying is that they're five minutes down the road you see about museum you know restaurants and stuff and that's as close to enjoy I wanna win all bragging rights. And it's it's one of those games you circle because of everything that goes into it to communities that are behind you and stuff like that. And it's a rivalry game at the end of the day you know anything could happen around the game of the two years ago we're not we'll be in the game with them the right top fifteen we have three wins. And we beat them Tony it's on seven as one of those things so that's the that's my most exciting game you know I never really was in the rivalry thing it talks on the plate and it. And then you realize hello this is the league did in this is falling after you win it's like. Yeah we did that we want we're gonna ring the bell and do this or today and it's that sense of pride and. Bragging rights for next year so when you're sitting at their table it's at the restaurant that you guys are both free quitting and you see North Carolina guys over there and you come in there with your boys and the others do a lot of guys over there do you do you get the biology and in his left dinners served guys and. And that that he put it is it is a good look when million Casey coming in there's nothing you can really say you know you might have beat. They might have been somebody we love to go we beat you and that's that's all that matters. Very Dojo Giles Aris duke linebacker Joey does your radio robust election season thank you appreciate.