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Thursday, May 24th

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Jim's okay Carol to pick his radio network Jim can you hear us. Epic epic what that's a Smith radio pro he goes out this thing goes. So Jim OTA's global you know DA's can be you just try to Monday for some people know some fans do like them because they're Joseph for football and did you first look at the rookies but. You know what what do you think was the most important thing that you took away most years. You know and that was out there they have what open media day every week a bit in this case it was two days past week out there about. Yet it. It's what it is is basically orientation for new player that might not mandatory or veteran players so it's it's really more where that the younger player to duke players. I of course the better you get something out of that but this is not meant to be. Then getting in shape for the season and our next up this is your mental practice. The physical practice they're cute so it really good but a step in the pot it's you know way of getting guys acclimated but you know what what Norv Turner is off that's for example. And learning got to the veterans are certainly gaining a lot of invited into that right now I think that really need when given you up at the coordinator Bob Urich. So you mean to tell me we're not gonna know who's going to be the starting left guard after this has done a or if you're you're actually among the three candidates for it or not. You know what what are what are the story lines going into this though Jim I mean that's that Norv Turner via the OC and has been one of them but nobody is even talking about the DC. You know and may be you know his impact on the defense and I think a lot of people it's because of you stuff Ron Rivera's defense of my head coach that. You know might be have a little bit more input but what's the story lines heading into. It's a bit into the you know that that the that the the treatment tips. You hear crickets before about Eric Washington here we thought Steve Lopes is the just seamless transition. If you hear from John McDermott I think brought their kids to be up carbon copy of that and hopefully it goes that's. That's the ideal of who hit or sought don't touch. What their defense looks like there but to me I mean there's so many new receivers coming in Hillary's future apple and I the first round. You bring in Torrey Smith you're getting back guys like if your verdict courtesy endo who was weather story the DOJ this week is to continue to rehab from that ankle injury so. Yeah the passing game you know we know it's going to be you know want to run the football that they're reliant. Being a ballot team but I'm really interested to see how the passing game we'll look for those. Billick. Together. James O'Keefe Carolina Panthers radio network joining us on the technique John does slot as your hero stock car zooming by the background as. Folks are things are heating up here at Charlotte motor speedway. Jim as far as Cam Newton goes you know this is. Frank and I were talking the other day to me that is the the single most you know important aspect of OTAs this year is a Cam Newton is there. He's healthy and he has this opportunity to look to work with the guys who've been there to grow some chemistry with the guys who were new. And that means as much I think there's anything for this team certainly coming off an 1105 season where. He got a late start in an they had so many injuries later in the season cam is is what makes this team go and he's there and again more than. As the great point and let you know if you guys are bigger things can change. Your silver head coach here at the course of her answers that clarified that the topic Derek go anywhere so. If you play will be here that they use that they get to the season may be Derek is backed up epic. They'll bring in men but you look behind what's behind here right now and they're not a lot. You know not really anybody at great step Vietnam India starter for a couple seem to think so but it's very important I can only beer but you stay helping your. And be ready to play our respect to be dispute the how they use up. That would nor will they do like laterally began slowly. In terms of running in the and they realize what's really and helping themselves not having MB ram so it's important you don't get out there run the ball what do think that it's good that. You know Jim odd times you know the Panthers are going to handcuff though the media a little bit they're gonna let them see what they wanna see they're gonna show maybe the first half of you know practice or you know maybe a couple of drills and then not everybody can ask a step back and you move off the field how much have you seen you know with what you can tell the difference between what Shula was doing and what nor is doing. But I think it would you know again where I put the whole Lotta generally hear right so at this point is it more what they're talking about what they stay at. Coming up the field there but you know we we know what they bring in Norv Turner yet developed quarterback before that's one thing you're gonna be as you can have to have. A guy that but it is late for decades been there to bring a lot of experience or cultural had. Experience in orbit and around the head coach in a lot of different stops all the support mayor of that tutelage is going to be there. And it endemic figured it'd be that you know wants that they have the ability to run the football not just past the book all you gotta. Take that into a doubt that this is good team that's gonna rely academic TJ Anderson. As about a guy's doing what Jonathan Stewart was doing when he was here and that's traditional running between the tackles just being able to turn the ball. And he physicals are big and all but the standpoint those without paying lip to look boarded imaginary being not completely settled yet on the off but the blind to be determined that two. You know to be spent a lot of practices I have received the demeanor of the team in the kind of the personality of the players but nobody stands out more than. You're there what cam does have some coaches you don't like a little levity other coaches like seriousness and focus. Know how has the demeanor been this you're different the same you know with north come in here in the way that the guys are responding to him out there on the field. But the Turkey cavity that changed a bit ease his personality at practice I don't doubt that all news. Played with the sound system and the music the way he has Jerry runs in his personality route but the deal that needs the president over the field and on the practice field. In terms reduced that is effervescent in his personality they're so that. As that chain Durbin don't doubt but I think they let him. Garzelli white beat Tammy dental records to be eight years now so you go leader on this team. And during that respect from his teammate so you know that need to be gotta bring energy even just something like an OTA practice session but you go to a ball game. HM I was I saw Evan Silva tweeting this morning in a search for the three right now but I mean to just that it was this Panthers team last year was eight and one. In games to start decide about one score and that that's a pretty remarkable thing and I'm curious. When you hear that they were 81 in games decided by one score what does that tell you. About both the team last year but I think most importantly this team this year and and what that means for how they can build on it or what the margin of error looks like what do what do you make of that number eight more than once or Dave's. Yeah and yet know the year before he almost reversed that number asserts it's a game and it only has survived by who can win close games so. If it's a fine line it but the good teams find a way to win in the end so it says to meet. And we noticed the really veteran ballclub you've got a lot of guys have been around for awhile. A lot of times we get those close in situations. You know you're relying and again think offense first albeit on beat back. Making that stop when it matters late in the game where all but that he loaded up I pick it up a couple of first down to close out the clock so. To meet there to get back to being a young veteran team. That can rely can be balanced off at the defense to close that game or the year before. They struggle to those situations so that they've paid a huge component is better ability to win those games are 37 point. Its our Jim most talked David tepper for a second duel or voted in by the owners in Atlanta a couple of days ago in your member of the Carol compared to broadcast crew and are you around those those folks all the time but what is sort of a tighter over there what's that what's the feeling about the new boss and and what do people expect to. Leo first of all overarching was the resolution took weeks to months of doubt and uncertainty about who is going to be. Now we know who it's going to be and from everything we've seen it yet we got an art opera. I would David tapper but on NB with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization for nine years. You know what the story of a stock may that he in the early this but added that he earned it. On a zone to get to this point. But he's been a belief we know what it's like to be a minority of our great goalie go to make the critical to this. So what story got too long ago within the hour that apparently David tepper blew into Charlotte and that was from the camp thirteen app that about. Things like he had the policy to an end to meet some of these guys they got better before and so on the team leader so I think that's a great band and he immediately topic yet. And copied about some of what was going on at the meeting in Atlanta so. It seemed like yeah we thought it was awful lot of the is no doubt they'll be more upbeat. We just turn that over the clinical all people but I think there's a little bit more like you to see in the public speaking able to more than it schema. The owner of the pastor military Richardson so I think it's a positive right now I think his new energy into these source excitement with the port. That's interstate vivid there were discussions possibly had their about the yet the new at the policy because of course we took we took a lot of phone calls on it yesterday issued expected Jim and you know it to me it almost seems as if the NFL brought back an issue to the forefront that wasn't necessarily going to be there as you talk to the guys released the ones who. You know protestor quite a bit last year you didn't get the sense. But it was going to be taking place as much this year but in the NFL goes without talking to the NFL PA. A creates this new weapon policy which you know according to the NFL PA in most of the players there are not big fans of an out David tepper. Is the owner of this team and we know what Jerry Richardson's general stance on this was. But David tepper is is not Jerry Richardson is an outspoken guy. And I'm curious what you think he is going to do in terms of his role in. The league any sort of matters moving four but specifically his team and an Al hill handled us. Yet because what I believe that the league rules has been a deep at each of the 32 teams decide how it was. Discipline is something comes up player during a protest over we know the general rule is that you don't wanna stay at the app and stay in the locker room but we don't know what other board to protest. They take place that tumbled kneeling or sitting and ought to do that habitual basis. A couple things briefly on the goalie policy they don't have to include the oh yea this. I think it would denied that they had out there note during the you know why you're there were conversations. In terms of this policy that did not include the players but did an apt to. I had secondly apparently you're Roger Goodell and it was unanimous vote. While the owners are saying there was no vote it was just basically they took temperature of the room over the past couple months been decided just at this. Without taking a formal vote of any banned by the owners so. I think this was a little heavy handed the late in doubt and we are bright and WB is mourning with Botox and talking about the strength in the two theater it almost created that the Al point. Morbid situation what it got more later years now that he'd like happy or so I don't think it resolved anything I do think they they brought it back into the news cycle and that. And that made it may feel a bit more clear when you have 32 teams revenues by that this when. How much how much thought push back the players going to you know have with this because. According to the PSA the NFL PA. They haven't had to say at any business has kind of been thrown out there without being marketed or agreed to. To have it again by rule doesn't have to be but I think when you're talking about. Things that are more this is more social than it is about the game itself it would have been Knight took the lead even those and captain would have included. I'm more the players they indicated a party that clearly. That it watches what would it include the owners and having no formal vote. On it so there's been Buddhist or coming from the commissioner that it is coming from anybody else at this point so. Did you see any other court at least to his it is really about patriotism is this about social inequities. Or just more about protecting a branding in the marketing aspect in the TV ratings so that that Paula is in the past but you guys have been debating a little last year and capital continuing to see a map. Well I I think everyone felt if the answer isn't money asked the question again yup I've it to regardless mailed it to him art let's go on this when did you know another rules change that you have the VA at the rule. And a policy there has got to take in the forefront but clearly these new rules changes so you know the ability to what to do use replay for rejections and specifically. The targeting rules that will be applied apparently too offensive linemen you know coming up the stairs as well as the defensive linemen and I think that. You know they're starting to wade into territory where. It before I want the people is about what they're gonna fundamentally change the game of football so it's not gonna look the same there also and I just kind of rolled lies in such bad second at that point but. You're used to tell an offensive and defensive lineman didn't flag him. It over the coming out of the stats and and you know officials are asked to interpret whether or not that's that that's targeting I you're you're waiting I think it a dangerous territory there. I grieving just watching the college rule it just seemed like you know it. You can't judge intent that they a lot of times by by the rule you have to reject the player. Even though the players content wasn't a violent intent it was just the outcome of the play with two moving targets. It is but it worked out the way they anticipated but that's by a surge like. You're judging in or you're dead contenders that Padilla which would exclude fuel petrol where by the letter of the law by the words or a newspaper those who attacked and that's below targeting could be too they have built up the reports checked up Dutch emotional. In the content of a player to endure another player pursued by rule. He did Britney dejected and now you lose a player for weeks I agree I think it's doubled over legislating a number they think they met for the meeting to a. James O'Keefe Carolina Panthers radio network WB 2111099. Point 3-D flagship station of the Carolina Panthers joining us. On the tech to come just like Jim we appreciate your mental talked Doucet. I get a period.