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Thursday, May 24th

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We're talking right now to Jim Barnett long time color analyst on the Golden State Warriors television broadcast crew he played a spell in the NBA as well he joins us on the technique come just slide. Jim how are you sir we appreciate the top. I'm not doing well today inspector being on your show. Absolutely well loved before we get into a warriors rockets have look your take on the other the other series taken place last night and LeBron James. Another impressive night and he looked to me yet to a lot of people obviously very fatigued out there is supporting cast didn't show up for and other purpose of the starting five did neither give your thoughts on that series thus far. Well look back home court prevailed in that series it's. I'm like series that the warriors are Hamlet that Houston. You know botnet a tale but there are really disciplined team they're extremely well coached. And was Cleveland you've got LeBron James and you don't know what you got to get. Hodgepodge of other players have they have sometimes they show up sometime. They they play Korea and he can't do it himself when it's amazing what he does do and that is made by way. Clay Thompson expected to play eight dollars and defeat how's that affect the Golden State Warriors are tonight. Well. Iguodala to have since really hurt them for a number reasons number one. They've got up you know an abundance of Sanders but they don't have the wing players. Not director McConnell was injured some time ago and he's a defender he can be useful in this series. Because see curtain and the team get to those small. It's a three point shooting Jaber Mike and Tony. And it really puts a lot of burden on everybody else to play extreme and it's so. They've got to figure out how what should round today. They really should be up 31 but they gave the game away and actually gave the game away in quarter one. And they get second home game that the warriors had the other night. They made had a tremendous start to regain the route twelve is that. And they got very sloppy with the basketball. Ended up in nine point advantage of the quarter which emboldened. You're the Houston Rockets team and they knew they could come back in court they had their tremendous second quarter they used to lead at halftime the lawyers come back with Stefan curry. You know and and and what it was it's seventeen or eighteen point third quarter. Got to back in the lead by ten but then they're hopping it got stopped. I've never seen such suffocating defense. And the lawyers have to make some adjustments to get into their offense tonight because you can never play this kind of deep and before it was really really good. And the lawyers who have their own worst enemy there's not having good movement. You know if the other night. They had fourteen assists. And sixteen turnovers can't live without it ever happened as a team that averaged thirty assists tonight course it gets tougher in the playoffs the defense. But. We'll see what transpired tonight but it got checked there I noticed they got a change up up and because Hughes is gonna come out with their best here at all. Well there's no doubt about that and you know like I was surprised to see it as well. You from Houston but that that's what makes a good team a good team and they're very good team. You know but there also took advantage of seem like stepped curry on the defensive side. And look like they're isolation and anything they did was try to get either Chris Paul are you don't want I want vs staff or. You know James Harden on those pick and rolls as steps usually plays the top of the point. Com how much do you expect curt may be you know change some of the defense of principles and philosophies in order to help stuff. He can't do it they're fighting. They're targeting him there's no question about it. He'd he'd he'd try to do a couple of things. In games two and three and even for a bite job switching not switching. They they got caught it pretty interestingly. In game three at home they got to a bad start and they were targeting step up top. Every time they dig I would roll to the basket and they get that to our money given to cappella I think Capellan got a big score. Had to lay up in the first two minutes of the game. And so the warriors were down eight or real quickly and all the fat it has been run by the same thing pick and roll out cop. Like to the free throw line hit that man will bat. By the Trevor reason of reason at that time. And then they'd lobby of the propeller faced a lay up themselves. But if there's nothing you can do. Too high Stefan curry and I don't mean to be derogatory about seven. It is it is defense is very is better. But those guys one on one or just to. Their their true good and hard to keep them up front and so. They're gonna keep targeting net because that that's the one week's stock. So the order of it out that they got a good help defense but they indicate each command and they got a three point shot open. So it up things that they there has been a problem holes very. They had to get better when games are credible provide and take thirty shots in the game and in most on the shot clock a little bit. But they're Houston's good that they're they're they're they're for real and they're good at both ends of the floor I think. What it's gonna come down to. It is the warriors op of these. Adjustments tonight. That there hopefully frees them up and and there are appointed their shooting. You know what what Stefan curry went in that third quarter ended up with what twenty. 26 points. I'm trying to think that the game in game three. Yet here 26 points in the second half in game three when he really gets a call. Yet he when he gets it rolling like that it's not within the optic Peters. It's extemporaneous. Ever everything he does this just on what's going on how you feel what they can do and get it had to get them out of the opera. And so when he was not shooting well. In game four in in the fourth quarter when striking one of late in the fourth quarter. When he's doing that going to have the ball stopped to move the ball up. So that they got to make some adjustments and they're going to do that I I was very that's what they did. Today about how they can get into their offense how they can move without the ball how they can replace how they could go back screen a dribble handoff. A a drive to get to the other side to a kick out and all of those things get movement and be more course that's what they have to do. Talk to Jim Barnett Golden State Warriors broadcast for television color analyst joined us on the tech become just like he played ten years or I got over decade the NBA. It never served ginger from Greenville, South Carolina right. Well actually I was on my dad was in the air force okay. My my parents who ran a lot of the kids but I doubt about. A to go what I like that. Jim before let's go I just say I am curious about something you were talking about a minute ago and that's that the defense that you made a great point because. You know it's easy to bag go and you know individual on ball defense in there the skill set to some of these guys do or don't have but the truth is. So many of these elite guards are are almost impossible to stay in front of and one on one situation and you know is it pertains to defensive adjustments a lot's been made. Of the defensive adjustments that the what do the rockets made it Mike did Tony made in that game and I'm sure to some extent that's true but I am curious do you do you think it was more about those adjustments or more about the fact that. You know clay Thompson just had a bad night Katie was taken some questionable shots or work order. Well they've made the defense was so so good that they import the warriors to get into their opted. Starting way out half court and by the end of the game. The players who want the ball relegated to running after him on green taking it out of its stance rather than receiving a pass. And that includes. Stepped period most of diamond and Kevin Durant. It's. Yeah it it's a different thing here but hey what makes it even better though primarily with Houston. Is they went out and got PJ Tucker they got Chris Paul. And it picked up Luc Mbah a Moute who still nursing an injury injury but that really help the scope look at three really good defender and so it's personnel. The other with the warriors can attack James Harden if they're gonna pick and roll they wanna do that opt in they they don't use that as much. They're more motion offense. But Harden can't keep anybody in front of himself either. It's not these guys are very very count tonight I wonder. Of course as we get older I'm a lot older. And so that the older I get the better Iowa. Back plate could take up. Try to remembered sake I thought I could keep you don't Nate Archibald and sodomy who's ready ready quick. A Calvin Murphy of one of those guys you know I I was always depending Jerry went about Robert and and I've felt for remote quite like to keep them them and probably another great app is greater aptly. But then defensively should be a greater athlete to its seems to be a problem. That you know bad because it happens. So I expect. I expected change tonight I think the lawyer going to be able to move the ball a lot better and yeah hopefully they're that they're going to be hitting their shots. Mean Stefan curry when he gets it going. He's he's no wonder not if but and have a state. You know I know it's Charlotte. So I know you love down there and Charlotte and let me tell you. As as good as you'd think he is on and off the court he is ready batteries are remarkable young man he's thirty now or drew -- party. Think that's not OK let's that this team he's he's revolutionized the game he's he's. Trant and he's it is injured IE justice transcending their game of basketball and transforming he transform even himself. An update conducts himself but I can't say enough about him these are over the caught. Muller match that was a pretty exclusive guest list for that birthday party and but it was a lot of fun to deride he is beloved here there's no doubt about that nobody generates an offense of tidal wave negate debate quite like that it does put up. Jim Barnett Golden State Warriors television broadcast group. Played the NBA for over a decade joined us on the tech the job just like Jim had a great broadcast enjoy the game will catch up so. Thank you for having me on your show.