Garcia And Bailey: Jeff McInnis Joins The Show In Studio

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Monday, March 12th

In this hour former UNC Tarheel and Bobcat Jeff McInnis joined Garcia And Bailey about the upcoming tournament, and also discusses the NCAA scandal. The guys also start to dive into the Panthers trading for WR Torrey Smith.


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Garcia. Our number two child really frank Garcia is back in a house Osbourne and now we are joined. By Charlotte made it's a former standout at North Carolina spent a long time of the NBA just mcginnis. The consummate tar heel is in studio for the next half hour what's up. Howard Miller you're married on here we're zero. Just try to balance try to get him to start up victorious way and we got Gerald Henderson. Here we get a fair and Dallas knowing. Which well yeah we do and I gotta be honest with you over the weekend. Mom mine dog had not not that I've changed it necessarily good this whole Roy vs Kate debate Roy Roy start to woo me pretty hard right now I'm Doug decision. But it arm. It's not as understood the Roy vs K debate which we will save for a different day because are known your take on this book you know I don't. Maybe you don't know that's fair you know maybe I don't you're right maybe I don't bit. Greg who's a who's in the greater coach payroll around the greater whole body work. Are you throw that in there aside you criticize him close armed coast case his arm he's got more guys. Where the Roy is close to Diller's code to get drunk with your your peers she closed the gab it's. I think so terribly the last couple years and it is just ACC championships and that everything but you know we we can we can hold off on. Let me let me ask you about that because you don't get two different programs right to blue blood programs that have had all the success that turn of the bill tells four. You know the ACC played for one of North Carolina the other one I think is do no Virginia is start to make a name for themselves as well but you know the not the same. In Echelon as those other two teams from. One guns knows what duke is kind of going to either get the top players in the country. Here's three of the five or you know whatever they are you know coming next year watch that for Christa smudged or may be as close as you do and the Carolinas door a little differently there always veteran guys you know guys are built into the program. You vigil bearing now you're a junior senior he's got steel pins and you know and obviously you a little way he got some veteran presence out there. They got mean it. What is better for college basketball right now and what would you build your program if your coach and I mean. We weren't done type of approach or would you like to build these program guys does seem like north Carolina's one of these tight games the other one to Missouri. Well I think I think during the program for me is of course Oprah program. I think the one angered gun guys are great. I think close case like you share in common before he got how to lose until. So east argument. But made just the way you want to bury your program is good for some guys out there we have better chemistry and a lot of teams because this thing years of the agreement to a three years where it. You can't knock the one and done guys to cause you seen those teams going to two so it is your preference of the coast where were you wanna do it and are you wanna you know everything. We were talking earlier during the break actually about a North Carolina they've they've got to two seeded ARD in the west are going to be here in Charlotte all know on Friday. They don't lipscomb and and their people article on the lips and that's how does that against lipscomb lipscomb lipscomb lube no lip lip lips Daughtry lyrics were that. A national oh really you've heard of him and my because he's gonna go there and actually bigger than the high school down the road. That's I don't know after lavatory to care why I'm trying to learn a little bit more about the drama to be there but just like ethnic and political settlement. I'm afraid. There just like there were talking about Carroll editor of the break and dug their people calling her on the back its act as more effort was segment of Carolina wasn't deserving to be on the two line. And the two on the five seat right suited to. A number number five overall exactly do comes in is to succeed overall this tournament other boast two seeds and you know Carolina to this team played the toughest schedule in the country. You know and and David Starr was five and five and ACC play and went on tape or after that unbelievable didn't didn't write top ten top fifteen the entire season. I I don't see either come now from duke fans again they're your friends are always the debate are Carolina this is the nature of the rivalry but. If anyone else suggest and his team doesn't deserve to receive I think it's crazy. They're automated image had to receive eternal for Carolina should not be so the notion on the import of contention right there were arguing over here and. I don't know I mean they they have played the toughest schedule you know I don't think what are the column the united tier ones but the larger one thought wins. They have more than anybody in the country and I guess that counts for something and that's the way that you look at the committee and the way they decided. Yeah of the gonna forget about what to ten the ten losses search. I mean how many losses they had losses they have 780 it's an overall gets an overall ten losses overall and but it five overall C dumb you know shows you that that that counted this year the last what that was the most important thing when the committee was looking at these numbers. An Asian she's tough she felt conference and we deduction measures yet. So that does sound matters it doesn't matter so like he's there Royce closed the gap he's closed degree here. Being do we beat everybody pretty much in the congress so. Mean it was a good day. It is its interest into because guys like us was a doctor in the studio and in Bonn microphones talk about strength of schedule you play at a young players don't see it that way north of time necessarily mean that they can see the numbers but I. You know when you're out there playing teams on a night today you know two or three times a week of know what we perceive as maybe the toughest schedule in the country a duke players may not see it go. If glamorizes plating and righteousness and warned gamers next program. No we know the schedule we can first get a break you don't go down schedule might say it would reapply is depleted due game we're excited for the two game come remember it. Just don't look at the schedule and say we gotta throw schedule says new basketball player you competitors so. No matter who you play. Yeah you need it and you yeah you're gonna get you're gonna get to that point you know eventually you know put us on the outside looking in we look at who's got the easiest schedule gosh we've got robbed this time I got. You know this team he goes up against him in Virginia for example have employer zona. In Arizona to bend it potentially juicy. You know they they make it as a force either gonna sneak that in a may be the sweet sixteen. You know if you know see if they both you know hold serve. You know North Carolina they got Michigan potentially who's playing very well. Our god coach lute talking about this morning so he thought that they might win that matchup but Xavier. You know not really the toughest bracket in the world. And you know you did did you can't dismiss his state and you know duke in that you know conference as well. You know plan Iona initially but. Oh they they have little tougher road and maybe this. You know because the succeeding signifies seem. Villanova you know you look at. No Purdue I don't know much about Purdue Florida has some pedigree West Virginia the Virginia Tech you know mayors meeting today nine match up but. I think costs. I prefer Purdue he. He is he's obsessive Gaza concentration and picked up on that by now like and I'm fundamental economic boys knock it I've had several conversations about the strike a note that there were guys gossip that today the name Isaac costs come out of his mouth about a dozen times in las. When selling out your bracket you don't just contributed. Every tournament you really gusher of where you know he did you play or is period and the big boys stiff from. And that's different a couple of undeclared I thought they said the same thing about Cody Zeller but yeah. Kaminsky but I don't know cited loses big hair and butt numb you when you look at these practices just who has lose a guy who's the teams that you kind of have you know look and early on as you may be your favorites to get out those lose those divisions south east west midwest. I'll try to favors from you everything you. Arizona all of favorite I mean virulent Vanderbilt. I'm Andrew Dillon over. I think Creighton is a sleeper team doesn't seem so does a mirror to our son Alexander player who restart there are pulls a Craig I think craze that surprised me. They're just you play it's ICU coach at tackle low as you play at that level to. You talked about your team Carolina guys you know you to look at crate in you know what these guys are capable of probably as much as their coach is to do hum. Is that the team why why are they eat a team that you're looking at to maybe be a pleasure I convince the American I think you know James did it take us through your. Broader attack on defense is pegged them and pray and lives are Hsu issued a well that's what they were reduced it to three. Movies transition issued 2.0 so. I think the contrast has who will make as good Korean Macon sessions or beer drinking if they went first and firth I'm just looking ahead. I wanna I wanna talk more about that that's the voice of Jeff mcinnis former Tar Heels star spent a long time in the NBA and Iran's team Charlotte we're the great a U organizations and our region is talking about that he's talking about to turn what is right now a studio joy asked the question of just hit us up in general it's 7045709. To sixty and so that you talked about their medical wanna talk about more when we come back because this new system a squadron one way and a quadrant to wince has made it really difficult to understand why it's seem ignorant of why teams route and got coaches like it's Scott Drew out a mailer saying to hell with this week and your 96 tapes and we got other side you know. These good major coaches here's a guy Zocor was a Kermit. Curly Davis at Middle Tennessee State and Randy Bennett Saint Mary's and what we don't know we're supposed to do now because we we get two or three opportunities a year usually on the road or neutral sites to bidders to come up with a more Q where and then these power conference tournaments have 6789. Opportunities a year and we we don't know now how we're supposed to get into the turn so we gotta talk about that as well when we come out. In order win your conference USS and anyway it is bracing right now dolls or pick his brain about some of the stuff that's taken place outside. You know the young lines in the court to you know with the deal is in the recruiting obviously is tidy ending connected to be a huge lead since things like that so. Here are your perspective with that as well. No last month were just so bad too expensive and. Tennis former Tar Heels star long time in the NBA Charlotte native and I you runs teams Charlotte. Georgia since studio Kyle Bailey frank Garcia and Osbourne end up before direct access college basketball the NCAA tournament of imported sound bombs just kind of elicit the kind of packed it in for the year they won five in a row and the other one on the road we're all just kind of watching and wondering if they really do do I don't really do listen gimmick to run back to the playoffs but no I lost three straight on the road and came back and lost the Brooklyn home so it's pretty well done at this point good. You know I know you watch them is also new is your candidate been disappointed this year. Yeah pretty much I thought we had a definite playoff team this year we've got to wait. Especially Israel particularly among big can we have some wing scoreboards at least has been very disappoint the watch as the fans. But you know I just say we Neeson star players you're not a lock the players we have work to. And museums opera. What what what's this some legal action let's talk about that because of drafting is something that is not exactly gone well for this organization and outside Kemba Walker and it's just not really been all a successful and I don't know what you're introduced at two you know what why they don't know him unable to dressed as wells maybe they could have with some opportunities I know it's all kind of a roll the dice but does not gone well. Here producer on the Taj has changed I think in. NBA teams has changed with the times that they have people. Like myself working there right I can identify these guys because I'm coasting yes and I we know guys like you say one and done. Maybe a lot of only a few people know these guys because really spelling your college so you gotta get some people where they can evaluate and know these guys are going to translate. Upright coasting here it's ten number one picks in the last years. So while staying college loan. Yes why don't why don't museums you know come to guys like you don't often you have an eye for tell you see it your competitive. You know the workings of obviously the MBA and you know what it takes to be successful there you know direction maybe. But what's to come ask your pay is it ego is a tribe what what is it with these guys and why they'll they'll maybe ask isn't that the makes a lot of sense what you just said thank god. It's excellent job there are so I. Yeah occasionally Larry. If you if you think America as an international drivers out of them when Larry I want abuse I wanna be an image MBA at some point where like I say they. Have their guys. And series goes on come on knock him you were. You see the result look at our draft picks in the last five years. What was interesting to me too and I wanted to back to the college basketball stuff and test. One and on to something we talked about a lot and the NBA was kind of imminent haunted didn't quite wanna take a position for a while but now they're saying actually we're we're looking to get back into the business of high school basketball maybe did you know being done with the one and done rule and allowing guys to make that jump straight from the NBA to go to the most guys are ready some guys are. And when it comes down to it and a lot of this is about getting paid you know not being forced to go to college if you don't want to I think this actual help college basketball when it's also done so that the guys who can go will go everybody else can stay and play college basketball under the NBA's developing the G leads the point they wanna have a full fledged minor league system cannot let baseball but I asked judge Gerald Henderson this question last week and I'll ask you the same thing you went to Carolina. But if you had the choice you know to go make you know sixty grand a year and the G league. Or don't play at Carolina for a year per year what are you doing what would what is your choice as you know as a college and actually probably more than that on some portables that let's say if you you can go play after degrading your shirt on high school and in the developmental league and try to work your way up. Or you can go play a big stage in Carolina for two or three years and then draster what are you doing. Well just made the guys on our families is right around this report broke Togo where. If trump. Colleges Gary spears are left early. Out of college where enormous one paragraph was I couldn't in my senior year I love Carly so hmm I would wanna wrestle my son to go. Play for money because Q series there residential when he is no more fun yeah so but MP Greg oil sand Dave Taylor used to run. The top eighty can't hear the net and on the Carolina he's like we're the big discussed the San Antonio price for the last three years if you look at the spurs having these drastic. The younger talent. They tell them no audio and so it was kind of like stayed till perk for his personal effort literally years so. Just look at the guys they drafted he finals. Of the point guard named John chambers of the you know Monica they tell. And I just interviewed a guy back in the day Eminem members wanted the leading voices in college basketball recruiting members. Are high so high school friend he knew he was fantastic RD annual Jeff mcinnis and studio here talking about the NCAA tournament on the notion that interest in game series Charlotte coming up decide Thursday and Friday. A Virginia enjoy NBC and the treatment Kansas State we also get Texas and in Providence and done the North Carolina and looks to those those are the games here in Charlotte. You're gonna get it eventually took but you talk about Virginia a little bit there for second because I talked about earlier in the show. People say they're bored bright people say it's a born brand of basketball again it's not high flying it's not exciting it's not by a slim Jim is not some of those Carolina teams that play above the rim but there. Virginia is always in the game you almost never see Virginia get blown out so well you may not get in the 708090 point game tied to teams. That they they they don't get blown out and they've always got a chance to win. Well Kos. Premise system. There officer plays are hard to guard. Run like they're. Very very RR Larson on tape a table latter games it's RC with the dawn Tuesday they always seem to score but don't try to score let me take charge right now. They run they run out Carol guys he's our guys he's a dog clear heat there weren't too late. Kentucky's and our liberties he's a great player like shooting and he gives your little washed from high school he's a really good player so. He has the guy he can put the ball in his hands from a place that's for Augusta people really don't know where the game we try to come back and make plays that don't. But does your loan to other goes through. Talk about you know that toughness entered a dog Richard talk about. You know because you know you look at these warned on teams that don't have the exception of the rules and have those Kentucky teams. You see those guys know the still thought they have a little swagger they play with confidence. You'll develop that ego arrogance if you will at times. He saw that Duke Team you know they had. Just as Winslow they had other guys step up ties Jones he's doing he's doing at the next level now they have good NBA players and if you saw the toughness that that team. You know abroad as well because even when they're down they're still corner nobody just as well as those big guy but he's one does not talk about the difference between the use. You know when you're playing those young teams vs these senior teams in how big a difference that is because we put it best Martha was just as we have physical but you know different than that. Is there like the Kentucky thing we took him away argued called who when you mix like six different personalities image of freshman. Or by wanted to go. I think that's what Kentucky was struggling earlier on by some time only get these. Freshmen coming in F 22 years old Lori because they re clash took the job and how. I could actually Thomas who is different so you know you cannot release on Tommy's got my high school kids sometimes guys do we classical times with a prep school. Become an end of the freshmen like twins who you know sometimes so. They're older and think it. What a difference in just like that eighteen vs when you want to talk about crystal ball at times a man strength vs younger kids still just a grown up. Here's a big givers like go around just coast and AU I Brashear played musical routines and my guys are 1617. They're legit so I was talking to acute and I was I knew it was great you are used by our good prep school. So he was like 21 years old where he was killing us we should. He's beaten argues it was those strong and that's the difference but I anchors I want my accusers is playing the best. Stronger older there's the matter is no excuses like you failed everybody's is we're playing like a Phil about it. He should do play basketball corona high school if you go to the plan pros Lima yes that time BYU football. Because Tony central lie about Iran. One join. It is a good athlete and a couple of moves to Philadelphia. Jeff broker before let's go you're you're the perfect person to ask about this because you went through the recruiting process in North Carolina divinity and yet you're coaching a did you low and I Lutz does a coach or did you level and so they're college festivals and replace right now because you got the FBI stepped in. As a corruption investigation going on in a lot of money changing hands shoe companies have been involved for years and we would know no one should be surprised by net. On but it your priorities sweating right now. I won't do that tear but I I will last because you have a unique C a year of seat unique view of this than it. How Helm how badly does basketball need to be six college best wanted to be fixed. I think it is what it is you know beyond his which armed FBI I think is unfortunate. You have you have stuff I mean they're saying we have we have grown foes take an event is accused and that's the biggest thing. But as far as drew the landscape loaded arm as far as money changing hands I'll I'll know about their lack. You hear stories you know you see see you start to have these US surge is get but actually have a host on the phone talking about money is as different. You know when I came out. We we never East River never discussed that I was who Miley I don't be the last thing like if you want incumbent Carolyn because tradition and and give you chance to make some pros and that was that it. It's a new error now. The Paris fans almost lot of runners so a lot of people were involved or no I don't I don't want to let accused. That I got to do a lot of people are can't talk to you is apparent heart. Yes there's a lot of that ultimately and I've been the best thing you just said their second and a lot of grown folks out particulars gizmos what is boils down to resurrect or delete his guys who were our anger saw somebody you take a did you take you went to him being from Carolina. A matter of hours. Jeff mcinnis logs on to our real and I NBA player now would seem Charlotte joining us here in studio and they're in first time to get the hang out with he was also to welcome back and it's not mattresses. We demography were set out ladies you so I don't GO set out to introduce a dozen callers. I was a judge or gender Luciano that you play in his biggest tournaments and you know you drew bring home Smart where sometimes we want and ask who chairs here would be bonds as all. There could be Lou Williams earlier. That's nonsense it's never vote against. Him is make sure you. We want him back to back to Florida at one under army chambers here. We've been in the final 43. Out of the last four years and won twice. Steen Charlotte but we're doing the question for Jeff has only done it with a caller we do lowest instances we will stay Jalisco Chris Chris and it has a question for Jeff was Chris. K. This there's credit you know this is not rhetoric from Burke is pretty well at Charlotte back in the day there was. But I. I heard you on the show that they and that is on the car in the studios say it was so I don't know in 1991. But I OUT years ago Erwin elementary grown enough basketball program but we care about workers cities so now. And I just want to call it but it looked well you limited days. The American and they ran appreciates army are true. The ice crisper (%expletive) and what difference does it actually saw just played Oak Hill back in today. And for a lot of people that may not know killed national day of prep the basketball and has yet to zip across as they let up and independence. You'll not find a place Porter get to the that's better you don't talk about it and there you you have to get lost and and try to get lost some more just by no killer and I saw you play back and they don't you also some of those teams mended it's amazing what Steve Smith has built back there. You know where it was the guys and I've seen play in uniform is is on the Rajon Rondo and there's an innate you win the big names go on and on and on an oak Tillman was incredible. Are you right Grossman does agrees at least you gotta come amounts so yeah. We got like 470 ones on his team it's ridiculous it is. As a detention of with our guys you very much. Did you forget crystal retarded awards nominee India now what's in Charlotte joining us here in studio we appreciate his timer gonna come back which still has more basketball to get an answer don't forget thirty minutes from now I installment number three of our top five moments in Charlotte sports history to a thirsty little mystery just forty begets more college basketball we got characters to get into as well as. We would try to do the weekend the catalyst at Torrey Smith deal merit it we'll talk about that also a new possible owner emerges. And a whole lot more Dorsey and really. There were a result of football or just a second but overall though when there's an old traditional call quickly. Big thanks Jeff Davis former tar heel log time of the NBA joined us here all know. On Monday and studios so you look at the south region do that's those are going to be some of the games. That and appear in Charlotte. And Speedo Virginia's the one seed in the south Cincinnati's 22. The three is Tennessee. And fours Arizona which has a lot of people talking to 277. Actual chance but then also at the five Sears Kentucky. Now I bring that up for just one quick reason now. Kentucky gets Davidson in the first round and Davidson is one of six North Carolina seems to make the turn a great story will you don't it is what is so but Kentucky's. If they beat Davidson. They'll advance and and likely play a result. Now Kentucky were upset Arizona. And then move on to the sweet sixteen he's really an upset him in there you know kind of sight adjustment. But it does not do you'll see were indoors our source if they beat Davidson then move on and upset Arizona. And they get to the sweet sixteen and the Kansas State. And find themselves in the elite eight KK Kentucky. Will have beaten the wildcats. In the wildcats then the wildcats. Kansas State Kansas State has to do some more I just say yeah it's just got to shares have been three wildcats and reduce resistance that's thought it the other thing about this really quickly to be that's. Gonna happen of course bottles of drinks a lot of and soul or we're gonna talk some printers and a surgeon and elicit a phone call really quickly first you and he wants to John and about the NCAA tournaments do and it was a bush. I meant by Rebecca Mark car circuit sat out that a gentleman he is fair don't the line depth is doing a lot of great they that the community. Coach maybe younger in well one to shout out today young man as well very very a shot alleged. That is there. I'm not gonna go all over where the double digit band are they home they quiet but I I love our chances. The one thing about our favorite is that's what we are where it really we can be it would be spent. If we had a school. We could but I like the fact that we aborted their coach's ballot coaches we follow his lead and I think that'll bowl well enough or natural speed. Eddie you out they don't I'll debate there I'd eat it I'm always Charlotte but I love our chances there in the sternum and put erector. Arizona had the split would do you not the other way around which. I listen to I mean it when you look at the number one overall seat. Aren't you supposed to have the easiest you know proceed drought to the final four yeah. You look at that division right there they have five. Conference champions six. Thought Virginia. Davidson. Whom you know there's still conference to happen but they're talking about Arizona. And Cincinnati. And in Virginia obviously those fires you know teams in that division they're division champs that got in the in the your conference champs. It's boasting the easiest one that their plan arguably the hardest in a bracket or the hardest a million segment of the Brack. I still think to Kansas probably got the toughest do things so I'd do a duke duke duke is there. You know I have a duke and Michigan State they're gonna beat each other out. Right com. You know one of those teams to advance Kansas you know really has to play. Who clemson's NC state dancing on main. They are pretty smooth sailing to listen to the sweet sixteen. And then you know Lee ordered it to Lee date you know they're gonna have to make some noise obviously that's a you know you'd be probably Michigan State or or duke. What are you don't make the same argument for anyways Arizona. I think Xavier actually has the toughest road as a once in a moment think about it you Xavier. That's easy is proud to see I'd been awed and I've got. Absolutely yeah I Carolina and there very good team Michigan a very good teammate maybe one of the more underrated teams that are exactly exactly could very easily beat Xavier it's this is not the same Italian team that we've seen I'm not saying it is but the exact injuries limited saviors well I agree with you for Virginia did you try to screw this thing. On a bed that said though. You know this if you look at the pedigree of these teams client. In Arizona. Is comparable on the West Coast what digits and you know you seal it was probably be the North Carolina of the west Coast Guard twelfth. I let you look at Creighton as Jeff just talked about a team that has a ton of upside because they just shoot the ball. You'll Kentucky who was playing better basketball anybody else I'm assuming they're going to be Davidson. Yeah yeah you look at you know Miami that has a potential and I don't cling to during the same you know plastic cases other teams Tennessee. You know and Cincinnati. Donnie you have arguably the toughest bracket of all the brackets and you're the one seat to nobody did Virginia any favors an estimate in my opinion. They didn't you write Cree is one of the best back courts in the country then that that's but they're gonna they're gonna hammer you in DC all know on Friday. And get the winner of trading Kansas State that that is not. That's that's tough it is to me that and that's pretty tough. And then you're talking about possibly due to years or decades electorate out there now look Kentucky's not a great basketball teams they're not urgent it is absolutely the better basketball team. I understand why you see that brand name there they don't they just hurt. They're better basketball talk just playing. Significantly. Better basketball right now than they worry that maybe the Kentucky's senior talked about printed the two teams ending with a mission to do on the SEC's. So I I I just that this is one of those your truck decided to conduct I don't want to say SEC the SEC dominate until the conference the tournament last you to South Carolina. Arnold Florida and I don't assuming it gets OK well this isn't this isn't football but the SEC. You know at the top isn't as bad as what you know maybe you think it's still the SEC. I mean they still have so you don't call the teams that they have to beat to get to. Come into the when their turn I totally brutal recession I don't I think it is a tougher road than what the number one overall seed. I should should be asked to us to navigate but you know it is what it is and I think Virginia is good enough to do it and I think honestly Lamar looked at it in a Virginia may actually I'm in the final four. Virginia yeah. I think divesting the country and edits look I realize is a very real possibility that they give bounce in the first weekend possesses this tournament off the surprise of Kentucky or Arizona with the winner has that meets Virginia. All right 70457. Or 96 and what we do have some mustn't Balkan heroic comeback and a little more reaction from you on the Torrey Smith trade from Friday it happened as are people so upset but I don't know and we can talk about it next its course Ian Bailey. This is one of not just files on favorite songs will be all time great songs are written edited and serves as a young person. He's a wish my mother. I had a sister seventh birthday today our eyes is a strong woman there have embraced me and my brother right. If it's not a hijacked imagine. There's no truer words ever spoken C yeah he's sort of trying to one up the other 10 god. In every conceivable way you know you're right about cards are harder guards aren't the turns out he did I'm faster and faster also stronger also him not that was but the faster courts have we know happy birthday to a tomorrow sweet my other. The best mom even Bayless 57 today thanks mom for a Toledo put us welcome back 70457. Or 96 standard. We wanna hear from talking about the -- also talking about the Panthers now we're gonna go back and forth for got to the next thirty minutes or so ten minutes from now about fifteen minutes from now our latest installment of the top five moments is pro sports history doesn't have to go a little bit differently today but too excited to talk about it and a really cool audio clip you're gonna wanna hear any great mystery just tell and the twelfth Tuesday to talk about it but really quickly and this is sort of an appetizer for what we're gonna do more of in the third and fourth hour. We were going off zero fraud and literally last segment going also here where in the do the news broke that the Panthers were trading wide receiver Torrey Smith. For cornerback Darryl Worley. And Mike my instant reaction as was George what's okay cool we got some speed to get down dual threat guy just won a Super Bowl pretty delta died not the other greatest wide receiver in the world that got him in exchange for young quarterback who is really yet. Underperformed this year. My reaction was this team get better that was my first reaction. Believing we immediately got better you know maybe now on the defense of side. Or you know in particular. You know just. You know as an offensive threat things like that but we traded up you know if you if you value in players and you look at him his numbers. And and grade them and give them a points system you know you you Darryl Worley is probably about a five. Average player. You know still common you know with the potential to be possibly. In 077 and a half. You know when you get the eight and nine to talk about pro bowlers intends hall of famers need that type of thing. Mean he's probably a five is you know could be it can snow a starter. That really great. You'll six is probably more consistent with starters seven ask your teetering on really good player. Bomb in Torrey Smith you know since consistent solid debris around the block a couple of times he's been a couple different teams. He understands the game. He knows how to adapt and adjust. He's played multiple systems and yells sometimes guys just you know floated around it doesn't mean that their journey guys it can't play. It just means that in their time is come up with that team more than didn't fit the system that theory especially when it comes to in a wide receivers to make same argument for. Army offensive linemen if I'm a small guy and and very quick and athletic. I'm playing for the Dallas Cowboys all run in his power Rosen combo blocks and you know power football I'll probably not a great fit. You know as much as some of these other guys but if I'm playing like the Denver Broncos system. Or you know maybe a New England Patriots system we're gonna get out we're gonna spread you know we're gonna you draft letters schism in order to run in space we're gonna hold. How we're gonna run screens. In and I can use my speed and quickness and probably have a better fit. You know and that type assistance same thing applies with receivers. You know and even tight ends I'm you know with with the way you're gonna utilize them so. I thought we got better as we upgraded not significantly when I won the Super Bowl because at Torrey Smith's. You know but I think you can find a lot of Jane her a lot underworld is out there you know in this league giving young players sort through the draft store. Laden you know you just never evolves like we thought he would so. Hum we upgrade that position we put some competition if nothing else at the wide receiver group you brought a veteran presence and there. On to kind of you know put the glued together hold glued together and dumb. I think we got better as a football team which we still need some help bomb in like I said it's not the end all be all and are worn suitable because Torrey Smith but. You know he's a veteran threatened presence that that was out of debt. Everybody well look I should say it is the busy this weekend for me was a great. A great example. Of why you never turned to Twitter or you shouldn't always turn to Twitter. Two to get a clear picture of what a trade Israel fan base feels because I tell you right now I saw no I I don't think I saw anything positive. From Panthers fans in over the weekend on Twitter about this trade I saw some indifference us also people that we're trying to toe loop warmer or whatever but I saw mostly people saying this was a bad deal for the Panthers. And I guess I just I have a hard time seeing that right now we could turn out to see Edwards who's saying what I'm just a single largest U hundred Twitter and come algorithm thing is you two things pop open your timeline. Like national perspective. You know because I think a lot of times you know Kyle. Other national media. You know the they don't know the Panthers as well as local media do and I'm talking rough fans jubilant some the national media and science I mean fans are gonna have their opinions and I'm. You know there's a reason why rent you know there's Franzen you know they have opinions they count I'm not saying I'm not trying to discount fans what they think that's not my point to that. You know they react based on players they like and emotions are involved right and I think those things if you like. They're morally he got Torrey Smith you're probably thinking this is a very good trade. If your towards miss and you fall them in San Fran and when he went to Baltimore and he came here in Houston may be followed them a little bit. And see his numbers in what he's done in in what he brings you probably thing in this team got a little bit better not washed your world play for two years. You know I was hopeful that he was going to be one of those young up and coming players. Our Dave get a one simple like this and I didn't get his team anymore this is Mario Hastings is Ron affairs team you know a lot of times to count the things we don't see. You know our coach ability. You know those type of things that Joseph are you in problem. And before you know these these coaches. And wanted to do girl your away because. As soldiers right sometimes you just have to fall in line and do is what you did the Romans would do. And not the light get in and there's a time when you can voice your opinion there's time when you need to bite your tongue. But if you think that if you never think you're doing anything wrong. Then it's really really hard to get better. I don't think this movement that fixes all the problems I think this move you know solves the issue settled at this move this is what pushed him over the years the Super Bowl what I don't get. What does this text for instance I like that we got Smith for cheap if you get the march it would probably don't get and if we do we probably spend too much for investor that's our but also this went on nice try frank every team loves a speedy wide receiver Torrey Smith hasn't stayed on the team because he isn't good not because of how we sit there and senator Ted Ginn junior addressed your question about that because dye her back talking about this and it was the point I was gonna bring up exactly everybody's clip we should never lets us Ted Ginn junior delegates it is the. Well not Miami San Francisco Arizona coach could Carolina on back to wherever else in it now isn't nor isn't it. Two pretty good this year against a stunning. Ten Guinness plays or doesn't assistant asked you seem to be a pretty good gardening tennis Madrid and has played in this league for four years longer than Torrey Smith assess. And an end in four years longer in the NFL they both have 5000 yards receiving. And Torrey Smith has 39 touchdown catch to test today against when he not soya and fuel for fewer years only he's put up you actually better burst. There and then Ted Ginn junior hasn't it doesn't tell the whole story a system to me well you know big factor in that you know their plan for passing teams first his running teams you're absolutely right but to pretend that cellular Torrey Smith has not been a productive wide receiver in this league and is still only 29 years old as disingenuous a look at. I I I don't see this is a bad deal could turn out to read up right now it'll sit there and again everybody's going to be concern on the defensive side. I'd write you know when it comes to well the deepest well it's not over people and it started real slow now. Yet has it started on those laws Coleman you know and your world. Our secondary if we remember correctly last year. Was the reason that issue that we had in a lot of our games. Go ask the New Orleans Saints when they decided to stop the run in the championship game and they got torched in the secondary. Right in the not a chance in the playoff to. Yep no doubt about it are 70457. Or 96 and you've had a weekend to think about this Torrey Smith for Darryl Worley how do you feel about a 70457. Or 96 to edit also when we come back toward the other segment willow reveal moment number three our top five moments in Charlotte sports history and the mystery just coming your way 1215 to talk about its Garcia and it.