Garcia and Bailey: Jeff Borzello and The World According to Frank.

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Tuesday, February 20th

Jeff Borzello asks if one and done players are really the recipe to success?


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Number four or child Braly frank Garcia Osborne still with you about an hour out from primetime sold it to most of these final sixteen minutes here and there's been an interesting show some breaking news a couple of times over first it was the more it's as news coming down an official press release may have relieved. GM great show of his duties and according to Adrian row is Worcester rescued ESPN dot Tom elders. They are not pursued a Mitch Kupchak former lakers GM. And so we'll see where that leads split. The drafts just around the corner player valuations going on everything else and other are going to turn over to someone else and one of folks out there load the ideas come checksum not so much but so we'll keep that conversation rolling I'm sure pro will as well coming up at 2 o'clock. And of course celebration to resolve about an hour later that so little hole. As a result of that so hookers for recruits scandal. According to the NCAA appeals committees are for actions will laugh. Lose their 2013. National championship the first time in the history of division one men's basketball that's happened it's 113 title winners coming down between twelve final four members coming down at little bowl have to repay. All shared revenue. From NCAA tournaments between 2012 and 2015. Reports haven't got number as high as fifteen million dollar so who better to discuss some of that with just four solo ESPN dot job covers college basketball covers recruiting he is here with us on the second job just like Jeff we appreciate your man this is this little news not necessarily unexpected both sides big stuff to sort stuff. Yeah under the earth organ never have a banner making bad and you know again today I don't know how much. You know I don't know how much it really impacting the mean people were there out of their ultimate championship but. You know you take that down. And it just it is it sort of just don't think with a memory of players and coaches but. You know it. It's the symbol of that's the net program and now it's gone this Spain on the program so. In I don't think it is not like recruiting all that much or or or things like that but it billet it's a black pack a program. But doubt about it aren't so while I wanted to or some other topics your books we were did little to this earlier but it always talking about this yesterday Adam silver and his address to the media during all star weekend says the league is is conflict did. On the warned on April and what to do about it and does saying that he does not foresee. Imminent change on that fraught I would love your take on his comments that also should there be. You change on that front as soon as possible and if so what what is that all look like tell how might that impact college basketball recruit. And I think there should be. The opportunity for kids go there as well that'd be it. No I think that if you want to be in college. And you wanna be there for more than a year in debt and that would help a lot of these are I think would help the band sort of you know develop a connection with with the team or group of players and you'll really be that much you know negative opinion Villanova Nader quickly that that. You know Kentucky and duke in look at their respect while they're gone but I think that for the betterment of the game I think it would. It would it would help if if there were the tenth circuit in the paper I well and there are not sit up and palate. For one year out of he would it would impact recruiting in and night you know he would be the biggest change to me would be that order a martyr and they are hurting. If you had to go back that top spot and it would attribute it to the end of the day. You'd be wasting your time on opera Eric every item right now for apple in the former global commit you can go straight in the NBA you want. And those who recruiting him. They can't just been that all of our other big and they're number one priority to get beat out the NBA in the wake of a couple months and I think that if one done on. You're gonna eat out a lot work it and the dukes and the Kentucky didn't. They're gonna have to sort of be a little bit smarter with with their target they into a weapon up but. There at that they're asset backed up under that plan BC. Because you know those kids become regular or mayor of the outlawed they get paid hey you know what about it about in the big the NBA I believe these school. And Bernadette urgent that we. Are talking just pour zillow Join us on the tiger come just slide and as far as the recruiting thing goes in the one and done that's obviously a tidbit that coach K and duke have made over the past several years and what they want a national championship as a result of a bust that we just kind of skimmed back over the last ten national championships the other day. And best we can count really only two. Of those ten champions featured. You know one and done type of player Soyuz are or should we be asking the question whether or not chasing one and don's actually leads to success. Kevin's pretty much cal Perry knowing that it did it for awhile and then coach K. Picked up audit and one at idol is that we keep pretty much doing it better than. Backing up parry are validated but you're right and it is if I'd been translating that certainly the national championship and you know work being out in that after the wreck and then have Virginia Villanova. They hear Michigan State. In new birdied thirteen that are led by upper class. And we're seeing it more more that. Now that matters that need to talk about culture although there and eat at the Brisbane and things like that but as they've got a week together for 234 years. And I think that that the Internet are being a lot out of apple that you're that these are related themes are taking time but come together. You know puke at the thick of Kentucky novel what we thought they'd be and Eritrea and it'll walk and it's his freshman team that'll walk you so. You know I think we're being met. You know building all our might not either way to go carrier lightning in a bottle and you're an accountant. If you win the title but mark we're not really going to be the pride but. You know. It is I think we're seeing that having those better. On your team. Can meet that that the way that the order spelling in terms of of winning championships. Jeff did you talk about what we're talking about these one and done so and there's a lot of talent out there in college basketball right now so some guys think this is one of the deep distress they seen in years you know in terms of a big time franchise level players above your opinion on that deal where we can watch the Mormon Bagley is an idea Andre Eason betray young submit how many and certainly here Charlotte people want to know because it didn't wanna see this franchise get back to new consistent playoff appearances and and actually challenging for something meaningful would it would morals down to it. How deep is this draft tell how far into that lottery picks you know that a lot of respect our section doesn't go with guys who can actually come out make a real impact in the franchise type players. I think he had spotted dropped off at the big picture that and I echo that in the year it was one or five it would look at doctor Q8 and it would actually. Bob and Michael order and networking Gary Jack and get at the top I'm not draft a tray down. At boot it back but. And that what that thought is it's sort of expanded the crop of got a coveted and that the PG franchise going in the year. You know if you that if he outspoken NBA out who the number one guy in the country would be the number one pick. More than half what does that Michael Porter junior and now we're seeing in dropped you know picture is that a lot of art track and at what that does it you know it hit it to get a there's more flexibility at the top of the draft when you get at that group. And I think there are got incumbent and make an impact Kelberg is one of the Carter how expected mile per bit. But those that they need a little over a year the past seven and an eagle at that and it becomes serve a crapshoot. You know you're seeing guys like Daniel Jack bird Arkansas probably been an anti that it happened. Brought that we all year. So I don't think there's a drop out there that opera but that pop it up that it but that typically in Ottawa. I'd sort of Jeff Portillo ESPN dot John Jonas or detective John just over talking about. The article that so you're telling my mar NetApp posted overly earlier today about the twelve teams. That our doom but real contenders to win the national championship and if their names in there we expect to seat and there are names and their bets you know maybe a little bit of a stretch and he may be Wichita State would come to mind or don't Texas Tech a team that I don't think necessarily is going to be hosting your cutting down the nets I should say but does he go back to a team like Virginia you said the second ago talking about them. We're we're sitting here a minute ago debating how many of the teams on this list of twelve. Are definitely more talented. And Virginia and we've watched this Taylor got to win their third ACC regular season title they won the tournament title but today they couldn't get past Michigan State there for a couple of years they've yet to hang a final four banner. It is this the year for them. And it's not who are you looking at which team specifically are you looking and saying that's the odds on favor. I think this could be the year you get caught up or think they are one of the four. He's that I trust the vote on the turn in but delicate but they haven't done it yet and they're dial. You know it lends itself but letting after seeing Spain game because if you're going to be playing. You know 556 possessions if you're playing out there in cedar and eight see that that not as good a view. But they get hot read Edberg had a cold day shooting the ball they. Limited is that it allows the electorate in the Spain game. And I think it eternal when you when that happens and Alastair into the game with five but you know evident that the window and it is that if you stick the debt but. You know this I do think I have got a they shot the at a clock and that other than that lacked a little bit they have more than one guy is not just about a bog nick I'll guide to tiger army DeVon all. I think it could be good to get a big break through this because they have. There's a new bar got you know get their own shot late in the pot and late in the game but I don't think they're the clear cut favorite I think you look at that. Google or maybe I've seen as Villanova Virginia duke Michigan State 88 here. I think the one of those I mean what I look for in pretty much of that Bader. Will beat the odds on paper you know regardless of what he'd do commission they get I think people don't use that as. I've achieved that in the country into most counted in the country really. And is so I think that those seeking to probably get the most I don't take that into march. You know there's a lot of father their parallels between Virginia and North Carolina and I look at their heels and a look at Virginia and you see a couple of teams that not many people in the pre season thought where we're going to be national championship caliber teams Virginia was was on rights distort the new York and Carolinas of course the defending national champions and once forgotten about them both. There with the losses they took him about is about to go take a step back they'll probably be pretty good but there was Huckabee championship caliber team and ER 2005 started in ACC players seemed to confirm that thought but you know here they are they've won five straight to the terror to the ACC right now that they're deeper they're playing better and you do you look at and say well maybe we under sold Carolina this team to make another final four run or do you still still see your ceiling for the state. I think we got over on I know why I thought they idea off of borderline top twenty cut rate cut in getting into the the united I think they had. And I got up at the bit you know you look at it there. There are a lot of now it is a lot of idiots are reluctant to dark when you've played those five got in big shot and are very willing to it. Can't count the loop may that he hard with the doors. And other guys. Spelling manly entitle the bench in limited minutes but he's the producing and so you put I've got like that they shot they can dribble the ball but pat. It's just the top Mac and as such you're you're prepared on a one or two big turnaround period and an elite eight. It is not is not an EP out of work. In a little bit at a tremendous here and there are getting production well hot spot now and went all I doubt that there are eager offensively. There might not be you know I don't know if I did they take on I can make the final four in there and did. At any kinetic development and that hot I group of national title favorite but I think they had eaten. To get an up or edit it into the. I'd just last thing I know it's duke doesn't manage to win a national championship this year with so with more than Bagley is not a big deal in the top three recruits in the country coming in lectures they can try Denver if they're this team without Bagley last couple games. Other than winning personnel has been on the ball more he's been playing really well averaging about 2223 over the three game stretch and you know a lot of things that people said about duke up to the sport season of the well the defense is not grade out defensively they don't give great effort of the not good enough when we had Chris patrol on a couple of weeks ago he's an action I think the problems he also owns more than the defense and you know here we are and it looks like that might have been the case. Yeah I think that went aggregate active candidates made in the past three games that sort of get back to their winning ways. Arcane that and they'll continue evil and bad and come back I don't think it is that making them better and by that. What they've done it popular now and echoed it's really bought it for the fact that a lot of I don't reporting that and he's in the post that. About the that he cannot be it it's. In recruiting if they don't help you know we. He didn't know you can negative for her to get the unit is owned newspaper out of here in the NBA and I actually move great now the point guard but I think both those tainted. I really help. You know. Now you can't play ate it up for not the Obama they and I got a dry you yet that you've been at target to shoot it. Now you can't do it with grace and Allen and develop a lot of all the luck I thought and but it don't became the only known him a great album the point I think there are huge chain at Purdue and I think that. You know given a helping cap went back we come back you know that dark spot they'll better than anybody in the country talent lies. And I figure that you that the that the only an insult into the don't do it. I think that that. Those changes really sort of boost that yell at them you know they were at idle they think that it either they dropped a little bit and it might be that title favorite again along Michigan State right. I just for zillow covers college basketball and college basketball recruit enjoyed a solid second job just like I did what a great stuff what an excellent. Well probably yeah. What. Commandments posted in here that made the promises I'm your beer red. It's a dry hoping dropper of a college ready. It may come soon flood gates did down here and you lose weight around frantically during the last interview I'm taking a you right back up coming into the next Sachs helped craft. And where residents. Miller knows. Welcome back Garcia Bailey big thanks to Jeff for zillow ESPN dot job for joining us our great conversation there really appreciate his his insight into a lot of that and Doug were decide one of those days were having to catch everybody up as they tune in because. You know we had a caller not last break but the one before that you know cola saw on the hotline or call solar relies. If aggressive energy mentioned yet little lost its national championship banner. Icing that was Kentucky fan but I mean still a lot of snow and DNC did they did lose their 2013 national championship better 2012 final four banner and supplies coming their way to more local breaking news of the day is that's Michael Jordan and the hornets. Have relieved rich show us his duties as a GM effective immediately and reports out there. That they are going after mystery object of the bill formerly the only lakers and I odd to me there. We have Linda I thought that there was carded darn deal with project yet known or not that's that was not in the press release that was so that's according to Adrian rose bush roused and others are totally and yes it at target that's too good too liberal activist who they want and look at deal could be done already knew sort of informally we don't know yet but I think personally that will be a great call Mike. Please do you ask him deals going on here after it draws number will call Malia will put him on the air America get the inside scoop but I think it's a fantastic Kyra that's were the ago. I really do I think you bring in a big name which championship pedigree a guy who's been around. A matter fact the oracle also mentions bringing Mitch Kupchak into law basically groom and mentor Buzz Peterson to eventually take over. As the G in the lower its that's what most rounds Q reporting what's up what will stop for a second because. You know he has arrived it's our laws go they just try. I company guys is something that I feel really only yeah. The raw sounds bad citizens of the effects. Again I hold on dry company guys a and that I feel very strongly about that I do not feel strongly about demo was Mickey Callaway fiction and that statement I'm just think that's your new drop mission is sound output the real place. I'd I have OK okay yeah. Well where you nobody who were there were told to be ready 1 o'clock and then when you don't coddle you guessed it wanted to I was commander of the flow to show for it as. As the great producer Ferran background in me you know T ever interrupt the flow of the show yet Mike's number. Was your great producer Bagram Mike inject. My eye do you have entries original Chicago towers and cell number doesn't help us here is no one I don't have to do some research we know he has a new one or review tribunal. I don't I've tech still only four nobody answered we should call the old woman near a bridge there was house number on us now some mobile both three and give us. To America through or should also just call the old house number and Astros chancellor feels like a little Michael Jordan's old house let's just let's just go back to. Can tell you keys and not the same number but I probably two things that number and Austin called the people who lived her health is OK we are doing. That hasn't how do you know what their numbers he's got the just so. I don't think. He has Michael Jordan's old house number yes that number is going to change with the new owner knowledge and as the house numbers to the same. The customer Chicago because of her father goes to bat home Goosen at home is a tiny town figures criticize your being made to sound right now I don't. Lamb I don't often change when I hate whoever is going to its true actually. I'm changing my number I'm buying a new house two from wherever had that number previous I didn't say it was guaranteed yeah but I want to find out since. Do you live here they don't always change for you people Michael George if you can't. He's always talk about drunk drivers and guys is something that I feel very strongly about so I'd be amazed Paul Stanford. My whole life I'd I know baseball terminology that's just the I played this fall it's in my junior high school I know terminology that is the dribble drive home being a pitcher. They have a picture on the mound because I'm baseline. I've I've heard of did already getting him to warm. Every minute game. There's a term for that or is eating normally drive around them on the man he came loose and you get ready to go guys that all the things you torture. Whether he's softball pitcher female softball mail pitcher or a male baseball player. Regardless. When he dry hump becoming vocal. Part of the vocabulary of baseball terminology for managers. Shocking it. Shocking a shocking clever gas well under the first of all baseball is one of those sports where there's just no no shortage of different to multiple disorders sure somebody who previously obviously somebody uses nudges and into Delaware and he's he's heard of these he's used it before and I've never heard that I archives on the handoff segment. Riveting by the way when frank couldn't even get past the work try out the last take that was good stuff I mean in LA did you sections. But yeah it found that funny about it really yeah I. Did that come to show this is evident that Michiko object of this whole segment airs at Mitch Kupchak. You know eventual I was told they'll be higher you don't let a guy go if you have somebody in mind and is almost ready to go to replace. OK so Mike Gonzales he told is that true though amid a lot done nothing wrong but I mean millions please do disagree physical level. Letterman outlive does that listeners who don't let anybody dote on having an all the replacement might mean sometimes just wanna interviewed in this ad but is Patrick and again this season you can go Italy. Was with rich there what you could go away now you couldn't go look at Andrew don't get the job report that is though that you can't let me go to April because that's the guy you know is not going to be your guy moving forward not to let him mastermind plan moving towards not to let him handled the draft moving forcing the driver don't they don't let the old I don't think it's the end of the season the last day of the season a parole landed short Everett is the very end of the left I think we're at that point they're knee -- -- -- valuation may advance scouts at these incidentally tarnished and it. But if you believe your started to stay on for the drafting guys that. You had you fired a scouts not just rich whoever's. I'm starting staff is also hired by more than just rich. I'm sure might get the same hitter somebody is I'm just under that you could until April. At some point yes you wanna get moving on the new on the new season I told her that we just does some inkling that mission would come to did you. Yeah I'm gonna people too young I listen you guys I'm agreeing with this guy what does that. You know it. I can't believe village you bathrooms. You know talk into it fast foods since Boston's W I caught that while we amuse my myself and answer to my bathroom side. So we actually got my soda ash actually. I'm bathrooms McGinley bathrooms. You don't talk me into this thing number absolutely changes when you when you changed the house and the next person in the. Canceled frank nothing is ever absolute. You could see request to keep the same number. It's not ask hello he's an artist doesn't I don't know how is it your I don't disagree to us is a deal to I don't disagree on how excited to read. I've ever it's awful my whole life I've never read a mob MI has been the same since says she's had a she has. Least I know Darren moved to new Lennox didn't wanna landmines so yes that's the question until the point is you can read you can request the same number to be their friend and I. Do know you're you're nobody in the right mind what are the folks say yeah that's Michael Jordan's number. Do we get on to this conversation who gives a damn it's kind of like you want to be worried when there is kind of like you know when you when coming here and you take over these segments I don't. Yeah fifteen. I announce a beer won't fifteenth the it was 42. They wanna like ours we go to break late first up by the labor and it's just. Yeah. I usually don't and sorry I hit coming I've done actually Lisa that was issued early I was actually got us that if you. Will and as did you break scheduled to hide it behind Uga is not a great place to have it does not I don't buy it back in my until something really really need to move my office to franks left you see that perfectly. Are related break again. It does but phone numbers and honestly it's because he's memorial these conversely I may really really good show that we had today. Amid relative points about two GM drug companies and about trial being and it was just to get those are relatively that was relevant because you had to be right again about the phone number attic. I believe goes right on his Reno atlases. People sinister element guys load that would people agreeing with me by the allies particularly solid or go to Britain come back it's the world according to frankly try to squeeze in some phone calls to a person in the it. Time now. For the world according. To for an. This is frank Garcia segment and so this is the appropriate time for me to save us frank. It didn't occur to me until a couple minutes ago. That was actually more on hidden inside that argument that I was on yours. And that was wrong of me I gotta say DL on that because I'm glad you know underdog I got to own up to facilitate the elements and because. It didn't occur to me what I was actually arguing until I went back through it and you're right he's wrong my bad I'll think yelled this is the right time to apologize to you you right. And by the way throw you callers morons on this they hit the it's excellent justified at this point so thank you have no problem I just as. The fact that you are. Back to our guys you know a huge admitted it and let's move on I'd accept your thoughts thank you I appreciate that. Our first question for me because you know kind of where I met my life right now brunt of hitting home and do all sorts of stuff like that what does the last thing. That you built with your hands. What do Selassie whatever is what's the last thing you sandwiched a. That's that's FF FF a it was delicious. Last night built a sandwich I was toast anomaly. And Turkey or roast beef yeah you have some fried bacon on there. And I you know I actually just because the structural integrity of ten which matters a lot absolutely and he's in the middle. I like to put the little bit of mustard not too much. I don't like well they're like a lot of people but I built I held a sandwich last night it was delicious as lasting a bill that would salute the. What's less than you've built with tools. Schools left out there. What's your favorite type of Muster is yellow mustard seed John mustard yes agreed upon. How big great upon your hands and what I am having what's the difference between the and I thought Britain bomb was destroyed buildings and did you John mustard a great Groupon is basically mustard with horseradish and other things and some spicy must yeah and Coca. Spicy mustard is pretty good on sandwich is it clear Sonos is not very good. Not very good number. Yeah I yet that's right never get on hot dogs very terrible and hot yeah. Donald don't like yellow mustard and hot dogs and burgers just a little doubt is pretty good like yellow mustard on. Sandwiches as well but I will be great to pond occasionally to spice it up a little bit. The current and non child you know what I'm having and usually that's going to be in Turkey would agree coupon or not like great coupon with roast beef. Yeah I like I like it with him now likely Turkey not really like you Turkey yet to us and best way to add it is a pro Blanche she's American she's in elect. Frank my question is I was walking around last night wondering. Where all my socks had gone. Frank. What is something neat you lose all the time you can never figure out where the hilly notes money. I can't. I guess that's just the money list and all the time and another month ago. I had torn dollars in my pocket now a sudden I have no money. Don't know what I spent how much was that direct. It turns out she did I miss places it's a mountainous I have kids honestly lost the they take it out of my wallet. How many drinks that have been steers and white also kept a it's easy answer. Allah is all the time. The problem is that was faster and make it. Like most of us. When is the last time. That you had a great business side deal. Yesterday. In addition to the right and not slush well share your country but does this that he let me finish my question. So when was the last time. You had a great business idea and realized that somebody already did that. Toilet paper for the FF at a that's not an announces first they came in my mind has agreed that does a great idea when that toilet paper. You guys back in the day had views leaves. I'd kind of Oakland spine she is what used back to the data light sponges the Romans used sponges and they shared the Jonas spun just in the wilderness room has sponges in the wilderness you pack one bag to Pakistan. Hall it's packed field Deepak total in mind she met pocket. And business partners and the plunge in Midland yeah but don't practice and in the wilderness little five tracked him to keep them. What is your gonna be more than five days. Known you you and occasionally you become creative cook so the question was. The question was is that what did you. Lose thought was a great idea that didn't toilet paper. No one big directs. Bit. Stay true racks they to rise they prove rack oh what would you what is that movie again there was nothing is from the movie gone and T yeah right yeah. But he's he's a good idea. To terrible movie it's it's that's good move and an identity at all. On this from the trickle is the horse into a joke or the pull a good movie that's great concept. And if you know the concept to not to see the movie I've not neighbor has nothing right neighbor next door neighbor has nothing when neighbor has a great idea. Fade to rise. Don't wanna leave his neighbor because they're best friends he wants neighbor to come join him in the proposition. And you spend his money. Neighbor wants to buy a poll neighbors spends money on pole because it's more practical and going and spending the money on April arrives. The guy that made the idea. Mix is huge. I mean huge like any becomes god huge house. Merry go round in the backyard and those courses everywhere to act black. Jack Black did he added I know this movie now and Ben Stiller yeah OK I've I haven't seen as I was talking about a great idea. Next question from nick. Everybody has this saying that grosses the not my thing I mean like that sets -- for some people they can't stand seeing bullet and his Brothers it's in smells that really bothers them the whatever it is the premier Smeltz and what you're seeing blood doesn't bother me smelling something horrendous we'll just put me down for the timid knock me out what what is it for you that you just can't handle throw. People to death and is the smell so some real source Putin in your senator your. It is round two began Greece look so good you know a slight. He can season and there comes out yeah it's terrible. There we haven't considered it to last year the soup to lose conceivable. That a good idea now are you stuck in the car. Windows are up it's cold outside Atlanta. All over the place at. Man years are per car yes. Long time ago closeted. Like and it was the I was go knowledge when I was in. You really are split you're just Amy as a man all the time just so you as a guy and I go on ice trouble because because I partied to hard. I didn't I didn't go I didn't go to one place this weekend. That was a party atmosphere you have turned over new leased out well absolutely do not belong to my character two weeks what. Who two weeks ago holes and have a dog. Okay exactly but I thought that went through Albany where the throw up when I drank. I'm thrilled I was arsenic I had food poisoning as a kid it was the same day actually in my head in my dad's speaker in the van and liberal jet fuel. New Mexico and what you think about what you just said. Only one other person knows and he's upstairs and what you just says you never throw up when you've been drink never Obama now because of alcohol. There's no Wilson to your form been out I've never talk because of alcohol we we have all I don't know did that we've all taken notice I half of the new equipment. We have we've taken notice of the knew it meant he's dressing better on what I meant handily today he's CBC's more slender. He's got a puppy home. There's there's you do there until you right now what I've seen the difference plus we're going to drums when it comes time and exchange boys and exchange conceal the mayor Manny found a dead oil like when a look at that. Product. I saw something it disturbs me this morning in my wondering surround the building. Tony was in his office. With another man. And that man was measuring him he's fitted for shirt that don't check out our off us. I just says the ideology is my nutritionist who have been in his diet with a joint I don't know it was he's a great client. I didn't know I saw was measurements and deeply felt was peers name. Name's Adam know and true weight loss solution last question here isn't that decides it's shameless plug. Honestly in the products and agendas I don't pay for the product I spend money on this. Thank you touch you must grew up there and also consider that other some almost any money to. Didn't shaped in my ass in gear are interested in the Muslim dress in on this one. What is the strangest. Romantic. Or sexual proposition. But you've encountered. And by that I mean aluminum bar. A couple online. Crazy woman running up to you sing a different person. The weirdest thing that's happening you're sick enough to fail on this segment and not his doctor store's owners or. Is it time is up. Brother I also thought that was supposed to nowhere near an and I also thought that was a very solid and that's why don't you don't kiss and tell. As generic as well it's a great point and there you go oh my god my god shall not kiss and tell me do. I don't wanna know what your personal relationship is and how you like. You know at its food and it's weird it's. Well I I don't know if your pitcher catcher your drive a. Back at Sundance and FF FF FF. And we found out that drafting really is anymore pitcher out. During a game yet Raymond again I got into politics and do a couple of times a game and you burn any guy out I like to master the catcher as the driver upper. I. I mean. That condit's it's. Why even play the debate that was you know it's weird how well unknown at this point because I knew by asking the questions about. Disaster if he would I not answer bottlers NB tartar. Yeah that's I know what the back of my. We're gonna go back it's time for the garage door gorilla off crooks have been. I don't see it. But it wouldn't it. Gadgets the garage door drew her granddaughter in the we're still waiting for a third. Of our party here is. Do you talk to Kroger about done. Tornadoes. And some poise for a what did you do here. Billions on his way he got stopped pulled over but he's. He's getting coffee got pulled over a trillion all in all in the hole OK and like him you know police officer dollars. There's a nice a nice lady Astor speaking with. I keep seeing history tells us. The screen bulletin slide did welcome back ratios so far out thanks to Jeff for solo to ESPN's got down to Eamon Brennan of the fieldhouse the athletics for a dropping by some good college basketball talk to a suffered about Tom Sorensen other. Of the young Charlotte Observer longtime columnist there and that bad guy has perspective all on this city and and the sports in this city specifically strike we talked about this earlier. That's you know a lot of people just can't did and when you you start talking about. You can telling a story about sitting down with recruits attorney tried to work his way into the prison to do it you know exclusive interview with ray Caruso and it just kind of detailing the way that always does you were therefore inside the locker room but our guys like Tom Sorensen. It contained a picture of the way things happened. It was 2530 years ago in the way of most of the people chance we really appreciate them. Yeah absolutely it's always great catch up with Tommy and he's been a big part of Charlotte sports history and you know has done a great job covering one of my favorite. The reporters are now as with the Panthers and obviously he's you know I think he's all Famer. They absolutely is as our Chris Kroger joins us here in the studio prime time's coming up here in about ten minutes and no doubt Dave says got some good stuff for you because. Again we were told to resort to show it seemed like one of those slower Tuesday mornings and all of a sudden we get to the sports news and and they're not nearly as big here locally but does the little cardinals news and you know maybe is. A sign of things that come I don't know crows to tell you. You suddenly had a lot on your plate this estimate. And we ought to get into and then now we really didn't yesterday get a because of the weekend was so crazy we can get into the rake her stuff and you guys did for a little bit in the opening our show. Sara Blakemore A news in this building great reporter DTVs it was her story pack up with her husband by the way. Odds are both of their out of here that they're both reporters and anchors are there no until this morning yeah so she's gonna join us at 230 in studio so we'll talk about that a little bit Damon's gonna join us at three and and assorted staying is I honestly I will say is I'm a little surprised at the timing of it I knew it makes a lot of sense as to why they end that you Dawes talk to a few folks last week in. You know I think my if you had to say a gun to your head one way or the other does this happen yeah I thought it would happen it just makes sense his contract was coming to an end. A bomb but it's always the best time. After the season no I would say now is the best on and actually you know it's funny ironically enough Mitch Kupchak the guy does and so I'm confused why your are your surprising 'cause there are super I mean there's just personal dynamics as to why I mean you can make your real why it was in his a year ago why was this a two years ago. On that we make that argument a year ago hey I think it's time to move on Michael Jordan gave it another go round clearly your results haven't been there but I think more than anything there's. It's not a performance thing as I mean I think if they were performer standing racial probably would've been out the door a little bit earlier than this. Almost early on there always interpersonal dynamics it's you know it's a lot of what we're talking with the Panthers as well with her GM search show. Memo on a little surprised not crazy surprise and I'm a little surprised because I think there's a thought it. And then rich might just tried to sell more time again there there were some people I think in a building with all that good happens when. My question would be what changes. You know if Kupchak comes in as a given. If that's the guided there they're targeting what sounds like they are all we're career I was citizen to read we'll just forty says they have not spoken aka and I trust me most is not gonna throw that out there if that's not true so. I knew you could speak through intermediaries in its people's interest but that is the nature seeing today material and people and other people are comes this in front all the time below just not a guy blow Jews I mean for whatever your best cup chipped up Texas and I haven't talked in Coptic have been talking this multi room. You know last night I agree I just saw it once and his flow is not a guy that's out there just doing the bidding of other people that's not he's the best has more credibility than he's the best in the game don't disagree with that but my question would be is what changes with the new GM. Oh that's a good question you know I'm not I'm the always talked about this for awhile now does this Mitch Kupchak MAME has been thrown out there I think for a little while. I'm on its on the surface some of the biggest fan of it but I do think there are reasons why can say makes sense and quite honestly. Gil your hornets do you want to OK so I understand the FOM tried to friends of Mike buzz Peterson's friend of Mike under a lot of people that are friends of Mike. I'm quite honestly if we are that deposition we all think we do the principal thing which is our people we don't know. You hire people who were really good who also you have relationships with that's yeah that's certainly be held accountable all brown agreed and we know rich Cho was supposed to be a guy who was not an FOM at a depth at a that turn out. So natural ideologically devil's advocate all day and I was jordin has occurred Hillary Mitch Kupchak ZIESP. You know who rich Joseph had in his side and the most important person in the room is it's Curtis bulk yeah. I sold. Britain rich chill one out override Higgins who was an MJ guy you know why because he wasn't an FOM. He was a Curtis a guy he was encouraged poked his main job is to tell Michael Jordan now. Mike that's not a good idea. Ike I'm seeing things from an outside perspective this is the way things need to get done more than you know they did data what happened as we've talked about for awhile now nobody was on the same page. One day it's this one day it's that hey I get to make the call this time he made it last time you can operate that way you've got to have uniformity. It look you're never have 100% agreement we all understand that you've got to have the respect and the trust of everybody pay when we leave this room on the same page email I trust you. Makes the decision when you and your wife who disagree. Who makes the decision somebody asked. That's what it comes down to domain. You know and sometimes it's going to be that Clijsters is a good idea if you if you're asking me why would this be a good idea for Mitch Kupchak two's. And Ethel M well you know what's he understands the way Mike thanks and Mike respects him and he respects Mike. And they also burst XT Clifford receiver Steve cook for respects those guys who's so sometimes you get on the same page is more important in getting a new team for a guy who's gonna look outside the box the correct answer was a church for. Yes that's that's that's yeah that's at all to what's coming here today hours to get into all this talk a little more it's a talk with his GM search. Being in history we Abdul writer who was keen LA for a long time great guy can I connected in the NBA we'll get his thoughts on Mitch Kupchak. And then all if that's the guy and then now also gets Sara Blakemore Richard thirty talk about that break Ruth's story. And at 520 Ian Rapoport so we'll talk a little painters seem you know update on this ownership saying what why and why is Mardy or even name the full time GM yet. He's been cleared question he's back like anyway not disclosed gonna name him. I don't know so we'll talk to rap about data on Tony we'll talk little college you've stool but I really thought Notre Dame was gonna win Elijah wants to Notre Dame Miami did must lie in the video. That's a good win for Miami. Did yes it is it's Irish guy get cooking at some point man like if Fuzzy Colson comes back you can kind of see like yeah they got potential. That doesn't have the runaway no well there wasn't at a time so I have great show black guys are we are back tomorrow to do it all over again and the pressure of speculative for us for it meant Osborne fri John Kyle Lewis has been Garcia nearly W lessons it. Shot it. And what does that do they'll blow your mind. That's just happen.