Garcia and Bailey: James Herbert talks NBA, and Frank and Kyle are Giant Man Babies.

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Monday, February 19th

James Herbert gives great insight and opinion about the NBA All-Star Game, and Kyle and Frank won't shut up about their odyessy this weekend.


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Before your child really frank Garcia Osborne here on this President's Day where I know at the very least the bankers and well I don't liberals so schools Ross today's and visitors took doesn't have one of those make up days which most schools don't buy it. So it's presidents and a lot of your list and call today we appreciate you and enjoy your day off we don't get one we're told James Herbert CBS sports dot com NBA writer Jordan just. On the tech become just like all star weekend behind us now what's up we'll we can't not ask James first and foremost of birdies National Anthem your thoughts. That he apologize to bear. I can't believe that it out of me like I I reluctantly multiple times at the topic but there's still a great I think I create a terror all. But it just sort of weird moment during that thing I think that library that I did I treated at. Given it to go against great video there at competitive. And it was out of a Lebanese boat but well actually remember a bit peculiar about the Turkey. In the orbit when Pope looked back at outlook. Da noise in the same way that so Whitney Houston Marvin JRA member for great renditions this will go down as one of the all time worst end any other thoughts on the other I guess festivities surrounding the game like this. I see immediate Kevin Hart was Odeo overwhelmingly kind of roasted last night's forum for his performance your thoughts on that. It just what you want is every entity that everybody and I think like some of the players grow up being another report about that bit like they have like. Worked my whole life to be an all star ballot being introduced in the guy's making spotter be like it was it was political we're told. Libyan production and additions. A lot about that but the yet they're they're up but but they don't bite are quite buy that. So what is what is if you're the MBA in your Charlotte next year we host the all star game what do you do make him better. I think we've already seen some steps in the in the right direct support if we're talking strictly about the game surely as we are about entertainment aspect that it. I can do little group. Protect era I think. Well like it they're wrapped up yet we televise that well where has all been about that this book dep only topic I mean we can we can all expect. That that happened back here I think. You can go farther in terms of eliminating that they can't bring. Designation because it is going to be keep expert this team why is the product that they have air whatever it but continue to be an equal about a player. Well from both cockpit is thinking that maybe they can do that draft a little bit closer. Pretty actual game Chris Webber went on PB thing multiple they could do that by. Our game that they increase the comedy that matter of week. Oprah that can they want to sell those golf director heeded it bit the big game up a couple would like. One or two weeks before the game I think that lessen the impact injuries. Because that'll abroad he met or guys. Get hurt that was completely different team to what he dropped it may think they get a little bit cook they're. And the all star game about that would group that aspect out of but it aren't the competitive at I I don't think we can really. So much more can it be that. When it's. You know what daddy's period all game and at the port corner became legitimately genuinely bad. Don't know I thought that was cool to remember talking to James server CBS sports Dodd John NBA insider joining us on the Telecom just like on something else that happened over the weekend Adam silver and his I guess his address to the media was asked a lot of questions. And one of them was abouts are the one and done rural and and and for all the flak that we give the NCAA and even some people's and while the NCAA is robbing these guys and there aren't in power and their ability and eighteen years old don't make a living and we'll do that anywhere else and in society your industry so why are we doing its professional basketball players Adam silver was asked about this. And he he effectively said James you've seen it that the league is conflict did. About the rule and as of right now the aid that we shouldn't necessarily expect changed any time very soon. On. I don't know if he's you don't like kind of played this Clark cards close to his best heroes has been serious but I think the one and done rule has to be changed personally with the way we're going right now. Adam IP tent and I think the key thing to take away from not that upbeat comments are a bit that we can bet over the court that a pat here. Adam silver that the elite has shifted its position. In the last EPA negotiates in the leak. Very publicly that that it position why is. It would like it to be a two year. Minimum player going to colleagues report they get it yet get a atom oak where. That that it no longer. Billy position but it doesn't quite have a position yet there value in Iraq and get thirty like it. Because calm on the one hand he thinks that what team and importantly get help. Have these guys who have at least alcoholic or what year is the bigger ample by. It is easier to project about what you've seen them play yet. Clear that the NCAA level rather than that in bigot I woke up but it didn't but you set out the other and the like if you're just looking at a player's perspective like. It's not necessarily work for them to go straight to begin BA where it began without the ball without their job but they get professional training staff. Original coaching and maybe you do that on the bench. The first you do instead of getting a bit of becoming a star in the he had 08 but that not that is barely worked a player. Long term I think it if they like my predicted. And volley game. If you're good topic about high school he stated. Being able to like I think if we look back and they like. Took a run game that the Internet the riot I go to college with that rule at me and Tibet. You know I got they op if we didn't need that many frankly don't think like somebody like that they've been. Need about it like where are those political heat player I think they should have the right. The vehicle to you what they want it you and I think. Believe it moving to clay. Where it might be more stepped into that again I don't know. What Apple's book like out of that respect. It was not really discussion. But they had to agree if mediate negotiate debate about it people and I think that that we give the player that you can continue to talk about now. Even though that seagate is about Kirk bring duo anytime in the week could be able came in the next few years but by that back that it ought into the yet. James Herbert CBS sports died John NBA writer joining a solid technique job desolate and you've got another obligation sort of wanted to do too long but I can't not give it your thoughts on the hornets on. There kemba makes his second straight all star appearance are filling in for Chris steps as we know this year but you know that that. What we've been talking about here in Charlotte the past couple weeks and especially leading up to the trade deadline was what what they do are they ready to budget kind of mail it and then you're looking to possibly deal Campbell way to get out from underneath the NIC Batum contractor maybe even a Dwight Howard contract and really all they did was trades and picks and a bench guys for us -- -- are enormous so you know that they're they're gonna try to make a run at it here in the the last third of the season I don't think anybody's overly optimistic they're gonna you know swiped at eight seed in the playoffs but. You're the next couple months are going to be interest in leading up to the draft and what will they do what won't they do as someone who covers the sleek what do you expect they'll do and what should they do. Yeah I mean I think they're they're looking at their big uphill battle ahead. Did it sound like you know looks like he debate but a backbeat didn't. And not being teller at the trade that I'd bet that there be building the cry. Don't make arrive at that play out but a crazier things are out there making beat dot I mean last year up on it they they didn't make it but it it they have a right. Late in the year that that could happen again you never know. What might happen picking up then and the play operate like. Well and eat get her that that changes the entire complexion upbeat and topic but operate. I think BA gripping thing. It is pure order they have like. Are are are you okay. With that are you are you interested in watching the game and what you know that they're not act cute possibility that make it play out. Kurt that team there at the blow it up into panic in bill where. Are high lottery pick that you know clearly not doing that I think. And until they tell Kemba Walker that bit down were trying to look at it and then they have monopoly agent to play a target operable it. Credit in the orbit playoff spot so. If bitter thing I mean if they get bumping up I think. These game to beat a lot less competitive and they're beat fewer people. Where interest dead short term. Up but they're definitely was an argument heading into the great debt by the that they could have that but they are back. If they got it value. Campbell locked it then in light of eventually drive new encrypted and try to go into it neck pain and that and the team that look a lot different. That it did lack spirit of order in the position of the middle of activity. We are not what integrate that into being. Pretty likely that they're going to wind up in the boat. Let's talk let's talk about teams that are relevant as the hornets. Obviously aren't right now and I hate to say it but is the truth when you look in Cleveland right now is it true that he played LeBron. Played with more of the MBA all star last night and he's playing with this current roster I mean he knows that team better than he knows the team that designed. And ultimately what does that mean you know when it comes to Cleveland for this year is this going to be a team that Peters out this play real hard with the energy right now. Ultimately when it comes down to crunch time the not to be able to be. You know the Celtics or the or the Toronto you know because they just don't have that experience. I think about it at the playoff start people will paper. Cleveland there and they're they're getting that a final again and I'm not sure how a minute that they're not going to be the first few games that put the new guys because obviously the great. It didn't seem like they had any chemistry to do it by a bump in the road a lot of ways but I do think LeBron has. More talent if you want balance keenly younger you know more athletic team that can't be more than the round and then look what but he played the most occur happen if he's in so. They thought the proof and doubt they don't have to check out late so like he tried to figure everything out especially on the cheek and then. But any. I know they're not all that familiar with each other but I think after all lied about it he's this bit get a much better get with this group. That he vehicle or all that straight they're made up I wouldn't bet again we've been getting back the final take up the. I James Herbert NBA insider CBS forced out job joining us on the ticket John just slob were out right on time but we appreciate youth. Absolutely and yet a play in the jets and on the stage in Mendoza we appreciate his time squeeze it is in their butts 70457. Or 96 to ever gonna come back and talks and Panthers. Our reports over the weekend but Julius Peppers is leaning. Particular way we'll talk about that also over the Charlotte Observer a stored break Ruth's who's broken his silence for the first time in seventeen years and done I'm ready yet so I don't know exactly what it says most in the during the break to talk about that also. And Marty hernia some of the printers into wanna get into fifteen minutes away twenty minutes away from the world according to try to score simulate. Garcia and Bailey here on this Monday and his. Good shows typically do flying by only 45 minutes left to go Chris Kroger Co. have you with sub prime time coming your way at 2 o'clock could. The number 70457. Or 96 dead and I haven't plugged in awhile but I will again because it's worth saying. Frank who likes to look to feature videos it's a grim stories when I'm not paying attention well. Spent some redemption some karma some payback if you will if you'd like to head over to our Meister grim account add child Braly WS frenzy same as Twitter and you'll sit you'll find a 102 video of frank with his hands on the table torque ring. Two it's a Fergie is my home. Yeah you can you can take emulator. You can tell emulator I'm embarrassed by our I can say you were or truly generous our guitar embarrass me because I'm on there and nine you got me back to pay back. Payback so you welcome can kind of tell the moment my pitches you're welcome play and it's so cool yeah. Thank me later. Dancing the stars we call in soon and anyway. So reports over the weekend. From the Charlotte Observer or mature resources that's Julius Peppers. 38 years old becomes a free agent next month are coming also bust some some work some surgery is off. Leaning toward playing one more year a source colts are close to Julius Peppers told the Charlotte Observer. Play slash Georgia 3.5 million dollar contract with the printers you've previously spent three seasons before that with the Packers. A place for years with the bears and and play the first eight years of his career of course here in Carolina but I Julius Peppers coming back Franken in given way that he played last year. And again this is not confirm justice source saying he's leaning toward coming back but if he were to come back. I I can only see there's a good thing for the state you know with the right number I think it's only good part I I can't imagine anyone looking at this is I guess. You know he's only reason why we're considered bad or not great is if we had a young player that. You know knees more reps you know that was waiting in the wings you know to take his place in the was lack of development because it. You know we don't have that right now. You know we've been drafted the interior and that's where like a guy like KK short. You always a little bit more accurate or the starlet Khalili a little bit more expendable because. Never Butler said there in a red behind him a guy that showed flashes you talk to Damione Lewis. He likes his upside I do as well. You know he can hold the point. He's going to be more consistent and sometimes we have veteran players like that that are sitting in front as harshly those guys to develop. But as we just saw with the Philadelphia Eagles at a seven man rotation. So let me start looking at how many guys are filtering through that's a way defensive line is being played because of the speed the tempo in the offense is your plan everybody's throwing the ball. It's hard to rush to pass jerk and then run down the field to not pursued the ball carrier once they catch the pass the puts a lot of taxes on these guys physically. You know where they're able to go out there and Terry that its weight you know and be big enough to hold against the run but yet fast and athletic enough to go out there in pursuant run downing catch in on proper angles in the you know make you know yourself a good defense so. Is forced preparers goes. I think overused them this year. You know he was very productive. You know he needs a yeah I think guy you know he's had to hit one of those guys that you just can't explain. You know he's a he's majoring ageless wonder. And you know he's like wine museum telling Thomas Davis but nobody even Thomas Davis last year's slow down a little bit and you know get a guy like Shaq Thompson you know it's in the wings and they're short Shaq Thompson isn't Thomas Davis Thomas Davis is still better players even today. The check Thomson but you have to start looking for the future developing these guys. I would think that the fans has agreed to draft a couple of defense man's you guys are gonna replace. You know get that young group booted it insertion of talent in on the field some little bit more team speed on the defensive side. And then ultimately he'll work behind a guy like Julius Peppers this going to be a good technician alto. Guys grow. Didn't they they did draft a defensive end last year I wish we didn't hear much about him at all. You know throughout the course of the season so what when where I say drafted defensive end. I'm not talking in the 6% on coach talk but you're talking about dress and defense of U lawyer gonna fire breather in the first round second round and I know we're talking about you know what day they they took to show on no hall. On the wasn't the sixth round pick drew it was yeah third round pick and I can't the numbers statement I'll look it doesn't matter but to me regardless if he wasn't some do you take a flyer on him to sixth or seventh round draft pick they were that was a guy that. And they were looking at played opposite a vote just from Cleveland how many times you play this year. I told that we within hearing from a sewer. You what does it tell me what to tell you don't you same thing that tells me but it wasn't right but he's not ready in you know maybe doesn't have the upside that he thought. That's that a guy this in the waiting. That's our guys in the wings our guys it's gonna come in there and push. You know starters I want guys to make impact to have impact there that's you know first 23 rounds you can go find a guy like that and you know I think that movie of the Carolina Panthers as one of the things that you wanna talk about. Now opening offense out you go get a great defense can stop the run get three outs critical position. No you can scratch our back we'll scratch yours and those type things exist in the same time type of thing with great offense we have great offense and make a defense look a whole lot better. And ultimately you know you wanna have a good balance. Of you know boasts a one stop and they pass rushing demon and they guide teams to go run the football and and to the boss which saw the combination with Philadelphia Eagles there offense. The reason why is there to go out there and win. You know Super Bowl this year the defense is pretty good but they've been pretty good all year what happens it's false start playing better and they started planned. A little bit more efficiently in the playoffs and that's the reason why the little chips that they dealt so a couple things I wanted to touch on threat to related today is is that is not a video that we we get the Marty story over the weekend would have the Julius Peppers and that doesn't. As we try to ramp up for free agency to draft there's only so many things that we know we're going on right now and I did when asked you the question because we never truly got into an and Andrew normal discussion late last week. Gun to your head you know you Marty hurry and you got to make your decision. Yeah franchise tag him so simple solution as was you don't franchise tag of you franchise tag team him for a year he tore got a long term deal potentially or you do have them on your roster. Listen I mean. You know the big kid does that they jets last year's net you know not an inside player and tackle him modes are that the inside toys are right tackle. You know maybe even a left tackle some days you know if if he can develop. But he's got to guard in regards the bigger the little quicker a little faster little more athletic engine Orwell had a phenomenal year. You know he's gonna you know deep if you wanna keep film. That's what teams do you your franchise tag them you have more on the roster you're Renton basically for a year he's gonna make good money. You know but you can cut ties and not have any cost at the end of that so if he plays another one are you now has another good year in the you can go draft streak get it buys you time. You know to be successful but. You know he still continues to you know be one of those guys on your team is gonna help out. And you know he did miss any plays this year he's had a couple of really good years. And Dahlia I think he's deserving of big contract and that's why don't like the way that it feels the NFL has used. Other at the franchise tag because I do do you think it leverages the players when they get into situations like that where they've worked their ass off to go out there. And you know hit free agency and get that long term. You deal that they are looking forward to give them a little job security I think it's slanted 100% forced the teams and it doesn't help. You know the players whatsoever but. You know for talk in numbers here we're talking business. Right he's a guy that you have to go out there and and figure out what to do in the way easiest way to do is franchise if you're Marty Murray. No this is not a personal thing. On this is business and you know we talked about even with Ryan coil. Franklin hills gonna be back on this on this roster it's not gonna get the numbers run clearly wants. It's going to be the numbers that the Carolina Panthers can use in their benefit the rhyme which we appreciate everything you've done here. You know if you if you think you can make more money in free agency then by all means go out there and do that but. You know if you're gonna be here with Carolina Panthers we're gonna have to Kutcher contract. You know you can't make the 89 million dollars that your country it dictates I don't know the numbers are but it's going to be more in line with. Another one half to you still good player we still want a bill to give yet you know something but if you sinking get more than free agency then. Then by all means you know go try to do that would love to have you here we love you too retires a Carolina panther but it's going to be for the number that this numbers that they did that was George grosso do that was Steve Smith they do that with other players the players don't like it ultimately. I mean sometimes those things get a little ugly but you can handle those things with class and still have them exist. You're you're gambling man if you had to put money. On one guy who is not a free agent earlier on the roster. That will be a cap casualties the guy you think is he best that you BHF casual very little historically historically all right WBA I knew what you have you know what you do is. You that you have to cut the guy that's a cap casualty trust me you can't side and back okay for a look less soloist OK let me let me amend that it. A guy who will do who's not going to be on the roster next year. Jon Stewart with the same type of thing I mean the same thing existed jays do. You know I think that you're more likely to see this team going they've direction which used at a table by the running back position vs the offensive line often Lyman. Tend to play into you know. Thirteen 141516. Years. You'll see many running backs have the efficiency. At those types of it at that type of base so. You know if you're asking me who the guy it's not going to be on this roster next year. Even though I think he's been pretty good he's still had a great run I love watching them causes is Italian the way he runs. You know but this is Debbie Johnson Stewart to me if if you're asking that's the guy that thinks will be the cap casualty. 7045796. Tennis up tolls to next week's whatever a we'll come back till it's time for the world according to try to. Time now for the world according. To frame. Why are we hear that. That's a great question you ask us yourself everybody else in this office in this building is gone up north here and he left. I'm depressed the fact to be detail what W adds some semi even built so there's nobody here wants to ammonia water and a sales office ghost on the it's closed doors locked dark. But nerve of those people. To not commit today when we asked him. Are we hear its current President's Day you should write you should file a complaint which are witches or school. Write a letter to the players European. Trip from the frank Garcia and US justice of radioactive where he'd fired Smith and her come on intercom so yeah. All of a policy. I'd our sensitivity training now. I know be smooth segue into yours to hold off to prove that he knows that we need to bring this up because we started talking about earlier in the show that we cut off. To strike. The good friend that he is was kind enough to help me on Saturday. We wouldn't picked up on a leather chair and brought back to my apartment and away and be healthy and want to know what the middle aged two ways so we Rabach. And as for pulling in in my apartment complex. We go through the gate. Delegate only allows for one toward Tom I don't know just before we okay but here's what both French not telling. As a pull out of the gate before I beat myself and I raise my hand out the window and hold it there for fifteen seconds with a finger up weighed in me to say no finger up saying wait. Okay why did I say you can't commander call me way to solve all. Plus an assault on us. So I beat myself through my JT or braces I go through and I stopped and is it starts to come back down frank just monster truck punches it's try to squeeze through now. The gate comes crashing down on the hood of his truck. Now as I love. Luckily it didn't do much damage as an oil but it came crashing don't notice trucks are so I jumped out and I go grab the finger lifted up to allow him through as I'm walking to hold the list gave up. He looks at me he says oh. You were trying to tell me to wait weren't you verbatim what he said you were trying to tell me the way torture. That's what you said the very last part of that is true the rest of it is not that I'm not hold the date and outlook so glad to come through says that. Can that can now give you my version please tiled Z is as as you lied to everybody ward winning show on TV can't. On TV and radio here lions everybody thought that the female media here on out and and oh yeah I watch MTV. Lesson. He gets there. I drive all over the BSE. The CE stand for Indonesia Egypt off a cat yeah you know that well I've heard DP ass. And I knew what it meant I just never gonna demon Egypt I knew it meant a game that many people go to Egypt if you've ever been to Egypt there anything there can be good and now we're it was a late Norman the middle of nowhere there to finish a thought. We drive back we go to ghost shows me his new house and all the things that he has to do we're says there's start raining we're trying to get back to his place. He gives we get to the place in the entire time that we're going he has a sound I have a strong. Do very easily called frank. You know what they only allowed to one carted time to go through my gate so you need to wait I'll come through an old punch it through in that way you don't ruin your car. So he drives through and as he's driving right. We get to the gate he rolls his window down 'cause it sprinkling and missed in little bits doesn't want his hair wet his serve game that ought. Instead of getting outs and had lessons stop you can't come true. And having a conversation he just puts his finger in the air for ten seconds I'm hanging my arm out he wasn't sure. In the air what does that mean I don't come through woods didn't just does it goes through no I didn't you figured it out. Over the damn thing yet my car and you know it's your car what he's only you were trying to tell me not to come through obviously I didn't Nortel one figure out man you're listening to god I don't. I'm TA one time tomorrow. There aren't normally that's a sign of follow me not stop. How is that does universal cyber follow me like this what does that mean I was I didn't do that I held a finger up in the eastern well -- it and it and it warned ahead. So that Saddam. I'm thrilled I have no idea what the hell he's talking about the single raises. He goes through I'd punch right behind me come to a new this thing comes crashing down on the top of my car plows through. Tournament. And it hits. And then Mike Hough. Dale Gilmore strung a tricky moment not you have listen I want that thing snapped off automated just fine of course I should just snapped the damn thing off the apartment manager people were watching the Arizona. There are lots and calm as this is happening. So yes that's what happened Austin's. My my truck has ruined now we do have a debt and there is from this or who went down timber and other charges. My time and services. And I want my money back for lunch and beer you can have your money back to. He's president he tries to bribe me with launch. Bribe you I tried to pay you back for your time in the guest that you spent to help me do this or in the and the families I have in my car now. God's sake luckily this is ranked Hawaii I shouldn't even brought it up reportedly are coming here and just live through UC what happened. Coming through he warned his seeming to snap his. Thing off my thing I shed about Lewis hasn't what do you should suit complex I'm in complete support that they should have some this is only one card time. I disagree with that I'm I'm a complete support that they should have that they should be fixing these teams he'd like no dad did this the old debt that big you rubber Mal you pop and on the second. Some even damage I have is I'd. Paint all over my truck to does it does it say one card entitling it to I don't know Oz has been I don't pay to deliver on our decision reverend Allen had to go back in the activists warning it nobody good friend what is an atlas and frankly you know only one car comes through the time against the way and the fact did you immediately recognize what I was saying. Everything came down like you were telling you want to does that only you're doing and what are you guys you were told me don't want. You wanna recognize that recognize what I wouldn't think you're saying come faster so you said oh you were telling me to wake you up anyway I honestly don't hit a sort of a. And I saw that does absolutely fascinating radio there for second there's ridiculous Tom. Frank. As you alluded to earlier. Many of our coworkers are not here today. Because it's presidents' day and we apparently. Security intercom. Now we day did you take days off for holidays like President's Day. Which I think is completely pointless holiday why we thank you people Sabena president they're doing their job we like today empty jobs. You know how did you have a day off for us a day job nationally. The hottest day yet didn't get us on and we deserve it right you don't you don't get a dead obvious frank was supposed pointless holiday in American society. Most holiday or just day in general that we celebrate how about yes Danica right. You know holidays. In it to have the rationale reason wherever there's kind of a Valentine's Day to me. Is a day that we celebrate that might be the most. Pointless holiday ever. Here you go out there and you spent a 150 bucks sometimes. From flowers and by the candy you you know you trying to get teased where's my appreciation. Is there for me process met who you know not just me parsley for. You regret you know there is a day right or is it going to say don't hear I think it's march 14 MacDougal right now I'm pretty sure the masters. March 14 Hulk yeah. You you guys I'm not reading this on the here what is it about. Its channel like the male Valentine's Day. I went out celebrated the past days and you know just totally don't even tried just leave it just Google march 14 holiday you'll see it not DJ. You don't war and innuendo easily car Carlos amount of it's PG a tour right. Now he's fine because we're still beating around the bush in not actually touching the topic yeah. Kind of like what happens on that day. A signal talks about it. The topic should be that should be a holiday that should be celebrated state game. Sheridan and I sent it well issued an excited British tennis clinical permanent look for guys but we're gonna sell but it malveaux. Valentine's Day we should celebrate that I agree but does that not change your perspective a little bit because now that you know we have a day is men it's not as commercialized. But he's been around you lose money on I don't fails excellent target market that we know it's very easy. That's basically Valentine's Day is entertaining on the yards and and you very well maybe spending money on holiday. Absolutely no you're 13% right cause that's a holiday the number anyways. So I mean or what. Democrats for. The but that that's that's a holiday that's a as far as I really hard as the date that is where. OK I was doing elsewhere I do look at. Let me find it in my phone this Franken wrote down a close from Mark Twain in the day that I thought you. And I was absolutely. Leading literary yes I was actually riveting and very powerful well and I thought it was something and maybe you could speak to. I it's a well known quote but I still think it it's in you learn it yes yes I just up from time to try and I did not edit this is frank. Just say Frankie says. It's the most important days in your life for the day you were born in a day you find out why. Frank what was the day you found out why you were born. It's probably five years old and it was to serve my father. How puts your this could get told that puts you on the serve to serve. Maybe ten to be might parcel service lasts seven that the huh huh huh. Or you're dead to make sure that the house is playing in the yard as it is is kept up then yes. Guess that's why you're here your mother gave birth to seven employees and I expect that originally anticipated a a setback today of seven format that's right which has pretty much LeRoy a step that that's FL my purpose in life. To serve the people. Well since I have seen Chris Kroger Roman around the hallways clear I'm pretty confident you'll be noticed when I. Now now Yahoo! yeah. Not bless you bless us a lot of Jeanette was on the night. BC Koch Bassam how sports that I usually elsewhere in the. Don't guests. Was on doing nugget I can tell that wall that he has a wall in his backyard or not is backyard but this back room that needs to come down. To extend his master living area and is now she's it's a little closet. Yeah it's not the closet target the one there's two clauses that it hit the one that he wants as one in the back you know the kind of joining Ali EA isn't really the reason not to pull wall make that one big large living it and I love that idea and here's what we're gonna do one demoted. I'm gonna seed strike shot suburban and just let him clubs through the wall. We're gonna do we're just bare hand yes we have details you will yes he's ready to cash payback for you damage in my truck. Such a wire time to come back there's a lot of support you sue in my apartment complex got a little insert text to have this time. A look and see if I was I didn't didn't stand at the pizza place or the ice stories me in place that was it right there was pretty good start telling before the chipset at. It would be nice Parikh. In the past this and asked. I'm just out there all right we're gonna come back inside the garage or pureed authors Grover do was show up front I'm WA assisting minister or simulate. Chris drove from Jordan surely from the garage to do. First and foremost let us are flexible mouthpiece for another delicious lunch today more gray wig glasses are. Still links are just and destitute and we there's a lot of hyperbole when we doubled our sponsors sometimes. Also today's fantastically. Teriyaki wings buffalo wings some of the best hamburger meat sliders I've ever had. Well he's gonna get your publisher Arthur LaBelle skews you heard that ringing endorsement from Oz I would I would consider pretty regular endorsement with Oz if I were you because he is always. I always sort of there was some gusty Guinea 200 dollars a month tilting your best friend wow yeah. Honestly I could have a negative endorsement and bathrooms and I give him on the cheap man. Radio personalities can offer you cleaning your bathroom do you think we can convince intercom to recognize march 14 as you know what you know. Lately enough so that could affect the policy is now time now not a into personal foul out. Dismisses misuse of innuendo whatever McCall and I don't know if you can put me thinks that it's good to sensitivity training after that we're an end up there was also the well we're gonna end up insensitivity and rooting for march 4 march 14 as an holiday by the way and there's are a lot of Car-Mart can go on your not so subtly change the subject we got a call during the break different Steve is that right STV's contract and what it's these Steve said. Eight meg sure Daly knows it that's Maher makes sure he knows if or isn't. You know let's Erin law I did it just make sure not to knock down O'Donnell. Look very lie just made them so I don't appreciate it I don't Derrek Lee knock it down more than a slogan. We're already don't matter of fact were brought up to to brace a wall we knocked on a minute later today so low we were we got that covered although I do need a good extra later. I gotta get some dirt moved around the back toward the front yard so to buy new address debater this upside is listen I I noted excavating business prosecuted. Workers are hours and helping out there it into how does that help you know because he can read you can read a Bechtel for a day. And just do all the work I'll let you rent a Battelle dot fright don't dude I don't. I don't say back home I. Are they just say heavy machinery actually can't take that anywhere so it is is don't say actually. God are you should know better I need a good experience if you know anybody who knows anybody who says he's the sheer size cars got a skits or Bob to yesterday. And on television don't just don't say backup under the gun drawn up it's not a front frank don't use those words. It was not a good idea and I've got it I really wanted to spit something out right now let's sensitivity Jenny just picking it back and I can't do that though. And use I was at. Restrain restraint or myself ever show senator restraint here auction. Yeah we just a matter Tom were bonuses of our torture I just I just don't know Wimbledon will be there are some of my torch. Ray you're working a sort of a no matter practiced work listless crowd source some right some right sincere because of my admired my opinion of that I was on the camera so you could find this both on Twitter at French car and on it's a very cautiously at frank Garcia 65 and I don't mind act child really WS Lindsay there's a Twitter or FaceBook and it to do you know there is any other viral. There there's a 102 clip of frank Garcia tore into his mind up you got you got the second half of the toward the first part of that was good I saw little movement. Like a lot of shake so I don't want little stars Lawson can second after Furyk the only guys that Sheikh. You got some shaken there where we're at Kroger go he just walked by and let there are always here at the moniker and time what are you doing out there. But you strike it and you don't worry about it we're on the U she go ahead just ripped that thing open gross kimono. I got himself now Archie Clark blanket immunity you know army somehow negotiable. It's ugly it's not how I don't certainly attract. You know I think about march 14 so. Do we can't. Week we can't have nice things because frankly easier Aretha Franklin from. Hasn't even the students it's. Just nailed it. Another frank Garcia Jim yeah. You have to fury throw strikes when I was always. I heard that he's a treasure trove just good stuff really best stuff you get your heads explode dude you're. And full but little time what you do that so we got to thank James Herbert CBS sports Dodd John John rosty CBS sports dot com fan and of course the venerable chuck Howard. Joining us live from now nothing it's. I was shocked guy I imagine chuck sir report I mean he's always prickly but. It's been a long few weeks serve him well how how is he I was concerned because he's coming off the Daytona 500 Sunday right so there's that in and of itself and he's on 95 around Hilton head and I'm sure does know less stress between Savannah and Charleston the cell service is also 195. But we it was he was good he resign he was not ornery and easy gave us some great stuff I thought that race was great yesterday about a way yes there was. I couldn't turn away I mean I I can try to flip find a reason to keep flipping over to golf first few minutes sure. You know Cincinnati would Wichita State was actually good basketball game yesterday afternoon but. I can stick to a NASCAR and I'd probably to be honest I really do that every Sunday probably not a comes up probably NASCAR blood. For one Sunday I mean they they held everybody's attention yesterday that was a great race if there are few things that did did they do grab my attention Alex short tracks don't work on that Bristol night Richmond you know whatever Richard I like the short trek star Daytona obviously I'll watch Talladega and that's kind of agree that the race. Was Garcia in three and 44 out there and that the drivers that we're typically used to see in those cars. Dan O'Dowd and need to you know speed get to the end and it's 12 it's the three and 43 cars well I'm a huge the lawlessness and if anybody's got a following him for the last couple years. You know it's just give me give this guy ride give this guy ride because he's good he's he's really talented he's got a lot of personality and does mean he kind of wrestling promo in that post race interview on on fox yesterday he's put Mike in front of his face they're like. Go man just let him go. Lego they just let him go men and so I wanna quickly just got to pivot to something else because I saw this on Twitter just now the Carolina mud jets modeling baseball team. A Phillies and brewers. They just tweeted out. Hey at first it if you're looking for a second chance will be hosting National Anthem trials on March 10 at 10 AM so concerned. There is united through I know so yeah I know you you were invested an all star weekend which is like. Odds game was was very good it was a day I wouldn't say it was perfect and it's it's never going to be perfect as an exhibition but I think they accomplish a lot of what would they wanted to accomplish I thought the three point contest which is kind of become the major event on Saturday. So slash dad did in which crazy you know Devin Booker broke the record with twenty points that's fun around the itself flat to dunk contest. It had its moments come. But you know which is one of these things where you miss a couple of dunks in a row just kind of takes the air out of the room. If you pretty here are some things Jim wash these things with a little bit of you know kind of what this is Devin Booker could have been the hornets. All you had a bad Saturday doctor Donovan Donovan Mitchell criminal. Ours last year's at their arsenals guys off number out there anyway like both of them they you know they almost drafted Devin Booker they almost dressed to Don and rituals we don't know they just. When a slightly different they're different directions so soon. First for you kind of sparked this today I saw that two. Can do it for the grandma what is our. Right right to choose your words right good torque choose your words carefully assemble a book tour to remove. For your side using your age delegate give you seven so not bad not bad loans seven and a half minutes there's a movement that give him a drop puts out affecting nearly as much an extra stuff I was impressed your horrible. Over there and just alas what a schism and if you wanna see it on answering my child really WS Lindsay frank torque and for ten seconds in the Mitchell and a bitch so. I have to ask it anyway trojans coming up we get Omar three a fly solo until then we're gonna some fun there's a crazy weekend racing was great MBA all star we can I think overall all the theatrics aside last night for the first hour were pretty good and you know college fast we'll just keeps deliveryman noticed I mean what's the and if you gave me a number I say how deep do you go on a list regardless of cool but how to how did you go on the list. Teams that can get to a final 432 if you look 32 no with you look at the AP top ten today out we give you eight out of the stuff sent. OK I passed a sales. 3232. Mrs. O'Leary's year and it's a series here my whole life I don't remember a year like. This and I say hey just because I'm not suddenly a believer in Texas Tech basketball but I mean not obviously they don't know suited. Who knows we don't know Kentucky also looked really good on Saturday not watch them for what anybody's capable -- anybody is there was gonna show so we got we know more three we got my Jolie was on the call he's always on the call for the 500 he's gonna join us afford David shoe may for the Blue Devils smiled boss at 230. And died what else up activity forced to do talk go to college you're so into missile mix it up and then you know the -- there's news to witches Arizona Julius Peppers sounds like leaning towards coming back on that shoulder surgery is not coming back right. And you might be reminded that it can be pretty painful Oca. Hardly a show man we got to thank everybody once again awesome stuff for back tomorrow once again with a rusty bums are back at work in though we look forward to hear from me for now. Prime time is coming your way next Chris Kroger is journal more days are coming up to three cell. A looking forward to bat for hit man on us bright John childless is Ben Garcia daily WS Wednesday. Safe and right what does that do they'll blow your mind that you just happen.