Garcia and Bailey: It's Hornets Hour with Steve Clifford and Stephanie Ready.

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Tuesday, February 13th
We're are filled to the brim with Hornets guests this hour as we replay yesterday's interview with Hornets' head coach Steve Clifford, and Hornets analyst Stephanie Ready.

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All right so the hornets have won more between now and the all star break they had to Orlando on Wednesday night and as we've been telling you we are now joined by the head coach of the Charlotte north Steve Clifford and our choice first and foremost welcome back it's been a while our. I'm OK guys thank you. Well first and foremost of hours of basketball stars are you there. They're Dennis the first on neutral to frighten us and sucks you know you had your your hiatus away from the game and into working on health things and such and we've heard about how you is possibly changed a little bit as an individual I even heard the word yoga tossed in there maybe some meditation. How is Steve Clifford the man that different the nub of the for the hiatus before that so that Bridget took. A. I mean art that are on our feet tall like treat you respectfully off. I live differently arm wrist watches everything and don't really hit home. There was a sweet dish U. Just don't like terrorists just like could you guys you know you can guess. I guess so we approach to what you're doing. That at times you do you don't listen to your body and armed you know since I got in the NCAA. You know I've I've always been on staff source started off on the steps of New Yorkers being what Jeff you're going to be a trip go. Where we were all really early morning people and that's what I chamber and you know what I find out as 56 is a lot of. It's important supporters call home. And those sorts thing going on for a couple of years and they're you know the other thing is hopefully nobody aircraft that deal with the art epics. And sleep are very much related agents basically worked and what we've been doing is I've been getting bad headaches a home. Like you know current day and we were just kind of our musing. Are sure or hurt you know I guess a stronger medication to take cure period which. Doesn't take care of your headaches and then it got worse and worse and are looked like some lesson. You're just a bit of an employee should own soul. Now I'm actually working on trying to trademark audience sweep more. More kids closely with our team doctor and then not local neurologist doctor Jones doctor Garcia's are conduct their work Corey is. Obviously more now that I have a long time that I've always stick go but it's definitely changed my how. You know coach. Here you have it's under control bit easier little bit better but you know. You need me to the question is that you believe that there is such a thing is over preparing because. Knows the players some time. Iams and I got a good comfort level with my. Let it go watch film you get prepared on the sometimes you start over prepared you start seeing goes to open and think about things that you know you might have certainly. Memory those types of things you ever find that problem and. I think probably. Not that Smart to be NFL because you're so decision in between games. You know were up more time to walk do that most of these. Milosevic general planning and Harley it's really you do in September. On all markets you don't return pertain to come so quickly Clark. This team I think this same. Challenger decisions that you may try to poke or you make your basketball as a com. You don't how much what what to we live with France's defensively what can we take away and midnight when you try to do too much. You know what you say you know you can not sit up more than you can help achieve quite well. All one of the things. But you know and and I would think football's probably the more I just don't know enough about it but it basketball. She still gets back to most good night's defensively. Come from basic principles you know fast break point second chance points. Points in the paint. Bomb and then there you know within the shooting percentages. So a lot of times or you know always it's a good point you have to make sure that your sticky wicket basic principles retires or Oprah. No coach you know boys head on his conversations and I don't know. Going to be any other way and no you don't. On as well so. Oh I'm just nasty some honest questions I know Kyle well as well because our time I'm Sears I'm curious to watch these teams play you look at the athletes that you guys have all. On the court I'm necessarily one important one guy. You know show you enough input in that position but we have the athletes to compete defensively to move her feet together. Imposition to do the things it on a consistent basis that may be some other teams are plainly as you know. The league. Eyewitness RBR I believe that we do on good but our congress it is weird not. Speed and quickness would not be straight to our group. All I believe intelligence is and I'd say. You know when you're on your game and you're Smart you are you can do you have step quicker we. When we have been righty. That's. How we banned in all along we've panic frankly listen. They it already. Has more responsibility. We are. But you know how inconsistent replay tonight do arm I've had a lot to do where it. Almost every one of these guys comment here and then I'm retro soul. There's nobody else that there has bit bigger part of the ocean side you and I are hostile stadium by the fact that. I think it is important terms are just hours. Oh or potential I think this is the best team that that we attacked you know what we don't play well and armed it an incredibly frustrating for our players has been frustrating for me. Tore our staff. And you know book a lot of plays. That you know office. I pray perhaps or you don't troop breaking news oh we are just not sustained. Good play. There which is what this week is all about when you start the year you play 82 games every team's giving up some great where it's. And every seem more how disappointing losses but is the teams that have a way to play it open to the war. And stay with that and trust didn't trust her teammates that are going to quit. So do we have some weakness as we absolutely do we don't have an overpowering roster she and yes frank I mean. You know commission is part coaching you know coaches. It's you know my responsibility. To give it to get the most out of home. Sin are really just sort of four years previous this we really have. And this year we have not so far. Steve Clifford or its head coach Jordan is on the sector job just like Steve why why wasn't this team more active arbitrary deadline and why wasn't Kemba Walker treated. The first first of all in the period in two in my opinion are. We can book. Is basketball starts at the top appear that the top of your roster. And he's our best player on. So to me. To try greeting him you'd have to care. To me an all star caliber player backed. Armed that you were confident. Could bring everything tort team that he credit not only your best player. He's a great competitor he's a great leader. He has the respect of everybody in the locker room any sting is for all right today so. I think that would be. It anyways that was Marco and I thought it would be nearly impossible. To trade him anyway if we if we watched him you know obviously. That would be a major rebuild unless you're getting somebody portraits at a people call a guy. All in in the terms of the other part. Yet you know like I say that. You know certainly we are very active com. You know what it's you know I don't know how close these guys you know not all the little dated deep thing at all. You know they keep me oppressive treat it gets cold like it did you know I I just think you were treated in our league is not that easy to make Cotto or you know our future oral and yet so are by and you know it just wasn't much there for us. Our Steve we asked you a lot of his direct questions because we've come to know that I have. I know I know that. I want people know and appreciate the fact. Your candor is the dominant and unfortunately. A comet known in this industry and we appreciate that from your and that's why we shall cost blast he's quick these questions like this in my next question would be how. How do you get. More out of Nick Punto because he's he's not been consistently good enough I don't think in that role you may disagree I don't know but tell me that. Moronic don't. And how frustrating is that true Galley kemba who is the ultimate competitor. And and you watch him play you point out he's. Knightley just given everything he has and you know coach and we're honest I mean I just we don't I don't see that platoon. Well I did I mean he took me to this attitude may achieve that our market. I think he had. He came back through September. In. The best shape he's been in since you spend here on and I think. In the best place mentally. If he had. Nolan training camp. Com and I make excuses an start truly feel he had no training camp because he got hurt the first quarter the first preceding game. So anyways now I think it was seven and a half weeks and it did your job and obviously there's only so much you can do any jump dated. Being in that. Still the hardest thing in our league is once you start playing. Our practices change. Drastically. You know because when your plane at 34 games every week which we are you don't do a lot of contact in practice some more getting these guys are ready to. It's a Lotto you know five on all we're playing three on three years trying to keep those guys and rebel. That way in here and you know I think he came back on. You know keep jumped in the air he got off to a two. You know porn star. Here are being splashed to a trickier she hasn't played as well and he had this really I would say nine out of eleven games where viewers really good. You know we had a triple probably a 31000043. Arm and I fell and I feel. Like giddy getting in to rid of more comfortable worry you know what where his team is that. Armed. And so I don't totally agrees. He's not happened a year that I think you would have had the other training camp. But I do think that he's getting to the point where he's playing at a period are up. Yeah I know maybe it's just things that we see on the outside the insular stuff and the results more than what you see on a daily basis which you have obviously a lot more here you. Had the bomb new and different things that we've done with the station you've been involved with and I'm. Publicly you've probably address this well as well but you know why why is the young player. But why is why is he having so much you know time. I'm league McLean yeah wise Moly Marc Kevin is so much difficulty getting out there on the court because. The I know this is it you learn from Washington. But you learn more from doing. Yeah I believed to be honest with you try to just we have played well when he's been on the court. I mean that you just want to do where I need to look at it on. Well right now I mean I think for his career to your starter. I think he has appealed a play both for one and two. If you don't obviously we're playing him at the point. The end I don't think there. More sinister right where I just don't think he has a concert well or he doesn't mind playing here. 'cause she wants to be on the floor but I I you know I almost feel like our podium early in the season in the position. We're we're still difficult for him to play well most of point. And I think he would gonna be a good player at the bottom line is that if you'll look at that I know you guys have all the numbers. We didn't play well he essentially wanted to on the floor well we really struggled off crunch of and I think a lot of that was because. You know what can he doesn't have enough support comfort level. To play the point yet which I think you quote very bright he's got a picture for the game. And the second part is. So if she's not gonna play the points. Then you have to play at that too. And I mean Germany Williams has been to Europe and I've only going to the trip. Germ did was leaving. Eastern Conference. The whole Eastern Conference in points off the bench. So really that's the situation I would look at it like this who mortgages. He just turned twenty. Arm I know there are a lot of expectations sheet to I think was hurt by. I know some relief not learning the NBA game and you know source of matchup features there. That the you know the defense took part is that big adjustment for the all star in the he's still learning that but. You know in a nutshell. Can you know. Q did give an opportunity to play actually a big role. The first fifteen games of the year and now we're the biggest problem is we struggled to play well when he was out there you know he'll get another chance to edit. And I am the one thing I think our total purse or her social couple weeks you there's nobody in this building that doesn't think he's going to be a trip wire. Arm. I also have my experience just three years with younger players. In terms at all. You know what I feel pastor going to them playing well. And sometimes. Arm and be in a position where you can play well past success. Is it better couldn't being out there and not being part of success of the war. RC you've been really generous with its I'm solid on this 125. Games let's ask the bride's double and more on Wednesday just Orlando and you know despite. Not being where you hoped to be at this point early six and NASDAQ event that eighth and final playoffs but what pastor changed between now and the end of the regular season for for you to get that final playoff spot. This this is it may sound simple but have since they are spoke players just deputy it is simple we have complete team we have to do to keep things better. We have two people we you have to play your game. When you play it back to back when you play Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday whatever it is. You have to have a way to play everybody admits to everybody does their job there are days. And that's when your team has the chance to play consistently and then in schedules to I want to just the way that you bought. To be honest would you have been the most frustrating thing I think for me and I know for some of the players. We have always been for four years here. I think. If you ask any other coach in the league Bret Stephens at a full flash you wait you out there. They don't beat themselves in their heart to play against. To me that's a good formula for winning big canyon PX. We were like get your one even your true won't we won't restrict your treaty and last year. We've always clearly gaining that when you watch this play it was higher execution and purposeful. And that's what we have not content to. On the person again most responsible for that it need. Our own you know we're working to try to picture it I know what the staff knows that the players call we can do that. Then if you look at our schedule or have a chance to be a playoff team if we don't. On that we're gonna continue to be disappointed it took the wrong reasons by the way because we do have enough. Steve Clifford orders said George joining us on the second job just like George was set and a few minutes ago and also evidence as to guys who typically say whatever respect and we we really appreciate always had a candor and your honesty in the and these are excellent questions answered we're really appreciate those social. Are you. Be sure to check the hornets coach your show every Thursday at 6 PM with Chris program brought to you by corona light came on line men official partner of the Charlotte hornets a 1025610. WS Lindsay speak to the hornets coaches honesty Clifford and there was interest and we got a ton of feedback on that yesterday lots of calls tweets and texts and that's why we reported from those of you out there and missed it yesterday interest in stuff Stephanie ready fox sports southeast will join us in just a minute but before we dip their policy to phone caller to a more dough to a Robbie also it's not too wants to talk about the hornets routed Arizona. I PayPal. Their body and how it will. I don't wanted to comment on all the okay I'm right there probably would do. All I'm all right we look better ball in the here. Is okay. Thought our I wanted to comment on upn now he's back I'll keep on you and a thank yesterday you know wobble Oakmont not planning on seeing. Happen to get the whole. I don't think with my neck good. East expert Barry I don't care between your belt or not. He he can't be a point guard mostly public you know the mentality. Ali trying to cover up the bench didn't try criminal Steven and that's what I think it up thank you never got going big is this but if the other you know a week. And I really bombing an artist credit. Does that Woodson for our robbery or we don't know if I'd have been appreciated. When we got the gist of the first calls a motor toss Robin wood chipper for not doing his job but it's so why the other the only that'll lead us into Stephanie ready fox sports southeast courtside analyst. It's ready for lunch every Tuesday at 1230 we'll welcome her once again on to the tech job to visit our. It pretty well too too late and missed the opportunity to watch Stephanie ready how are you decide nuts Tuesday morning afternoon whatever it is. Morning I mean inkjet and it. Well let me ask you something that's a watermark callers just post he says that yeah. He's he doesn't believe that leap month is a very good player anyway despite how we don't you may be says he's not suitable God's not suited to play the point guard position and not sure where else he can play and I won't ask you to comment on all that I am curious what position you think Moly Monica's best suited for the India. A well harsh. But. It. Very. Called for a rocky get acclimated to India gate we talk about it all the I didn't. There are all action to roll yeah I mean there are an all AC. Bright flash it I do. Very not a pilot and Earl. Our age but early part of their career you know they're learning purpose very act. And an art. 880 why don't. Picketed at the elite. You know Arnold Mott and and turn their chair position I think. Eat ugly debate gore or type of all or that leads you to if you guard position he has. Excellent range. He played point guard all I won't you know going into college and he had experience and debilitating off and it. Different and I don't care what position quite. In a while. It is you know BA I think that's why did the not very competitive air it when they meet at. Give which you know he's he is can't eat even to legally like every cop out like. I know you are feeling their work when they aren't making money when you want your adult now everybody you can eat crap. Okay all right so low we had Steve Clifford on yesterday I don't know if you were able to catch any of the interview but. We asked him some pretty reported direct questions about this team and where they are right now and and also lashed him right off the bat we kind of got into the meat and potatoes and everything about. Why this team was not more active with the trade deadlines and I'm curious your thoughts on that should they have been more active trade deadline. We mean that they're that the cult you ideally I don't know you know what the deal they are considering are being offer. At its heart a blanket statement yet should've been more active I think you know when you look at it he likely find. Iran of additional pretty hat you can't beat it. They're up against the wall don't know brought back next year icky in coming back in prayer and that there weren't you at marquis is in a long term. He's not coming back. It got to make a run now. It can be. A really unique to get a chat at an eight on all of great and really shot up there. And will the they're trying to an ambiguity you know I'd say that because. Does all the things we've been preaching all these long. The UP to bat a key player hurt coaching app and are not there at LER. All unique and that but to the bachelorette cheat because it. Obviously there are negative all of the CD injury. It really hard to make a good I agent on what you and your are. You don't have all church stand because the happening and what is engineer. It and you know you might be in a machinery you can do to change our our I ain't. Not knowing what. All earned run people into you don't argue anything Q creepy you you remember how everyone leaving no I cannot walk are treating bought out. Not comfortable in giving you straight up or out at church. You know Stephanie I don't know how much you know football he watched him run and I don't know if this is even a fair comparison but I'll try to use it anyways and the difference between Florida State and Wake Forest for example when the back up here comes in after the starter gets injured in Florida State still have. Germany developed five star guy. I that has may be in some size and strength on those type of things verses when the backup comes in at Wake Forest. He's still lead 1819 year old freshman with pimples that still trying to look different throughout his body and really hasn't worked out yet. You know you talk about you know some of the injuries and some of the challenges that torrents have and they seem like they're more dealing with the Wake Forest issues in the. 88888. It in the air I. Was always a problem you know and it earlier year. What was the problem you know and they got the plane actually started having real talent on our hot air all our upper unlike. Kemba Walker you know unique I hit at like hour. Now. I think Qatar you know my acting he got up. And how much at the drop off and you need haircuts are talking about he likes a lie you don't need one starter Adam Eaton. What is the edged up by. And we've seen a flash it up early at the actually accurate or am IE I've been very keen and did you are you starting at this starter and going to beat out keeping his protection. We've seen a couple of dean at a bank committed here and air Turkey expelled. And he would be to our technology that he can get it's that ain't an op Ed out. I added you reconnect people to. What you got your shall help eat and Turkey is certainly being part dot. Now you're a lot of respect it she you know the bench. Can they get the point now where they're picking on a regular can sit in an act in at eighty. Added he's he's clean and all get on earth are trying to halt an elite are you know Audi had app and act that. Without watering down. Your overall crop are typical deal and it takes time and a lot of times app and bring it in the aura and I are you know in the Aaron. Start to get out and our contract and they become. All like each entity working a lot the other act out after the clearly. You know that is. I'm I think he'd be very interesting toward the end of even getting in the well what team are doing a bit in our L. Have a lock you out a big apple final you know all the pizza I eat at a. You know Steffi we talk about the Panthers lab we talked about need in our next year we talk about. You know maybe what's the good thing the offense needs we talk about speed at the wide receiver a big run. Any bag may be more adept on the offensive line. When you look at the hornets and you see kemba Walker's point guards he had to play the entire second half without him sitting on the backs they use timeouts at the end of the game. Is that the position in this most needed his backup point guard for this because. I'm not sure you know what Michael Carter Williams experiences at that but it's this historically bad and orange pace to be with the offensive production or lack thereof that he's putting out he might did you something on the defensive end. You know with him out their hum is is that probably the biggest need moving forward with hornets. Had he definitely a need and now on top I appear to have it you know when you talk about drop off. You at an all are. Out acting you're all our. You're starting like art and he is someone you authority can cheat cheat cheat tee BJP is extremely heartbeat in panic and can't get so many Jill and he and a good. You don't act Q a couple of players not view you know may or may not have. 18 actually offensive that now they're definitely had me there you know and a lot of time in the here we need to do it. Because it's such a good at this shot Peter great Eric IQ that high that meeting you know I keep UK and in that regard is backing units or eight more. You can you I think you what you need is. Someone who can run that unit had been cleared by Jeremy lamb rank and eat. Can't eat dollar you know these are players. Out our general out there. You can help put an end to our nation you can't really get productive or. I think it would completely changed. So raid pat pat pat and she and it is Kristi. Our Stephanie we're we got one day before the of the all star break obviously to their backed job by about a week later roughly. How long did that second half if you're the hornets did you give this group of guys to get hot and maybe make a run at this thing or do you just. I guess how many games and asking until you say okay if this it's time to what to look ahead Mostar play Emily closed sharply into lane and OC and we've got a little bit further down this bench to get a sit prepared for these offseason moves that this team obviously is going to an estimate. I want o'clock. Right out you know how traditionally you'd be all star break when a marker. But if you look at it in actually played a part if we ever get that they're well right aptly arc. And it kinda get all our break you're on the editor's at all. And it acts when you archer nearly look at that eating an and it and you know who is sitting at 18. You're beyond number eight how are back argue and what teen parent and unit that we prop eight. When it becomes a around the client and it becomes the point where only radically at top of it just looks like it's not even wolf. Out in a practice he got an and I don't know what might be. I've heard cuts good for stay at an X and are studying the how to write ready. Probably period here. You can look at it right now see yet partner out of eighty. But the team that they aren't bad and eighty which can meat I'm eating I mean aggregate in people up at all yet. There is an opportunity in the crowd because you eat an entire had ear come out there you get your not to. Cleaning out an air in a lot which can help you at. Well but it optic long. Stephanie how would you put your coach's head on because the noncompetitive garden we've talked about this and normally go to maybe a couple of scenarios in on what I've seen in now on the mention one that I saw Friday night with Miami as they play the hornets and I'm an act you know that one of the players on the other team comes right down the lane. And flushes want it looks like there is your resistance in fact guys were falling now. The way because then it went a step in front take the charged enforced less alike these things happen too much I don't she's one place here we complain there. You have to create this what do you say to the team. You know when you're mad at no resistance at the basket you know with certain types of plays or players it continued to attack. All on an ad is really about her and I. I think when you tragic and so we are behind me what had a balloon in a month and when you're missing shots. I didn't mean. In the deep end and it occur in the thirtieth not Eric tell me that you don't eat. Now all financial spot BE need to be replaced. I'm out here are looking for opportunity to repair work and I even eighty. A petition that the theme I'm telling you I'm a walker example and even all are and even lead your team and it always in the top. Portion of the NBA in charge it at. Why it. We will act not and thinking it chart out of what are. We all of them charge thought they that there are unclean people at an errant I'd its body because you want to bring in any. Meaning that correct. I couldn't agree more it's not fair to kemba. By the he's out there are sacrificing that and the rest of the team sometimes I feel like isn't mine in unfortunately some of those players are making the lion's share. All of the money and that's where the difficulty comes in and what you do as a coach. Now all of a pertinent app a lot of credit. I think it's a we're at now quote political I hit a lot lot less than an app you. You know I think at eight genuinely will put out there that it is a hell am. And we've seen it there's a bishop it's changed your lot in you know and it it granted caught in an off early and at bat he had by no means one of the top running on the T. I Stephanie ready fox sports southeast Corzine analyst joins us every Tuesday at 1230 it's ready for launch and are great as always steps we will talk to soon all right. Absolutely we'll come back and rattled the hour still some things to get into we'll give you an updated Winter Olympics medal counts. And though we still got some things to reach out some characters news to talk about but also. Are gonna promises or defrag so more and debts take on California's proposed war on football's Garcia nearly. United States olympians are winter olympians could use. Little juice right now because. Medal count is not exactly in our favor right now but death bed but we're we're sitting fifth still. Behind a Norway Netherlands Canada and Germany right now a total Canada and I know you do you tell me all about it he moves. Meese it's deuces. Deuces or mice mice. That's it uses world moves beavers eight beavers to bug beavers at the Canada you're seen in favor. Like a real and yes if Atlanta. That's going last night and all right Suzanne attacks that are inexpensive at less and I. That's right about sausage stuffed animals that's always talking about Osborne and what we would jingle beavers. Did beavers are huge. And they're singer real beaver in real idea I so there's a beat these live by my house this thing was figures in my adult up to 98. It was and we saw walking across a road went on at a stick and it's now he's just what any US like. Two and a half three feet long should you try to catch it go to Colorado ID Yilmaz beavers did. This gives it deep big fight force of of these can not be fair love nature may be at Allegheny. But just sing it didn't really know scientific. Basis of active in the trees Kyle with anti twist they're cheap I mean woodpeckers. Do things to know it's crazy traders are you seriously try to compare woodpecker to beaver Donna try to get us out of this bigger problem. That's. I'm try to find a reasonable way out of a better. Just get out of it by the metal metal cal right now in Norway leading the pack with eleven overall. Netherlands apps in Canada has ten Germany has not the United States coming into fifth with six overall medals three golds. Once over and two bronze medals we have got to restore prevention trial is Otis yes go USA. Oh USA. You know what I and I didn't realize because again I didn't grow cross country skiing but. Those guys those athletes deluded like this no equivalent of one marathon runners it is a distance running. Eagle up hills on skis and snow is possible I think about that for second division of your run or you absolutely have to stop for some reason to take a break. In our league did the Gramm to comply and I realize that grabbed a seat while the ruined if you ever had to stop for any reason during the run for sex you could. But if you're going uphill on cross country skis and you had to stop. Would you be screw would you slot back a candidate is that how that works. I can't believe you're having this conversation you like captain Tiffany that. Cross country skiers are like marathon that wasn't. Really my Tiffany was more along the lines of the reduce cross country ski uphill so for some reason you had to stop you yeah whenever they appear skewed. Like downhill skiing and Eden general. One timer on students and the answers. I was idols Gilad either Palestinians are no doubt you sedan drivers DBS are just it was just image obviously you want on Daniel Steele bunny slope and probably Richard Branson. You know that that that was in your skiing adventure right I understand I give them same way. But if you ever risky and you see these people. As they're going up and down hills there's places when you go to resorts are gonna have cross country passing ride horses that you can go do those things that and a lot of those are dulled your arms in the way you position your skis these guys are machines they'd look like penguins walking and you're seeing that thing at the it weird thing yeah. We're when they want to fielding. They keep up the hill missteps of their feet and they. Find a way up the mountain. They're using our. A hundred miles an hour we are seeing these things at the gym. I can I never uses like this like the that the step master but to have the little day area that's been known. That's the equivalent of aerial skiing and so when I get on the step master the stair master or you know whatever you wanna call it. And I just hold on their hands I hate those bars that go across like that. Bring back and forth I never use us for the full body work out. Like I said I don't usually things that little boy run I did I know that that's what they make bench press as with a mate font. You don't try sipped what pushes in and curls and those things for. But yeah I mean that's. I don't find that I think that's one of them most born things because there's the problem is when that. Is it was a guy gets a Lee Yang Cassel was he falls. This than the crazy thing about that though is that as we're watching highlights of the cross country skiing event tonight and someone correct me if I'm wrong. The American I think last they Kruger fell. And it was like toward France crash wisely everybody guys and it's about to get to god who mosquitoes are these guys are you. All they're basically trailing each other from inches will Wright somebody took it Justine in the groin them and it was just a nasty fall and the dude gets up the American got up and still won the damn thing. After he fell zero Merrill. I Nomo look I'd I'd think I don't think he wore. I bet he does when talking about not okay battle and again you wonder he came airborne he get a total talking about a double checked about his last name was programs blown away by that and by the way I was just tell us the most news this morning. You know I was actually afforded discussion about some random things or get people fired up on the show it would be far about sports stuff sold hundreds of sorted skit you know Carol and do whatever it is. But we said before you guys get fired up over the craziest things that we even ordered biscuits vs toast we'd blown up problems at least vs US to Zimmer odds have incited a riot overby versed on the buildings that are just like. People are sending in pictures of what beavers have done the trees yeah some guys certainly a screen shot of the the beaver by strength. It's it's it's they wreck I am every may and I series and I we had a Bieber got caught. On my road back home eat eight like fifteen trees on the creek bank before he was when he caught. It was ridiculous he lit up and doubt it like a mile or two's walk that he just eight trees all over I. I realize beavers were so deadly. Writes the byte severe demands are in the man bled to death yeah attacks are rare teach but the annals can be more aggressive. At about two years of age when they leave their colony to find him eight. Sounds very eerily similar. This is Australian and had a really does does is a beaver will bite you in the several artery. What I'd and there's a good. I don't by doing damage just instinctively aim for the summer are I don't know I'm not sure they know are weak points Kyle Riddell and they're dangerous. Your studio inside and we get a different sex or it was a reminding us how to do our jobs does good things we can see the story by an album we have we talked about it if you did miss it. Did breaking news about an hour ago hour and a half whatever was this point Dave gentlemen. New GM of the New York Giants has hired. Mike Shula to become the next offensive coordinator of the New York Giants he will work under pressure armor but attached to that story is. Pat Sharma will retain play calling duties so Mike Shula is going to be DOC he'll get paid is DOC but he's glorified quarterbacks coach of their news and in new York and up painters fans of course getting a giant kick out of that. Yeah I'm sure are a lot of people that. You know thought the children do a job almonds in the Gelman was the greatest GM ever I just filed far hired the guys that. The Panthers decide legs go so we go out there and you know who runs his organization run hissing noise like be offensive coordinator. He's gonna be given that my position by by entitled. On the head coach has called on the play as apparently. Started 70457. Or 96 to come back we'll talk for a moment about such California's more on football some other stuff to get into we're talking college basketball the fourth hour Aaron Torres of CBS sports will join us sort of college hoops with him as well great our forehead it's Garcia inviolate.