Garcia and Bailey: How Good is UNC? How Bad are the Hornets?

WFNZ Podcasts
Monday, February 12th

We ask two simple questions in the first hour. How good is UNC? And, how bad are the Hornets?


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What is next play at Orlando Wednesday night as we look to snap a four game losing streak going into the all star break senate Cody Zeller says they'd like to get some momentum going there. So I think tomorrow we'll rest a little bit. Every practice day Tuesday and then you know we know flip phone and we don't want itself. Pesos or one. College hoops North Carolina hosting Notre Dame tonight 7 o'clock on WBT the Tar Heels have beaten duke and NC state since last Thursday. Indianapolis Colts who hire Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator former Panthers quarterback frank Reich to be their head coach. For the second time in less than a month San Francisco 49ers linebacker Rubin foster's been arrested. Foster was arrested on charges related to domestic violence threats and possession new assault weapon. At the winner Olympic Games Americans right Gerrard and Jamie Anderson when gold medals in snowboarding. Chris Metzger when this over and luge and US win the bronze in the team skate. Next up at Daytona Bibi can am duel races coming up on Thursday. Yesterday Alan Bowman and Denny Hamlin claim the front row in qualifying for this Sunday's Daytona 500. I'm Jim so give that to flash. Hi this is James Posey and CEO of cut the cord squad quit wasting money on table save up to 15100 dollars a year and still watch alias sports find out how. Don't Hamachi to protect your pocketed CTC's broad dot com or 70489140158914015. This is Jim Moore this is your home for solid run as fast 10256. Pin got you win. Mark's strength. Real estate studio. 5610. Tell you what is he. Garcia. Welcome glad it's Garcia Bailey here on this Monday morning and still all sorts of worked up among jacked up on Mountain Dew on still lob buzz in from the figure skating events last night in the Winter Olympics you're just sickening girls out no wasn't. Yes you're a live with a fist I establish this on Friday you're lying you're lying you're lined a girl's ass was all over did you see about what I'd several times out. Did you see a PC police come to me last night between the annoyed. I didn't see I just turned you off. I knew did you you know you do me on Twitter yes because you're upset about it you got this like you're just what. The fact that she was wearing a Caesar no on eight directorate my timeline I was not a says matter of fact I'm on the same page you I was pissed off that the PC police came at me just from make an observation I was given more towards. I know and what did you some deals for the point last night and you know by the way. If you don't we're talking about there was a Canadian figure skater last night who was. You're doing your routine insanely talented doing things that we know athletically I tugged on even remotely capable of so I was and all the performers right away. But these are Olympic figure skaters so I didn't think that it needed to be qualified to their art and extremely talented because you know there and the Olympics. So what I made a comment last night on Twitter books I was sitting next to my fiance who frank knows. As you miss figure skating coach for over fifteen years and she knows the sport to share your scorecard out you know I scorecard out. This Canadian figure skater was a little blue leotard jumpsuit why anything would ever learns very pretty terrible absolutely and the bottom. Was completely shear in the back you could see her entire bunt on sorrow we say hind parts or posterior or what it's just whenever doesn't make people uncomfortable looks drill the word but does. And my thought was. That seems like it might be frowned upon and that sort of sport because figure skating is like dessert buttoned up very rigid vary but usually kind of sport where it doesn't see much that the you'll see it very often right. And so I made the comment most people took it for exactly what it was we had a couple of knights in shining armor and PC police coming at me last night I'll call it just. I appreciate her performance and her amazing athletic streets and not focus on her but how about that man. Michael how about you shut up because like that's ridiculous amassed in in that sport is this kind of risque is that not normal. And you know and. There is sex until part of the pick up a pill for some people seem to maybe not the judges they're not good judging on that they're judging on. In the triple idol watch women's beach volleyball because I'm a volleyball fan writes OK but did not just being really is inherently different though right because your your hours ago when is sex appeal part of it wolf. Historically not really the guy that aren't they dress up why they put makeup on why are they where thank you you know the tight clothes that they Wear why did why do we look at who's the girl that was the beast that you don't teams. The other girl I. How loyal Todd Harding Tonya Harding and and what's insecurity Kerrigan has geragos beautiful lady right right but Kirk herb part of her attraction to her performance. Was or sex appeal she's beautiful she's gracious element all the all the things that go along. Was so last night and city again next my fiance who's been in that sport for over fifteen years and even she was surprised a little bit taken aback by the fact that this girl was where are completely Shearson a bottoms and that she's skating around there she's flash drive parts you know it's like whoa you know I'd bet that seems strange to her my fiance is not a particularly conservative person so the fact she reacted that way kind of validate my thoughts are always is this kind of risque for the sport and of course the PC police come after me last night or soon ensued but. What what should I've said broad like rule would you prefer me to say glucose Maximus when today. And it comes to William you have your own sports talk shows are just expect better from here. The other sports broadcaster not Aristotle heart and say a word but from time to time you're just gonna have to get over. But it looks like I tell you what I have filed what's more the Winter Olympics last night and I had the previous couple days. And guys somewhat so the downhill skiing which again continues to steer the reality wants most of those guys go down at like you don't agree with Steve Rangel a hundred miles an hour which is wars that are luge. The single Lou I think delusion because you were completely out of control a couple of theirs and you're good at the will physics and the ice and that and that. Tracked it they did some then the special on them this is several years ago and I saw it on on these luge. Competitors. And in a color how they have to visualize because they're going so fast in their heads are back in and so far almost laying flat. That you have to visualize yourself through these turns because it Thames a car comes on so quickly. Right you're up and down and the turns and you know obviously the little slightest thing book you know nudge is gonna slow you down and if you don't you don't gonna wind you know one of the easy events. You gotta be flew inefficient and I. How they do it but it's an old people's choice because it just seems fun and easy. They're going on 10000 plus miles per hour down that thing. If you use Vista to Frank's point if you didn't see what just happened a couple of minutes ago and a female single loser whatever that's called. A girl got to go sideways she bombed the wall and she went airborne. And I I haven't seen an update we I don't know she's okay or not I just know it was a nasty crash. And I'm with you do that stuff is I did I I don't want people do but what Billick surtax line KB watches for the guys. Her hilarious bro. Actually last night the guy Adam Rubin was it was a returner prone to know. With I don't know he was he's he's his policies are upon you see is their view of my two rideau does he does and it's going to be here right where there's a public address it as a it's all the major upset about missing but on Twitter about figure skating like I just talked about Poppins any bars that what you're talking about right now. You know I don't care about any of that stuff I mean there. We have lost our sense of humor in this country and this item close so when those people come at me you block CF. And your opinion OK that's fine that's gonna judge fort don't judge me for months. Visio 70457. Or 96 today and that's the Winter Olympics that we have for your quite I'm just Geneva. Tackle about the Olympics that didn't work towards it but so what do we got there was room to step aside we got a tremendous show planned for a real black college basketball we didn't suit on the very first top sixteen seed revealed from the NCAA tournament selection committee was released yesterday we have seeds one through sixteen as we've seen them those for the very interest and we'll talk about that North Carolina a holding off NC state on Saturday number two UBA goes down but there's still number one of the country according to intercede reveal so that's interest rate up. The hornets. Got stopped yesterday by Toronto and that they're limping into the all star break one game left between the and then the all star break is in Orlando wins tonight and speaking of the hornets. There head coach Steve Clifford will join the show at 1230 we'll talk about that Johnny Mae and Zell was some huge news about him and Ruben Foster. I see your call a little under a year ago frank and I sitting in the studio saying you know thank. There's some questions about this guy as a reason that he sold to the very last pick in the first round. And he's a legitimate questions when he's now been arrested twice in a month and done things look really bad Ruben tossed into his car buying rate is now so we'll talk about that and California is more on football it's about as well it's all ahead as Garcia Bailey WS Wednesday. Supported closing the border gateway. Trip to Salt Lake City taken on Utah Jazz on Friday night pregame begins at 830 tip off at 9 o'clock 01025610. US You know guys us I slept great this weekend I really did it was because of the weather because it moves the damp below conditions outside but I'm thinking that might be part of it. Also think is because I have this new oral appliance. That doctor John camp there has created for me to kill LT my jaw in a forward position I've got that Bristol REM sleep that. 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Eyes as we've talked about and as was clearly evident over the weekend there are no dominant teams in college basketball this year there's some really good when some really tells a once in really well coached teams out there. But there's not a dominant team. In college basketball so this thing is is likely going to be very very chaotic there's not a team about their not a seed out there. There's going to be safe in this NCAA term order probably just send carols galore in this thing at least I think to the first couple rounds. And did it they settle back down once we get the sweet sixteen elite eight level to where you know it's it's primarily the blue bloods and ended the programs or become accustomed to seeing but even that may not be the case this year and every single year we wonder is this the year. We're a number sixteen seed finally meets number one seed. I'm not especially optimistic that's gonna happen this year but if there was ever going to be a year in the past five to ten years this could be yet again I don't think it happened I would I would bet against that but. Everyone seems susceptible. If you VA goes down Villanova goes down yet teams going down all over the place this weekend and there were some great college basketball's a matter of fact frank Kroger now we're talking about this yesterday the spectrum center in the studio during post game show. College basketball has really wrapped up and then you're expected to. It by the time we had fed the words of the strange about that but it's been really really good as of late. And I was extremely impressed again with North Carolina on Saturday. That seem could very easily. Gone in two. NC state and later neck in oil and come out flat coming on the when they could pass but they didn't I don't think he gives Roy enough credible that I'm giving Roy credit does exactly what I'm because Roy Roy Williams had his guys ready focused motivated and looking may have played his ass off a look that was a great game Kevin Keats guys played they played well too with. It was a fantastic basketball game Carolina looked good until you want the blazer games both those atrocious was also change. An amateur Davis. You know. I think that's the most one of the most overblown things that we talk about it so I do not that I necessarily just with Carolina but just in general. Because if we know it. And we know that there's a potential of a let down what do you think these coaches are saying the same exact same thing they have to guard against this. Every single day and when you're one of the best into the national champs. Right and you're coming off of a great season. You know you're sitting there talking about. You know let downs in you know what that that be enough for this game and you know those types of things I think is ridiculous and here's why because. Coaches know these things you know and Roy and his staff know that hey we just had a big game. This team is gonna be ready let's put that game yes that's all there was focus on the moment. They put that past behind them that went OK for the next hour and a half two hours to celebrate that we're still good about that put him or onto NC state. You know what I say you're worried about duke or anything else we're not worried about what took place or not worry about the one that that would play them in a couple weeks where or about the national championship we're we're about the that that the lead that the tournament March Madness. We're worried about NC state and that's all we're gonna prepare for that's all we're gonna focus on. And you know this stuff is so overblown because coaches guard against that religiously. Counterpoint and it's one that you bring up all the time though is that we're talking about guys between the ages of eighteen between two and those guys to be far more unpredictable than the players the professional level so that does not let down though Kyle that's just I don't use IS just in maturity as all of will be a let down just come off that duke went and then to go and NC state to not play Wilma talking about losing and talking about to not play well to not be focused distort flat in a spot religious or flat to your point. Roy Williams deserves atomic credit for that and we have to keep in mind this is a better relate North Carolina team and that's why it's necessary ago and it now there you go that's what that's I think now. Now you're starting to get to the point though that was the next yeah so you talk about the North Carolina team and you say OK these are college agents but their coach Bob hall of Famer and for several years several using brain that in the hand and and these kids mind and it's a veteran group. And so that matters a tonne and I'm telling you right now I don't why I know Mac and those guys that people were calling in this morning and and really do. You would see hype train is full speed ahead right now and and maybe it should be I don't know but I do know that I was impressed on Saturday about what I saw. Yeah I mean and it's that you should give them credit because they wanted to NC State's. Mueller had an opportunity to get ran out of the gym when NC state that you started fast NC state that was at 100 run or something like that if I'm not mistaken and all the sudden you know here comes state they go on a nineteen to two run to take a big lead. And you know you give you get North Carolina democratic guys like you mean you may have been their for several years old Berry who's been there for several years you know obviously Roy losing her mind that it's going to be competitive we're gonna continue to grind we're gonna figure out how to do us and eventually that's going to be enough to win these games in these individual battles it's not about NC state is not about. At duke it's about what we do. Right and that's where you start looking at the veteran teams and have success throughout the regular season word that starts coming to fruition because you not to have the roller coasters are the ebbs and the flows but you're gonna have with these young teams tell a lot of times coach is what these teams struggle believe or not because they want to have them see adversity. Because it's going to grow you what's gonna build you as a team is gonna build you as a player. Right I mean it would be great to have a Kentucky's season. And and learn those things two wins but not everybody is gonna have that so coaches and has struggled a good challenge you we're gonna try different things as the season goes on because if we're going to be really good we got a place sometimes to our weaknesses to improve those through tough situations. And we're gonna put ourselves in situations like that so when we face a team for the first time in the NCAA this filled with seniors and that's the challenge that's presented were able to adapt and handle those things right. We don't think about those things all the time with about. Gas you've got to win every game two if you don't then you're not very good well you know what you don't win more than you don't you gotta get there right. And it helps to speak for itself. But ultimately it comes down to. You know those little things that don't know that you're gonna be able to handle and overcome when you're not playing your best and what kind of are you what kind of stuff do you have inside of you preacher gonna draw out to go out there and figure out how to get it done even I think that's what North Carolina. And has done. That's what they're gonna continue to do ultimately don't think certainly talented enough. But they're going to be a tough out Padilla dare I guarantee you that because they're not gonna quit. Got seniors got a good tall frame coach sat there on the sideline and he's gonna grind and he's gonna make sure that you're ready to play so. Teach is a damn good coach k's a damn good coach. You don't do from Virginia is a damn good coach Virginia Tech it's a damn good coach plugs in the damn good toes all these guys are gonna have their teams ready to go right now. Louisville's coming on your onstage. This is what makes college basketball great mystery here really good coaches in the ACC. They're gonna have other guys prepared and you're gonna have these nights. But it's not because they're not very good there because this teamed up on it more than that team and you know. Are prepared to play in those type of thing and I and and again I'm guessing you and I don't in general people feel that. I know I know you write about that they're too sexy kind of service point that I amid a second ago we got to step aside here but first texas' collier right the big motivation but the big motivation came from the fact that state leaders in North Carolina previously I knew we were pretty flat on Saturday go North Carolina it's not about. Roy's ability. To adequately prepare these guys it's not even about whether or not these players want to win it's just sometimes on back quicker turnaround coming off that kind of game. It can be more difficult against a state team that's got a lot to prove this year and the fact that North Carolina came out as strong as they did was impressive to me it's not about some lazy narrative it's about the it's always possible and that really quickly shipments as -- North Carolina is the most experienced team in the NCAA dome oh are almost so the idea that they can't or won't focus on a conference game is absurd yes 2120 years old have been playing ball high level vs each other and a year for fighters a longer okay thought dole talked about a -- I'd be playing in ACC Arenas is no sure it's -- -- stratosphere is playing a U basketball something a lot of us have done Solis on even though there are gonna come back -- to talking about this because determine seeding is really really interest in Virginia lost on Saturday at home with college game day in the house 22 there and state Ronald was still. Are the number one seed. In this us seating reveal so we gotta talk about that Michigan State fans feel like they got screwed Kansas despite two home losses and it we gotta talk about it all is Garcia and they've. Hornets played basketball. Broadcast their games are there any questions of his children to read. 102 point 5610 WNBA. Next racing at Daytona comes up on Thursday with a cat Abdul races than yesterday Alan Bowman and Denny Hamlin claim the front row in qualifying for Sunday's Daytona 500. Bowman off to a good start replacing Dale Junior in the 88 cars lucky enough to be able to hold the stairwell in the straits is based ourselves. Very thankful serve for that opportunity hornet's next play in Orlando coming up Wednesday night as they look to snap a four game losing streak before heading into the all star break college hoops tonight North Carolina hosting Notre Dame 7 o'clock on WB TUZ. Tar Heels go to the twentieth win of the season. Indianapolis Colts liar Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator and former Panthers quarterback frank Reich is their head coach for the second time in less than a month San Francisco 49ers linebacker Rubin foster's been arrested. This time on charges related to domestic violence threats and possession of assault weapon. At the winner Olympic Games Americans read Gerrard and Jamie Anderson when gold medals in snowboarding Chris Metzger went just over an illusion the US won the bronze in the team skates. I'm Jim's Nokia maps of flash. Sponsored by CC's now it's easy you can order your own personal pizza there's thousands of ways to customize it your way included with your OK just five and changes CC's. Cars made here in prescription before. 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We have an attorney for that immigration concerns we have an attorney for that and demonstrated we help you solve your legal problems when you need an attorney to stand up for what is right to legal solutions powered by dumping trade in dot job. Donna traded dot job. Yup this is the White House this is your home for Charlotte hornets basketball one out. 5610. WFAN seats on the sports. On and. One student was talking. Worst case is only eighty miles per hour. Hundred plus plus I Jan gas row this you get on there I go lady plus snow on the ground. And I. This people frustrated me take a breath it's the DC police since they're you know that you don't think we say I think he's 2425. Dollars Tories set how do you not know that. Think it's I guess that I thought Jason there was 32 instead of thirty years old don't want but the guy was gonna like this building so far. Our news this phone dumping it into the computer and strangle you and now I know welcome back Dorsey and Bailey heard their Virginia goes down on Saturday there unbeaten ACC record is no more a Buzz Williams and Hokies way and JPJ Charlottesville on Saturday and and limit their own David and it was I was oddly entertaining for game that was that low scoring was done it was one of those hard fought slugfest type rivalry games and it over Virginia is really no worse for the Wear one it's also and done because they had a chance. Odds it's become the number one team in the country for the first time since the early eighties when Ralph Sampson a company were there but so that would not be the case at least. You know the Associated Press poll and and and things of that nature however. Yesterday we got its. The NCAA tournament committee's first top sixteen reveal. And these are the top sixteen teams. As they were listed yesterday Al first list them all just in terms of overall seeding one through sixteen. And it starts with Virginia which I agree with despite the loss on Saturday I think Virginia's resonate justifies. Being the number one overall team and Virginia. In his uniform number one. I just cinema giving the overall seeding first look at you can figure out what the number one overall and now they lost though they are as of yesterday they are the incidentally this is different just like the college Obama -- week eight where they. Understand what this is so so they are the number once they've now let's say that despite the loss on Saturday and number ones and issued that notion Villanova should be watched as they were before. They just lost the same jobs so what. So they lost last week as well and lost to a worse appalled. By an. I don't back that call and call law don't even Sergio what you can get real cred you want to let's not be ridiculous but here's here's the seasonal pursuits state. Virginia one Villanova to Xavier three Purdue for Auburn five Kansas six duke seven. Which we gotta talk about Cincinnati at eight Clemson at nine Texas Tech it's in Michigan State eleven. Finally North Carolina. Stay at eleven Michigan State at eleven and finally north Carolina at twelve Tennessee thirteen now about the job reports is on their Ohio State fourteen Arizona fifteen. An Oklahoma City saint. You look just sick and 600 shares have been here number one seeds again I did today amber Johnson number one overall seed in the south region as of this week. Villanova number one seed in the east region Xavier in the midwest region number one and the west Purdue. Is the number one overall seed your two seeds right now Cincinnati duke Auburn in Kansas. You three seeds in Michigan State Texas Tech Clemson and North Carolina and your four seeds Tennessee Ohio State Oklahoma. And Arizona. Auburn really do see. I'd I guess as of right now. I don't mean I'm right I haven't seen him play much. Are they really had to seat are they that talented that get a little in the it is hard to say because we're we're also touches down we all just assume the SEC's not Beckham to my. Minus Kentucky why it won't deny you touchdown this year touchdown this year so. I don't know there's the short answer to that did but the thing about that is though as we talked about earlier every once susceptible to lose at this point too upset and a great teams out there who could Auburn a good team ball. Be sure and this is what their record justify us. You know we're talking final four who are going to be the final four picks you know. I first put all of this morning we talked to him last week and I kind of agree with what he says that it would say this all the time and we say it to be an upset he might have a South Carolina. In a roll through really gets hot at the right timing goes finds a way to get it done in May be just in case but for the most part it's gonna be talked lynch thank. You look at your your brackets in the last 34 years we we we talk about the fluidity. And the balance and the parity that exists. In in college basketball because of the one and done send some of these veteran teams and you know things of that nature but when he comes down to it. Julia. The two digits are right all lots. The committee gets it Brian a lot you're gonna have may be an upset here or there but they're not that make him a deep drawn. Doesn't it South Carolina to be in the national championship game that good on you would congrats I quit you know how many people did that to begin with. It had to mourn and a game. So maybe even two. But getting to the sweet sixteen in winning and they may be indeed the only date that did that does not the case. That's for most people but that was a bad bracket buster but most people busted out no wind. They had them blues and they had them winning I mean than those types of things you know but just the two seeds right now. Are they capable absolutely Kansas duke Cincinnati. You know I think that's armor was the other one. Well I'll say it was a two of them are definitely capable like you really Alderson says join a national joke itself a cut but the three seed Michigan State. Absolutely can when the national chipped chipped in my opinion so I've been and that's part of the controversy this morning is how was like you said a second to Michigan State. Is this thirteen Michigan State's a three seed. Well Michigan State got a great win on Saturday over Purdue. The phenomenal win for them LT RPI help urgent already all that but but Michigan State is still two and three against the RPI top fifty. You know so they have a those teams proved a duke live plus of them early on in the season I don't have it memorized that and yet look it's a top fifty right there to see -- playing good teams there is if your five and noticed the RPI top fifty you're probably you know we're the top two or three teams in the country but if the two and three does the RPI top fifty to have three group one wins combined record of 83 against groups one and two on and it's just not good enough to be a ten seed right now to Michigan states and a great spot at a couple more wins and because of Michigan State they're going to be a tough for five seed you know overall. Indian suitably turn to because Michigan State right. Well. Oh yeah I mean and that's going to be what we feel like is one of the popular things is the brand Brighton Izzo gets these guys ready to go in order comes tournament time because of this the routine in the toughness in the conference that they play and and ultimately you know you got to give him credit because he has the success to go with that but. You know he hasn't had that kind of success in quite some time the gonna have an upset win but ultimately come down to it are they talented enough to win and that's where it's going to be interest in the city because. You know there are some talent and more talented teams you know the Michigan State's Tom. No team vs talent right to look how much does that matter that's what Virginia we talk about them all the time are you confident as Virginia's number one seed that there's not. And I don't be upset I don't think Savannah State or Nichols is going to be dumb. Which is who they have projected you're the playing game to play Virginia right now as we started today but that was a Butler Missouri but. There could be a team that hangs with and then Rhode Island middle Tennessee Tennessee Vermont and listen to visit to beat Virginia. Very easily. Oh Tennessee is it until you're just added a second ago how about the job Rick Barnes is Donna Tennessee that's phenomenal Madrid cons of Martin had employ and very well a couple of years ago. Our men and that it was beyond that do the guy who came over from southern miss that was a Donnie Tyndall. The other that was going to be done an absolute mess that they bring in Rick Barnes Texas cast him off I thought unnecessarily he's done a great job there but but here's the thing. And it's something we gotta get into more because wrote protested but you're not like to hear this duke fans don't like to hear this but somebody justified duke being ahead of North Carolina. In this top sixteen seed from the right Doug and even if you even if you come up with a compelling argument that duke should be slightly ahead duke is five spots better in North Carolina despite. North Carolina having more quads are one win squandered two wins and four wins over the top sixteen this year including a win over duke. So so justify to me how North Carolina is five spots behind duke and his reveal. I don't get that. You must not know college basketball adult pop now. Never seen before well I mean I don't know Jamaican are you saying the North Carolina talking resident hunters mortality were talking about Reza makes you think they should be seeded higher than duke. Am I can't help we go to break again helped I want exploration and we come back. And I did you gonna say that I want isolation comebacks that judgment Chrysler explain himself Garcia and there's. You could sweat over there and perfect Valentine's Day plan worry about it you spent enough for too much money if you. 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Police confirmed Sunday night Vince Foster was arrested earlier today on charges related to domestic violence threats and possession of assault weapon police responded to a disservice call plays to approximately 9 AM upon arrival they spoke to Foster and the alleged victim he has now been arrested twice in a month. And it continues to have all the field problems. On the 49ers released a statement Sunday night that they you know were in the process of gathering information so on and so forth he was arrested back on January 12. In an incident in Tuscaloosa Alabama where he was charged with second degree marijuana possession a class a misdemeanor he was released that night so. You know some of the stuff that we we can debate over the merits of how bad it was so and so forth. But there is series. That about ten months ago. Eleven months ago whatever it was at this point frank and I were sitting at this table. Telling you exactly why Rubin Foster was going to fall. Exactly why the Carolina Panthers were not going to draft truth Foster on other reasons obviously they've got they had a nice group linebackers are like going into the season that there was a reason. That arguably the most talented guy. On the draft board on any draft board was going to fall in the draft also considered. This incident is dust up at the NFL come on last year. With a nurse who was giving him his physical and he was removed and sent home from the NFL com but all of those are the public thinks. That you know about Ruben Foster never mind at that same time we were telling you. The guys that we knew across the film especially the guys that frighten to the ones that we knew that we talked to pretty much on a weekly basis here on the show we're telling us things they couldn't necessarily say on the here. About all of the problems were when Foster was dealing with help most of GM's and fraud office is across the NFL. Had a very real reservations about taking this guy and a draft regardless of how talented he was because they knew he was a ticking time bought. Now the San Francisco 49ers. Took him eventually play in the first round near the end of at the end and it. Ends up. A lot of you said are allowed competitors have done that this is why. Because this guy has built a reputation for himself. That was very easy to see coming that it was going to end poorly now his career is not over. And he may very well walk away from all this stuff full but he took it. But these are the reasons why would you have this much smoke surrounding declared no matter how talented he is. You don't leverage the future of your organization of all the guy with this much baggage fright and this much potential for disaster and it's exactly what we're saying eleven months ago. When you say you're leveraging the future of your organization on the 31 pick in the NFL draft first round. Yeah that leverage in the future you know I mean it's a pit that is being used a lot of guys that have failed at that. It's not the number one pick it's not the number two taking that leveraging your future your tree you're drafting a guy that has a lot of talent that was a top five guy talent wise top ten guys are at. That's the risk right the risk was taken him. At 31 they'll for the San Francisco 49ers when multiple players at that position. You know just retired and I'm not justifying that. Right under Italian you which I think you overstated. Leveraging the future I think you said a lot of other things I completely agree with. But I think that you probably taken a little bit too far I don't mean to future that the organization is going to be a whole for the next ten years I mean generally speaking when you draft a guy and a first round the expectation is a he's gonna play as a rookie. You know Nvidia is gonna be an impact player for years to come and he was and he's going to be an impact player for years to come. It's hard to be an impact player for years to come when you're arrested twice in a multitude stay out of trouble. Those are true and that's why that's what I'm told that's why he dropped to 31 and wasn't picked in the top ten right but that's all right so when you start looking at top. You know the privilege Dioner. To play in the NFL this. And I think people you know need to start looking themselves in the mirror. Especially the young kids they understand that tell you not just the the law doesn't apply them. You know and and this is not just one case sensitive. Don't guys make mistakes no situations happen. On those things are going to transpire this is a collection. Of things that have taken in transpired Indian place. You know whether it's the Kama. Right and the other way that he was sent home dame Baylor day early because he got. In an argument in and disrespect didn't you know one of the that the the employees were there running the tests I think it was the over urine sample if I'm not mistaken. You know this is a second offense now when it comes to domestic violence. Not excusing that I know things are are insists things are said. A lot of times com number. There's multiple things and that's where you start questioning. You know where he's going to be you know and long term because of you know these types of things and inside. Not a hard thing is right I mean you start looking that do these things matter I think the actual character actually matters in court in new do you wanna much require more is you don't need them. But if you say give me the difference between a good guy and bad guy good character and bad character. Character absolutely matters when it comes to winning and losing when it comes to success or failure. If you don't believe that then I can't help I am out you know I mean I guess I'd. You know US EU SA I say a prayer for us that it out and that's what it comes down to but you don't coaches organizations. Teams. They understand that the capsule to understand that doesn't mean they don't wanna give guys second chances don't look it doesn't mean that coach is wanna give up on players when they make mistakes that's not. That's not that's not the business you're in. As high school coach you guys make a logs say Terry eighteen years old or seventeen years old you're gonna screw up now given up on you because you do that. But I also have to with hold you accountable for what you've done. And if you don't you just kind of push it under the rug and you let it continue to exist. They are not helping the kid you're hurting the kid unfortunately there's too many coaches that are more concerned about their record and their resume than they are. The future of these young man and be in. You know good upstanding character citizens that are going to make a difference in this world. And that exists in college same thing when you're doing is millions and millions of dollars if coaches are more concerned about their track record or their resume the wins and losses. Then they are about what's best for these kids right so. In I don't know I mean I think that region of Nick Saban is a good coach. You know what's this rube Foster situation I don't know what existed I don't know if this is just something that you know he's dealing with a twist you know an individual bits. You know himself that's not saying they need to make him some bad choices. I don't know all the this story lines and wait for more details to come out with these things because I try not to jump you know quick judgment but. You know here's one of those situations Kyle where. It's this. Then is this right Venice this and that is this is something that there's a little bit more track record that goes with proven tossed order. I feature wise to always step back and sales which we know exactly what happened cast judgement on anyone that's great that's a great approach to take them with this particular situation as you just described is a very clear pattern of behavior and on Twitter just now team NC of this company says it Paulson have been best ahead Jason I remember your frank advise you printers to steer clear and it doesn't mean that we're geniuses are prophecy just re Smart people that we both knew were saying today there's a lot of things of this kid behind the scenes. That people don't know about on top of all the things that you do know about and he's a disaster waiting to happen so that's what it boiled down to speaking of the Panthers Joseph person of the Charlotte observers go to Jordan is coming up here about six or seven minutes we'll talk about the Panthers specifically Marty hurting and Aegean situation where they're headed next with that and with about a minute and a half left here fret if you feel like. Fisher thoughts on duke Carolina book is my assertion was I thought five spot differential between duke and Carolina in yesterday's seating seven to twelve to seven North Carolina twelve based on their resume is it would north Carolina's done including beating duke lately and Duke's recent losses I think that's for the two. They didn't make you stronger case obviously over the last. In a handful of games for North Carolina but there was a stretch there where you can't discount that either delusional Wofford. You don't just. You know had a couple of bad. You don't want to think what did lose two or three something like that early on due to the same thing right now so it's hard to read out to validate what do is do I think it's a team right now this whole young players as a bunch of talent that doesn't play we're very well together so you don't you have duke is to recede and you know. No problem with that at number seven is probably where they deserve that's what they burned. Bomb laden and any complaints. For Carolina stands as a three seed you're talking about. A game here game there in a couple of teams in between me I haven't done. The bracket apology you know I start looking at this resume verses that Reza man why north Carolinas the low you know that the six or seven teams that are in front of duke. So I tip my debt but why is duke where they're at this is where they burn. You know if you wanna make of our. Argument for North Carolina. Lot of it has nothing to do with what I think they are compared it to do is just they're not do you know their resume isn't the same as duke says why do is it seventh and that's why North Carolina is that what sort of install stuff. It's our inside James jerk. But that doesn't mean they just like the college football so that the that you thought the conversation you should really be having. Who the fourteen and for the North Carolina as should have nothing to do is do. Well this is we are North Carolina so you know it it always is are we talking. Don't assume we are in a North Carolina and those are those of the two teams that do typically indestructible centrist but a wholly though the table for now we'll come back or to talk a little Carolina Panthers were Joseph person Charlotte Observer his thoughts on what's next. In the GM search Christian paso will join us at 1130 we'll talks medical draft with him talk about the Panthers draft possibilities. 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Tar Heels over the twentieth win of the season Indianapolis Colts liar Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator and former Panthers quarterback frank Reich is their head coach. For the second time in less than a month Sampras is before niners linebacker Rubin foster's been arrested this time on charges related to domestic violence threats and possession of assault weapons. At the winner Olympic Games American red Gerrard and Jamie Anderson when gold medals in snowboarding. Chris Metzger when this over the lose in the US won the bronze in the team skates. I Jim's Nokia maps of flash. When it comes to real estate investing the Smart money is with Anderson brought. He's the reevaluating our properties but I.