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Thursday, May 18th

Hour 4 from Thursday, 5-18 


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But Garcia. Our number floor. I was so let's finish our numero quad throw yes. Dale Lewis and I you're gonna targeted I'm telling you right now I'm going to be on that crew on the fall. No OSHA. And but I past first wreck it thank you actually there was a guy down in Mexico look just like. I get a lot like I was in college there was a dive. Like I guy I met this group of guys that became friends with and his last name was Trent do you see agent. I believe Japanese but the last thing we strand great guy. Ands he was like my twin thing but Asian. So he was trendy knew him personally call me home to Trent. That that was my nickname that I and so I just bet you don't the only difference is the guy and matters go he doesn't Donna Frye. But it was not my fault the leaky toilet he does not tourists it's being addressed. Okay and some guy asked divided like we had one of our smartest listeners Texan and say you know Julie's get a courtesy flush so thank you for that Fries or. Physicians appreciate that at 7045709. 610. Have you seen any. The story on the front page better stock up. It's entitled. Kelvin Benjamin a need to be in the best shape my life. And a fact and as a matter fact as the top of the story but the headline of it on the front page has motivated man. And look got so far my interactions with the Carolina Pitt has been fantastic good people a lot of respect for Ron Rivera. I'm always like Cam Newton on nothing but good things as they mark Carol L when I go and in my whole spiel about going to NFL games and how it's unsafe and take your kids there's a bad idea. I always tell my friends are never been of their few places in the NFL you can still go have a good time and my first examples always Bank of America you can still go to Bank of America have a great top. I'm totally appropriate as well lasted just a little bit this morning. Because it kind of feels like it's been feasible PR piece to say yellow stuff bag and I'll Kelvin all right. To stop and so distorted that it's the front page about how hard he's working in about how this can be a break tell your friend about how how he knows. He's got to be in tremendous shape now he notes. That you know he's he's the key call here in the sun come got. It's I'm gonna believe it when I see Panama over the sky right now I don't dislike him I don't love him I don't wanna fetch him anymore I'm just cattle like OK I. That's cool like your coach said you showed up overweight. Let's just well let's see when the fall rolls around I just got to I got a chuckle out of this to guys showing. Up out of shape all the time yeah. They do you know and unfortunately. Those guys don't last very long. They'll have they'll do it you know two teams that are going to be very is that they usually doesn't happen what teams are going to be successful. Because there's a culture within that team of accountability. Right and you're accountable to your teammates when your. Responsible for leaving coming back in working towards a common goal if you're not then you know early on that team very long were you shouldn't be. I'm not sure what it you know the the rules are you know the quote unquote rules are. You know with teams now and how you know Ron's gonna hand listen you know what the unwritten rules are guess more than the rules but the you know the way the team is gonna perceive them. If he got some balls no no we'll be talking about this site but you've opened yourself up to criticism if you don't. Know what you showed me last year kind of feeds into what are you thought is that your out shape. Nine people and make the excuses of you know you're coming off of the knee injury and you know but it's that there were several people who's been able to what green same type of thing. When you wanna go around and a guy tee times in a row in the second time you can't keep up busier. Hands are on your hips and your breathing too hard. You know that's a problem you know in the NFL. You know I hum when when you kick it back from a two minute. Offense now some governor Bruno agree but we can't get back in the gym and offense to run another route because he's just trying to go and had the call timeout. You know to to make sure that deal the clock is no delay game. That's a problem. Right calm you know is it is Ron Rivera's fault the chair to sit now. It's your own responsibility to be in shape so. All those things kind of lead to what we're talking about right now with Kelvin Benjamin. And what makes us think that things are gonna change because it just feeds into you know what we're talking about the merits of love in him being out of shape. When you show up to 72 G 73 is not to eighty. Rights to set your fat out of shape right. They are your quote here from from the trees. It starts out Kelvin Benjamin's off season program didn't start the way anyone wanted to. When the fourth your wide receiver rod for the store to fork out the scale revealed he was quote on quote a little Havoc as head coach Ron Rivera put it. Quote I was really kind of disappointed Benjamin said. I wanted to come in and set the bar high for myself and what my teammates know the KB is back this year and he's ready to rule I think people saw that first weigh in number like woe is he ready to play. But we had a good talks. And Dave Gelman told me what I had to do and that's what I've been doing and quote. Benjamin's own disappointment has motivated him throughout his daily workouts so to as the outside noise coming from those joking at his expense ready to run him off. I'm I can't I can't. Believe. I really the excuses that are being made. I just image is beyond me. It assists and I think I know you agree with the statement. Like we yeah it's been fun and do we all make fun of each other toward guys do was locker room stuff your fat lose some weight Todd that we're doing our little fat hotels is now I don't play if I don't play football anymore for a living brush my job I get it yeah you're right so. No no one once he's like no one wants to see tell amendment that no one wants to make fun of him you know insofar as we enjoy it it's funny but like I don't want to come in and do that on the radio X gets old after awhile. And I certainly don't wanna see a guy with that much ability squander is opportunities I don't want to see that I want to got to be in great shape. But we had some fun at his expense people thought in my expense all the time you're spends all the time. But again when you're in that kind of position. And get this kind of feels like a PR spin job to me. How does it there's a different so. OK if there's a difference in the differences. May mean a couple pounds overweight which is acceptable. Are not out of shape. I'm 44 years old and I'm sure. He's what 4748 years old points whatever Tony three point more. This is possibly the best shape of his last important pounds overweight at least. There's a difference between being slightly out of shape. And not to the point where it's you know you don't care about what you do it I think there's a war in there. What is that 234 pounds OK I expect some guys are gonna go often don't splurge a little bit on the the the the the ice cream in the in the the shakes. Or the the putting. Right footing. The banana put him. Unlike Panetta put the material she's a statement I do I'm gonna unlikely and went into the it'll it'll have a five pounds in a couple of excess pounds on yeah yeah. But you get to a point when your Tony pounds overweight at least. And it gets becomes like you're you're you're careless you don't care about your door and don't legal have a passion for your job and all the talks in the world aren't gonna help me with that that's the problem I can sit there god. And he's great gave me some chocolate cake you know you can also met. Saw a black. Implicit in that you just silly you're women are clear the matter. This is still that the people a little air guitar I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. You know highlights and actually keep interest if that. Happens you can panic that we are talking about that the. Doesn't tell you know. I snuck back SS. So can be handled it and can't go home and demand the snack packs but he's beaten the bananas would govern for the start really damp and seems like a nice dinner. Apparently he's got an awesome pick over the sweet license plate resumes around town like I. I didn't like I like this guy edited tagged again you know financial means me and all that analyst at I can sit here and tell you all day you know what they I've learned my lesson this time. He's been struggling with this since college now. He's been struggling with this probably says before college is a big guy. All right so you know that this is your responsibility. Just didn't feel like this article was kind of directed us put some stuff that's him in the sky like he's blocking all the noise music idiots on sports talk radio make fun of them and he's going to be the best shape of his life as they're delegate and I'm rooting for the guy. I want him to do well. But this so employed you know what is enough enough ammo just make an excuse I consider it okay he's he's showed up to 73 juice every four are said to lady. K and he's close he's out of shape it's ridiculous. We arrived here to be making millions and you're gonna signed an in your gonna extend contract should be ready to play and it's I know it's not it's. September right now. But you can't let yourself get a part of that type of shape you know expect to be a pro that's what is cult you know 45 pounds again. In all snack packs here there are you to have. But not not to the point where it's like you don't care. And I think that's my problem with this whole such. Wish I come across and didn't hear a little snack I. Ask. You. Sacked pat had a snack oh man lots of goodies out of his recent putting on a big girls don't Madison snack pack my. You know life is to get its net tax on the way you know 1000 offering him of course she did her posted season the Dodgers such as soft the I. But on the other side I wanna just restored by joining men's ORG three college averaged. 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Yeah I mean the man that just really grabs mentioning things you do to help obviously is going to be appreciated by not only their family but all the other fit famines and having. Our struggle with that we'll look at what we've all been touched by we have Roman touched by unfortunately used in cancer and talking about more broadly cancer not miss a serial not necessarily leukemia or lymphoma but. We've all been touched by so you have some some money to do by all means a postal demand yesterday that you know my micro targeting college for used to. We paired up with the UVH after and we run the game ball from Virginia Tech or you create depending nor the game was over single uterus like we drugs also and we raise over quarter million dollars from Jimmy V foundation yeah oh. And you know what I'm not saying one is worse in the other better than the other but when there's children involved is just there's a little bit more of an innocence to it that job. You know it's it's it's it's. You know heart tugged. No doubt about it so if you can check it out WS Lindsay dot com slash LLS. To donate. Do you watch any CFO. At all so UFL don't Canadian football gear watch and the other. If I'm just super bored and there's nothing else on I mean that the things I've watched. Above the CFL. Is probably like bullying. Now. Yeah I watched a little bit of liberal I don't like religiously watch it got a much can only find it on the leader actually mean often. Control issue and if I'm on a Armstrong actually NFL network has CFO football and Jennifer well maybe and maybe I saw a distant very just destroy it and yeah. Overtime anyway so love the Hamilton tiger cats have bum. We'll chuckle of their they and I think they played in the grey cup which by the way did you know that's their Super Bowl great help and they they played in it I think three years ago. Only claim back to back tears tend to be lost both tops maybe the good. I got a medical checkup and a great job I just they lost to both both times it played in a recently I don't know CFO mark an important. But it's did you know. That's. One team the Hamilton tiger cats in the CFL. They have supported the rights. To culling can't predict. Orgy three. And to Johnny man's zone and that if any of those players decides to play in Canada. Then Hamilton tiger cats on the rights all of them. And has first dibs on each of those three quarterbacks. Diamonds out calling cabernet can who has the other one. In our district yeah artistry. RG three is never going Canada and I don't think he's made too much money cabernet considerably the same thing man Zell. That's the interest in one well that's closer to say of all those three guys who has the most motivation. To go play Canada I think it's man's job because he is so far removed him and Bieber be held in tandem. It doesn't I don't candidate anymore does it I'm no idea but he needs to get back well you like he might go to rafters James is straight Jeremi Johnson while Donald did you hang him Drake can be very that's Elvis threesome they're total tandem there that's. Special thanks and I don't sell it almost comes across as Canadians but there's no indication that any of these guys there are planning to go to the C a felony time Cynthia but if you're gonna pick one who has the most at stake are as the only three still playing in the NFL capped an ankle still be in the NFL you don't yeah contrary a lot of people's popular belief as soon as the money comes down. It says the demand is not there he'll settle referred you know whatever it takes to get them on a team. He's holding out for money everybody's making it a race thing or stand staying a political stance. He's asking too much money's not worth that type of money as a quarterback for the type of money is asking period. You know I mean you which is we call and anything else we can. You know make the narrative you know kind of flow whichever way we want that's the bottom line is don't care about is cause they don't care about his stance can he play how much money's gasket. If he's if his money comes down to his demand you know comes down you still complain and and coaches know that players know that. Well here's the deal. From my perspective yeah. You and I've had this discussion on it well all the are mostly I know we've we've talked about twice on the year but. And most recently you were out so I had it with we with chuck our fox 46. It's really impossible to know everything about what's going on Nancy's Catholic. And I do think there's an element to him being pushed on holy crap pushed out rather just being. I'm black ball such a strong implication but it you know bush was just stick with that were because of this the best I agree with you there is. Probably an element and asking for too much money. I think that's probably true. But when the bears throw 31 million dollars at Mike Glenn and and cap predict who has not been an elite quarterback by any measure. But is coming off lows what sixteen touchdowns four picks a nine did you BR. You know. It's it's hard to see it's hard to understand it it's hard to contextualize that when you look at the money to guys like Michael and just got enough. So and you know what I'm getting that neither one of us are big critic fence salute no I interpret Iowa. I won in his and headache off the field right now that's right so that's all part of it. You know and l.'s all those all diminish OK if your your your your demands are users who wanted to hear it here's the question right so we we called headache not. I don't wanna do this right now to so many things to deter. Headache. Okay he made a political stance yet some people disagree with that he's already said he's finished with that is not gonna do it again it up and and and and word organization to sign him. That would probably be a condition of the big sign are you finished with this in the answers yes. Then what is there to be afraid oh well outside of some initial of the previous Hillary and training camp that he did it the first time and if you did the first time what's the next thing that he's gonna do. I mean that's that that's the concern are you asking for help for you is that you just don't know any time I don't on the other one draft and I know on the that this Virginia you can content anytime. But if you if you look sure in the picture hands is looked at undone with that I made my point I can help those were your C anymore that kind of distraction. And you tell him go and that's what we want. But if you do you know your cut that same day. What's the risk. You know if you can say those things to to a guy. Openly I mean you probably can't believe he's going to have you can go I mean how we had a donor here that said that to our quarterback that I. I don't all tattoos on. If you remember that the F a do demands in ask not what I want represented me that you're the bottom line is. There was the anti trust laws all the things that the NFL has at their at their bit availability. They can do what they want is for that they don't conform to normal policy like we have two here at AMOCO are they just don't. They can make the rules because it's there's it's there house I know that the follow some rules but if I won a drafty because of whatever reason I don't have to. To give your reason is there. I just don't think you're gonna suffer for our organization that I don't have to give your reason for that. You don't have to. But outside of it ever want to look at it objectively and say OK not great is not a leak. But he is a lot better than many of the other options as if the argument then becomes well he's not good enough to justify the distraction. Let's not prevent has assured been saddled to some distractions if you cannot then separate yourself from that should it become an issue you can't make me do something in my house and I don't know about what am I trying to. I would never try that. You need these cities overseas organizations these GM's they can do whatever they only want doesn't inside and outside where they want that's right but as the gold each organization is to be as competitive as possible to field. Or to build the best roster possible. Looking around the league can't we just write off that list back of quarterbacks crossing NFL right now yeah. Okay he's better. And every single and Russians ever single loaded including including Derek Anderson right most of those top fifteen quarterbacks that I dismissed those starter in this league death. And it does mean he's a leaked doesn't he's Super Bowl winning quarterback it just means there's still some franchises in this league that are perpetually looking for quarterbacks and the ones that currently settled on are not as good as college effort. I don't know you don't know we don't know what he's asking for he still thinks that he might be worth Michael Owen and money. And that fast that if I'm his age and that's our master for somebody's going to cave into this eventually because not every options and they're gonna get tired of losing. May be or maybe that's a pretty young player and that's a lot last hour make a business decision but I'm not panned fourteen million a year for Nick Collins sorry. I'll give you a give you five. We'll play. Now you want blood the sure. OK then do we got to deal. What does he say no I'm not ready it's so we don't know what that side you guys did we only know half of the he's not on we don't know what he's not talent and. That's that's such a good point because source of this shot a couple of black acute she's just the death to compliment with Cindy and humility and get a very often Colin. I did on his name is Kyle well Kyle sorry I'm not cap that's aren't the the success to compliment with some humility that's all I ask as I try to given Tia I try to keep self esteem products just tap me on the back a little bit more every now and then would you please more. She sets of anyway they're always gonna say was that is a good point because we don't know the soldiers we don't know a lot of these big these conversations all we know is what's public you know but. Public perception is reality yeah and the reality is or the perception is there are a lot of teams out there right now. That are being quite frankly for lack of better term much snowflakes about politics I don't disagree with that so I don't know and that that part of it bothers me well. I mean what do what can you do about that I don't think I don't we wait for the the results to come up and then you it's like dome making. Accusations about this guy and I must convict them before you had trial and load up on us or door in this in this situation we don't know all the things that are taken place. We're just making assumptions. You know what they say about assumptions. I know you're you're free to tell me there there you're free to tell me a anyway they did you. Show yeah no idea how to say that's why you. But as I paused. Judge in front of Christiane I know not compliment to him anymore nevermind I'm not taking a friend anymore you win except my compliments. A step aside JD showtime the rest don't get to you after. The world according to strike on Garcia and Bayless WS Lindsay. Check out the new did you hear that from. Delta and northwest corner Johnson wrote Valentine's comments from next start it's unbelievable error cannot tell street in hot weather next shift. 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Guys don't really talk about any burst for an despite that and 91% of dove men plus care users recommend and here's what they said the blocks yeah. Frustration I think just offensive and it's comfortable from. So obsessed regulates this Bo knows if I don't then. As far as I pays my masculine. You men under arms and I'm the worst thing it to Jim he's kind of like you're damn farm as a guest from dove men plus scare any person aren't you tough on sweat not on scale. My voice yeah. You know it and I bid you wish you could sound like me it's awesome voice of my. Gary okay. You don't wanna comply better and to hear me. Only you get to hear all of WS fancy hosting games as well. 1025610. WNBA. I'd hoops fans the Big Three basketball league is coming to Charlotte Sunday July the second at the spectrum center. You get a chance to see some of the basketball some of basketball's greatest. And best fan favorites play three on three other module retired guys but they're still in decent shape this year he thought obviously this is going to be really cool. It was the first pick and address collect there were shot the jets. And he was a guy who shot the chance Chauncey Billups is brutal. It does chew gum and he better become and I hope so into it but you can you can see this on July 2 at the spectrum sir for games one day. Big Three basketball July 2 at the spectrum sooner details. At WS Lindsay. Does jump it's 130 it's about pets on demand was doing now for the world. But according to for an. The mental framework to to did you think of something to Johnson until for detention and YouTube's. But so. First things first so McGregor and Mayweather despite steaming downhill it's gonna happen. Reich if you could fight another athlete or celebrity on paper view. We just Wear out with and why another athlete or another celebrity and you just put these out there it's like I'm going to be fighting nearby so there's no question who do you really want to punch in the first. Some passers so many of them. Besides Yemen. Rock on Rocco Mediate. Cheese is he's like the nicest freaking guy in the world right and I come. Don't like him at all. On punch trying to finish accused you if it was up to you you would walk around the world indiscriminately punching nice people in the first home to Rocco Mediate. Have you ever seen him play golf dads. Hello blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. What is it about this aren't we think about that you read this putt what do you do I leave me alone I have a theory about why you hate that about him. Because somebody else spends that much time talking that means is less time for you to half and that's what I think isn't you had good one all right second question. What's the one thing. That scares you to death went pee your pants scared snake I knew that was coming snakes are not even close and I I don't wanna live and under the house still still. I saw last year I waited out the skin. Well I want underneath to look at the crawl space and adding go dug under there but my father in law did he was kind of looking underneath there. And he saw this will be eyes you know and it was a big like four foot five foot snake and there I keep wave that damn thing to come to the toilet. I got my shotgun ready you know you you just revived the fear and meted out and has some slick and snakes isn't as a reserve fund that snakes is it to John is like an eight year old Kimberly what he snake comes through this every day I get home now. I go look through I have a bunch of bush is up in the front. No kind of buzz aliens you're types. And I look for that damn snakes can now hope. Some way shape or form just kind of know you're a slew off into the sunset somewhere but snakes I can't stand. Okay snakes like admitted there's a good one way but something also snakes what do they were my afraid of anything. Heights really yeah so you lick and promise rollercoaster usually it's the cinemanow millions of cliff that both really I get up I might. Kids took me over to Terrell Owens in the drop zone. I don't mind and I get crushed you know my Kurds to get up there. But just keep going higher and higher and higher and I scream. So loud at the top my belongings you wouldn't recognize my voice or who I am but you can hear all across a park I scream like a little girl so basically like your. Your worst day on earth would be rock climbing and getting stuck on a clause in rock face with a dinner snakes like you know hundred feet near Alia. Yeah John set that up. You're no question number three. You are men we only have the perspective of being men what do you think is the best thing about being a woman. Up. Yeah man Batman and miss you got answered the Hudson you have to answer answers I thought man world according to frank what hostage unless thing about being a woman. I noticed like we did that we compete in the backyard. And when no one says it knows women can do that what he thinks the best thing about being a woman. Now you have to do this is part of this you consumer you want to find how how and there's that. There's not a lot of great things I can say illicit war it's been strong and independent oh culture. Since strong and independent the best that delicate Garcia Jennifer German came in a corner over here not only Canada corner and as we don't know I'll give you one. It's where address it was the most comfortable thing on earth. Think about it he's got a point. It is lounging around you know here's one is enough now it's almost got one point I just think of one paean sitting down. I love that already do that that guy you have to laugh it up to a joint wolf I can't read IMF bowling. Thank you the differences is that they how they don't they don't have to do but they. They didn't have to. These guys. Don't have to choose its voice like mission possible we get we don't have to blink again I've explained is a multiple occasions fumbled and lead to the bathroom right now I'm not gonna peace and down. As the I don't do that. But it's 3 o'clock in the morning and like I'm tired. And I don't really wanna deal with standing up I'm just gonna sit out. You because Dubai like I'm not paying attention to help the only channel that problem my girlfriend yells at me in on the I ended up now reduced drastically a question for. If you're to play one athlete in a movie who would that athlete who's your question. Who the athletes here's the story of their life you know their life story who have been. Mean. Drought war and second do I daresay Wilt Chamberlain. Did not get a healthy. I get to know fallen off the play well all I could. Yet almost seven feet tall and has to be. Of course she did you do why. Similar body type similar study released Suzanne plumbers or guys like to play him like a beefed up John several. To play had to be good job that are deployed in and that is swingers cylinders. Pretty much every vents on the regalia billions yeah. And John Ferrell could play you. The guy I think he's gone his girlfriend over and over again that might yeah might actually I am my. It's funny. You know it's similar build it and didn't. I got more swagger Mikey though I don't disagree on this role like John several tough and what pollen over what I argue well. Always you he's flying right yes you I was playing may have its troops learn about why you've gotten. No I was damn good. Oh well they're not really hit a lot of things you are good at playing basketball I want you I would you consider like Noah and Al. You said the life of will. OK I can dominate pretty good that. Text to rights then you should play moderate and a half half half half half half thousand and have a thought there's an idea and that ladies and gentlemen. As the world's. According to front. I love that music. Anybody doesn't know that's the world according to go are music which I just find hysterical. Let's go to the phone lines JD has been waiting for a while JD thank you brother we appreciate your patience hours. Going the we'll. Couple days ago in the that's OKB but outside of best part about you know woman would have been a maternal and they got. And then anyway KB were talking about implement an overweight and everything a little while back. I was just gonna say I don't know it. On the forefront as much because these skill position. 'cause at least to me now lots he'd like Jordan Gross now that he's retired everything and I did its job but a feel like there's got to be if you thought became an underweight. Based on what is body seems to actually be that make any. Yes. Sure. I go to I think that this guy's got some things to proof and nowhere is that more is where his body is naturally supposed to be I don't know. I don't know frank Garry you said 245 to fifty that's where he should be playing with his frame that's. I guess that makes sense to me. It's almost impossible to be much bigger and run routes as a wide receiver. Right I mean you get to the point we are too big remember. Boston play for how state his name first names escaping me but he got David Boston Boston thank you Tony. Are you good for something you don't touch he was he he got to the point where he was so muscled up and but he won't he was walking around by about 225 to thirty. Started you know list in India regardless regiment and he got about 255 to sixty could make a cut. Could couldn't get an out of brakes just have too much weight momentum going in the direction. So if you're gonna play that wide receiver position and you're gonna run routes efficiently. You've got to deal would give them breaks and you just can't do that at 260 you definitely can't do it to seventy you know. And it's tough to do it at 245. And so I mean he's already considered. According at freakish athlete to be able to do that size sometime. You lose appreciation for the kind of way these guys can carry on these big frame and it kind of makes you and I had this discussion in the studio quite a bit like I'm 62. And I'm like Tony pounds overweight right now I'm walker like 24245. I don't feel good at that weight so I can't imagine. Being overweight at that frame having to get it off and still be expected to fully athletic feats that he's expected to do because of who he is in his position would you lose appreciation for that stuff. I thought you saw organs gonna kill me last does this compare yourself to professional absolutely not pocono are not second I'm trying to relate to the common man watching these athletes I think that's what I'm trying to do that you're trying to compare yourself to tell them that hell no to professional athletes there are inside the way I jumped amid a cash last night I came gonna show people I just jumped three phone bonus but that's enough that's all books on books for a thought let's write a what do get a credit card in America are let's get right back showtime we'll stop all associates and our live. What's up guys they're so please. I just dropped I look there. Are either you doubt in my Pettigrew admitted to the bank in robredo wonder strike it's. That popped up Monday if the child support. Don't cost. Sure just have to give me another Obama. Did not go global and I want to the blown. As I bet that all market stick to. Celebrate it like oh great credit. It's a mob and quite an accepted and okay and job. Top sport. Except wrecked out Nick Price. Or Britain though the guts to do you have. It distracts me we won't let that stand that one incident has no air. Great to distract you because some people want to get the distractions out of my seat at the upon. So old you know. I don't owe it to disappear gold fringe intellectual infrastructure. Still got a terms. It would issued for a debate and outfits because. You know what a lot of ingesting dole didn't go into the directly at a community. So I think that that I will pop we get another chance now when he got the softened his stance. Yet if you want to get another job but that's just the way at that play politically now black. I want affect its platform too. Far the shuttle on its. All that corporate what sort of orders. Up remember trapped Dick K who depend surgery for what until the law. Is OK now could we possibly have. Kept. Kemba now whoever you like so let's let a good year so maybe not look likely want to thank you. But tank it stupid can you it's. Didn't do what happened that has GAAP net asset capital as a result update now. I had that regulate what happened to turn up. Let's talk reply that let them know where to which got into what the same rob at what it. And that can sit except our own pocketbooks. Into your break told it will happen to have do you usually these insert it. Connected about. As showtime no different than bush but we're talking about with camera Persia no difference there right isn't that what they've made made the accusations or the argument. It's Ron Rivera's camp should sit out the young in the end for his own good and I can only not worrying about their draft choice or anything but. On that might have been the result of that for the hornets you know with all the teams taking and trying to fight that they spots. You know you have an opportunity to sit down kemba did this operation Don and knowing that he's gonna have to get surgery. Ever Kimball was still playing at a high level I toward him this season and they really are still and into the last week of the season they still a chance to make the playoffs and you might say that that wasn't worth it because what was gonna happen to play mostly still wanna make the playoffs. I I do it's a loose comparison and one that I certainly understand I just. I don't know if there's a difference between torn rotator cuff surgery for a quarterback which could be you know. Game altering or need for basketball player or new year out but again the the official story here is that it's may have missed limited the scope it's a clean and while you and I both agree to getting caught on is no minor thing any time. Certainly relative to what else could've been. It is a relatively small thing after missing the point is it that it's. Oh and I know your focus you made it to your credit you were saying at the time out of your credibly done more mature people know it right you were saying it shot into that at the time. You were side that you were saying why aren't they attacking and and and Mark Cuban and Dallas Mavericks told the media in no uncertain terms in the past twelve hours eight. As soon as we wrap this thing mathematically and we were tied it. I'm not. It's not in my DNA to do that but I know what the rules are in a bomb going to be competitive I wanna play by the rules and I wanna win. I hear the rules on the other side. We told Jordan and so are but there's a certain route to stuff. Our you know our turn in my truck Marciano there was it to grow and Marciano is in for Grover today he is going to be lives off from Atlanta I believe should be a great show. He'll join us. And they'll wrap things up there Thursday but before we go to break. And we're just a fountain of giveaways today we've got your tickets to the Coca-Cola 600 it's the 58 running of the race. Which includes a concert by a Leonard scattered a salute to our military heroes may 28 at Charlotte motor speedway. Third caller wins those tickets right now and check them out WS and as we go to a break it's Garcia and Bailey on WS ends it. Horrible for the NFL network now the west one radio network. The Eagles haven't read it for veteran running back here plus. If you pound bruiser the one year and worked two point eight million dollars. Leonard for net thank you for your rookie deal with the jaguars Wednesday and a twelve or consider Ian Rapoport said the deal he's fully guaranteed. Tom Brady played on Wednesday told Kobe broad ranging interview on any warning that Brady had a concussion last year. The big responded that they've moved the ball report and you know record indicated. 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Got a nasty confusing tax problem do what Eric did and call optimal right now for a free consultation call 8035428480354284803542840. Yeah and and. Ladies and gentlemen this is the final time this week that we are in the studio but we are coming to work tomorrow though we're doing it on location at the Sheridan. They're not so we're gonna hang out tomorrow with a legend. And an NFL coaching circles mr. Dan Reeves will be on the show tomorrow. Coach Landry you know a lot of critical deal brands have. Dorado look for the ownership growth this did a great job that's what addiction. You know fortunate. What I want to do and we're referring implosion and it's great ownership do they were Atlantic could do. In an open same thing in New York quick turnaround. At a Goodyear they already had good players they're just keep everybody on the same age children. I'm playing in Atlanta you know organization know everybody nobody looking. You know the credit they just want to get to job done. There it is Dan Reeves who will join the show tomorrow and continuing the avalanche of giveaways are on the show today. Caller number two. Gets you two tickets to tomorrow's event at Sheridan. A luncheon networking meet and greet it's going to be awesome Franken I will be enough that you necessarily want me knows which can if you want to have to look appropriately don't come in shorts and tee shirt that's right that's exactly right foot business casualties are respectful so if you if you wanna come on out tomorrow caller number two get some 7045709. To sixty and it mental pick it up. And you can coming out of those tomorrow the Sheridan where you can meet Dan Reeves and a whole bunch of other great people 704570. 96 to Denmark zen though Lewis filling in for crow over here this afternoon. Joins us live from Atlanta here and doesn't talk about what's on deck for prime time this afternoon mark coward about it. Gentlemen good here with you how your traffic in the land sucks yeah I mean ideally they'd actually got. A highway to collapse fixed and it's opened early which was a minor miracle in and of itself but. This is I grew up in New York this is the worst Rapid City in America when it's it is bad right I'm tells her I tell people to tell my girlfriends in the northeast and she's always complain about traffic and now there's no way it's worse. She's never spent much time to land us in the alternative. Done to lead a one night you're gonna see you always talk about the plan is miserable dead and mr. traffic is miserable the sports teams at times we miserable I was still a a humans everything going on here but. You know it's it's. The weather's nice I guess there's that I do has room to juries to remind me what 28 to three sounds like all come out a stack well look again that it doesn't bother again I'm not a lot of doesn't bother me I thought the best 28 to three thing was on the road collapse and they put the box score raid on power. I. That was that was worth the price of admission alone. I think it's aren't aware off a little bit as far as that's concerned you know the big question is for it to sock it to me NFC south is you don't what can they go on I mean that's that's Ruda boils down to mean you've got to assume we know we're here in Charlotte as well that. After fifty win season look what happened so they'd be deep. Propensity for that to happen is there it's a question of have they done enough to not have happened. Aren't so low we're we're short timers here you've got a big show plans and it was Sunday. All get into the NFC south and the Carolina Panthers obviously Eastern Conference finals game worn we'll also talk about the quarterback depth chart throughout the NFL. The forest needs in the draft all Doug Doug jump into the Lavar ball Kristy Lee debate that went on yesterday. I moved into some going to happen it as well lots of duke joined the wasserman talked NBA draft of those Richard duchess for sociable joining us let's zoom. These fantastic Amado what yours are what your opinion on this and you're an original what what do you think are or is the likelihood. That we see two teams the cavs in the warriors come in twelve annulled in the finals. I think it's fairly high and they could see NBA's absolute worst nightmare ref who the hell wants eight days off. I mean there's enough days off between NBA games is playoff games as it is or eight days off before the finals so of your conspiracy theorists and you believe and I kind of thing. Watch the fouls start to go the direction of San Antonio and Boston very quickly do send the series. My man and you hit it right on the head that was my number one conspiracy. Yesterday I completely agree just wait to these refs start getting their whistles you know when he gets of these home games and how that's gonna start changing. Yeah I mean I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist. I thought some calls last night against the cavs were. We're back and I thought they tried actually favor Boston early enough but you know LeBron got a bad call I thought that. Kyle Korver wasn't a charge authorities certainly the position and and so I mean it was it was. There's a Wu was a weird game from the officiating standpoint just Icaza we too much obviously. Died mark does have a great show we appreciate you don't forget tomorrow. Target Marciano from Atlanta he's filling in for Kroger this afternoon certainly appreciate a bit of his time primetime should be fun marks a professional he's great at his job. And he will entertain you regalia was stories and the pelican spears hitters for the next four hours. So much fun game or softball game tonight and don't know season's over I'm going on the get a massage and you'll find a world full somewhere and must be honest I'm fat I gotta get on the elliptical so the using them and us. That's a look at Lee's second at frank. You gotta get on the elliptical your body going on absolutely under we're gonna do it together there five pillars that I don't get the issue we're not working out together why not because I know what you do have your W workouts. I'm gonna drag your of the Solomon OK do to fix that. Yeah aren't back tomorrow live in the Sherron Dan Reeves going to be your. You should be their tips. We'll see it and this has been Garcia and Bailey and WS since it.