Garcia and Bailey: Hornets Talk This Hour

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Friday, February 9th

We talk about the Hornets tough loss last night at the hands of the Blazers.


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Our number three and on the go back to the buildings that are sex line for a second because you know sometimes. We need a little carried away on the show sometimes we can be a little bit outlandish and boisterous and sometimes we Camille Little poured on people it's what we do we were never shy away from what we always own it's. But Franken wanted your take on the text that we got. And it was directed at just a notch as you and I. But it McEnroe as well. And other sex says matched Kyle Boller and fright. I know it's your job to be entertaining and others expense. But perhaps it would do you well to have a little self reflection. Your criticism and lamb basting of our Charlotte teams can sometimes be a bit much to take perhaps you should hold yourself up to the lights so you can take a look at your own flaws in short comics. Well Paul. Oh now hold on and now I'm fat I get a good look I suppose. So this was my response to that list I sent him back at Texas worldwide I said look that's an entirely fair perspective while we try to make sure that are not being unfair or disrespectful out of curiosity did we say or do anything specific to prop this text thanks for the feedback. So I knew I wanted to make sure that he wasn't overly affect your muscles and ice well I try to be nice to listeners revolutionary way to an otherwise this doesn't work Reuters showed so but I guess like my only question of that would be something that you just glued to. I I do feel like we do a really good job making fun of ourselves too and don't take ourselves so seriously. So while we do oftentimes makes fun of poke fun that make light of those are just probably sell what they do. There's others sugar coating that you know the pet is gonna succeed. There's no sugar coating that this situation have done better they should've beat the saints wants what do you want us to send it out. I don't know you can always hit it way too nice. I'm all for self reflection needs radio. I just saw our eyes grew up a lot I criticized every single day. What. I mean do you know what I announced now's a duke fan more than a Carolina fan too dumb AT and you know this stuff so I get on here. I can laugh at it now I don't take myself that seriously don't take ourselves a serious it's a disappointed to show do you. Remember when I first started frank all of what Donna Marshall AT and I have well nog I guess he got really warm welcome but there are two guys. That would colder show on your and your day going to answer to cuss me out on the phone. Those those aisles of Sony how stupid I was not outflow was a pretty sure one of the guys was wasted overtime at all. And I loved every second I thought it was a fight is never hurt please call my strike is not gonna got to keep going back I was last night and try to hold sort of a frightened here while he's going off like I promise you. Still a problem you you're you're not talking with two guys soon send a very easily and can't take them or take themselves too seriously. Like we know today we we know where to best dressed guys in the world we know that so we both standalone story 5000 we both know that were wrong about six. But I'd I don't think it's that series but I did stay at a Holiday Inn express last radio so. That in mind as Scoop Jackson is once again pull a disappearing act Dawes global fund and it's on the immunity for their huts. I just went to a doctor. The busiest business arise what about Cleveland everybody right now he'll answer the phone we get two hours looked to him we did speak to the Cleveland. Name the starting five now go don't look at your computer and I'm not what your computer a little different story but I is giving these children. I do watch list it was would've been different I'm not doing that point of difference yeah. Asked took hours ago they started cyber Cleveland who LeBron James a good job OK JR Smith okay yeah. Honesty and Thompson now he got traded right now to assist yes it. Identity and god you're out. The jobs since I don't panic George Hill. Yes. Brodney boot. Larry Nance junior. As of the fire notebook contains 600 tons. I can I don't know and in the starting five I'm really not sure I don't know what the site. George Hill yes definitely right he's definitely I would think so Ruddy could. Is that too he can go. Well dawn is going to be years three. Right yeah yeah whose deploy. All of a George Hill Ali thank OK he's your point yeah. I don't know Tristan Thompson got your four or you know put the media or slash live right there was a fox. Or or you put Larry Nance where necessary and I'm I'm Gina I'm don't. Polio at the roster because this is the first time I wanna see a good hearted yes I wanna see it in its entire hour. On says today. Undoubtedly. We are better team the real question what is. I'm more like we're generally welcomed back to be the fortress and console B five is your answer but as we speak today. Chosen. Soft story gonna have to be defined no matter what. Money they have to decide sinners on this team and not one of them doesn't play so odd to see his Jersey number Saudi dutrow since Johnson is your sought by the votes this. But I mean what do there played you know some credit and by the way how the C Larry it's junior 69 so let's. That is going to be a for the plays quite a bit obviously in this is fascinating stuff is what we saw yesterday Kroger was talking about the afternoons listened to and he's absolutely right we've not seen this before. We've not seen an entire team does our team get overhauled and swamps the guys one guy did that what happened just one does not happy with what's going on and you know I there was an did you go to CBS sports start John there's an article that basically is entitled the cavaliers just reminded LeBron James who's actually in charge. And an an effect that's what happened because we. Think that's why I do because I think this is more to say LeBron you're not charging more were taken over where we're getting the reins back. Give me the right. The first on the NBA individual players. Have more influence or impact on these kind of decisions and really Indian sport that said. They still don't have much if any meaningful impact or influence that much LeBron James obviously one of the few exceptions were I would say he has some level of influence. But it's we talked about yesterday these players the limits on it and put the ultimate in our ask both forehand if they if they can make these moves. And more so than that you brought in a bunch of players double younger you got more athletic. And while it does improve the roster. In that way does it does. Long term male okay long term your right but immediately to we're talking about two dead and assumed they'd better than they war with Isiah Thomas. Are you so Thompson and they're so Kevin Love in their she's healthy and LeBron James it is that a better team. Then the what we have today currently four. Long term your right because you know wasn't he weighs a 150 years old they're gross total of basketball Isiah Thomas is hurt but. Know when those guys for one game and they series when it comes to championship basketball who would you rather have. Who would you rather have my brother and do you weigh all day right now today over any of those guys you just mentioned on the current Cleveland roster. Because I know what you can bring in a series out last year you know the entire series or the entire playoffs but if you need him in a moment. That's why I want. Yeah a moment when president but but I guess the question is a regular season it doesn't matter these guys are planned I don't. Not a good terms terms which offer no Isiah Thompson can I as Thomas can hit a big shot clock right based on his history of course yours and why trust Dwyane Wade problem is not an issue she's got left from Augusta. Arkansas court. Today as we stand going into a playoff run I'm not talking long doesn't flood walls and they got better Israel's over the next four to six weeks until you're gonna happen it's gonna take time for this team to gel it's gonna take time and to figure things out team chemistry all that. They are better in terms of talent they got they improved to do this was not only an older on athletic group of veteran talent but they were dysfunctional self I just think it's real stars but here's the thing we. Yeah they are they real all stars mean Ott and Dwyane Wade is old yeah. Thomas he's got a hill then yeah there's easily CDC games Eric roses are shell of his former self and you're right he doesn't love basketball. So I I think I agree with Kyle. I think this is a team that will get better as as the weeks progress in an as the getting to play opposite of that gel yeah we're used aboard team. They may be a better team does that mortality of mystery guests are mature win loss column Karl womb for. I'll let you know what I mean this is I think this is to task saying you know LeBron. You screw us this summer screwed year. We're gonna build for our future and if that means if you wanna be here a husband be here with us but if you don't hit it damn road we'll see you later and we're gonna try to build around a young group. And that's why. They were so. And I think that's why did the hornets talks broke up because they're saying they'll work keeping that high pick. Keeping a high lottery pick. They had to they're forced to well a date carted departed with one of their first round and they're forced to do to protect why don't I know that I think that pick was on the table potentially if the right move could come. They couldn't you they couldn't do anything with it. Before before. That happened when it was video I don't misunderstand our New Yorkers that this was always going to be implies it's the rule. You know what the owner the owner is next stay over. Now they'll lose step funerals that you get a stack so liberals always in place it's just came to fruition because and had come to the forefront. Okay is misunderstood I thought that debt that eat either of those picks were available and they chose one as opposed to the high draft it. That's how I answer but maybe I'm wrong and we're going to move on what I. You're talking about dealing away their first round and act as opposed Brooklyn is protected pick one and the both protected by the Brooklyn church don't do that high high into it and it was more valuable so they still using the deal it's so important to do so until after the draft I'm not sure. Your point about the immediacy of this thing is right because I do agree with that it would be for the next four to six weeks it's gonna be interesting to see how well they play together. At the end of the day though these are professionals these are high level basketball players and decorum this thing is still driven by LeBron James and so long as you have that you're gonna have a chance now that the question is you and I were talking yesterday and matter of fact won't homers and as we come back. Or should they be aiming for Golden State or should the first target the the Boston Celtics retiree Erving had a really really supported comet. Last night after the game he was asked about Cleveland's moves we'll talk about that on the other side it's Garcia and nearly. Students coming here. For tickets or the facilities here they're walking by and of course we're in a a bunker for the single window looking out to the hallway and girl staring at us like we're watching monkeys imitates. And then I like to know bread that you the monkey. On the line you've amenities. OK so let's let's be real about them by the way I'm going to try to sit where they students from where where they from. The SUSA there's red states. How about that so my sister went to school go mountaineers go mountaineers we have state students and it's also. Chrysler gets mostly students watch and listen we'll try not to screw up welcome back it's Garcia and daily here on a Friday. Off an NBA talking about the order Scoop Jackson ESP the most orders would average it's off doing whatever is doing right now. Probably podcaster Celtics are looking to put him where his freeware that when he's finished 70457. Or 96 tennis and I tell you warms my heart. To see how many listeners are texting and on the bullets and attacks lines saying you know what screw the complainer. Just doing a good job and it thought yourselves you keep it real and we appreciate that about you thank you for the feedback that means a lot to us we honestly we try to be good every day. Toughen up Monica toughen up but give yourself on the cosmic scale and then try to take yourself Sears that's an idea. Just leave that alone not gonna knowledge for youth. But the piped up yeah. The Microsoft it's where it's worked out all right it's worked up. Anyway talking about the order so let's. At last night's and they they lost on NL and they lost to watch any of it I did god I had it and and I gotta be honest with you. Eyes. Always joked I'll obligated to qualify this is this all mostly quickly. I really enjoyed covering the tape I'm blasted out to the post game show it's fun to be able to govern NBA team on a nightly basis so I appreciate that opportunity. That said we Carolina duke finish last night my response was. Are watching could have been asked what sorts. And I like feeling like that. He has won a first quarter they had. I I had to wagers last night one on the duke Carolina game that. And the other one on the hornets Portland game of the first and a bomb lost Oprah and so I thought I thought Dugard when they get on the second ago. I I am so on employment. With the Charlotte hornets right now. And because of that you know it was a little that I lost in the first game. I won four times as much on this again it's almost like I have. The exact knowledge of what's gonna happen in those games and it's. You know what I mean you're not you guys are watching game I start of the fourth quarter but yeah I was like this is money in the bank knows this record spread. Portland by minus story. Right and I thought okay this is I'm I'm getting ready go to bed. Game over 1615. Points in the forests in our hearts are coming back and also they came back and walker started in a shoot lights out there was amazing. I do once again needs the only answer that this team has and I you know found a way to shoot himself back into the game that turned up when an overtime. And thank you know my guess is he's going to be a disaster but. You know I just came to fruition once again they ran out of gas timber can't do it by himself rinse and repeat is the same old story Campbell plays his ass off everybody else lets them out. Yeah that's at Princeton retreat. This man by the way America conducted there is business not gonna talk a church this man by the way has probably made enough money off the Charlotte hornets answered by nice whose car but you're you've been locked in. To go to the hornets and he spreads and you've been rights. A whole hell of a lot more than you do wrong on this team seller point that out but you know it is what it is and and and I'll take a break from. You know wallowing in another loss to say congratulations to Jim Walker named an all star. Obviously not the way that a people would like to see it done but Krista sporting news goes down trying to have a problem that your problem with this and allowed it to grow. I know and our men and deserve enterprise the nuclear. There's always certain amount of us are as roster spots. And you know there's certain guys to me that I think he's better than so. Yeah I just. I just I would hate and I know that he's not Gordon at the end of the day nobody's gonna remember that his sales start tee time back to back. That's what do you remember but. You know he should have been in the first. And I think that's my bigger problem I guess with this then getting kind of the you know the sympathy. Votes. Not that that's kind of what it feels like. I don't look at it that way. But I think there's a lot of people that will that don't like to warn us that don't like Kemba Walker there SA is not an all star he got voted him because somebody went down. On the status of the Pro Bowl somebody went and he got voted and there's a lot of people write that that that have that. You know that Monica that go when you know as an alternate. You know once somebody else decides not to Thomas Davis did again you're right. Hum and nobody's talking about that you don't listen to players talked he's one of the best. No kemba is gained respect and is gaining momentum and respect in this league and it's good to see. I know we talked about Isaiah Thomas in the trade that the same type of player they still are. But that doesn't mean that I would rather have Isiah Thomas over Kemba Walker because we agree I think the entire room unanimously was we'd rather have Jim Campbell walker is arguably one of my favorite players to watch in the MBAs undersized jazz is deficiencies. But he plays his ass off. And he's done nothing but get better throughout the course of his career which tells you. That he cares about this crest and any spends a lot of time working god and that as much as anything I think can be appreciated by people who work hard every day that's what he's done he has worked himself and willed himself into being an all star caliber player when a lot of people thought. You know after a year or two that he might not be that kinda guy when it was also a new. I'm gonna succeed every time he's not going to be the greatest of all time he's the best hornet that I can remember. In my time I and that's including Larry Johnson and I just said the best corner and is in the best player. I think he is mr. horn I think he served planted. You know where they're still Currie who that guy I was few months he knows where that guy might be. I think he is the greatest hornets to ever you know put on a uniform here in Charlotte and I have no problem saying that or defending that Tom. You know I root for Kemba Walker. I really do but it's hard to root for this team. You know when that's all he has it's almost like they're letting him down. You know this team in this organization. Is letting kemba down his best years. Are being took its kinda like what is filled with Damien lowered up in Portland or Portland trail blazer fan and you know we're not giving this guy any help he's a special player. And we just haven't done anything. You know and I know that a lot of friends what about Morgan. You know my sister lives out there ask the they love they love the Rose Garden they love Portland they love Damien lord. But they haven't given them any help. And you know Portland McCollum has has helped but don't look it up but it's not enough okay that they've done more than a minute that was due to draft I believe I'm not mistaken right. Trade and anyways is they're kind of things are never sure yeah no regardless I there's a there's similar situations. Right and you know I just yes they got to the point just what. This is draft notice he was a candidate they've done a great job adult yes so he wouldn't go so don't point you know that's easy and they drafted him in other getting better but. The other probably thrill for Portland they're in the same boat that the hornets are. You know as far as where they stack up. In the west vs where we stack up in the east here there and dog chasing its tail and make the right decision that they took the big stiff from high. House state. With a bad nasal looked like just a 150 years reverse Oden vs a direct. I mean. In our and I remember the prospect I was on a golf course out there was couple my buddies there's huge basketball fans like what do we do neared the rants. You know once a lifetime talent in autumn has 75 year old isn't looks like just a 150. Right and they were right you know with that so hum. You would hope. That in the near future. You know this team does something. To validate. You know kemba you know whether it's pay him you know to me that's going to be enough. Right now and I think for Campbell he wants more obviously. You know but he needs to get paid. Right and he should be getting the lion's share of the contract because he deserve it you'll never hear me can't complain about Max contract with Kemba Walker. Because I think he gives the type of effort that I watch. And I know the numbers tell the kids that I coach or that you know that the my kids to watch how he does it because he's a consummate stroke. You know he may not be the biggest myth about what he gets it done every single night. The only thing I would say that is that well I think she is certainly. Earned or is deserving auto Max contract in terms of what's best for the team and his size and is dexterity mr. ability it may not be the smartest thing to do to get a dollar and I don't think he's gonna get a super Mac still into the matter it doesn't just doesn't matter here with -- hornets so give him the money because he's the dessert you can you can get by him if you're gonna keep him you absolutely have to pay him out really quickly I decide to music Kyra urban thing before the break. Very simple last night was asked after the game by reporters about his thoughts on what Cleveland did. There's trades made yesterday's health plan boss Jeff. I'm in Boston it was it was always says it was a great Bill Belichick quote it was awesome it was very ball stolen out of Boston now is a real boss Tony enough I'm in Boston's also slider personal attention and about a given too much credit are really come back don't wanna talk us some more about this Carolina Panthers GM situation reports last night that it may not be Marty artist. It's Garcia and Bailey here on Friday we got a great show behind isn't great stuff ahead 7045709. 610. What is offended and the first Winter Olympics have been started at. This. Watching them yesterday yes the opening ceremonies were this morning no heat Thursday don't know what did are you all I don't. Last Thursday this Thursday started Jessica there filters are there but there are shyness of is the time difference obviously so I wasn't sure their injury. Our trucks and sorry I'm. I don't know and I I. Scott Henry initial Michael I don't believe there are enough skin daily open this segment boy has geography degree resuming well anyway good looks we remind that possibly and start over with which I I would love a a Mulligan if we can possibly defend going to be. Amazing awesome he's always on the spot this stuff to put him on the spot just now don't work on its. Applicable that it's okay so I didn't. The Winter Olympics are in Korea and there's started but there's so much accounts right so we're not getting close and what how many events of golf we don't I'd. And obviously it's too soon for Malcolm got to go through the. Doing one event and every and they decide who the winner as you have trials you have you know goes through and and and you don't win your heat and then you go to the finals. You know can I say it is now because of them a question here is just that. It's the Winter Olympics and I know we have to care because it's the biggest state biggest I don't know right now I do not care. There's not one person of interest me in the entire Winter Olympics. I don't get is not one event interest in its annual while we know mogul right. Snowmobile racing with me now seeing guns in hand grenades you know I'm did you agree nonstop comedy be a great event to watch and it's fun because a lot of wrecks. And I'm. There are all of now this is good slot is gonna watch this law so Joseph no not the ski jump is good job like that would lend itself. I know it's where they race in their own snow boards. And there's like four people that come out of the time they come out of the chute. And they like position and jockey in pushing. You know to get ready jobs have a catchy it's not always done that perhaps it's on talk a little more remarks that don't they're wasting each other. And you've got to be winning and also his snowboard hit somebody else's snowboarding that's what's four times and the guy in fourth place come. Out in. And yum finishes in first greats like our other motorists on the snow boards. Those voters on this noble this could not button like is noted that Turbo and there's this isn't days good days of glory river Zimmerman. Material if you're at risk customers know awards. I'll be honest with you need time like Winter Olympics that is there's two categories from the sports. They're the sports that didn't eat too much anxiety that I can't watch it would take some guy doing 65 miles an hour down a hill want to retreat when I watched that lost. We're watching for that I'm not so what are you lines of the other thing is that by Athlon and I don't think it's old and it's a cross country skiing is boring. And as you said the Americans don't win enough so the only girl must either to born are to be exciting and being at Disney anxiety. Yeah we're looking for. Happy medium friend right here in the goldilocks zone are hurting does ordered. When a sports we're not a part of what I did growing up just like they were fluid so I had no fundamental understanding given the other isn't really impressed I know but I I did I'd like nobody taught me how to ice skate when I was Johnny unites these to a friend until three years ago for the first of its orbit where I was gonna say is always had this fear that many on ice casement somebody fell there's there's skate was flattened slit my broker cut by several artery or something like OK I don't wanna deal with that silica a bit. I'd say a Tom Watson these guys going around forty miles an hour speeds gimmick why do you like watching for is gonna get the leg. Con all you like wash 200 yard dash U wanna see you once every four years. I want to see the fastest dangerous I. I wanna see who the best guy that throws double stone. Oh down there and to maneuver that in between everybody else of the guys shuffling as best they can't once every four years I wanna see you can don't include. The shortlist and a cross country. You know snow event and shoot the lights out of a target once every four years. And this. The only way America Erika the only way to. And physically go to Hickory and find a bunch a rednecks you can shoot news squirrels for fun and teach about a cross country ski because and we dominant element sport. I'm Sandra and I and I'd be fair but I know that I did a did you ask you before the Winter Olympics. Name one of the most prominent athletes from American Winter Olympics couldn't do act I. It is like roller derby by the way Diaz snowboard so that's an exit Sean White got in big shot what was competing in Saudi. I I didn't notice snowboard half pike is he actually competing so Jason and I would have known Sean White blood I don't know given the rest of them polite you know shall white because Eckstein is an extension right. And read here yeah I know because of his personal brands not because of the Olympics are come across as a method. America is meat head oh yeah. Just parked Elin down here like not to let it slide because he spelled it correctly and everything you read about it. MEA TH best. No no no there's no way in methods now. Now on the first not the first order of the day I don't know I was so method appearances Endesa on the enemy's head poll Oka a Condo. Paul told Paul Paul I must say this I will say this and a Lindsey Vonn has and it's generally get tiger was six. Female figure skating is very interest. Because the women are beautiful and they're incredible athletes that Sears Sears I'll watch yesterday's front. They're beautiful and her crown last least suffered for that reason for me it's compelling well nothing and that is real it's not very compelling. Yeah it's even more compelling when somebody decides to take a biblical about it the other one of the neat day now. Elements you know one hand you have your ski polio and even asked and you can hit some money in immaculate and I'm wanting to an asp like through the election. A corrections officers carry the fast don't they call that. You know I was a stick yeah. Nightstick and nightstick and ask. NASA does a snake. It's also something UB prisoners with. Archie. He's not going to be interest in this year by the way but because of our plan I'll really know it's all the amateurs are going back to the amateur way in sports and that I doubt. I don't I'm not really I don't know I don't have any idea of awareness and views Tuesday did do a sports talk radio show when it comes to our country sports. Is it's ridiculous but it Summer Olympics and all over the stuff I just don't understand it I didn't do growing up it was an around I don't know anything about it aspects of poisonous snake I agree with you say it wasn't a snake it's also was something people way. That's all. Meet space head yeah that's the way you spell meathead. That's not one more visit and nothing you know I think is now there's a space in between me and meathead I just do it. It is it's not one more is one where there's a hyphen in there. No it's one word. We'll meet that so it's it's not meth head it's not meet space and it's it's me that. Actually were folks an honest enough if this is unbelievable I want an artist you want people gonna call me a mean it when it's not how. You know with from a read it won't listen listen to Charlie think drug done meathead and you a story about violent retrofit America what's up Charlie. Elevated at a ally great spirit Jianlian. All right. Early. Sneak act on dial. Tried and I children buried here highlight watch like their beer and I thought that aren't bigger bigger or are there are all. And there's this morning. 90 yeah oh are but boy it. It's gonna take it later on and it went armor put aren't aren't cheating on radio. Are there right now all we know nobody gracious thank you issued a phone call right where he yelled at the film doesn't lie. Aside and agree female listeners to fried OK. It probably agree. Some of whom it. Source of problem. You know what you're right I stand corrected my apologies something wrong with girls gone down as long as entertaining enough and the one thing is that you've got a mud volleyball courts and sand then you better up buster asked did you cast serious burn. I seemed awful road rash I am gonna have to watch some of the figure skating stuff because my fiance is next figure skater and so she's into that sort of stuff too like the people you should be watching as supporting your fiance I I know I just said I'm going to be having to watch and figure skating stuff the rest of it. I I don't know dude like on just it's not not my thing yet this is what does the sport was called thank you a text or it's called snowboard cross the desk to check it out. It's really cool please give tried over the best texas' Kyle's gonna take your rest. That's. Hasn't courtesy stupid left hook up in the worst. Aren't so well I Don T something you know a lot about it and you know have lost all credibility we're gonna talk about the Panthers are we still are and we don't talk about Moriarty. And this GM's situation so just got to set it up your. There was a report last night by Jason lock him for a on CBS force we have Jason on the show all the time that he's going to be on the afternoon either today your Monday possibly on a a talk derisive beyond this afternoon. Barr is a lock in for a broken social joined no Kroger company's Charlotte later today he he reported that an outside candidate and external candidate. Is expected to now get to Carolina Panthers GM job not interim GM Marty hurt di goes on to say the NFL offices quote watching the situation closely and quote. And you talked a little while normally Dawson getting that second interview. I'm also gonna kind of talked around and you've got some more information with that and you lose a lot of people out there that feel like you know maybe that's not even happening so. There's a lot of conflicting reports surrounding this right now. Am I still on the firmly Samari you're gonna get the job and what took place over the weekend was last couple of days isn't an effect that whatsoever. But we'll get more from frank on that when we come back to him talk more about that what it means if they do in fact going that direction with an external GM it away and still don't medevac team over there in terms of needing to fill some positions and it gets more bodies of their in the front office and of course with the yard sale coming up we haven't talked a lot about that Lilly but it certainly factors in some comeback will wrap up the hour. And I'm told to always say now. Does it then we'll join us at 1 o'clock. That's on our our brand new daily checklist of things for the show and he made sure to insert in our daily checklist for the show at 1 o'clock. Hit man joins the show so there you go fifteen to twenty minutes from now. We do docent at bat as Garcia and they'll. Still kind of recover and always good sinus infection which you know I think everybody writers got a little bit of the crowd I was talking to guys over the WB TV area and they were all sniffling coughing and hacking like I'd been always say in the bush Saddam got a two. And I thought I was getting better and I woke up this morning Gaza and I thought I felt so little worse this morning. And that I realized it was because I probably inhaled have to tree you and I got done yesterday. And I think under assumed the sky and coughing up sawdust at this point and they'll fright we want we want to come by yesterday to demand things with us because. You know we just want you around there. And I am chainsaw evidentiary issues this is needed a break it's breaking in half to snap an effort to bare hands we'll demolished them over and help there. Okay a number of things do get those things to like what for instance. Cinema asked drink beer and as well as we know we stand Austrian Sandra day how people can operate a chainsaw. At once warned to date took two of us. Kyle pulled the trigger and I moved to change with my hands and move to change so fast it moved to cut down trees was is there isn't enough oral. He's an a and a chainsaw. I forgot the oil oil we want we really don't forget your old units did you earlier usually chainsaw you put gas and got the oil that we didn't do it was doesn't matter reluctance forgot you know I'm not gonna throw (%expletive) on anybody but it. This is what he does right you're glad you heard the conversation earlier where he was saying the exact opposite of that now reasonably decent blessed us all here. It off. I thought I rich it's an art AD he has perfected it really yes it's sort of its kind of beautiful it's kind of infuriating but you know we just girl but I think that. Did you under appreciated art that is frank Garcia. Is his ability to do that. To a two to pivot to something entirely different and some may Q believes. That's what he says all walk like talk like your definition voice asked is. It SA sapped not an asp. I'm just I just since the money elect I'm looking at right now asp batons sixteen there's a progression of your plans what's odds it's him but time. OK in the ass is a type of the talk ultimately still how I knew I wasn't around and asked and it is an aspirin but taught. Right so what you're asked okay. Tennis is that your child. That's a guitar thought I'd I'd I'd been telling you as an ask whatever doesn't matter. Again you Carolina Panthers report last night and Jason locked in for the they will hire an external GM armed you know he says they're gonna move quickly get at those watching it it's one report pro football talk picked it up but so I know frank as any thing you have to kind of wait until these things happen to see how would truly plays out. Your not so convinced yet that it's a done deal they're going somewhere other than mourn her direct. So again you think you think that there be somebody else do you explain that very awkwardly towards the end. I'm not convinced some that they go somewhere else I think Marty urged GM yeah okay some more simply you think he will remain the Jess. He is right out. It was a market for I I do I do think that I think a lot of times Kyle. You know clubs closed things out there and I don't know if that's the case here in only locked and for May be all effort he may have talked to somebody. But yeah that's sometimes a good thing sometimes a bad thing I know this for a fact I know that Lotta times clubs go out there and lead you down a rabbit hole looking for something. That is in there now are you convinced that lake Dawson is the guy I'm not convinced that they interviewed in the you know a second time from the people I've talked to. Tom it's Marty Kearney and they're just wait this thing to. You know kind of died down a little bit before they make that decision but I think the decisions already been made. You know the ownership is already made the decision. And I'm not sure Tina Becker has any do in any you know. Saying that decision. Other than she's gonna be the one that you know announced the only other thing that I could look at you know Kyle. Logically with this you know two a do you think this makes little dissents you know with where Marty Kearney is that you know this in this team in this organization is that. It doesn't have a president right now. You know and if you're looking to maybe. Elevates. You know the status of Marty Kearney and bring in a general manager. That is going to be able to do a little bit more of the meat and potatoes. And chop the wood if you will go on the road. Then like Dawson might be a great guy because it's another eye for talent right in if he has the you know the instincts you know go out there and look and evaluate guys employers. You can never have enough good guys they're gonna be able to do that to have conversation with this is where this guy says this is where that guy says this is the direction. But I see a lot of times the general manager get elevated to the president position this team is voided that. Right this team is void of any president position in in a lot of times the president is gonna run the entire operation is going to be easy. Yet in this team doesn't have that mean Tina backers basically the director of operations I'm not sure what that means I'm not sure for a role changes. You know but is still doesn't have a presence and Moriarty president Marty Harding may be that guy from this organization moving forward at least in the short term under the current ownership. It may be put in just to the portal like Dawson there a second ago Tom tell Cerro of the NFL network and He did report. Two hours ago. Quote the Panthers are not close to offering their GM job to anyone amidst multiple NFL investigations but only Dawson received a second interview sources say he's a strong candidate in quote. That's from Tom told us early and if a network an NFL about jobs so you know weigh that against the jays and lock in for a report and you know will would I would imagine the truth is somewhere in the middle nose at all. A source. I mean you know at right now are they all gases. Yeah I guess the depending on these guys talked to serve I don't know. I don't know I think talking to Jerry Richardson himself I doubt because if they're not in their guesses. 'cause Jerry Richardson is on making these decisions. Period. Locking storage pretty well tied in with most coaches in the NFL is my understanding you know lots of guys guys use logic and I'm not saying the people haven't spoke out. You know these types of things and may be a given that second interview those and India may be what it is but. In less they've spoken to Jerry Richardson he's the one making these decisions. Any time unless you may already. Then. I mean I'm not sure way to get their get the sources. I don't know either today really and they're never gonna tell us honestly money for all we know Jason likens the colleges want to source spoke directly Ron Rivera now I I don't I don't I don't think that's probably the case but I don't know that I really don't so there's there's there's report and the mcinnis Tom Telus or report that. They're not that close to that lake Dawson did receive a second interview so. Who knows it and I don't know was right we fewer people and asking us on Twitter and elsewhere in the last couple of days our opinion on what's the Panthers should do. Regarding Marty party and these allegations and should they factor into the to the decision to. Give him a new contracts or to go to different direction. You and I said the other day when the story first came out that this story in and of itself is not grounds to move on from morning heard. If you don't think he's the right time moving authority they just on a better candidate if you think lake Dawson and his philosophy and you know his evaluation skills and everything else. Give the Panthers a better option or better future moving forward okay that's a different argument but the these. Allegations the story. And withdrawn complaint I will land. Or you're only grounds for doing so I would disagree with that but our reserves were exchanged some odd because we don't know what will come out further so I that's that's all us. We honestly tell you know I talked you know to the boat in and I know this morning on the BB team that was one of the questions. You know they asked and here's what I think I mean we have things that protect with a hip the laws. In this country when it comes to our medical records when it comes to personal things and matters of this if it's not a crime. Why shouldn't those be protected too why should we be judging the guy over an argument in a relationship that went awry. By this time as a unit and a relationship. That is it that you had. That you ask you had a conflicting things that you know you're gonna say vs what I'm. I'm gonna say you're gonna look at verses the one way vs while looking at one way and if you don't we go to file a complaint and then we withdrawn that complaint. What's there to complain about these you'd I don't like you you don't like me screw you screw me I'm. I must say some things that are partial tear does say some things that are told from her hurtful to me if it's not a crime it's an argument you. Right you right and that and everything you just said there's absolutely true to tell her argument to that would be only this in that they've been divorced since the tail end of 2013. If just hear me out if those allegations of him breaking into were homers and underclass or any of those things turn out to be true especially two or three years after the fact. That is a violation of the law fright she's withdrew those allegation was true the harassment complaint she didn't withdraw the actual completed the allegations themselves that worked in the body of the reports visitors for a report being filed by the your right about that but I'm saying if those parts of it turn out to be true in the NFL investigation turns that out then he did in fact break the law and then it becomes yes it's a far below sets I agree with you frank. A man's personal business between him and his wife and a spat is not grounds to fire man and is not indeed. It's not even talk to religious initiatives are sort of a break and or is it I'm not expecting YouTube which are not listening you've got dries you shaking your head if you violated the law expressly. Yes it's absolutely grounds for termination. Where did he. I just explained that if the NFL investigation turns up that he didn't break into her home. How how are they then there was no was no proof for no I don't know frank security footage I'm not saying it's true I'm saying if it was crazier things have happened. So if that turns out to be true he was caught in violation of the law then it becomes a fire able offense by and large I agree with everything you just said right now there's no fire able offense here. That's my only cash not even a complete. Not even a comports I decide I just said I just. Everything you said I think he did because she did withdraw the complaint I'm talking about the contents of the complaint if those pars turn out to be true she did withdraw yeah. For the there's no complaint why are they going into their personal life and and trying to turn us over and stones aren't there I don't know but out of the NFL suspend Ray Rice and he delicate. It writes. And they don't have that now but if they did and they was found in violation of the law then it becomes a far below feds weren't around in circles it doesn't matter I actually the incident happened. You don't know they didn't happened then happened. Okay are you were gonna come back to our number four we don't lust so dividend soon stars Ian Bailey.