Garcia and Bailey: Hornets Draft Reactions and Mitch Kupchak Gives His Insight

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Friday, June 22nd

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Garcia. It's Friday but we're gonna do today. There's room talk about a draft picks right I think that's what she said yeah. Never talk about a draft picks today. So much less their mikes off. Now saver gets fired in and I don't think we say anything and not been well god and maybe had no problem usually do you know we normally do but you know like missiles able to HR do the tea guards so anyway it is up 7045709. DC extend. It you know look what we're gonna take your phone calls are gonna take detection towards your emails all those sorts of things send an email Kyle W Austin's a dot com. The garage door drew Roy inbox and a supplement roundly Jewelers Twitter feed I Kyle Bailey WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65. And of course call us Texas. Miles bridges is the guy and miles bridges is gonna join the show today at 5 o'clock still talk to lower its first round draft pick coming up in about three hours at 5 PM before that though. Thirty minutes from now we talked to Mitch Kupchak court it's GM and president of basketball operations. And I got to know from from people out there how you feel the minute because there are people out there. Who are either you followed a couple of tips right you're talking yourself into the period two dollars and good employers guys. Revenues are really solid player in the Big Ten could have been a lottery pick Lester could came out last year what is said he would back to wanted to Michigan State to chase a national championship for Tom Izzo was Jerry Jackson and him maybe cost himself the spotters to others are designed. Just object. This is just another death bed at this is this doesn't make a difference for this team that you were hoping never gonna blow the thing on the Campbell would have been traded to Cleveland last night and whatever else and if this doesn't make a damn bit of difference to you or maybe you're out there. Maybe you're out there and then something like what I saw last night. Caught struggled. Go to bed synergy considered basketball tweet about some statistics of miles bridges jump shooting things that you know my teacher a little bit excited about how this guy could contribute so whatever your perspective is. Will take a 7045709. Who said. It's not only wished once last night but they whisked twice. Bad and eleven they could've taken Michael Porter junior and I didn't but it should do this Alexander demonstrated got another chance at twelve. And they took miles bridges instead it. But they're gonna be a team that wishes again that they had taken Michael Porter junior the guys draw a TD comparisons last night how do you feel about that let's get this does Mike. He's he's drawing Katie comparisons from himself Disney I mean I know that that's what they put up on the screen. Don't ask her what he thinks he's going to be is a mix between a couple of different players and reality of it is. It is. He played what two you know 23 quarters to three games and in college basketball. Guys more than a lot of these high school basketball players who have done as they've come out of college but. You know for the reality of it is is. You know. It's upsides did a lot of people felt like he might be one of the best players in the draft is number two player coming out of his draft out of his class and our high school and you know I don't know if that's the reason why they didn't draft him minister I don't think it's necessarily because of the back I think there's a lot of other things that go along with that. And it's you know I think immaturity might be one of the. You might just pretty religion and is that they did hit a selfless and all of us are you feel about it. I don't know exactly what what side you come down on your rights and try to save our our politics for for the show and we try not to ruin the I I. Alternate disagree if you want him please call disagree. I'm completely on board with what mr. what you did last night. Passing over Michael Ford junior I'm completely fine with that. There's a three game sample size are right he's got back issues. This wasn't the only franchise that ought to pass on so if you can make this about the hornets if you want to thirteen other teams really I would say probably eight or nine because there were top five players were going to be top five players that are well let's say eight or nine maybe even ten teams that also pass on this trip for good reason. Just because he looks a little bit like TD just because he's dominated in the AAU circuit your bunch are really good prep basketball players and it looks pretty good three college basketball games I'm not ready to spin the lottery pick on my kid when he's got. Back to shoot well and you know the the thing hit too we've had to say here in years past no crowd as the fact that. You know you have to take a risk on some guys and you know when you're gonna risk on some guys get to gamble and I mean that's the way they only really one of the only ways it to the horns are gonna be good yet the two overpaid guys you have to you know do things that other teams wouldn't do and I think that the up side for that guy for a lot of fans. Was there and the potential was there. I'm use the new regime and Mitch Kupchak hasn't shown what he's capable of doing you're gonna we're gonna have him on you don't hear a little bit tough to talk about that but. You know I'm willing to give him a chance and to see you know how he's a valuation in talent evaluation is in. You'll see what we can do with what to you know maybe what he has intends that in mind for this for this organization I think that. In this kind of thing that I'm looking forward to I guess if you guys are talked about yesterday. It's to see what rich is gonna do and I think it's a good start don't think did say I don't think it's a man Briscoe I think to see a pretty good. Risk so look out look this is a guy who. Will we Obama's protect what we know about him we we we know missed context likes talented guys proven winners from marquee programs. Dust bison last night dress a guy from where Michigan State. Before that you know yards wasn't intending to keep him madrassas say do this Alexander from Kentucky he drafted Dovonte Graham who they support is not a first trailer first round grade ought. On Italy in the sector rally traded up to get a Oliver and you know of dealing away hundreds yellow the other Kentucky Pickett 45 but these are the kind of guys that he likes our proven winners marquee programs in other reason and I. I kind of come with that mindset I always have to understand the upside debate I understand if you can ditch your hands on a nineteen year old that you know has a ton of physical potential a lot of athleticism and he's basically ablaze like I understand the appeal to that. But I also understand how a guy like Tim loves proven winners for a marquee programs and that's what he likes umpire was. What and it where we're gonna find out it's been I think it's to be determined. Is is is this guy is his way advertised. You know and he can defend three positions and he's a versatile player and and the athletic schism really shows through and now that's the one thing that I'm looking forward to see I mean obviously he's. He has good pedigree from Michigan State. Are you look at his resume and what he's compiled in in on every season he's been in college basketball has been one of the best players so. You know coming into the season that that that continued and no machines that didn't maybe have the season that they wanted but held duke had three players drafted in the top in the first round and they they petered out as well so an office if you know your success is a college basketball player and your team. There has much to do with individual success and what you're gonna do and how you're gonna translate to the NBA but. You know this guy looks to be a guy that. You know maybe has some upside end you can go out there and find his. We shot is that lettuce isn't is one thing we talked about I mean he's an athletic guy and I think that's the one thing we need more of on the stand. It's exactly right that's the outsider and as we're talking about of course the hornets last night in the draft miles bridges ends up being the pig not at eleven to twelve us today's open topic of the day so. Stewart who roof opening topic of the day all. And again it's cut check we talked with Mac and company this morning we are going to talk with his gut check engendered about twenty minutes which is gonna hop on the show at 230 and don't rule will last him some of these questions and I I just wanted to look. What was the mission statement going to the last night you know we've when you're in that war room and you're going to draft. You when James and Michael and and who are you buzzer what was it what was the mission statement what were you looking to accomplish last night and on the million results of that was miles bridges but what was the mission statement what they're looking for what he says. He says this is this was the highest rating down the board now if you believe that I signed in Michigan if you don't testified to. You met did do you think that. If we're honest Mitch regardless of who they were drafted what is it exactly that yes. It's like every college football coach a national signing day ago we were truly address every need these are all you know X type of football players admitted it it's that is the routine that you debt. But I'm not villagers that they I was kind of in different right I was kind of a different because you take it got eleven. Our twelfth. You could get a great player which you also may not so I Dassault pick last night were John Osborne on rat the spectrum sooner with the media they're covering it and they they made the pitch. And in the trade the church but the last group tweet and then. Yeah and then and they take miles bridges and they didn't okay. Osbourne was that that was his prediction out of everybody here I think Osborne as the only person who got it right he predicted miles presents you don't really good about that's. I'm but there's a reason to like this stuff. I don't understand a lot of is always got a franchise player OK but he still really athletic and is strikes in the second go what was his team were you missing at times last year as well this is. And you know I mean. It's gonna take a while. And I'm sure Michigan State you know builds these guys in their weight programs and things like that. And I and into it to grow into your man body I guess is the way you do the best way to put it you die and become more physical. You know he's a big body guy he's got to put some weight on maybe a little bit. You know maybe a little bit more muscle. The so don't get pushed around. And you know those are the things there will be interesting to see but you know I mean we get to see typically is highlights. You get to see you obviously. You know what they've done in you know their senior year there or further their final year in college in. I mean ultimately when you start looking at what he was able to do he was a scorer. Some pizza to the second ago some baby in that room. We got a little frightened here you know we are Braxton and her it's gotta be here for two to rest is that you know the still read where he's there he's actually the most talented and her so I don't know I don't know what your complaint and are a dollar got a new got a real Smart there in the room so. I know we have so many questions last missile to draft a guy that you didn't work out which is not a tree incredibly common and happens. We addressed a guy that you didn't work out he was the highest on your board. And at some point we gotta talk about the tweets are gonna get hold out until it was before. I think the grown men who go digging up tweets from treaties attendees to jeers ago the pathetic. But many twit at some things back in the data we don't talk about what we do we do we got to get into the stuff a little bit so 70457. Or 96 stand. Also later in the show again our South Carolina blocked 35330. To go back to back Clemson, South Carolina we're talk as a pre season college football once wanna Clemson sports talk pops on and Todd Ellis former quarterback of the gave docs and other voice of the gamecocks on the radio network as well for fixing if you pirates out their study McGovern a big whistle TCU. He stops by and it at 5 o'clock we told the miles bridges twenty minutes from now mr. object swings via phone lines wide open champ Mac thrust and hang tight. We'll come and take your phone calls next how do you feel about the miles bridges pitch at twelve outsourcing and they look. We have so many stories to talk about today is beautiful the NBA draft which again had lost my attention and and lost my devotion. They're for a couple of years amended. And I and Philly today I'm putting out an APB for Philly they tested they'll talk to Philly natives import if he's out there because. The 76ers just put a hundred your cursor on themselves last night they just put a hundred your -- on themselves I'm telling you the Philadelphia 76ers will not win another title until 2190. Like over a 100 years morning want to kill bridges the guy that I wanted here in Charlotte there was dressed in one spot ahead of the border to Lebanon was taken its and by the sixers. All right he's born and raised in Philly won two titles in Philly Villanova I. It's drafted by his hometown team the Philadelphia 76ers who his mother works for. So they draft the kid letting her they don't let anybody think that this hometown just gonna come play for the sixers an hour later the deal in the Phoenix. Retire Smith. I mean that's just as well Branson put it there's never been a greater movement of like reverse sports karma in the history of sports. So I'm under I believe it put a hundred directs himself last night. I don't so anyway. Discipline it ST call in talk about the process the 100 your process are thought it was a good pick by Phil when they took a look at it yeah Ameritrade for a new guy like Dyer Smith who's gonna flood us isn't their bit. They have money that's brutal you more grace and Allen goes in the first rallied on talk about Utah did you suffer and so. Got to get all that and invites overtake info call 7045709. This extent do you feel about the miles bridges stricter divides a grant -- can talk about Datsyuk and a man who made those picks Mitch Kupchak will join us here and about eleven or twelve minutes but I'm really quickly cam back on until we reduce text. For a second text right cynicism. Kyle I totally agree with Mitch pictures solid players who did not gamble with a guy that could be all that or he could never play a solid game and if we are Smart we will keep kemba and let him take them and us to the playoffs winning a championship is not that important to me right now I want us to have a winning team that goes to the playoffs consistently. Where you can use as hell as I was when when the horn aspect and you know then right behind us the clippers in a trade right in front of us for the guy that they could that we could have I mean everything to same beverages saying everything's just seems our lack and then I was like okay. It was actually play some poker. You know because he made the clippers believed that we or want to take their guy. And forced him to make that trade so we at least get to second round pick so but we have like fourteen cigarette companies country. There we're gonna stick around for the rest of eternity and limited turnaround until a couple of those way obviously too much to move look at didn't want to grab still does what I said last night after episode looks stay tuned. I don't know what for most of state to nobody no team needs that many second round draft picks are gonna do something and they try to get a guy and the Vontae Gramm who dead he's one of those Jalen Brunson types that I mentioned we talked to Matt nor labor the other day or so which one of these upperclassmen tigers do you like Salem Bronson Dovonte grant he Lowe Bronson all of Bronson too well salon about a grant in order so their first round grade on this did he can play he's from Raleigh. I it's it's sort of homecoming for him so when he got that 704 area code colony was he was hyped about that so up again really really good stuff coming out last night stressed it would take your phone calls the first. We're the guys is don't totally agree with you to two really solid players let's what do you do it. And I am I gonna try to sell orders fans' ability to us today and try to sell you go good until you how great miles bridges is going to be or how awesome Dovonte Graham is going to be. Might be I don't know I hope they are not sure about that. They tricks to prove employers from marquee programs and those spots that's about as good as you can do in my opinion. Our men and I'm not on the Michael portrayed if you are while Marines called in Selma we'll start all fours so with cameos Friday afternoon tea what do you think about the draft last night. No no we only. This thing double but it didn't change. We're and I depicting big marquis on the net a bit and how that ended up what for the hornets led by a couple of Beers. Don't remember when repelling not grandma and my book Jake go through this Derrick he. Attracted paint whipped out there are so right clips. What we're doing your pocket following open a rare to three years it's every it's been how to update you head. Alipay potentially be careful of paper tape. You know that how could you put this thing looked up let's say you're wrong neglect him a mess but I'm how could you possibly be that certain that lead three games in college he played against high school competition. Our courage our what is going here would be great game well just being good. I took my breath it's been expecting you can't go anywhere. I think it's you can't you cannot bar where there aren't that. But don't discount to disagree with you though that's a thing. We are out. Now below developed. You have to be very honorable way. I hear you. I hear you know look what they get it wrong to obviously we're just him and I appreciate the focal he's a good time to hold on sewage. I don't know you're wrong about Michael Porter junior under Seattle so I don't send anybody to be that certain about that I really don't. Yeah I mean there is there's no track record there whatsoever and I get what he's saying though the upside the potential. He's willing to take that risk and that's fine. I understand why do I really do especially for the hornets because. You know will do what we bend swimming in mediocrity writing we made a safe pick. Would you agree that don't ya so you know I ever if we're just to make the save pick then. No that's kind of where we Ben and to bless this guy is something that we don't expect is just going to be another safe pick if you take Porter you know then. Yet the potential right we don't know it's kind of fun for us because we get to hang on Dorsey to wait and see. But it could be really bad and be really good but at the end of the day honestly okay I'll main. I understand why guys are gonna say that and I yeah I. I could've been on on and on board with those guys very easily still understand why the hornets felt like they need to do this reason why they overpaid for Batum. There was some reason why you have to take risks for some guys you know to try to go out there and you don't get dark overpay for somebody that you know may not get that type of market and another look at another system. Let's go to Mac and a worrisome Vista actually quickly our Mac go ahead and what are your thoughts miles bridges. And I'm not all are kind of on our genetics article about a mile at duke they're just because they're like big and they're like you know it Jake powdery kind of like our hand. Roll people like you know. Port at option may be. But I'm an all warpath Michael ordered junior I mean it to do not healthy fear not gonna play I mean you can talk about other highly like flat that worked out that paper did end. And hairy guy Obama and her job out there whatever means that they ever really done any thing. And I don't DO lag we have been better off that they shot out bad guy in there and major column what I read up on EE LOO more potential like to be a better overall player. Well I'm not like out that way that I'm I'm open that you know about that Craig and bank in. Yeah. Appreciate the phone call back yeah. Yeah look here's a deal of about must agree to back to back texture one point guys disagree with me says just disagree John-Michael Porter also your same logic can be used to say LeBron play no college ball militant LeBron James is anointed king in high school in Michael Porter was a very heralded recruit. Crow coming out of high school but he did not have LeBron james' level hype and expectation coming along with a I know there are scouts like Porter like a lot I understand it Michael pours a very talented guy. Okay that the theory you have to draw that line between reality and height and again with the health issues there's a track record to back. The hit and as this text says Michael Porter may never come close to play a full healthy season Jerry West doesn't pass on you twice. If you have a clean sheet and hall of fame potential Jerry West is the greatest executive in basketball history if you ask me I know he doesn't pass on you twice if he sees revenue. Yeah that's right end. From yes to me that means there was something more there because or less this guy's just really banged up which I don't think is the case. I'm your name in the EU back surgery okay. But if you don't play people gonna kind of you know attendant. Forgive that ride and this isn't like the surgery the Tiger Woods had where they're doing no column reconstructive surgery right this is a procedures that spiel was done. That you know hopefully can you know set this kid free and on new clean him up a little bit in freedom to be a better player. Everybody it KG this Kobe got LeBron there's those guys didn't have chronic back issues. They're scaring the hell out of organizations and and missed work outs with a hip injury but they're not the same situations got to tell you or not. More phone call delegates and its coach actually Todd is up next Osama several. It's your. Show on I had today. Elite guy make it true I'm they all worked a total other and in ot have you ever been so it's supportive when our local sporting. And I'm not a big trade. I'm not black riches away. I have no idea what they're wondering why they it yet well if you're right. It is put at Churchill reorganization. Or don't act for pulling that. Are really know what else I don't really know I'll say but I'm up this morning. But that meant I appreciate the folk also it's odd diced and I just I couldn't believe that. He grows up and silly. Winced through titles at Villanova. This drafted by the hometown club his mother works for the organization back an hour later after you draster betrayed him way to Phoenix is just an honor your excellent yourself. They are up there are no we got a good break but the putter at different energy. It's unreal it's unreal that they did that they did that is unbelievable to me last night I look organizational goals all show long hindsight we come back door the man who engineered it all last night I missed subject GM and president of basketball operations of your Charlotte hornets joins us next to last him. Why they did what they did and they obviously stolen tend to trade him walker Garcia and Baylor. Sex zero right symbolic sort of sex line Porter Georgia would have been picked up eleven. The track record Olympics is 5050 at best that's why Porter was generational talent. Potential is worth the risk despite the injury concerns or do disagree. A but I also think Julie got the port that's according to some organizations anyway to Michael Porter junior didn't really interview. All that well. And you know some of the things again to get out we weren't in those rooms so like I can't hold it against him. What I'm saying that's not really the only reason and so while I understand that usually we gotta talk about this in the context of the Charlotte hornets there were several organizations including one all time front office executive said Nash not just once. But twice. Jerry West you know a guy who is engineered some of the greatest teams in history and he was the boss of the -- we're about to talk to Mitch Kupchak you know at the LA lakers for years and years and years and won many many titles. So at. Not once but twice. So I'm cool with that if the logo says act not once but twice a Mariah would Jerry West on that this is kind of how I dealt. And you know we can disagree it's fun allowed disagree we'll take the phone calls and text that we sold sign of the right now and we talked to the man who was the conductor of the trade last night the engineer it and I he's responsible for the pixie is the GM and the president of basketball operations of your Charlotte hornets. Mr. object is joining us on a technique job just limits we appreciate the time sir Howard you. Thank you doing great thank rent or own. Absolutely absolutely so I would start by asking you know I haven't got a chance to see yet I was there at the spectrum so last night but unfortunately I believe about ten minutes before he came out of the room so I haven't gotten the agency's decision could. I just wanted to ask you what was the mission statement if you will this organization going in that room last night. Going into the train. Lonetree days. I don't going to be dressed going to do going into the draft room last night what was the collective mission statement Dixon the Charlotte hornets are going to accomplish black. We can improve the team. In order to aren't due to the playoffs. And at the same time. And that senate and any issues. We you know the president make a book the team is clearly. Better. Outvoted. I was tired and in Europe Austria for your. It doesn't look like there couldn't go anywhere right now. Are our roster. We feel is competitive and open to you. Two different a player ought to hopefully do some damage in Puerto having said that. You don't want to get in the position where all we have to veteran player and we've got all our tech. 08 they drafted very well last year it was up eighteen and mom. And this year if you weren't bitten at least two more players as well as national. In terms of stick around ten to continue to do that going forward. So we want to if you can the same time we're looking to go to the player. In a match it when you start looking acts in having time to evaluate this team what was the one thing you felt like this team needs to improve on. Good a coaching change I think it is probably. And the number one thing that can help this team. I'll play better and win more games next year and I don't mean that everything criticism to coach the quicker at all I think he is a wonderful job. I he had great run for five years here in enlisted. If you coach any place more than four or five years yet you credit check or run. We felt it was time for a change. A different style playing a different look but that doesn't mean. That equipment debate coach or a coach retired in Oakland coach Hoke will be a great coach. And our decision at that time was to make a change. And I think. That it's gonna result in a game that's on the watch. On and something has conducive to the players we had and happy new year and the ones who Gannett. We're sort of it's cut check GM president of basketball operations or Charlotte hornets joined us on the ticker John just like this take me through the trade last night you know you did just a little bit usage are probably gonna pick eleven and within their big twelve. But so I know you did little something extra out of it and you say you get to god that you want as well take me through the trade process. Why did it it's really not possible to do that. And probably last longer than just. Fair enough I I dismiss your mindset and putting it together so. 833 train yesterday and couldn't you know starting today. You don't have a feel special when you draft and Lebanon you know persons 2425. You have a much critics feel it was gonna be there and who propped yet. We're very happy with the player drafted. Bumped well you know you restrict the four to twelve draft at eleven and made it tray and we also got a couple of assets that we continue to touch them. I average six ticks later. To do a deal to get it. You know Bob Graham from from cancer. Which was totally unexpected. We didn't think that he would be fair and we were hustling and the draft gone not try to get a architect compliment and a that was until that was made literally five or seven minutes before he stressed that. And then we had to do something with the 45 there. And of course the 55 pick were used. Are to draft a player and token keeping in Europe for Europe to do so. It was a lap there went on. We got a player we thought we can't. I did not know with certainty that we look or make a trade him move up into the early trek around. And yet about it from our camp and. Miss what is it about miles bridges that the makes him the highest rated player are you Barbara talk to miles and about 5 o'clock but you know you could and we could come out Lester could have been a lottery pick last year he went back chase in a national championship but. What is it about the sky using not only makes this team better but some on the tin can make an impact right away. Well you've got an edge junior college in about players who were drafted a lottery come back to their freshman year he chose to go back to school which. And hurrying usual and he did it because if you wanted to learn just Hispanic and better attention to and better. I don't look the content currently being coached Eric Gregg coaches so. So we got a player with a little more experience than you normally do. Well we we know in terms of you know and start giving gifts. Bet that that's an NBA level means that you really just you know the athlete. Are you play hard you worked hard he's devoted to regain got a heart character. To try to bury our level. And the great conference and great for a great coach. So hook those are all part of the package. We think initially. If you make sure intact next year it on the defense of sharp all. There are Canadian beer there's a lot of switching between the musicians. I think if that's how we played each year I think you are. You know Corey cartoons reason ports. So I think it initially didn't impact on this game economic defense and then. Now he's done a heck of an athlete who make a bunch of spectacular play she's always on the move cutting. While I think he can make an open shot that's one thing he's got to continue to work on. In this week to figure out if there is it a chink in the aren't aware. And the exposure. So he he's not a player that we want to speak today. But I think he's further along than most players. That you return to moderates. Look risk vs reward when you start a start talk about risk vs reward in some of these are players that you have an opportunity he has taken. No Porter junior sitting there and you say that I know potentially he's one of those guys that know might be a difference maker but. He had the pass him over because MA he's not a guy that you look at what what. What was the setback with him and why was it difficult to to maybe pull the trigger on him for some kinks. Welcoming her high school to give the workload is definitely going to be a top architect. And in all likelihood if you play college basketball he could've been a cup or optical the number one could. Somewhere right there at the one of the biggest problem I am an interview just mr. Scott Shane. I know what and there was a lot to go on in terms we've been evaluating. An ability to play the game. You know we can go back kind of score can high school film film and I can ensure pretty good deal. But when you miss the whole season and it it does make it tougher to make a judgment especially. It would have picked their rhetoric yet. You know as you get down in the draft. You know you're more prone to take chances. Now of course everybody Somalia where the medical side of this. Of course that the components. But so from being the biggest challenge when you know the kid didn't play in oil this year and you know in there are large enough sample you know offer a connect decision that you cannot do that obviously we should it wasn't. And I sit there at the kid is very gifted to. I'm hoping that actually doesn't miss any time. And here is a great career because he's got to get out and I'm the net. I missed couple quick things will turn you loose and you know it's been a busy day for you but I would also ask obviously by the Monty Graham because. There's little Wheeling and dealing the Senate's job to make that move and that's a guy that I like a lot and and we were talking about you know the pick and and your cutter track record I know you love guys that are proven winners from Troy marquee programs and that makes a lot of sense to me and here's one of those guys in Dovonte Graham like I'm guessing you're thinking and hoping can come in and spell kemba and all the bench and a decent bench production. Well he went to school before you so. You certainly got more experience than somebody that go to college for a year or two I think it's possible that comment. Thank you Grossman it's in the backcourt machine having said that appear rookie. And it stopped of those kids Turkoglu on a fly. Well he may pick it up quickly if they get a feel for all the quickly Amy go to cure the minutes. There in January February banking arm. When I look at our depth chart. You know I shall say that maybe we need some more help with the veteran presence in the backcourt. That we can't do that then hey I might be a great opportunity to talk did. Upper right now accounting insane that you know this rookie as the guy that can help us get through this season in the backcourt. You know makes Kemba Walker obviously is talking points and everybody has been talking about all offseason and you know what to do with him and and how conduct important invaluable used to this franchise I think he's a fringe franchise best player but. Sometimes. You know you have to do what's best in the interest of long term towards the organization and I'm just you know its interest and hear what your take my on that would be with with him or without kemba. In addition to very unique situation you know we're talking about. The face of the franchise. And I'll play a player. That started his career here and Connecticut career here and where I sit today. That's how I liked seeing play out. It is unique situation. I think everybody where you know a bit bad when looking at it. But I think as an organization. Our goal would be to get champ would stay here. And complete just another wonderful career no the year which disorganization. I can't go to great Quito about. Everything and then maybe out there about it with a contract and no one year or two touch just. There's no way to just another show but I will say that that's current tension. Michael asked. Well he's Michael guided my god I think he and Peterson guys I think you are coaches got to eat here is he's an all star. And they don't come along very often. My guys said we would like Kim and his career here. I mentioned before religion the last thing Dwight Howard and I know there's a limit on mom what we can say you're an ad I think that's probably the case and a look and it's really sort of trouble or another league rules about the sort of thing but I guess I would ask you know that's that's style of player that style of basketball and there are those who were taken maybe two extremists aided by the traditional back to the bass considers a bit of a dinosaur and the guys are putting titles that way anymore than he's. Is that a style of basketball that you just. The guys don't believe in anymore in the NBA in the try to get away from it and an as an organization how do you sort of view the future of the game in the way you assemble roster. I think in general. The game has changed dramatically. And a lot of it's by design. A lot of expire technology you know I think design you know yeah and BA that was on those committees. There aren't feeling well. So we don't wanna see wrestling match is won two. On display to the world how special. You're the athlete and a skill level that these players have we want the world to see it at that apple player. Are you know we don't want to pushing him holding. Up players directly to the ground. Make a play get to the rim finished as graceful as dark and do it. They shouldn't be afraid to leave the ambition in a position where they get hurt or bad they should be allowed to show their natural cure. And you know the rules were created accordingly. Of course technology today has changed it and the way the game is played today I don't think that's gonna change going forward and you're right. The traditional low post pregnant. You know he may become a dinosaur. I'm home I don't think that's a reach at all. Sometimes players coaches feel their. You know maybe you need this stage rather have a pick person clog up discourage them and at all about spacing. About making threes pick enroll cutting. Are you getting up and down the courts switching everything that I'm talking. Now about the trend. And you know something reading journal and I about the players but to play that way ugly game it's fun to watch. It will change one day on notes are right it certainly successful formula. It's cut check GM president of basketball operations your Charlotte or distorted assume it's become just like Mitch I've thought I've observed before for a while we got some some mutual friends have always been fascinated by the work you do end -- glad you're in Charlotte of this is the first of many conversations that we have and I'll certainly be seeing you around which we appreciate you talk. You guys you missed subject join us on the segment John just slide and oh reactions to that 70457. Or 96 tell what calls are what sex now text me call me and tell me how you feel because a lot of your New York a 70457. Or 96 and what you just heard. Permits come check I wanna talk about it because he had some interest in things to say about Jim Walker sources and they'll. So which cut checks says that so Michael Porter junior sample size are we to tell you. What was too small edited and trusted they didn't see enough that's that's why they didn't take Michael Porter junior either eleven or twelve last night. Mr. objectives also told you that so the organization would like to see kemba finish his career here in Charlotte. Which is it's interesting and I think it's a sentiment that a lot of people conducted can connect to on folks will see that happen. But it actually runs count are as you know to a lot of what's been reported out there about the interest in kemba and what might be necessary to rebuild disorganization so how do you feel about what you just heard from midst subject 70457. Or 96 step. Yeah I think that was probably mean. No he's gonna get his guys back you know and you know the is can defend his picked. You know in particular without having you know seen anybody play in any probably. Wise not to talk about no other players and in things like that and that is very honest and candid which I appreciate it. You know I and I also thought he was very honest intent about the coaching change we continue to reiterate reiterate that it wasn't about necessarily. You know Steve Clifford as much as it was about vertigo so I think that they're looking to play different style more often some based. And you know maybe a little bit more up tempo more ball movement and you're and that's just it's you know typically the situation that happens is it. When one coach goes away it is going to be. In defensive minded the next coach she's going to be offensive minded if you have a hard as coach next guy might be a little bit more the players' coach if you're too much of a player's coach the next guy might be a hard ass right so. All those things got to apply you know with what the direction of the hornets are right now you know in the front office and his coaching staff but. As far as gambling goes. Yeah I mean it makes sense. He's best player. You when he and get form. You know you how much you have to pay for me if it makes our all star team this year that's Max contract. And I'm not sure if they start negotiations or notice that something that you know they talked with kemba about but. Yeah I mean I do like to see kemba here I think he's our best player I think he has been our best but I don't know if you're really championship which kemba is your best player who pretty sure you won't. Mom you're not with what's around him and he's still in and you know even in the west are you need better pieces but. Yeah he's a good leader on this is going to be his team no question we ask Matt Carroll yesterday. Without Campbell whose team is this and move well I mean think about it I knew it was this without Campbell walker so. You know what what direction you go there I mean just really gonna have no no no ahead on on this and are unknown in on the animal. You're right about there and by the way it's extra second dose of it to ID magnanimous avoided bad Dwight Howard question Mike Tucker know he looked in the trade isn't official until July the sixth. We literally penetrate cannot be official for two more weeks. So are your their league rules against Doug and that's why I say much try to get your trouble here because there's always so much you can say and don't for instance last night do Norris draft tolerant yellow out of Kentucky. And they did do so with that Brooklyn nets picked up and immediately so industries draft rights to Oklahoma City so Charlotte's gonna get something back from Oklahoma City for the draft rights. A product yellow we just don't know what it is audio because it's also kind of entangle right now so there's only so much that he can say it won't it won't push to talk more about that. A coming up in just a little while we get him back on the show we're pretty so let's take a couple phone calls we go to Ben first he wants to talk about miles bridges then what so meant. I guess Arctic call. So like yeah I overall I really I've been like via the draft and the pit I think that's what that. I do think that. The country it'll go work you know playing poker with a garden and well you know they'll both the move people around and give this book that would allow them in the government down the road. Arm pit equipment. On. I think the issue with Iran are on our side with between to order to bridges. It's just such a huge risk platoon Protestant and found it somewhat younger talent. On it just so I think a political do that was a huge question mark you look at a ballot treat McGrady who you know in Houston at. We probably got he's not happy with you know Buddhist but democratic back issues but comet. Of the downturn of his career that's probably what are out there with will look for a total bust my uncle I like the spirit with Bridget. Armed and well I think if upload typical law. But I do that I appreciate the phone calls and 0457 under sixty does that come across as a safe pick yeah. A little bit but I don't think it was a safe pick but the same time if you if you make this pick oh a year ago. Well when he was going to come out the first time and opted to go back to try to win a national championship for Jerry Jackson and at his mother's urging like if they make this pick a year ago. Is it as much of a safe pick is are we as indifference to what about a year ago that's what happened when mr. soldier was what he did was unusual you know was abnormal that he went back to college to try to win a national championship instead of coming out after freshman year. That's SharePoint that is that is a fair point you know she comes out last year we're not talking about him in the same light. You know it's almost damaged goods if you stay in college basketball you know more than one year anymore right there if you're gonna be a lottery pick in years stand. You for your sophomore or junior year you know your your most likely you are going to be amid the late rounder. Our first rounder because there's something wrong with you right right was broken down there somewhere shape or form that you just didn't fit you are gonna get drafted where you thought and maybe that's just not the case in this situation I don't know I mean I don't know his background that well are you as Mitch does. I mean I didn't have a chance to interview the kids like Mitch did. And done you know all things that you don't continue to you'll probably exist but. It is a safe pick and it's a safe pick because he's a good player. And that and that's ultimately what you need he just need that superstar right and that's the challenge and the reason why ally I think I think a lot of people importer. Maybe they feel like they couldn't get that superstar this year they took a guy with a new release felt they knew. Was going to be a solid NBA player sodium I try to sell your billing goes today I think there's there's more reason to like miles bridges and some people want to realize or wash your. But I I think there's also cautious optimism to say okay we've been here before it's kind of a guy who is maybe go to be good but maybe doesn't have the same ceiling as some other guys do so look with a keyboard you take your phone calls replicas have been TJ Robbie Jack hang tight until the next great stuff Mets absolutely Madrid the candor from mr. uptick I really appreciated so we're gonna take those phone calls TJ Robbie Jack we're just up against it we come back which it calls. Are your thoughts on the draft to get a lot of college football today as well we take a break and about 315 to talk to law swan and Todd Ellis we go Clemson, South Carolina back to back Scottie Montgomery ECU head coach at fourth estate and in miles bridges the first round draft pick joins the show at 5 o'clock it's Garcia and they'll.