Garcia and Bailey: The Hornets Bench is Costing them Games.

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Tuesday, January 30th
Frank and Kyle discuss the debacle that is the Charlotte Hornets.

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Garcia and daily here on Tuesday final day in studio here in the queen city before you have to Minneapolis tonight for three days on radio row and we are excited about that. We've got a great show ahead before didn't do anything by the way governor Pat McCrory is here before we we we did and everything and although. This is not going to be some four hourlong self congratulatory traffic each other on the back for off what we found out this morning Franken I'd I think I speak to both of us and we say we are very grateful. Two have been named voted the thirteen investment Marty Moore show and America is a very cool water we appreciate you guys out there would not have been possible to Charlotte listener so thank you for doing that thank you for listening to us every single day otherwise it's just doing reduced in a padded room screaming in the wall. Yeah you know thanks to listen in his BS. And I sat SPS we around one. One that dare right Richard who's happy with thirteen I don't. I recognize these two ticks there's we're young we got a congratulatory Harriet Grant this morning yeah way to go way to go keep going. So this DS this NBA support our number one we're gonna get the job done. Then that's our our and our goal the insertion last month we are still Tricia ridiculously really do we appreciate John I noticed that my. Bloodshed I'm glad it's there we will million dollars in these guys more than I am those gas via the Internet and here it's championship from Boston that's right it's on sale lesbian and Carolina panther game where they have a bunch of Pittsburgh Steelers fans Rouse mayor and people beyond you know it goes Steelers at a pentagon may mean Madison mayor so why yell let him go alone just ahead. But definitely thinner than its current. And then turn around say we voted for you wanna go OK stick around professor yeah trespass our. I align their lol yeah I saw a monitor the stakes are that stick around you how does not mean and so does that tell the fans felt. Another it's virtually like tell that's another Pittsburgh fans lived there they only here anywhere means is still are friends are so obnoxious they really are. They too are the most obnoxious other second to Philly fans. I you know Philly fans are violent they are I was gonna kill little silly game watching you play did you really oh yeah I mean. They kicked out eight or nine people behind me during the game upper deck I was mayor I did cantor Jersey on like community yet. And do you they were called me and a group of people I was with every name in the book you bowling team blank blank blank blank I can't use any of the words on radio church and it always that I. Yeah I can always stand to win the same word which is a very repulsive words every. Line because we're always in where this word it's while I have friends from New York. This and that's our best moment there's a series or this or Mississippi six hits a war endearment you guys or live yeah I think cuss me out a new York at a giants game but the kind of winked. I don't mean it is yeah. That snell smiled Tony Soprano smile we won't kill you tonight show you later it's just really shaken silly they just hate. They hate toward their life is. And there you know and this is what Joseph Lieberman you are playing and you are you in the game where your win in the third quarter taken Steve Smith was having a game out of a slight we're in the upper deck and people are strong beer at a swarmed through a bit of imported beer over the head of a guy at the journal that I was with them. I mean that's a done deal lower than that now but they were from. The average Philly fan walk canal. Is there were leaving their lead in the third quarter. When the Panthers are being in the NFC championship games and the average fan was what 63 muscles receiving Carolina little beard. And doing this where their arm and those were the women's. A dozen doughnuts and I certainly do and that's OK I figured out. FF that is true story says drugs are so what's it about Minnesota where heads there tomorrow. Settled and the people in the midwest are friendly it's like Green Bay you know I would have drained a game that they are they're friendly people there root against him but they're going to be rude not noxious of course. Force the people the game we're not going to be from Minnesota they're going to be people claimed. I paid 18100 dollar. From my ticket to go to the fans losers of cancer San Cisco dot 18100 the power has. Morgan did not pick important has all the political. Injury I didn't use my campaign songs by the way to pay for that we're chest X at the current governor zoos and his campaign sounds a paper Carolina Tar Heels tickets. I don't think that's ethical but that's old story but. You assume when you guys do there is going to be a lot of parties it's gonna be a lot of street activity which is a waste of time it's kind of resistance old. Yes it is I got a buddy lives up there and you immigrants and drinks within this week he's taken pictures the last couple nights of all the preparations and an overnight thing last night and people around the streets for this stuff. But the new director eighteen layers and you can even see their faces and all you'll do is walk up and down the street in a crowded place pay a lot for beer coat. And a member in a jacket to stay inside the hotels and I'd recommend I'm not bringing reject. Remember back in Green Bay in 96 you know through there yeah I was there you're there I was there. I'm now wearing a jacket and it was cold almost on the field aren't. In 96 it was freezing it was Reese's best calls ever been my entirely inside done in the fourth quarter yeah. What do you guys got you behind him president jab and look what I wanted to do Italy Italy. Julio went OK it's gonna side effects. How much you guys so what are you gonna do what boondoggles this being paid by for a number this is great that you just pretty big everywhere I. President for doing what it comes to foot the bill now we also have loads he is our sponsor. Well for writers and Carolina raptors center the loads he's our main title sponsor and appreciate all those you know people that are gonna support us. More stayed in three bedrooms. Three different rooms I don't hear any more news release eight of us. While I do Israelis and industrialists. Now says seven Ellis and hit me gets is own room Tony to Giacomo so are there. We're triple Buccaneers yes all the reserves of bees three to a room and his get his own. How does that happen I wouldn't wanna hear about it there is done. Governor something where I tell stories and Odom I must have just hours after what happens in Minneapolis. He's admitted it was just diverting into says Gandy chair. You know I hate to say black are kind of I like to watch Tom Brady Paula I just you know it when he when he sets back in the pocket it looks like he's. I was having a cigarette no Martinis. And just you'll look around taking a puff of a cigarette and know throws the ball analysis of government. And he just lets like. There's no effort by the guy who say he's fun to watch because he's Michael Jordan sometimes for Michael Jordan would drive disliked it looks like he did anything. Michael Jordan remember you know the day that for this determine became the tournament yes the playoff series that he came here. And I know this for a fact he played 36 holes after going out the night before. And hanging out to all of confident going out playing golf the next day he gets up to go scores 34 points 36 points effortlessly as shortly. Play defense effort or what's his status was smooth and Brady well like I was superhuman he didn't even sleep in the he played 36 holes of golf and simple I played towards smoking cigars are due to our sleeve governor dropped for your viewing our guards and small. Are you known I was yes that's. You person. SS that is dear to her. Oh let's say really quickly when we got to do. The rebels are just make sure to tune in every day tour sister station WB TR elevens and 99 point three to governor pat McCord showed 9 AM to 10 AM boats Johnson who host Austral more news from five to nine to agree look you guys if you get your Phillies fans just some security they do not mess around guys I'm dead serious men who composes a truly fair. Where eagle feathers until I don't know if Philly fans are I mean you didn't read the articles lately about the silly sands said the game in the playoffs where they are brutal. They attacked people got a girl agrees that the pull all yet nobody at the end in the Philly fans come back so you try to parents are friendly displays an emotional players know there's more knuckle heads your fan base the most on the eyes felt do they threw beer at us they missed me they had everyone around million mismanaged and we had to be escorted out of Philly stadium by 245 police all strewn with sticks and helmets. And other. Panther fans came and joined us at that gains. So they should leave the stadium safely it was that danger so I'm telling you right now these Philly fans. Just looked at. We're always a mob met mob mentality. On the stereo all in the same room. That's right who looked up. I don't we we appreciate your governor besides Georgia you are to come back wanna talk more mother Sorenstam last night of course we got Thomas ton of Super Bowl to get into some great yes that is well. It's Garcia and Baylor. There's two things one is intensity in the fourth quarter picked up obviously we struggled offensively. Which has been an issue and then. You don't words I mean they're due to current all the people. Were very good in its own. We tried to change of some coverages there we just you know we couldn't get to him. Last night. And I got to be honest with you I was revenues studio last night about so 9 o'clock and had sex strike out exactly what attacks righteous in what you can say at this point. What do you even say about this team at this point as they lose Indiana last night tie game after one. One point Damon has a hard three point game going into the fourth quarter and did the force. What do you think happened. Isn't this a broken record Kyle that's a broken record is the same thing. Over and over again rinse and repeat and you know Swedes if you seen. It obviously the MBA. You know I've been around forty plus years. In hotel you've been thirty plus years. In all you've been almost thirty. In the we've lost the MB of Tony to see. That if he watched the game and in the way teams play. In the temple of which it picks up. In the effort which teams play at Eden what in the regular season and every single night. My big NBA fan and you Laura's well you'll see that in the last five minutes of the game. Teams played a different tempo and the reason being in you know if you or strategically thinking about it you're looking at the way the game is played. He'll for the first three and a half quarters you're gonna conserve energy for the most part is stuffed to play certain minutes tough. You know and you still have to understand the other combo to try to crate to lead her to stay with the lead. But it's not the all out effort like to say in the last you know 45 minutes were the other team or your team blocks down. Because they know where the rat the know how many fouls they have to give they know what the situation is and that that the. The pressure picks up. Right so those first three and a half quarters you're conserving your files your conserving your energy conserving it you're you're. Efforts by those types of things in them that last five minutes. And when the game is on the line. You're over exerting your your pushing the tempo you're pushing the pace your plane that but our defense yours fighting through ball screens you're driving to the basket. You're playing great defense because you don't want. And as an athlete you don't. Any think those things are tough. It's tough to chase guys around not knowing where they're going to slide easier to run knowing where I'm going to it's a lot more taxiing. And physically to play defense in his office that's why you see the rotation. With defensive linemen and our offensive line. Because fatigue sets end. I know or I'm going I know the effort I'm supposed to give on this but does this particular play deep woods of guys they react to. And they have to go full speed more consistently and more often that's why does rotation at the end of the game that's what takes place on the NBA court. You know the first of all we can't blame nick for him last night as much as much fun as we have doing that we can't blame him he was efficient use toward toward two points that was finally I'm not saying he was perfect not saying we can't nitpick him to say we can't blame him the issue last night. It's lack of depth second unit they just have no scored points on a group. And and I don't know which you do about it I don't know that there's anything you can't really towards imports came the last five minutes of the game from the tomb yeah Armisen don't know. Zero get more and more Turk a loss for gaming and more turnovers I'm treated to a net income and I don't know yeah I'd I'd I drove here in Milan in the final I'm not I was. I'm not saying you know Kyle that. And we lost. But she didn't help when it. We that's where the separation. You know Cayman. Oh yeah those are the things that you're talking about you know in the difference being. I have supported to political your kids fifty. To begin in the first and second half congratulations. To play defense on you are supposed to make to lay ups if you look at his 22 points notable. It was on a breakaway where he was he was carried taken to get little bit that the almost don't. Blow a gasket that stuff OK those are his point I wonder why if I if you're watching. This game you're seeing in the crucial moments turn over. 88 points down the regular run the ball over Dow up offensive foul going for a loose ball. Jumps into the dived in and pushes off because he does every vertical leaked. In those are just little things don't get god bless them. I bluster about George white power. Places that's only really is there and support put on defense in the Wesley can't guard stretched. His possessions. Sit in the middle of the key. As his guys at the top of the key knocked him down to a midrange jumper in the embed those things are if you're a good team are going to be consistent. And conversely when you're looking at the hornets emulated the offense for the hornets take a wide open looks and hit in the back to the rim because they have no legs. They can't make the trek to mesquite the ball movement was phenomenal story commit tees on the right. Playing against the ball ticked up Tim has tried to set his feet lined up to lasers. And pushes it to the right wide open three. What good are you going to be if you can't argue that now let's shut down. Consistently I'm talking about your percentages can't argue about the uncontested shots that guys are supposed to be better than 50%. Or at least give some sort of get it out where you know what it just think bill that time was a damn good shots yeah you know. As a player when you fill new releases and your film starring zip up your fingers does that ball's going there not there. They have no idea detection whatever their their their technique is whatever their. Yeah goes on in there and they're glitch that they have been their swing there's they're shocked. It happens over and over and over again I don't care who your approach he would fix and that. People keep telling us and he specifically. That like forge a lot better and will be a lot easier when we just finally sit back and accept the fact that the horrid stage and just have a beer let it be what it is an annual stress as much as I am and I. There oh yeah and that's absolutely true. But it doesn't change. The level of disappointment. That everyone has in this team based on what the expectations were nor should we did the expectations. Were not outlandish they were not unreasonable. The way this this team was assembled for the most part or did you go back to crow were tweeted less like that stat is so telling. But they are plus 91 the starting five is plus 91 when they're on the floor which is the second best in the Eastern Conference. That illustrates how bad the second unit has been all right. Let me ask you this if you were to go look at those stats we're gonna really looked and break it down. Let's look at those stats in the first three and a half quarters vs the last five to see we're those stats are misleading. I don't think that's as misleading instead as your making it out to be released when you're suggesting right and the only point is that the starting five has been plenty good enough to win four more games than they have and here's why. They get out fast. They stress the lead the have a lead a lot of times at halftime and what have. Happens in the last five minutes you don't want a starting so consider this but also consider Lewis writes the fact that next starting group probably knows. They're probably sitting there watching Matt Damon they can't even actually take a full breath because they know the guys that are coming in the game or either incapable of holding the lead they've built. Are or aren't capable of keeping the game close enough that they can win and in the fourth and that wears on immensely to. That taxes you when you come off the floor you're sitting there all you need to blow to try to direct satellite that final five minutes stretch you can't even get that blow because you know those guys out there can't hold a lethal. Us that's what was so the indictment the other night with Kemba Walker against the heat. Cliff had T who's his timeouts to give him rest. I mean they couldn't afford to put him on the bench. Because he knows he did the league was going to extend the yacht in the wrong way. He was gonna stick so they forced him to play every single minute of the second half every single minute of the second half. And they are regular season game. Not good not a game seven. Not of the championship. Not a playoffs in a game this court to determine whether we did or not that was the last four or five yeah and down the stretch. Before we also. Brick. There there are 33 games left in the regular season 32. This team now has to do 26 and seventy just to finish 541. Aborted what. Of it and I think a Mets right on that no that's not that's not right at all that it will put us. I just I heard myself say that and immediately recognized how wrong that once you hit it. There's so bad so we know now the reason I was thirteen and I'm sure that's. And by Tony sexism and actually made Sony won it twelve because of a I and I have no idea what does that but Tony wanted to. So if we did did you Jiri wind at let me drive did you not appreciated. The Rihanna no bonds has the bud availability does out of is a good producer Yahoo! ID you can tell us. I put him on the spot so it's not his fault but no that's that's that's how well they have to play and in the back after the. Which are not games under 500 that's. With 32 pixel to go 33 games to go in there are getting better at a gym uterus through necklace. I were to become thirteen additional American miers or go over a couple of act or to start all over again it's Garcia Billick. Hey how's it feel to be promoted to co host. Well this morning we now are the thirteenth. Best. Midday show that America on the run you've been demoted yellow cat just a gush out of here again is back right back. For you all doing. Discussing things. It's big plans plans for what what are your do business. While drew crime is route manager asked in my personal business I'm always obvious route that I'm asking why you're not in the studio doing your job must so much and solid I was doing a job for us I was making sure that we are going to be. Very well catered to and taking care of as we're going to be frozen tundra due partially to expense over the Twin Cities which are expense everything. If you're let me just do my job. I Morton towards that and oh yeah. Alike are 7045709. DC extend the arm I'd I don't know I just on the stomach for more horn and Trenton right now I don't think I do now know I just ultra. Like cliff at all. 'cause I think that's a lot of pizza restaurant about the corners but and a lot of people you know via Twitter you know on the text line you know on the morning show. You know they lead. Yeah we saw yesterday. You know with historically bad numbers down the stretch with his many close games is they've lost orders of lawsuits Clifford has to get blame at some point which had talks with. We're Clifford responsibility. Allies he is the blame to some degree that is coach Lewis as head coach is always to some degree to blame for the way this team place. I think we all understand that in college basketball vs professional basketball and it's a little bit of a different dynamic a little bit of a different balanced. But yes this team this philosophy. They do things the way cliff wants them done. Even in his absence they were doing things the way cliff wants them done. Now we can talk about you know the chef from the ingredients and all those analogies that we make in whether or not he's been given the right Parse the right pieces the the right stuff to make this work and without really having been in those backroom having been told directly. In a where there was conflict over who they should've drafted which freeagent he wanted as opposed to make MJ water route show wanted to you know it's tough for Davis to say that we know exactly how this thing went wrong. And how it there are wives and why it is the way goodness. But again the simpler way to say it is he's the head coach he deserves some blame. I don't disagree with that whatsoever. I don't know what's gonna change. Regardless of what the person or the per the the the man you're bringing in here's a journalist. The ingredients change right. You know if you're still using raw ingredients there and I'd hate to use that analogy for the hornets but that's kind of what they are. Come wilted lettuce pistol using local blood has to make the sandwich I don't care what chef she's under a bill to change a let us elderly Walter. So you know we got a good guys is gonna shot differently floors of the groceries and until that changes I'm not sure what well. No no I'm not either by the noise on I don't know pot more positive note at least for. For one guy. Kimball wall arch and walked Kemba Walker may have an opportunity to be an all star jet. John Wall is going to be up for two months with an injury and so he's been dropped off the all star roster as a result of an injury and I'd they're not needed they do not yet named his replacement. But I would imagine kemba has to be part of that conversation because of the numbers he's put me in to take anyway. Well let's look at the other point guards that he's completely against in the east. And you know he'd have to aren't dealt faults. And no no I'm going to be there is not going to be either unable to delegate anybody knows odious and are you still hurt in Washington somewhere probably didn't amount in nearly and so the the abominable snowman. So let's watch a the FF but since. Listen I mean. Easter conference is young period deities or the other to the point guards of the guards rather in the Eastern Conference all star squad. Carrier ring DeMar DeRozan. Kyle Lowry Bradley Biel John Wall course as we said he's you he'll be removed the droll depot those are the guards on the on the Eastern Conference all star roster right now. If natural depots and all star I mean in I don't mean listed this individual people shouldn't be what is natural people is an all star based on his numbers and the pacers are better team obviously. They're there to put him above 500 there are a playoff team orders or not. But for bush strictly on individual merit a performance I there's no reason the city kimbo also couldn't be an all star. No you couldn't v.s is proper right but you know isn't going to be kemba orcas is looking regards. No limp when your guards to run the team and we just lost their doors okay wood and it doesn't mean and I can replace it with a Ford you know it would be you were you said let's look at the dark yellow. I did then there's other guy. Guys that are still kind of on the outside look command and it's you know Dwight Howard's not a guy that comes to mind seriously don't you write and it makes you lose a guy is calling guys from. The Eastern Conference and now let's inserted another guy. They afford to serve another guy who's more reserved and is it numbers are quite. Kemba. I don't think it's Campbell I and it's it's not that I'm anti android because he has. He's put up good numbers really good numbers but this team doesn't win that half the games that it's one now without Kemba Walker. I I know you can say something similar about Dwight Howard to Kim was the art sold a steep sell I'm always gonna be inclined to say Jumbo when OK you know in that particular debate. We talk about when we're talking about numbers. That's the argument you're dismay it was Jim euros through a two guys on the same team that that's that's the way I'm looking at yours is a valid argument to like to do is look at strictly numbers. Well points averaging a double doubles you know he's been fantastic yeah number two rebounding in the yeah you know he's you know he's right there is as far as. You know his double doubles in the top ten. Tire MBA Dwight Howard has had his good season is Dwight Howard is never ever had an eight time all star. You know maybe not ever but you understand the point he's near the top when he was really good in Orlando that's to tie the season Dwight Howard is having. Is he a better basketball player than Kemba Walker right now today. I think we'll all degree the answer is no. But who's more deserving is what you're talking about for the all star game. We look at numbers in the position he plays. Not in that necessarily for the team whose whose numbers are gonna stand out more than Dwight Howard's. Dealt text rights and by the way only depots average 44 points on a better team than kemba. Don't know fungicide that they're comparable amount to Tim can be in a conversation about a delegates territory three twice a totally torn to. Maybe territory almost around. I think to right now you're right I mean there's no real agreement we can be round about numbers and how can still be close but I think your right is right around 2223. And you know he's had a career. I think he's. It's yet on how loose things you know wanted to do in the in the in the NFL the only guy eight alternate. Morning guys steps down you have the alternates named are ready to the next guys up you go all the way down like fourth alternate. You know it comes off its Wyman running backs things like that I don't know how they do that the Ambien I don't know if there's another vote as the cut of the coach picks the guys on this the players vote on it I'm not sure how they determine who's going to be the next the steps in or they just leave the spot vacant. I 70457. Or 96 timber to come back snap judgments next it's Garcia and they look yeah. Loss before you. Horrible things day. Docile this is I actually didn't but her. I heard about it and read about it run arousing. Former USC champion former face of the USC on missile. Is now with the WW. And she made her appearance adds what was what was going on site and it was a wrestle mania. Sure I for I don't know the I don't want Simon yeah I was 12 there I I'm I'm once in twenty years I don't know. Royal royal rumble corset man knows that. So so royal rumble is where she was and you read his lips but not my. Cop can make sense. Anyway so go. She she shows up they make the announcement she's part of the WWE. She's it she's a wrestler and Allison does the interviews and is she says this is what I'm going to be doing for the next several weeks. And you almost couldn't really hear much conviction her voice when she said. Because. You can tell all. A little bit at least she'd rather still be kicking people's asses in the octagon. The problem though. Is that there's not nearly as much a market for her there are now is there was there the problem is he's not as good as she thought she look let's woman Julia yes she's she's. Not as good as she thought she was she got her head she got our ass kicked twice. And it became very apparent that while she was the pioneer that ushered into a new era of one of women's mixed martial arts at that she just wasn't good there going to be the dominant force that she used to be that said. I see a lot of people making fun run around you for being in a WW it. It's not really good reason and they've got to run a rousing because she's still famous wealthy and doing very very well for herself. And she made the best career move for herself at this point because what the hell else wishing gonna do. And your call she was Olympic medalist living out of her car that's not exactly a lucrative business to be yet so you know she's been run out of USC. Maybe she makes another run out as you probably will at some point. But in the meantime. What else is she gonna do she can't act I can promise you that she can't act it'll have you seen her yes and what show on draws the movie. Terrible really had an Arab. Really really barely gave her like one line item she was he somebody else took me seven we're talking about this Monday she's not an actress G and one of the expendable so I think she was the second expendable and that was it actually having to buy now that I think back. She can't act elect. So what else is she gonna do. Write this she's built for this and you can make a lot of money donors are people out there you know they can put this chick looked. So they're pretty good career move very very rich. Well you know I think what that yeah that's true gender Travis brown who's a bona fide bad asked to make that work out but no she's she's she's making a lot of money. She still famous she's living the American dream. What else is there to do I. Kenedy things on the same sex this is held by. Let's put some mysterious showed up over here what he's your friend is your I am obviously your days days yes they are right now you're damn right I'm scared. Scared to say anything wrong at all today's data its ranks terrified number terrified you are now shaken you brits. Rather than regular route runner rousing about me. It's only got as it. That's all I got a deceived I see people talking trash journal do you wish you were judge extortion was projects well I'll just be real first second I mean. This I'm not this is not an inflammatory comment in any way colds just not qualified to say it. Maybe she'll learn to act a little bit better in the Debbie Debbie eat a sound at all because you do have to be able acting pro wrestler because because quite frankly the rock. Has partly divvied up beat 21 the highest grossing actors in Hollywood is a scorpion king. He makes movies like Jumanji and Rampage and people flocked to see them use the scorpion king. Yeah. He's he's the best scorpion king and Brent Frazier with the school project though that some money. Figured standing Gypsy referenced movies I think he's the scorpion king and history I don't put my guy big about it though the WW week. May have produced when it's all said and done two presidents. Because Donald Trump was a W on my whole thing humor idea and the rock swears he's got to run for president. So what it's all said and done we can have two presidents come out of pro wrestler. And LeRoy. Rock back in the day. Is arguably I think he's a greatest he's the greatest smack talker of all time. I get Julia Ulihrach story of course doing here this nest so. When I was a Washington 1994. Oh I know this guy nineteen you've heard the story I know I know I'm never the story but I know so he was he was on that Miami team that had won like 53 year old 56 a row. At the old Orange Bowl and these to put the graves for every team that came in. I have no idea you know we knew we was at the time and he was named the Star Wars happen regarding Patrick's after the two defensive tackles in relation. Know what I really know why that's relevant if you look what. You can use it more and sell a sad how would not be the first thing becomes Obama because it really doesn't have anything to do with the story that you keep a direct access. What did you stories never heard frank but anyways going to so if there's no relation. And there isn't she starting defensive tackles this defense is filled the stat but. By the way as Murray Louis Ray Lewis is on the ease middle linebackers up the middle of their status can be present greed and Huntington now and later he later on probably always for a year there OK Bob what they had a couple other guys that you know the plan long cruise cause if you look at that roster you probably have about 78 guys on defense raskin the Orange Bowl a year yeah he does seven guys on that defense that. Do we got drafted. Long story short in a world where amount we're watching beautiful Thomas from Washington it's probably forty degrees like a border Minnesota and it's 8590. You know down at the Orange Bowl is humor as hell. You walk Augusta playing your use drenched in sweat if you've never experienced humidity it was a really the first time we all had. We just Jesus came in Torre's not here right and you know you just playing you go out there the orange ball you get an IV because it can walk through. Well the next day we had to run ninety some plays and this is back in the day when ninety plays was a lot and employees have. And we have to we have tapped out and pulling Koppen was our team and we are running right downhill item. And Patrick Sapp Warren Sapp who saw the hands on the hips. And they're like OK these guys you know Warner had a tap out a patch of the two had a tap out here comes as big SOB from the sidelines. I this dude had kittens for Dei is a product obsolescence is the replacement. And he's fresh design sweat and you know joined Johnson. The winds are his last name was Jeanne I was just Johnson at a time but. He was ten yeah. I. It's clear credit. We had a double TVs to call to cog plot centering guard cog blocked you on the nose guard. And idealism. So I was going to be big is hell he's strongest gotten angry and it is OK we came out there with the tests and all just jumped up and you looked up and what does ran over him like you're. He doesn't like yeah that's all I know what was Arizona but yeah. A report today did you did what department. I guess I saw pictures in Miami back candidate I Republican pat it was not good like a bit I just told him about I was thinking back to delegate how does Yahoo! looks like that it played the program like that not spend some time at least in the NFL. We look at it looks like Tarzan plays ledger plays like Teddy. With the beta that's that's due to the rock was but. He's pretty used for himself a pretty good for himself he's going to be the next president of united states of from a self I think he's a little bit better than most of us most of us absolutely right we're gonna comeback duo do so by 99.9 percent W already on Ronald join us we'll taut intelligence with whom we come back this. Well the scars in there with.