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Tuesday, January 23rd

This version of the world according to Frank is "Lit" as the kids say. 


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But Garcia. Fourth child -- frank Garcia and Osborne had a soft on the Twitter machine -- not gonna respond the results social media for awhile you can find is that child Bailey WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65. And at Osborne WS Lindsey thanks to Derek give pro football talk dot John for joining us a while back Stephanie ready a fox sports southeast towards broadcast crew as well and coming up about all of Justine thirty minutes at mammoth probably mosey on back into the studio got the world record to strike coming up to 130 we do still have to and we'll do this in the next segment talk a bit about the rebuild post article the interview with north toward the Panthers new offensive coordinator but right now we're told it's intelligence with a guy and I've been choppered out with for a while now since I've started in this business. Jerry Meyer director of college basketball scouting for 247 sports on his dad the legendary coach and of course he was a player or coach himself for a while he knows the game inside now let's welcome Gerry on the tech job just like our bodies been aloft. I am very. Vladimir absolutely no before you get into some of these games first let's talk a little bit about the recruiting front here and duke right now has the consensus number 12 and three players in the country for 28 team committed and done that that is a pretty remarkable thing for a lot of reasons you know and and you don't get this kind of war worst oil and held between just. John Calipari and George K that was seems to be a little bit of a sudden it's. And a disaffected duke has the top three players in the country all committed to an idea are you amazed by that because I am. Can I'm amazed and you know it's amazing just that fact get your top three guys. Also amazing that you can argue that the same pre position. And like you know side with them and there. And I would answer might end up playing by the duke a lot in though he wanted to go to do so. And it was a shocker. And I think we all overlook do. District got a site outlook duking grew up to declare. Like a less than the Meeks. Internet and they're ID you know even as Randall and especially the fairest and even myself so we have our parent aren't we we have our way of human beings. You know we've things I'm hearing don't call clarity not RJ bit there are do you have a parent reddish. I don't wanna go there you know each each were crude is at its own separate recruit is known entity he's making decisions based on what he watched. You know these guys watch a lot less college basketball that we do. I think they look at a Ross Sherlock lesson they do it than we do. It is wanna go to coach they feel competent comfortable earn a place of light in a bit and you're on Turner's other factors. I think we overtake at a lot too much. That would probably don't look it's pre is really just an extended stay type situation anyway do these guys we're gonna. The other third quarter. You know any. Yeah I mean that's a great point when we're we're dealing with these guys. And if you're not even there a full calendar year. No doubt about it I broke quickly and I was as far as consultants concerned. Are our guy here Osborne said yesterday he kind of felt like Kentucky in the middle of the things that they're doing right now just feel a little bit stale and I'm sure a lot of Kentucky's fans would scoff at that and the other day they brought a lot of players through that program hello last night -- Charlotte sitting in -- spectrum center and were not from Michael Kidd Gilchrist injury there would have been no five former wildcats on the floor between the kings in the war itself you know he's pumped up a lot of talent a lot of it's passed through Lexington but you know he's getting whipped right now by coach tailored to recruiting trail Kentucky is not a great team this year I know we can think back to 24 team and that's he fell out of the top 25 I made a run this one doesn't feel that way and I'm curious what you think about that Kentucky situation. Well you know there have been close where we're on a little. You know what you put in a lol. Right now I I don't over think this one too much. I'm me. I do you think duke as long. The majority of the recruiting battles terribly. But content is also not very good players the fact is intact is just not playing at the level. But it Doug expanded like right now and recruiting huge. I have a lot to do it you know we almost a big business in the pan welcome. But it's a lot of it you're winning the inner Jonas thing that gets magnified when they're not winning. So you just got that that combination right now I can tell you grew up playing great basketball. And here's another recruiting battle that this song was so weird and this is not a good person protect your battle army in the kids from South Carolina. Talking about fly on any that there fan. I've never felt you know or. He never got a great feeling about Kentucky and are on at least I didn't throughout so don't buy heroin is great to relax. Notes. But I didn't hit computers healthy and error in or get better than there's still a lot of basketball replies here. Why is North Carolina another conversation narratives. And a good conversation with a lot. What's recruiting with you stop start talking about. Members well Evan number seven orderly country in a certain little. Yeah anyone who is your. Okay though order in our conversation prosecutor read they didn't give us. I talk a rest. It's not at all I mean one that I mean. North Carolina have Beckett you know the scandal that academic scandal that's their recruiting backs around. LeRoy N news or Roy was a ferocious. Operation is ferocious. Purses embraced. Recruiter. Like Ambien back like relevant national when he recruited Brandon Wright. He was in Nashville. Recruiting Brandon more than he and other head coaches the ladies slowed down a little. On the recruiting has happened is not known as hard core recruiters. I think you North Carolina. It is okay with not being in this conversation because they have a national championship. Then but a runner up entered they're doing their. Where it maybe not this stick to just in 123 guy radio gaga got a player Agile very. And he was only rank thirty. Well you know in Middlebury stick around and we've seen what that Allah sort out of Villanova. So you know they're all you know I'm kind of old school. Are kind of look at. We national championship picture and help achieve tremendous over the recruiting rankings although I've worked in recruiting rankings. I mean look down Carolina's gunfire. We'll speak endorsed her a lot of things did not go well law blog this last night and there they ran into and this is terrible product just realized I was gonna do this irritable assault last night. And. I figured I loved by the well. No I encourage these sort of an. Yeah well that's it's as they Virginia Tech alumnus and a guy who government program for five years on the big sinister but looked ready to a team must I'm Blacksburg that's in that. That they got 56 fairly you know experienced guys suited their started as freshmen albeit a pretty dull moment they have no depth the mean do they lost outlawed laws start in DC so you know that they shot the ball well last night but I'm watching it last night doesn't try to watch the game and actually coverage and you know North Carolina just got out rebounded and got out worked last night and I think that's what's frustrating if they got there are a lot of fans at reasonable expectations but when you see a team go up there and it worked by a team that's Iran to play with a seven man rotation they've got their talent and the nets that's frustrating. Yeah. Combat everyone in your care throughout North Carolina is frustrated this. Because it's sports or college basketball at a that it worked at Purdue and what teenagers for the most part. Sometimes they don't let that play that well. I think most fan bases are complaining. Goma itself. I don't know but one that just one less I got the one you're very recruit. Say they're quite last night and editor at the nature of the game and you know one day you're very well they're horrible. Much. He perspective. And look a little you know throughout the horizon and try to see the court. Baseline to baseline corner coworker. And you know daughter's killer great program. Here and I'm. I don't. I I feel a lot of wisdom. And you're gonna a lot of it's a lot to a lot of time to go after a top guy you don't get a you know North Carolina goes after it too little it is. Malden. Recruiting scandal of sorts. Supposedly you know and airmen are today you guys Bobble off. And they needed him. And they get along when ever got guys report in north are apparently though we're not try a lot of this is just luck it's random. But if you have a great program and if you can't approach. There and you have an organization. That is about. You know sort of that championships spears. There you know we always hear you know process server products and all that. And can be all right Aaron. I think look aren't done all right here recently. Terry Murray director of scouting college basketball 247 sports joining us on the ticket job just like two potential journalist blood and I wanna ask you this quickly brought about NC state and you know Kevin Keats and and I did what are you hearing about how well they don't his message has been received out there on the trial obviously they've had a pretty roller coaster year but you know that he's got a lot of folks excited and I'm sure he's out there trying to excite a lot of recruits to what's burn them to NC state where here. I think you're gonna recruit well our main current C to an energetic. He's got he's got some pop rumor this personality and he's got that recruiters by personality. Love the way they play the I'll be honest devastated economy in case stay this year so I don't feel really qualified. Comet just sort but I love what I saw in the tournament last year at this team. And I think it's huge encourage I think you'd dot. Com or eight years another years at the right direction on. They have pretty much ignored ago but to be honest about. I expect him to do a good job there are. IPO. Feel positive about this situation. I had less than an vetoed the couple months ago the little scandal broke in though let's be honest it was one of the least surprising scandals like to remember in the history sports. Let's find out that it's shoe companies were out there were balls and ten players and not real just subtle look consider that we would I don't know but you know what we've been promised all this legislation to clean up college basketball to limit six sit in the they're gonna get it right but. You know as far as I can tell Gerri I I'm not sure how they're going to do that you know we're with the business model as it's as it currently is and indeed are you a person and these are gonna change your. I mean though now monitor that Verizon business model. Though we're gonna do. As some already handed regulation of it and decide which school players are too. I'll hire company hire you know worried reduce stepped in and say do has a monopoly and I got a one to thirty. It's an anti trust legislation here. You know I'm being bussed us. That's not gonna happen. And that it looked appeared to double I knew what to do wouldn't they have done something before now. And they still haven't done anything that the FBI did do their job. Then so it unless FBI or congress is gonna do what the exit into double figure that they. A more demand Jerry Meyer director of college basketball star to foursome ports are. Well looked at by the terrorist groups are remain very well we all tend to agree to but we appreciate your time we'll talk to assume right. The idea that pursued against trip. That's awesome job and is thought it his is dead on Mars we all time great coaches of the smaller college level passed away a couple of years ago and he's got some good insight to the stuff so we'll step aside will come back to and I want to talk to frank about what bill boasts. All right I should say what Norv Turner had to say to build those are article it's so post over pay at the start job right now mismanaged and comments about competition. And the new lawsuits and what guys are gonna have to do not just when jobs to keep jobs and sinister conversation to have to simulate. Thanks to Jerry Myers is four sevenths forced off to college hoops Willis. Great show so far Stephanie ready fox sports SE they're against pro football talk dot job. It's taken a pro football and the Panthers over its so Panthers dot com. Others are two part interview from Bob Dole both Swiss. New Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner and there he talked about some of the pieces that he'll be working with here. In Charlotte and Carolina next year end you don't what to expect and what things are gonna look like and there are few things that jumped off the page from listener viewer discretion torture with me frank were. Nor was asked about Christian McCaffrey of course as you would expect he started with deposited in the flattery and talked about having an unbelievable work a year and a do a lot of things of people luck. We did a lot of things starts are more things that people would be asked to do was a rookie and lined up all over the place and goes on to say quote he's got such talent and just going to keep finding ways to do in the ball and try to create more space foreign. That hard nosed running between the tackles he can certainly do but I don't know that's what you want to lead with with him in quote. You know I Edmonds but there is nothing about that it's a revelation it's not shocking. But I do wonder if it's kind of a glimpse into how Norv Turner sees this guy's what we've early complaints he's not a between the tackles runner is not a three down back and what does that mean I was sort of grass it's what I wanna ask you what does that mean moving forward and you you tell me. Does mean a thing other than he has eyes and he's seeing the same thing that we all sing. Now same thing we've all been talking about he's not going to be a guy that makes his living prime between the tackles doesn't mean he's not capable of it doesn't mean American you do it every now and then he'll for a change up. They'll do it all here was one pitch in on then yeah knock it you know he's especially people are gonna catch up to start hitting it out of the park. So you gotta be multiple U be you to be versatile and yeah that's what he's seizing Chris maccast reversal player these mill did the ball with or two in di union bill legalize them. I don't think that's a ground breaking news Armenia's two eyes and he did a did you I was saying now they used to amend he's gonna continue to use and get the ball in space. You know maybe struck. Some film with other players are running some in different combination routes with somebody tell you maybe folks single bit more on him as they go to guy I mean we see. Yeah we've seen him don't go out there and been able to maneuver the ball down the field by utilizing Chris McCaffrey is you know against more the teams just play in the NFC championship Minnesota Vikings right here at home. You know they threw the ball to him they give the ball to him eight out of ten times in the first drive and went right down the field and now if you're Norv Turner you look at this it was pretty impressive. You know he ran the ball he got a couple of screens he made a national patent caption and in space. And we targeted. And we got the ball to him entire you know with time. And one thing that you know any receiver and no matter who we have. Who cares it's Julio Jones I don't care if its Antonio Brown. If the balls not a casual ball this good meal to continue moving the guys in space in the direction. That is headed defense are gonna catch up so cam did a good job of you know give the ball to him in those proper tabs when cameras were to go to the with the ball to me he's as effectively quarterback he's gonna find in the NFL I think the issue sometimes comes with it may be gets confused with the read or the defense plays that or the guy trips and falls an hour or two ago. So hopefully normal build a common. And two you don't into the meeting room with cam in the office coordinator will sit there in the quarterback coach you know with his son will deal would sit there and explain that this is the offense this is where we expect the ball to go and if it's not there is gonna be the outlets in America I don't think Shula didn't do that but a you don't have an understanding and grasping of that knowledge and outlets that you're gonna build utilized is something that you know this team's he'll do very well. Illinois. Hello my sentiments exactly. Who doesn't. Everything you just knew it on Christian camp it turns out. Sentiments exactly trauma to him a ten minute but. They had jammed my sentiments exactly there's a negative competition we schism disputes opener. Golly that's a that's a bit knowledge right now but I don't think it already announced that color from one of the best offers a climate ever football drinkers. Yahoo! believe that anonymously through. I don't know about that world. Your autograph slid billion us about Madonna has shown it's like when I tell you ought to follow my playbook you know here are the pieces here's how you win the until it. Sit we have so you we have to address not a disturbing thing has happened before the show at some before we get out of here you go on their look at Iran as a way to go and only guys forgot about pulling Abbott you need to trust levee there were doing what you did. On another man's wealth a by the way. Oh your boss is off. I didn't realize there was going to be judged that way. He started evaluating me when I don't wanna. Oddly enough I wish I took a you're critical to show you what not it's a two way shirt but in my personal. Now irreversible it. It has a tag on one side but it looks very similar once that is in there I'm out wants it I'm out of the house early this morning okay I just still the shirt on and on dry up. And laying the shirt was inside out. There and summit at the front desk told me that pressure was inside out so he gave it thank you for let me know how to walk around all day with ushered inside Al. I got from here he won't sit in my office and immediately. So shirt open off and flips it around good and I was pretty shocked by the epidemic. To shape I said. You're pretty sick. My dad and I asked him so why are you looking like a younger age and are you evaluating. But it is so that's an idea. That's an assessment that Sunnis a little bit disturbance is nice my I mean look if we look at pride in that small office that you certainly if he's got evidence of the society your face that's one thing but like you usually just take my shirt off of each and it isn't. And evaluating your physique and he's Dario. There's a concern that a cruel offer something similar to those of you pretty good show and tell us a while out and yeah. I have been doing and the wow what every great Pete it's always suspect. Is there it went further while I don't remember honor and never was it Tony Tony evaluate you know it was lady bird stuff. Think Promos won't mean in my office to do now by the way why while Boise but the bathroom is right around the corner does. It's disturbance could actually get because when you're right there on I was getting coming redeem ready to go money or get my dad's death. And I didn't think I'd be judged by itself just shirt off first obviously yeah. Israel is another man's office using exploited dudes around the pool when you go in your guys' chips are on the beach with their shirts off buildings senator tax line this. Do you or to be is there a full talks to take your shirt off and another man's all hours of this little thought go to file. Nice body did my face hurts of just. I mean not sure where I stand on that's actually. I mean yeah I'd probably want. Or do you just like a little while pretty good physique much faster just ask me yeah that's. Lawyer there could be another. So you and it was enough. Nothing we had a great I'm in good shape. I mean that is what you why would you say that so it's a new gets noticeably 2000. And what hasn't scrutinized dimples you and I I don't know never said that but that's basically what you senator what are you what are you may meet hello. Hello this. Is a blessing I saw a bush and Barack. I will read that he really doesn't just looked at my nipple so I think now I look. Hello Betty yeah it was right in my face no no it was because that yeah Amanda. Lawson demise do we are also is drawing well just so strong so I gotta be honest there there were probably two violations that that is an awfully small office to take your shirt off and with another man and it's one all was there to. Civilians. I never drove a guy. God kinda have to step Oz is back in the corner I know how does meant to did you regular contact ever broke iconic let me take something okay folks if you ever digital lions CA yeah. Over their tell outlined series started on you learned you never break guide us next. Yeah that's a great point it's like one and a lot tomorrow. Right and see a guy with a towel and you've just got to shower and he drops the tell yo who the I don't ever ask us is that we didn't choose you go to whenever I know that I'm not the ones go to order wow that's nice a guy. That's that's that's not in my real issue with the Delmarva and right eye contact with other man in the gym you know you're absolutely don't not a lock for the zealots go. I don't have size them up and had a my delicious though. Is with the old ghosts yeah locker room right they got an eye nose and a different generation thing in Edmonton at the same time but if you're lights you know Jones sixty plus you walk over with tell us just come in above your knees and you kick the football on the bench has not yet. USF hanging out metallic. We finisher medal direct eye contact but just a bit more but I don't do that. Tyler you assigned tilt thing and not at all I had a general well inside tilt there's good naked and there's bad snake. The only thing that takes place at the downed lines in men's locker in his bed naked agreed so little while. I understand you had your rights. If you're 85 years old. Please it'll say naked for like more than five minutes at a time it's disturbing if you just walking around they just get it that's what they do. I bizarre and I would I don't have a is has stolen it was weird you know we'll continue the conversation. Maybe hopefully not next in the world according to track who while. Time now. For the world according to for an. The world according to frank and hit man has demanded to ask the first question and it's not going to be of the offering Susie Q&A session and I. And Texas you've got a guy. And I do feel like you lawyer up. The life who Lal. Did the grounds for your browser and a minute and a lot more or less it takes so I'll move late accounts last night. Kennedy confesses sports world and I turn out one of the best war movies of all time in my diva my favorite the best. Saving Private Ryan and today Dunkirk was nominated for Oscar. For best motion picture frank your. Certainly you the best that you receive your favorite. Horror movie won't talk or move yet. Anything involved with any divorce. Yeah. From the mountain of World War II tropic thunder that's a great. Allah. And you. Demi Moore movies okay does I gotta say isn't he was jima I go back to like I talked to a disorderly. What was what were they bombed Pearl Harbor harbor it's always a good one listening in the bridge at the river apply to her her glide. Full metal jacket pocket lips now look. I'll Apocalypse Now is my favorite looks good on free if you look you see every eagle I will not turn this off on the -- watched the whole thing again wire to wire this is my rifle this is my gun. That's the one. That what they wanted to Jack it don't. This it's got to be a full metal jacket and I mean. That was a sad. Yeah I was trying to pile outlaws are wondering beneath the jelly doughnuts to watch you know if I. I am yesterday. It was amazing how saving private zipper on how well ahead of I'll sell ahead of his time Steven Spielberg always was with. Every movie made and I saw the documentary a Steven Spielberg called Spielberg's. About how he waited a frozen is seen as what I did that Dartmouth. Regret that I first initial scene in that movie opening scene he waited days upon days total lighting was often because it was cloudy up. Steven Spielberg was a damn G and its affiliates dame forty years there where you do if you listen to strike not only if he's not interested in what I'm sure. Does not sit there he jazzy pieces solicited grit boss and it's not a I sent Johnson or talk to your story a coach of the again next week glory. That is a great one out that's got to the glory glory it's between glory and full metal jacket if you did sell Washington and Morgan Freeman at any movie in the same movie that was announced that was Phnom. There was Tomas you're warmer Nixon used to be but packs a rich is not treated more moving down and I am so colonies would know that's the one the came out with the armed. A wizards giving guy was guy's name it's it's kill me but are you from what spurred you went to the war he was it not a touchy subject 00 I love Tony when asthmatics and he would carry a gun and received a Andrew Garfield was injured or so what was the store the movie but that's accelerators is actually come I think it was a long. The World War I. A movie with a guy who is single handedly captured like it. Journals and you know you're right he's a war hero yeah. What was Allison I know exactly what your doctor about assuming center text like just like it's like rising costs somebody asks am I ten goes in there and he had he he he little time did you subject here that's right well. I know exactly what you're talking about us it was a good movie I can't think of the movie's name but yeah he basically got a medal martyrs and that right. I believe he did yes there and most. Talk about snipers it's Amber's great a great movie great story about your thoughts about Chris I thought that was. I think it was added it was a bad movie I just I didn't like waited it was meant when I played ghost is good movies I don't that was going to be modest I've made a great for muses seeded guy behind the got to tell you still humble but what he was doing. Now he was like you know a man I'm just a guy out here when you do I'm going home I don't care about the longest Marquette so I don't care yeah that was cool. Sergeant York Sergeant York the Sergeant York that's that's demonstrating how about this when I do. You may if you guys have have you ever seen enemy to gates yes Jews that is a fantastic movie about a battle stalling grad yeah resurrection is basically broke. The eastern front of of the Nazi army for a guy has been Forrest Gump does not a damn more movement one not. It's not usually take tank it's magic legs in that movie. A tank. It's amazing forced dumped its and a pretty much every category because the single greatest movie promoted I know in the book he goes to the movement. There's it's a blocked he goes to the moon that's crazy. Is the other with the tanks. Fuchs here here here yeah your bread and yet that was taken to Beers and yet here's a good one too. Historian I was so those are those your demeanor and Kimberly Adam does and look learning about the history tanks so we won't even the first tortured with them was crazy we were so no prisoners are excellent anti tank. We have talked about this one either quite different movie as well it's entitled the war thing but black art galleries and it was all anyway via. This is the part of the segment like your blood boiling to rocket. Patriot with Mel did out there there's that's a great movie a load that they're saying nice bonus Hillary Clinton were sprinting through the woods at Augusta in jest my favorite. It's that or revise my first full metal jacket the moguls galore what's it like she knows my fair. Kevin just I need to really good TV shows on right now and seal teams won a home you. Also on Tuesday show on NBC is really really good to you about hold. Guys and get girls go in and say people bring about Snooki I'm joined. Dell doesn't want to are Osborne era. I like to qualify my question is me I'm told Kyle this story awhile back. When I was a small child that was a very destructive Childs and also very small child and yes I was very small. On my dad would always tell me. Don't throw things in this (%expletive) on more of the story don't DC and he would tell me is to I would eyes aren't there just sort of and there are what are you had just placed things in the shed don't throw line. So one day ahead to pickax I was taken stuff aroused dig in around yards about twelve to thirteen years old because I like to Digg like to hit rocks. So anyway I'm done dig in and done digging trenches in Kelly's knows stuff for Rainwater run everywhere. And Crimea river Jesus. I know I go to DC and I don't see it as excuse me these tell a story Steelers may. A cake and I just thrown in the take action instead and as soon as I legal with a pickax I went all as what are. And I look initiate it and employees and to depict act is sticking in the destiny of my dad's pretty automatic out. Agrees the. Or I thought I thought to myself. Know what's got us in oh no I just messed up. Was a time as a kid when you mess stopping you stop home crap in my daddy's gonna be so pissed off at me. She did your tariffs on the tonight like this year terror to stinks of your body. When when my dad would come home from work he worked in the steel mill. And T know my Brothers sisters would all sit there we do it my grandmother's house. And no and he was raised in three of us know when we're probably 56 years old kindergarten first grade in a red around there and I used to like to play with rocks and throw throw things. Anxiety to I'm. There was some rocks outside my grandmother's house and she had this big. Pane of glass with like these little square windows and I don't know why. You know it six years old seven years old are tough for some reason I want to be a pitcher nice to assume against the fence. And I thought that their start aiming to win. She added that it was always wanted to like several. And nice to an end I aimed at the windows are probably did two or three rocks through the window. And allied. And I said dad I don't know why these kids came by the and they start call me names start join it and I used to I used eggs. And they start doing exempt. New evidence bags so there's some guys don't. Yeah so the pain labs you know that was one time I was like 00 well I you know. And I dreadful that paid for it dearly not only from my dad but my grandfather. And then there was another time and as you know remember these big stars is that these to have the open flames furnaces not my grandparents' house used to have one of those as well. And these to have newspapers around these furnaces I don't know why but the east every paper but to sort of the papers were there. And I like to take the paper and put it in their just look at it watch it burn like Cairo right and I don't know why but I used to put on the carpet in his panned out real quick. And it made way too many little holes in their but I liked Tennessee it burn a little bit. So you tyra I was. And I'm ten ounces total popular front for for about you know for about. Don't doubt if I don't know you gotta do what he. Pleasure I've never been beaten so hard my entire life and deserved every second I deserved every second. But those are the two times as I go LI BM screwed up I remember like it was yesterday. Thought our last question for me and I was thinking about this earlier but I thought about not askew but I am genuinely curious right so. We got a another presidential election coming up and a couple of years and we hear all these names on a daily basis about who might run for president you know in 20/20 or 20/20 four. We've heard names like Oprah and the rock you know and and things of that nature. If you could. Pitch you can install the next president. Doesn't matter who witnessed somebody would absolutely. We trust to do the job not yourself talking about it no not you not you you can pick anybody first person that comes your markers of who who do you install as the next president of United States Tom Brady had a. It is clear that could help us analyze that number I didn't that's okay. That's what I thought so you don't have to be good at it right these and everything else well spoken guy. A Smart you know what he's out of my goals don't and I noticed political stances but. You want greatness. There just are going great you are greatness alloy grade I did not understand that most kids are tyrants to some degree and oh by the way initially yeah do excels assassinate a the your fans they would just claimed it never seen this before now. Working immune figured out menu understand you get older and you Brasilia. You've got hurt people because a couple of times yeah. Forget Manny still touches you about this oh but I'll fascinating as this is so hot still doubts this Alps is still was should. I thought it. Dole was fascinating for me even the most recent one just of that you would as the plane that is called a gas stove gas all of you don't want gas electric bass and now. Fascinated Birmingham police reports as has kit. Fascinating per hour affords college athletes first that was not enough. And by the beginning that this is really to think of the only Chauncey really don't know what a says Foley hot. Eight MCI I was fascinated I was like frankly I was you know we're we're at a friend's farm. And we had a much of fireworks and we had sparklers I hated sparklers is the domes fireworks in the world yet they are what I wanted to see if I did check to bill hay on fire or. It works it did. Suck and a male went up in smoke went up in flames and there were other bales around it and luckily my aunt my mom's friend who owned farms saw me doing it and was gone over to put to fly that far before all the bills they caught on fire I've got my ass with the men want to I don't. Probably ever sense I know we got to go but a little tire swing on fire went time and how's about fifteen. I don't know if you've ever seen attire burned. It's hole I have learned around everything this explains everything about I didn't realize this was a segment of one ups doesn't. I'm not nearly as well. And now people. That was no that was one that was you you'd think every time somebody tells a story to try to one up. Prefer the world according to data woman like this guy just Simpson doesn't said he sent a weak field on fire and burned 25 acres that's one out but I don't. That's what one up as I was I was there was fewest yards what good inhaled. I have become that with us and I think your right to most kids are Cairo's because I did it to myself OK Kyle. You were should know that you're at an. And what you've got to be clearly that's unassailable domestic and everything everybody's trying to one up on the unreal and I know that about me whether. That's why we have this segment self awareness right yes. Okay under I get a young I did I so we got to come back we'll bring Chris Kroger Co. and I think he's dead Damione Lewis is working two days straight here. The Pentagon payroll. Below we'll talk to the nexus Garcia but with. Welcome back Chris Randolph brought to by the garage door guru Kyle Bailey Fred Dorsey Osborne now Chris Kroger primetime time Sports Radio network so boast hi guys. The attack itself the they don't just does jump through ups and you know still trotted to work on the residuals of the weekend in last night's win and a sure maybe you caught a portion of this the talk with Stephanie but I didn't accept idyllic setting you dear you guys well you and I talked about it last listeners who are concerned here on the right. Well you know loaded response. This loss on over that when tell you you instantly realizes or the same thing last tournament it was when they should've gotten the best fourth quarter Brandon resists he was moved here we go again. Yeah. Yeah I feel it I inclusive on something a little bit after the game he domestic ultimately tip your cap to them make some tough to tough shots put. You know I think this team has got a little bit idiots when you talk about a team that's lost fourteen games and hurled by 83 points or less it's tied now for the longest streak in NBA history. Yeah that's also a bit misleading stat too because. You know there's some randomness to that and that doesn't count what about the game you win by four points and danced their way about the new buzz about that. No agreement doesn't sink stats can tell any story you talk about the all the time so we you know you can't just pick and choose when a tight games the tyke in a tie game isn't just three points a five point games a tight game in India too so that also doesn't cap the game or bodily it was a two point game. Can you had a three Democrats thirty seconds left to go and only spot that doesn't tell you don't mean so unfair but that's the status of fourteen point the fourteen games by three point okay you know this saying that's fine that tells a story but I'm saying that's also misleading two because they've won that I lose every close game little upgrade required is larger in I think this team's got a little bit though. You know dig a little bit the F she saw Michael Carter Williams do you what do you system at our at around the basket for a little while I think he's kind of his confidence is gonna come back a little bit put. Until this team I think consist only starts winning some tight teams -- down the stretch. Then yeah you're gonna mean I think you're gonna see some of the stuff dirt you don't get a little lemon booty. That's the city that's that tells me a couple of different things the right Christina can be misleading on an onion on different fronts. Independent you know what the way you look at it but what it shows to me ultimately his only start looking that. Know where the leadership where the confidence we're the bully for the team leaders are. Who's gonna step up and there's not a lot of confidence and that there's not a lot of confidence in the fact that this mount this fourteen in a row. Hum you expect that to be broken somewhere in that you win one of those close games. And finally tells me there's not the talent when it comes down to it to win those games you know when it counts. I think he has talent afraid always talked about just the talent is it's a different type of talent you know why it's not a guy who say go into like a gimme game winner a Marvin Williams I think is a guy that when. I he gets the opportunity he's gonna knock down shots that you know you're not creating shots for Marvin Williams you can lose a guy you don't see. It yet who's the guy wanted to who's the guy in the crime it's that the team goes to a senators like anybody blitzes kimbo one guy. One guy everybody knows that you have to two little scores they are going to be a blue tribute to go doubt you know those shots and like you said they blitz him this stuff to suffocate him and there's no option but my question is obviously. How how to restart bullion and Anthony Davis to Maher you sold audited last I should just. The ball from the three point play like they did last I told today I told you but he was someone I was born and under you're right about their identity data spelled out by the way just a second Thomas curry fell out last night but dust. Yeah and they're gonna they're gonna be loaded. But seven janitorial help. Yeah from the 3% you know seventy reporters adult yet and I don't see tonight for that for the hornets last night from from the three point lunch I actually know it's weird because in New Orleans is a team where. Honestly if you tell me bogey goes for forty plus or something like that. I actually think he's got a good chance to win another honestly I toasters tiger is that you limit to one guy letting him go do your score and he becomes ball dominant and you play good team basketball not some shots down. Philadelphia I was was coming out about how we afoot Jordanians who enjoy mysteries so mix it up with him much in bon Temps from the from the Washington Post who can restarted all the stuff with paid orders should think about trading kemba he's gonna join institute at 230. Robert until from the image QB at 330 Josh Norman at 430 so talk to him about Steve Wilkes. Now when Arizona. Shaq might join what is in my talked to Jack Thompson a father in the 5 o'clock hour and bogey and ended nor the alternative to will being gone. I I don't have the slightest dip in confidence whatsoever as traders defense is going to be fun. I don't I am not a testament to Ron Rivera this go that it will need to will be following job OK anybody its identity was worried about this defense not being able produce front. I don't worry at all and that's it doesn't Toronto I think we were built over the years she owes America needs to Jericho and you're sitting courtside last night he was mix it up with coach goes for a little bit. Yes why don't boys aged like he gets a full fall. Does this when he plays like to president I don't end and entire event and Gold Coast and I don't know how Coppola yeah I guess go blocker in there. I understand there. Mayoral forum. All right members of our voice I would have thanked us Stephanie ready they are dead Jerry Mayer great show we're back tomorrow and do all over again if prime time is coming your way next David Lewis is back and I'll show wanna hear that this has been Garcia and Bayless WS Lindsay. Shot eight. And legs what does that do they'll blow your mind. Just happened.