Garcia and Bailey: Has the NCAA Lost it's Damn Mind...Again?

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Wednesday, February 14th

The NCAA has levied sanctions against Notre Dame, but will Notre Dame stick around to be penalized? Now, that's the real question?


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Valentine's Day everybody. Frank. Crippled jet you're too thanks yeah I was gonna break the bad news. You are not my Valentine. I just wanted to what about all the chemistry I know I know all the hard work despite Jim Cellini is on our nation no one else did and yet. Take advantage to have a half months we've been we've been together long enough dressing decadence and alimony out of just if I really push for a no. Then let's see if I know you're good attorneys that no actually it's not doing and it's not my lovely fiancee. Jim dog is Osborne. He's your boot Osborne is mile my Valentine to that I'm a little shocked by this revelation. I. If they had not any warning. So grounded hundreds of filmed up. I'm on the little. I'm curious to know how this came about splendor work apart. Another guys this is what it is no we were spending quality time together in the morning before the sun comes up and you know you just. Got appreciate about a man it feels good did. I'll tell us a demand this on dwindling and that the gun not feels good man. I stills good to get up and you know not have to come in at 4 in the morning and go wake up and go run on the treadmill and Perrier didn't play. And now from Ortiz to get people to people like 6 AM in the morning whatever that's still early. And even more of those guys I never I mean there are given when your plane and it felt like to Saint Louis you know he practiced or later. I hear Carolina practiced a little later I always look for the later. The lifting groups that came in on Saturday mornings are you know what not be. You know before you went out there and you know on after game he'd come in the to have the early morning work out some guys don't give up their 6 in the morning I was one of the one of those guys. I'm staying late. I just my body does not physically operate. Before 7 in the morning. And I know what it's just not physically opera mentally it's OK I can I can kind of work through it but. At 7 in the morning is when I physically start to get going and I'm ready to go see I didn't even before that I just can't operate. I hear ya but for me at least that I know not to anyone really cares all that much but it's millions wake up and you start doing things before your brain realizes what you're doing. And so that's to me the best way to get it out you just start move in and I don't think about it and then by the time it's done don't even realize that it's over. You know the funny thing is is like ribs and on the door and just normal routine. Excuse me. Do you feel like you know just it's a grind to get up in the morning sometimes you worked out but when I go on vacation which are living for next week act. For a four week. It's like every morning get up and I'm just I give up the cracked a Don. I have my coffee I go work out and its own daily your team. And I do operate and I know a little bit of a time change their butt. Still I mean it's just it's it's completely nine Damon and all I have to do it I'd love to do when I have to do it I don't wanna do. That also touted the sometimes you just have to do you know I I spent. A year and a half to Charleston eating everything someone put front and it's an outside to pay the piper and done doing that right now and boy does all the pictures today of what. Love how often you work done out. And I hope it is August should bow wasn't so it's all the pictures today about things you used to be I was in great shape until I moved there and that I ate every. Most friendly grid somebody put in front of it. And are doing and identified before an element you're probably. Thirty power. Around slider on oh let's I looked I realize that put on thirty pounds in Charleston will do that so you really people they're no you know you've been Charles and it's it's and I think its greatest city in America I really do. On it until well among them is if you think glory part about it nor lawyers site and a new York and New Orleans New York. You know beat New York connect Chicago and New York Collison that argument two did Charleston is no doubt better than New Orleans and so did you get occasionally get decree old but the mandate Charleston anyways everything. Everything you can possibly think this seafood. And and tried fruit every so slow down their stride. Notice I don't well under way in New Orleans now on your nose is very sex nor is one of the fattest cities in the world. You know that. Everything in New Orleans has tried yes that is true yeah do you go to Charleston you can literally did everything he saw I did I made everything there's similar suit in New Orleans are very sob yeah. I am a parent by before right now as a result causes my Valentine and here on Valentine's Day we're talking about this morning us and our kicking around some ideas. I just love disaster stories I love when things go terribly wrong so today. We wanna hear from your worst Valentine's day's story whether it was dating. Since you've been married. Forgetting about Valentine's Day whatever it is we want your worst Valentine's Day stories 7045709. DC extent and not everybody is not a suit but a lot of guys do. Yeah like to hear us too. Don't have a bad valentines are historic now I wanna date with a girl on college on Valentine's they made that mistake he knows first date. On somebody talk me into it it was a disaster. Spilled a drink daughter. And college did that today hospital used to have this deep voice that you use on the radio back there as well. And I'd I don't know maybe because you have like Buick like it's uncommonly deep. You know like it's like when I talked account normal it's just like a normal as we come on the radio it goes like two are due to lower. I've got one of the greatest downtime but it does and I just I don't know I think it's it's edged the dream because that I used to have a thicker accent and. I do now and I've had to work on me I mean does those on talk about I'd lay up. I silently video and talk to Barbara talk a couple of days ago and he'd heard the same thing that my I had worked my accent out. You know because people told me when I first got started this business that it was too slow to two twice used the two Huckabee. Blow to apple action will do so and applies a little too much why you saw me I'd. We're almost zero slip back into a little bit here and there but but I've headed to work brought to train a little bit so us is part of the profession that we work in your worst Valentine's Day stories are loved here in this kind of stuff Iverson doozies Mansour what are your your bridges story about the growing calls in a reporter Nellie Williams is bad and issues all full she wouldn't shut up she'd also sort of a self I spent just children daughter. Dating to illustrate just listen that's that's one of my worst drug shirt guys out there are far worse stores because it is there anything worse I was open source a mourned the dead ought to have a great when the sort of saying there is some guy but I've heard guys only drink gone. We Jeremy you spill a drink a grosses were and I stress and you feel like it like a jerk amid you silicon idiots telling them happens or doesn't have this won't say much not one of the worst I've heard stories now. Would you. Is there anything. Cool. That would be pretty bad boom I don't know if that's going on the text letter that but I mean that would be pretty bad story. Yes yes it would that would be roughly and so 70457. Or 96 did worst Valentine's stores are got a lot of stuff to get into an awesome guests today are coming up at 11 o'clock Jerry called CBS sports died job brackets colleges college basketball expert will get his thoughts on who's in who's out as of right now big night the ACC tonight he had to go Virginia Tech got close in Florida State state Syracuse. Our last night Virginia and Miami play and that was. All in the first half was atrocious a little talk about that would Jerry and with Dino Gaudio had so 1130 former Wake Forest head coach ESPN analyst he'll join us 11:31. O'clock Stu Jackson. No dentist office this time no podcast this time scale Sloc Dell for 1 o'clock so we'll do that and today. Despite strikes protests yesterday that this is going to be Monday segment because it is and we don't vote due this morning we will still do motivational Monday on this Wednesday but it's moving to Monday next week snuck. We already decided I don't. I don't care Coca August we'll figure that out there and so 704007. And I'd be sixty and a lot of stuff to get into more Winter Olympics notre Dame's appeal was denied it and their president went scorched earth on the NCAA Kissinger in his letter are threatening the NCAA essentially saying you need us more than we need you we'll talk about that the Panthers on Valentine's Day. Which free agent and or drastic would you most like to send a Valentine to today and though hornets Orlando tonight plus Bubba Watson say guilt pull out of the Genesis open the to play in the NBA celebrity all star game we got a Thomas started 270457. Or 96 Dennis Garcia and they'll. Ask yourself easy questions. Ask yourself the hard questions and I. Any easier life. Motivational Wednesday. It's motivational Monday on the Winston. We're switching you know. Just next week. That's on Monday. Motivational Monday sounds better than motivational once it was it's called motivational a different name or we can call it where was all in staying the makes no sense. Anti emotional stability and where it was all to carry out your goals. I reject that flat. Two against one you lose Austin which is just made a suggestion. He agreed with me this morning. 'cause nobody was there to combat your argument you just need to be as you know to to to a I think I just got another thing for. Wednesday. This fifth again. That's not a vote welcome back Dorsey and Bayless motivational Monday on Wednesday. Like to be motivated so strike. So it was us we try to do for you 70457096. Tend or job it is up this morning whatever you wanna talk about we got so Jerry Paul we'll sort of brackets LG 11 o'clock forma weighted coach ESPN analyst college basketball you know Gaudio at 1130 as Scoop Jackson talked an NBA. At 1 o'clock Shaun White last night about that performance in the Winter Olympics 31 year old Shaun White. Had you know I guess is it's fair to say not I'm not I'm not in tune with the world snowboarding LT Geneva's necessarily orbit. Shaun White is the in the face of American snowboarding for for for many years now only one or. Olympics for awhile. And it's never really changed right and he's been the face of snowboarding specifically in this country for for several years I don't know of anybody else who's even come close. Used to have the other guy that was the downhill skier that was kind of a drunk or go party don't Bode Miller Bode Miller noted. Mean he was kind of in the John Daly news of downhill skiing and he'd gotten. The party cruise the net before the amount they're winning goal there you know computer crash in just. In just it was it was a it was a train wreck but we all love to watch that. And you know since these. New X games have been incorporated into the Winter Olympics you're right so unwise kind of been the poster child for the United States and you know here's what's funny. Yesterday a real habits have been around the first for Trevor right end. The US just won their 100. Gold medal pretty amazing and that was Shaun White when you last 100 no that's terrible. Because first long minutes has been around. There's going to be some countries or probably went 32 point five you know. That's not very good Kyle what I'm saying and that's you know a hundred. Out of how many years. The this sport as sports have been around. The Olympics which giving the medals. So we know we've been getting our asses kicked in the in the in the Winter Olympics we might win Al Carl Willis has what 87. More as a swimmer have Michael Phelps mania. You probably get a handful of US athletes. And come up with a hundred gold medals in a handful. Years so this is the 22 Winter Olympics this is this is that we sort. All right so then there were 22 prior to this was a take away before gold medals they won it won 96 gold medals. In all previous Winter Olympics host the games started 1924. So they're averaging 44 point 36 old mothers are very good that's not. It's not an older adult world games they had toys are what what events there's do inventories are probably just being right ice skating. The halves. What is so boards when he Doral. They'll lose was around but this might be the are the most awkward thing I've ever seen the Jimmie blew huge why why don't we isn't it first of all for more gold medals for the United States or snowboarding medals bottler all four. Why why do we dominate snowboarding as opposed to dial skating pertinent to ski. Like what why don't we. I don't he is it something that's more of an American thing I don't know I don't know. Yeah boarding snowboarding got to go hand in hand you know there that we've been doing it longer were skiing and you are you gonna speed on the streets. Are you getting any big I know I mean that's great question I have no idea I'm just coming up with does anybody know what there are. There are dirty and hard core snowboarders out there is this something that a bit America just is inherently is not a rat or ideas and I'm I have overall problem anyways with these types of sports. You know import subjective. Oh yeah yeah okay it presumed. A chassis which signed up you know I can you imagine bought some tin. And you might light. You know the way that she dances the way he spins. Or the way that they oral each other. I think if I saw this fall that far on this flaw and you might be captivated by the music and all the other things and artistry that goes with that I'm looking for the power. Publicly for the grace I'm looking forward the strengths. Right and you're gonna come up with a score and come up with a completely different score right. Right but boot how do you determine. You know who the best is in those types of subjective things when there's no mistakes. I am I know there's criteria they use but for example when you go snowboarding I guess they rate gives. Difficulty to the the the shops or diving. Hubbard is splashed vs how big is that splash to. Really good point it it's kind of like bodybuilding vs powerless to write in power listing it's just numbers right this is how much do list there's a way to measure right you did more than him you win right but in bodybuilding it's like to get five people on a panel it's like what I does but looks better than. America has by Renault and it has texts are a little bit more defined now as traps or do whatever you might see the point he's he's all year wouldn't you. Whatever he's easily inner yeah. I mean what it is so there's Jack very subjective judgment so it's a figure skating that's just that's a terrible idea about Islam back to a figure skating where you say you know how. How do you do you not just judging it. How tight someone's double axle is sore or the spin or whatever it's the beauty of their routine why do you quantify that dumb I've I've never understood that and I know there are experts and it probably explained in a way that we can't but. No you're right it's the subjectivity against the objectivity and I just personally prefer the sports where it still eat it it's very definitive it's clear cut. You ran a faster time you skewed to faster time you picked up more weight you do this. So I don't know that I guess. And that's the problem I think that there is a bias in only talk about some of these sports. Because certain countries. Are given more credibility. Than others and you asked the question is maybe start thinking about the reasoning the rationale. Is in snowboarding. Scheme I think if I'm not mistaken the US is responsible for the evolution. Of snowboarding. Does having Shaun White who's the godfather of snowboarding. This gonna get the medals now. Other countries are catching up you're able to do it here on in different places in Canada and and and and in Europe and etc. Japan you know different countries but. You know because of the country that has come from and originated and you know I think that you're given him a little bit more credibility. Just Google why as the USA so good snow. Some interest in stuff coming up here. Got to peruse this and come with a good dancer we come back as I wanna know if there are in you know the hard core snowboarders out there or did you understand this cultural wire we so good this. The Norwegians and the Canadians and everybody else to Arctic and our asses that don't always the X games originate right I mean. Are we now I think I don't I'm I don't know an extreme sports stuff let's not give yourself credit for a guy like him but I don't really good. All over the globe now I know says we can't sort of get an and you can correct me if I'm wrong boy was snowboarding. Just basically invented in in California or do you just literally said the same thing as an underdog yes I was Gaza is but I mean that I that's what I would think. So this exempting and that's the reason why because you don't week it's it's so subjective. That we are looked at as the the godfathers the originators. Sort of give a little bit more credibility because of there if cordial when it first and has got to be. Great plus in America if it's sexy it's cool people wanna do it there's not really a lot sexier called out to me and salute your whenever skull. But if you guys can get a snowboard gonna happen I. And do a couple of back flips to a 360 do 720 Julie 1080. That's interesting to people that captivate people that makes young kids is snowbound towns really interest in the sport. Whereas two missile merger should literally lose. Whatever is so it's best solution via a solution to luge a deluge we lose our figure skating and probably doesn't appeals like. It so much trouble welt it's hard to say what appeals to kids the by the way buildings that are tax laundry is just more affirmation that so we are in fact idiots because this I said so and and I'm completing an. And to the senate now and no we're not gonna do research on something that would just. Don't pops out of our head then we start talking about an hour there's no way to do the research we didn't plan on talking about Italy the DM snowboarding events and in the US jets extra rights and you guys are idiots who toy seconds of research before making such a hot take the US is number two all time in golds only trailing Norway how many goals do you think the USA should have a more than a hundred I don't know won't try and Frank's perspective is were United States so Jim more than ever Mario. Idea of American exceptional as a minute projects seltzer sports so many times so you know we're if we're Americans we're gonna believe that we should have the most gold medals as we get the best deadly and by the way since this thing started we pretty much all three soldiers none of us have any experience with these sports so we're not gonna pretend -- I think that if only we could have been more transparent about that none of us know a damn thing about Simon and yet. Just yourself. An emotional and like and we don't know frank I generally only articles you want but it's not gonna meet export on what our expert on water sports so 7045709. B sixty and wanna come back and talk a bit about this Notre Dame stories. Because it's. It's something else actually know what I take that back. There's something else I do want to update on the Winter Olympics because just on a great kind of review of what's happened what's coming to what to look forward to to not sure people know I never know what sports are coming in there in the Winter Olympics ought to look it up there's some cool stuff on their so we'll talk a bit more about that but we are gonna talk about that Notre Dame story coming up very soon because. Again Notre Dame. They had 21 wins vacated by the NCAA from their run to the national championship. When Mets are detailed his fake girlfriend Bryan Joseph that'll do against Alabama and the season prior they lost 21 wins the appealed it. And the appeal was so struck down the big cajun the frigid winds are held up and notre Dame's president went scorched first. On the NCAA in his response slaughter so we gotta talk about that we got its honest ought to get into his Garcia and they would. Yes. In this slice. People don't teach you know. But it's up to you. To become an expert. Motivational. Written by your shrill. Last night somebody's motivates franks asked to give back in the studio on time plus ranked Justine my motivational ploy to raining here. This Jeter's throw away is the sausage and they didn't break him. We start. Didn't realize I was that necessary if you guys start to show. Well you're only team co host of shelving unit comes first. Yes you do a lot of. Orient where it. G inner exception for an explanation. On I was CEO showed I don't know CEO an explanation. US news take you don't have to ask us a while. I don't desk. I was Els after motivation. Yes you get an answer welcome back doors for you work for a man who's number two or four. Garcia Bailey welcome back it's. A combination of Valentine's Day celebration and motivational Monday on Wednesday and though we are sick to your phone calls not just about the topics but today if you haven't he's just disastrous Valentine's Day stories I love to hear about those absolutely love it frank brought a good example earlier this in the flowers to the Roy you. You get the flowers mixed up in one of those guys who if election on the sides. Peace in two quarters of flowers put you know the cards it switched academic attrition not very careful. I've heard those stories before so they got one of an episode 7045709. On the Billick says it's excellent right now. May we got so they're guys talk texting and yet not sure we Augusta motel courier system which he is accurate dude this is our leader here it is from what it's worth and are reading that on it's it's a screen shot that's way too hard but. People are calling our Olympics numbers I don't know Shaun White won his third ever gold medal last night. In his final raw and the of the event it was the fourth overall gold medal of these Olympics so far from the Americans and all four snowboarding gold spot away and it was 100 overall gold medal. In Winter Olympics history for the United States. And so you know we just ask the question. Early sigh I would love to though. Why. The United States. Is so good I snowboard rice and sauce on an article from yesterday. There's a racer I dug a little resort here you know I just had to learn how to. It is a little little noodling here these images both still smarter anyways thank you gotta try not to trot I don't care enough but. And I'll bet on this subject I'm ready yet I decided to I just I just found an article and it's in this guy future. Donated says the Olympic equation. US snowboarding and it cools Dutch speed skating equals Norwegian cross country so the Dutch dominate speed skating the Norwegians. Dominick cross country skiing and and the US dominates snowboard a snowboard so I'll read it I'll learn a little bit not pass along whatever a fundamental entendre reader right now because let's talk. It felt so vital to the bus which at 70457 or 96 stand up against US picked up its 100 gold medal last night's other big four are still in the lead Norway the Netherlands Canada and Germany other Dutch caught up with the Norwegians very early this morning with more speed skating medals with the dog Germany then pass them. Both because of the luge which we have on the television screen behind us. And I just I don't. It took him there's two men Lucas you're right I mean look do you do you talk about intimate partnerships. In in figure skating you and your boom. You can go out you knew baron turns over and nostalgia it's easier rebounds and we'll see Amanda losing earlier Jim handlers got a new idea I'm not solution are definitely the it was a wise leader Jeff do you. I who knows because of the way those guys are are doing. Born and why that lives why the lives that's. Why. Why. But that's I was brought it up a blood loss I wanna brought up in fact. I brought a delusion and bring up the innuendo you do that I decided well I mean if you watch what these guys are dull and you know with the motion in the ocean here's. OK speaking of emotion in the ocean I don't understand to what these guys get out of the shoot try to take offs and and he may jump on or whatever and they may. Start. Just stopped. All right I'm just I'm tried to explain to. Really a sports because it looks like they they get this. Like if you move Hollywood's like Vermont for all the water would freeze it looks like just to ride it Dolly would indeed just really fast after they're done they've burned on a gallery is that tell. I tried I guess. Also the US women's hockey team clinched a spot in the semifinals by the let's get athletes from Russia is there's this out well I'm trying to give up zero. Why we. I understand this first of all we know what apple with the Russians and a lot of them got caught doping and they got the sanctions so there's no official Russian team did not recognize Russia but they're calling them the athletes. Because your boy darted right. You know as a team other media that is still come qualified I guess that'd take their pass their tests and pass a test for the night given the country. Any recognition. You know when it comes these medal count so that. They can't say that they beat the US or they were the Durbin and Germany your that you know I am not sure if there's any. The post in the Olympics have always been up politics. Always Alois another really half. No and I don't know of its may be the biggest sports. The politics is this has been involved with when it comes to where it's gonna go you know I'd close and Imus I'm close. That they're in the World Cup as a close us you know I mean Ed but that's that's it me these things are for the athletes there about the sports. But for everybody else there about politics geopolitics power all that stuff in order and that's. We've always known right now it's between you look at again the the Russian athletes and when they have them listen on these graphics and says Olympic athletes from Russia. Okay well that's cool what do you. In the eye and I've listened to some accommodating. The Washington Times right. I'm you may be as we get closer to the weekend and on Saturday morning news anymore in the July and then bad he flipped on the TV you see it. Beat him last night a margin of Virginia vs Miami Miami and horrible for it was a horrible. And what jumps to watch and I know I don't. Amino watching Cleveland take on OK see right there's a lot of different things are Janelle I mean the very first time but I felt like the Olympics has really become some thing. No was wedged with Shaun White won the third gold medal last night because Twitter blew up. But I think that are trying to gauge in the Olympics based on what I watch that Twitter on Twitter and I don't always go watch the rebar. We wanted Doug to go watch it on DVR so I don't have to watch alive because there's a lot of these things these. Ancillary sport sits under really don't know anything about I still like watching whoever's the facets to which I'm bobsled team going down or lose team going down and you know those type of things once every four years but I'm not just glued to the TV watching. Here and I don't wanna be that guy preside you know I hate that guided on NASCAR's not a real sport I can do that you couldn't you know this isn't better this isn't a real sport I can do that no you have slowly took a Helton and now no you absolutely couldn't but the lose I don't understand necessarily just simply because I don't know why and how once you get in it and your flying down to attract. How much actual skills involved I don't know must say there is not a subtle. It's an office the skill of you know just being bigger faster stronger but it's the repetition. You know like a golf sort occurred right and you know the track that they go down if you watch blue's long enough you'll see there's like an optimum. You know speed line that these guys used and where the fastest time came from credit and they'll compare the other time. I'm the guys that are coming down to that line you know sometimes you go to low and you lose speed sometimes go too high. And you'll go to traveled to war. You know those type of things and there's an optimum line which is to create the fastest time to go down you know these these tracks that's with the trying to show. Okay that you know and it's and a big and it's exciting TCI's fly and automatic death to cover guys and I'd say you know you wrote what I understand these coaches. This that there afterwards. As they're watching. You know these runs. What advice you give me not to hire. Exclusion but seek out. I don't know I mean what do you coach gene they clap like Joseph when they're done death as a I've. Speaking of Olympic covers to go to Bridget but there there is so Olympic curling on right now which I do I love curling just because it's a bunch of dudes that looks like to sit around bring to bear your typewriter. The wrong what gender well okay there's some there's much. Luke they're currently I want you to do it learn about curling is that. People internationally. Curling I guess. Athletes internationally we're talking on the record did they say that the United States with the air quotes I don't know but this thing the United States is. Getting much much better much more competitive globally and curling and that there are they've all considered United States to be sleeping giant the natural gas and that we're now just starting. Ramallah and it's only a matter of time before the United States dominates Carolina. Bachelor dominates international who's the number one country probably Canada I had no idea how we guessed it so really quickly on men's ice hockey this one just one final game was started 7:10 this morning. Simon you gonna get spoiler alert there's a lot of people DVR those things 'cause they were fourteen right now but still if you DVR do you the United States Slovenia game your laughs you know. Algeria's second your boss again if you if you DVR the game but it would final stunned not long ago Slovenia it's based the United States plus three to two in overtime. Our terror. Program which is over there I doubt that we're talking about may be this Libyan oil best amateur teams and us have the chance of all of our speed. I was listening Jeremy Roenick. And he was just blown us up like oh we get a chance we're gonna be two world. Chairman rocks and a guy look dumb all. No Jeremy wrote that the murder. All right here and you're clean snap judgment is next this horse in violent terror. Long supported. Our college sports fans college football college basketball crystal ball in particular. I'm probably. Intention to some degree to the Notre Dame saga taken place does it's primarily taken place in the background and hasn't gotten its auto club beauty in in recent weeks or months because it's been a under appeal but if you think back to the 2016 rulings by the NCAA to vacate. 21 wins. From Notre Dame football. And one of those seasons being its marched through the national championship where they were solved by a nick Sabin. And Alabama. The decision was made uphold the vacation of those 21 wins in addition to the other penalties that were you know smaller probation on the to 5000 dollar fine. All of this stems from a a former student tutor. Who. Well read this what two players at Notre Dame for the NCAA says competed while ineligible due to academic help from a traitor but all that begs the question. What what is academic fraud right because we saw Syracuse get hammered for Vista North Carolina Saudi that we all know went on for years North Carolina since certainly. They'll have a paid attention to this and the NCAA decided yesterday to uphold those toll one vacated wins now in response to that. The president of Notre Dame. Mr. you know a doctor Jenkins doctor Richard Jenkins. Penned a piece scorched earth letter message and that's because he isn't mister Jenkins did not not that mr. Jenkins but tighten up. And sit out publish it on the Notre Dame website and he again to what scorched earth he called the NCAA peace process. Perverted. And went ought to talk about the lack of explanations and rationale and vacating there was when he called the NCAA is conclusion a quote dangerous precedent that turns the similar concept of academic autonomy on its head in quote. And all this is important and a lot of it is this is the way that academics usually you would say mean things about sounding to me. But what it does. Do and what it does. Implied in him debt in certain places is that Notre Dame is saying to the NCAA. You need us far more than we need you and you don't keep if you remember Jenkins. Was the guy who pointed out in that so letter that he wrote a while back about the inequality of North Carolina. Skating on. The mother of all academic fraud cases right that's that's the way that it was fright now I know North Carolina fans out there that that didn't listen to a sort of call and talk about this story. You're gonna fight does too familiar didn't do anything wrong it was an academic issues university should have been able to handle it well that's essentially Jenkins argument has been saying today. Don't we took action. We suspended these guys we deem them ineligible. And so because of that you've the NCAA then took additional action. Well what are you doing your because if we have said no we're not going to suspend them or if we had expelled an object about a school or taken. Many different other actions that did not include dimming them ineligible for what we saw as a violation of our honor code you know. You wouldn't touch this. And so what he's saying is this. Is a dangerous precedent because it could allow for other athletic departments and universities to change their honor code in a way they don't lead to NCAA violations of the they can. Take action. But the NCAA can't touch that this all sounds boring who cares I get that foot again the larger point here. Is that Notre Dame is effectively saying to you the NCAA need us more than we need you. And if you were called back in 1991 Notre Dame broke away from the college football association signed its deal with NBC and that was seen as an enormous real time. That incident that Notre Dame to step out and exercise even more autonomy in that way. And it leads a lot of people. Given what the NCAA has done or not done over the past several years. To see this Friday as us being closer to finally the power five schools breaking away from the NCAA so induces see you later we got a better option we've. Our solution is he's just took the thought. And that's what this looks like it's gonna this is the first threat there this is the first shot fired in a from one of these presidents and some very powerful school. You know you probably have. As you point about the power five schools not all. Some military decision wait. As the other schools with this is one of the big schools in every sport with the academics. With the following all the things that go along with that so. This is kinda like Dan come from there with a shotgun and fires a doubling our. You know but because we're about Breda. You know do some tips and some damage here and a mom and I agree with what you said is that. You in the NCAA. This has been and is still hypocritical a lot of things that do what power they have. Now do you punish one you know with lesser allegations and you know such a short period of time. You know my blood another. And this is not trust me this is not against North Carolina I could care less than ours I'm not one of those guys I have a competitive. Hatred towards North Carolina if you don't the fans when it comes to basketball but that's about it right this is not about. Mean Haiti north to likes than other some people that do. They wanna. Wanted to throw dirt on. Every chance they can't that's just it's not me I really don't. May go to school there so let's not even the reason why say that but. I say that to say this is that. Where's that where's the balance where's the fairness where's the where's the system in place because that the line moves we talked about yesterday. You know with what are your hat what are you able to do what he had to say you know what what's funny what's not. Where does the punishment start why does this school get this this school get that who makes these decisions. No holds them accountable. I agree with the president of Notre Dame. You know when it comes to. Where are we going with this you need us more than we need Jew. I think that that first shots fired. At emirate at a young and in the NCAA to saying hey we're about ready get up and pack shop and to say deuces again. Today it's not a perfect analogy but I mean it's in a constitutional law professor could explain this a lot better than I could tell you you can make a lot of analogies are comparisons to you'll federal government over regional those sorts of things and if that's what it is in the United States of America make up the federal government much like the member institutions of the NCAA make up the NCAA. And that's and that's in that this is effectively Texas fired a shot back sing much and they didn't yet analysts and this is a great pull it from this text or not at these things cost money when you lawyer out. What you really defending. Defending your honor our defending championships. Are you defending vacated wins. Are you defending your right to do your own thing it's only NCAA to stay out of business as it pertains academic integrity and that's a conversation that will continue at some point during the show because it's a very very interesting John simple comeback route talk a little more college basketball we Jerry palm CBS sports dot com what a great brackets colleges out there we'll talk to him about who's in who's out who's on the bubble especially as it pertains to the in state schools where does he think stages right now and how big is this game tonight and upstate New York it's Garcia bailiff.