Garcia And Bailey H4: The World According To Gantt

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Monday, April 16th
In the final hour of the show Zach Harper of Fanrag Sports joins the show to talk about the NBA Playoffs amd the Hornets, and we also debut the World According To Gantt...

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Towered over for a live from Braintree country club at Joseph moss foundation golf tournaments. Benefiting single mothers and animal rescues a union county and Mecklenburg County. Have a great time here on this Monday Derek get pro football talk dot com sitting here for frank Garcia. And we have a pretty good Thomas thank path yeah I'm freezing to death your hard to read but you know wherever pretty good time it well we're would you rather be than right here right now you know what that's a good point. We are talking about the NBA playoffs and about the hornets was sacked harper fan rec sports he covers the NBA has for a long time he's joining us on the second job just like. And Zach what was the most important thing we saw this week into the playoffs. Who spoke report that we saw promptly brought in Detroit game one because our football league and that is your dirt in front of the costs. For the record the first round at the you'll want to pick up that left her after or if a wakeup call for the fraud that they get up there. Well what is it about. This Indiana team that makes you think Theres actually chance they could pull this off. I don't think they've opened up both I think about bitter bitter. We're very confident I even got away with what a good bit tight you didn't simply prevents Sprint Cup with a pump fake attack that's all I won't. We're going to do plea that that we all that they wore them because they have that kind of feel it there. There we go it hurt the postal so. Zach what what about LeBron did look this is not. This is a team that's blown off and then he's back together midway through the season and we have a lot of questions about how quickly they would gel and if it would does happen in time for the postseason and what that would all look like and I know it's. A game and then you know come get into the end of game two we can all be eating every last one of these words put. You don't wait when you look at this team and what what the idea was when it was put together. Are we getting back. I mean not back yet they can iPad if you quit the pocketbook. Really thought about it right where they could destroy it and we don't remember all right that was brought it out go to the first sprouts and we thought that they've lost the weight loss. Everything. We looked quite. Do you Michael bond markets right now I think a quarter and about trying but they've looked like they think they're just supposed to win can be helpful part for not doing a little bit but there were. About five different reporters that Victor over people it or he could walk right in school without what's speak at the front of weather on court you know patter. Just walking into court reporter that you can hit they're just over it but there are thick thick. The cavalier to have to figure out O white or African and it could happen at the thought it. Zach obviously here in Charlotte a lot of people are curious about the direction of the franchise here in and how far away it appears to be from a playoff level. Team at the moment when you look at some of the names that are out there is a possibility for head coach. Is there one name that jumps out to you among that list that makes you say okay this guy could author quick turn around this guy didn't pull in Indiana and put an unlikely. Cast of characters into a good position in the playoffs. I mean I know we didn't go well but probably bet that I think you'd hope I think of Emma Booker but if they're really checking out but we did get help abate them I think it split. Good it's like football or in Atlanta has been allowed to interview Kirk Phoenix. I think it is surely you've got to go after it wealth that he could export Coca. Keep up the really good faith put out of that go go go over what they have a good even how do you a lot of guys that pretty quickly but actually look at the look of humor. Kemba these experts who review because what mark or better tactic that you can you can in Asia don't expect that the food focuses on the relief well. You know its acquisition above noodles there is that I I understand which is siding with. You know on the one hand you know Atlanta's kind of blown up recently their their starting over even if they're old say it but you know Phoenix does have a lot of young talent out. He's much as I hate to say it out loud I could make the argument that that Atlanta's. In a little bit better spot in Charlotte right now just with respect to did the caps the cap restrictions and you know what they're able to do over the next two to three years. Oh absolutely no further from the outset with have to help right here right I have one. We claimed duplicate what we're going to do we need you are expected to make it work and I beat it there's a way to do we get to that. Are you with the way the cap to a super Charlotte. It got there. They're so who do you could get out of it is gonna take a lot of like all right we're gonna cut it you know we're gonna. Peaked yet we're gonna we're also believe that there are a couple of up about it oh I don't like. It Robinson Josh it could be bad for that that client who would that work but they took it out of. Well look at the line to make climbing through the sewer water you gotta find down there if you decide that you need to get rid of Dwight Howard I mean what's the value for a Tony three million dollar expiring contract. I mean. Our contract or what it used to be years we have take on them that money and hope to get a draft pick it looked what are the good that's what they did when they got to why they think boy miles on a so they have to do the reverse of that. You know kinda meaning you may find it between you look at art or are now about their guys they bet he'll. Sacramento that like. I have to fund but I think you know you're. You're not gonna be out or that it more about beating a little bit and Mathis who curtain grew little bit bigger than it has. It's a lot of physical side and I do they're not going to be one big boom there it makes everything better I think that you understand the. To order is that corporate covers the NBA fan sites forced joined us on the ticket job just like. Up to get that we we've we found that over the weekend that its us first assistant tore Messina will be interviewing with the Charlotte or itself. He's an interest in duties coached in Moscow he was consult with the lakers and it's got Jack was there by his head coach of the Italian national team and so. Eight he's got a it's a fascinating background we place an audio earlier that's up. Makes me very excited about this guy but what what do you nobody tore Messina and how he might fit Charlotte. Everywhere around the league. Well. I mean everyone talk about what my coaches talk about how she really isn't that how like how important the coaches are you think there's a little bit of a good. How I don't broke your route and the coach on any half. All players except that you would put a little bit that international bias but of all I'd bet yet. But corporate technical note under any other Coke I don't know are there any better candidate that they're part of it. This is a matter of Judy you're the players that are actually pretty good or bad though they are surely you look at a situation that. I could see their go help Obama rocker while they recruit out right we don't have a good. There's a couple young guys who got what Mark Williams the AG bellowed like these guys can contribute to a winning. It. I'm back with this if he with help that coaching I think important that. It's what we're about davis' don't go back their for a second because. There here's a guy fired his second season Memphis and you know for those who might not following his closer might not pay attention as much you know that's that's kind of what if this does that fire coaches prematurely to fire a lot of Hollins after Western Conference finals appearance it. The fire dated than even the end of the QB brown there was not pretty so. You know I think that number is three GM's three coaches in six years I don't hold that against Davis is still to. You don't talk about but about him. You know losing his first they're coaching opportunity just two years they're not even two years that in what you might be looking for in a new job. You know obviously I mean I'm amber for review of what security and got screwed that up that book or not. Artist of the pop out the terms of leadership and it was thought that hadn't been weak law firm. An argument with Marcus hall in terms could be in terms of job right or spoke there forage or gold if you could region and in the near an. In the Ripley or you know are we try to keep him on a blow look after the correction we think. You can make it art or. Friendly that would at law or our support it but that's where it's oh after the first beat them you need. You know coached up of can be accurately in the the end of last season and look after the firing about where I think that it. What you want coaching perspective to view the great development. In me he could motivate. Some really bad players in the point about there at that even good players in the book they but he could have something. Am curious about wanting where tech had never seen a second ago. Given. The language barrier and he speaks English so it's not as if he doesn't communicate and are native language but do you think she would be better able to communicate with the roster of veteran players as opposed to a bunch of 192021. Year old kids. I don't I don't I don't think it'll matter and I think it matter or not. What are. The couple but what on earth did you give her a group of veteran dual dual coat some spot I think you look group broke a young guy who quote despise but it's more about the the player or want to be coached I think that we be not a lot of what is it that we have good don't order the third point in the career don't five with a good coach. I don't think if anything. Having you with the coach sure the player Kirby. Aren't are stuck up attitude are from the relationship and there are put in a don't put it clear that I'd like okay album. Bright and is that there's no way to quantify what that happened but they're for you this year. Exact talk to me about Jerry Stackhouse hit his name is coming up I know the geely performance has been good development job and your one but. I think they'll hold appeared Charlotte is the fact that you've got a tar heel that owns the team toward Milford GM tar heel for assistant G haven't. You know any thought editorials head coach you don't date they will rub some people the wrong way here in North Carolina but. You know it in terms of Jerry Stackhouse the coach it looks like all the tools might be there. Well that kind of a cup upon you are right that there is a whole art took back the good. It'll look at what goes to support efforts of we're from corn procurement but they are you the best candidate for the job like this Kupchak kept good records of the people well I'll let. But is it important the record it right back. I don't look like you'd been groomed to be a very good coach there BA he might either right guy. Hi all we put Carolina but the other you know hurt it was noted it shocked they get hired the unit or that we don't there's a problem with target. You can remove him big fat out person I met a stiff but he added detractors say staff exactly afar you did have that ability to go from big time. Even bigger that is not good our bad happen it will open up the it's a now. Can't be going there Zack it. What's this series that you can't turn away from what's the one that you just fascinated by for reasons. Yeah how beyond the obvious you know COY Golden State's gonna do. Down a few guys that kind of thing what's the one Europe but what this must see TV for you. I think it may not affect you one bird won't put a lot of thought I was recruited there and it and I appreciated the fact that matchup there. Happy folks are in the opener who. Are under here are the best part of the the it support and dog and Mitchell who. It looks dark for a rookie I think you could be halfway work he's going to dark. For years become. Burke who beautiful parts store but what what part of all sort quit what to go notebook record domino walk and competitive like. You'd just missed enough of he might mean the blue star or two people were hurt but then it became clear that you talk it and how the heck they're event. Might look perfectly but how would want to go bankrupt but what we're up in turning in school blocked by a player a kind of tricky candidate they think he can put it here or there won't. That it happened yet awkward or all. In date that that. Can't recruit they do put up edict making it well actually lifted the ball up well we got it and that that they but other than that. I'd look I'm look out about the the out of the I don't want every single record that there. All right Zach Tarver are covers the NBA for offense are fair Rex force Tuesday joined us on the tech job just like a Zach great stuff there we appreciate you'll catch up so. Absolutely Zach or what's vigilant so that's a big job just like we come back how do I wanna know who. Both got up and I believe you. Would you really stop rooting for this team Jerry stack just bay coach buddy if you're duke fan statement would you really. Stop rooting for this team because Jerry Stackhouse was the head coach I saw people offline and bludgeoning. Swearing they would not root for this team with Jerry Stackhouse was the head coach because you have Tar Heels in the top delegates couldn't take it. Boy you know that's truth because no and whatever overreact don't lie I don't know based on and on Twitter they didn't intend about how that's why so I need real person confirmation. Call 704 no Russian bots only real American polls say that real red blooded Americans. Which is truly stopped rooting for this team if Jerry Stackhouse tutorial was that coach it's Garcia but it would. Got the sect's buildings that are sex line I'm in 1992. State grad. And a state fan it's a solemn event. Stackhouse is a traitor and will always be today not only will I not root for my order it's all pull for them to lose against everyone until that jerk is ran out of south. Man we'll we'll bucket is this man from can't stomach plastic duck now didn't he did he think Stackhouse was going Nancy stated that. Man that's tough and I mean I understand their base get to college loyalties and all I can itself remains heads. Yeah up interest thing that I think a lot of people at the Charlotte hornets suddenly we're good at basketball again and we're going to the playoff. Sonic consistent basis before and forgive a lot of stuff check this out so there's different text right sit down with your Jerry Stackhouse he's a bad guys to Stackhouse becomes coach. I drink committee vodka her I mean mini bush likes to drown the pain. Sounds like Gmail are gonna do that anyway so he did it sounds like Jim they already be doing that and and here's our direct Fidel Charlotte Observer coming in. You mean everything people claim they'll do or refused to do on Twitter doesn't really happened no Rick it doesn't. Hash tag we're all gonna die with the path that is however gonna happen that is not yeah you're right it's a little concerned it's just a matter how relieved you don't have. You asked me the other day when the storms are coming through yesterday afternoon there are like how come you haven't tweeted out we're all gonna die and I said. Because we my. But yeah. But I mean if there's going to be an inches snow in Charlotte I'll I'll run a bed job but yeah. If there's an opportunity that somebody might actually die al-Qaeda you know. Wait to see how it goes before us our crack and Jeff. You're gonna public place windows the storm alerts start going off on everybody's found there did you do that you know standing into the Wal-Mart and Wilkinson boulevard yesterday. And everyone's phone went off and I dropped everything it's got much out of Wal-Mart. That's not that's his way up plant I'm fine and I digitize it and the look at idle another because the the five folks who work Wal-Mart puts god runner to get some supplies and I just said look. Lines were long everybody's phones were going nuts I just saw it as a sign from god to get the hell out of Wal-Mart did it. It's probably not a bad idea that's almost like Jason is cool super eight I don't wanna die at a super eight motel right now it's like that only worse I decided I was still cannot die at a Wal-Mart yesterday it's so you know I've I've made that choice for myself and it worked out although I do hope everybody's safe and endured this morning I saw a lot of trees came down yesterday in nasty storm event it was in a pit. You know fairly. The worst of it was north and east of here AA and hopefully everybody. It's a power back on in inning gets their property taken care of and all that kind of stuff but they're scary stuff depth. All right so our salesmen writes in on the editor of its Mazda Twitter feed I've seen the owner of my NFL team rehire his buddy is GM. I've seen the coach hire every turn her except Ted and Tina. If you're Jay higher Stackhouse to coach my favorite NBA team yes I will still watch I'm the sheep after all nepotism today at least that's office. See I would to love it if Rivera hired Tina Turner I would I would be Santa oh yes yes we do need another hero. Well let's listen the fact is that the music did you study go to another notch which the saudis event held Hillary to get their second or use frozen Tina Turner it was indeed dead you face gets there. I I I'm here for that Paulus we've we've we've gotten rid Iran. And his son cam so now if you can get Tina that it takes their place some awful or that we seen rob running around here and were its attacks no motive would say he was allegedly here they say was on the web and I I didn't physically see Rahm there's such a huge crowd a celebrity's. And golfers out here having a good time arraigned treated him as it might have been easy to miss all you know former NFL linebacker and current NFL had. Guess that is true however Marty Marty who stopped by the Taylor leader did once we went off the year Marty stood up financial grants he was living does that make sure everybody knows I'm not stay to like golf up. Besides I've go home to work make sure everybody knows and standard of play golf to pay dispense your GM now he's not playing golf he left to go work now. The area meanwhile he's ready did draft he's not giving away free time do would say yes over the next week and a half no it's not eight. Fast forward to next Thursday yeah for just the second. Did you sense first of all quarterbacks coming off the ports and a kind of dictate everything he says how come off early you know change things upper body else. How many quarterbacks do you think come off the board before the papers just point four. Bob Bob. Yeah I am Amelie I think Jackson I think Jackson gets chosen OK all I ahead of them and odds simply because there is so much desperation that. And 100 seems I'm really fascinated to watch next week's the Buffalo Bills some in our old friend Brandon being. This is right now sitting at twelve and what is it twelve and 22. Yes ours are well pitchers are torturing yet slow. Twelve to 22 for Brandon and in that he would love to I know. For a fact he would like to get into the top five to get one of those top shelf guys. But if he doesn't get that guy. If he doesn't get an Allen or darn old or may feel owed. Ball or Roseanne. Is he willing to go who at twelve where Lamar Jackson are the dolphins. At eleven the possibly willing to go there. Oh with a Lamar Lamar Jackson him park him for a year and is C a friend tango can finally keep himself well before moving on I think Omar Jackson's pro again it drafted. A lot sooner than a lot of people think he will the notion that he's going to be a late first early second. I think he's going to be a first rounder Fleischer and I think you should be Sosa a similar question. It well kind of how how many running backs are taken the first round next Thursday that's going to be away. It's one of those situations where if it's too it might before. You know grizzly did you Tennessee runs a certain positions happened right and a lot of people believe they you know either your Big Ten guys and I don't know. I don't know exactly where he slots into this process the Barclays just so different from all the rest of those guys I wonder if they're gonna suffer from the perception. That it's a clear. You know stepped down to the next group there and you know he's just. Today is right across a question let's last of a question does it just that we understand what the perceived gap is I know at least from according to some but. You know how big a gap is there really between sick one Barkley and there is guys or zig on board clean and whoever else you believe the second best running back to be right I do think it's serious guys I do think he's a first round talent I don't know so go there right but I will file I think it'll be itching to see. You know what's. Because again it did the value of that position seems like it's changed again and again for a second time. And great players are worth drafting high draft I mean I hate it when people say hi it's not worth it to draft to run back in first round. With the pins where you've taken in the first round and who's the running back. It's not necessarily worth he you know what I would lead Christa McCaffery I think in again as a set early show I think kids good player was he overdraft again. But now he's your so deal with it move on. I wouldn't avoid drafting sic on Barkley and a top ten because I overdraft to Christian Maher are Christa McCaffery last year you know because some other random that didn't work out I just think Barkley such a different cat. That. He. You take him running and I wouldn't be surprised at the giants shake up the entire draft and I take him second overall. And I think it's justifiable because if you still think Eli Manning can play good football and they do. Then why not it's. Create the possibility for a generational running back. With a generational wide receiver and some other good young talent and see if that team can make a run with Eli Manning right now. Makes a lot of sense to me Oslo gravest of technical issues on here with the phone calls about people all right guys up for let's go to they. Both callers want to talk corners out of press and online to press you on they were told supporters okay yes they don't go guard for us. Are there. It's. A big bet our victory after all why don't or order a better what I. I think that if they do what are hampered if they have you know I bet we'll look back. If you get secret that offer or at Bob Pickett etiquette gonna bring them back at the base unit and the oil yet. Would bring her back all or are all the corporate don't they're all you heard it all applaud her popularity are. Doctors press operation that that's a sensible call. That's a sensible man all that I'm hate you they're out there they are out there we should find this man tranquilize him and tell. Tag him and release him back into the wild so we let the body's movement as he goes there society of well microchip and they are Oz there's a nice guy Jersey frank song lines or Jersey Frye it was a Jersey approximately. Don't ever gone now but it's cold windy. An adult book don't Wear wherever that have supported it but that's what a lot of support when they don't you get the actual number one obviously don't edit or they'll. Couple plays that you gotta go number one he got to go to well bred right there in the village record out so well that there. Then for dinner you must take your significant other. Busy on enemy have a do you go to Africa don't buy bonds. Don't see if you have never ever they booed like this it's ridiculous. You walk in do you think that that before I and you won't get there. People screaming your name I. A yeah. Absolutely gorgeous city but he got the whole war on board then that got anywhere you go. Would have five minute that they're out now you could argue what ought to try hero to look at something like look like you're in a movie blood maybe it's a good optimum. Awesome advantage of the book god version yes I Chinese on mayor meant I haven't been back Daschle since I was a college it was going to be an item we still voice is changed a lot it's a wonderful city yeah I get there whatever I can and it's it's just fantastic it's a kind of police state you can have adult fun I took my kids. Along kind of a long weekend trip last summer we were doing some hike it up in the mountains did some time and ash fall and you know just hanging around column and its cigarette packs square listened to the drum circle on a Friday night you know that. They're a big crowd out there. You know I mean it's silly to tell you so he's a lawyer did it ever hurt yourself candidates and there's a gay you walk down past all these great shops. Boulevard music can do great food great fear and here's a guy with a manual typewriters economic corner. You know doing poetry on demand on a manual typewriter and just fantastic it is just says the little things about national mean you might turn a corner and find five weakens holding hands around a tree trailer and I mean it's just I it's my favorite things about it because you never know what you're gonna see there. I love it so we come back and even though frank is out of the golf course we're doing the world according to their debt to I have to answer as frank Garcia hour as myself. You know what artistic license. I do to your total will tell us that this could get ugly that's early exits Garcia Villa. Time now. With the world according. To fit. That was brilliant and a victory I figured did miss it too. I think I caught the tail end of it death as distraught strikeouts regale sortie that's all now. Dionne imaging out I can't Osbourne you you you are a big Derek did fan right I I. Eight died began Candace smartest person comes on the street station including myself. We just I'm big DG guys we we gotta expand our horizons a bit we can do. We were all just figure out but talking about how not Smart we are passed area but they're very pro presents and many other. Analysts and none of us have this all figured out that's right Susan sure you are such a big Digi fan you've you've they have the floor first I dared. What a great. Locker room storage you can tell on there. Who's a great locker room story I can tell on air traveler and I don't know if I've told this when they got may have told it on the station that nomination out. The actor rain 2007 the key Shawn Johnson year when he came and we still love hanging around he's on soccer because say the team and all that interesting at the moment Inky Shawn Wallace. So we always had funny stories to tell. But Steve Smith hated key shelf. And if there's just a rivalry there they are by the Southern California guys. And so Steve was tied in the training room trying to avoid that reporters while keystone was inviting every reporter in the world. It over to his corner and we're talking to him and his topic that day was about the University of Southern California and he said if you're a five star recruit and you were from Southern California the region. You wanted to go to Southern California the college. And about your Ford. Points during his talk with keys John we're all laughing and enjoying his stories. Steve kept sticking his head out of a locked out of the training room looking dance calendar and you're still 200. And so keystone talks on an olive tree that's out of gym and it's a when he gets to the punch on this story and how he chose Southern California in any says. Course angry man down there today he always wanted to go to Utah. Beat the and so that was the day Steve Smith became angry man Bagger event like this. If dare we are lucky shot and I look I key Sean because he's curious and Smart and funny but I think states. Theories and Smart and funny some people just don't get along. Tastier if dared get word to cover any sport other than football loaded with English soccer no head Elliot yeah well I think it's fascinating there's a level a history there. That we can't touch some of these old buildings their play in in. All of this is one of the teams it's been relegated Fulham op play no older historic Bartolo craven cottage they had a statue Michael Jackson out in front of it because the old owner just like Michael Jackson's life. There's not gonna weirdness in the best teams go play in the champions league which is separate. The worst teams give relegated down to triple A so there's tension moving in both directions I am fascinated by it. Probably because it's different from what I've done for a living for twenty years yes but hey I am I've fallen for it and it's also. I like it because you can enjoy a sporting contest figure in and out in. Two hours well you are aware that I I'm feuding with Charlotte and and its fans have sure. What at all I was such itself was feuding. I don't still feel the need to feud with amity longer now with the international chicken stock cup coming right Charlotte Liverpool and knows that. Both Russia Dortmund who. Perugia Italy on regular Borough should go to crucial. Norman yet EV day's work along with bill Russia Dortmund Christian blessing to America death regardless though I I'm I'm this close to just flinging myself full fledged in the soccer. It's OK at I think it could be my god what I would be happy to try I don't know that on the right person to do it. David Scott from the Charlotte Observer did me one of the -- stated David is a big Liverpool guy growing up that substantial and and so David when we he was covering the Panthers we would be on the road in hotels. And you know we just set up. And start watching a seasonal what he told me was you've got to pick a team. And followed them over the course of the season so you learn. Okay this is the domestic season their tournaments being played inside the country as the seasons go on all. And so your track at like four different competitions who wants the David said. What you want in a team and I said. I want a team that's outside bid for historic powers I'm not gonna go with. Still serum liver Forman you were manned Citi are our arsenal you know I don't want in on that he said okay. So them what Eli can I say OK I need a team that plays a fast aggressive style somebody's energetics in my its punch above their weight it's hot and Hotspur and I asset I need at least one player might seem to be of unusual physical dimension. And it that's why. I've got a client I'll. Todd and had a striker named Peter Crouch ya cool ass game has got teeth like array buddies about six foot seven and a 150 pounds. It looks like as it looks like historic credit down the field. And Peter Crouch is nodded and ordinarily handsome man. But he's got a supermodel wife owe any scores a lot of goals that he's taller than everybody get his head to stuff so David introduced me to Tottenham Hotspur that the only guy writing yet that became my team and I watched him. You know as they got very good in there in the champions league in hitting back there again this year but Peter Crouch is a another great story again you can Google him. Google Peter Crouch you'll see he is not a traditionally handsome man but he does supermodel wife somebody asked Peter Crouch onetime. What would you be if you learn a football are. Peter grads look back at him and said. Probably a virgin. I. It has resulted that's enough. That's amazing Volek. It did because of the subject verb agreement issues in soccer not bother you as a man of the ten. Because look when you say the USA are you know whatever. You know or or or Great Britain or org you did this so no worse than the Miami Heat all calm all the heat are the heat it is they do the magic are typical one exam educators and just pick. You one example. Okay it's. But most the thick bit it's all of soccer but it does subject verb agreement that you know what who cares. I don't know why but you can't live subject verb agreement be the thing to keep you away from the beautiful game. I haven't shut Marcus said it's early on a Saturday morning. You can get up have a cup golf in some breakfast watching game have kind of beer boy NEA it's 2 o'clock in the rest of the days in front but on what channel delighted fondness in BC sports network. 220 on your DirecTV. All right a look at Franken are try to convince it to what is called us Liverpool game on the radio granola. And I'll listen to that. I miss the unintentional comedy well I'm gonna do my best if they'll let us yeah inside the right people dead this is going to be wonderful I can't wait to hear you pronounce some of these names listed debts of the problem and I did play by play for baseball for years that's needed transitions are the issue here. Knowing what failure talk about C issue the call is never stopped you before are true Kobe thought I had a matter of fact they'll probably be great at it. Cause going and I have a pushing deer in this is a branch blue cheese type question but it's a question I think I think it has some married. Darren you put ketchup on hot dogs. Lou the you don't do that it's an eight complicated hot dogs hey it's not Dolan I mean. Okay eyes you and five year old children who can't have fun my god I. Ironic or insult unaudited so I cannot get a Sony liked against you as I. I don't think he did well maybe you will maybe you thought I think if we go to the police are checks on more people will put ketchup on hot dogs and you can you eat include a match. Yeah yeah all Russian box yeah there there Rush Limbaugh and there are people who enjoy a wallowing around in their wrong that's the only way to eat a hot dog. Is not Chile saw mustard and white onions that they're there are certain look chili cheese slaw and it's Moises and how much I don't need she doesn't I'm listing off acceptable condiments acceptable topics brought don't catch a visited the dinner doesn't make the list. I'm had a chance of course the mail when was the last time you had a hot dog with just to find out. You know I'd need to when now deceased when I was a child. When I speak as a child. A harm. But I put away childish things it's a the biblical lesson there and you cannot and I picked up hot dogs which silly small mustard and white onion. He's an American that's a lot you have actually apparently get upsets a crouched fan apparently a lot of tech talk fun. Says come on dance. Crouch is not a troll probably better looking than you. Like I say Google Peter Crouch take a look at this man I didn't say he was an ugly man has said he was not a traditionally handsome man who thought I'd ask. I'll look like George Clooney Derek Christiane Renaldo. Rob any you know his wife Debbie is very lovely and I'm sure she's found the inner beauty. With then all six of seven a Peter graft an entirely different culinary problem that we have to address her now that dugout what hot dogs has been broached. And that's summarily rejected. At rice we have a text right again that's in my the only won't weirdo who puts catch a phonics. The idea that. Oh dear god. You know look I'm not do much Seymour but what amounts to an applicant to my legs all the time is pretty gut. I just don't understand I did his best slash. There is he's off now. Now I have the most sophisticated talent of the three of us he's tell you that obviously we all of that is not bad not always about the first time he's uttered that phrase it's not the first time he said that this week I don't lot of sophisticated people who eat ketchup on their eggs at all. You know kids show up hot salsa also are also sings I can understand I mean there's. Here's a sweetness and an acidic quality that is you're trying to balance out your ballot I could see going in any one of those direction I'm not a catch him man myself. I would probably just go hot saucers also but. I am not going to throw rocks at people wanna put ketchup on their risks. All right well we we can wind this down with a text from our friend do she bills fan but. Not how I know he's the law he's living up to his namesake on the buildings. Rexrodt by saying you hicks eat that crap on hot dogs because hot dogs in the south suck. What help while big it's relocate back to buffalo paths in a while Bates I'll let let Brandon meaning Sean McDermott blazed that trail for you know. They've gone the other way you can do I'm fairly certain night I could put together a co funding for for movers and and a plane ticket pretty quickly. Overall picks in this outfit that after god talks. I'm Paul Flemming lesson number offer people enjoying what they enjoy I enjoy. Buffalo cuisine from time to time their places in our fine city weakening get a good before on the lack of bird Tom did. I enjoyed. Experiencing other people's cultures are you know I don't wanna because mind Chad just wrote it on the build exodus is excellent as they catch a ball lobbying to work done here. We are we're done here yeah that's the Internet segment are. I think we killed it I think we did do we're back and it's the garage door to Randolph Chris Kroger were flipping the script for a little while he's in studio I'm locations of Kroger next. For the head office Garcia Billy live from all right tree country club for. The smartest thing you pursue what's ask. Dissent about owners of dogs bad human beings are worsened as dogs boy yeah there's no question there are no bad dogs just bad owner stabbed to death. Well not on I don't wanna say that unconditionally I think there might be some bad dogs in the world come. But yeah he had bad people can certainly real clinic and a good dog well then people did that they they ruin your your foot just rarely out figures out how to I'll be back sooner rather than later. Just like watching people pull up master would have been watching you retell the story girl looks like that you were you under sell yourself play what is a hero really we felt if I were you look at the material now. Until about half a stop categorized or you're handoff up. Darren iron or froze to death so let's go to Chris Kroger who is up protection you know warm toasty studio approaches about it so not all heroes we're caves but they do we're walking boots that's exactly right that is exactly concert by North Carolina. A gross OG Rican blood it was good it was. Chock full NBA basketball and this is just one of my favorite times a year is a sports fan I'm not saying the quality. It's probably is good in other other playoffs or post seasons or whatever but when you have of Walt ball hockey. And basketball. For about what a week and a half two weeks were just every night there's literally like ten games going on at one time it's it's pretty good to be a sports and a stunning here. No doubt about it and see how closely do you follow the hockey because I was at dinner with some friends last night the Friedman stated on the call and Dave were stranded. Explain hockey to me and he's a true believer that if there and I I like watching games what are those people who get it but I just. I don't get it down and I don't know how I came in what's there not to get it's just guys laying their bodies and their lives on the line on every single play for like two hours nonstop as we didn't. Do you need to know the sporty just enjoy the intensity gets crazy Ellington a those guys are you can ride this that's kind of by the guy I can appreciate the fact of the early have a exactly appreciate defector tells the bad Nassau and stuff but I'm just not Smart enough to understand the strategy or it doesn't get old constantly coming in and out of the way and that kind of stuff doesn't it just didn't try to explain icing the letter I got to adapt had a dozen people try to explain I know soccer since pretty much equivalent offside its cousins and I think. Right to visit the pretty much equivalent part is what kind of get stuck public does not to say thanks at least I suckers in English since the jury now I'm. I think pro tools go to did it like sugar is gonna join me a story we get Kevin sold it to thirty I love that and Evans actually I think one of the bright football guys enters into a for a long time for Rota world and a visa is an easy nine but the way he breaks down fantasy is awesome because it's based office stuff going on cement in advance that stuff so talk to him about the theaters where they stand. I and we got Larry Brown at 430 getting out who goes. Crennel coached against the hornets who knows that's awesome man I'll sit seeking give him an interview. Sure are yes that's for being honest at any thoughts on a tour Maceda. I sure why not come I think he's I think he could do a little bit better than than Charlotte put it's early and we'll see what happens there and like dissent. I'd body ever itself. Our guys. It drives obvious WA indexed Garcia is gone I don't know if he's come back tomorrow we'll find out there did thank you by the cal let's do this again sometime I think it was no worse I think yet endorse endowment it's just that sooner or later side sounds good I just drive times governor that we've had a blast here from the Joseph moss foundation golf tournaments and those guys right here on the lakes and they'll figure out how would tomorrow for now we see a jolt to primetime occurs Kroger for hit bad are strikeouts -- this is that Garcia Billy W a physics. Shut it. And what does that do they'll blow your mind. That just happened.