Garcia and Bailey H4: What will Charlotte's Sports Landscape look like in 10 years?

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Tuesday, August 21st
What will Charlotte Sports Landscape look like in 10 years? Will the Panthers have won a super bowl? Will the Hornets win a playoff series? Will 49er football be relevant? 

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The official new home WS Lindsay downloaded today and listen to us anytime anywhere to look enforce on tuna and we are not their radio dot com and the radio dot com Apatow has some bumps there in the beginning but I love this thing to radio dot com that check it out totally worth your while for streaming all the job stations across the country now. 70457. Or 9610. We have some things still to get into disarm or go to a Melbourne a what do you think ten years from now. How different is the Charlotte sports landscape and I had a job at a couple things down earlier and some of. Them frankly things that you mentioned. Like the stadium situation in unrealistic even send your images it's innocent of the Clinton years. I don't understand nor sleet now we're doing the in the NBC Charlotte special with nick carbonite and and he asked us that question is Italians and inside of five years apprentice are playing in a new stadium and a snow but I think inside attend north. Yeah I agree with that and you know Kyle I think the one thing that you're going to be most disappointed about ten years is that. You know David tempers will be using public money. You know two to build this stadium and it and that's gonna take you off even more because that's gonna happen. Com you know if if this if you want to keep a football team here in this in this city you're going to have to spend to do it. I disagree but and you're not only to have that cited an I I do think that some. I think that's going to happen I think there'll be Simonyi spent I think with us and it's a necessary thing you're going to have to spend to keep well sure and that's one of those things where you know David's at Perot was gonna enjoy the show is so important Alaska about that the mayor is gonna join the show we talk to them this morning we'll ask her about that what the plans or because. It doesn't Celek is a great deal of money it's been earmarked for that right away though the hotel construction and I'll sound you know that big thousand rooms you know multiplex or you know hotel's gonna play a part of that reportedly in lots of things that are gonna contribute to that bunt. Here's here's the biggest question for me as far as sports specifically goes. Will the hornets a warning playoff series. Or the Panthers have won a Super Bowl worst move move. Right because we're not talking about more it's a real hornet's that was a debt that is Syria I think that decision but inside ten years right. Inside ten years do you think the hornets are built to win a series vs the -- yeah super B I think it is so incredibly difficult to won a Super Bowl but you have to have so many things go your way and it is a more difficult challenge than just simply winning a playoff series he's not seen the horn I have brought I have under the when's the last time how long's it been since they won a series Kyle Bailey 2002. I believe yes 2002 that would be how many years cal Bailey sixteen years yeah almost so that would be no well inside the intent. Yeah outside the tend not to look here you're right if history is our guide. We'll be outside of the ten years but I do think that if our wagering money don't do it the horse to win a playoff series first I said. Anybody going to be shocked traders when a Super Bowl I don't think anybody would I think the fans as well as Super Bowl be for the hornets when the play officers are forged over the phone lines will be a couple more days and I jotted down a certain judge David temporal built a new stadium I think it uptown. Under the lot of lot of possibility we'll have. On the west side lot of possibilities on the west side of Norris is the west side Charlotte yes that there's a lot of a lot of land over there and habits that can be and will be up for grabs a lot of rumors that you hear that I hear and he's brought about by the airport. Not quite that far no not necessarily so that was that I'm just that we can come back to that but I think that he'll have met at a David several also built a state of the art practice facility you're talking about probably done it for mills are take advantage of by the South Carolina sand base I honestly think that's with a new stadium will be. I could be got a I don't know we could be but I think that's something that's gonna happen I got Charlotte some it is going to be home to boasts an analyst franchise and a Major League Baseball franchise. I had to choose between one of the two which one do you think would be first thing Major League soccer and I don't know I think it is poised not even debatable I think he's just Davids have David tepper wants an analyst franchisers gonna get it is what it sounds like so I'll just pay sort I would bet money that it's an analyst French just changes back content drizzle what she for the baseball franchise to it's much better investment so there's that and here's Neal what do you say to Charlotte sports landscape looks like in the next ten years Skoda margin get his thoughts mark was a man. I Dario don't expect McCall salute. And I. We will have and now in a Major League Baseball team and within ten years. Between the Panthers. Deported and I'll live we will have a world championship. One of those teams. That new stadium. And UN CCs start to get their act together in ten years. We start to think about bidding on. I. While I do day to appreciate that that's the Olympics is one that I really didn't think much about. Hosting the Olympics is such a burden. On cities its president and ten years it's already determined words to be well sure I think that's not news and talk about bidding on and on future Olympics that's fine I get that from. As such a burden and I'm not I'm not sure the city Charlotte and want to. I mean you you had Boston a truce is the last go around on the loss to Florida and the people their slipped on no we do not want the Olympics here absolutely not. Well you've won an event you want maybe multiple events here absolutely if you had the infrastructure in place yes otherwise I. I would love to see the track and field event here in Charlotte over at. You know you go to UNC Charlotte to new use their facilities if they're if they're able. And now even drive to Raleigh you know I have that communiques I know that's not a question but you know just see Olympic events you attracting filled. You know event I take place here in Charlotte being incredible I don't think it would happen here. I think you probably talked about the LA coliseum when it comes the United States you know for the Summer Olympics but. You know that would be something I enjoy watching I don't want to watch marathon every morning and watching guys just run long distance but from. Yeah I mean. Is there anything else and Summer Olympics it would be worthy diving. Oh I love that they wanna say what you would that be capable of holding that type of venue I've never been inside that I know that had multiple events there. I mean that would be something. You know soccer match. You know in Summer Olympics we can something be instant they have that Bank of America. Well let's bring Bart currency rates export oil what do you think this is changing in the next decade near Charlotte. Go well ballot about it. Syria ever changing landscape Charlie I believe that app are not pick up our camp but I believe e-book on. In due to diminish. Then I believe it now or won't be all but are there in that area and more likely order. Mark thanks candidates and seven. That's not it works but you don't you don't have carte Blanche on a good because there's a deal when he does it does not because he's as anybody does what he what he's done it also take the toilet. So just haven't we well and here's your music is that. We can never Wii is somebody checks earlier signed its other NASCAR hall of fame we'll just be a museum ten years from now right what is now. Well here's certain people so I hit yet you probably I am as its its that's what it is now Europe Charlie what's up there what do you think this thing looks like ten years from now. But it caught I don't go to that pollute they cut it could be a cup billion. A lot of people thought about it yet so under the it was government an expert builder and they're in there have been that really. There's nothing wrong where I'm going to do well look so good there won't. Apparently not a up there. Charlie I appreciate that meant it as other citizen don't turn over the fright because you you've been talking about the SL longer than I have but. I don't yeah you've got to be very careful especially in this day and age and there's so many entertainment options out there that you can't just burn that bridge budget stripping people the PS cells and well sorry we've got to make money you know like you you've got to find a way. You know to to not just the perception they rip those people lost or a written away from those DSL now. I was there I mean I don't know I mean that's a risky take care in any proposition you. We'll take adventure earned and I think people are very aware of no where they stood when the licensing agreements were signed. And tell you things happen on the company's close all the time he'll get your money back disk and investment goes bad deal. I mean if I if you make an investment and all of a sudden you know that investment goes bankrupt you lose all your money you don't you want your money back I do too but yeah back. I think is an interest an analogy but I also think you and I both know that just forced random and the dynamic between its aim of the fans are not quite the same as investment on the on Wall Street and this is the us. They are you right but this is the NFL and Tom you'll think that there'd be multiple people still wait in line to go out there and by eighty. These DSL two a brand new stadium this going to be a billion dollars plus I don't pay in taxes for I'm not sure. Gonna pay taxes for Hollywood why you keep trying to drive that point home like just because they offer something I don't care like him I understand the reality I also understand the reality to cities for the last couple years been pushing back and say I know thank you know mentor MSNBC show especially that we did a couple of months ago US city officials signed today. This is not popular we cannot do visited it too will the people don't wanna well then then there'll be trouble somewhere al-Qaeda could be but you know in terms of a stalking horse is really not one out there right now I understand the realities Franken decide LA is a stalking horse has an out there anymore and it's not the same landscape nationally with the NFL cities it was a couple of years ago. There are multiple cities in ten years that would love NFL franchise in particular this one. If this city didn't book content you don't pay taxes you know tax dollars to as to to have one assist I hate it you know it's the reality in my opinion of I mean what we're faced with fans the price of doing business and as a whole different conversation but. Easier. Should about we will people line up I don't know because for years who were told the Washington Redskins had I don't waiting list of 30000 fans and then it turns out there was no waiting lists and also are really don't know I'm really not sure about that yeah I mean I that would be the interest in gamble right that an owner would have to take. I do think that it's you know David tepper. If he was wise which years. He's also a businessman I'm so there has to be some sort of you know maybe you know Billy's for him to make money. You know I mean. How would you do you know you have a an agreement with the stadium not with the organization. Right if they move stadiums in the long used in this stadium you lose your agreement yes that's I mean there's no ifs ands or buts about it. Here's something else and Willa on the other side would we got a text of the cessation there'll be a betting kiosk in every corner our sports stadiums and and that's something that I think is also worth talking about in ten years I'll I think we all believe the sports gambling will also be legal in the state of North Carolina so we take your phone calls on the other side we keep that early 70457. Or 9610. Reasonably straight sex as well. You have for people to think football has peaked think again. People are gonna do is continue to pay. More and more and more it's not peaked yet there ever received the top of it. I mean you would you think the TV revenues are done TV in them making money is done I don't think guys are gonna make more money why do you think they keep paying cam and all these other quarterbacks more and more and more it's not because its peak buddy it's because there's still gross left. 70457. Or 96 stents calls on the other side if you wanted and how do you believe the Charlotte sports landscape will change over the next ten years or decades from now. What will we be talking about assuming we have jobs Garcia burial at W lessons that. That is entirely. Look for visual Osborne talk stressed evident employs a song cause portraits it's very passive aggressive and here also mistakes we've been given my fastest but you know that's he didn't shoot it well we're never instituted we've been accused of being too juvenile on that front so institute and was this comment on badly I only bright soffit now. Newser you're lifting weights and are just really quickly gonna avid amateur status zero to look we got beside Seabrook so I think is that it shad maybe on the Brawley Jewelers Twitter feed it says NASCAR nonexistent in ten years police. I feel like the sport will ultimately rebound tracks are starting to re younger crowds in these tracks are spending hundreds of millions to reinvent their experiences at the track don't Truex and and shadow and I appreciate your passion. I don't personally want to see anything happen to NASCAR but dumb. If you've got 60000 empty seats at Bristol. For a night race. You're you're in trouble men amid addresses the bottom line and and and if you wanna argue that respondent. Again you got it won the most exciting tracks is not the most exciting try to suggest me a NASCAR you have 5560000. Empty seats you got a problem. Yeah but it at least we might be heaven a step in the right direction depending on what happens Brian France Woolsey. We'll see I mean look guys social calorie over the week and color race for all you people loved it on NASCAR's socket. Nobody even knew that happened mentally for yeah for the most far from an honest about it. Are 7045709. This extent the question is ten years from now or decades from now how has the Charlotte sports landscape changed his gambling is Michael Jordan still the owner of the Charlotte hornets at that point is 65 at that point right you mean what I. Let me play a lot of golf let's go to the lies and see what that is a porch after decliner was a bit. Hey you know I can't the extent ears. Thank the peppers. Well what mr. ball Oakland this year a open. But not all of thought they ought to ball a playoff game we'll have a stocked game. But he's built that delicate ears because we were evidently baseball people a great book still critical that they all these two chart. You know mentally baseball likes making money right. So is that they commit money or don't come under pressure it's a phone call if I would argent and I don't know them ala George Lucas dot org there was a however there they never call Zito we don't want to hear this we know really aren't here you Rhode it would you have to say about what. But what he said. Which state the last thing we you're starting argue so you do you wanted to get rid ahead OK so you know. Myself yeah are you argue with what he said you did the last word we move on when don't usually the phone lines or he's just convinced that there there'll be no love franchise and strolled because he thinks the Braves will law. Well this is braves country write a new little boy this is also Redskins country fair and neutral franchise showed up. You've got an entire region of the country that basically as one team. And Major League baseball's hell bent on on expanding the the only other real lots of them in the southeast right now is natural so we're could be dump. But it could very easily be stroller as well how many millions of people are having ten years policy to court you know what I'm so glad you asked that question because I was reading an article I think an economist or something the other day about did the did your organization noted it's a crude oil across the world basically and how does all that there's your and are sort of anti subsidy that Wright episode you seemed like the definition of mega cities check that you might disagree on Twitter I returned to her nearest thing because having 25 years ago there were three mega cities on earth the New York City I think maybe London and then David waters Nigeria what won the African cities. There and the inner cities across the country are rapidly like doubling tripling quadrupling in size so that's a really good question how many millions of people live in Charlotte ten years from. Gonna determine. Right the growth of sports in this city. The other thing is gonna determine the growth of sports in this city. Is a big corporations right you know I think more importantly it'll be the latter of the two not the mountain about people will be more of the support that you get through the through through the business is because I do feel like this is taken place this is. In ten years stadiums are going to be smaller. There's not going to be -- still has many of them it was about the played somewhere but it'll be more exclusive the ticket prices will be through the roof you'll get a better experience in particular watching football on your televisions. And in the same thing will plywood baseball and you the other sports including soccer will be here but in baseball there's more to exist in in in Charlotte I think you're gonna have to have a couple corporations moved so you get the financial support and backing. You through those corporation. Interestingly at that point Bank of America the other day threatening to walk a Major League baseball's all star game if they can't come to some sort of agreement so that serves to your point about you know big time corporate relationships and their lives Super Bowl here Paula you what I think will be here definitely the NFL draft with an inside of ten years I think the NFL draft is held sure the only way to get NFL drafts. My him my friend and or Super Bowl is. If it wins ever drills and he stayed right but I think they will set the next engineers and I think for every million it'll dress comes as I did the draft because they builds almost as if they go out. I did I'd go with that data does what happens let's go through it's a DVR day next DR Davis our growth. Graduate career Emporia air chart type are such a Smart at Camp David Chapelle would stay democratic order to tell because that way he could make it do more. These urgent soccer crowd despite the Tempe all the time well he could have just rhetoric that you want it back if he's out there it could make. He can do that now. Yeah add plummeted below a little resistant to make sure I'm unclear what your size it would do good answer because if he were to build something like what they have an Atlanta right now even if it's subsidized by the taxpayer publicly funded which obviously I'm on record saying I can't stand that stuff but even if that's the case. Yeah I mean he's still running the building we can still have. Home exposing concerts and and in suitably -- names and everything else so each owning it independently or using public funds he still gonna have that ability. I think you're just come across better you don't put himself quite is that all you did you yeah yeah there are bigger rock beer and stadium August after Richardson well. Other we can pretty much guarantee that the other may be the case you know DVR David and you know these guys are in the business of making money. I give them away and if you know you can get something from somebody. You know especially these guys is the way things you don't feasted off of people search for years. And made millions and billions and billions is. Here they're gonna do what I mean if you're gonna give me. Half a billion dollars to pay for my stadiums dot the music to pay for Mile High Stadium right there I'm gonna take it from you. Right until I when I sell the stadium you know I get a back. I'm sort of benefit off of that half a billion dollars right in my my my team is gonna be worth half a billion dollars more than 104 at Baghdad's heavily. That's been the odd the other standard operating procedure for the NFL and to that that's why can't wait to get a Texan in this more and we're tried aligned so to the mayor wants to join the show she's actually requested to be a studio to sit down with us to talk about this and you'll get some answers on the front may be rules I mean. Those seeking to project was gonna happen in ten years but she's maybe well next two or three right not ten years specifically but I think that'll be an interest or yardages Amy there's no doubt about it 7045709. DC external started building solar tax line. Important what is this please tell the crack dealers to stop making buyers Colin WS Lindsay to proclaim a pets are Super Bowl where within ten years before they sold to them. Come on class a sunny confinement and different sects are writing their says so. It is the fastest growing city in the country cancers are moving Frankie saw that one you don't want. Johnny. It is. If they don't give it is tempered doesn't get what he wants. In ten years they'll be multiple cities as Kyle just pointed out with a gross of America and they grow. Roads are these cities that will be able to bid for eighteen and including the hit Mexicans and or one day and the Europeans. So there's going to be multiple opportunities. For time. To go out and make me more. More money if he's going to sell if this city doesn't pony up for you part of a new stadium as just. The way I see it may happen that way I looked the other figures aren't you. And I agree with it and I agreed that he may be it's not the way that you like it I don't know if it's the right way to do it didn't count but I think that these guys make billions because. 'cause of the funny thing is that I don't know that I met earlier I don't know that I've talked to release anybody who passionately supports the idea of public funding for stadiums a lot of people just accept this reality which are talking about I guess that's all and and the other side of the talk from Mexico City a second ago I can absolutely see a team in Mexico City I think the NFL's actually coming around it's to the notion that they're just gonna play an eight game home schedule and London at some point at the very most I don't legitimacy a team in London. Anytime soon if Federer but Mexico City epidemic a lot more sense. On that front techsters running their own building surtax line says of course the printers won a Super Bowl oldest Dexter says. What about the NHL I know Riley has the case but with the growth in Europe it's not unthinkable. I think it is unthinkable in that you're not going to have to NHL franchises. In the state and North Carolina in the south within two hours of each other idol I don't think that's going to happen. I idol and in some of these more established. Hockey markets right even when it seems ballot to the Boston Bruins suck it up people are still showing up by and large. When the wind her change sucked in Raleigh people don't show up. And I can't imagine that changing or being different here in Charlotte so I just can't seem to NHL franchises in this state two hours apart there doesn't seem to make a lot of cents a minute policy text to run again. In ten years detectors and once Super Bowl ring six playoffs new quarterback and GM same coach. Portsmouth to play all four times first round loss in two and a Major League Baseball team in your fourth that's pretty specific. As pretty specific 70457. Or ninety sic stand up we come back to wanna get some of these also proudly Jewelers Twitter through because a lot of you have been writing and I'm blown away by the response so we'll read some of those lead to some more and that's all there was we'll take your phone calls whenever you got Panthers. This topic cultural fault we got you covered sources and Israeli WS and so it. I guess join us busy in the independence funds for the inaugural veteran's leadership in business speaker series September 11 at Fairfield inn and suites. Featuring veteran retired master sergeant John Maceda NB prepared ends a beer inspired and inspiring your team. Through the three principles of battlefield leadership did details and tickets and get my perks dot Jon Kyl frank Osbourne heaven here on Tuesday and double full which kind of venture backed into some of what we been talking about drug earlier parts of the showing you wanna read a bunch of these tweets because. I think you've really got to blunt I know we got a bunch of whom on what these Charlotte sports landscape looks like in ten years and it's extra rights and dog probably Jewelers Twitter feed Kyle says in ten years with a new indoor stadium Charlotte will host both the Super Bowl and a final four. That that is there's Agassi the final four absolutely. Different sects are riding an action isn't getting back to the the scooter stuff. Got to get away from that we're getting him back to a to these questions both sides sixers are traitors right in a sign that says Charlotte last in Major League team the Carolina orange barrels and I 77 will still be immersed across lake Norman just. They're possibly. David says in the last historic franchise in Charlotte and we are wondering how cam never won a Super Bowl. It's got to depressant. Can't use suitable. I would I mean I think so. This team I don't know if it's going to be this year on next year or in the near future the next three years we'll have a Super Bowl. I think there's too much talent on this offense. I think they're tell you have to have some things go right to. I think they need a couple of you know young defensive players step up and I think this team isn't. Very good position to go out there and put themselves in the Super Bowl opportunity in this year this time I do you think to build a close a deal. Our dandy says on the relic to most would receive NASCAR's -- Panthers play in South Carolina mayor Carolyn spectrum center renovated Major League Baseball team plays for Bank of America once stood in Ellison memorial stadium Charlotte Catholic has six more state championships six that's and -- and ten years ten years cash out he's right to Panthers are that bad that blows the patriots dynasty on the water yeah I mean that's taken place out of there you know salesman says there'll be a nice printers training facility slash entertainment complex in Fort Mill parents there's a lot of Super Bowl MLS will be your all of the stupid moronic haters will be saying damn we really had a good with Cam Newton a quarterback -- waste all my time bitching about it. But the question. Your license 70457. Or 96 today and got a bunch of his coming and these are good we really do itself a rise as the hurricanes and checkers will switch cities suing her chains to Charlotte and checkers to Raleigh. Public so. Harrison again this is the hurricanes in the checkers and the swaps that is the hurricanes come to Charlotte and the checkers go to Raleigh hurricanes come to Charlotte yacht. And the checkers and I don't think they're I don't I don't think they're gonna guess I don't think don't go I don't think that this city not only will support. Or I don't think they want. Hockey team. I think the same to but we had its extra minute or similar I don't know it got a much yankees moving down they're not really sure and looked at. You watch what happens in national with the predators in it was two years ago it would there's you know they have the Algerian national what do you ask you a lot. Or no your. I have to use you have music yeah right which is going to be one aspect of you know the the people look at the list city injured neighbors sports fans all you have is the titans. That's it at Vanderbilt graceful exit all you have is the titans. You know there's no basketball team there's nothing else to do. No during the the winner parts of year in the MBA now here in Charlotte you have the hornets are there's nothing to compete with you not having two teams. You're competing for the same dollars are it's the I don't care ten years twenty years that's not gonna happen here by text to write sounds cocky I would Geiger is you rationalize sports if this was. If this was Detroit if this was. You Boston if this loses in New York. You know maybe you could have that argument but I don't think it's gonna happen here in the south. I agree Richard and terrace rights and probably juiced what are seed so I David's at the will build a facility that rivals the star in Dallas. Beastie Jerry world obviously it was an upgraded or new Carolina Panthers stadium though I disagree. Stadiums are getting smaller not bigger. On the next game is going to be billed to be probably was a 73000. Semi together. Bosh right now this every 575. Of Pasadena and ask me if I'm I'm guessing the next city the next dating me about 50000 dollar I don't you ought to pursue a 100% understanding between fifty and sixty probably closer to the. Not just us to be closer fifty tickets are going to be through the roof you know it's gonna be the elite of the elite going businesses it's gonna be. It's going to be a corporate events. Other who's who of of use the city. And only the people that have like there aren't they go to Garber doesn't gonna be enjoined it on their seven ES TV was an unbelievable viewing experience at it and their backyards in their tail gates on the from the dog house as everybody else all the leaders go into the sea. You write about I've hurdle over a lot of articles about the future of sports there were shipped to a person and there are a lot of people out there who think that for instance. Fifteen years from now twenty years from now to doce an NBA game that you know the newer rail is anyways commuted through there are receding for 4003000. People and most. High dollar to one. Indeed a new NBA arena and things of that nature it maybe 3004000. At most tickets like you say through the roof and it's going to be a television experience more than anything else I mean that's what this was forces determine. And he argued a virtual reality technology need to Stephanie ready talks about that the ability to strap on the helmet and feel like you're sitting courtside and watch today. You know Ka mean in basketball and football in general I think are better. You know where you know you start looking that you know leave the viewing I know would be. Bomb you know the way that you go out there in the the feeling that you get it's you know when you go to the stadium biamby ought to get that you know you smell the popcorn you yet you can smell the dog you can look at the beer you can see the people write those are great things but. You know you can have venues are events you can do the same thing. And to me it's a lot cheaper to go to a local sports bar. And two you don't go with a bunch your buddies reserve a table you as much as you want to let them bring you the food I don't have to get up off my seat there's a bathroom right around the corner. And I don't and an hundred inch TV either I'm sitting there watching and 3-D is gonna be likes Tom Watson there at the game. Irish you know that's scary that's what that's what the stadiums are going to raise woods bagel Jumbotron it's been the illusion that the this screams that you have him he's basically like to watch him. On TV look I dream and I think that's the future of the a lot of folks out there agree with and that's why you see the trend across college football to places like Tina memorial on Chapel Hill and not a regular and others where they're not they're not adding seats they're removing seats you know there and that's that's just sort of trend is attendance was an exception in the NBA right now as attendance continues to fall and just about every other mainstream American sport. In the ten and then in ten years from now the XSL. Will be the new address well no shots. No shot. No they except total rerouted two years. But you're a mom what is your explanation the you don't disagree with what is your explanation. Okay. The first time around we know what the ex FL wanted to do we know what Vince McMahon won the excess or just cool just grimy dirty violent nasty football right. There might be a market for that now given the rules changes and the way people think it'll balls turning into assault sport how much is regular Sobel well OK there's that but I mean how about the CX fell just goes to ploy as regular football maybe down to in touch with these guys have your card debt and I think desolate a wonderful idea but I think the AF might be better set up to do that right now on the exit though because you have this amazing we're not gonna do that but also wears deeper pocket basically wanna be a choir boy. You know I need to declare got to be choir boy to play and asleep yet to be Tim Tebow play in our league now and this is to say OK until push comes to show. I was right and me have employer's this a question and he's pretty good in people are a lot that's fine but between that the change from the first on the fact that he has taken a scroll ordered as they April president trump stance on the National Anthem that's gonna drive a lot of players away I just. So I'd I do I don't I can I don't think so at all I think it will actually to disagree that hundreds or pay incredibly well for some for a lot of these guys after any debt. If it's the millions more around. For these guys to be paid yeah. The Jamaican right now. They would place for a lot less in stand for the anthem is that's what they're companies wanted them to do because that's the way that they're gonna earn a living some of them what I don't think that issue alone drugs whilom Margaret and obviously confluence of all those factors I got rent disagreement ahead. And I think that is the 8 AM fed is actually better set up right now to be legitimate challenger will release a legitimate supplement to the end of the week we can have that debate but. But if you're gonna go into the reason why these guys if they weren't great and hundreds of millions of dollars would play this game for a lot less. I promise you that would. And they would play just as hard. They would jog you know blood there and do exactly what they're. A dagger to the bottom line is and a lot of guys that play baseball football basketball for 75000 dollars or you're not think twice about it. Because they hate the job too much for doing things that they liked so I agree with I do I agree with that but I think there are a lot of factors when you do had a conversation. Let's see and deals we got to get in here I think I I didn't know be a missile 500 Jerry. But what are you get a good yet that's a problem I am not yet we will tell you have to be something that I do well to watch but. I I think that's the point Riley's gonna watch Evan rush the quarterback for four cores are probably out from gonna watch Wimbledon we runs just. Look we appreciate all of these guys drew you guys have great sex between an exotic we do we have solicitor topic really is and you know it's funny it's fun to think about the what else. There really is you know and this grocery man I mean all these buildings torn around here everywhere you know he's like about a dread driving around. And I mean what's technology it looked like in ten years are they gonna have these phones you'll look like in ten years. Him or to be driving cars and ten years. Yes you pay don't your business you stupidest thing ever stop driving cars and ten year cost is not coming over under sixteen years before and a dry well. He said announced just didn't go out like those I don't did you run about ten but I would say over under Steve how do you really. I'd say over but I'd say gay dads work car companies are going. Yeah like no doubt about it they're going to drive list vehicles that vehicles are driven by GPS computers that are you do you really sick. Then a company that is gonna sell a car. That drives by itself is gonna take a liability was somebody dies yes that's what we're doing right now added Wilbur don't I don't. Tesla and list and all that and there amid a woman. At this is not really strengthening my point that a woman was killed but by self driving drunk and over was just exe and it's absolutely where there Golan. And you know you can get governments and municipalities pay you big money to buy all the cars. The none of us are driving it anymore you have some and that's part of the reason that I think NASCAR's and is bigger trouble than it's at least thirty years thirty maybe forty hello it was like a robot Morse. And that's what I'm alive no no. So your own god we year old disabled will protect god and now. To die Evan can be the and people diamond would not be my body which about the right of the show is Garcia Braylon donations are. So really really quickly I sit there and acts like a child outside the window of our studio here when regularly get a decorate our studio and we're getting an interior designer Jim but this front we're getting an interior designer and they are rigged their redecorating our studio. Lights yeah man it's going to be awesome Arlene updated. And that's yeah that's yeah. Less good and I mean assessment about a hundred years since this thing has been. Not only is this in Pennsylvania I can't give a shrine billiards on forward he was excited for us talk about the cool thing they're gonna do and you just talked about how ugly yards our studio this terrible and I'm glad they're gonna do so that's a good thing I'm I'm giving them credit for actually recognizing we might be dying from mistrust is and here as we speak it is rather bland and I have seen the studio that you were in before I got to WS Lindsay I got to know that was plus. I was pretty as pretty jealous so lawyer I'm hoping it's a little guys like we still like coroner cave underground in this. There was a bomb threats or even closer and nuclear blast doing Lisa is absolutely. There's no doubt about it plus when I was out LA last week shipments of that takes pictures I guess my next and just thinking it so yes we have took some pictures got some ideas I have an idea what. Brand new really but it's. British brand new building you foot the bill so that. Think gadgets you know despite the public funding for to become building that I just don't do that was star is very funny right now as a taxpayer money for new autos go on me right now did you. Oh inaugural fun we all downforce. Really quickly I was it's I've pulled this up the secretary Sean McVeigh. Is it is one of the more interest in guys I think and not just the unifil but in sports armed that it is so much confusion right now. About the new toward a rule in the NFL and Sean McVeigh is is among those who recognize that. This this these problems aren't going away like to flags might be reduced a little bit with a regular season but you're still going to have flags thrown on this rule. That determine the outcome of upcoming games unnecessarily social on the base talking about that is a quote the thing is. The thing that is really going to be interesting that you talk to the officials to talk to the coaches around the league is how do you officiate the bang bang tight plays where guys try to keep his head out of it at the last second at target ends up changing. Based on just the speed at which this game is played. Are also some of the things as far as all right well if you try and do a CNN live action sometimes it's not exactly as you proceeded and not being able to replay those plays and lets it might be the difference in winning and losing games. And it's such a competitive league so if he goes on to say that you don't you need to do to challenge some of these things but that's going to potentially increase the length of these games are broadcast which is also problematic so these aren't you know. Novel ideas or or or innovative things necessarily but I told you Shawn Wednesday. He was was HBO real sports the most recent episode about he said Dell bride don't. There's a reason that a 32 years old discuss the youngest coach in NFL history. You date be set down more than. And Bryant Gumbel was calling out down and distance in specific course of specific drives of James from last year and this guy's got such an incredible photographic memory. He's given the time and down and distance and is calling out the play call. And exactly what happened at the moment it's obvious it is insane to watch this for a music DC did you know guys like this their do move hundreds like if you watch it again to brag double sign weeks three redskins' third quarter to eleven what to deal. And they're very nosed. Everything everything that happened a justice incredible recall you know I could tell you you know all the plays we ran the other night almost in sequence what we did. You know on Friday night but a year from now could you do that. Mean I don't know round. I mean I can go back to remember certain plays I'm not a rumor every one. But if I was watching their way and sure and that's not to say you you're bad memories that these guys super freaky while not only that does it feel these guys are watching film. And that specific film probably multiple times so you know as coaches. You limit of film. Are you spend any 9% of your time is not coach gonna fill us in a film room evaluating starting teaching coaching. And so yeah I didn't doesn't surprise me that. You know he can go out there and recall a lot of that I can guarantee that John Fox can do a lot of that Ron Rivera to tell you about the 2015. Super Bowl or you know the first game of the season. And it's you know the the plays or important the players weren't powerful and you know what they did as what coaches do. Text or writes this is gimme a break you do no show on daddy is right joked no I know exactly who is damages is daddy got fired as coach of the New York giant shortly after the that their ultimate alliance when Herm Edwards scored that touchdown that ridiculous almost dogs I know exactly who is that is it doesn't change the fact that this guy's a bit of a of boss's thoughts exactly buddies his grandfather actually not a. And guys have great recollection you're learning and you know the people that are best in this business can recall in a stupid little stat certain facts and what took place in 1942. I don't. Don't care who think that much about sure you know what took place in 1942. You're going in 1982 I was playing night not watching him. And you know I can tell you if you know a lot about my wrestling man sure my baseball game that I play but I'm not gonna you know sit there and be able to its area. Who won what in what the score was are listed as Roma side it's are we to do this old Elisa was on TV tonight. What's on today. I was let's have brought to you Barbara you don't propane check it out alive bring it home Tropez in died condoning wearing out the drill against regular season but that's on my life and yet you don't want to I'm with you yeah I might need a little swap myself and bring your home propane and he's just these new guys need to control train. They did a legacy to the cleaning service but I'm clear it's generally. We have a brittle spray you just like eight bucks a prosecutor. You go grab you straight on when the girls caught it just cleans that office like smalls Lemony. And it just gets rid of all the circles Elmo Omar grilling these are covered right now my month from now is a broader grid parity or type I do and I broke my weed -- yesterday is now got to get they're gonna pay some neighbor kid's toy book succumb horribly and we need my nor pointed fixed and somebody year or two and a hundred suits your turf now. Yeah Jose all hinting. My cousin Jeff you're an original idea thank you secure its search is general post big help to. Thought is that this side on TV tonight dissect your local listings for baseball and don't frankly to personals is a bachelor night the bachelorette night do do we have. Special paradise. Basilan paradise part two it's Tom. There's so much is in the air fellas drama is in the air Coulter and has made up list you know his blue and everything is good urinary that is good. But there's some there's some drama there's a lot of drama taking place in Basilan paradise sorry you watched Big Brother now can I watch every second out. And bows out now one episode I've ever watched Big Brother never well it's captivating no it's not. Socializing is still it's terrible so that's the tee where are you looking for that 630 tonight WNBA playoffs. Dallas wings of the Phoenix Mercury does Mario Ireland. I don't know a lot of young woman sports in north marry or not. The camera that notion now he definitely came at 8 o'clock tonight Major League Baseball cardinals and Dodgers that's the national game on ESPN 830 more. WNBA playoffs Minnesota legs at the LA sparks to develop that for sure. It's I don't I don't watch. Kevin are you serious what did you do. Now it's still the markets Foxboro. It's freezing again. Florida immersed here. What's on the job man to motor McFarland. That held a job last night a Monday Night Football so appreciate the fact that he's on the broadcast now assist bump him up to the hatred is put him in the books Yahoo! is the one that more boy Josh. All of Tim Brando Tim Brando Tim bread and we're all torso and a tip of the cap. He didn't do was going to be must have something going on he's been angry lately he's old US a year anyway to force so I really went after Parcells don't miss them when it comes when it comes a constable and we're gonna do for him yeah I don't have the sound effect but I do have this. Beautiful clip from yesterday. Appreciate what cam offers until we see. Teach math. He did uses three text there's love that when yesterday and a great business records or is it present its image after exams baggage while all right we'll Georgia tomorrow apple a run at Matt Cavanaugh is right Jon Kyl this has been Garcia Blaylock WS Wednesday.