Garcia And Bailey H4: Warriors Vs. Bulls Talk Continues

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Tuesday, May 15th
In the final hour the Warriors vs. Bulls discussion continues to dominate the show and as always it's The World According To Frank...

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But Garcia. I saw home stretch maybe you punch the clock draw the way home whatever it is tried to make him as a part of your afternoon Kyle Frank Oz Evan if and there were taken phone calls or taken sexy emails and tweets at child Braly WS frenzy at frank Garcia 65 and of course you can follow the show. As well at Garcia and Bailey that's all the proudly Jewelers Twitter feed proudly jeweler named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine at eight convenient locations online at rallied Jewelers dot com building trust for three generations proudly Jewelers all right. We had two francs a David and will now my dropped out his lost a lot of folks wanna call and talk. The bulls vs the warriors right and there's two text celery before restore back and a phone calls here breaks as the borders of the greatest team of all time bar none of Oz there's node ID 596 bulls would beat this team he says they destroy this team as one of our textures just wrote an. I actually side with Oz I still think 9596 bulls is the better team and it's an interesting debate so first of all. Chad's accent and I love this tax because he's right he says. I mean listen to that sentence his second three feet wasn't as good as his first three peat. Does anyone even have a second three PLO well hello anyone dealer. He's making a great point no one even has a second free pizza then. Our frank reported to sell we are different extra running inside that you know the warriors one what was the number is 800 a 110. Vs a hundred don't consider 210 simulations and the warriors 110 of them triples 100 of them. A little dot gain is what what we're building our. NBA two K seventeen I just Google bulls warriors simulation in the first and it came up with an NBA two K seventeen simulation and a bunch articles about it and with all due respect I'm just I'm not gonna take toward the video game when it comes down to a pencil and those. You're not ignore the video game has taken the do you ward of the scientists are shall science science science on my side okay. So I ask what's our guys named sports science guy on jury gets John. I need to get John boring is on the phone ASA PU and I had about a Minneapolis we'll try to gonna get we'll try doing is gonna give him on to decide this because you'll plug in dismal simulator. Are you sure you know as a similar you know that's what they do as what to do that put him into this'll simulator I don't know taken Tony calculate all different things. Right and then they spit out numbers. And they talk about the match just to talk about the toughness to talk about Eric. And you know we can we endured the judicial as we do it back in the ninety's and we can do it and in today's and concurrent MBA in the state of which it is and I'm curious looks like this and it's inert and it like I don't know how the data sets to be different to represented ninety's it's one guy he recited spirit there. They're give you more value for the toughness and physicality. And handshaking vs today what's more free flowing down. What are you doing here you did you work sports science and get a job I don't practice I can actually do that job and let's go to frank we had two strikes actually end up before Frankel sort of like gambling through the first frank tell me your thoughts here who's got a warriors go to Chicago Bulls in 9596. Brought. They don't I'd opal I'm all right so so they don't know you have some thoughts on the sports gambling figures what was a month. I don't wanna belt that we are gonna go to army pay to get out to testosterone plays that we give. I think we're on air talking to Tim Manley boy did. Yeah yeah be careful shrank because I'm a man who gives my agent barrels and I will eviscerate you online radio. We looked at a bag hey Robin go. A life so suing big argument ultimately Roger. Listening nice recently did talk to him again. It did what a for a chuckle bear with. They don't work Pacino and integrity in the same minute there's that there's. But you know what to reach out of people that are want to definitive what they want to get him into a golf label doesn't make it any any better at we've got to make it worse. But elbowed out don't loops. They do not loops. And yet if you don't lose prop losing proposition all the way around a 1001 rates in the marine. I think what I've been more worried about we'd that I owed 500 bucks to it but don't come knock on my door I take my car. And haven't don't worry about paying in Vegas. Both of them have a you know there's there's Vegas the big gorilla man they are you desperate though and it they're there is no lose proposition all the way over. Source dishonest clearance of you you clearly don't bet you don't think people should bet is that what America. I don't I don't gave up but I bet that bridge down to my wife and that's what book on out absolutely that the buyout watching games and just the get called a legal. There there are plenty of people that do it I'm saying right now but do it in a quarter. Daughter Matilda the daughter to. Worry it worried about getting caught. I don't worry about being taught type of guy that's you lost their man like that you're right title for the brick and mortar convert importers a future of gambling in this country all the if you tell the guys say and I like staying Norfleet you know a lot not a dull topic reluctant bulls' worst thing that extensive something this morning dissident he doesn't gamble and it's like a faith based decision for him which a school totally cool with that. But it says something about you know well because I must say I believe it's a more so ma am I'm an immoral person because I like to. It's it's. Discretionary I don't think he's pointing them out to you and I'm not talking about putting that on the I'm not saying stand is calling me immoral and saying that's the implication though for a lot of people when you say something like that you know decide that you know I don't do it takes a thought out earlier it's not right does that mean that that's the implications saying on the I don't do it because it's a moral thing to me so the logical next step is those who do are immoral and I have an issue with don't you. William and immoral person look at it for twenty bucks on a baseball. Now I mean I think there's. Yeah there's there's ways that you can probably validate you know what you'll gambling isn't. You know I mean I know I'm not to get into you know the the religious aspect of now so that's what I cut its moral thing for some people but that's the next logical etc. that's their choice. That's their choice for them trend. You know let them have their choice doesn't just affect me in my choice in what I'm decided to mention affect you don't think it does outlets about two or other other people's opinions. Are not in my best. That's truth that's a great point let's go back to rationally yelling at each other let's go to fascist and right next what so other frank how are you. And I don't at the not I'm not I. Their normal at our daughter and my neck gamblers and then expressed it. I expect exactly. But yeah about the argument between guys no quarter and will. I've really think it depends on the role of the defense you know back in the old error. I totally think it will what they did not admit you're ordered an out of court ordered probably in the Arab and where to eat like basically used to play each spent. You know I bet they can probably out what the Opel because there are. You know if go to the rule and yes I mean we had an argument back import Linda on the side and then that's kind of what we. Thanks David appreciate the phone call on what he's like our prices are not my dad I I hate to argue that where where we go back because we we user base which is saying is is the Jordan couldn't play in an era. They didn't allow our Dick disallowed hand checking can you imagine Michael Jordan if you couldn't put your hands on him. Can you imagine that how or even how are you ever going to stop that dude if you can't put your hands on it. It's there's no and checking Jordan is going to average forty points on the students. I'm sorry you hit a I agree with Abbott needs it looks forty points along Michael Jordan doesn't get you know that he's a but it doesn't matter because. Jordan is gonna give you great defense is gonna give you great defense and regardless of what frank says I don't care it it what experience frank has made he's just a different type of person. The mental aspect of the game would matter in this series and yes he does would matter to apply Poland it's not something that he spoke. To a certain dogs. You're listening to this great analysis of why the mail actually the last time I really the last time the brain scored points are short. People talking score points and it doesn't matter you can talk all you want to try it doesn't stop me or or help. Meat from scorn or. Or or making. Does frank are you saying that you're so naive that you don't think that Michael Jordan had an aura about him that people were intimidated at him just when he stepped on the floor. He says he knows a great players not gonna see what's not because he could talk better than anybody 'cause he could talk to you need to back off he's Joseph. I don't think Joseph I do think that there's a story can he county down to forty points against a player one time. He's great. Advice and I was about what others are now forty verses. You know vs door hit you how many points he was courted by the I hit istar count backwards and try to get to forty what difference does it make him. But he did to zero doesn't matter you have to be able to back it up and he could and that's why people respected him not because he. It was a trash talker franks he would do in the minds of people like. No one ever has. Never never sends never before I'm sorry let's go let's go Euronext is a lot of promise these guys we gentlemen David is next Dave Lewis who wins the bulls warriors. Don't both. The bulls. And definitely I mean. How many people our amateur players on the golden Stater. All detention paint you know maybe all the interplay. Other pretty good defensive team and and that's why they're so great that there's a bus tour players nuts and tram on. So unless they brought a bus and the bulls are a better defensive team because I think just the era they claim that played in probably made him a tougher better defensive team like Tom supporters are they do do you guys up. Act. Girls Britain could call though no sudden he just got to try to I don't tell and that's a right now it's in six to zero in Washington. I had a friend Ted frank at one top tell the textures don't agree with you look let's go to wealth let's go to what's right there are a lot of touches or it's a 5050 on the takes the most it will next. The tiger earlier caller I think but it got today's rule I think it goes the detriment of all we're warriors. Clinton an idea I think all of that. So. Yeah I got dropped call today after Larry Mac bomb. Don't have a Brit can do is one of the pretty delicate registered an area that it would total by a couple different game. Break four million in partnership oriented think about Iraq yeah does that could jump out of that. I mean just because they're prepared right now mean your your average guy just not gonna do all did yeah. Register anymore. It's way too core corporate average got to do then you're gonna have to bring lots of money lots of sponsorship. And you're a bit but how that global stability. Yeah thanks to buddy appreciate the phone call you write about double trouble urges that at some point let's go to it to eight seat next AC what's up. Hey come though. I made a huge you know I didn't take the 98. Bull fan and you know Michael Jordan era where all but I think I think Jordan would get a point. Up a couple of probably get a point but. If you look at I don't you know if you look at these are but now. I think that I'll play the warriors. Where they spread it out would drain my green I don't think of all the batch about. I think it would really struggled to stop. The warriors scoring. A spot two points and mitigate it I think it they've come without the other we're not at Jerry's. Even thought Jordan and Michael. Time averaging just declare your. Since it was by playing better just because our soldiers during told him to do a little bit aids can be both wolf frank told me Nelson a lot of crap. Why I have no I don't. And on. Now he told it tells something about yoga I'm. And he gets Yoder of clips of huge thinking that mind games manner on the basketball court I didn't not a religion don't work why don't we ask what we ask you do it frank why. Yeah it. Why don't we ask Kevin who he thinks would win this well but just yet to tell us who went more resembles. Very close but warriors while. Smart man. Better yeah coming is that allies right in your messages your messages into 272 in want to discuss. The track again hey guys out and affluent radical idea out there is it possible that the borders could be a little bit tougher than we give them credit for the bulls are a little bit more athletic than we gave him credit for is that possible yes or no quarrel. Last caller said I think is the way I look at exactly. Right Jordan Pippen gonna get theirs. Right to rant and courier gonna get theirs it's gonna come down to the other. Players and that's where the ball leave the warriors have the advantage it's the other players it's the guys off the bench is the guys that you know what I talked about last night they did a pretty good job you'll see the most part garden stuff right but nobody's gonna start you know stop a mall. And that's what makes them an offensive juggernaut is that clay can go out there and get thirty and you are any given moment he can teach him line up with the best of them when he's. You on fire you know doing ripped you don't. Have a guy that's gonna match some of foot I don't care how good of a deep under Pippen was right don't care 68 doesn't beat seven foot just I. As a tent. But in this case for a look at nuts. It's a pretty broad generalization is what I'm say six day doesn't B seven foot is not everything is equal 68 does not meet seven foot. You I think you get to collect well now. You did that. But if we come back more phone calls more sex price mad at me now priced credit to everybody now I'm Amanda but it's Garcia Blaylock. All right before we go back to the phone lines we got a little. Updates for actually got a big of a potentially. The we got a perfect Damon. And progress right now Jordan Lyles. Parcells South Carolina natives pitcher for the San Diego Padres he is us through six. And he is perfect he's retired early eighteen batters he's faced so far are facing Colorado Rockies so perfect game. Right now in progress Rockies and Padres Jordan Lyles South Carolina native is perfect through six we'll keep an eye on it over the next forty minutes or so 70457. Or 96 Tenet and we're gonna try this since more or its draft lottery another. Obviously the Panthers. There is this for life. With him. That's that's a that's radioactivity into the effects. Let's go to the let's go to the phone laws get some good sex but basically the argument is this franks has Golden State as the greatest team of all time after winning you know game one of the Western Conference finals to bring back the buzz agrees with me doesn't are absolutely and desist order against music. Very knowledgeable sports fan. It absolutely loves the MBA warriors and Jim Pippen would ball out and get there isn't the warriors are two loaded offensively on this notion that there's no defense on the warriors is idiotic. There's no hand check him today but AG clay and green are all phenomenal defenders Smart man. Oh yes I agree that's what tried until the caller so Lewis Douglas up to the Golden State doesn't play defense because that's part of the reason they're so bright is as good defensive tape by 70457. Or 96 to and we go to Dallas off the top Dallas what are your thoughts meant. How are. Art but it aren't your your data you won't top. Out at need to. Know I'm symbols. People hard to hit. Or grant Bill Cartwright. This isn't. All these people could score I get what you all up but they've spent Jordan at ten and it's kicking out in Greece at. Don't suspect would never stand one way having shot. Not and bit especially now edit check in a futile and check Jordan what do we aren't there at the Kurdish short. What he wouldn't expect curry look like a little bot but are not mop it. The fixed let's. I'm that's the kind of strong take and contains a little is known. Not a day be great analysis yeah okay you don't card and source granite and knocked down trees I guess I just. He's just so everybody knows so the well actually guy considered himself a little time Horace grant was not on the 9596 holes he was not that was later we're going to did you make a prediction yesterday did said Houston would be Golden State I do no wrong that's why I'm making the strong stance and Eric. Who boy it just seems to seems kind of strange 24 hours pass. I'm that's what happens when you address what's ours who. Next question John you're just saying I just can't have a lot of faith in this worst team last night. I am not and all the sudden they showed me what their real true colors are pleased are you 100% right let me ask your question because a text to writes in his interest into your to your argument mind games Dexter says a mind games don't work in the NBA how do you explain Cleveland vs Toronto series this year police. Because it had been brought lived in the heads of Toronto got so bad that was the better team Toronto showed the series this team with Durant and they're they're two for two. In the end in championships. That would grant the ones wondering what do we want to the last two years. What's one more threat you know with threat so since story has been on the team. They haven't lost their championship bat a thousand so. In Toronto was never gotten there are talking about champions. You know I talked about guys that you know are close. Welcome I'm just important thought it was legitimate question I thought on what she responded that it was is that a fair answer I I think soak his look generally speaking I agree with you I think championship caliber teams there's less. Less of an impact of that right I think Jordan got into the heads of lesser oppose what we're talking about your chip into captivity does less of that about the match up vs the Toronto Raptors just isn't very good thing how weren't sick. I got the LeBron we can't beat them this just go and hopefully we can maybe you play well. I predict how our agreement I'm guessing not the way it more just. I agree I don't tell a game one it was not us not dive back into missiles go to Jesse next Jesse what's up. What are your thoughts it was better bulls are warriors. Op and it is our staple all the way up we're all got up really I'd bet that it's quite out there. By the checkered at I think what my outlook they can back up that lack that. And checked in it it it sort actor you're there or not that it is packed. Egypt it would buy dot paper there. Have been out more everybody. It got make. And yeah I better everybody better not bode bike no question it did not again. This bike the very box there. Oh god it's not tort that there were. No question back battered boat. Thanks Jessica appreciate but he's got to I don't want to started to lose if who's the greatest of all time because not debating Michael do you want your we just kind of all here in this room anyway settled on the premise the Michael's personal time let's go to a to showtime next showtime hit it. You wanna look at this man I think you had real good player on our boat came by. Got it deep cuts he's got to give him. I think got a tip and hit it off. Poll Matt did just enough to four feet up to court to talk like I won't grab you up the court. Played decent to walk out walk that put brought opera Acadia look at temple rot you know a little bit keynote got to actually get into digital file out. Chip just to make direct hit chips because right for you which are not trade that they've talked in tatters and campaign brought. Every Burt and so fight with duct tape because that the pop and I. It's so many episodes of talking to it and got John Sparks red didn't go like it and Jordan did it took the talk. So what does that have to do is winning or losing the game. Our take it had something cycle like each activity direct. Also Marmol call first take whatever somebody committed some wrong but that aren't you did not say if Scott doesn't asks. You got to not get two strokes do you have. This is very different shows are so tomorrow I thought backyard. And if it's on American it's I'm not gonna dump you are back differs or because it's funny this is the same JD who created sake Twitter accounts to defend himself against people saying bad things about him in the gut busters and indeed not exactly the most mentally tough guy in the world delicious competitions. Any about but the same got it went joined its fingertips. Over the championships coming I'm maybe the weapon compass Bible how do you think got by its strong immediate debt ever up this tiny part to stepped air. At the top part of the game who matter us in. Showtime is if he grew up I initial target if he grew up in that culture. And playing that style of basketball his entire life. Do you not think he Kevin Durant would just did not I think there's legitimate art I do I mean seriously. We just sit there and think that because of you know maybe the way that they've brought up in the way that the game is played in the way that they've been taught to play. It's been freedom of movement it's been all the other different things that they're just all of a sudden say you know I heard he hurt me he's he's he's hit he's holding me and I'm not gonna be able to anymore. -- into the industry here now and you're right but I gotta guess that that's a that's the tough part of this debate right because your dissent so many parameters are we just dropping this warriors team in the mid ninety's who resigned Kevin Durant was born 25 years earlier we're not talking about. This specific team in the wake and its us and listen. The opposite applies to try have to acknowledge that yes. The if if you were looking at the way the game has the balls right and the way that we've seen teams have evolves. Jordan has been a public take more efforts Pippen has been or are you better. Right you know courage and you know wherever else you know that maybe they don't always cartwright or. Or whoever you shouldn't Kukoc to go to pretty good three point shooter wrecked him you know maybe just analysts not a but I did so you know you start throwing those guys in that it into the mix as well yeah those things apply as well. But it's you can teach is a technology and toughness. Right. You're not going to be able to teach the ultimate skill set of borne out there and shooting the ball into the basket from long range and that's where these guys this team in particular has more of them. And why they would win not only on the court on. Bitch look look and others is the last thing also excellent take a phone call we gotta get out but. And I am looking for a deep analysis here I think the bulls would have the better bench and I think that matters how do you feel about that. Also I just a bit better all the players it on the bench over the assault. You got Livingston to Wear off the bench is a former first rounder here's our number 69. 68. And he can carry the point he can knock it down from three. You know you've got in it would all at times come off the bench. You still have. Have a lot of debt to. And you know I mean that's about as far as I go with the gold say wars Soka don't I just I think the bulls but to truly strong was bloodless wrapped supported it or Ben's last and to distort he's been waiting a bit as what's up. Hey there are two gentlemen are of interest Spain now. A young guy. Who won there immediately taken out of the Chinese Damon and Mia. The. Slightly oh it slightly yeah thank you thank you minister did you. Thank. I think I'm about I think I'm nine years older than dog and nine years younger than cracks so adamant that aren't here. And I'd I grew up I would absolutely have low with Jordan's Chicago apple. I think the warriors would be they just can't the bulls scored a point to keep up with the warriors still breezy frank. Wild Jordan but raiders are all far. I don't think it stopped taking. It. Easy Altoona. Let our address those as phenomenal call I Jordan's Princeton phenomenal call and you absolutely certain demographic that we were looking for right in the middle. I'm a little disappointed and ended in a disastrous thing right now is frank but on the right. And it's all over he gets control he's got the board know it's fun and I have a look I am just saying. A little disappointed that's all one because he's on the right side though not as you you know. It looked like getting jump attacks but just for the record. I was on the phone call spanky let's all and what does that mean I design. Oh it doesn't matter does not matter if you don't want. The first thing you looked at this is not you argue you only take the fact that mattered here you're all of about 38 could care less about any. Let's turn it all my job. I should he usually envoys of OJ enemy is my man the action like Chinese rankings and I disagree let's do this or John back to it. We calmed down world to be friends again it's everybody's favorite segment the world according to fright. Time now for the world according. To for an. Didn't. Well OJ took the perfect games over. There's that but also risks questions for frank he answers and a new. An individual. So this is a bright brought this a deliberate and I'm glad to commit to ask this like to a couple of days till I forgot so sure looked at least twice that I know love. Has comment on this list of the top five uglier cities. In the United States. It's yeah I'd I don't understand first of all if it's you know it's a crap list because I can't imagine how you would even calculates that sort of thing top five in the United States right. Over like Milwaukee. Mom's on the list. How do you even do this bill like I don't even understand what's the data looked like. How do you compiled data on on who was an ugly city limits I don't. About how Albuquerque new buffalo blogs number one not only is simply beyond buffalo military gets your thoughts. I don't understand where this comes from. Now don't look and yeah I don't know what they're looking at either belong bars and gyms around here I don't know what they're look at everything and just solutions to expect. I. But seriously can you explain that. Would when you're done reading the text. Can explain I know I can't and the same with your adventure adventure given me some more. Saxon what they were using zoo about. He went this so so where is the don't know that the should be on this list well you said it I mean buffalo should be out there no doubt about it. He nods ON. NE midwest. And those ads and keep people the Clinton people. The net now and I mean there's a lot of other cities that are there people Charlotte's gonna say this place is chock full beautiful women we just discard it must be youngsters are currently has started. Yeah I mean Albuquerque. To survey from travel leisure so people voted on this and people came to Charlotte and walked away with the impression those people were ugly. Can they go and that they walked away with there's no that is gonna California Florida. Phoenix like if you go to the top ten Atlanta comes in at number eight. Tampa was at seven Cleveland's six clearly that I'm still Cleveland anywhere in the midwest Milwaukee five Charlotte for parts. Spokane Washington three that's very true Sacramento California to come and Baltimore Maryland number one maxed people. I. I think he's a pencil and it was buffalo and that. But not all that tell you know the list scratch bombings and we're just released I mean are they using this list four top tourist cities. It has to write yeah it's from travel and leisure I don't know why many people wanna go to Cleveland or Milwaukee. Yeah I don't know what you this extra bliss Texas rice addressed those people to make it out of the Wells Fargo championship right is right is that really I saw there would be the exact opposite. It's insane anyway Oz what is your question Jeff frank other than today it was last time you're wrong who never who only wants. What will tell us about pentagon tells us notice not done this up. I was wrong word to you were Smart. Well. The cost us and good in the military. My world that was funny wasn't it really funny all the last seat among we're doing some chuckles on the are ignited. Don't know it's if I get the opportunity use. My man over Yemen and Sam. That's the problem and like I am also disappointed in you put as much as anything you just open a can of worms would you would you state he's only last track on demand and that is not good for anybody. Soccer for their grip to tell you should OK if you show us now know that was the wrong want that was not dread that was just anymore dim sound bytes wanted I wanted the laughs like that chuckles in the background I'm sure there's a good joke chuckles. Frank no I is serious question here what's the greatest sports city in America who that's took. Us. The greatest sports city in America great sports city in America. Curbing north isn't it. Past music and I asked the New York. How would think Austin. Austin's up there Boston Goodwin. But he got the Red Sox have laid right now it's Phillips Celtics who is yeah I mean that's really glad. That's true yeah I mean if you're talking current gamma that's a Lehman's current right now it's filling in a fairly. Come but New York has gotten number I mean Mets yankees giants jets. You know he's good the islanders. Yeah I mean Rangers Rangers have. Ramirez souls. Not directly assist into that. Mean let you know that that they have to be they have to be up there New York California not on Chicago's got to be up there as well. In all the teams with your champ since those three cities aren't they now Chicago new York and Boston. Reality -- to Boston we get mine just visiting history with the Celtics in history with the Red Sox is that the undying loyalty to me I Sox team compare them to the yanks a nobody see here's the thing isn't it when he tossed 4990 when you talks foresees you also have to talk about the fervor of the fans and passionate fans for their team they are they did not let the Red Sox died the Red Sox went 86 years without a world change you can as fans were so loyal. And the they're great great great history was the Boston Bruins. History with the Celtics in New England Patriots. I mean it's hard I mean I know they're not exactly in Boston but they're sort of lumped into their efforts targeting people that you're talking about the last 1012 years the patriots understand him but that's factor. The Celtics from back in the data are unbelievable so are we talking about all time are we talking about. I just mention all time like what's forcing he has the best sports culture. Mean against so I think there's still going to Sims three death you know but Tom. I think New York you know the Big Apple try prisoners are one Chicago SO said New York Chicago on December. Well you know the stimulus kind of got a great one this sport cities out to Houston would be enough to pretty so is it. This is I think Houston's didn't matter the rockets are going to be one of those teams Astros back in the day and general I am the rock or worse yet the rockets and the umps are the rocks in the Astros kind of coincided sucking for a while so that was kind of rushed and the Texans really haven't won anything of sip of substance Soledad. So we I don't know Houston's a big city Pittsburgh is going to be up there too and that's good that's still. Steelers penguins and the pirates are gigantic drag on us and Danielle basketball but do you get for talking history Willie startle and all those guys refer complimenting all those guys back in the day they had some history here and great history there they do so is a once upon a time it was different put up that way anymore. The greatest baseball tradition has to mean if you ask me the best baseball city in the world is New York. It's an hour better Saint Louis. Saint Louis is the dot I didn't I. On this Saint Louis as you know is raised to love Saint Louis they love their gloves you know the the cardinals is no doubt about it in some of these in history and tradition stack that team. What is still not New York I don't know I don't yeah you're right but I still think so there's no question Saint Louis baseball town unless the world according to strike. Let's figure we would promise still would squeeze him and he's got somebody wants to say you know Frank's gonna would probably like just. Still go and we want to squeeze you bulls warriors going and instead on state your case. Yeah I guess Richard collier. That it is not that every movement are reboot but ninety you know beyond the players on the phone quick and they're very able to make granted he had spent. Tomato limit if I'm taking note Jack then the coach tocchet that over out coaching Steve Kerr. That meant gore I would do it and that's what about that. Thanks Phil pursuits folk also mean the ostrich. Now that's all but that that's all we come back titles regular sunset which is important gaps and change my mind sorry aren't just on a dimension switch comeback rapper to show what's on tablets departure as we try to keep it civil Garcia and build. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's show. A lot factual because. And there's nothing I don't think anyway and particularly so on the horizon supposed to break into the enormous like them but I am looking forward to the reaction of what happens tonight. At the NBA draft lottery tough. This joke second those traders and are going to be there represented ordered soon. The number the numbers are what they are available on the point 7% chance to get the first overall pick about a 90% chance to pick eleven through a couple of response they could end up but. Else is kinda have it just this nagging feeling in the back to your had a baby so a little bit different happens tonight maybe a mile you know I'm it's wishful thinking. And I saw Delhi last year and ended up picking right where they projected them depicted in it was kind of a let down number I do think. Listen there's a lot of stuff out there about the Indian lottery being ranked I don't believe that stuff but it does there is a coincidence however I do think if we're trying to say detail as anything the NBA's is gonna say a sack. Yeah rank you with all you many think you're gonna take a left. I think that's most likely effect. No it is statistically speaking beyoncé does or not it's such as this he was gonna pick eleventh and that in all likelihood is is what's gonna happen but. What if they got to eight about I think that would be huge jump over the whole idea this is usually for the French of course that is bent but didn't look tomorrow is locked and we know where the trick in your your and we already again kind of know. But do we know what they're going to be doing that and we get an idea. Of the range of players that are going to be there and that and that's and still an arranged. And they also can talk about do they stay there. I think it's a conversation with that because. It was someone's accident earlier inside the not trading kemba you heard James parade goes say that he's intrigued by playing Timbaland only mode together in the backcourt and maybe yes maybe that's what's gonna happen I don't know. And so to a we're gonna have to get into tomorrow as well is there Kemba Walker and what they do with him. Because you know you've we talked about it before. Merck and l.'s written about it before others have as well but because of the situation they're in right now resigning Campbell before he becomes a free agent is going to be incredibly difficult to do. Right so didn't you run the risk. Of letting kimbo become a free agent sign elsewhere and get nothing for him. Or do you have say you know an agreement a handshake or kemba says this is where I wanna beat you commit to me I commit to you I don't chairman resigned here and maybe that's an agreement they have I don't know. But I I didn't care about is a worry about Campbell right now and I'm sorry I had to say that but it's not about the team anymore it's about Kemba Walker didn't pay. And that's what he's earned that's what he deserves and if I'm you know his friend. You know if I'm Gerald Henderson if I'm his agent that's been taught him. No Tim you've done everything needed to is humanly possible first sitting you're great spokesman. Are you staying out of trouble. It's time to take care Kemba Walker and that's. You know the hard part doing business and no fans don't like to hear that but that you know sometimes as the reality of what is gonna take place and we're really get paid the most. You know you have to decide those things for you are yet to decide where your happy. You know that don't we don't factor into the part that no you need to be loyal. Unless that's something that really is important you. And you know we don't we all us fans want these guys to be the oil and that's no one of the things that we hope this is true but. The end of the day it's business guys and you know you gotta go out there and take care of you know you're scrambling and you get the most you can was is in the little time as you can and you know we're saying on was the difference between Warner two million dollars twelve million bucks is two million bucks it's no. It's our sets it's you know maybe a couple couple car payments it's you know it's and there's no you played did you want to be able millions who we are talking about a complex. And in in on top of that it's yours your kids' future. And your kids' kids' future and those things you know I think can be important should be important to you guys are going out there and in doing those things it's not for us to determine. You know what should be important those guys in this take less just for our for our gratification. Right so what do the hornets again a zero point 8% to round up shares to want to delay and the over the number one overall pick in about a 3% chance. To pitch in the top three. Odds are good I think you probably knew that coming into today as if the odds in the percentages hold. On which they don't always do clearly missed they held. I'll what you would see is the Phoenix Suns picked number one the Memphis Grizzlies pick a number two the mavericks are. Screw up a membership to read hawks at four on the magic of five and so on and so forth so we'll keep an eye and know hopefully something it. Something's just. Insane and worst owner in the top two or three it was Robert's arm motions for the suns they'll find a way to get out of that some way shape or form in naming the get to pick him probably trader in some way you know get out and hopefully it's to the hornets guard. But well look we're almost out of time to see what's on CB you know. What's on. Harder to 8 o'clock tonight so nationally televised visually baseball game only on fox sports one St. Louis Cardinals at the Minnesota Twins and imagine Tom Sorensen launch that would also 8 o'clock tonight Stanley Cup Playoffs game three Tampa Bay Lightning at the Washington Capitals. Likewise an eight and I'm actually kind of interest in this this all the ads for eternity the players over the weekend the world long drive toward golf smash in the sun on the gulf Shelly you you're united along trusting to other. It's so boring now realize these guys get like you know amount of time. And the guy like five balls or some like that really okay I mean it's it's. I watchers I've lost it a little bit actually have one of my best friends it's there's a world champion mobs these so. He looked good near the lake he's won a couple times world world long drive him yeah well look that's insane decide how but on average with them what this does drive a 384 under in the hall. Guys are swinging for the fence in right you know good good drive to pin and where you're at what the conditions are can go anywhere from a 385 to a force every 5500 are any of these guys hitting good golf course no emissions and a Dutch group they had the golf ball. But I mean when I get into forty yards when they do. Limit to 240 yards and you're you're always one side you know in the equation for four yards and I just to draw over three days but can you get that forty are shut down if they could the Barbie on tour yet you write about that and and more thing to throw in there of course on the the Atlanta Braves tonight hosting pit man Chicago Cubs. A brazen dobbs tonight 7351. Pitch and Greg Garcia has always laid us off by tip of the cap goes to causes a valiant effort to but they don't want to know. Again you come up short as most people do what I can I apply June tip my cap for you and your efforts on trying to convince me and in most of the other people that just have their head in the sand that the Chicago Bulls are better in the gold stay wars tip of the cap. All right I'm actually gonna tip my cap to Eli Manning. And his fellow defendants in the lawsuit that they ended up settling out of court because. Feel Amanda got caught. And I think it's OK to say that Eli Manning got caught in this this bogus. Memorabilia scam and I don't know what his eyes at the the level of his involvement. But everything I've read about this and lawyers talking about a you'll settle this case a much guilty assault and or does something that you don't want out there. Or maybe don't go to court well that's possible but undecided every legal analysis that I read covered this case is that our second candidate Dave the day they were some fans off and as bad I don't like that I don't like the transcript austerity got a pin all of talk about that tomorrow that we're gonna have to at some point I think with the tip of the cap to doing the right decision or settlement figure just move on I think that's probably the right thing to do here. I were back tomorrow look forward to a big thanks to Joseph first in the Tom Sorensen to Daniel Wallach all of our great guests and that we like we let's talk about tomorrow more David separate opinion outsourced the lords as well and yes we need new chairs were definitely new knew we definitely need smooch chairs don't squeeze I'll stop breaking up and are. We're back tomorrow look at port to a three men have been on strike out guy always has been Garcia Billick WS Wednesday. Shake. Anybody it was I didn't have blow your mind that you just happen.