Garcia And Bailey H4: Tiki Barber Talks Panthers

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Friday, August 17th

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Garcia. Five NFL free season games on tonight one of the taken place right here. In the heart of the Kuwait City get up to out Bank of America Stadium like host tonight through the printers and the dolphins the second pre season game over a year for the characters and of course. They're try to get set the regular season next week it'll be New England coming to tell before a trip to Pittsburgh with a focus tonight is on getting better against this Miami Dolphins team and yesterday we caught up with Tiki Barber. Great running back in the NFL ACC player of the year CBS Sports Radio all all the things should go about Tiki Barber. And the many things we discussed earlier in our conversation lasted less that teach you this is Carol lot of papers fan base is very excited. About the upgrades on offense about Cam Newton being healthy. About many fix our revolving around this organization and a sticky is the excitement justified. Just I I think it is justified because. Newton what a lot of what he went through last year or or edit it's that there's a Super Bowl hangover but it it was a it was a Wes Helms. Then we've seen Bryant talk about that some talk about the excitement that he boring conservative Super Bowl year we won the MVP these kids. You just awesome to watch even as that it is a and an observer and commentator on gains could help out the fans Howard didn't get it up with the pain felt give up just watching dale. But that didn't fit any imminent in the infectious enthusiasm. But subsequent here you office and we don't I don't know why but I do think yeah total that would become public criticism bitty bitty received from the people bullets. Sort of changes that we're going on down there but it. If KM is big is it the excitable player that we could it would com below this team Litsch singles around and I look but I look there. The backfield Christian McCaffery gonna give more touchy issue because Jonathan Stewart's not during war had to give him an opportunity to be. What it wasn't college. And they had that he might get hurt and and we heard Ron Rivera talked about that last year particularly dynamic and I think he's special any big game changer. So you know I think these DJ Moore draft with this year first round draft pick is going to be the one who could be exciting as well both Kim has abilities they're not only. Being exciting has superstar talent around him. This offense but the other nerve or Carter whose work magic wherever he's gonna could be really really exciting. To do because you say that you know because yes if you are given me that definition. Breaking down you know what the way you're talking about cam to me. The definition front burner right and that's not a negative thing at the college I think he's one of the greatest front runners were so. Oh you may be his time because when he's hot there's always stop him but how important is it because of that but he gets off to a fast start this season. But I think it's important but it also. TAT and how portable front runner I would think they're going great he's he's it's only gonna get better but they you know he can't have the converse. Go to Maine happ was being good or bad it's only getting at is going to be your worst. Of the real leaders in the great leaders suspect quarterback the National Football League when routines have been sending or even on the defense. I have found ways to. This stabilized right and I did too high but not get too low. And and indeed I get that rocked like galvanizing force. Around the around the sixth of the future even Taylor still learning that it's crazy that there are these totally baffled eight years dying years. He's 29 years old but he's still learning that but it's the evolution it is devolution into peak if he ever figure that out that's what he takes that. Nobody people out of body weight you know. We've had this conversation of the last couple weeks. Leading to the vehicle fees of about Cam Newton and the evaluation as always well look at the completion percentage to look good you know appointed here but I've. That's my tail that's how we're going to judge dale. Well it's all said and done. It will beyond what was this excess. How to keep lift people and to think they're. Around I think he's done map for a lot of his career but there is still another step the F that they did you actually did write about a beautiful weather. She learned how to beat the heat the hot or not all the time. Even when things are going bad that's when the teams speaks felt really excel. Thank you Barbara joining us on the second come just sly and you have a special affinity for the running back position and you watch and and and and evaluated as well as anybody on the combination of Christian McCaffrey and CJ Anderson I'll go out and ended. While I take it it will depend on the scheme TJ he was in the film blocked bark if he left the Denver and he's he's a dynamic player he can ask. Gore and that's which you really like it there is an art to score is what it's the biggest things I did have they are added note yardage scored incorporated Jacobs. Horrible. My ways aids but there is an art like LaDainian Tomlinson understood the core of of court whether or was it an extra. Adapt or get your head to load the right time. I think. I'd I think the depth there though is it would it would keep we only have so these days he did it he can Wear out what got. Which he duty to have dynamic guys in different that this. Different types of players. And I think those two guys around killing the throwing game I can be really good sixty important thing is that this golf but the quantum like the living off of the blind. Been in football it's it's pretax. And if you keep guys intact for. 123 or four years in a row. And they tend to work better together. He wanted to talk about that continuity you know because then people may have not played this game don't understand that there's a timing. This was running backs and offensive linemen how to. I was where I need to turn them what you see vs what I see how you set me. Those things are different than what you're explaining what's even yourself and bring. And Jacobs and you know maybe here way is no McCaffrey and Anderson is gonna be interesting to how. Newly developed with the softens a line. You're here you're right I'm not sure haven't been there often from the door yet but that if I missed the pre season game and I'm sure it's not going to be there's no blocking scheme that we talked about not just just to give your audience of course don't blocking. But exactly what it says. The break that from the left tackle for the for the for the right tackle they grabbed their zone. They either cut off or cut. The that they create a hole and at the one cup offense that's why all of those guys that we saw from twelve David duke Clinton supported CJ Anderson. Except trip. Could take one cut deep they're deep by the pared its downhill into the second level maybe make it got missed. I have big big the big plays and the Indians in unity 2000 yours because that's what because this plea did. But it didn't don't blocking it theory differs from pole blocking in this direction in those type of thing that we've seen Norv Turner duke. It is true it is career then why that is part of it is because. It pet sitter has the the block back up guard has to pull around to win that guard pulls around here to figure out what how he's going into my going to put that. You know it inside of the outside of the fourth I guard now. In my born round the tackle and it's so they have to figure stuff out record that are running back had to now be patient behind that'd be easy. Actually the only time if you see a guard pulling in the running back is is on par or in front of the art that they think you're never gonna take your if you're wasting your time. But obviously not what the blocks set itself up until that it could have always called that they had that it takes a lot of time. And a lot of timing gets perfected but when it works. And we see it with a particular about what they did back in the states. My my giants I irritated or a little while when you see it work it is that big of beauty if I do. Two New York's five yards eight yards almost certain to hit this. You know your head on the globe poll seventy yarder. I think that's what this team can beat this often can be with a guy like Christian McCaffrey a line has been intact and working together and a quarterback. Who forces the defense the tea did you try to take it deep and they're. The pay attention to the quarterback. That's important but again you're running backs advantage. I'd take you before let's go at least got to get this and what did you think of bug Jalen ramseys GQ article. He's a deterrent. Love being a couple of people trying to hate on the Dow shot up to just go play he going to be great player and back rubio back that they would put. Actually before you read my era. Different guys did. They talk trash like you would not believe it was a it was a bitter I'd. I dare you I do you to come do it yeah wanna tell you stick combat debate it and see what happens. I love of the belief that dealer realty is one of the top five quarterbacks in the National Football League right now. Well back up this trash talked and and I love it and it's great truck the horse portrayed Eagles in the in the real close to talk about guys like this. That says every conversation that was one of my good friends Deans may end Wesley walls guys simply. And we are talking about the other the quote unquote good old days back when Dan Turk and Stevens knew Steve Schmidt played for the raiders and how they. Yeah and other there's an old school to do it now we've we've gotten. A conscious about CPI report that's like it is you know especially especially has trot out. But there is the homogenization that's happened to that which they they all wanna say the perfect thing like I went to all. Probably audit program. What I'd like bright light day like this don't quite bad at the bidding war an attic there I think it delivery of these is the perfect bad as the National Football League. Hides into last thing we got to the second round of the pre season to getting tonight when you launch and soar. I'm from what CD's connect the what are the ball well like your diet and think on Barclays with a bit of strain could have but I think that expeditiously but also usually. One of the beauties of natural birth the due to go to New York Giants is that he always uses two back systems. But if not it's not too different guys he wants interchangeable parts. That's why when Calvin cook with what. Don't let my dear are last year but for the vikings here McKinnon could step right in there often didn't miss a beat another state on it hampered state probably not a place. This week out what I'm really adjusted to see Wayne Coleman. Well a little bit of burn last year obviously Clemson you know national champion from a couple of years ago policy Dwayne Coleman's step until role. Other people have a doubt been expecting. From in my also and so interest it would what happened in Cleveland. I mean. I'd like do we want to like deal a couple of things that he's saying like we was Jewish state at the BR back of your choice. It got quite for example the port because there over the career I had you know you wanna try to motivate the guys baby did they have things that beat you Blake. So controversial it's different to get people talking on our stocks. But they did steal fifty hiking competent more than Talladega go to bass so. What's it what happened in Cleveland the biggest drama show in millions and Angel or they just because as bright as visiting there right now it is going to be compelled. When more football question for me you know Tiki and then a question that tower asked do you personally you know about your career but Saddam Barkley talked about. I'm in what he means to the giants. I've got and all the little bit over there there's a couple of months he's been here and he's very inquisitive and I love that about them. He's he's after the right questions he's confident he'll flats copy of I met him and the first thing and then without a break on your record I think. Go to stay healthy have a chance to do it took me awhile to figure it out. But if you figured it out quick. Not only is he going to bring and it can I get back to the running game in New York which is quite frankly didn't go on it under Mac could do you know this you know you know. Policy they lined up an eleven personnel but 90% of the time they all told three wise what I did what we're back in 90% of the time. Differentiation. What is there any new NFC east. Which used to be like the north of black and blue division schedule in the ball pretty tough defense you need especially when the weather turns. I'm excited for his his ability to bring that back that you're but more importantly. Eli excelled in the play action he did he get more running game you. You know you don't take it to the back field Puckett. Pull it up and go a dime downfield with a with a linebackers are sitting or backing up at the map they're coming forward instead. I think I think they're big kids if people really well for the golf. You know as he talked about you know this new breed of quarterback you know and I think cam is they know. Himself you know the size and as you know is that this be near the way he plays a position when you play traditional heel football. Eli did you play with let's say at Camden. Or Michael Vick how would that have changed your game. Yeah you want to just debt because it would have been able to big big show earlier because it took some time to learn how to run between the tackles. Right now comes I was I've played it. Mad Max it was 208 most of my career was mode 200 to dole. I wish he would be in good dodged it or take glancing blows sometimes from those past or do you tackle. But it took a long time to be able lineup to a pound Euro which is it is true Fiona you don't know what that is. At that I didn't port side of the bulk export side of the polling dark backside going for. Kind of like everything go to the one hole and ending here comes to run a background right behind it hopefully it cleared this built off that I eat it they're negative things. But mostly it's it's it's thank you get into the back of somebody and in and drive away. But I. I was able to master that over time because they realize it's all that motion going to the front side created at. Natural Beloit backside until I became a master of the cut back right that would. You know but everything and we go that way go that way go that way coming up the back door make it got myths and have a big broad and so. About an offense it was more spread it like they are now because the wrong path option because of as we talked about earlier with KM. Backside defender how. Have to pay attention to the quarterback you're meaning get to what the quarterback go out of boot in the comfort of about a good what a quarterback at the ball down. Right he's he's brought down the sideline and those days I was and that's kind of offers I think that would be able to use my aunt athleticism. I'm of course more back more to my advantage earlier in my career. Then having to build up the bulk up a good program between the tackles. I go police did the last three years Mike my years with the giants. Did you Barbara 1996. ACC player of the year the tribe of cave spring high school joy and there's so you know John just in front of absolutely loyalist whose morals and I today sticky. But they go to to harm us. James over to the Panthers and dolphins tonight across the way at Bank of America Stadium authority is under way. Here at the Coca-Cola doghouse and of course we are broadcasting inside the preferred parking studio tailgate with preferred at preferred parking dot com. Use code radio 20 loss to get twenty dollars off and sees important pass at our new event site. That's preferred parking. Dot jobs 70457. Or 96 or call us text us all the buildings that are tax a lot of Ed of course by the sort of probably Jewelers Twitter feed that child clearly WS Lindsay frank Garcia is off. To coach some football tonight as high school football is getting underway. The thanks to two barber fantastic conversation there were teach you talked a lot about. These two are a lot of characters he thinks that the excitement is justified. From the fan base in what they've seen so far need the roster upgrades and everything else and guys that's not a surprise that we agree with him we we think this team has a lot of folks there. Has improved itself immensely is certain areas now it's upped the coaching staff and those same players to put it altogether and it starts in the pre season as uneventful and maybe is on exciting is the pre season maybe to some of your not a lot of you you've just been Jones extra football still take whatever you can get put. You know three seasons a little bit of pride that we we know the players don't love it. You are you playing four games in the starters are playing all that much and try to get ready ready for the regular season but there can be some some meaningful work and games like this in tonight's. If you're looking for the likes of Kurdistan in OK and he and his second year ship that's that that injury plagued stretcher the first year of his career and he didn't come once you get a productive member of this offense can can DJ Moore. Continuing his development edit establish himself as an impact player is a rookie on the outside alongside Torrey Smith and and Cam Newton indeed had Devin clutches of everyone else and you know tonight for instance Ian Thomas the rookie tight end out of Indiana. What can he accomplish and at a hospital bring you Elvis as well because I know you're interest and some of these guys as well you Tom estimated sight and out of Indiana I didn't. I didn't like or dislike it Thomas quite frankly coming out into an iPod. I think I was in different I do that so I don't Indiana's offense is a got better over the past couple years now Kevin Wilson who was there who fired the player of his treatment he's out Ohio State. As a coordinator you know ironically enough put. You know I do it Thomas could probably play. But I didn't know how he would acclimate to the NFL so far so good at least you know what we hear so the moral that's storage and is there are a lot of players out there that's still to prove some things and there's reason to watch week to the priciest. Yet Dante Jackson is a guy who are really wanna see uniter and wanna see him get a lot of rats because if he's going to replace. If he's gonna if he's gonna step it'd be that number two quarter beside Jeff Brad very. I'd be very anxious to see how he does in this game in the next and I think that he's young guys just need as many brits are taking get in the pre season. The veteran guys that need to play we know what they are we know what can as we know it live just there's no real reason for them to play more than a series or two in the second game. Because the third Davis really to proving ground in the real dress rehearsal and then at fort Davis who's gonna be on the 53. So any I mean. But those are some of the guys public support and I know what it comes to Udonis. I think Udonis is flashed throughout camp I think he's done well I think he did well in the first pre season game and I continue to do that I continue to see and expect him to do the same. And I think that he's a guy who with Norv Turner and norv Turner's. Just acumen on offense and ability used tight ends and ability. To be in those those peaks set personnel I think that this is a guy who could really surprised some people in his rookie year and I'm super excited to see him tonight. No doubt about it 7045709610. Double take your calls or text your thoughts on tonight's game and you know if you have anything in particular the unified interest anger concerning nor. That is wherever you're watching for tonight is pre season games and as we know they they they can be particularly excited to can be fun but also being you know a little bit tough to follow. And it's exciting like it GT football game TP site you can get a glimpse of the few and I you can get a glimpse of a guy who might be able to provide some depth and there's certainly in the second week. Of the pre season writes like next week in week three with the patriots are in town here at Charlotte and you've got Cam Newton Tom Brady. You know playing more snaps than it ordinarily wouldn't and we too were reported a pre season. That's going to be early interest at a I I do policy camp tonight in his office you don't get some good work I want if they can work it out I'd like personally to see maybe some too tight end sets out there wanna see. A little bit more Christian McCaffery between the tackles possibly that's not sexy. But that's what he's got to prove to a lot of people sought out policy a little bit of that I wanna see CJ Anderson maybe catching some balls out of the backfield. There's a lot of things to look for tonight and we're gonna have a great crowd at Bank of America Stadium across the street. And right look at buildings that are excellent aztecs are well who's the backup quarterback big concern I think that's a big concern as well. And I know that's up frank earlier so that he felt like Garrett Gilbert and and Taylor how to keep played pretty much even. Last week and I I don't know I could see that I probably give it odds Taylor how to give myself but I'm not a professional film evaluate a stick that's for what it's worth. That said regardless of who he thought looked better last week I don't think either one of those guys a stab was themselves as a viable backup right now if the NFL. How did he certainly looked more mobile on he seemed to have a little bit he seemed easy to have a little bit more range in the pocket to be able to move in extend plays with his mobility. Such what do you asked if there was yeah taller guy that's why didn't get bigger larger division what offers coming out of high school. BN I think Dick I would I would agree you know obviously frank Garcia knows exponentially more about football and I will. Evernote. But I do agree drug dot height he flashed a little bit more than geared Gilbert in their first game up in buffalo so if I'm looking at the backup quarterback spot tonight really what I'm looking for. Is I'm looking for consistency publicly for guys who can orchestrate the offense publicly for guys are gonna step back with companies deliver falls on time. Publicly for guys who can get the ball to DJ Moore psyche seat which he Timorese. A little bit more I mean that's really what you look for our outlook for these guys to set the world on fire I just wanted to make any mistakes for talking about what's positive for this. Team right there look we got so our got a lot of Twitter handle children atop the Bradley Jewelers Twitter feature over the top sale or seat them your bird maybe he can be our punt returner this year. Maybe he hangs on as the sixth wide receiver. Eugene Robinson on the show yesterday I talked to Eugene you know probably what two months ago more than a half ago. As we were filming date after special NBC surely easy pick a so so Ohio under their birdie he loves to near Burt. And as recently as you know a couple of days ago to bear Byrd was still. Listed as the number one punt returner but aboard kick returner he's in that mix and that may be away for him develop not only make this team to continue to make an impact because. All of a sudden at wide receiver room is very very crowded that said. Before Damir Burke got hurt last year a lot of folks forget this. You know Ron Rivera and and Marty hardy company they were they were very pleasantly. I won't say surprised that they were just pleased with his progression and development as a wide receiver so. You know that that that's to speak nothing else the ceiling or or how good they think he can be ultimately but. He was doing the right things last year. And severe versed certainly at least put himself in a position due to bad to make this team this year even if it's only as kick returner punt returner 70457. Node ID six and keep sending data. Thoughts and concerns and observations. I do want to see you this regard I love this all the goalies that are excellent. There's a look you. Practice football. Let's every that were dollars in Nassau. That's like god it's a lot hesitant to do I love you practice football. Robs us knows. Edit I got. Oxidized advanced zero not withdraw it does it absolutely does. If there's no question about that it it doesn't mean zero because these these guys to get some reps in a matter to them in the long run to get better to hold some things to sharpen that offense. To get acclimated yet to right at the end of the day how much can we as fans and observers broadcasters take away. And not quite as much I looked we come back on the other side Joseph rose WQ I have a in Miami Beach color commentator all the Miami Dolphins broadcast crew he also played tight end for the dolphins Zayed Euro through to mid eighties. One of the great broadcasters on the great football guys. To talk football with you'll hear from him next his thoughts on the game tonight from the dolphins' perspective as the day as the fans line up tonight. What will Panthers fancy audio side of the football its next live from the Coca-Cola dog tells inside the preferred parking studio. It's Garcia Blaylock WS forensic. This is dolphins coming up shortly tonight the second week of the pre season three games last night's five tonight to have full tomorrow night is. We continue the long slow march to football season college football be here pretty soon NFL correctly after that and they're getting a taste of it tonight right here at the corner of meth and more had a Coca-Cola doghouse we're inside the preferred parking studios put. The football fans are the great city or outside enjoyed themselves party great music great beverages a great view. Get on out here at Sears the Coca-Cola dog tells the right now. We hear from Joseph rose WQA have 560s the morning that he's also a former Miami dolphin himself that he's on the Miami Dolphins broadcast crew color commentary. Here for each and every of the sixteen regular season games and Joseph we appreciate your time there where is the optimism level right now with this Miami Dolphins Fabrice. Well people down. Car right now very. There's just no. We don't have big but it's it's been it's been flat and no. After what happened a year ago so bad on the road especially. Just really struggled edge you know even against. The Panthers last year so there was a lot of those games so there really. This is truly discrete and support. He's shown improvement. Keep it better especially for a young guy to some of the veterans and of course why cameo pitchers is so second sort. And tight first after minutes and twenty straight games. I think it's truly important throw a lot of our guys on this team that they're gonna get better start with a quarterback. Worked through the draft class and some of the key. Free agent to an end treatment they've greatly Nazis. So Joseph you talked a second ago but you know getting better did in your estimation released from a personal standpoint on paper is this team better. I think they aren't just because right entailed a quarterback. I dual. All we cost to you know NFL 100 I literally a brick Puerto this year go to our web created and Tommy consume. Well I'd I do know how to gauge it coach of the Miami Dolphins want to Oster a lot better. I think he was disappointed you're going when things that in itself this team. And didn't fight back and were blown out in some games and and you know get a record against the patriots and then not wait another came in and things like that. Where you could seat potentially how good he could be when they dominated the patriots so I think some edged upwards. Was so it was really disappointing and the personality this team a year ago he can only got better players like my only question and get. I know they got better chemistry I know recruit group regards. The question UT got enough playmakers in guys to win football games and and that's what we got to find out the next couple weeks. Joseph what's the level of confidence bit and Ryan Tamils a big deal he's got so much potential and ability and all the things we've been talking about the injury certainly of her pretty slash it will where where's the level of confidence vote against. You don't with the the fan base but also the front office. Well fan base. Actually. 5050. Front office they're very good all right Danielle. He's sorry older guy I think he realizes this the so big year after being an Al a year and four games. That he really needs to shine he eagerly made it a great. They make certainly knows this is his team. These he's got a lot more local the players are doing to our guys are doing the right games. He's been out here he's basically since he's been injured this whole Nazis and he's a little bit there it opens training camp in BP. So I'm actually as CEOs is seems always good as he's got to be right like every city. He needs some help some guys around a but he knows everything there are all back on on him. So these gains even like the night you know second preceding game I don't wanna they don't get fired up about it. Seems maybe you wanna find out work cheek I coming back from injury. Or are dumb guys it's important. This is all part of that process to find out greet you gonna be what it cal chaired a few weeks. Talk to Joseph rose all the tech job just slides and I'd Panthers dolphins pre season game to end up there you go back to week boy enjoyed it sounds like mat per the defensive coordinator wasn't all that happy about us is defense is performer so much so there were some shakeups there in the second there is talk about that a bit if you will. Well and you're right I actually popular mass this morning. And the idea he he's just so it just makes no sense two good weeks of practice and just get pushed around and the front seven defensively that you thought would be good he thought the coverage would be it was bad and we can't put the ages. Especially early in the game just took it to warm. And I was really disappointed so you look tonight third round pick Jerome pretty girl probably played outside linebacker. You look kicked out storms well predict major Fitzpatrick probably get a plane as far as post safety. And I doubt Bobby McCain. Because the guys on the outside of not cover well enough you know we're gonna play a lot. Well Barbie McCain moved from the slot where they really like him now has to move outside and play corner. Our Joseph so you just in the context of this division. It obviously in the AFC east it's renewing those division for a long long time that they are as a dynasty don't think anybody even the most ardent haters can can deny that but is it. During an anti mean is this a year where the dolphins to make a lot of us believe the second best team in a division control content. Well I think most people if you ask him nationally they it is eight New England. It is clearly the best team continues Peter that the best game at almost Belichick and Brady Arctic the other. It's seen an increase seat and honestly. Are they now played two games we can solve last night and Brady actually played a lot and look recruited they look like you're doing the patriot game it looked good early on. You know they're gonna be ready you're still looking a whole you could be. The ball operates at got to play well early in the season at all. Look good start to be doing an early in the streets and are sheep you got to play well we can't agree to squeak in Europe are employing some. But you just can't wait right there a lot of times when that happens worsen or out of it it it doesn't matter. Right opens and I have to play a lot better complete. The second best team in the east are being seriously considering. Our quarterback situation for all the jets in the bill but there's still hope I mean this thing's not operations circuit. In any wanted to beat the pigeon took a look at the patriots. MI got to count those things include forever mad that this staying. I mean upper house or what I played Indian eighty blaster or part six shooters it you don't put in my short. This brings it close to two package or property. So I'd never seen anything like Kate and so I no longer go. Because I don't have to see it to believe it. You're right meta man that's why I asked the question because it sounds absurd to rights alone is Brady and Belichick are still there that's the assumption then it should be they deserve that but. At some what it does have to endure right now in nine years in a row. They've won that division fifteen out of the past seventeen which. Is such an historic raw Annette and not a whole lot of fuss was made about it's probably got the ultimate compliment if you really look at it that way but. Anyway you know Joseph are you an idea who's got it would it would do the same thing we we we talk every day about these teams of people love him we we tell stories what what's the best story. On this team credited as Miami Dolphins team right now who's got the best story. That they're actually felt like he'd already got ninety garbage you do it's a really really rich stories are real characters. RU. 480. That they don't really enjoyed being around poppy McCain. In digging Amendola who the last couple years played against each other means. He became public McCain kicked out the game fighting literally total parched. And it and now they're they're played against each other in practice. There are only two or three times where they got their way to mop. They compete. I think you're making each other putter but I just think its quality and wanna bet. I'm Kessel when one goes in knowing when they are serving all right same concern about each other. I try to open practice and make any three day. Like it took patriots giants game when are out there. So. We cut that would be one of my best story so 000 what scorn on. What those two guys always very very entertaining. You know joy got a chance to look to cover Isaiah four and last year they queued up unfortunately missed time with a with a knee injury but it sounds like three seasons going really really well for Metallica dolphins. You kind of realize they got a steal in the seventh round. Well absolutely. Local. I had it touched down oh last week. And had to get chance play a lot of football. The Motley Parker and Cheney still probably be out of this game and that just moves Isaiah Puerto. To get Morse perhaps it's silly to try not to keep your Coke they Columbia area what are the biggest question could be. It bad is apparently you're Perry. It's statin. Therapy that directors ER and which means don't have achieved a great writer Albert. It's or example that athletic quick boot. And they do really like M one A Peugeot receivers gotta make it. You're treated as group if not incredibly hot gate guru so look important you know it is being played out starting tonight. When all those young guys and get the plot. Our Joba for a lets you go I where we can't not talk about what happened between the Braves in the marlins' the other day it is a raw recruit junior. Jose Rendell I mean at this point we know what happened first pitch of the game I hit secure and do it it didn't make sense to me I thought it was unnecessary a lot of folks feel that way. A six game suspension and that's not just about a range of that's absurd to me because you're talking about missing a start you know for something bad bad egregiously dumb well how would what's been talked about a down there how. How's the big talk about what is your opinion on what happened and the suspension. I was so I was curious because I initiate and I thought you know who are. Usually fainted due to a guy that's been on fire with a great young players. Worship and hitting leadoff home run streak electoral opponents aren't straight games. It's been unbelievable there's no question he purposely. Threw Andy told sort of you know it might have. Monarch and although I think was headed for the back the other woke got away. I can just look at it and I was curious you're going Mattingly was gonna have to say and I'll be really disappointed they keep that it is. During yet anyway in any. He want to make it clear. We don't tolerate that stuff or not do when he tragically young clerk he can kill it as owning your home. And any attempt he wanted support maybe to any weight so I thought it was good pretty good. How long program I think the good news since Acuna artwork and it was a Bakken light and got a leadoff single last night will want to worry though they lost. I think that's a big part of this thing. Our Joseph why don't we were really quickly with that in my Derek Jeter is he's unpopular now she was a few months ago amid. A lot of folks there on our judges would like to believe that it has a play and what what what you say budgets everyday of the week. You know my arm. We surprisingly. Very disappointing to have not a great. No relationship with a little brother Baptist non. Our three key got to wake up call when he got down here. All eyes and thought his popularity can build New York Yankees is they can out there amid all the great players who were engaged digital or become the doubt here. In the middle of this Mets. Call my New Orleans and so that they keep it right off the bat. I'm locally Campbell they took it Kelly just that whole experience. So it would be a shortstop and showed that could be an attempted. Compared derided everything. And now and it ended organization to meet a lot of six. So absorbed. I think he's getting better. Start about sweeps. Bob and so it's no plate outbreak we got a whole wall what you hope I hope your cute Derek Jeter is never removed there's like Wilfork likeness. I Joseph rose former tied in Miami Dolphins and of course now dolphins broadcast crew 560 WQA no doubt in my NN dot. Man I enjoy the game tonight and your name actually comes and I was absolutely reviewer you got a lot of fans in this building just so you'd originally probably comes a more than you realized got a lot of fans we appreciate your dominant. Well look we'd like become an apartment likely won't burn down to about two hours away and we don't get to go to Charlotte so thank you met. Absolutely we're proud to do we'll talk to see a bigger Joseph rose W joy in my rejoinder so that's the job just like. Back final segment good thanks to Joseph rose WQ I live in Miami former dolphins tight end and for the broadcast crew we'll be. Hi it's not bank of America tonight on the call. For the dolphins. Panthers and dolphins that I Bank of America Stadium the streets now you see the the perk caution folks out there make it a racquet. Under the bridge in the streets here on and on that street defense filing in that direction and I have not only heard tale but it now seems photographic evidence. That Panthers owner new Panthers owner David tepper has been out tailgating. With senators fans today Alcoa was out walking around to locating his fans and ingratiating himself to this fan base here in week two of the pre season that is really really cool to see still. As you would expect here. In the other middle of August was a pre season football people Jones and fourth the excitement level is I want to get an. If you could make it out tonight maybe is still can't get out here or stop by after the game if you can't though come on bias is the Coca-Cola doghouse for every single. Carolina Panthers home game pre season regular season post season we're always here have a good time and deputy head. They cure pregame and postgame festivities. Make us your part of what should there will will make it worth your while all right before we head out that I let's see what's on suited. What's on today. Hi all this brought to you operate at all propane and bring it home propane dot com is where you'll find of these guys are the best job during company. If you like to grill it's part of your life it's a specialty your as a hobby you love. Throwing meats and vegetables over an open flavored you gotta you gotta check up right at home propane because we'd run out they'll bring you attack they'll hook it up they'll take Viet do wanna lay and you know there's just no other place to be if your grow faster such as well myself on this role ordered us thus it was on TV tonight that is the Little League World Series 6 o'clock. Ought to yesterday and also with six on fox sports one and A Torre drag racing it. Greater nitro 7 o'clock golf the US amateur on fox sports one and tennis. The western and southern over on ESPN 2730. NASCAR's Saturday series food city 300 on NBC sports network. 8 o'clock for a Little League World Series on ESP had a Web.Com tour golf the Golf Channel at 8 o'clock. And a bunch of horse racing after that check your local listings for baseball. And tonight the the preceding games of course watch the victors here locally on WC CB and hear the call our sister station the flagship station of the Carolina feathers. WPC eleven indicted got Floyd three. And there should be a good job with it for two or back on Monday to break it all down excited about that actually got to like Jeff Bob that is such a hurry Osborne got a gorillas left. I saw tip my cap to you. One person one group of people of first person to suggest you have a lovely day great job of studio gates keeps everything on the rails I've done that for years for your back in the studio you're not out here. Tip of the cap Devin great job thank you so it's a for the jets to a couple of thieves thieves thieves savory. In Atlanta Georgia is still 98000. Dollars worth of Rama noodles and hey decimated at these speeds in order to steal 98000 dollar further Rama noodles. Still 520000. Text of Rama noodles. From 853 foot. Eighteen Wheeler trailer. Let's yes facial an entire trailer of Rama noodles all 50520000. Tax to speak after the because quite frankly that's pretty damn. Press and who says donors on iTunes. Oh says donors can also be high achievers oh my goodness all right well I'm gonna tip my cap. Facetiously yeah. It's a visually baseball dispirited and Jose you're just six games all levels that battled on battled vision it's gonna visit us dorks do better that's terrible figure it out. We'll pitcher breaks the rules. Five vehicle what suspension. The other matches what position players get when they screw up anyway. Believe that'll overlooked as the full ball boys or girls enjoyed can't wait to talk about it on Monday we'll see event for strikes hit bad Osborne added up childless is very Garcia Bailey WS and they. Shake. Anybody what does that do they'll blow your mind. That just happened.