Garcia and Bailey H4: Taylor Zarzour and TWATF.

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Monday, April 2nd

Frank tells his best scar story, and Taylor Zarzour tells us what to expect from Augusta National this week.


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But Garcia. Well now the minute they'll consider sex why does nothing but request for instructions on how to cut the court. Seriously I mean. If I mean most people are released and I would say 35 and above. I'm just estimating right sure wouldn't have any idea what you're talking about. From you know that the because you know we've always done a certain way sure right and still I'll read to be and I even have no problem doing that you know learn some. And stellar in The Who giving vent over you know from your cable companies that you have these other options firm you're a quarter of the prior. So think about it is your if your let's say your non sports fan. And you know you're paying hunter him I don't know fifty bucks a month for television and Internet or once every five whenever some little prince who are bought a -- to pay 200 bucks a month for everything included. How many sales you thanks for the should not watch and if you're not a sports fan. And ESPN has deemed most expensive carrier rates among any network and cable bundle so your pay and you know 1520 dollars a month just for ESPN networks alone. Well you kind of get screwed boom and so that that's it's kind of an antiquated business model for the consumer. But that the but isn't just finish huge moneymaker for the television industry so they don't molecular Batman and just under right now cutting corners not that difficult because we of people asking about know how to do this we got some great suggestions on the spot away people who were already doing it. But I said look my set a business I have an hasty and set up a good 45 free channels over the year I don't my networks are just. Even if my Internet is out on a Sunday was a storm comes through we're not even that because I can be affected but a semi regular Zell for any reason on a Sunday but the Panthers play on fox for a sixth or on WB TV one generates the antennas of back of a never gonna miss a game. But now what do splitting as YouTube TV mostly with my parents at 36 dollars a month putters now they wanna save some money too I'm paying all sold out the door Internet and for my service 58 dollars a month. Guess he's gonna side gig true wherever I want to call and or talk to you about this and go do it to us so much for sure. No small feat no doubt about it. Your court Carter boys. No I haven't yet I love. I'm a big TV watcher I liked terrestrial TV you know. Like to feel the local channels. Also loved cables Leila what's HBO Cinemax on the I don't I don't in and out of the London where you are consumer. I think. I just like those channels I'm not a Netflix guy yet I haven't got into that I do watch on demand a lot. But I'm not necessarily yet they get there eventually guys haven't yet. I'm I'm just a traditional TV cable guy and this is a 175. Bucks a month usually goes firfer is for every general I wanna get all my own and will be now Oracle's push just because I like that. It's what makes me happy I'm there now I am not not the norm. On what compounds in slow a good percentage that would do that. So again I'm asking questions over here like I'm young dislike learned about. You know the newest invention you like or they really have cars to drive the course and appellate court those kind of things are. They'll but what if you have multiple TVs. But I do I didn't Alter multiple broken down and looked on that cost 45 dollars for every one of those already had a then I'm saying. It's a onetime investment you know you you pay let's just receiving decrease every five dollars for for three brokers and done you don't pay for details milanese that's still less than half one cable bill. And image you you don't have to take that every month no no you insisted it's as little device so was it basically the roku. The two are Google Chrome. Apple TV. On Amazon's fire stick they're all the same thing you know it it's basically you plug it in your television it's a platform where you can watch HBO Netflix Hulu you know any number maps that you want law and. And I apologize to all the geniuses out there you know that you we're gonna have a need a lesson morning on this jet into a learning lesson here because again this like. You know I just realize we have a car and oxygen you know it'll walk anymore. Let's wrestle. We'll silly but does it right here is that I tried joining the force must a sports perspective it wasn't good enough opted for DirecTV commitment but that's simply because you haven't. Done the right thing that's okay because it's yeah these these are uncharted waters from those people because we're we're all kind of figuring out exactly where this thing is going why. Don't you actually like I I've I am a traditional guy like being stuck in the cable Esteban I really. And think about does it mean for for our generation Tony a single serve 5035 in the of you know I don't know if that's the right generation I guess that's next generation before you don't colonials but. No we used to have as kids those little cards that use your push into the back to the that'd be a cable box and that would give you all those channels but it's. I don't know how little that was actor and so all this stuff I just assumed you know the cable cutter were just talking kind of you know under the breasts a little bit so nobody would know nobody here it was like a little secret club. Well for people who don't wanna pay for anything other than Internet you better have your parents cable password to know to watch ESPN but if you don't mind they would YouTube TV I'm telling you that's a woman I go with. It did last trip to six streams so unibody can split and it goes 36 dollars a month to eighteen dollar and it all the sports channels you need to get all the ESPN's all the regionals I did in LB network and an NFL network I had everything I could ID AA and the YouTube TV offers a DVR service so you can record yourself and watch your back the fact there's limitless ZZR. Little ST I I don't know what got so excited about this or you mean he's like so. Being CE. He's selling this right now I have an impassioned about it because I did people get ripped off I really do my dad in Florida steals my last deal modem for illegally takes my Brothers cable from Comcast Chicago I guess every bears bulls hawks did everything it as a possible. Also there's also your right. Fire stick and he's he's good fit there. Currently exists only days when the FBI's and so today as I was taught. That extremism my emerging as a channel. Yes the water Joey watches this is a phenomenal. My TV now. There's not yours that's the size of that cal hole so those are your desk and a mirrored TV from Chicago that's probably yeah that is a nice let's go to showed some real quick showtime with somebody. We're going nobody other than to. Hey hey hey I can't ami the conversation about that. Include the network through back at what happened there at the time. If you want to apply it create by itself you can't buy it by got a body out there. That's just. It's what making it quite well but I did this at Augusta and that actually. You know targeted cut through our rate of its network that's big charge and a cable companies to be able to want to note network so. It's too far away that now want part of yep yep what the other part of it is well. I know up about it so what are the capitalistic type. So what might you tell people of Tibet went on being threatened. Certain stream every count but it happened but I think that the Internet network for jobs that are there about the credit army equipment tables. Now hold a second hole and so tumbled on such demand because there's about a month I'm not trying to hurt anybody and because of the matter how I would be helping -- more people then got hurt like that Bennett the march of time were all victims Tibet right people used to build a horse and buggy Steelers portion shares as of the carriages for hours about the big you know they lost their jobs I was -- doesn't crash that hasn't happened so not trying to put anybody out of work as a matter of fact for more people would save a whole lot of money but do we need to switch but I don't care of the people there unhappy with what I'm doing I'm talking to the people who are asking for advice that's all into your first point. About the everything you said about the first part was right the bottom line is how much money are you willing to spend. Right and for those that don't wanna spend a lot of money or don't have a lot of money to spend if they can take away a 150 dollars a month from cable bill still wanna watch sports league got it all right there. I mean that this channel and better yet what to apply our when we talk about it I didn't. You got you know something to actually try this activity be. I don't know what to hold back that reliability now we not know what what what particular cut up top it would get all of these different. Out on the console so outlets. We didn't streaming into different network what eventually happened at some kind of public gonna come out in that respect. I two bit company. You know I epithet and it could happen without. A doubt because of the appearance in my that would actually wanted to especially that you Abbott dot but it marketing. Yeah I'd I think I appreciate the focal I have no idea was bitten by a goal and for their anointed. Sounds like he works for nor the table comes in maybe there's maybe doesn't I don't know and by the way we are talking about reliability even cable everything you get from your cable box comes from in tennis the intent has received the signal and and send him through the cable to your attention in my mind. I'm continued prayer. It's bad business decisions president. I've heard a comeback consumer targeted tailors are serious did SEC network also Westwood One he'll be I'm sure on the call for the masters. In Augusta here this weekend and he may already be on the dust on a butcher where years but Taylor will join us next and up. You know I was gonna ask the spring football push him comfortable so towered over five minutes so we're gonna at least talk some golf maybe some sprinkled with swells Garcia Billy. My intention or showtime what does work for cable company. And that's that's that's why he wasn't sacked defending the cable industry is understandable it is totally understandable nobody wanted to do self preservation is part of who we are human beings that said. You know there was a day in time where to the guy who. He ran a typewriter company was put out of business earlier in my work toward wasn't a human being but judge just the march of time things evolve technology changes and it things become more efficient and hopefully less expensive and that's just kind of where we are and this is Alan no. I say this all the time when we touch on that topic it's fires people up you can see immediately on the buildings that are sex like the second we start talking about cord cutting. Blows up hundreds of taxable build excellent excellent and all coming in all once and activity is crazy. You know but it's it is interesting conversation and if you wanted to sell about that until surgery shot on Twitter that we owe back child really WS frenzy and and I'll kind of walk you through my set up but. I'm I'm really happy with so lush and if you want so are some people have been and I'd be happy to answer any questions because it's gone really well from it. Are 70457. Or 96 to and are still got some time left to go world according to strike is coming up in fifteen minutes. Pardon me butts off talks a masters. And I'm we're we're inundated in this our next guest. Taylor sorcerer's going to be in Augusta later this week and that's a trip and I can't wait to make it is joyous on the tech job just slide in Don Taylor first of all appreciate admitted if you're gonna run one horse this weekend in Augusta who debate. They have such a tough question but at that battery and I'm so I did that it it's a tough question because I think it possibilities are endless this year. That's oriented basis so I think any minute and really. Plate without tiger I mean if you look at what they've gained what like free tiger expelled enormous air I think. In the last few years have been better than that where bodies. Twenties some independent still play in a way he's playing right now. All those stories are exciting couldn't get a lot of guys that are played really well that are popular players are some of the best in the world. But beyond me they all the work. That they all are nothing compared to to tiger mean it is. If he win the masters at. One of the greatest sports stories ever Mimi turner and talk in terms of a comeback story got it is so much damage to himself personally or professionally it. What is our you've been through and begin playing the way he's playing right now is incredible I don't think any of us him included. Sought happenings so. Put all that together and there are a lot of it there auditory. You know are peeling or you gonna win the Epoch or some I'm going to let him. But I'm taken McIlroy I won't let on they know a couple of weeks ago special party which is good terrible what couple years. And he has he has in trusted Brett Saxon what he does or bet potter all time to help him with his putting game in which really made it. Big change so yeah if that happened until Peter Green he's the best golfer in the world and expect I'd certainly. And it is middle of putting putting you cannot. Complete the career Grand Slam on Sunday. You know Taylor in the world in the sporting world that we have stated to is kind of doing away with rivalries you don't see many of many more you don't have much history or tradition and those are going to be doing push besides this is the one thing that we can always look at to be consistent what's your favorite tradition at Augusta. Can't beat frank that's great or not they are so many. What that thing that that I love the most is. How inexpensive it here at the buy food there. Yeah I think. That was an important. You know I mean they're they're they're so I mean I ally Spain and quarter outlook adapters that the green jacket ceremony and what your order. No matter how they played no matter if they just at their heart poured out like Gordon's speed. Or if they've missed the cut like any well they have to be there on Sunday to get the jacket so mean that. There are a million dialogue in it in the plate this commitment to perfection is really only rubble but it will but it appears. I'm thinking or oil. So why the new world that it got that apple like but wait it everyone treat you. It's the same thing it like eating its thick blade he needs some do you need a rebuilt like every year. Attic up the national state if if a member wants to make sure your happiness credible experience. While you're there so I develop their peak but I. Meaning people could make so much more money. Breaking out if they stole raptors merchandise throughout the other big one we could hear it like they could sell you know they're. World famous men achieved or X salad or chicken and archer Barbeque sandwich for. Fifteen dollars instead of three. They develop import beer you know operator not an element for two I really appreciate. Ought to stop it be that good that though. Opera that the couple. You know it's a Ted Taylor yeah I start looking at this tournament and yeah the starters. You know the new chairman. Is going to be. You know there you know given out the signals to you know which T group is coming out and there's just going to be a little bit different feel this year than what's been there in the past tell you don't know Arnold. You know Jack we'll still be there but I'm not sure food court and if I'm wrong seating the opening tee no that's not who wins but. You know the they beaten that the guy bit Billy paying. You know has kind of bending just this starts this whole thing off and he's no longer going to be doing it this year. Yeah Fred Ridley is the guy now on here has been in charge of competition. And he has always been kind of on the top competitive but not that they're barely though the social side you know I'd need like Billy Payne and Rudi Johnson are the most recent chairman national or more no doubts. You know diet or or more of up from political standpoint just so good it. It making sure that everyone was taking care out. On in Billy was obviously brought the Olympics to Atlanta so me is it just don't know that at the Rupert shaker and that it is very good in terms of dealing with other people but the spread it is at that it was not known for that credit come from the side all the actual tournament committee. In making sure that the the proper role followed it that there's any kind of issue I got the Brett I think it most famous moment was when he had to explain what happened that tiger would you like it. You know a few years ago back in the water he was kind of paper that. Our national so it is gonna have to appeal and in when he welcomes everyone to determine on Thursday morning. That'll be a moment to China and I think crawl it you can't go that you've got oppressed copper on Wednesday. And any offer going to be there obviously bot or capital under active and reject it to the letter in Jackie and it. And hit the shot this year. Jack and Gary are still out there on the first deep to right I mean last year was so emotional it Arnold we go up there are no I'm probable. She bit but he practiced and I'm pretty crushed it to such a great job with that. So it it's it's been a little different there on the first issue here. I think we're all excited yet turned out. Total retailers are there serious accident. ESPN SEC network and of course Westwood One as he is headed to Augusta later this week Taylor as it always matters. When tiger walks through the door and in this case you know when he drives up but. You don't come and also what he did for those Valspar ratings and then the Palmer you know him being in contention every shot there on Sunday. And now playing his first masters in three years how much does it matter who stopped. You can't go back there about out four and got a five point one rating don't want people to understand the PGA championship Charlie's got a pretty quick there. The US open last year three point one you open championship three point one it destroyed. Three major championships. About our championship which has. Current recognize is that. 25 that our Middle East but just in Hewitt then how bad they everyone in. But tiger coming back and playing it to rubble from the so I think that. If he is in contention on Sunday. Then we all of a sudden and out one of the biggest sports story that inning ever and ever seen anywhere in the Carter meant. It will take it really well it'll be at the copilot and ball in. Pop which general sport overall view it that it is welcome that the sport is in niche sport. Without tiger and I am the first to admit outlaw it I'm gonna follow it no matter who's out there on the golf course but just weird guy. Day it played at a level not about that ever seen or maybe you'll each picture yet go first say. Tiger was doing well round two doubt in no one has ever done before her. In for him to completely fall apart. Personally ample special interest Bobby to follow part and it forty tutor come back. An app one at a high swing speed on to work you know I was prepared so that it be one thing it. You know tiger can help walks so will go out there once or twice and fine you know I don't know if you've been at this great round now working up a guy that looks really healthy and and that's what. All are prized by so. I really what I'd be surprised if not next on on Sunday. Don't worry a little bit about some of those loose drives stall at bay hill in in Tampa and the lack of trust that it's. We did striker. Not just short game is terrific so in that that's what makes me think Beatty can be in the next on Sunday I don't know I'm ready to pick him and then while I don't act or stop the recently. I think that that could be a factor for tiger down the stretch but I fully anticipate. Written black on the board Sunday was shot to win at. You know Taylor's there's different things that I'm sure that we all love about you know each different major you know for example the British Open you know you can have. It may be an older guy you know come out there and get it done and win if he manages itself ran the court is courses putter gets hot but it is for gusto you gotta be a long ball here you gotta be older turner a little bit and are you gonna be able to put lights out. You know but you don't control of your irons is more of those things that you have to have as well anytime you start talking about our employees. Talked about you know guy like Jordan speeds who's been incredible with his irons even though he had a claps but. The sentimental favorite is hard to say that Phil Mickelson this year might be a sentimental favorite. Can he have anything left in the tank at 4647. Years old. They're very similar we saw Freddie couples do several years ago to be in contention at the end of this is well. Yeah I think did he said you know after he had a really good web reporting but he needed the went. Court got it because these are our real problem now older you get the purpose he get. And still has been pursued that daddy says. Stretch you watched in Mexico. He was really nervous as he was battling just been Thomas to try to get into that playoff in and beat him in the play well I think those nerves. Will be and well nearly beat is up big factor because he won that part of it now. Instead spoke not a one term our ears member gonna do it again. So I think that it actor Petit your point higher just about but never been a national sport that don't follow all religious Willie. National is the stick prototypical. Second shot golf course meaning that there are plenty of places to Mr. T instilled a champ into the green which you have to be. In sporadically precise. With your iron play in the back the speed quite so well that week in and pocket so much better in Houston I think. Egypt and some confidence going and he's always going to be a factor it got done. Just the rose is turning into this generation Tom wiped off our overlook these are off and so many chip. Or second place finishes there never got it done and wrote this cannot turn an indirect guy now a step when he can't block that to win. But he is IndyCar or credible Stryker about why I I just I don't know that I ever seeing somebody. With better iron play and you know. It comes down there at the competency has incited to and speak to make pot when he should mirror years ago here Charlie you're one shot the Balboa. So that's another got a lot this week that's playing. Extremely well so our I can't wait and that we do we have. I think we have ten to eighteen guys that most yours you would see is one or two of the statements that so many died in the that the top of the that topical world rankings are buying well. So many. One that is a great number one in the world and no one talking about duct and got everybody behind in a blank screen went well right now. I'm pat made it would be get it done quickly and play right here at that in the net you know and it out and they'll but the play. He is putting has been a big problem and metrics it is nearly done that we. Or give them if that dark liquor in those slippery stuff always thought OK we don't have time for all that we don't have time for all that I Taylor got about fifteen seconds vanity like tonight Villanova Michigan. I'm going to miss ticket why not you know what they'll be up there. And I I don't know that such an incredible pre witchy team. But I have a feeling that John Beilein defense is going to be unlike any think don't know it'll be an airplane well. Dominic go with partner in the bully to win and be want to get irked by. Like I like average six organized a tale yeah but it's. They chairman's a Steelers are a series XM ESPN SEC network and of course Westwood One it. On the PGA he'll be on the call this weekend for the masters down in Augusta we come back. There's the world according to strike. Time now. For the world according. To for an. The world according to front. Frankly what I asked you a question. Regarding the cost of a way of doing it well what do you think the average cost of waiting years in 2000 them eating. It's a great question. How many people. Would just to law doesn't allow for Linda I don't. A suss I'm sounds funny but it. Let's say 20200. And yet doesn't wanna deal did put the west that's that's a team speaker letting bigger right yeah. I heard person wedding he's usually. No right about X. You know what most people prepare is that it appears I'm un told Woodward we're inviting 200 and some people that's a big wedding I don't know that's just do it that's a big way I'm doing until quarter or what she's June repaired the didn't hear from him his dignity what do you think the register new numbers for the and we think the average cost of winning does the United States. Anywhere between 300 people. Ten and 151000 dollars OK I just saw a headline that the that illegals or cost cutting. Not spending as much money on what links. But the average cost is still 26000. Dollars to ask cost for what is horny it's not popular I was getting married I was gonna say in the twenties yeah design I you know. I just know people who got married and they sent out. She averaged India Africa and it might be a millennial leverage and not really sure about that but still I'd I'd that's not a crook that's what I would have. We're we're we've just I would say 40000 dollars would have been probably somewhere a little you know ten or fifteen doesn't cause you get one for way less and that trust me this question why do people spend so much money on weddings we you can spend it on actual cool stuff like the honeymoon it's it's not the guy. It's not your kids are not the guy you're right it's dream missed the dream. I think while he you know this is the one time I'm gonna do this am but. You know that sometimes you know dreams don't come jerk. And I'm not everybody can be no Cinderella so your little girl comes uses data don't want had a swimming is gonna cost you 30000 dollars. No she would tell me how much is gonna cost OK but I wanna have this wedding did you find out you know 303540. Grant. A lot of money as a good doctor mom how. Perfect and it's. Yeah. It takes you behind occurred in my Friday morning in Chicago and our Sports Radio convention and wanna give your take on this frank because I was. I had to I got a dilemma. The water was supposed to be turned off from 12 AM to 1 I am overnight don't talk to Radisson blu from taking place and all that. Well all of them for 646. And under. Well watered it more kids full. I woke up and AM Dallas position of the dilemma of Q I use the cold water in the sink to kind of freshen up all right go to the really awesome locker room area it's a nice hot shower on floor to with a bunch of other people who like heat on 465432. Or start getting used the fitness center facilities for their shower. But 11 Freddy Garcia have done in the position you either relay either tell I was close then we'll have a 745 made a clutch hitter Tony it's I decided time I considered. Gig solid with a cold water rosters of the bush people undies that's. He's not taking Sharon was a no pitcher in this same vicinity of the bunch of people in new years you never know tiger is we never know I. A shower of man I happen I know sandals like I mean I know say must use. Protect defeat from getting any kind of material so it's I'm just I'm just getting what you will trigger cigarette in my situation if I had enough time. A dead I'm going at it and I was rushed. I'm taking a warm shower that is what I did. I waited in line for about twenty minutes I was damn they're spread out gonna be late because too long any other people we're doing is in the I had these in the united. Off the debt that would be the problem that was the rust spots no sitting down there waiting for summer to wash their ass. And finish the details that it was. Normally he's gonna rush because liberal weight on you especially if the. All things awkward at the gym is only off. It's really all from a guy I stated we were to the battle Bristol would detect in Tennessee couple years I slipped outside next to thunder road drag strip and we there was a public shower. And they did just thousands of people tail gating within about a hundred yard radius this cold shower so you're showering with thousands of strangers and everybody's in her everybody wants him back to the what you're saying so it's not quite the same thing the distance community shower things out. Superior but here's the thing you have to know right I mean you only get like certain certain maritime down their reason before we start considering finds herself so you know you gonna click here search you. Don't care chick in the undercarriage you don't get to do you know sticks in public places why don't. Don't get to hang out down there. Had that noted I don't bring into their salary well not really either shower stalls are they communal shall know that there they were shower stalls at the curtain they're very very nice it was beautiful town. Plessy sailor there are communal basically split but the nice girl didn't lines are just like tea time and what did the guy had to use I take it fifteen minutes I come off overall weight your talent out Diana supported her you gotta Ernie. Be that that would be no peace and national average taking showers. Freaks. 88 minutes these national average. I want you to yeah I usually about ten minutes and all of that and I'll tell you experience remiss longer in that region south on their I was in this off like five results also lasts up to get in on a shower. He has lost that war trees just lost a lot faster. I just undercarriage everything was good I was like on the united soccer meant more channels like to know Sydney can explain why he was the only person at the table with a Friedrich. That's a good night's episode actually does not soda. That is all I drink now and is designed to do is fruity drink that was killing our please can we please can we please dude that are singing idea. You're your brother Irish twins right now you are you Irish twins we're fraternal. Cool your actual international slim fast I thought they were Irish to know that's he's mineral and oh this explains everything. I was just like I thought you were Irish twins and that it was just an uncanny resemblance to your actual twinge Gloria makes way more sense to me though there was fraternal twins it bothered me all we can now. We're talking to combat much alike but that makes sense maternal lethargic easier if you know there's a second hit and run around the world. This was a lot better shape is a sound familiar but there are there to hit man isn't this what used to do little severe to oh yeah we all have but I mean I just would you see them side by side it's spooky. It's really not mean that they can call like tag team heavyweight champ back in the day. No it has done a really nice job moos taking care of themselves on net that was put to the test to Chicago for five days command I had a really challenged mezzaluna restaurant Chicago. Possible or not he's just does does does rumor. Not loom on the ice pizza Mel now. Now not easy matter is there's no better and you know better than I do a better than your doesn't loom on IDs is phenomenal also Michigan he said yes that little bit like little silly little little Italy area Michigan avenue. Select more go to different places you know when I'm playing in the NFL he traveled to the city's. And you kind of get the local vibe of what's the best restaurant gets into close second Gibson's a steak house which was you know very nice airlock to guys who go to but told the wait was forever. You you we weren't looking for pizza joint in your in Chicago we want to deep dish pizza and we don't windows and including those in Chicago it's different than any other place. Because it is kind of threw the kitchen as yet the underground Ter torque so you know not everybody just says sometimes have to wait and you know we. We're lucky enough to go and kind of meet the chefs and washing spurred the sauce and put the marks on them accent and I. I'm on the pizza and a after that I don't just from scratch so they're just different experience. I've resigned to his no more than 35 degrees each day and standardized if not it's because it was but COLT. It was and why why does it buckle I don't know there guys I'm dressed. ISI deposit as a clubs that are did an excellent round of time president so let's get frank what's this story had about a scar on your body who. Are gonna do when the takes a little while. I hit it's it or no I don't expect him to close either version right around. I was playing golf not a girlfriend with me on the card you know we were hit and now we're not their you don't drove one down there in right behind me. You know comes reject Jess has come right through. Right you know there's there in their carts and they hit an enemy. You know and in the first time military man we're down here you know I'm in my here's a girl or just playing golf you know mobile ourselves and if they do it again so our turnaround. And I fire they're golf ball that went and actually our turnaround and acted up in a fire right back and that's the ultimate power you know and you are here they come. You know high school and high school now here they come rolling down. And you know one of the guy gets out stars challenge and he stars do don't in my face and I said listen buddy. He wants is the American your cart in if you don't it's not gonna turn out so well well for so he grabs a club out of his back. So what my sources do not gonna take tomorrow when I grab a club out of my. My bag and if so next thing you know he swings I dislike like I'm Darth Vader sword fighting and we're sort flooding but when he hits the clubs shatters. So. He's like making a move to go back to his bag and much it sure I'm not gonna I'm not gonna. I'm not on the bridge. I'm not gonna break every damn club in my bag. And a break every damn club in my bags are run out of Durham and I tackle him and as I tackle him. The club that he and Marty broke you don't try to scratch is my back and I have a scar there's still cents is Chris and I told them as I get on top of home. Listen. You know he has chores. And so you if you guys get this car his choice is gonna be die. Going back carts and get up a hill and I let him go in as he got up was no court. I made a walk up the hill like kicked him in the ass is way up and that's my best Garth Stewart's. You look drugs commit don't but didn't tell. Stocks are bad so I causes don't but fingers didn't work out really come back yes as far as. I can tell us things are so. Very good at merits a garage door to Randolph is next this Garcia and they look. Just so good during the break his Chris Kroger jumps in those freighter that. It is very difficult. In this day and age to keep the crime Jordan team freshen sonic. And it's been awhile since I've seen one that actually made me really laughed when somebody superimposed decrying Jordan name over tough assistant g.'s face in that wheelchair over the weekend. It was the funniest damn thing has seen in weeks and I was weak on Saturday that when got to meet him until death. It would look there if there were some disrespect to sister Jean over the weekend yes that's sister company. Yet people jump and honor all should look she's the front. Broader she's leaving the game early really to grab the lead two minutes to go she does that every game so she can meet the players immortal hug and a kiss some words incurred in winner lost in a win or lose so she did it again on Saturday and a I see I know she's okay big belly around a lot of little Dick she's 98. 98 they had probably over 300 people in her press conference says they called one for the bastard oh yeah and as the she was doing hers right next door they had couple loyal players as there they had like literally 32 isn't actually you know that was fake news or a little bit more than actors I talked to a body mind works in San Antonio does news there. And guy he was in the players' press conference he said when he first started out yet there were so it's only a few media folks he so by the time you've really got ratcheted up there more people than that. We saw people so defeat the screen shots that you don't vs their slice Luke may nobody cares about the players how was Santonio. It's great we know what this I love getting their for the final four you get in for a couple of days in the by the time. Day three day four rolls around you ready to go Kazaa 200000. People. Commented town just for the event on topples. What's already the seventh biggest city in the country club for San Antonio you don't like the population is big grin as you probably saw when you were down there him I'd San Antonio school but that did the downtown kind of infrastructure. You know it's it's it is a strain on it and everybody wants to go to the river walk right so you know 100000 extra people on the river walk in the river walk for those who never Ben it's gorgeous. Buddy it's about his wide in some areas as this. Table or at right now and I don't know what happened this week and it's good you factoring that in you know do you have vol. Basic training graduation from from like an air force based on there at the same time they can get really a crowded aren't actually just surprised with all the adult beverages that were consumed nobody fell into the river. I'm dead serious. That many people it's that I eat that much alcohol how did nobody fall into the river over the weekend if that's the biggest upset of the weekend. That ever went yeah it's awesome that aren't so I saw you yesterday. Teasing that you've got the perfect guest for the national JOK per guest host session so I don't think he could be any better at 3 o'clock and I gotta gotta give myself a little bit of credit I did Jesse but it took me a little while to realize your first guest Syria color for our next guest is a mistake in at but I. We drill able. Hyping this right is the no no no. That is unpleasant a real wait until the show stars here for the underdog he won't know until 3 o'clock am got entrance music player and all that sort of soft ORI almost like at WW we like ring entrance. I imagine there might be some smoke there's fire is that door swings open uh oh the B a crowd pop all that stuff yeah. So it does so basically the same is true and his coach X gonna do it when I retire there's but that and this comes just talk about that drugs because. We had you know we had a little bit. The conversation back and forth more than you know we're we're deciding sank in that you know who should be whether it be Houston or you don't get releases swings the other. I person receives you know. I I wish list of the opinion that's a roast is checked off more boxes from what I personally was looking for in this is where you don't. God bless this team mics to speak at a certain point in my mind because we don't we get on Jerry furlong time with a painters of hey Gerry can you communicate what's going on within your organization. I would love to elect Mike I'm cool if you think this feature team uncle feeds and does the right guy for the job why did I hear why. Can you explain if not permit cut checks they made the job he's gonna do but can I hear from the guy who hire Mitch Kupchak figures out why one Mitch. It's not just in FO at such as a friend Michael. And I think it too we get answers like that we all just kind of you know they've heard this from the basketball side of things now from a business side but basketball side we just kind of doubt. Right well skeptical exactly you meet the demands what bush titles but he didn't really just iconic. Franchises sip you know in all sports in Kobe Bryant as well so how does that translate right now that was a transit actually Carolina and I can make an argument by the way did that works both ways it works to to why he had success I could also say. You know. We never really got to see if he's actually due to doing some of the GM stuff. Without great players it's the same thing we say about Phil Jackson it's the same thing we say about pat Riley's. Greatest coaches in NBA history when did not have superstar talent. There exists that works both ways you don't and so that's why try to you know give the benefit of the data little bit put down on the I don't know I want the fence about this whole program after three brings a player fives and executives are right I think that's right benefits rose to look at Carolina legend still so hard we're there so I've ever show and that's and that's OM and Ted Kennedy and filibuster of medical and it's absolutely true. Try we got to thank guys got right other little draft countdown. Also we have to thank chuck Howard of fox 46 that was a blast Dan Bonner is well CBS sports. And Taylor stores are all for provident today prime time is coming your way next in escrow and said he's got a mystery guest host. That is perfect for the national championship they see you earlier that coming up shortly Britain and Osborne frank I'm childless is doing Garcia Billick W lessons it. I shot it right what does that do they'll blow your mind. That just happened.