Garcia And Bailey H4: Predicting The Panthers Season

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Friday, April 20th

In the final hour of the show Kyle and Frank go through the Panthers entire schedule and predict how the games wind up, and as always it's another edition of the World According To Frank...


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But Garcia. And today it's been up pretty much all draft is scheduled release and no we certainly understand why but. It was Charlotte hornets are still look at pro basketball coach and head basketball coach may have been running the show last night for the San Antonio Spurs as they sell 11097. To go to the Golden State 30 series lead in that went for the warriors put. They're the real interest here in Charlotte there's a Tora Messina will be. But dorm is seen as the next head coach maybe David says they'll Jerry Stackhouse names keep coming up we don't know much just there's not been much development puts a lot of folks out there like it tore Massoud and what he brings to the table and so while we we restarts Jeff Garcia locked on spurs podcast joint missile attack that John just slide to get an idea of what Charlotte hornets fans might be getting in -- Tora Maceda was on Jeff Howard and were trichet at a time. I'm not a problem don't protect her head and beyond and I got beat Pittsburgh talk about the pockets of the and it's obvious first negative. So I get a toward Medina might get that. NBA coach is just a matter of time at this point. What's that now look got a place in clips of this guy when he was that so it I think was psalms Dumars dealt team effort are you canals the first part of it but I did some clips from about 45 years ago listing there's sort of philosophies and his take on things and you know he seems very affable likable and and the kind of guy you can get along with but he also seems like she is very about business very much about the business of basketball that accurate. As very accurate either exit an old guy it when it comes down to no cock and approach of fourteen. Getting in the players. You're making them understand what to do all of that Rourke there's nobody better in the visit. I don't maybe Gregg Popovich know there are blessed. Clark you know yeah. You know if he's already teammates in the NBA. Applauded over he's what he's done in the basketball world. And he gave her talked about you're only entitled to ease what happens when that if he yet rated European head coaching. Ever to play over the you all talk and you spent some time in India beat me with the lakers. Barack quick cup Coffee Party there's there's a legal term when Mike brown and a junior in LA if you went back to the Euro reached. Continued coaching only this craft. And how he's been with an attorney for quite some time. It already good enough that call that becoming an audit what you get over he. And we're entitled to you'll keep. But didn't pop in the fact that he's been learning letter. You're looking happy and ready to meet in the gate coat and I think that gentleman in bid being me you know actually being huge. Cab you know what he is a big deal. What better guy I don't think that happened that rain and maybe look at other that it could be court appointed team down the road in the draft. And it occurred either look. Wick popular they do either way and can be repeated that it be the first man to extend its sources it did not look at who. I mean you cannot get bigger than the torment he had the possible. Tech coach maybe you know and again you don't get not try to disperse horse here but the ball brilliantly on that squad too big yeah. Cool it up battle to be named the coach as well but partner ms. concerned. I think he would fit well with the order. And keep that type of approach that very active or no. Pretty intent Popovich a lot the keys to the order would be just uncommon where this team and it would only be to step in the right direction. For the hornets down broke. You know I think it's one thing you know to coach shouldn't they be a head coach shouldn't and they Europe leagues verses you know maybe DM being culturally speaking. You know being assistant you know arguing we looked at the same way as I had coached if you can make decisions people are gonna look to you for advice are you gonna have to make. You know a lot of others different things and have to develop relationships and respect and does he have the respect of a guy. I'd like Dwight Howard how does he get that respect does he have to respect. No from a guy like Michael Jordan who's going to be the owner who's. No I mean in my shirt you're pretty set in his ways and what he expects and sometimes the challenges and maybe even prevent presents with you know going on getting what he likes his entire. How does he handle all those things. Yeah you know it I don't know I haven't do you get your record back or another and look cheap. Keep it editorial work without back. At it and act. That extra extra bit that he had to do and like you mentioned about I don't either restrict the players gain their respect. Jordin I Federer Federer but I think his Brittany alone should guard our respect. Public trust who as part that and what impact you can't now she's still going up. It was an inmate in doha like he can he overlooked right now. Our coach. In the NBA he would hit a guy that you brought from Olmert he. It didn't we meet in its first is that if they're huge. And you know what he'd have to follow the foot they're about Mike Boudreau knows there who left to Atlanta. So. I teach and do it he's playing with players that. However typical like stewardship but yet why. Under it it is because you don't allow he had LaMarcus Aldridge he gets through with lenient on operate and deal that respect. What he's got to start somewhere. But what better way to come into a situation media like Charlie did with that type of backing and look. Look at the top of which treat crossed the NBA and Richard won by putting holes or it is beyond that there impressed even though Oki C. Former out of LA coach Mike Brown. You get equity nighter right now who is that coaching that jazzed right now playoffs the list goes on and on generals. Hey any. It Jordan want that tape that hornet in them right at the what better way to tap into that blueprint that is going to be Tony breed of people that's. To the ornate. And then went 200 rock and roll you know and certainly the team around him so yeah I I speak it is a great feat it was you know it is. Hopefully you do not in it for me I love until the end beyond that sidelined. If he would everywhere related situation with the young core group. Back like jordin Kemba Walker on the court that yea but the pieces to different. Is Jeff why why do is. To acquire letter went out of San Antonio. I think great question and I get hammered at every single day. All the particulars it's the lowest. Quote Lou what are rate at a time you know and doesn't happen that there and play here at all channels. And let the right thing but you know and it turns out the best place to live you know players to look at Barack. But I think something that's bigger Lou brewing. Behind the scenes and now. I want to get back in time a little bit what is black seat and more rumors were rampant that market order one out. He was unhappy at San Antonio. That he demanded a trade in the spurs tried to do that elbow rubbing her and it and it popped up originality. They come out and being. Chewed away they can Merrill we are talking about there's not a and then what you know it was true I think something like that may happen with a quiet leader situation. I don't want this person either Nicole or. Why did he want out there so he reasons why. They can beat the mismanagement. Keep up right market and he'd been in well lefties that they're community aspect. Jews and shoot deal he you know you want a big earth she would deal a reportedly. Each and academic and Antonio Gil after good and tele T that's are re just suspect he might be going to peaked at a San Antonio. And then there's this cute he you know. You look at the first team they're not adequately wrapping up. Lamar Hawkins playing great but he's definitely back who here. We don't Manu and Tony Parker they're already pretty much units aren't that they're in deep career. He got pretty gay whose boat with being gay and he was architect Achilles heel injury he Cadillac it was Sacramento. Today you're not but it's part and what part you know Denny reintegrate our. Alcohol. Okay. Bert are coming off that bench I didn't scream. Make it team out of rubble. I think those were really need the pocket and break that capped a unity he did look there's a plan and it. We understand that we got to be at this squad you were the centerpiece of that without you that he didn't believe in where. The pop or the big miracle act here we are breaking bread with LaMarcus Aldridge in the future agreement. Pocket contracted dig deep into that back a trick and try to get quiet just take it quietly that will be gathered that he or discourage franchise. Never quite happens spurs are star player get that permit you know I couldn't throw Robert in military guy. You are just certain Alter all the water popped. Conducted. Data published on the relationship. You know get that yet until mark mark Robert rock paper every close. And it inner corner who is not like. Who is who himself who's certainly certainly very quiet I interviewed him. The data features that attack drafted him in before he got traded Bennett is right at Centennial. I was in Brooklyn new York and I viewed the route you around the bat like oh my art is not gonna work well or. These prisoners died quite iPods in doubt it was quiet and there's been different street going to bullet she can deploy. Quite you people. Right. I'm very. And decided that I know I'm going to be stuck direction up against the jets are really appreciate your time this is really good information we appreciate your brother Randy about cement thank you very much are. Irony that you had 70457. Or 96 stand. We appreciate Jeffrey they're interesting stuff on the tour Messina in the early part of that interview window will certainly talk more about that is so information comes out we come back though you're really. And shut up and up. And I thought to talk more about this. Come off the fifth and that's what it's all about this does early some more a little bit and you skirt. And they laugh at us. A magazine. After businessman and you like to read for this probably a drought. So Forbes was was listing its top fifty leaders the world's greatest or fifty greatest leaders. In a recent edition of the magazine. And you know among the names on the list you know you have to Tim Cook being the CEO of apple Oprah Winfrey. I mean just. Lots and lots of names on this list. I think does the bill and Melinda Gates brought it didn't just lots of names that you would know and and may be a lot of names that you would expect on this list. One name that you might not expect on this list. They came in twelfth and I'm talking about the world's greatest leaders not sports not the United States the world's greatest leaders. If I if I can which again we got our if you know the story yourself labs in which head coach would you do would you guess comes into twelfth on the slowest. I'm guessing it would be. One or two guys to go out and I think we might have been talking about one of them with Popovich shall go to the other won't be Bill Belichick. And arguably I think if you go to college football these two polyps or Nick Saban in there as well. Well the first two we're wrong the third male Nick Saban comes and twelfth on the list of the world's fifty greatest leaders and he comes in ahead of the of Tim Cook CEO of apple I don't know of Oprah Oprah Winfrey. I mean. And you laughed it off but. How how wrong does that mean I was a little wiser wrong a sort of side it's easy to laugh it off and tell how how was a guy like that coming in at the CEO apple but the other day. He's still the biggest juggernaut college football and maybe the biggest jargon unintelligible the we've seen in the past. So multi million dollar reported resource multimillion dollar business and maybe arguably one of the rich history digits traditions in college football. And you know he's been dominating the game for a decade. You know and you know may not be pro players. I mean you know I now you can argue whether it's harder to lead Croshere or college collegiate athletes. You know and and what you know profession you're in but. You know he's he's been the best. Is there any denying that it's Nick Saban and everybody else. I think the argument is to be had is that if you're gonna start looking at other sports. New for the other. The guys that he could be a guest is he the greatest coach that we've ever seen. I don't know I mean I would put them as one of them. Army might be the greatest college football coach that we've ever seen mr. what he's done and where he's won games that L issue. I success he had at Michigan State ending you know now with you arguably the biggest brand in college football and Alabama. You know it's hard to put mission just in that conversation. Because he's been at one school. Right I mean this guy has done it multiple schools. So it carries over with and he didn't lead or do well in the NFL. And maybe that's his knock right that's going to be you know the black guy against Saban or else we'd be saying that this guy may be the greatest coach that we've ever seen. You know in any generation in any sport so. I embellish that same kind of thing right he didn't have success at Cleveland got fired from that job. He's avatar success in and out New England so. Well you'd be in the conversation you know she's just he's in the conversation. You know Popovic discovered got to be in the conversation. You know as well so if that's the short list for me you know we start talking about the great coaches. You know in the sports that I yeah that I watch you tomorrow do you baseball I'll tell you probably argue that better and I can who's going to be the skipper that is the best leader. You guys talking how mad not to succumb under covers and oh yeah yeah I mean well I mean he's got done it for long enough for me it was done it is different stop but yeah there is no longer contribute Chicago but throughout the course of his career probably just literally it is hard to evaluate that you know I'm not sure lecture just winning multiple championships back to back to back him haven't. You know success of what he you know the you know the patriots towards the as the spurs or what Alabama's. You know I wouldn't consider mad and one of the greatest baseball coaches of all time. You know I would consider him one of the better coaches of today. So you know that's the conversation that we're having with the guys and I've after mentioned is that Popovich is either one of the greatest of all times suggest he is he the greatest of all time. You know it is Sabin is he the greatest all the time is Belichick is he the greatest coach of all time amid all time great coaches and I'm not I'm speaking with whom you've probably you know go throw to a packed entirely in that conversation and you know Phil and Phil Jackson that conversation and and you know we're gonna have that conversation was moving to wooden and in some of the other coach is employed but you don't. Of today when we're speaking today yeah I would probably ranks it above them because he's done it multiple spots. Are 70457. Or 96 tonight I just thought that was a fascinating look at Nick Saban the from an organization like Forbes I do wanna come back to the scheduled for those of you who might you don't just be tuning in maybe just get around took to looking and are tuning in today that the NFL schedules were released as you know last night's and literally throughout the day but we got our comprehensive look. At each team's schedule. Last night and we talked a little about that earlier and I wanna come back to a because if you look at where the printers are right now and a scheduled to came out there we we said we do the count of drug middle exercise where we take a look at everybody's schedule or the panthers' schedule we try to predict you know exactly what they're gonna do we complain at him right now through what will go along matter of fact we got so we had Evan over here so ever grab her grab something to write down with I'm just gonna go through this thing mark them down usually go win loss you know as we go through this the schedule really quickly. Everybody wants to do this. I know that I think is an exercise in futility sometimes and you don't have draft picks or other signings are. Injuries and everything else let's go let's go to September the rights the producer to open up call for the first time since 2013 to get the cowboys 445 game on fox. Would a loss frank Garcia yes. Lost lost to the jobless. I'm gonna go win to start to see them everywhere. To sort decision Thomas Davis. You know. Ron Rivera doesn't have patterns are starting facets Hillary's I'm going along dollar got I'm not unlike the actress got a big big guy. I need to see more from the actress got before I just jump ball uninformed slobbering all over there president elect a lot of does a new offensive system new defense of system I mean there's a lot. It's changing for this team may be potentially new owner. Buys a sure. Boy I'm just gonna go away don't know on the president industrial like Atlanta falcons' week two out on the road. Lost OK I don't Alter yes it'd take deal on the road being admitting away from home Cincinnati Bengals in week three. At home 1 o'clock tick on CBS where they get that first word first win against the banks aren't are all goes well also there when that they go to 20 weeks for they have to buy. Weeks five New York Giants are at home at 1 o'clock kick. They win against the giants want to because abandon the giants their bedroom last year the better and then now. There's a lot of turmoil going on with the New York Giants exhaust lost one of the best defensive players. And who knows where O'Dell Beckham is gonna do to implode that ain't so they may Jeffs and quarterback create more controversy jazz and Deseret. You're went on on the giants game as well it's a home. Back to back games on the road to go to week does six here this is the first week to their TVs are back on the field Washington Redskins on the road opened the sixth they're betting Washington Redskins I think they did to win there are all alone I'll go. All of printers to the road when there as well next week defending champion Philadelphia Eagles on the road in week seven. It was a quarterback to Redskins immense change in us I mean that's another reason Brody Alice Miller Alice and threaten main game manager. I'm etc. That they're beating the Redskins Eagles lose. The Mozilla is so I'll go through to the chips they don't lose that game at Philadelphia back at home October 20 against the Baltimore Ravens they went 63. Since the fish you mean that Julia you really do you mean that yell until it is free to read our next week at home Tampa Bay November of force 1 o'clock and. The Panthers win against the bucks for the Bucs have a ton of talent offensively. They still have Jim as Winston as a trigger or less he has one of those breakout years and doesn't throw interceptions they need to buck. Start up take a win over the books as well following week this Wednesday a Thursday nighter thank Ted at Pittsburg. On now and November the eighth in the Steel City assist you. Lost all of the Steelers are arguably the best most talented offense in the NFL. You know immediately be on bell backyard if they didn't manage his ego. You know keep him and in line they have the best wide receiver corps you know men. You know can be explosives. And you know that they're going to be attacking you know the Carolina transit Levy on bell and it exclusive wide receiver corps their offense is gonna score forty some. Also distillers there as well on next win the next game of the gate tapes. At the Detroit Lions in me these three day these two next two games with a swing games when it came to my season and the reason why hasn't either eleven or five for nine to seven so I'm. I'm gonna be generous here and both of these games and we give dancers wins the data last year you know but that's a team and I think they compete again I'll I'll take to win over the lines to Seahawks at home. And the Seahawks are going to be an interest in such a terrible derivatives used to this they are actually terrible. Because then they might be awful not know Richard Sherman no running game no offensive line they have Russell Wilson. You know cam chancellor it's turned into an entirely new entirely new team. The Seahawks. Wall implode this year can be looking to change direction not necessarily with quarterback but that you know maybe just with system etc. I may be even head coach is after this year. Our Tampa Bay on the road following another full week on December ultimate Eumig our young to get away over the Seahawks and they're gonna be really bad this week to books so this week to bucks and beat you think they beat the bucks the following week December 2 at Tampa bank yeah. Com. Meant yeah I need to see more before I believe in there in the books at all a blog printers over the bucks on December nights at the Cleveland Browns 1 o'clock. In the browns can be really good at this point in the season they have a lot of talent they've brought a lot of new players and but I think it takes a little time those players to gel. Depending on who they take in the first you know first two picks. You know you can look to be looking at any Jacksonville type of team it's gonna run the football be physical. On you know with the guys and and the ball off or team that can just be really explosive they get the right quarterback and he starts coming to fruition. But I do so like the Panthers are going to be better than them and I think next you'll be. The year we start looking at the browns after they learn how to you know maybe you'll confidence and start winning some games but. I think the chances when that. I had a delta when there as well to me that the browns to the truth or not the same old browns. Our final three games let's go quickly here reducing its falcon. Sites say the season the Panthers haven't done really much right as of yet to address their. They're they're weaknesses against the saints. The most balanced team in the NFC they're able to run the football basketball if Drew Brees it's you know guys can build pick you apart if you certain zones and you're out and pressure on the quarterback we saw him do that last year when they're your Bank of America but I just try to blitz everybody he's going to be able to get to bought his hand and and and torture. Unless the plans are significantly improve on the defensive and an in the secondary. I think they're gonna have a tough time beating the same so you think they drop most of the say so big in Atlanta home in between I think debut at planet home to go to ten and sexist things in my final wreck. That's your final record writes all I think they yeah they lose to the series twice and beat the falcons as well to do so there as of right now I think they could split with the saints and get that one another first went home right now although both losses to the series I think they get Atlanta. 115 I don't know I'm under Evans telling it up for a no idea what about so far I don't. Don't think this is an eleven win team. I think this is. You know I mean. The most recent I think the ceiling is eleven wins for this team I think the basement is Nate Nate came. You know I resilient as I said earlier in the interest and to see if the answers can do something that they've never done in the history of this organization and that's go back to back seasons with winning records. What what about that and it was a record or they'll. Are right Kyle you finished with an eleven and vibrant or even exactly hey. Answer frank you had 810 and six record so both agree you're pretty optimistic about this year bad as frank said the alliance game could be swing game. But at despite starting only to frank has the Panthers recovered from that or to start which could. Get a lot of teams into some trouble arts are both a little bit optimistic but we'll see if it stays that way Osbourne yes. I have not only one John Arnott sites either way he's glad. I was glad Evan was capable of keeping up because I know that you would have lost a long time you know Lester we're gonna definitely we come back it's a world according to try to enjoy the show to simulate. Time now. For the world according to for an. According to frank urgent once again Osborne is jumping to the Disco has lead us off our sport frank. After last night's draft party in in today which I had a great aren't great times draft party last night but. Today's show Franklin what do you do when someone won't shut up. How do you like maneuver yourself out of the conversation you psyches not when they won't show when they just they just keep in talk going to just keep going and they just they belabor a point and wanna do need a history of sending in you don't care. You know. Doesn't gracefully do their job well I don't know I don't care raise not how does frank Garcia do. I'm graceful about it most of the time. If I respected person. And dowel currently. No excuse myself. To a phone call to the bathroom. To somebody else that might be in needing me somewhere else. You know one of those types of things you know excuse me greatly you know I have to do hopes that the I'm supposed to talk to this person over here. You know for little bit excuse me nicely yet they're into the bathroom and be right back and enjoy your night. No one of those tactics excuse me again to take this phone call I suppose to call this person is thirty minutes ago. I'm note and this excuse myself that. It is it's polite. If you if I don't respect you. And I can't listen you can. Sorry now I just walk away has had to walk away yet great architects. Aren't stiff far. I what animal. Are you extremely confident. You could be done and I'm talking and Elena we're talking about domesticated and talked about if you are in the wild you ran into a large animal what animal are you confident. You can just which it's asked. Mean anybody gonna shark anybody Musharraf. Let's look this cheap and that's a lot of hits including a lot a lot madly deeply the retailer next. Bill outmaneuver the elephant. Yeah you build out quick them. I mean they're afraid of mice for goodness sakes aren't really yes. I don't know why you know let me present away. I I think that I'd die to know now he's just assumed it Dallas up. And is it old wives are old wives'. Tale I know I've still is at its old wise teacher yeah I decide that was Hawaii's tale yeah. I'm not sure I I decide always assumed that that was just a joke you know that they were they were scared in mice is. Where does that come from old Massachusetts and there was legislate people's lives is just there and lying or making things like wives are known for lying out on this little slicker so. Or wives tale I guess I mean would do the you know that they've told you that really maybe not be factual. Right that's why it's it wives' tale. And then he not confirm or deny this for us. Our core I'm gonna use a source steal lie signs dot com they had an article about this they said I think the myth of pros by the idea of the mouse crawling up the elephant's trunk and nostrils. But dad is absurd because the elephant could easily simply blow any checked the maps said an elephant expert Richard layer. Yeah well Richard layer. You know may know a little bit more about elephants and I do. But I'd find a way to outmaneuver that elf somehow afraid developed. It's not a for developed so. Similar question don't listen they're connected persons must spirit animal what you know I'm Seattle Tulsa and this funny and certainly but it is in terms of actual animals. I've got you pegged as a rhinoceros rhinoceros genitals and wanted to do today. Why what were they sent an amended in two weeks in other Republican Mormon grisly but some because you'll woolly mammoth and as a Dicey Frank Moore is a rhinoceros. IIQ and equate myself to more of a better. You know for example you approached me with honey and berries you're gonna get honey there. You approached me wish it was venom and in spite and anger you're gonna get grizzly bear and a little bear. That's all I rhino. I mean I got thick skin and the sort of bears. No more grizzly bear. Or or honey bear. Arms are treated if you had if you Tyson frank spirit animal go would be the first new junior my hair. Odd pair PA ya know so we know there a day if I had his second guess a piece here. Apostle Danziger went straight up bustling it's a really good we're just and they get great like muscle I don't know. So yeah but yeah you know you know this is true fact know when you're on the range and Wyoming. In the storms coming in most animals do what from the storm. They run summit and what happens to storm eventually catches in this kind of a little in a lot life lesson as well. The buffalo. Instead of running away from the storm he faces storm and runs towards store. And what happens he gets to storm much quicker because he's attacking the storming going through it. So in life be about slow the Texas stormed. Get through it don't run away from the storm because both is just drag on with you longer and longer as you go into the life. Give buffalo. I'd be above lower taxes storm deal with what you have to deal with. Tea attacked it head on. The accountable. And then eventually it goes away much faster. It is scary is your better mascot run out human ralphie runs out to Colorado. I think it's most generator runs and I think is also I think there's a most under rated intrinsic cultural ball Sundance kid doesn't afford you. Especially a player comes to London for. That's a good question what's the best runner that does she have a tiger she does have Mike the tiger yeah. I am aware I'm technically North Carolina and Iowa group around the university personal or zero Buffalo's Ralph Ralph C yes. So I western played L issue onetime. And they had Mike the tiger after he was in a cage and he steered one of the players so bad he'd like. You little little Kia out and he. A little T out there and had to go changes football pants are America's might my best premise. He's that was usage associate athletic director in response to restore. Do you just told her. Now you cut a hole there ice you put peace around it when the bull bear comes to get the PG chicken in the eyes hole. I'll markkaa. I wa. That's that's that's appropriate what's dozen photos and. While I thought we come back it's the garage door girl handoff that was lame is that Schwarzenegger yeah. I want to delta wing Chris program company leader just the second for the garage door girl hand also and a week thing just Garcia for joining us our Kevin Harlan of the NBA on TNT and to John ledger of indeed he's got a drop at all with us today really appreciate that if you if you didn't get John if you -- John they're in the second hour yeah a lot of really really really good stuff on the draft a you can -- -- -- -- podcast coming up just after the show WS Lindsay does come as a matter of fact it may already be out a check that out as John Legend was fantastic today on all address stuff. 70457. Or 9610 primetime still underway here in about ten minutes and while we wait for Chris and I just thank everybody one more time. For coming out last night to the WS since the draft party once again another wonderful event affairs blisters were awesome we had a blast a hole Marge -- deal Lou Steve bench Friday Demi everybody was fantastic. MacKey grossed a great job boasting that thing in the venue was fantastic as well and really the story of the night was I got to be long lost cousin. You know that's that's really what we all took away she must not read that I got the middle Moscow's. Congratulation I just all once and that's really all wanted to. The so again we got a big weekend coming up an amber to continue to to look at this draft stuff and watched. Over the weekend to see things moving shaken the vessel that's what's inched into the final seven days leading up to the draft rights to the assumption is most people have to pay in the born in north they're gonna do we're there's always a story or two and a seven days leading up to the draft that seems to at least in some way kind of blow things up a little bit. Are you surprised that the Cleveland Browns don't maybe haven't come out and said they're number one pick is going to be yet because I'm think the young the most times you know already knows that guy's going to be and it's clear cut guy. I also like to have their number one yet. I don't know they have it or not as we bring Chris program the conversation here and you brought this up yesterday croak. Is there the possibility at least there's that report we don't know how how true this is a clean the mud you look at it takes two quarterbacks in those first two picks just desperately trying to get it right. And some francs for a second that we have no idea what the number one's going to be do you find that straight what do you think about a lot. I mean for a team that's tried everything else by the book and it hasn't worked why not it's and ulcers as one not. I think Mench brought the best point out he said this on here yesterday or not put. You know his what was the dynamic you didn't put in the locker room that's the truck that's why probably would that's the morning is why won't wouldn't work it's not did. You're gonna miss both of these guys in this evaluate not one quarterback the two quarterbacks it's effective. You're gonna bring two quarterbacks in. Did you say open competition it sounds great in theory but it got this divide in the locker room all these things are kind of fall for that sole right there's a lot of social stuff. The dynamics socially I think that exists an organization when you do that yeah you that's how you probably decision you know recent history you draft too and you think oh we can't miss someone wait you probably more likely to go bust on both of them actually. And then the deal which find the guy. The second guy has lets you trade value it's weird it's weird dynamic in the room just Rachel but there is no god MS a thing as we've talked for months there is no. One more than everybody else. But there is no slam dunk I every single guys get reasons legitimate reasons why I'd say man I'm not sure if if this guy's gonna be our 800 block or two in new guitar and about cornerback specific area just class. There are years young that. That a doctor talked about general know just just one of these classy just talking to Phil savage about yesterday he said 99 this class kind of reminds him off. Which everybody's been pushed up they're not all actually does good. That is why any interest and I do and I tell you why couldn't put stuff has been pushed out because a position on the value in the rookie salary cap you don't feel back in 99 before that. You didn't have that you know you had the you know these huge contracts from Stafford and Brad Bradford and all these other guys in you know going out there and you know getting these huge contracts because of that rookie salary wage scale. The position of value has jumped everybody in these guys are gonna have 567 guys taken the first round deposition. And I think it's it's it's really adjusted to look at it that way to end for instance. You know it with a guy like Josh Allen you know what what you think you're getting you know what way did and it's got to be the right situation where you will probably reconsider because executives not ready to step in and play any muscles aren't quarterback in my opinion is based on policy always a dissenting about Carson once a look at him or that's an unnecessary warfare it's -- -- but I didn't mean Carson once won a whole hell of a lot more when he was in college student you know Saudi we have to take that into consideration. Yeah I mean I don't know you know what you're put more emphasis on but there are guys are going to skirt the rule and you do those type of things but never comes to that for me. If you're the Cleveland Browns wise an easy choice Cheshire architecture question. Why isn't as secret as well you know present us a call Barkley these these guys. What you just said it's positional value it's oppositional important so I think that a lot they want Barkley. Com but you know government's got the hots for Barkley I don't think he I don't think he's not there it to me that's the problem is right if you're the browns. Six a 11 half dozen of the other but it's not actually six of 11 half dozen the other it's maybe four point eight of the other series he said hey we'll take but we won't pork was so bad we'll take him a one will get whatever quarterback's left at four. Verses take your quarterback and hoping Barkley is they're having a fallback plan other than that that's what I think they're going to run a bit they'll look quarterback they want. But is it worth risking the fact the Barkley might not on the other board if you think he's the best overall player in this draft. A guy you can't miss is going to be a difference maker for you. Are you willing to live with the other the other consequence of that which is. We might be less with a quarterback after that that we like that we don't blow off am I mistaken was last year the Jacksonville traded up to get for that. Or were they are they were just in line to forget that if they were on the clock or not or if they treated us so this could be to me one of those situations where you would get maybe the second is thirteen Marie won't make this accountable to move back I mean that's an icon I think that's also what's going I would gentlemen you listen to him. He's not making any bones about it he loves Barkley now so I think he's also saying it. A minute take of I'm gonna take him if you wanna you gotta come get him at two and the browns actually had a draft capital to go do that and I wouldn't be mad about that if they did if they walked away saying you know what I don't care what happens the rest of our draft which the free agent market and had yet we walk away with a quarterback we love number one and the best running back the best player perhaps overall in this draft the best running back prospect in quite some time. It be hard to argue it effort team like for Cleveland that you've got no choice but to be happy about that was coming up to next hour to get into all that were like I wanna bring some I think the discussion for those that weren't there last night you missed doubtful we're gonna try to bring some of that lively discussion we had. You don't in in the draft party. To the air yesterday if Doug tonight and you know we were arguing a lot I think yesterday big arguments seem to be around what it always is just can't have enough help. If you put enough weapons around Kim what is KMET go running back again so what can I dive back into all that I would talk with the schedule. In my gut reaction I don't like that schedule for the fifth. I see every sand like double digit wins I don't I that's not an easy silent. Your take on that now and that's why we're gonna listen this little incident Israel Biden today and will Kennedy by the way at three will's been on of course over the years he's ever been coast to agree up front and a love Wilson is gonna Kamal disabilities ccb let's also had a great show. And finally can do absolutely prime time's coming up next thanks to all of our guests they have a great weekend. Pity for any parting shots are like these. That's it yeah contact kick him in the ice and go sit at the fact that. That's all there to hold the guys flip these around when bear comes take the fees. Kick it in the eyes yeah so so on until our different event on strike on chuckled as is vigorously and Baylor WS Lindsay. I shot eight. It was idea they'll blow your mind. Just happened.