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Thursday, May 24th
In the final hour Frank and Kyle continue to talk about the hot button topic of the National Anthem and the NFL's new rules, and as alwaysit's another edition of TWATF...

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But Garcia. My jaw look. Motor speedway child really bright stars Shia as extremity series practice winding down. And just a little bit you'll see the monster energy cup folks are get out there and see who runs the fastest laps and we'll set the pole for Sunday's Coca-Cola 600 were appear in the speedway club right now looking over top the speedway and nice evening out there and cars fly around the track folks excited to be here would look to see you out here as well it's kids like kids get in free. And you can come on out not only seek qualified but a dark a series race. As well. Lots of events throughout the weekend of course it's better to series race on Saturday and a before Sunday's Coca-Cola 600 there will be a big concert got here the Eli young band is playing so. A for the second consecutive week a big weekend at Charlotte motor speedway last week of course the all star race of the this week the annual the iconic. Coca-Cola 600 Kyle and frank with you for the final hour here as we take you into Thursday evening in both to be Friday the end of the week atop departed Frye put. I let me ask you this the NFL right now the NFL. This happened yesterday before you what I would only here. They do the vote on the national at the policy and all under the rules changes and so on and so forth Ritz image Joseph in talking about it and I can't help but think chuck Howard we disagree last night he agreed. I can't help but think and believe Vienna soldiers created more problems for itself that it had before they took that informal and vote yeah on the National Anthem policy and that. Nothing's been resolved. And it felt to me and I think to a lot of others that. Did this at an issue was largely going to go away this year and that you can't know that but. It felt resistance seemed as if a lot of the players who have been you know out part of the protest support kneeling during the anthem and and so and so and so forth. I had sort of moved on and and we're deciding to do things a little bit differently or to do do other things. You know to show a protest or to show support for a particular activists call us. But the NFL and reportedly the unifil over went into this room. And did a quick and informal hand vote there was no roll call this will eliminate this is an official league voters say by show of hands who's cool with this new National Anthem policy that we came up with. And apparently some hand a much hands went up. And their report was motors in the room and others who really taken aback and surprised by this. So much so that so 49ers owner Jed York said you were not voting we're gonna abstain from this until we learn more about it. You know but. I think now players are going to find other more different creative ways to maybe protest and get a message out just the stick to the NFL. When this I think whole thing could have been reported. Who likes chicken wings and here rights. Yeah. I raised my hand yeah. You raise your that's two there's about twenty people here so we're outnumbered eighteenth two rights we lose or so former voting as an added this. It's just not a today a typical way that you'd expect you know these these laws these rules to be voted on. But it was a formal vote you. You know and I'm sure Goodell. It was in the air when that was being raised and he probably. You know knew where the majority lied. And you know that's where Jed York said no I'm not interested in this so. The I'm not sure you know Kyle. But I do agree with you on this you know when it comes to. You know the of the problems that the NFL has created. You know with this. Media driven thing that is taking place that you think the media is gonna make the mountain as mobile as well as what you tell us now just fed them. You know to be able to do that they could all be afforded this could all be avoided you know I use the announced yesterday are used again you know today. You know you went to college you have two children. Did they vote to be right. Are there really could you know you have great point you have great points. You book you have a reasoning for why you believe strongly in what you believe in you have a reason for why you believe strongly to what you believe it. In the fighting over this toy. Right well. I was here first well it's my toy you use it we share made all the things that go along with that toy. It ultimately as a parent. You don't wanna take sides right you don't wanna say what I favor you over you if you're not gonna pick and choose. You both have valid reasons right but because you guys can't understand about how to use that toy or a share or to get along. We're gonna take that tore away I'm gonna take that toy away from you and neither one of view even though you both have valid reasons. Our our credibility is that so. I think the same thing could be applied in the NFL you know with this National Anthem you know you may feel strongly you may feel strongly for standing you may feel strongly for nailing. If neither one you can come to an agreement and at the end of the day you know this is what we represent as ownership we're just gonna take that away this is what I've represented as a parent. These are rules this is the structure this is what I want you want. This is where I think you look at this should happen. And since either one if you are gonna be able to stand for that they can give you a long we're just gonna take away and leave you walk. We'll look out all tell you exactly what I told took last night because again we're talking about it last night and I said does note to meet a simpler solution is to just go back to what college football does stop making a huge spectacle. Out of the National Anthem played the song the way that was meant to be played give people time to reflect and to pay respects and to use that time how they see fit and it took to. Reflect and pay respects without the the department of defense finance theatrics and they'll send all that money to to VA hospitals instead you know because again this was not an issue. Until the NFL who owes the stage by the way for me be clear about this not the owners. And those who owned and run the NFL this is their stage replicas players talk but this is the biggest platform the biggest stage that we can use. It took to voice our our concerns and and to be a mouthpiece for those who don't have the same platforms and on the same resources to speak up for themselves. And I understand and I and I believe me I'd. I admired that the reasons behind those who truly are convicted in what they're doing but this is a stage that is owned by the NFL the owners that are so. If you're right there are two competing schools of thought that do share valid points on both sides would. To me it's it's more about I told you yesterday I agree was something that you've been Sykes is the moment that I met you with. If the answer is not money ask a different question that doesn't apply to everything but to about 99% of think certainly in sports it seems to these days. And the issues always been money in that you know the NFL decided it was gonna take millions and millions of dollars from the Department of Defense for these. Patriotic celebrations before the game. And the NFL for years let us all believe. They just decide to do it out of the goodness of their hearts that they are just inherently supremely patriotic organization than it turns out the DOD was dragged him to do it all along so. It started with money. And it's ending with money. There was a report yesterday on Bleacher Report it which I didn't find to be all you know the some huge revelation that said beautiful owners are bleeping terrified president trump. And further attacks on the league and and you reporting out of its non patriotic league and that these owners they don't wanna deal with that they don't wanna see their bottom line hurt there was another story out last night that Robert Kraft too was. There were the faces of the free meek mill movement you know a guy who was. Feel unjustifiably. In prison for a period of time it was not commensurate with what it actually done. In other Robert Kraft was also a guy who voted for this measure and that seems to be a bit of hypocrisy there as well but the bottom line is he owns the team he can do whatever we want sorry. Let me ask you this question sure you set something or why are they afraid of trauma. And he got a fifteen billion dollar owner. And he's probably not even the richest guy you got it takes is one of the richest third richest man fourth richest man in the world. What does he fear about truck well and here's the thing it was a question because someone else asked me that last night because they didn't quite agree and I said. No it's not about anybody being physically afraid of dobbs dot com he's I don't Iraq myself but it's a fact that Donald Trump. Use the power of the presidency to let it be known that he found what beautiful players were doing. To be wrong in his opinion shameful. Anti American unpatriotic. And while other people would have felt that way without Donald Trump have excited the power of the presidency accelerates. You know people Tony out accelerates. That the speed with which people turn away from the NFL it it. Affirms that feeling that they already have about the NFL. And these owners know that they don't wanna get into a fight again with Donald Trump will get by the way on FOX & Friends this morning went back in again on the you know you don't go in as many times you want if you're convicted tears your stance is do you believe that. What he says he doesn't have any validity. Then these billionaires that do this is an hobbies that own these me billion dollar teams are gonna have any bearing on what he says. Because there will be some. You know not every owner is gonna be a multi millionaire that does this is a hobby other people other owners use this. As a way to earn their living sure you know and use that resource and in come. To be income. Right but not everybody so would you say the T one person that stood up and said no I'm not agree with that. I'm not buying it that it's you know if gates didn't believe that what is taking place you know is not going to be. Excepted in this league because maybe is that what he believes in I don't know. Yeah but individual politics are always gonna play a part of something when your billionaire and you have that type of power got a tow truck is a point to. Take that ability away from those guys to be afraid of him. But they're afraid of what he does to the issue he magnifies the issue he accelerates the issues. I'm not saying he does it it's his fault not attacking the president wishes okay but you gotta take your full got you but I think anybody who doesn't believe the Donald Trump speaking out this issue in the way that he has. Accelerates it magnifies that I think that's an extra course and I say that doesn't do that but identifies potential but if you're a multi millionaire. Let him do what he wants I'm still gonna have my beliefs and what he says is a good impact my. My you know my my bottom line Serb and what I so. Last night and I believe this wholeheartedly you don't become a billionaire by by. Caring about other people you become a billionaire by protecting what you have and making it grow right and so that's what these billionaires are doing the protecting what they have. And there insuring that it grows because by the end of last season. Right we can talk about ratings and all other so I think I think the ratings conversation has become so convoluted it's not even necessarily worth having anymore. What I do know is that the officials broadcast partners and sponsors. You were reportedly losing money by the end of the season they were playing. Millions and Paula they were losing Miller they're sponsors and the broadcasts and talk about the initial directly. We're spending millions of dollars in buybacks for ads that we don't were married or didn't they are actually during an iPhone games and and those sorts of things so. When you have broadcast partners and sponsors say hey we're losing money because of this. Those guys are gonna pay attention because they know that has an effect. And you're right they decide a monster deal with fox they did. I'm not and I got told the other guy but try to paint this is like a grave situation or that it subtly severe. It's that you got a bunch of Smart guys what do you think about the ownership of the NFL if you think their budget crusty old racist white dude just by you go I think that if you want to. But it's also a roomful release more dust and they know better than to allow their products. To stay in a place where it could be armed severely if the status quo continues does that make sense. I mean the image actually I'm not gonna disagree it is important. There with what they protect I mean that's the entire crux of what the NFL has always you know basically stood force the eyes. It sits there behind the curtain that tells you that everything is going to be granting great. Right what reality is is that they're worried about the bottom line and making money. They are and look at who are just actually quickly text is as we got to go to break. But it's Ecstasy as part of the protest. Is to bring attention to police brutality they've proved the point in part by the fact that you were stationed has ignored the teasing of bucks guard all day. Haven't ignored thing which is now got to run talking about it because I do think that they the NFL announces that new policy in the same day. That the video of sterling brown big taste in Milwaukee but by police and in a the situation up there is also of a bad look for this policy and again I think this is just my belief at this point on I think the unifil just created more problems for itself. But by implementing this policy without consulting the NFL PAU without holding a formal roll call vote I think they just created more problems for themselves. Then they would have had otherwise 70457096. Ted. How will come back we'll take your text your phone calls you wanna talk about this more what's wrong will not I wanted -- more things if all related with frank we're live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia and Bailey. If anyone is on the field and is disrespectful to may have some of the flag. There would be a fine from the league against the team. A team have its own work rules will be consistent with the overall policy. And they will make their own decisions about how to manage that from there. Right how many people do you think he believes Obama talking about hard data here no silver how many people. Or how big chunk of folks do you honestly believe toured the NFL lost for good because none none. And I mean if if you're if you were a fringe NFL person who write it really like it. And you weren't invested into it. You know you might turn off but you know you're really into it anyways with the people that are diehards are changes. You know you might have not watched as much. But he never took off. It's adjusting I don't know focus Hewitt you know I would say that you know. But if you're gonna ask me. Turning off completely right is that what you ask your I think I don't think that's a talking about the bottom quarter the bottom you know tenth of the people that watch your fell. Might have done that but everybody else if you're at the document move you'll watch a little less there because it but you're still watch. There's still watch in the NFL as of 500 pound gorilla there's that you know right now at least has been it's been the most untouchable thing in America pusher. Double that got you here you're Smart people business our sport the business of sports people over and over again tell you it's still you know the best. But the best inventory on on television watch sports are the one thing that are still. Largely surviving and thriving in today's you know American television landscape at the it's probably the same overseas as well I've studied the European television markets auto wanna speak. It was if I know those sorts of things but. You know we were talking to I was talking to attract official here from Charlotte motor speedway earlier about this sort of thing today and he said you know. So what are the things we talk about this this is a go back to win friends the television show friends Reno was at its height of popularity. You know I you know reference guide open it was good example is watch it because it won't what it was against the number one television showed America the number one watched show on America's sixty million people. Were tuning in to watch front side felt that threats are threats in the side for whichever way it came on right so back so you know those enormous number sixty and that was it number one thing on television today. Especially if the NFL you know it it's not the bats were today the NFL. You know thirty cents or paradise not that what other than 37 or 38 of the top fifty rated television shows on television last year for the NFL. 37 out of fifty. And so that's always one or two things either TV sucks or the NFL stimulus or was it to tell you saw me even still. You know we're friends used to be number one at sixty million units operate television show on television today might garner seventy million right so. It it's all relative to what it is and what was. I don't know how many people turned out and I are tuned out and I know that. Before the not just the proliferation of from. You don't. The Internet and watching things on laptops and tablets but especially now where contingency in younger than they watch everything on phone. Right you know it to to hear your parents Islamic joke about the kid's point of televisions and what that what's that for what it sounds crazy but it's really not and so. Because of that I've got to had to to tweak and Alter the way that I view television ratings of what they mean. And you see now that Nielsen's gonna take into account YouTube TV numbers to got to help compile. Who's watching in the data that's actually useful so all this is along what it was saying that. I'm very long I don't know what the NFL actually suffered in terms of part numbers who turned it off who walked away. I have my doubts that that many people really turned it off and truly walked away for good based on what happened last year. That said. If the NFL did in fact do what I think they did yesterday create more problems for themselves moving forward I do wonder if it will have a tangible impact us just for the site. Let me ask this question right. 22 year to your question to your thoughts. We just had sort of the brightest minds probably at the world purchased this team for you record price. Right tough purchase but the big Carolina Panthers for 2.4. Billion dollars. This guy has banked on things that have. You know just everybody else is saying that this is taking this if he's made donut that it won't. Or everybody say this is doing great this is doing great he's banked on it that it will. You know so. He just but this team. You know having been right most of his life to become a multi billionaire. He just paid an enormous amount of money on the Carolina Panthers more than anybody else's liver Pate. If I'm gonna place my bad I'm placing it on him. Right because he's been right a lot of the time it because he's been ride along on a lot of time he just paid more than anybody else so what is he telling you. People aren't going anywhere. The fans aren't going anywhere. The teams are still have no value. If if if he would've got the Carolina Panthers for less than the market price or at the appraisal. Right then you could say well you know what may be make it a good investment because there's still value there. He overpaid. For this team because there's still growth and value what he does that your opponent Notre Dame he doesn't see if there's still growth that despite the still broken value he got he's still. A accorded to a lot of people at 2.4 billion because of all the things that have taken place with the gambling with all the you know the other abilities to watch TV. He's betting on himself to be right and get a steal he may not get distill the Jerry Richardson did at 250 million. In going up to 2.5 billion but there's still room for growth there's still room for you know the expansion of the equity that he's put it to be saved and built. And he's gonna win. What are you guys. He's been right far more often but even all that military understands investments he still views the Carolina Panthers and release NFL franchise in general class as a good investment so. Because of that if it does again make you wonder and and logically and it makes complete sense disable. The guy like that who's made you know fifteen billion dollars we started basically with nothing still sees this as a sound investment when he has made his fortune. Investing money. How bad could possibly miss my point so that's that's what those things there to what could also be that because you know most of the money don't professional sports comes from television contracts and things of that nature that. You know that the number of people possibly turning off doesn't really matter to them at all anymore no no no that's accurate and I didn't say I'd that the number of people not not that not everyone I thought it doesn't matter if people in general to double the let's say the marginal number of people who may have tuned out. Doesn't seem to be nearly as big a deal to these guys as some would have you believe that it is. David tepper doesn't seek a number of people out of tune that was a big deal because CD reported NFL greatest decline as a big deal. Right discuss. Don't watch or he knows is not true or or not consequential war. Or misrepresented. Right I mean and I think the latter is where. If the NFL is right now it's misrepresented with these. Polls in the the viewership and the radio it's not the because it since so many different places and you know the media to me generates more of note this type of you know. You know wade the heat to the direction of which the NFL's going more than. Maybe what the actual books represent by the direct about that will place you know I was a good a lot of the blame defeat. All of the media like I've told you before that I I've vividly of ever standing in the press box of Bank of America Stadium last year in December and when the at the sort of player watching journalists all over the place without phones you know and and and take video and if the the way this story has been done distorted and over covered I mean yeah that's that's a problem but I I know I'm very. Clear on the fact we are part of the media. You know and and maybe I'm just doing it at a convenience with. I don't do hard journalism every day I don't write for a newspaper I don't do hard television journalism. We we entertained you know I can be a part of that is to be critical are so I think you Buckeyes can't tell you showed you're an athlete or you have been made regarding more Aaron no but you know when you were. Right you're critical of your your performance your critical of your teammates at times right so there's nothing wrong with as media being critical of what we do it wrong. Put OJ had said earlier he's right about this a bit of applies to to this issue they get applies to the politics in this country that. If you have the 5% on either side of the spectrum doing all the yelling all the slide into solving all the bombs the other 90% of the tournament right now 200 that we distilled I need to figure this out like kind of remorse what he disavowed what cancer earlier that's 1% right that's what cable news has been invested years in of the extreme 5% on both are screaming at each other lobbing missiles over the top of the rest of us while we all just gotta sit there wondering when they Kish yup you know the immigration that's got to where we're all been out for awhile now but. It's not a fun topic it's not. And here's why you're talking about a twelve to thinks it is night and you know it is the fact of the biggest lead of the world as far as really fast you could just. Just ran over its own foot again if you ask me in terms of descent himself but you're right that car is really and so's our lots of cars auditors us Allan let's talk about that your card just turn left again. Who fascinated by vets and a Coke 600 this weekend don't qualify of course tonight or two series race that I bring your kids out kids get in free to be some more details. On the Coke 600 this week and everything you need to know before we get out of here we come back though which the world according to frank live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia Baylor. You realize how much you hurt he had to former Panthers employee my true some letters of victim of Jerry Richardson's work placements con. And addresses those fields responsible so big loss state and federal loan that is called workplace harassment you. This statue goes. That statue of on that stage and. Powered by Ford don't Carolina tomorrow morning it is. You don't see a lot of garages down there on pit road I wonder if these so garage doors down here came from garage door zero. If not the showed up garage door guru is the absolute best place to go. 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At garage door guru and always send me an email Kyle at WS Lindsay dot com the garage door guru when boxed garage door guru at best the best Kosier. From the world according. To frank. The world according to Frank's life of the mother Charlotte motor speedway and look at Kevin is. Very eager to ask you questions of epic you just came my earpiece is that I got a question for fraudulent marginally to soft to the go right ahead. I think you very much Kyl of strength yesterday we'd also all DO Lenny Dykstra news about him get into an altercation with and who birch. I was wondering taxi or over what's the worst experience you've had wanted to I've. One moves. I tell you it's a great question. And I can recall just the other day that I was not involved with the incidents but. There was apart I was with the party that was about to be caught the people who with you but. Maneuver driver came in there was like seven plus that we're getting ready to get it we had it Hooper XL. Or whatever you call it it was a big suburban. And we are all headed to the same spot it was only about two miles away. But yet this Hoover driver wouldn't allow wants to get into the car. Because. There was one person that was going to be you know without a seatbelt as an adult you know that was choosing to sit there and say. That's OK we're just going a mile away it why can't take that. Back and forth back and forth. Though there might have been a little bit of alcohol involved on our side that's the reason for the number driver and one of the persons decided to you know how. But you're really react he did it to a confrontation super driver and you know instead of just driving away gets out of the car. It makes a bad decision and starts coming around torched for duty three girls. And I'm just sitting back watching this like this is not very good this is not very Smart. And the guys start Jonas agreement at the guy that had a confrontation so. That being said. We called it a little over driver we pulled the one body that was about ready to destroy this guy. Away from of the Hoover driver so that nobody was going to we would have Hoover to jail. Up until we Greece had to pull him away they call another Hoover was the next 2% yeah sure no problem just get the back. It's only a mile away sure no deal no big deal. So I don't know what the policies are but some guys I guess are willing to bend the rules and other ones are just willing to stick but. That was a terrible experience. What is the most. He added roughly taxi driver. In college. And Qaeda have been money well I look and act and that I don't know what half I thought I had like a John I have like fifty bucks. And I was given drive back from the airport to it to mind a dorm room. And I told the taxi driver said listen I'll be right back. I've got my money you're not gonna believe this. It was a huge crisis and that but anyway all okay. What displays a senate at this though Sony has just. What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to US child. With a girl. And I mean like the first question have we got embarrassed and she did you try to kiss a girl you're basket girl out Jim Bair shoots that no our church Felix slipped everybody's got that one moment when they were to -- had a crush on a girl just had a heart program got a very stoic from me like I crushed my babysitters you know breaking news to me that you know she was too old for me you know it was embarrassing jetted in from my brother. So like for you what was. What time so that's that's a whole other Elizabeth sort of got them. I mean if you if you don't swing I guess you're shot you're never gonna hit yeah got to shoot shot that. Well I mean I don't know what you're. What we're thrilled to widgets that is that is just on numbers try to stay cool yeah I mean you don't make your shot lets you shoot that's right so you gotta you gotta take the shot. And if you don't take enough shots I mean. If you get denied 88 times. Out of ever 89 and it's a restraining orders with that is reality which two to whoever you shoot your shot that the you go what took place is in the machine which are you look at your question of their past. And they said no no no but yet there's that one that says. Absolutely. You know everything's get him to never have like a girl turned to data from the whole class or for your friends are. Not a bad I was a I was distracted. Really dug out must I was distracted. I was like I was like you know T 68 grade 58 to sixty. Kindergarten how to pronounce while so it was like I was ladies' man. I thought I was that little curl pro like fonts but what Superman curl under pictures of this. Ohno the I've seen pictures I'm telling you right now he's not like there's frankly he was younger. We're sure he was as wide as he was tall and he had curly hair you know look I look like the killing duties dip I saw it is the real deal it is a matter of fact you gotta post what those pictures now. We your social media ninety from got a post one at a there's one. There's one that I was probably. Six years old. I looked like I was twelve you know and at a Charlie browser. So I'd like Charlie Brown usher autism and some like tan corduroy is the Charlie Brown shirt was brown shirt yup and it was a capture. Not not intensely. But the belly button shown up. You know it was just not a good site I thought I was hot I guess I look cool Waco we are going on aside those that you know one of those we call the shot we know you expect it. You know a that it that action it was a oh candid candid yeah finish yeah no laws imagine frank. About force for about five feet tall. At about four feet wide with me from the curly mullet and that's what it looked like when he showed it to its fourth grade it was a 180 pounds. I'm not a 180 pounds right now I just forgive me you're a little bitch or. Happening except he's doing okay track us and our eyes on his right let me turn off my microphone I haven't. Hard for me all day where you bad you have Osbourne we haven't heard from the all day were you bet I do mignon do you Johnson I'll poke check. So glad for now he was committed to his job well you know what now he's not gonna show. Now if you lift boxes on Saturday mornings are gonna come help us now you said that I thought their fifteen bucks an hour you're not a hand Oz were fifteen bucks an hour but apparently fifty bucks an hour. Really you don't need the money won't do. If it's gonna pay us. How did you afraid of us are. It outside strike you know you whatsoever about. If I dropped you off in the middle of the forest in the middle of the wilderness right now let's say in Montana where this gentleman is from the if I drop you off in the middle Montana than the worst right now the first thing you do. By yourself. What is your first move find water. Build shelter. Just to stay upstairs. Swiss and the republic itself spilled the tree Elsa what a me initially it's like gotta get my bearings that you just drop in me I mean Michael Barrett. I have my output element to drug me know. I hope he's not the owners were illustrate their grill style pushing out of a helicopter get that low enough altitude in October dividend is leaving you in the wilderness of Montana. Well first roof first movers to to try to find water. We'll see where the nearest water sources because I'm trying to find my way out but I can't go anywhere but I water. Next thing would be you know figure out the land the lay of the land I don't have a map to grab me you know tools where things I don't know anything about before. That they let kicking me out of the planet that's a three think if I don't how high level parachute. Not enough. Why can't tell my guess we just put dropping off a little parachute we'll push it WWI that I have my sit at the shelter a couple of I have myself if jerky movement. You're prisons a clear that I got some economic grisly start commencement of the number one gambler NASCAR his arguments with you unless you mess with them a really yup that's better. Now that's that your gut. That's the truth if you serve as with bears they're gonna resident I ask you a grizzly Adams house employment. Here's in the movies but yes yes yes means the best friend with a grizzly. How many finally grisly events friend that's not real life drama find a grizzly and make friends only if you got the last Bob Jones W by the end of the time I'll be right the grisly out of that out for no good buddy of the they'll be. Late new Leonardo DiCaprio you crossed the floor said forest now is beat you off the trees. That guy survived. Turn off. We come back we wrap things up here from the speedway we had to do what's on tap we tip our caps throughout the doors Garcia Billy. Charlotte motor. Frank Garcia come on out and as you folks out here. Natural voters street where America's hope for racing tonight's poll night. And to the extent of these series practice winding down a little while ago the other the monster energy guys about to get out there here in a minute and the orca series race later tonight as well so. There's so many things going on out here are the Coke 600 on Sunday but Eli young band concert on no Sunday morning I believe our Sunday afternoon at about 3 o'clock so. You was a great party here at Charlotte motor speedway last weekend in figures to be another great party here this weekend and I'm hoping to be out here on Sunday and you were talking about it as well and we have to see a lot of you out here is a Charlotte motor speedway continues to be not only a staple of vote the this area in the sports scene in this area but the iconic one of the iconic races on the NASCAR circuits we appreciate the fine folks at solid shall motor speedway for having us out. This afternoon so keep the text of an at 70457096. Stents and emails as well Kyle I'd WS Lindsay dot com. And of course you can follow us on a brown we Jewelers Twitter feed at Garcia Bailey. At child Bailey WS frenzy and frank is. For extorting his social media clintons is right now which ensures good for the soul with whatever is back at frank Garcia 65. You're still there you couldn't have been deactivated right and I just walked off they go for it good for you. Logged off I'd you know sometimes when you start getting to the point where. You know you don't realize that you know but you know when you get off of it and your board. What's a person you most reflects judge you go to your phone is scary and anything you that you can you remind you like. Damn I'm not on social media right now but you don't realize how many times a day that you do that if you're doing it more than you think or not as much you think. Try it for a little bit and see every time you look at it and I'll show you. How much were reliant on social media it's tough because on the one hand we need to come the great places like the speedway or go to the Super Bowl Minneapolis are great and was great event big game you know you have a peer to capture those memories and take those pictures and it's so convenient you know we forget a lot of times what's that that's what our brain just work right excessive so you you failed to cut a live in the moment sometimes because you're living through the phone there are those who do find with a you know they don't. Necessarily lived when there's a where there's definitely a brown if you can if you're personally to trying to balance it's great grifter you have found myself like everything that I was doing nose like. You know texting tweeting. Instead Grammy India you know with kids with you know going to these events and I didn't realize that. How much I was really miss now. Yet to if your personal to count the number of times just reach for your phone and pop open the same maps and secession you know throughout the course you know there's you can go to your log in India and see how much you use that. Right right it's become an extension of us and that's scary thing that is your protest here think with these guys Clinton or Florida maybe owed to demagogue stick went to at some point we'll say it 704570. And IDC extent I keep that number comer to this text come in and they'll while we are kind of kind of wind things down here again I want to thank the folks ravenous this is. This is a great spot a great event a great place other speedway club appears a wonderful spot to watch the race in. I don't have it not everybody gets appear in a lot of folks watching outside but but anyway you know news for all the things people say about NASCAR's declining popularity and television ratings and everything else is still an aura about this place that you fuel. Like it's a big time event when you're here. Well it's this close to be like Kate very popular thing like bill tonight what time is as things start that he knows the pull my. So I can put up. I was trying to grab the good the next segment that we're doing here but you're gonna say so but I I didn't ask you could not heard you say something you're asking what time upon how the official itinerary probably can memorized now. Don't let him there weren't paying attention to a word I said no I was listening to you were talking but I wasn't something that I separate you don't prepped for the the the what's on tap segment some avenue at least I do further stimulus that whoever say what's my tip of the all you do now I always do like this all you. If we I don't know if given Hillary to pull it David here you say oh I don't know a nerd out and I didn't have been a great blog know I haven't all the time and I always come up with one because it's tipping the cap to what happened that day OK doesn't have to be what happened three nights ago I didn't say yeah or last night not to be to the good people here. At Charlotte motor speedway. That's one tipping my cap to you today if if you like to know you stick it certainly. He did an early okay if you wanted to know how much do it again the speedway club fair enough fair enough side's request let's take a look at suits on to tonight. What's on test. Now I have. NASCAR trinity series Charlotte's final practice 6 o'clock tonight on fox sports one for those who wanna watch. Monster energy NASCAR cup series qualifying here from Charlotte motor speedway 7 o'clock. On fox sports one. 8 o'clock tonight College Baseball cal state Fullerton at long beach state on ESP and you. And a race not as well on TVG from Charleston out not o'clock tonight. Auto racing Barca series here from Charlotte 9 o'clock on fox sports once or 6 o'clock come to this thing go I mean I know the people here are here to watch has put the stands going to be full. The question I dive into dark series racer before so I don't I don't know maybe it's it's a 150 mile race so it's not going to. It's not going to be a a big event was ideologue race that's for sure daughter fifty mile race. So we just maybe something for the people that are here to keep them entertained as they come in from weak yet would you ask the question the second came body about Evan puffed and are your phones and elbow and and I think it's that that's a I feel it's not clearly not as big draws its fitter you lost a cup series but. I know the Arco race that I starts at 9 o'clock you can watch it on fox sports one. Also at 9 o'clock tonight NBA playoffs game five Golden State Warriors at the Houston Rockets. On TNT. My tip of the cap goes to my brother. Who is his birthday today okay good for you and Mike tomorrow. I will tip the cap. To somebody else who work there will be tomorrow but today is my brother's birthday happy birthday Jason. I'm tipping my cap to you because. You know I'm probably wasn't the nicest guys you as a kid can you tell you say that a lot a pianist let you speak to Helen your brother UPD a snorkel its gross. So you probably tortured and have a much actually assert your brother and Alba. I got a tip my cap to do Glover Torres of Frank's New York Yankees. 41 years old can be of the youngest to hit three home runs in consecutive yards and hit three home runs in three consecutive games. From a try to get home runs in three consecutive games the youngest to do it as the Yankees despite losing last night. Prior to that it won eight consecutive series fender continue to play incredible baseball with the Yankees and Red Sox will. They're they're back to owning the Yale least for the foreseeable future and all respect subdued jays and Orioles and what he's fans that's where it's supposed to visit to the jets Glover Torres for doing what he did last night works nights for what it meant for. There were meant they're your yankees red you're supposed to be happier that I am. I we're back tomorrow too wide dealt away from back in studio looking forward to enjoy the racing tonight we hope to see you out here job see a great job was great job edible tortured or for Frank Oz Evan hit man I'm cal loses big Garcia Bailey WS incision. Shot eight encourage it was I didn't have blow your mind that just happened.