Garcia And Bailey H4: Muhsin Muhammad Talks Panthers, TWATF

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Friday, July 20th
Former Panthers great Muhsin Muhammad joined the show to preview the upcoming season, and it's a Friday edition of TWATF

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But Garcia. Kyle frank Kevin are saying about wrap it up to we've got an hour ago. And a lot more to do 7045709. BC extended as starts. We'll talk to present football weeks from today we are all talking about practice training camp live updates on the field all sorts of good Stosur and know most of Mohammed those things to a month that he is joining us on the ticket John just line Mercer was good to have you back brother I have been. Column go to an earlier. We're good we're good we're good on Friday man we are. No we're almost there I love summer you know male I'm Obama the baseball guys Rodham Clinton to keep myself occupied but so that that time a year where were football do its siren do everything else is still go on a lot of not to wait for next week. Well you know I'm not a big baseball got back at him a little board over the last few weeks but do appreciate the sport unloaded and unlike you don't wait for next week we're trying to kept drop and you know from season to be on the way. Moose are nice shirt you've been watching this flag football league taken place Sony has been late at night I have man is the actually the football's pretty good there's some old time players but would you be interest at. I. First ball public rhetoric. It's my suggested that I don't know. There are not Obama's been married but I guarantee you it's not enough. Do you think that's a good product so by the US as a football guy do you think that's something that people actually latched onto because and this is a couple big names out does what football's on my friend well it might be delighted again to detain the Mike Vick quarterback in every game I watched three of whom is a different cast a do is that most people never heard enough. Yeah you know I don't watch any of that and all of that list in our interest and Diane Watson. Well Bonser retired got where you up like football but. Not appreciative audience forward you know bigger fan base of these guys have been. You know I agree with frank you know the game itself is. Has become and you know they're very. Cautious Bluetooth caller that you know that think they're the owners and you don't have to take a lot of those who have injuries and in concussions and our spoke consideration but it your game is becoming very very cautious cautions weekly. Most you have children and young they're very athletic you know you have a you know basically Olympian that's a runner you have both a son that I potentially going to be. You're wide receiver you have very athletic. A family are you concerned about CT or the things that are taking place right now on the NF earned in control ball. I don't know paint the arrogant become more more states. Here in my in my opinion you know durable way to go for a long time and you know pollutant that sort of deputy people can. Come to the conclusion that CP although we all probably have some form of it you can go where they wouldn't be very productive and there's still be a pretty Smart guy go to you know. It I think is how you treat just so I treat your body. At period during you know your time point. Not be they have a lot to do with. You know. How you deteriorate as he did dump when the game. About PP ST of course referring here it concerns me bush. No not not been appointed I'm going to. You know Scott hot button planners not markets and being emboldening copper exports. I Mousa Mohammed joining us on the ticket job just slide and let's talk about something a little more citing US is Panthers man Kim's got us. Is this the grand game on point right now is fire people up with a six pack tabs and all the pre season workout or he's healthy man and that's. That I think that as much as anything it should really excite people they would eleven file with a guy who the spent the first four weeks kind of re having the regular season and and I think with the new weapons and and everything else there's no reason to believe this team can deduct the Super Bowl. I would have to relive you know I think if they're business he's negated done I think there's will be used beat them. Obviously there's going to be some competition in and rescue works well. You know I think Carolina Panthers are are really poised to make a run here and a sustainable run and boosting up our. An and you know how long they can sustain this run put. Only want course and I haven't bought even and it's more. Concerns been questioned the depth and brought him back you know he's Terry Anderson you know acquired Arum put. You really have an exotic really punished the defense you know that Alvin Camara type running back and don't know all the questions put you know so far big team is looking good and I think there Obama's side he started training camp and he's got beat down. Immerses us potentially you know you look on paper and it's only care premise and that there. Better not send it to be more productive and no better team but when you look at it on paper. The numbers the you know the their height and weight the the speed of this team you know especially at the wide receiver position is this is talented. As the chances of ever been. Potential why I would say here except that the outbreak you know quiet potential. They're probably wanted to do spare there're app that it you know you don't talented I've seen that they're not seen. You know peppers have no long are you are agree there are. Most eye socket and goes back as it was an out there must follow a little while ago you know these Bleacher Report and updates maybe you do I don't know but the radar and it didn't look like breaking news that I looked down and it was just one of those stores were subject a little Ramsey says Rashard dole he's going to be defensive rookie of the year which is awesome amid die a value Jones Brendan -- ago I was pretty good himself but you know rookies take some time right image you can think back I'm sure your rookie season and in your head spinning a lot early on but as you look at this set of rookies in particular Carolina what are you sick. Oh I'm well I like these are more. I really do I have editors really good. Take a hard look at all the doubt I think you know we can got to get this there was some bad thought and you know collar collar got beat up people got to. Kept out of college but you know remote part. You are all that they did a pretty decent job out there and Internet and I got it decked out like it's way. And athletic ability that they could you know we would never I didn't bring him down like you comment you know in doubt I have looked. What strong backed up with somebody who can you know pushed slid sort of speak. You know overall you know I think that they've addressed some of the positions. You know through draft I don't think they're really addressed the Lutterbeck reducing personally I think you know you've got. Broke a couple young guys and they're put in in the way that. What say okay. You know we're rated take some pressure off book Cam Newton so he's not the leader rush Hannity you know I'm not quite sure they did it addressed you know run their position and their way which I thought was. Something that they try to do either. In a draft you know what you have and so. But I target compare the course and got the thing. I've gotten some decent balance I mean and you always look this city who's going to be that. They're sparkle would glimmer bit surprised and and I'm anxious to see which one of these guys look I'm gonna provide that spark for the being. You know Belushi yeah yeah I agree you talk about you know a lot of the potential that this office has with some really potentially good playmakers but. You know when you start looking at this offense know you feel there are multiple different offenses you've been to court and interchanges here with the Panthers went to Chicago had a coordinator changed it or from duke leaving here goes there. Are you you understand that position leak how difficult it is that time. Times especially for young players are trying to learn the offense and trying to understand the verbiage that goes into the offense and then the timing that exist because a lot of times in college. You know they run three rounds and that's about it or in the rout tree is another obstacle that receivers have to overcome talk about how long it takes. For a young player to graduate into that sophomore year that Dick the next part of their career or they're going to be you know slowing things down. What are won't beat you got wrecked me not edit this won't be your first let me very. You know if you think about the wide receiver position. You know essentially there are you know pretty spot possibly more. What receiver spot on and all and move. On top of the plate right so you have. You know order the spot. Typically what they wanna do. They wanna teach in one spot perks. And I need to learn in the other ones but they want to we want to really understand how to do want position extremely well when you come in as a rookie. You know and that's going to be either they call it this the split end or broke the reflector and at that they may give them letters like exits were those who it and number. Or huge political anchor and so I want to go earn X I want you to learn the and that's all we want to do you really really really good at it there's a bow. Every now and then you have an extremely Smart talented player. Could learn multiple positions can do different things. And what you wanna see is someone who wants to be that type of guy even if you don't. Although our and so Marmol has been going near what you want a guy who wants to our although it could become what we call break. Don't remember getting these. He is not a steady every single position because he's actually neutral from one office to another is like learning a new language. You know and expect. And they emit about wrote that a well you know you don't have yeah they're at all. If you gotta learn from scratch and I don't lottery you know you've got about Serb. Crazy B vendors apply editor here trying to take its big topic this spring time and so the very typical thing to do is there. To our multiple position alarm multiple languages. Three young guys. Most X explained. Without getting too deep in the weeds what the differences are between the XY and Z I know the numbers or the excuse me the letters are there but maybe the roles and responsibilities because. Britain doesn't seem to a lot of people are wouldn't seem that important why. Wide receiver what are you talk remember it runs around. You know you you're you're given a number Europe a flyer route three route okay we're sore about that but other responsibilities like. You're going in motion Krajina on the linebacker or or blocking force in in the defense shifts in those types of things. Yeah probably break we may we all know that there has to be other people on the line of scrimmage at all. Right and so on all events that you know when you climb up the bottom plate. There's several people would have to be on the line of scrimmage otherwise you know you see you illegal procedures when the Mercury on out. Look like they're doing adaptable there's been in there our beer beer rip around a circle you know it beer is called illegal procedure. On and been so. Probably those guys are often log right in so not and I got two more guys that have to be on the lives grimaced typically it wanted to tie it and that the Y and all that and he gives them a letter right and that would be similar to what Greg Olsen right great all that is why. The other. Position it's typically don't Alaska is is that splitting and which news. It's typically a wide receiver and in Altman's monopoly back in the Daily Beast Mitt would that Eric's. And then the other person and the other wide receivers who just. One and a basic. To who are receiver. True running bear one tied in all bin. The other logs be recorded between the and that's what I did you play and are based off their story and so. Your beautiful anchor you're all the line of scrimmage and you have a lot of different responsibility in your all the line of scrimmage because you get to go in motion. They want you involved in there and be in the blocking screen schemes. They want you involved. You know blocking for the running backs. So that the is that for anchor. And he's going to be emotion now. The other two positions that pullback in the tide in the open there you seemed to pull back in the Lutterbeck pull back is that. And the age of the running back is that the H economist at backs. And you could pick bill does not have any direct internal and why our receivers so you can have a pap while it was either going to slot. An and have one right in back. All you can pick him out of the game and they'll pull back out of the game and don't go below the spirit to so. You have seven people on a lot of scrimmage all the capital positions are interchangeable. Independent arm. What you like the runner up to coordinate and we've seen it in the patent but that would hear a lot of their neglect run three or four our receivers on the field. They're gonna assume those are the positions. Very. There are better on between and so. With that being there. How many of those positions can you learn can you learn protections can you learn. Promotions can you learn what you got to line up can you learned about this you have not. And only about can you learn the conversion because for every single culprit there would be prince runs. There's a convertible well for these were a little bit of an academic game but it is a physical back. I'm it was Mohammed joining us on the ticket John just like two time pro bowler longtime fan did you know him well and have Moussaoui actually is with a non parity question really quickly because it was a very newsworthy for a couple of days there. Would you turn down side here seventy million played likely be on builds a stood. You are right there aren't very ally. And it it. She. Broke it probably be out bailout problem because about whether Beckham again. And then sending millions. I turned out seventy Brady. I don't do UAU. I dare didn't consumers January 8 and I'm good knowledge. Well I think I doubt that back out there to do more out there I knew for sure that it about you know are about maybe up bill. And yet do you really want to be in the Pittsburgh uniform he's turned down a tie up money. Well that's the question right now commission effectively would have been the highest paid player his position by six million dollars a year wouldn't even a close. Yes so I may go to their duty really wanna be in Pittsburgh. At the results yeah. I've been at this now. Another us a Phil question I know your relationship nearly Gerri I've talked him he spoke to him since you know the consulting. Yes. I am. That's my guess. Still. Not you know if you do well may not I haven't you know this kind of impressive communication but I do plan on you don't spend some time would amend. Yet got out so we are prepared beer bear severity there. Okay have you met David tepper and l.'s ability. I haven't met David pepper you're with a select a very interesting guy and three but a great guy great it. Operatives organization and I do an opportunity to meet with the mod look to. How important is ownership to win. It is produced piece. Recent UN. I also sent a jewel. What could not make it their ownership stepped but tong abbate ownership certain Tyrone I think ownership so it's. Examples and then you know ownership has the ability to either influence and and create a culture. Of winning and and and has done in a variety of different ways but you know value investing your team what you are investing your team. What did what she stating your team what you say to your gun your employees and everything creates a culture. Of winning or not went right and bomb powerful all very unique to me into the business either football obviously and in their football operation by the football and I think. There it the ownership can influence both the business ties and all will be operational side. The culture on both sides loop of poke poke do you. Of the football before bolting the global organization. And so we do selective and owner I mean if all I care what about the bottom line I wanna make much money as possible and I'd. And I declined to invest in my team declined to invest in. Giving the right leadership employees are bigger coasted in the right way here and play the spark. Kevin you know will be ability to two win from a physical standpoint. They're not set its own and people see their right people will see dead people noticed there in your organization. And it because it creates a negative. Well Chris Simon and and and that big big it can detract from a winning organization. Just like the opposite camp for a wind organ. Demos we kind of puts on the hot seat there's about two or three questions but to it's yet. It would jump the hot seat now disaster one final one before we let to run I know you're busy arguing that are shaping Cam Newton. Go. Morgan and I mean that they're not take it back. I'm in better up that we talk about well Burke who. Symmetric. That was they called it the dead but where are. Adversely told us a dead body of the order bride nor about it is that it could loosen Bob Richards on pro bowler joining us on the charity etc. John does slog tied to those who appreciate about it. Are are they loose and a Dell guys 7045709. To some extent. You know before step aside really quickly. It's Friday while most of the end of the week Tim what is going all to weaken a lot of folks are on vacation including the boss hit meant he took a much deserved day off. Went all to the beach and he left us explicit this instructions have fun. Hold on the sort. Dugard radio do not call me unless there's an emergency I think there's an emerge I think there's an emergency and are hoping goes up to thirty. Right now. Did do the St. Louis Cardinals are beating the Chicago Cubs what sixteen to one Justine wind yes that nature of the Tonys aware of this via email his whole image check on it always should. We jury idea that's an emergency is a guy emerges and he he's at the beach and he's on vacation is really wanna be bothered bodies and if it's an emergency this is an emergency and we need to rejecting it how. How many sheets to the wind is it I. I I don't know like I feel like we just open up a lot of just call him on the air absolutely we showed absolutely. All right let's do that and let's let's so let's say you don't Osbourne got a call it mental charted as an emergency we get a check on him. If he doesn't know the cubs didn't didn't say you know I was always following it is probably my. Agree with you is probably gone to my number one invention and the reason why it's man's greatest invention alcohol. That's true but also on the off chance he doesn't know. We need to be the ones to tell him you know here's the grids are greatest inventions that I just to point out toilet paper do you have water and alcohol. All have great practical uses. I thought I wanted to. The same yeah. Took my typically our management has pretty good 7045709. To sixteen we article that meant to try to get him on the year and since she's doing okay he says exit only case of emergency lows this seems like he calls us against the world according to Fred coming up next indictment answers which I had a doubt we're gonna put a multi year exclusive and they look. Back to Garcia and made it. Time now. With the world according. To frame. The term in my joint do your job. To a record strikes. You relish it had trouble this morning at home. He didn't I didn't what happened well it's this it's time to pick out the the menu for the wedding. And I know I don't do near as much as she does this thing but I thought that was kind of the point. And you know what she's there's got to sit and figure out fruit. I don't know with the street people or letting them know what I wanna eat the utility major wedding Al Brister barbecue and twice spectators and you know committed she's snacks and stuff like that. What what's what you see people to wonder what is the proper thing to feed people what are. First us why is she having you choose I don't know because no matter what you choose this could be wrong I'm wrong. So. Whatever you like is usually the appropriate response that honey I love you. Com I will give you my opinion but I think that we should go with whatever you liked. Mom and forced thanks for me and on the other guys this can mean a lot of teen law and grass. And no meat. No she's that's the thing is it she's not you are going that route to site and I can get away with oh honey whenever you want to know you have to pick but that is wrong. And again if you ask me what I wanna feed people my wedding Peterson barbecue you're smash but it is there's some brisket drink your beer drink your wine have a good time they're your threat. And I mean that's. No. News in the sweet horse diverse you know those. You have to have some sort of meet. Yes that's a requirement obviously pork because we're gonna Martina teams are none of and a barbecue pork. It's like I am in College Station. In his station. Carving station as she stood like that but I got to pick the meets for the carbon station yeah pork or pork beef pork and those two. Am is a good one on us mummies or turkeys get more the other white beaten and the other white meat. And typically some fish. So you so much you know what you're doing here. Yeah. I have little experience. So there so basically it's I can't get away with saying. Whatever you want to do whatever I pick is Roxanne not just on the ready to accept that all welcome the marriage night to welcome to. I'd pass it right there and that in a nutshell you just hit it right and that text me that's Roger read it when I do yeah. And they had an every just said right there saying that to yourself every single time and yes I've even when Internet. Osborne for examiner region headlines. Mean DC is date steals your car uses it to take another woman to movie's frank Garcia is his male chauvinism at it's worst. Our fallen and hit it. At its finest he still all the dudes car and I still has a car he was on a date with a woman he stole her car to go with another man then and how. Studios on a date with a woman he still elements car you took a different woman to the movies in that car when her car. To me ask you tomorrow with my brother did that once a box yeah he's still a heated needed Nesta bar because I see senators and he said. Is that they sit on a nice read a headline does fascinating stuff under read it bring it here is that stealing or is that tempo. Sergio asked is is as soon as a man its worst or Pippen at its finest. So innocent man this course you know do you look at you as you do with the PC answers yet candies that my brother did it. And as he came and found it and left us on the side of the road. This is just Boldin but I stole a car in college drove an hour to have to see me suited funeral party. And she found and found us on her car and while we of the party we're driven to she found that we you know she was there's a stolen car back and left us stranded so. There may cents a announce our car and a doctor not a matter monitored it there and Abu exactly and they're ten. What is your car is a loss drug user and or lose. I've never been in New York. This is true threat. I'm telling you dismissed 48 years old enemies will be 78 he doesn't do things with technology government and over and last night for the very first time I can't pay for that viola you still haven't David and I I finally got an aside for the most that he could pay people. He is just. And walk around when people. Anything I guess you like you're like what. The guy that's this there's no delinquent fines here as it was in the guys and Popeye. I'll gladly leave it for a hamburger today. I don't know I never seemed Popeye. You've never seen cartoons and the united senior body to pin probably twenty years ago and he's a hammers are glad he'd tell you I don't know what that guy's name is you don't know. All your Phillies are tech's final now they'll all come at a duke pushed for front today it's franks so let's suppose former teammate of rows or even. Odds for example. Was dating an adult film actress would you begin stats. Or would you be offended by and watch local. Oh. Television that is that was back then hazard since then there's no assistant US and impede us from PC answer event but I mean that was like he's asking me like. Number I'm assuming like twenty years ago OK but why I went to his question a wealthy. Why are people freaking out about Jimmy Jeter to drop below in a run around 41 year old ports template. That's at its finest at its finest. Was that Jimmy girl political reasons and those who don't know was seen around LA. With the dates who happen to be a 41 year old adult film actress and he's 26 years old people are all open arms but she. CEO posted on. To tear my man. That's. Some like that would disaster was the amount just some I don't know it always say. And the new lemon live evidence is to understand I don't know. If so do the read an article. She's supposed to seldom on his exam I guess are on on on our Twitter what does this woman's name. Searches have. Yeah so. Okay so fast. Israeli government grown supposed to how uncertain what is the human spirit so yeah. I'll buy you would be I'm Whitney yeah I don't owe anybody anything frankly I'm more Nadia then. I'll add that might only person I owe any money is no cow thirteen dollars that was not true ninth district you know. Money now William fourteen dollars a thank you treasure story. Alastair regularly government a lot of money that she not got too much but anyway it's not really that's not a good you know I thought OK and then modem that unfortunately didn't get. Which and probably I'm not there I know you were distressed. To date when you found doused. You're toppled king. William Haines worked oh yeah has split up with my size thoughts. From someone who looks just like you reports are that he's quote unquote heartbroken and devastated from her for Miley Cyrus. Gala dinner guests. He's got to make you brickyard. Are you serious what else is terrible it's terrible about as topical content I guess I guess you're right city. That thought. Bad form to that stuff. To hear this terrible news doesn't tell you after helium Hemsworth is he is he's gonna get over the they're pretty quickly affect us off. I've got a feeling he's got to get over pretty quickly don't you. Maybe maybe that news this rule accord front. I sort of 457 and the. The low low what happened. Summers is called Miley Cyrus ugly. Patent. Newt she's hot and different way she's a lot of things ugly one gas and she's she's the she's a different type of pot and his awful summer music news yesterday site. There nourishes vocal ability must bear and a singer music's good rational as the voice is kind of funky and you don't you think if you listen to summer newer country starches she displayed she's got she shows about a range of talent. And poppy stuff from the crazy stuff like the booty shorts on the state is that that's a sucked when she's backing country OK if we don't this is not. It's my fault I take responsibility for the we got to go we come back to wrap of the shortest run its course in Billick. Back to Garcia and day. You. Names and. Let me see on the weekend releases. Dad wants to tell us. That we did this week dead poet. Say I'm good are you vote for good merger that would do this week. He did good I kind of kind of wrote down a couple things I'll take that same disaster are no western the good the bad notably. I suppose to do it. They're good route to Davos winner. And rock band chairs and Eli gold yeah those who thought there were excellent. Okay are you did he texted me yesterday city below the double cover such a demos good you're right about that so Streisand just a fact we don't think we talked about that after the fact Allegra I was impressed by Iran's interest we all those guys are pretty good with immediately. It typically can speaking gave good answers but I think forty dollars and should I be optimistic at least is going to be anyway so that was a good about. The bear. Where the door in there and didn't didn't care of that in the majors the majors yourself. There are images on famous he's famous now not all these influential pro ball yeah that's not true. That's not their partner is get married Gartner Alabama Zeljko is stuck his right now and yeah mean. Sports should be political and it. Sound like he wanted to go the politic rep now there are constant like they have remained. I'm too old to have to combine the both and they had a bad I had was just one enough baseball. Cindy got a talks more based. All that is that was the conversation again did happen. I promise today do we do we talk about this before and no we didn't sit redundant. I really well explain to explain the all star game was a home run a double or strike out. Are. Probably are single. Yeah up somewhere we talk. And so we didn't like baseball. He loves his weight is a born again analysts there was not boring but to say there was a say we're ten home runs in the news or this call that a single world. That argument saying we'll look out for one thing it's just like your diagnosis starts to dying late at night. First old timers to get sort of more to hold and doesn't recorder what to do next day. But the ten home runs ten game also. Yeah coach great. I mean that part of it's great but like that it should I get double file published misspoke approach should get double its. They never do away with it because they'll all star game that matters to work crept. Terrible not agree with in the ratings rumored to the bottle the ratings are fantastic people word they flock back to the all star game so look. As a matter of fact they did outpace the NBA all star game and something else in terms already so annoyed by dog and a toaster was the only. Did you have Seth Greenberg and yoga prayer was that what it was like one. What do you tell. We're talking about there Greenburg you have fifth Greenberg darkened its order stating we learn yoga and if so that's okay that's that's going to be doubly. 010 that would be ugly but I don't think as far as I know Cecil and where no offense I don't know what you must import connection that that. Pope must have you know muscle Muppets. Half a point. Here Randy. I don't know I am very hard like. It was here two weeks ago. Down seek they do without ever got to adopt what brought you. And here's a little football segment reminder we should call the football wizard of laws. Oh well it's a sound bad Oz what do you think about. I I don't up. Cross my mind. That it was pretty good data that you're gonna take those kind of plummeted to listen those sort of hold to that every week now. All right there Yahoo! Obama put up those great good the bad note what. Our market and Republican Donald better only ugly that that was kind of a. Well yeah I mean you know if you successfully burgers were yoga transmit that would be the runaway winner he just wasn't where you don't debts. Poker and a dog. But. Well we got our report card and there we appreciates many under which an. I'm going to Europe. Give great weight don't amount to go home get home to regard Gretchen dinner and then they're both thrive albeit from the TV watcher and what my daughters watch a move the newest addition. They go in about three and a half we issue and I will be a Dodger Stadium so deprived of that right arm bar are where I'd blood don't talk dealer. And Asia. Randy Schechter and let us know I would do this which is subject to a trip impact him to be subject to for the trip as well as things see those attacks experience is a never go where we talked about a ten is down you know you'll never. Have those ago and that's and that's why I do kind of lean toward will sue the Jesus. I edit and everybody's different understand that not everybody has to have my experience or your spirits it's just my connection was in stadium nor I think grab my best memories are in stadium billion in Balkan don't ballparks in an arena as would debt you know my brother my mom my friends I can afford it we're home. As a kid growing up all that looked don't believe me nor I grew up with and have many options around spewing aggression one you know but it won't when we went it was memorable. You know I've I think Jordan times you do the same probably memorable so that was set way up behind he's as good way down low and I can barely see them. But it was great which dogs golden that yeah. You thought it was the coolest thing in the world are grimacing what's on CBS and. I would sunset Bronson vibrate at home propane checking on rental propane dot com to get reducing grilling this weekend oh you might run out of propane what do you do when you got to get the car you got to take to the limited to the tank with fuel and wood shot. I just wait and al-Qaeda. Again take to take it you gotta do it's still up or get into a brave acknowledge all of forty they show up into the empty what do way to back up to your grill for a little propane Dodd John those guys are awesome all right. Frankel you when you watch and anything tonight. And yes your social butterfly and I judge you want. Yeah he's on his restaurant week. Ma'am people over for a couple of moves for a couple of a little short cartels off in the Norwalk are. Over to the restaurants and restaurant week they don't tonight soccer is a matter of fact Bubba Watson I think we've got some international champions cup action because I did yes I will be there live their lives in the doghouse so how far. All of them to do our pre game show I think three of four on Sunday but you'll have fun. Your text notes minute into the the British are much immediately into a soccer pregame show you may wanna tune it from that hit man has in fact have you ever heard him talk soccer. I mean Eddie. Helping them. Don't kick the ball in the UST two weeks out Amy you know what to do also want to stuff 'cause Myrtle Beach you can let me just fine you know it's patio on the beach ninety take stuff bags and take a couple of cocktails to proceed templates are not seem to their umbrellas on definitely got to embrace a C 83 completely debunked it. Hear about them comes up a. This it might be 62 floor right now eighteen if I. Yeah he feels all right yeah. Take a look at nothing's Chicago don't take didn't take my word for them come back it was six to ignore and don't quit the death your crew is 031 since the last time I sent a text message. Against Minnesota to which helps to it it's an adult book vox and adios to your 7 o'clock also at 730 more international championships you've fourteen variety. 730 on ESP NU 8 o'clock victory basketball in Miami on fox sports 1:9 o'clock she got Manchester City. And what a minute. Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund enormous player on Sunday. As adjustments to try ESPN's Chris not o'clock that a replay. Oh goodness I didn't do enough finally tonight X games in Minneapolis Frank's favorite 2018 date to be MX moto X skateboarding on ESPN and fairway they're gonna get passed by experience. This could we. Cause you have not have a Tiffany Canada's frank doesn't my civic cat goes to you sir Edmond Hillary he was born on this day he would have been 99 years old he died 2008 place for those you don't know if he was the first man on May 29 1953 get climb Mount Everest. Please see. Nepalese mountain climber named tensing norgay. Nepalese nepalese and apple mentally definitely I don't know. Happily sit there and that was leading the charge out. If Giuliani got amount ever sign here that currently in charge for a while millions to know how much did they get goes to The Who do you classics or allowing us to go out there and represents. The DBS easy greatness on. That's it boutique that's that's a slight different look up I'm sipping my gentle Jim Kelly I do not like or watch the espy's but Jim Kelly. That was incredible. The best. Speeches I've ever seen have come on from this means you don't watch. Know some of the best I can just watched the six minute speech afterward I want what's dressed for dinner the press was also. So city sixteen host Armitage I think she did you bring model over how great other good thing there's jokes kind of fell flat as he crashed in Baghdad and I. Hey we didn't have the chance to Jim Kelly judge I was also noted a speech drove Jim Belmont was message Coleman though it was also absent over the jet Jim Kelly. We are back on Monday enjoy the weekend folks be safe be happy be cool and a restaurant when they don't talk to you Monday for have been on strike hit man I'm dialed. Sales fell Illinois friends. You. All. Shake. Anybody what does that do they'll blow your mind that you just happen.