Garcia And bailey H4: Kyle And Oz Preview The College Football Season

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Friday, June 15th
In this hour the phone lines open with Kyle and Ozzie talking about the upcoming College Football season...

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But Garcia. Over four minutes off to the weekend of everybody else out there is that a great finish to your week maybe you're all for early hitting the road for vacation that's where frank Garcia is right now probably listening to his drive and on the road as a matter of fact I know we just. Because he text and your questions asked Bruce Arena during the unity. And I didn't see till after the fact sort of price up they're listening but I result of the weekend we will be here in about an hour and so spent the next hour with a 70457. Or 9060 and call us. And again. Tell me either your favorite Father's Day store with your dad your son or talks and cultural ball what does that's what caused nine tentative for most of this hour we we have decided to 530. Welcome to the world according to fright but these guys are dug the don't ask me questions you guys whoever you want and we fought so ward talks intelligible to firstly a leaderboard updates. Us from the US open at the synagogue and Hamptons in New York Dustin Johnson is is round is finished if there's a couple of hours ago and he finished his day at four under he is the only. Golfer in the field. Under par right now. A behind him both Justin Rose and Ian Poulter at even par right now and and against four golfers behind that at one over Tommy Fleetwood in her stance in Scott Peterson Charlie Hoff and and that's the top of the leaderboard right now with the US open so a juvenile that the World Cup games done for the day yet it's time between Spain and Portugal and a 33 tie was actually the best game of the day by far a Iran these Morocco one mil and you're live beats. Egypt one mil so it should ramp up over the weekend and a look sort of watch in some of that but give us a call your favorite college football team. A what are your front door team why they matter why they're going to be good wide to coach you just hire is gonna change your fortunes why I don't know whenever you got you wanna talk. North Carolina you wanna talk state you wanna talk South Carolina Clemson duke I don't care coalition was Alabama Auburn. Mississippi State out of dividend Collison let us know and we and Michigan fans wrote Kentucky's football since it was up so there's no excuse for you not to do the same really quickly though. On the heels of vomit that chat with Bruce Arena a couple of minutes ago. 26. I wanted to bring it to name obviously Jalen Lindsay Charlotte native. Who is you a bit a part of the United States us soccer program for a while two weeks I was wondering if you are not necessarily grocery it was gonna round lost his name is supported those players to watch but there's young man who a deserve a little bit recognition here in Charlotte obviously us from day Charlotte's Ian is a bigger part of the United States soccer growth and movement very very talented player now on the MLS ought to Kansas City and in this. Charlotte independence threats I saw this over at the Charlotte business journal. This is great news I'm gonna take first credit for some of us the Charlotte independence has been experiencing larger than usual crowds this summer. And the soccer team expects to break the single season attendance record this season. Averaging. Would just say you're over eighteen understands the game 13% increase over last share. I can only assume that's the commercial and tennis fan for a couple months ago right Osmond I dude died I get some credit for that. I did you get credit for not I think I get credit for yeah I think we needed a piece. We do we do this we need of these stress showpiece and I'm I'm more than willing to have a B for soccer and it has manufactured because listen soccer fans in America they're not quite like soccer fans in Britain. Or you know crazy places around the world. And so there's that the whole again nature of soccer fans in the United States is not as dangerous. They're not they're not dangerous so early. And earlier today does that to care North America. I'm like a serious but I'm not like him out of it but the American public know. Nobody's afraid of the American out loss when your local American outlook chapter is is not ride around and Charlie stick in people's asses and threatening you don't watch a world jumped him once or friendly with Costa Rica. You know that legend it's not the same culture obviously so. Really wanted to give us. OK we will do that himself 7045709. DC extended congratulations to the Charlotte independence and it Minnesota attendance record this year six and phone calls his talks in college football and Shawn Dotson to enforce order to Sean first Sean thanks for holding our. Got a clue you demo was the issue was John's not here Rashard Lewis. Yet our there is gone good was only about. Of course all want this so much what we've been about their loved this year got a pretty decent Clarke come back the quarterback from the area of real clear. And that we've played here at Charlotte so you know so gotten local and we can look up the big in the big twelve this year. NASA Acosta Sean for ya got because I think you're right about that you know that's that's an interesting team obviously wilders got that up like for a long time and they're bringing in Tony Gibson to six what had been had a pretty porous defense was it was a nice ironies. He's done some good work of their bit hasn't done enough what is is is a balanced football team. You know you've you've got to be the probably beat that this would. That got Clinton would be the event. We could upload a breakfast first US city political pundit. And we got into the train is coming back got a pretty strategic took the proper people. Okay so look out. I'm with you that what's it is a great pick as a sleeper in the big twelve large and I'm just I must say to your defense is not going to be good and so and I don't think Tony Gibson has done a nice job guys is there enough there I hear you say yes. I do well I tell a story appreciate the phone call 7045709. To sixty and but I think what's present in the big twelve is interest. You know it interest and enough to bug to topple Oklahoma. And Oklahoma State's. Oklahoma State's an interesting story here recently by the way you get boosters and an aide telling Mike Gundy to recruit better. Let's. And it looked into Mike does a lot of resources do we we always are rallies he's in the same state is Oklahoma right here and that's a sooner state is always going to be a sooner state T. Boone Pickens money right I mean that's. And to say hey recruit better probably is an oversimplification. Yeah. Oklahoma State is not getting the same five star caliber players that don't program like Oklahoma is getting out that would be wrong Oklahoma State has recruited well in particular on the offensive side right and you look at the names that they've put in the NFL over the years. Are there there are some great players have come out of that program on the offensive side most recently obviously a guy about the name of Mason Rudolph I Rock Hill they've put great offensive players in the league. But into the big twelve in general is typically pulling up the rear in terms of having the most amount of players drafted and certainly so on the defensive side of the shall also gonna bang on Mike Gundy for not recruiting well enough it's probably specifically on the defensive side of the ball the how do you fix that will do in a program historically is not known for its defense not sure this is an into the right higher doses yes. I IC tit one of the worst things he can happen to a program and it certainly hasn't happened at Oklahoma State but sometimes if you stagnating you don't win. Those big gains. You lose out on net that upper tier of guys is gonna come to your school has I think to a certain degree that's happened to Mike Gundy he's he's listen offensively there are no doubts about what he can joke you know whether it's brand and we Mason Rudolph James Washington Justin Blackmon I mean players come through that program but what was the last time an absolute stud team to the program on the defensive side of the ball and and I think what he does he does more with less and people would expect to because when you are playing second fiddle to a program like Oklahoma that recruits. National Obama's 25 star why she's committed to the right now it's difficult to win those big gains is typical to have those big moments. But he has had. He has beaten Oklahoma before you know but he's he's. Only when it console punching contest at Oklahoma he's got one hand tied behind his back. So it is difficult for me just hearsay recruit better for him because he's probably doing just about as good as he can't and it may take him. You know a couple more years even though he's been there a long time to really get that program to where it should peak which is recruiting community whole villages should be. We're nation I think I think their program should be a top three big twelve program every single year. OK look let's hold that thought for a second that essentially was let's let's bring it back in the middle of the state bacterial north state was go to Chris who wants to talk little NC state for second Chris was a mavericks rolled it. Yes I was calm about and these state this year and down everybody talking about how they law but a lot on the beach at the line. And the other linebackers but if you look at the recruiting front street. PJ hill and that yet and turned. There were all low restart. We act outcome amateur Frazier. And tech got from Mallard creek. And a couple of the guys that are coming in their way higher. Than they got it just got trapped it's and he stayed at one of the most talented. Our defense to well there's been a PC I think. Well no I I appreciate the call Chris look I think your right and I think done and there's some talent there to let's not pretend that having your entire defensive line drafted in the NFL which is. That's something and don't sell nor do we when that happens you you have to ask the question how how do you lose a game you know and maybe maybe that's extreme but you know how how do you knots. You don't win the Atlantic league the interest clubs and clearly both still and that's. That that was impressive Melissa operative like that kind of loss is something that you just overcome. Okay that's not a total loss is not something you just kind of you know move past and and things don't change him and that that defensive line. Change some games for NC state and and while there may be that caliber player right behind the clearly you are are confident that that exists. Guys don't just step in the does that full time role on the defensive line and just wreck shocked many guys who typically do that or your blue chip first. You know the guys who are are just can't miss guys cannot miss guys and in you may have one hell you may have to authentication done a great job. But I don't think that's immediately evident outlets and I don't think NC state is in for rough season necessarily bring quarterback Max. You're you're much better shape to a lot of things will be adult so I think NC State's got some reasonably optimistic but Julie you lose that on the defensive side you lose Samuel armed and that's that's tough to overcome its we're limited to take these phone call 70457. Or 96 stents or talks in college football with a with the time we have left in the weeks so let me know you wanna talk about door to talk about state Carolina duke Michigan. Clemson, South Carolina well whatever you got brigadier 70457. Or 96 and more phone calls when we come back its course in the early. I talk to decide college football here on Friday myself Oz Evans Fridays on the road imitation so we have a little fun here for the next forty minutes. It is up you can send me an email Kyle WS since he died Thomas the garage door guru and box. And of course you can always give us a call 70457. Or 96 standard Texas there'll build considered sex lot of funding on Twitter instead grams the same as well I'd child really WS frenzy. The brown the Jewelers Twitter feed and you can find is there's two let's take some of these phone calls folks wanna talk some college football and if you have a great Father's Day story will also take those two. As we head into the Father's Day weekend lets us start was one of those. Well goaded GGP Zaragoza were dug GGP. I think there's some question about what is Jones name has taken GDP was sudden and it was a power. They look at Kyle so far this lucky GP. Oh Obama and GT three doesn't judge it's a difficult and it does not your fault we got an intern is new disabuse you tree damage says that it was a man hours. All right odds and won a share all the expert bomber a bomb. Last year. And that apple way and that thing is there. And he went. And god be neutral and out of our got new truck and become duty truck. Unfortunately get a chance to defer before he passed but when hop on the last year I went to going down to try out senator Pete. The truck air in our talk there they have a whole arm get emotional will be at work or if not let a car. I Carolina Panthers. I honestly don't find out no it was really beautiful script she didn't even. We like export like that and he put one of Greeley introduced me to sport where are it was kind of meet the C. There he kind of thought about him now wait so I just want to kind of share that. That's awesome. They hate the idea that I love it and you know when the first study called SR GC three dumb guy died and had never spoken you move forward and I could tell you from Charleston and that's awesome so I just going. Right right I appreciate. Did you go to extra 70457. Or 96 total of those stores to post almost Dawson college football james' next James ornament. I don't know what to do well doing well which we do know how are you yet it did or took out all book but don't litigate this. I a quarterback is only about an estimate in Iran. If I had to pick one saying yes but the upside to that is you got a quarterback guru Fred coach now sweetness that's a stumbling block its first it won't be for long. Yeah. Does Florida and you think he's still gusty yeah they're coming off DH you still got guys all along that defensive line he's still got guys any this thing is Florida's problem is never athletes are sure exactly is directing those athletes in developing those athletes in a way where they're gonna go on the field and win football games and I think to display any talent on the defense. To do a quick turn around here. One let me ask you mr. James and admittedly I like watching the gators from I'm certainly not an expert don't go to the team they're like young guys who played less German descent pricey got a lot of guys who were coming back a lot of meaningful snaps. Okay so look that's on sale and it is Florida I mean it's it's it's. Got the athletes is of a history tradition of decent there and now you've got a guy who not only those also spoke and groom quarterbacks and and that's Thomas Florida strain on some Estonia today I was in Saint Louis last week to the body in my he's just had a down just to Florida into a doctoral program down there and he cannot wait to get down there's a better reason people and diesel are jacked up to this program they should digit. So you're right. Thanks. Thanks. Oh com. That's a good question and I'd appreciate some cozy I'd I don't. I don't know it's not an arm talent it's that certainly got it it's not an arm counting it's not it's not a physical stature thing it's a you know it may be a little between years but sleeping franks is still very young in his time. At Florida a you can correct me if I'm wrong he'd be easy either sophomore redshirt sophomore was not remember Jones in this cover so that's true there's very true because he's gonna bring a dual threat aspect to flee base franks can't bring. Or may not be able to run as well also I think it every Joel's every Jones you know is a five star tee it. On the and the he's gonna be suggest now he's going to be true freshman if I'm not mistaken and so they may want to sit him in developing in that system. Ice I think Dick Dan Mullen is going to be able to find cornerbacks there and it once he does that and the office opens up and it got to distributors of football skies Elena for them. We had such and such trends try to Kindle considered sex lives segments got a hot takes as many snell. Is going to be in the conversation for the Heisman Trophy this year says he's you'll shatter most of the UK's records and only three years. And believe in us yet either our wealth but. I mean look at it. It would probably I know what many cell has done though are going to Kentucky the first two years it has been there you know now rising junior it's impressive man I mean I already almost 4500 yards rushing under his belt. He only needs 14100. Bible if memory serves. To a two breaks that records have been based Mel's name that he's not gonna find him on many pre season Heisman Trophy lists but so he's gonna. Put up numbers. To jockey for the most station programs in the SEC because they don't just recruit the south to have to recruit Ohio's after writer Indiana there's elements on a high school tell exactly the sort of just midwestern fields of the programming if you look at Stoops they're coached there he's for cardinal Mooney high school in Youngstown. Yeah it NIC what they've done is slow pills and I think they're starting to build up program the right way they made a bunch of investments in their facilities up there a reason to be taking football way more serious in the Kentucky that we grew up with. There's no doubt about yet that it demanded the last. Go for launch on a new resorts Tim Johnston talked to wildcats mores of the time now there are veterans have been analog do you have for the past elastic which got Evan in a problem of Qatar Hedo is right now that it seems like the SE EC east is getting a little bit better listen you right out all the programs around and have a lot of momentum now out for the most part except for saved probably Vanderbilt who was better but there's not a ton of momentum that there's momentum in Tennessee does momentum in South Carolina so there's momentum obviously of Florida and certainly in Georgia. You know and that's Encino coming off a national championship game appearance so I think it's a defense should be optimistic that east. And it did they DS EC east got a whole lot better this all season I think I thanked the most Jeremy Pruitt is another in the long lot of of bad iris. Let's go to Chris next Chris thanks for holding there which was ordered. Can't Boise State do it's Connelly please come up Broncos. You got whipped at home by Virginia last year on sort I don't get too jacked up right now. OK I get that however we went to their place your court toward them all. You're supposed to they sold it for twenty years. They caught flat give up don't you what we started playing better we're going to be that we got organ in the ball game. I don't watch double got a game that Obama but I'm not fail we're gonna run the table but you better watch out war. No nobody's watching out from Boise State that brought us over boys and Saarland no regard a lot of respect for the program that they bildt's. I'm just not so sure LeBron arsons Dowd it's gonna continue that and deputy got a glimpse of that last year now that said. Are you it was in my as a marker and Saunders nephew. It's quarterback and out their Boise red belt on that's a great question I asked how my Medicare remember I'd like not confident and I'm. Her outsider Solder that Cuba remarked Richard Redskins say in his voice their quarterback and out their Boise Idaho so it is fun to watch but he got whipped. But Bronco Mendenhall Virginia Cavaliers last year on your home field some sort of nudge interject double but the Broncos. Let's go through it to Dennis next there's what's a man thanks rolled. Into us. And I Dennis that I doll. I'm sorry you're not ready when I come and I got to do anything short of a right 70457. Or 96 that would come back we get people asking about Carolina will go back to Terrell I'm a little bit we're gonna Michigan's and talk in Michigan a little bit troops. And doubled to bounce it around college football a lot making an executive decision I don't I don't wanna do the world according to our total O'Neal went on what cultural boss let's do more we come back we'll take your phone calls and electric stuff it's Garcia and they look. Yeah. I 7045709. 610. Voters and college football. To round out two weeks francs on vacation. I was that I just don't I don't we do we sit around we heard out about cultural pulled Kazaa a suitable for and we had this discussion on our low. Love covering the Carolina Panthers and this is the it's a blasphemy to cover the Carolina printers both on a daily basis here in the studio talking about the team you know and and just being a part of the entire ordeal and I'm fascinated by covering the NFL because it is the largest league and in the United States and it's a gargantuan serves simply covering the NFL and being around that team and and just sing it the way that we get to see is it's it's a blessing it's a lot of fun. But nothing. Gets me like a college football Saturday. In terms of watching not nothing like waking up at at 8459 o'clock Roland overturning Doug Collins came in knowing. From 9 AM until 1 AM the next morning it's nothing but college football and that's for a lot of people would gets the juices flowing in the fall that's what I like I'm really again enjoy covering the NFL because it's a fascination to me but do did the sports fan the kid in me that side of things is still so attached this sport for so many reasons and we were talking to Damione Lewis about this a place for the Panthers played for the Texans obviously played a Miami you know he's won many guys that we talked to that had the NFL careers are still look at us and say man this is the college to infamy is still an illicit pro sports town has no question about that I'm not trying to debate that at all Panthers hornets part of the DNA of the city on it always been that way it always should. But for college for a lot of sports fans there's nothing quite like a college football Saturday so as we kind of sit around and you know awaits the arrival of football. Saturdays given jacked up relish talking about and so you wanna talk about where this with what time we have. Lutz we would love to hear from a 7045709. To sixty and we'll take your favorite team or what ever college football topic you wanna get into also take your favorite fathers of these stories as well he doesn't writes in the buildings that are techs like to say Florida State will surprise that the contrast of culture. From Jumbo Taggart speed of Gulf Coast offense and viciousness of the Michigan State toughness on defense. I was Barnett as a defensive coordinator looked out old school no football hash tag lethal simplicity. There has not been a lot of hype around Florida State does all season outside Tallahassee and that's not a commentary on whether or not there should be. It's just that. As if we had somebody on earlier this week a late last week is a Sid hey look the real the reality is we'll attackers never really want to. Anybody can attack it was teachers secretaries and look the reality is people are it will tigers never really one. Any sick right and it is kind of built things and left. Thought does that sound like Jim Harbaugh right and I'm not comparing the two bunkers are two very different guys but you know that's. That's what you've got to say about Jim Harbaugh right now he's brash he's he's a lot of things he's eccentric he can be a jerk sometimes but. That's what you've got to set about Harbaugh to resume builder is stay very long. As so we we've got after the Michigan fan texting and your signed it to be more specific about Michigan has Harbaugh didn't just a disappointment since he came and he was brought in to win big games Ohio State Michigan State and has not done so is he just not a good college coach. I I hate to that I hate it when people rip Jim Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh took over in Michigan team that was lethargic at best when he talent on the roster don't get me wrong but whichever stand is is debt. The weighted disk thing works is that recruiting cycle is coming go recruiting class is common go and he walked intuit team that was latent there was talent Lleyton however he has to eat. Because this first recruiting class he couldn't build the steps necessary to sustain damn thing so they took a step back last year they did. OK shape Paterson comes in he's immediately eligible quarterback and I'm telling you Jim Harbaugh can win it Stanford and taken a program from a two or one win team or what are they held a war he can win at Michigan he just needs time. He simply needs time you know. Immediately got to beat Ohio senate once hate you got to beat Ohio State Ohio State is he long Izzy is a long. Just basically study a great foundation Ohio State when we're Urban Meyer took over and Urban Meyer is had a long time to bring in top. Top predator in classes you're you're you know what Clemson did a lot of state college football playoff that's a one off it's one it's it's it's one game I did that but it's Clemson can do that today at the can you basically what Ohio State would have you believe they are the Alabama the north right the answer is Clinton does that to the Alabama the north he can't beat him and that rivalry game one time. Don't know how many years you've been there three years now unless he's come into his fourth citizen dares to a three tries. But he can't three tries with a teen that he inherited he can't beat Michigan State either apparently. I'm telling you go and listen you have to be able to give these guys time and Jim Harbaugh like any other coach regardless of seller regardless of talent needs time to establish a culture he wondered what ten games his first year taking over Tina would've won five games previous. His credit that is the that is the case because Brady Hoke came after Lloyd Carr won the Sugar Bowl always Lloyd Carr's guys basically and then you know kind of petered off from there as a hardball came in and and and he looks he reenergize the program there's no doubt about that. But this is the year where he's got to win. He's got to win consistently over. SEC west who faced the best of the best on the defensive side of the football down there in the SEC in that Big Ten with shape Patterson coming back and bring him back what he's bringing back must got to win this year or I. I think every single fan out there will be justified and say hey maybe maybe this was mistakes and what you got don't. Two to horrible appointee a look at what's places he's been. A before he got to Michigan when he is at San Diego he wasn't expected to do much. We got to Stanford Stanford was basically Brett Nelson when he got there and try and yet they were terrible about a Tommy lest they were good ankle look at DSL. You know he went to San Fran San Francisco in wasn't hasn't been any thing for the past ten years and any turn them in the south and this is really the first time he's gone to a placed as extremely high expectations. And most places a ten win season. Would be great but it Michigan. It's not. And he's talked big game and unfortunately a fire will be good and 90% of the schools but since he's the type guy he is and he's at the type a school years it's vitamin a but. I don't I don't feel bad for you would you take the Michigan job for seven million dollars in you know what comes along with a seven million dollar your salary data stored program like Michigan so we can make excuses for Jim Harbaugh and I don't think that's what should do a Gaza just saying it. When you were in his position. Right and it's not like he's some some guy who's risen through the ranks and you know Michigan is the Coleman know this is this guy I coach of the Super Bowl this guy did did what he did his Stanford you took Andrew looked orange bowls and niche there's a there's a history there that you heavy reasonable expectation Jim Harbaugh is going to deliver Michigan and thus far he has not 70457. Or 96 tells bring it back to North Carolina for a second because. I want to talk about the Tar Heels a little bit more. How bad do you think they're going to be look at I do think. Which was good quarterback play and and health presuming health because look let's be you let's be there seemed they were obliterate right relies you know there's talent there. And and I think quarterback play Dennis one of those things that you really can't knock her Fedora a ton for because he does produce quarterbacks he does develop quarterbacks and I like deli Energizer Raddatz is it for a lot of people I liked what I saw from early last year but as they settle on a quarterback and consistent quarterback play. It was somebody the snaps those young guys got last year I they're not gonna win the coastal. But they should be better when did they I think I think North Carolina has to be better from last year this your home. By default I hate people who did this tried to I just to illustrate my point I wanna go down that the schedules just very very very quickly California we don't know that's a tossup ECU that's a win at UCF that's a loss it's Burke. Are probably aware it. On city and it's. Miami lost Virginia Tech lost Syracuse getting better at Syracuse may be a loss at Virginia may be a loss though. Welcome and I'll just told everybody got 27 ACC caliber players on his roster you can tell them how many how many does nor John a lot more net. A lot more than I I I take a team that went 39 last year had to be was secure line to get their third win. That lost the heart her soul Audrey Smith earlier in the year to departed I think it's gonna struggle I was. How does anyone had defensive issues Oz but I am saying it only offers us on the ball just because it's you have to still give Larry Fedora to benefit of the doubt on the offensive side of the ball and if he has that. And I sent I assume that he will write I assume that he well North Carolina the last couple years recruiting rankings we know team rankings aren't everything but they've been top 25 top 31 talent on that roster there there. Talent on the roster but I get to this day they expected to yummy brown. In Jordan Adams commenting contribute with Tim immediately did you choose from highly ranked freshest. What would George George Adams is gone. He's going to play Major League Baseball that is a huge loss studies see number one player in the recruiting class who is left to go play baseball trust me I've seen this before that can really hurt and hinder recruiting class. As I I don't I think we've got to figure out the quarterback and I don't trust Larry Fedora to make Smart decisions inside of close games. Because he hasn't done it in the past and an and our I can't believe it was a personal that he had in the past. Looking forward to personnel that he hasn't this year that he's going to be able to sustain anything there and that's why I think if they could win four or five games and he's on his way out the door. Because because your six your seven year eight you're supposed to add your program we're supposed to beat you gospels we floundering in the ACC coastal which is what they're doing. I don't I don't think I don't think the Bubba Cunningham. Is gonna hold last year against him. We ought to switch here I I'm not even though I'm not even a big Larry simpler sort cheerleader I'd but if I'm Bubba Cunningham. I'm not holding last year entire religious slurs the door tonight I don't know how good they would have been sans the injuries. But they would have been better and I don't know that I'm putting metal on them and has autism and it all that is is that a journalist who don't look at all of that is to say. That if they only went for five games this year I'm not positive certainly given us an extension within the last year. They're gonna fire that guy doesn't try to beat the axe does he take a different job somewhere else knowing what could maybe. It did that's he's a great spot right now eloquent we can knock North Carolina for football culture of the tailgating you know who. The big aluminum you know seats and the aluminum out and and Keane and all the Ali let's butts. So long as things go well on the hardwood for Carolina. Don't football's gonna politicizing of the textile. And I don't doubt point isn't as someone who attended universities there I can tell you that the football culture is is not anywhere close to what a real football school lists it's not you know that nine no but I do think it they're trying to win there I do think that they're trying to become relevant football. And I do think it after a 39 season followed up by five to seven season writing year whatever it is parlor trick or seven irate. I I don't think that they're going to us I don't think he can survive sectors I think they desperately wanna wintering Chapel Hill well. I don't know if they're desperately wanna I don't know I don't know that. I think at one time the desperately wanted to so they hired Butch Jones of a state tea and one time they desperately wanted out and and they saw where that got themselves do they want to be good course everyone wants to be good. Do you make the full fledged commitment to be good and I don't know that you can say that I would love your Tar Heels fans opinions on that 70457 or 96 and would you step aside we come back we have time for phone call to will take it if this up otherwise were out the door that we can discourses and Baylor. Well this is why I said a second ago college football so great because it's X rite cities as I love the show to hang up on a taller because of the states and is pretty harsh quit doing but hurt because they went to Virginia seconds hotel your Hokies. Two things. But he was in Maryland out of sales and also about something careless and about the evidence not while we don't win hang up wanted to templates on the status Jason and we Jennifer -- we can never bought it. Promote it as a bad takes our purchase Felix but now. I go to William and sides we'll try to squeeze a phone call or two and before we go the first. Friday it's very appropriate Father's Day weekend so while my dad Randy. Is on the lot. Pure and being. I'll hold my head thanks we'll so that we do this we don't. You figure out how to get the list as much as I want to be. The guy and approach just figured prior practice. Thank you get more folders filter. This is outrageous it was so like that. I eat anyway he wakes up like it. Well no I imagine he was gone but it couldn't be here to talk to your days so so I used to how did how did we actually do this week put the independents that sucked out. Little bit too much world tour. That's the proper takes you think we actually did the opposite cultures of the colon screening lowered to talk more World Cup how many games did you watch today. Are. Zero. And in Nevada know. I would do with. OK in New York are perched predator its proper terminal to answer to right when your port bulk. I sit the bench so you do as it needed to see much Osbourne has a question for you. Randy will you ever watch soccer. Our Margaret get sport. He has no idea he's gonna take my kids on a quasi I just I radeon Gaza TI just don't care about who broke up at all. I just domain and I and I know that sells plasmas but somewhere on the same though you. Aren't. I'm now and I don't enjoy it I mean. I enjoyed watching cal drew and I played. Going to and I know enough is he says that because it feels obligated to say that we know he did he. He had the only person may have had on a less fun time to those soccer games and amusement that's about it so he is being nice is doing the damn thing you don't have to say that speaking of the bad thing. Our source is Father's Day and my mom is on the way but that's then backs are not gonna get to see dead actually on Father's Day so. What you're by yourself this weekend as what are you going to be doing. Well I'm Trout I told I was not a lot more Brooke on target blog more. There's. You know you know I am about terrorist Suffolk where you've got. No emotion this morning is almost. No mop my mortgage broker Howard down a wrote this vehicle and then not so I don't think through spring and abide. Doubt about it but you have to do to grab politics which I got a big Evans got a question for our two board out of your men haven't of the federal assessed a symbol for what's ago. Or are. And mr. Bailey nice to meet Jim and luckily. Do you have any dating advice firming up. I can't beat that he's go to countries of origin is really try to give Evan dating advice he's twenty years old he's never had a girlfriend giving some advice for dating to ditch. Find somebody older not to buy you some alcohol. Yes. That's as good a place is it and just that happy father's elemental talked to later off. Our Barbara editor you know Los Father's Day visit now speaking out I'm we're gonna delay Tony my children but I did Jay's been waiting insensitive when you legitimate jays got a Father's Day story NJ I shouldn't do this well what do you tell your sword because you've been Agassi got to go quickly do. I equipment proper expect I'll do. Not bad of an apparent help but say here here and now are buried there if I ever got yeah. You know aren't there like spot or. General addressed to baseball for. Yeah that's pretty. App that would period GAAP ambient. I would that there are better but at the more my much straighter but all I get I get bigger McCain by ball and they'll market by well. It is much stricter. That's awesome I thank you for the Coleman happy Father's Day we continued our laws so let's wrap this thing helpless he was on TV tonight. What's on today. All right so what sucks that's it for the Jeff brought about bringing home propane and I know as does not Obama house today. They dropped also a fresh tank of propane. And whenever I run out there just gonna stop by pick it up the slot and alchemy don't do the same for you bring it home trophy and you never to load that -- around again to check them out bring it home propane fuel resort you did all right so the World Cup action is is over for the day but so we jealousy was on TV tonight in we will start spirits I just 9 o'clock tonight candlelight what do you get an HRA drag racing on here a couple of minutes but not o'clock tonight yet you see yourself organized and Rough Riders if you're in that sort of thing you 10 o'clock tonight yet the World Cup tonight rattled show on fox sports once a further coverage over on fox sports what's been pretty good. Expensive. See the actual games but so last night you see van pelt Taylor Twellman. With a picture of Intel did you give it helps little girl because there a fossil bloodiest yet heavenly World Cup footage to era controller highlights Leon they can't irritating gases into helps little girls like four she drew a stick figure picture of of Russia taking on Saudi Arabia and those are the highlights and just it was amazing too you're highlights on top of that it was incredible so I. I actually recommending ESPN highlights that reason you can always watch fox force one if you want to baseball check your local listings and that's about it slim Pickens folks. This is what. Cinecast wow Semitic staff wow. Kevin usually hovers around an A minus it worse for his board upping abilities you like a solid C plus today's vote is in our young rotation are just got Myrtle Beach a mom I can tell you do it again what's the take a fly give it to me right now we're supposed to fly you gonna use little bitch. Girls don't know if you like the boss I'm not bossy guy flies out Buffy I guess I'm vampire slayer related. I may not be that bucks a made up data bus but Diane the ball saying no. I may not be that bus and I do like a good must say I made up three balls but I do lucky good both say hey and a lovely here no. Right now I may not be that most but I do like a good book say can I interest you in Denver. Are Janet got to write me down deep thoughts. But I do like a good both say may I interest you in then they'll yeah nailed it and dinner. When you when you signed a lovely lady this week and it's time to leave next Friday or Saturday when you break it off just he just has been gentle guy. Is that your demands we got to know we're out for the weekend really enjoyed it we'll talk to you on Monday looking forward to a great show and I got to does right go braves first place. It's good team wants him over the we can watch the World Cup racing you pause and I'm a CUR bar hopping festivities this week human all you soccer fans look at fortuitous Garcia unveiling. Shot H. Anybody it was I didn't have blow your mind that you just happen.