Garcia And Bailey H4: Kemba Walker Trade Talk, TWATF

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Friday, May 25th

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But Garcia. I don't forget Mel for May 31 to the free weekend getaway for two with any purchase over 1999. Dollars details are probably Jewelers dodge on the probably Jewelers Twitter status ups and doesn't tweet on the old tweet machine and send me an email Kyle WS Lindsay dot com as the garage door guru inbox and now. Cinnamon the next hour since all weekend like random emails from listeners so in the gym at a garage door to ruin boxed out WS Lindsay got jump. I'm really this is a blank you know when I read part of this good. I want you do you morons to listen this you moron why don't know who I'm referring to but if you believe this speaking tours consult a hell doesn't. Powell works for my money Hal works for Amazon code. He goes your intern is wrong no one is spine and you can quote me on that tell Kyle to open is Alexa. No one cares if he is blinking off all the news it's I'm listening to him. Don't you dump it you can't you could probably still lost the general. All of scientists you buddy how is not wrong and I don't think anybody spying on me and the everybody's watching me all the time. But I it to you you'll think they can tap and and listened when they want to your crazy. But Tim what are Mark Zuckerberg has a piece of tape on his own personal laptop covering the camera. Because they can't anyway so thanks Al that's awesome I do agree with part of that I got cut apart a guy kind of personal. Cash. Apps after inputs are here this. I just votes but you know doesn't matter I. These are totally straight and there's a proposed charade up over Bleacher Report and I've why did its interest in your right so under this article was entitled five realistic Trace what mayor what do you say numb I'm just. Melissa publisher or five realistic trades after the results of a torn eighteen NBA draft lottery. So so one of the trades it was proposed involves the hornets and Kemba Walker and this is come up already but you and I know gotten into this when the particular. On its trade involving the boards in the mix and so in this proposed trades them the the New York Mets knicks would Kemba Walker is up. In return to Charlotte hornets would receive Trey Burke. Lance Thomas. And two draft picks the number nine overall pick so you move up two spots there. Are you get that second two spots better than we are you where is he the eleventh pick him as bottler just adds only visual clear but the you keep the eleventh straight and you get the ninth overall pick. And in the 37 overall pick either in the second round as well Howard is all that to try to trail. So your side you would. Take this trade. Had a nice pick and the eleventh pitch in the try to package that had to move up maybe what top five top three. I don't know what to value is in the value charges in the NBA and it is useless lakers in front of so it's hard for me to be able to. You know equate what that would get you right it's like he's not like the NFL can you or you look at it okay this players a second rounder. At this at the 35 pick he gives you X amount of points. This guy at the third rounder is no X amount of points and we looked at those points up or remove up to. You know middle of the first round it's not where the India worked so. I don't know is that scored two unless you have a trade partner that is willing to take on. Some younger players or get some younger players and needs a bunch of bodies because that's what you're gonna get may be potentially at 9/11. That's willing to do that so if you could tell me we're gonna get five or higher. I would absolutely do that. So so again this is the first part of straight drive because what Frank's talking about basically is the second leg of the trade after that the first would be tried to kill Kim go to New York Trey Burke Lance Thomas and takes number 937 overturned I would already have to have my trade partner and places library to excel exactly so and and that's where. That second leg of it might sell for me potentially. I'm not on board these trade Kimball walker trade I understand the logic behind it but I also kind of agree with sacred Smith and that there might be a better way to do this but. What do you guys what do you say he said that. There's no way in the MBA if you trade established talent for potential right and that's why the draft chart that that is used in the NFL even though some people in front offices and across the unifil don't find Jimmy Johnson's trade value short as useful as maybe they used to or as universally useful in the NBA there is a tray a drafts trade value chart but it's even less useful right because generally speak to you in the NFL draft. The first. What strikes its key players in the draft are assumed to be guys that you are expecting to play right away to make an impact right away guys who are there will be should be your stay in a very good chance to be a perennial Pro Bowl type players and that's not the same in the NBA and it's it's a sheer numbers game right so Al Saud say the top. I don't know. 768. Picks it's really really difficult so. I'd I have a problem personally I think with kimbo trading him for anything less what is the end result anything less nuts just trickle works seven you have somebody over there and what do yet. There was another trade and I was being offered on Bleacher Report a couple days ago I was actually preteen. And trade between Charlotte to nix and Sacramento. And the knicks would get Kemba Walker the kings would get to number nine pick from New York Lance Thomas and frank Neela Tina. And hornets would get to number two take an eerie Giles saw that is so I'd I'd also. Realistic all day every day you take that yet you have the number two in the number eleven pick the only give up Kemba Walker but I can't -- app that's a little too unreal yes I. I don't know why somebody would trade you make that trade for kemba. I mean Tim as good piece but he's not he's not the main piece of art how he's a complementary piece preacher the hornets. You take to trade all day to move up to lose to number two to disorder of the second overall Pritchard got my attention present that's absolutely pitcher of the religion I don't I can't perceive that. He'll be in Europe a realistic. No trade but it we have believed we had people even right now saying the hell just tickled and it's offered to walk away you know we have fuel to fifteen to two talented guys at 9/11. And Trey Burke and dollars Thomas and we will bring it to the start their. Oz which again and that's kind of that's done in my opinion I think it. A part of me he really believes that if you were trying to do it into the top five with a guy like Kemba Walker is good to see is you're setting yourself up for little bit of disappointment out of you life. I I think to your options are limited with kemba. I really do and here I'll just be honest it's. You know if he sticks around your to Tony nineteen and we tried to say we try to save it and and give him a Max contract. We're giving a Max contract to a player and again. Really isn't deserving of that and and I I'm not saying that his effort is a deserving of that I'm not saying that he isn't the hardest working guy on the team and he doesn't deserve to be paid. What I am saying is that if you pay Kemba Walker you're setting yourself up for mediocrity yeah so you've got to take what you can do it and maybe taking what you can get means you take the night the 37 and the two players listed and you just say that's good enough because the options we have if he sticks around. Here are very good cause I think a better way of saying that he's not deserving of it is it you don't want to overpay for a exactly the I know it's your money. Clarifying and people saying the Tamil lockers apps and deserving of it. I think what he's talked about as not to overpay for players that may not locked that type of contract my hands were the only caveat I would want in this. Was it is there anyway in any of these scenarios. That we could. Add one of these huge contracts. You know there are honorable exit soon liken it to whom like to Dwight Howard you know like a guy that. You know has a huge contract we could throw in with that as. You know little dressing. I'm I'm finally anybody's take indoors now. I'll be on city does so I feel too I don't think there's any way shape or form to Dwight Howard is not the right next you gotta find out yeah eligibility out. Think the code for let's look at that the next now right I mean if they take if they have forcing us they get Toma. You know and Batum somehow goes there. You know that's a much better team because we're tumors are role player he doesn't need to be the man forcing his and Campbell will be. And he can just be a distributor of the basketball is still can't play defense but. Know nonetheless he still have a guide you Sony got rid of that contract into a big market you know so. Even if you only offered those nine and I would still tried to somehow. Now don't that contract you know whiz kemba because Campbell is our most. A reliable PC's are all neat blue or that we have dangling and if we could. Do get one of those other contracts off the books with that dangling lower I think that's more attractive to me as well. I really hate the fact that we even have death discover session until. I don't know I'd die genuinely hate the fact that we're even having this cover citronella and look I brought up and saying this is this is just kind of keep using the phrase and I I believe in this victim of circumstance because you were. Asking that same question about Clifford earlier and I think the same thing like I told Chris Broussard a couple of weeks ago cluster Kemba Walker here that it's kind of like he's a victim of circumstance and as I hate that or even having to talk about shopping around a guy who has worked and willed himself into being an all star caliber player bend it to being the all time leading scorer in franchise history a great. Well I know and where has that gotten I know again I know I guess now. 9/11. Twice I mean he's been an all star last two years and we picked in the same spot. So are we a dog chasing its tail. And because that's what it seems that this. Yeah or. Did we actually did it right with the eleventh pick overall last year and we're about to find out when they put it wouldn't break don't place terminally smoke in the backcourt together and by getting it right again with this eleven strict. Right this year potentially. Are they right back to make a play Austin because that seems to be I think Franken again just listening to the regular us press conference. And here are some of these people who around this organization talk all the time a lot of them do not believe they're that far away from the right back there and being competitive defenders can give them. Let me ask you this question that may be the case I don't know you don't know it's all the foreshadowing in potential. Let's say that is the case how long's it gonna take four. Bully small tab impact on the sleek. Or in the sleep because he's not gonna do it right away he's not that type of player might take two or three years and in two or three years the worst demagoguery. Jimmie thirty plus by and two or three years he's gonna be on the downward side of it potentially his career so if we gonna do that. That right then you better win something with it if you're not and you're saying let's trade out of it at least you have the potential to grow as a guy. I wish they guy that might mean nine or 111 is a guy this thirty on his way down. Or did receive enough growth and Jeremy lamb this year by the ways still only 25 years old and was the twelfth overall pick. That there are met there's better talent there are some help and a new coach and everything else and maybe we're giving them credit for how long that they Jeremy lamb to have impact in the sense that you know it's a report that common export to was that he didn't show right away and it took him a couple of years to grasp what it meant to be in the NBA and what it took to be successful and. Actually that was that's most likely what you're getting with the eleventh two false tense picked it. Right and zero if that's the case are we gonna be willing to wait two or three years as I just mentioned formally mark to start flourishing. Like we did it would Jeremy lamb and then kemba be on his way down off of a huge contract. 70457. Or 96 and really quickly get your brick and Evan the trade that you just read a minute ago the three way trade I don't know if you still haven't offered up if you did you do. I give it to me one more Tom an image of the other important Bret what does it. Right dead deal that we have here is a new excluding it Kemba Walker just Kemba Walker lawn. Sacramento Kings would get to number nine pick from the next Lance Thomas and frank mile Cano who was a knicks first round pick last year. And hornets would get to number two pick from Sacramento. And Harry Giles to the big man from duke. OK so there's one trade propel all day every day the other one is so Kemba Walker going to new York and exchange for Greg Burke Lance Thomas the ninth overall pick in 37 overall pick what do you think about that 70457. Or 96 and is there are trade proposals hornets fans that makes sense to use 70457. Or 96 and or. Do they keep him pushed out rather have a good to me is that as a no brainer the talk about it we come back it's Garcia both. Pirates take some phone calls talking about the hornets in though possible trades or do want to if we have a little bit of time I get into some college football here and a bit as well but so we got about forty minutes left in the show the work which. And we hope everybody has a a great holiday weekend and is safe and hopefully everybody stays dry out there Memorial Day is gonna be a lot of fun for a lot of use so law they say don't ever it was a goal talking about the hornets couple of trade proposals that. That we're talking about one a three way trade that would send Timbuktu the New York Knicks and if that was an in my I guess the Sacramento now here's the door to rice and her New York my grandmother though the Sacramento Kings would be involved in that was well really anything you. Talk a little Bleacher Report Kimmel found someone on the buildings and attacks on had to get up point last year. And become pointless fur on the kings get frank nearly Tina because state got deer deer fox threaten. Yes or some of these diet I don't think make a lot of sense on the surface but the one we saw why. Wireless imported some mix mix a little more so why in the hell would Sacramento wanna get out of the two picked I don't know I really don't because I don't think both the glow of those two players mean. You know we can't we can come up with every scenario we want right and a fantasy world. But with whom we're in reality comes knocking. Where did that Sacramento we fired tomorrow he makes Morse a lot of different communities not exactly even though the model GM but it looked good didn't. The knicks then makes more sense appearing Kemba Walker drew steps for zionism in his lot of possibility there of god and we're doing that. If you're the Nixon awards or if I'm always about the next introduce an all day. OK so but I thought you were on board were trading him and then take it was ninth and eleventh picks and bad guys win had a willing partner while in order to know where top fives. I doctorate in. Are you got to the top three I think anything in the top five was suffice. There was potential to be great right there top three it's just not gonna have. Well I am just not gonna have those have to disagree on and I'm not making any deal but that involves losing Jim Walker you're not getting into the top threesome what's the difference Madrid five we have no idea right now it's a shot more than Bagley the unwritten okay if if your pick him hurry him. Bright young what would you do what's your take a sorry he's gone they're gone both those guys quite well so no I didn't read I just might go to a one dodges is going. Seven Ellie may stay and what's. It's his fault he's all like crazy yet he east he says in a dollar well he says because he knew he may not come to the NBA and that's that's the work he's come into the and one that's why some people or kidneys article about the trades for McCain's cause us thinking. Probably feels like he's going to Sacramento when he doesn't do that blimp and a polite about it yet and no reason to go to Sacramento ever a stink let's listen phone calls let's go to Matt and get his thoughts Matt was a man and thanks for your Mexican. Good afternoon got our ability. Good. Are we perched on. Art love Kemba Walker quite what great dude. They're great for the city but nobody nobody gonna question. What you bring to retain now with that said. Order for not gonna pay this guy. A Mac people thought they are well noted they have the flexibility to do that but you don't need to hear what they're. What we've got to get tired of the bat speed that we can get right now. Is. This straight from the knicks involving we gotta do it. And to the book go to that I have a heart gut reaction is. Up to assume that somebody is going to pay him a Mac people obviously can be detained is what I want to offer and pick up the play a certain amount of time. What are keen to get that not quite deal but still. Unreal we interpret it whatever can talk to Draper it was gonna be able to pay and come and you're willing to pay him the money right. Well I think it's part of him that I'd appreciate the phone call I would also say that you know from the at least it would be about a lot about the length of the deal. You know because I I know Kim was looking to cash in this is this is Jim was big opportunity for the big deal is probably the only really blue monster dealer Jim was gonna get from anybody. It also is gonna get it somewhere and it's in all likelihood I would guess somewhere between. I don't know 23 and twenty million dollars a year in a bad that's what I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood and it could be it on the higher end of that and to me again it's more about the link to back contract and somebody is going to tell you because kemba you know if he ends up elsewhere there are teams academic. It's what he makes a difference for some of these teams between being a first round exit and an Eastern Conference finals get. But I still think you're over rating Kemba Walker I am yeah I do agree with his taxer. Here overeating kemba Walker's values not worth the top three pick he's not a top three player and a championship team he's on polarizing can't really yeah he's a top three player a championship team. I don't think that's championships in I'd do it does that say he's absolutely. Claire where's he sit right now on Golden State like that you and I really got citronella gold state he's L championship that's not the standard no meant no. Did you listen to the terror I did only legion team I am reading okay so now courtesy. On a championship team where is he playing right now I think he's a Houston he can give you the same thing the Chris Paul's getting used to. We can't begin to be the same thing crystal did in Houston in the right scenario where you can absolutely frank if you look at this guy. I'll say that he can't do that based on what he's surrounded by. As Charlotte's BI now put him on the Houston rocket typically uses same production our sport you'll say Kiki now he's just getting production ouattara's call astle and Paul have slept. Really you have to look at them digit. Crystals Jim good clarity and consensus just so walker he is not Chris Paul. And that team on the healthy do you do you know you're getting the same for gasoline I disagree with now. Absolutely not disagree call placed ten times better defense than Kemba Walker and I'll stop there. Ten times better than ten times better keep Chris Paul might be the best defense a point guard in the game hyperbole much ten times better defense. Against starter I was just Israel that's so I usually do I did in there let's lighten the mood must go to horn kept Matt is next hour jet that was summit what do you think about all this. Well I don't play it it's but I got bit art upgrade. I agree with you entirely I think you get there at a shuttered at its Bert. How about kemba I looked that great player walker is a great guy that everything that got the caught or debt. But you have to recognize it is should be viewed not 88 but player did great data outlook were gonna get on I'll be happy gets don't think it or. I know hopefully we get a top three. I don't think grant either read. I don't know but it. That's why says five. The last thing is we're gonna do that were giving up our starting point guard it. We are gonna start or they have the contract will dart that I like Colin thanks a lot I think. He's great. Are we gonna get it China well we did. Don't mock draft party add to come on let's pick up there. On its grip Lloyd died horn kept love that is our debt it held sections are tangible did you write if you do if you get an attempt you have to replace him and try to point guard in college sexson is an interest in gaga you know. Name we are talking about potential guards or about Willie mop. He's not a point guard Erica how do you know. As of right now I don't know what you'll and a big right now is on point guards are without seeing him be able to do play that position and make on and doing it may be here right. And maybe they have the vet the different vision we can't bank on any of these guys doing. Right at this level. And we some of these guys we know what they are at least we don't know that he's anything resembling an NBA caliber point guard again you still have nine and eleven to trade down if you're gonna get that trip you don't pick from the next week and Trey Burke and it was the other guy Thomas last Thomas. So Richard Burke you know might go to hope I got let us know that situation as well to clarify something really quickly but does Chris told but it does put us up I. I don't think that it should declare file I don't know I don't think I need to book is titled I'm telling you if you told me ask me who's the better player I agree with you I think Chris Paul but on that team. If you just swap them there's a marginal difference in production they're assess the most ridiculous thing in reverse its hurting my lack wow OK baseball's hall of Famer Kemba Walker. Is a borderline. All star. And I listen that's not a knock on kemba. He's a second tier point guard security Walker's numbers this year justified and he had an old story you first played here are the odds are you don't cave plays like he plays on the starts to stat stuffing teamed then he's going to be the best player the only player. Just like Kevin Love when he was Plymouth Minnesota there's no difference I disagree with him that's on alluded to fogler will arrive next and get his thoughts rhyme or thoughts on this. And you've got to the UK orbit are out. You ready for many years ago I hope for a yet. Colleen you'd be twenty years ago when you look at where I want our. Jedi Khader Oprah went and now. You know good media now not may now are you ready you know you're an idiot for even care. What Beckett. Debt crew call it camp are back to each other it's not a quote quite under that right. Triple walk or any or very important here to get it'll work op where everything we're here to get night. Game is that app or point guard and if we get some better form to. This. Oh yeah. And I was so you know I'm a pro tournament no I was quicker president. Gardner no no group that will say he can't even make five million India Biel I was and oh yeah there's as the minutes and it's twenty years ago he was horrified name we listened to the cult or not. When I don't twenty years ago a lot of doesn't respond now here's what it was or thought that's why tentative starts talking about what doesn't worth twenty years ago. It is to do not saint. Chris Paul is battling Kemba Walker but I say America. I don't know what game you're watching and I look no we know what you're looking that no resume no idea let's go to trade next try what are your thoughts on all this still striking the ball hey it'd. Rich guys own bridge which you all the way they eat and it's like. Jim walk comets have been if they're glad speaker look carry our. Jim Walker at opt out almost a ghost in the game right now get more if I decide what what you eat there it's a spurt. And that's what idiot about now as we are. Jim we don't give you a budget in a British diplomatic. I'm not edit that out pretty. What are you put Jim Walker all religions are this deep without James Hardy. What. I can't tell what a guy that's well let's go with you know there are just. Jim what will give you at least twenty way by himself. A anywhere at this point I have I've. I still to the all star. Love or love it did after much. After this this this is ridiculous. That people think this seriously. It's not what people watching it's not a looked. Earlier the Wiggins started for you textile business techsters exactly right this is column with you on Jim engineers and it's not about comparing the two it's about how he wanted to. Talent exactly how we would fit in well when I know exactly what your sand and I think yours still exactly. Wrong crazy crazy just long for easy putts are. It's. Just that Kemba Walker and Chris Chris Paul. Are on the same stratosphere when it comes to what they give to a basketball till I think what I said was surrounded by that kind of talent on the team the difference in the production would be marginal he doesn't score doesn't score walker even touched the ball to targets at the entire time I was crystal store people passes the ball he gets it back to him he's a better player is Jim and I learned that. Better defense. Out of limited YouTube and you have lost your marbles YouTube for the two Texas agree with you and you just glance over. The 45 this they are newly elected I love what this is what he does he just straight up lies about facts and data. On the screen shot of the building sort of slide number between LA and please please put at opal yeah police counties up at seven or even ten counties so we. You're itemize it out here we come back we will it's a world according to strike. Time now. For the world according. To frank. Everybody's gone down we're good size. Those fighting filters down to order taking credit for the site there is a recent attacks that sparked its Olaf branded your banned from the shelf. Anyway it's always it's super we don't turn it we got to turn Osborne's might jump right to the world according to strike. It. Price keep an appropriate people into the appropriate no it well here's here are surely zebra actions and. Alleges calls buys Michael snow yeah. I've just a gonna ask because it's funny line played you wanna go first let me go to you first got it. Franken to read you a heads line and I want your Mac this is a long sustained and I if you've got children in the car this is not that inappropriate I just read the headlines possibly months possibly are not here. Fake dog testicles may command millionaire. They hate fake dog testicles may command a millionaire. Greg Miller man from Indiana sells fake prosthetic dog testicles for 300 and ten dollars a pair. He sold a pair for 2800 dollars for an elephant. Frank is that the craziest way you've ever heard of someone making a million dollars just made a million dollars and he's made he's a millionaire doing best selling sake selling prosthetic dog testicles. And while certain. Apparently there apparently. It is as tiger's paid off smooth area. And it apparently cared for when they're called new vehicles so we had. That's a third call occult political also. So when you had your dogs lick your commander seller list and then you have your dog neutered. Some dogs have she game a shout about not having to test that is true is actually true disaster so neat they. May have made silicone prosthetic testicles that they implant for dogs. Is that the craziest leader that is decreases when I've ever heard someone becoming a millionaire. Arteries is lottery yeah plus there's no Internet or via a nicer on the notoriety and undergone a series this thing you know and I don't CNBC. I'll never forget them enough when I got my first dog I drop him off the truck to haven't fixed the look on his face for a week after when he would look back and check in realized they were there's like you betrayed and there's no mean honestly. They look back you realizes snort there didn't you guys now just death look at Georgia to try to I'm I've never done that to a dog. I don't like it why would you. It's long a lot of places which is bigger neutered if your dog to dog you your legally bound to spay or neuter got you so sometimes human choice and they animal police after. Trying to collect your dog that's assignment there what could I should've gone there and I have a much lighter question as a follow Portia de frank. I've seen some Jesus today and I think she's it's the greatest active effort you agree or disagree absolutely not who really to reduce. To read those are the great I'd hide their mind he's just talk like street snack food. For the cheddar popcorn sugar pops out of my tortoise is great. I'd like sees its morning cheeses are probably I mean they get so close and it's boring after we don't teach and even within god I deducted to run their great. They're really good he's it's Adonal Jesus love and Cilic did cheddar Jack White chatter you mix it up man she's Easter specials I can think of like Tony things better than she's other so you can butter crackers and burrito Brothers. What is best in Madrid just go. Cool ranch Alex also paired. Irene insults and you're not in really Viennese sound on your concession stands also Verdi to readers you know separate injury don't sweet tied Chile. Really Democrat Dennis sweet and spicy we know the there's there's there's some chips that units are better than their. Not act I don't agree I think Jesus are still under rated and it's peanuts. That the I don't know enough. Did you hear me clearly not enunciated that yet. Peanuts I thought I and so I haven't you have a question do you what you want he didn't compare that. Evan Evan usually knock him out of the park using a great question seven also top you're gonna give us a question right now. Ask him anything you could think to be done I don't know more likely go first ushered in a gaga goes dumbest team that you had all. The guy next in the town I. I don't licensing letter. Guys listen this is your story. And I can call the guy's name out and won't embarrass him in no and on national radio here now with everybody all millions of people listening. But this guy not once but twice. Backed up through the garage door. He did not address he showed it to college in purple suit. All he had was a Mac is mom dropped a month or so ago Akerson no no cut very similar to that but now you're trying to get him to show my. So bad it's you know as he was driving and learning how to drive he had to have his coach pick him up because it hard drive. He was like 24 years old and had never driven a car he finally gets his licensing its draft to the second round by the bears. And you know in the draft he he used to play defense lineman and offensive line but it's. He didn't drive and not once but twice drove through his garage trying to figure out which were reversed in part hooks off. We're trying to seize me reverse and drives that's incredible. How often have you run into a guy was read a story about the student Jeff Perlman whose you one of the great authors and in sports writing history drew some great books about Walter Payton and all sorts of folks. He was talking about his son flying flag football and he said that the coach is way overbearing one of these pseudo. Sports that's basically and it's got super intense and one day he sits on just like to see guys I'm gonna play big time division one football and played in the watch football coach Jason a pleasure cal was for a little while some scuttle like. Turns out the Dow is live trustees didn't play either one of those things out of play division one football or for the jobless. Have you ever run into that where you run George I was trying to tell you that he played the NFL or played big time college football and legend turned out it was so obvious he was lying and don't bust. True story you know in this is true story I was Weir's like 1996. There's like her first years Syrians can Carolina would go on the Clemson we've done everything else. And ask you know we worst at a place over here called venues we should go there on Tuesday nights here as players and you know everybody kind of hang out there on our night often a guy came in there and was brag into all the chips in there about. How he you know was the starting center for the Carolina plans no religion and Kerry Collins was his quarterback can he play Disney plays that I know we didn't yeah he's in the he comes and he said he was the heat their quarterback. For the Panthers is what he said I said you know walked up to home and I listen to this guy just didn't units all these people at the bar. And I said that's funny. If you're the quarterback of the danger of Lee's just my ass wants. And I. I am and I don't like what you're talking about it just so. He got so red and embarrassed had no idea what to do in just kind of walked out of the young bar with his tail between his way. That's amazing Britain have you ever done something similar let you go to tripped. Is a junior boys and just make a distortion tonight you know you like are no words it was just a bunch of fighter pilots were in town for the night or you're ordered tournament gum rock band and we're just we're torrent and this is one more stop should not recently when of course not so when you retreat literally torn this. This is the way before may be in college I don't remember the story we probably were garbage man of some I convinced a girl wanted to know was a foreign diplomat and songs and I clearly from all I don't even element of Jackson didn't make desensitized or you're an importer exporter yes that's exactly right right I just enough. Here in their doors to stance towards export import export. A lot of fun to protect their dishonest because like counselors guarded apparent bilateral accord front we come back Jonas Friday tip the cap and what's on zapper out the door for the winter discourses and they looked. Men and. But I nor little dis enrollment in general sorry. Those who singing out there it's Friday it's almost morial day. Just because we're going all the way to get a party and here we number actually rolled around the grounds. Having way more fun on the rest of us and nowhere. Or are we gotta get there there's there's a departed gonna front Mike a real quick is always find us on the rally Jewelers Twitter feed now through May 31 get a free weekend getaway for two. Whether you purchase over 1999. Dollars basically to grant you credit your freedom away for two all the details are we going. Frankly you're not going anywhere GW trees and it's twenty minutes ago you don't have to listen to me you know respect my showing itself you come here big big ditch right here. Would you George all right so lawyer anyway but it's obvious Friday which means my dentist on the tell us how we did this week today ads on one I'll bet it was up. Dad what's let me ask you question. Franks says the competitive eaters are real athletes. What do you think about that our our group. That maybe her. I was what is true to your your documentaries more hot dogs and anybody I know and even he says that instead listen Kyle thinks that Kemba Walker is as good as Chris Paul and everything about that. I think double to go buy me a ball insured market careless about. Wow that is what is. It's like he comes on your try to kick a businessman you can't do it ultimately comes under couple weeks ago to Dean Smith stuff than the body type I can do there to meet Kamal. You are you know are give up on India. I'm he's he's a Kobe guy he stopped watching after a retired so it is what it is. All right Lola how how would do this week. Are you guys are there it's delicate marriage sometimes where you fight for his. Dirtier our rob but I love it. The can't stimulate their body when you got skidded to a large. Didn't really stimulates legend true. And structure I'm glad you called made you push an omelet sometimes that we're stuck you're stimulating people front. That's what frank does for Olympia. A voice that would also got a lot. Are told it became apparent bow in front I am a big Teddy bear he knows me very well as troops frank did this is frank give a toast at the wedding images programs that should give a toast. If you're gonna bargain. Robert Smith should check the yeah I think so parents well. Clearly drawn back to breakdance we gotta go with thank you for your approval is which is always you know what is going on this week although it's true you know what are you don't does not come. Symbian or dubbed staked its employees not watching little let people might want to spark during garner. It's it is supposed to. Bogart nourishment in our. Well potentially says the they've been. They're armed and ready to go but I doubt that they'll be having any of the carrot dogs that Kyle is going to be having. I'm not injured dog Snyder knows all buck noted in his some other agencies it's going to be around. They're who wins a race on Sunday gonna watch. No you know orchard. I'm gonna go out a little lemon Tuesday chemicals. Start in the back of. Our what do limp confess that I. Really rolled the dice on that event or. Our first. Until it is re delighted at. Are worried about don't do it billion Alyssa was on television and you really wanna talk to you didn't know what he told us underneath that when did you told us impressive number indeed we told you know who was all about it's that's the strip is there was unseeded and what's on tap. Hard what do you Washington. Where am I gonna washed back in my Lincecum I gotta get up early the morning you two clowns are gonna help me move I hope that is true I'm. Wind at 7 AM in the morning. That's the pods or get their anyways and then. You know you guys can be either probably hopefully by a so so you mean you Gaza carrying boxes or sorted out all outside the garage just got to put. Record the whole site as your job and yet we can't ever does that come from when content. That's two hour drive. You make a mean drum roll down towards you look that's not that far. Like Tony drama I drove all the way up to where you were not for more I lipped did you watch is not just come straight from work music into. Treasure file whatever I did it tonight let's get to 830 tonight more playoffs. Game six Celtics at the cavaliers on ESPN. That when there's a reason to watch obviously us mixed martial or to Della Torre anime dole tort 200. On spike tonight and I actually im gonna watch a little bit eventually lost cause or not o'clock on spike Miller tore 200 a 1030 tonight I double AS diamond leagues for a second field pre Fontaine classical NBC sports network did track and field person about a result and watches Evans is can you believe it doesn't even know what I just since DOC's pre Fontaine is right. What a great distance runners in the history of track and field died at a very young rich. No these trucks and buzz all right as well. Before his time nevermind I did in ninety swoosh yep. My tip of the cap is to my son. Garrett who just got his driver's license today. He's sixteen years old so boomer heads up out there. Yes I do some pilots got his driver's license that I. It's pretty awesome as get a driver was now getting regular car from Jeff for Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram did you look at that plug their professional radio meant folks. I don't have my cat suit power five conferences and the college football power five conferences combined. Raked in over two and a half billion dollars. In revenue just a power five golfers is alone two and a half billion dollars in revenue of but that's not a big enough do you pirates now that's a different guided and sister for Dover decision for a different David two and a half billion dollars as horrible to judge of what John's offer next week we will talk about that and this proposal to expand the NCAA tournament the 72 they got some things answer force lost. I got a tip my cap to my son Braxton too because his beatle for dad how is where he did he's in the studio just always did know it's all over my shirt he was it in my lap. And it's all over my shirt well yesterday beetle is less likely to bear this out right now. Trash a practice that you don't. Definitely did I thought it best everybody involved and divisions as everybody gathered Collins Chris Slade bill both hit men have been on strike Jon Kyl this has been Garcia and they like W lessons it's all over. Shot H. Anybody she was I didn't have blow your mind. That just happen.