Garcia And Bailey H4: Joe Person Previews Training Camp, TWATF

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Monday, July 16th
In the final hour Joe Person joins the ahow to preview training camp,and it's another edition of TWATF......

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Garcia. Our show how much things could you kill with a little moment. We'll go to that went well you say your way to beat Evans a desk with a whistle ball sadness and repeated actually physically do that it took a grown man really is live man the size of evidence of my threats on the vehicle. Yeah HR. Are heard it I mean we are dolls are drier it. It may very well are at the strike took it upon themselves of this conversation were Joseph person was beating himself against that I want to know if you just physically do you bend the back. That half before I mean yeah I hit myself medical beat somebody different that Joseph these conversations we have in the second week of July. Rather that they could happen not talking about the Guinea yellow Whipple. Guess. That rain at all. I'll just get a yellow ones that Brandon and an half when you get them too hard. They year they can make you want to pay property it's gonna take somebody you know like well a. There are all in all reality. Well he's trying to ease the very tip of a little bit harder is what he's president. Let's Obama yeah. Eli have not all back we're gonna read receipts. We can't do that Joseph what is most important what is the most. I guess important thing happening in the Carolina printers or the right now a bit and balls you wouldn't what do you think about what you chew and. Will allow. All that it really won't won't impact from an occasion. I drove out from the mountains last week after the tap thing which got really glad that I did it. Is it kind indeed dead no yell rehashed and and everybody should look at that dep so and you know I. See it they're gonna have anybody in admit that there really should be in pretty good shape injury lies but it. We're gonna get a look at just how quick we were in a few guys that peppers in the people who. Next week companies are bird I mean were almost that we the wave right there what extent they don't sort. And can't that first practice next Thursday well you know I think. And it fit that matches those two guys that in my guess is. He won't attempt when he first speaker to just kind of erring on the side of caution that it's not an. All right well known to take time. But but not back yet again and I'm not entrapment we ought to got to get ready with a well all of are as well. Just push it down the road and look I'm glad you brought up David tepper Kazaa was gonna go there you right we have gone through it but I wanna go through with you because. 45 minute press conference obviously there was little bit of a Mike dropped there TM to question the answer about the statue would. Joy I sit on your last week Joseph that. Feel like you have been to a lot of press conferences throughout my career and there and it's rare that I don't just kind of captivated an interest it from start to finish but that was one of those press conferences slowed Astor was was that a product of David tepper is betting that interest singer was a bad he's just so different from the guy that was sitting in the chair in the office. It's a politician a broad community fewer apps like are we got together at well. Well stole sports so we're staffers who were there at the end of that press conference we were kind of giving it up and we had. Three or are very interesting topics that each one about doing the bit and it and we cannot they'll look real market. And and then there's all kinds all well all of matier bill. And being at this the second impressed local road that you mentioned in LA a crook. We're gonna be that you know expansion soccer franchise piercing the equal and it's been renovated stadium and not keep its future roommate Andy practice facility in the not too distant future down near care when they get. All of it in and you're right I mean it was he'd been. He didn't talk and all that much in platitudes he he didn't kind of skirt questions for me he even laid out. It is vision for the team and it took on between me that that still a little bit quirky pro. But he's certainly laid out and you know you know we're less than an even laid out kinda. It blueprint would think people that do. Around the team men and weapons of making strain sent at that it's still very bad and it all. You know it's. It hit it's been an important time in the ranch Ed and I think ultimately cover it right from from around here. I'm not sure I think David Newton was in Africa just recently if I'm not mistaken watching him and following maybe some of the stuff who's posed on instead Graham with all the C bros and lion's in the elephants but I'm not sure what wacky to backe did he was doing really is down there because he said that cam Newton's on the high. In the hot seat. Yeah. That your little data out not in bigger cap question that all of the only eight. Yeah I bet is that technically they call it a little while the war. Itself so you debating about. Someone would it do to be in the camps in accuracy attendant. You know. Lipton that they we we can we can find all and Paul we'll sort was also will also pay. All they can. And an important statement forum but I don't know I don't I don't think keeping an eye on the top seeded mean. Got a couple more to read all about contracts. And you know we. Get to get to 29 CNN and the piano and improve much under Norv Turner then maybe upper stage but it it it's. It you know going to between TPC cannot and I. Yeah I would neither you know Joseph but I do you agree or think that there are a couple of the guys that have. Bigger years more important years impact full years for their career and that's where Limbaugh the Shaq Thompson or. I would even so Taylor mode in there to kind of define what his next step is going to be you know with this football team because Yemen open spot an opportunity compete and you're you're one of five guys is so they're gonna put the best five guys out there if he's one of those guys that make go a long way for his career which of those three guys team has to have the biggest year for this team to be successful. Talked. Station and just he can't he didn't need reps are inquiry. All we. We've waited for this moment he's in leading the small and by the way that when it well it quite that function. As well. As he goes into a country you're haven't it. Or established but the you know you talk about another arm out and it. Going into a contract. But you know I I think we need a little. We're going to get is at the bigger sample that that we can't wait for a check it makes more or not talking about implant they nickel and you know coming in Paris. Well you should get my thirties did the forty that the game. I think he's gonna be out there that were all week this leadership but he. We're like you know all big east side defense dispatched to you know it and then orbit. They were gonna pay if you know if you can play at the level promised they depend collapse but speech. I think. I. All all well and attitude that you know what they're Korea are sharply station own mental and they don't own. Been in. And you know it and but not able well well well well well if you follow won't be. I resorted to Joseph person Charlotte Observer covers compared to join us on the tech jobs just on the back to David tepper for a second jury is around. It is critically guessing game but in terms of of the changes that he makes benefits of fan base you know it when there. At Bank of America on game dated the changes they'll notice first did you have a sense of what that might be. It Orleans back. I don't know three weeks ago I know a lot lot of people been in and out on vacation at actually all I can people do want to. And I've talked to people who knew cap and won't accomplish and how do you. One of those one at that italics that he made that tapper has all week buddy play span well. And that you know they had always got to. Pollack and you know when he was what this people state and I tapped it but it pointed he's got bodies in our weight is. You are like and information about this is what you need to do it doesn't become an NFL owner. And I think one of those are got a cheap organized the in my law while not all of now all all all in all the work you don't even. On 24 step in on Sunday but what are. What are done thank you. Yeah consulate. I'm up early on network like eight days. I take it. Trying to get what you can do here is in it. And before. We all know he weeks whatever it is. How about you know did. Haven't been more at PB in the concourse. And so spot equation talked about you know like. People wanna get out and kept it didn't go speedy game the person not a talking about leaving me in all of a student there. And and you know I thought well well. Base for a ball and check our strong they. No doubt and it were really into it well and it went and I you know. Had taken down the road out and eat it in a they. Maybe it. It. You know big screen in the quarter BO OK we're already own daughter called got. Reaction you know you're watching cam. Yeah and probably wrong on all in all along it cloture vote cannot be. So it Q&A keep. Got a lot to roll back a lot more about it and it went in. I don't want to know is. So he can do quickly I mean maybe a pop pop or all these people know golf course local. You know show I think this battalion armed force like this a game of injuries and sometimes guys get hurt we saw Greg Olsen. You know last year you know go down this a lot of the seasonings 33 years old is not getting any younger sometimes injuries start compiling the older we get much time at how irreplaceable he is who's the most irreplaceable other than Cam Newton on our. Offense and other than Lou keep clear on defense. Any end to all of our. Blanket my question. On the immediate pro came out there and mix into the net effect is it a lot well. We're not totally well. And had no ain't probably like. Well maybe not I. I thought I had not you know we all politics. I don't equate it is badly last day people need. I don't I'd check it is now. It is all you know our camp but I. Played a lot and what the public. As they actually wanted it and part of that maybe you know all the money Aiken an elite and indeed we are indicted him around a little bit. It. He did not play well be in top spot app but a debt or while all that up when he. Clinton got to recruit good level and I'd say EPA inclusion not at all. Republican opponent so of course like I don't think that one you know what what plan B worked there. Our Joseph person Charlotte Observer covers the Panthers joining us on the ticket job just lie we appreciate your brother enjoy the rest of your summer and I just a BC news Spartanburg next week. Our buddy did you seven aforethought seven or 96 and what we would soprano and his partner next week yeah no way. Temperature. Are you sure about that. Yeah I'm gonna Charlize next week didn't answer the schedule mentality going to be emotional debate this Arianna. I know I can look at and generally I do this right now so the email I don't know I just Jesus three Alabama. As other next week the days run together Manuel figured out it's Garcia Braylon. Back to Garcia and say. For us is it. Have to be that guy I ever done the hell is sort of a guy ECU is really did its order and afforded him a good answer Garcia and barely know what what did you learn and endure again. I just love the way he works under pressure being panics. That's a message I think that the this is pushing buttons over there and everything just goes to Elena and asset always like to respond yeah how many sounds bad to do the courage you said something we can't say over here. Touche friends net present gas. I says something different make you want to. Now who nobody is sure to come easily for once you come across a table slightly earlier in the show now is critically. There is so into the guy has a wonderful plot ball bat does and it's impeach somebody and that's. To check. But Evan deserved. So okay so if you deserve it pits a lot of dual. Since it resembled a systematic well how many people would think that you need to be slapped in the face. For your extra ridiculous take an order so honestly I just I object of little blunder that's what does I feel that way at all runner yeah. Oz we haven't pull out. On the Brantley jeweler tech signed to a knot or those Hillary and liberally to lose Twitter feed where there was critical report on and on or more before July 31 you. Can do zero interest zero money down first. Just checking out Browne legal star job. Now what now on deeper only jeweler put her feet W Evans he lets her best frank Garcia that the hornets will win. Your sick at borders I did I just yet. Will wait at least 45 days in movie at least the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. A listener bet him that like real American dollars they did yes all fares. We have 67%. Say no the hornets will not. Will not die repeat with 45 easy hole only 6767%. So far so there's little three hours left so just keep voting so. There's still 33% of morons in the cities when you don't have to talk about how you well at that story didn't die hard fans what they. Get in line right next account and I slept good the silliness also helped narrow mind you I'm a little ball that and how light you up fairly well so all over. That was a ball that would hurt a fly to walk around him not sing you're swinging as it usually sheet if you would be afraid just an excuse call that bad your hand has a lot of curse. Yeah. Should if that's what they got they ear piece. Again please. Did your TV. It is the venerable promote a hole that's been hit a 70457. Or 9060 and who'd who'd you have an idol runner Jose. While. I don't law. Wow I'm Deb Bryce Harper aired judge is not at all not at. No not it out of done a lot of money he was doing that note not and it is got a six abreast to declare a 182 games of the Red Sox a hundred ready to a hotel. I don't tell on that on the trip up at about a deal on that I don't pacers Aguilar who. Also hunting buyers Chicago Cubs at man's got well no it hit man's cause guys your guys in there well he's got a weird picture tells Warburg. Goers candlelight he sees flirting with him a little bit so on it spreads probably who he's going with always got your dogs in this one so I got Alex regularly Astros Freddie Freeman the Braves it's gonna be the fan favorite around here are yours the once and they see these guys river's most home runs going into the game. Your power your because I brought rugged handsome this twisted steel cycle absorber. You know it's it's a good call you always go to factor to know under real goes into effect. Does he have the endurance to do it he's not as bad now and he's not as bad but that's the thing is like. It screws I I think it actually might screw people swings up a little bit. But also you have DeVon durst that he sees his vehicle out the first couple around you had a bunch home run you're just hurt by Don though the final comes around this current what does a strike. Oh. Friends only know. What sort of what is your does does your your don't let don't look to me like that. What's going on for a that the text number you need someone writes yeah I'm reading the tone and a doctor Susan did you do it just never made it out. His vision as a brand can you can. And that's where it goes wrong. I'm just I'm so I'm the tone syntax there no I did it. Yeah and a Madison until you call us more and so it's up there it's the city. Deter deer. That elusive is truly wanted me he loves. I a year ago before imported bread we I goodies today. We haven't done this year and gifts to give away we've got a pair of tickets to this Sunday's international champions cup presented by hydrogen at Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund third coordinates of 7045709. To sixteen and third colored it's a pair of tickets. To see Liverpool take on the Russa dormant this Sunday at Bank of America Stadium will be sold out 70457. Or 96 and it will be the result some time we get a pair tickets right now third collared at some as we go to break on the other side it's a world according to try. Back to Garcia and they. Time now. With the world according. To frame the. Your segment Marissa. Love children. That's that's really weird what would you like to know today are you ready from the omniscient point so right now. With a vote makeover the city's voting on whether to exit the voting whether or not to bring the currency here and toward towards people this is the Republican National Convention all the twenties when it. And their people outside of protesting devoting the whole site don't care about India that would do care about as though if you could bring one event. To the city of Charlotte this one biggest area is using what you bring it all got. World Cup that's a good choice. There is no transporting the matter any event an event. Future. International porn community. I did say that a yeah the did not say that people. So fearless and then that was not me that was Calvin at the Afghanistan I'm going to determine their Eminem's gonna test of our chances so tell me just or anything once true stories. I went to Vegas one year right and I had no doubt about it I had no idea that it was there. Really yeah it was there and it's really good friends that would go with me and you're pretty. Straight arrow no. The small town. You and literally there are holes really that good way to put it to bomb a heads and we got an elevator wins. Lisa Roger did you know it was it wasn't that wasn't what the person that was in there that things are not on the. Tourism more toys like. Good to them and his wife sternly do you read. I'm like are yelling in the design. I have. Sidebar have you ever seen was not comic konduz dragon con you know every dollar seen as an Atlanta. So usually lines up a little items that chick flick your golf game and less drag and writing thought frank got a notice something until the first time we're down there. It's like middle earth type Larkin where they're all dressed up like middle earth type outfits and they're lined up around the block in Atlanta is still weirdest couple a day usual CCI. I would create an octagon match would be differently you would draw millions. It would be all Star Wars war proves vs all the Star Trek Harper's battle Royale and be battle Royale who would win. Star Wars star track ever largely vanity all Star Wars they get to use what the little taser is the little you know and they can transport. The Star Wars they have the might sabres. And making use of force. So who wins an award being contest between Star Wars and star trapped question and and Star Trek remorse or whichever one it is to they all light sabers. No Star Wars that do you can get a mature Jenna does every also only Jenna Jeff Garcia would they would be best typically your more efforts and you can you have all the jet guys. And you also have bomb us me out here with the the dark side assists six assists yeah this is just not assist system. You've never seen Star Wars aside TA and that that no hope no shot you give me that matter would take him beat you life. Angela comer MB televisions not a person I'm sorry ass I don't understand. Listen and I'm kind of kind of hypocrite here are some times. That's the life of six. Having seen Star Wars I don't right just ask. Sealed when it was on predators sat down and watch distort us and assessing them on a militant walks are know who some of the of the major players normally you never seen the movie its own. Never seen a Star Wars movie. Why do not start to finish the morals. He's a Star Wars one. Empire strikes but I do hope return of the Jack none of those were. The ones of kind of did you know I knew hope was the first one but number oh yeah yeah yeah. But take the British order that would reverse order yet so that's the thing though is that those movies of the one through three sock. They're terrible I think Star Trek lower pursuit of peace. Well I do that's what I mean that's a truce. I would think that's the case. I think Star Wars would start tracked ass all day long. INS and I got the force. It's uncertain what case you do with the force and you do anything with the force nerds asking different questions nerds frank I have a question it and this is not a great question and I'm gonna come up with agreement to follow this up. What is your so what is your favorite summer pastime. Just love to do in the summer DD. And you look plus there's this I would love to do this summer a lot of beach. Laguna Beach. Love to travel. Hello we know that I love long walks in the port. What else would you like to know. I make a golfer I got him on the backlash after a terrible question sorry edges I was grounds our enemies to settle low bar for you so you really have. You must have no choice but to ask their question to go to eight year ribbing Kyle just a moment ago about never seeing stalwarts of frank which big movie being anti never seen that's a good question. I am normally hit man points reduce this. But Tom. Send it to my little friend either he starts are Trace route what's the other 100 dumped. The water. Good Seles nursing Gonzales Good Will Hunting. Now in no way not cursing Carly knows what's good what's the most famous mob movie out there. The guys got out father and there's and got really know and also is never seen the one with. The wrote house there's I had no action right now let's take terrible I suppose stiffness terrible I was supposed stated desire. I assume are finally on the same page when it comes to movies not solar. It's shooter you really a set of our road houses a movie is a terrible movies to share. Paul there's no way there's no way out never seen a second and I just promise she was a Patrick Swayze yelled. Guys based off what I know and a cast of characters that is going to be one of the worst movies the only thing I see what I see Patrick Swayze is a tough guy. Right palm is molding clay. Or on ice skates with Chris Farley the toothpaste or do believe the odds of Chippendale snaps I'm not gonna ways Clinton margin in this that's ridiculous. Usually that's a great movie. It's one of the worst movies ever loved. Washington has laid Ozzie Star Wars terrible terrible movie it's our worst road and sort of crude house passed a portion lower house. They're really much to Jimmy Texas bottler come again to back me up saying they never seen storm and you sit. I don't I'm I don't feel bad about this battle I honestly on to the point now are on down with them they're just they're just blows a live in the real world. Not some far when universe say this gamma I was about ready to talk smack to frank about calling light sabers lasers. But. Pal I've never seen Star Wars first off if you call me out for that then we know what side you torture on. These producers were killing him not sure luck. I've no idea what anybody else we get on that about a good. Yeltsin did not come to pay nine times most things military I've been so busy this week in doing what we're doing we don't let us. So he's doing well quite frankly booking guests. It's just being real. So I'll tell us where he died at this is not there's no exaggeration I sat in my bed for like four and a half hours yesterday and sent out nothing but request you need to do better job. I had a great show today I'm. That you welcome. I you know I just do my best rather estimate is about the old what is the furloughs the first movies did you ever see scar faced this artist. Jason and that movie that movie has not aged well in any way shape or form if you go back to you watched that movie now it's really weird in day. It's like it's like this. Obviously Miami and in and in Miami dear in the eighty's yeah she is like weird drug culture Columbia none of connections. Edgar Sosa I don't even know it's gone it's not even the original hold on. What's this guy just that roadhouse is chicklet he's right probably list let's but let's move beyond. Patrick Swayze is so unrealistic as he's rolling around with his pea shooter and guys on top of the staircase heavy machine guns and shooting doesn't MP shooter is what mass with his hands like men do but that's not the point system. Paula that's not the point to point those move past that first second. Is that are we old man enough to destroy him to admit that we watched romantic comedies but we want drawn jobs was once a bachelor Saudi wanna dirty and it's explained to me what Dennis. You know flow naturally like Jefferson and love actually. We all forced to do anything which can grant you know you Graham Matthew McConaughey is there a ton of room under your best friend's mother. His straight up man crush no doubt about it but we're all men and offering your two to admit that we we've watched a lot of that yeah. Our secret from passengers Tebow was doing his man rankings over the weekend which by the way I mean did you need to address amidst his for summary is still wanted to get my good grammar and and attention to it that's fine and I totally get that but picture above me on that is ridiculous well you know what I had which debate at a different table my port however. Is it Tebow right himself last because he was searching rom comes on the Internet much do that's not a reason to take women thinks we all like you good romp come. I mean good match. TiVo's rankings and Europe Europe will do little wrong coming up wanna just you know kind of steer away from what you settled knowledge that ridiculous as much if mean Tebow is man points are the most ridiculous thing at the station there really are blocked because he has your number one because your beer person that. He's elusive for gonna say you watched the bachelor. You use a little slow you watch the bachelor that Israel and my beard who played better think Cal's fearless shot lane here you're anti somebody he's they're starting out. You can never cracked the top five. Conversation serious you know an immediate first I didn't demand voice luscious. Sorry I did I imagine voice out now nice and we did thespian mind. DVR Dave's laughter because we we talk about stuff that we don't really know and listen to his guess about so much she deserves it. Absolutely but this is just so I think we get to life. And it would be in authentic acted the other way but we're all here a maturity to know how much we don't know. C'mon Dave we saw actually decided intelligence is to know how much it won't know these things are more manly than me because you can mowing grass mowed grass. Just this report just effect let's keep you think Jim Mormon polygamy because you can mow grass apple I do not for you. Can you mow grass I jammed okay so why you bring in a mode Bragg tomorrow I don't know what I can clip that I can we knew that I believe him. I can do at all so what you get mad about on the matter as wonder I mean usual on this topic last I want to know we have to do they took the I don't think you I just asked Tebow I hate make a damn thing that move lower voice and at least you guys made the style I have not been on the list sort of past three weeks haven't no offense but he arsenal thinking though you were chair wealth they got drop first of. I just goes through. They tell us what you saw I didn't. Vigorously or two number ones of putting the top and so we come back to settle disputes the axiom they like. Let's get back to Garcia and day. Other studios of the earliest things we've watched. Yeah maybe you'll have to do that one Newsweek that's a good topic that's a very good topics to fund little. Exercise I think we're going to funnel exercise tomorrow I think so too glad that'll be fun because that. Personal desertion or not David clearly desertion and your game because you tell people you watch the bachelor so you act like this the one thing I mean how many millions of men watch the bachelor. Frank I'm decide it's not notoriously manly thing to watch it's all there's a throng that you like you like to. But notice the yeah it's like going to a yoga studio you have to understand the dynamic of who's watching idol for flexibility Francona Bhatia. You've never set foot yoga studio had a nice flexible person at a sort of saying that is not true ice do you give all the time because I had the hots for yoga instructor silence at the front class. To dons a week. This is not the most inflexible major person in your life. He can't touch is to go to Patrick this ridiculous ridiculous Clinton. I that I can honestly I don't know if you can touch your knees OK Bluetooth three a couple of standing on. Ten bucks a hamstring stoppage if I look just up the brown leads it was Twitter feed now or anytime a child really WS transient frank Garcia 65. Christmas in July continues through the end of the month spend 2499 or more and you think its zero interest no money down for five years check out the deal abruptly Jewelers dot com really quickly gossip girls who do you take in the home run derby tonight. Aron judge he's not I. Again still not planned no cure it entice them. But no I told you I'm taken that sucks is that I'm going to it man's former yours warmer short corner is a course Warburg. It's who's in it again oh my god. More sciences as lower Max Muncie from whom are forgetting. Freddy for. I like Max Muncie. So it isn't eyesore pearls are aimed straight at the 1930s are guys gonna be tough he's AGCO written next month's he's gonna win the home run derby favorite Freddy Freeman has another name the Max monks the plus the money she hooked. Up. Alan and wow I just heard a guy five seconds there's such as best names in baseball right now. No he's got the best. Like hash tag slice nickname but rendered it's a home run. And it must all rise I mean that's kind of lawlessness it has exhausted I got a given that there isn't much better and that's why he should be doing as he won last year and also he's talent out it bothers me is like the guys that you don't competition and I didn't want to message I'm in now Condo on the did it doesn't want to do original Bryce Harper is doing it and Bryce Harper's one of those guys and your muscles are slump and now here's the that's me that's what in the past the total screw up your swing all these whose care about is launch angle anyway you're all trying to hit home runs anyway come home run derby. Right I mean it's an. Batting practice right there which you can kind of get tired change your swing you know that. Well sure I mean if you all you do is play in captain's choices. And hit drives all day swinging for the fence when you go play by yourself usually. Don't are all over the place draw huge amount about. Rounds is you mean it's terrible same thing and in baseball you're soaring as you know. In your dreams swing for the fences as there are screwed up so. Come and help Bryce Harper actually. Right now because he's slumping. Well by just do it was who was unseeded and what's on asked. Guess all of this proxy vibrate at home propane you know for our guides all over braid ultra paychecks about bringing home propane dot com they'll bring your tank replace the old with a new one hole and also look it up to your grill you got to do nothing. But grill. That's the dumbest thing in skin and TV right now is right after the bachelor I have to admit what the proposal. That's the dot proposal don't don't care don't and I don't know you'd you would Jaret if you knew. These people have never met each other they've never seen each other they're having questions one is behind me like they've soundproof Booth and the other ones out there and asking questions nobody sees anybody in the get married right after its. So you can give me a break. Out of the proposal Belichick and the brakes on a home run derby. Don't care all right so listen he's been tonight. First of all it's the home run derby and not a ton else you do have Monday night raw fruits everything and suicide or they give you now stand out sort of I guess. See what's on do you think some early basketball lakers and cavaliers on ESP intuit thirty and then at 1030 tonight also on ESP into more so early blazers. And the grizzlies. On the deuce and baseball on local listings on knots and the show. Not the bestseller and you know it's on to now. Oh my goodness Evan Evan that Wear away. He's sort of more urgent. Yeah we're just we're gonna punish him make him do it for no more all week next week is doing the mortgages because he's got a he's gonna work with Mac and the show he's got a good looks very cute guy. This is from the my drop them that's. The net at. The tour. But I must say I didn't might get to next month's unite the Mets once he smacks Mike's just whoever's name as you I don't tell you dead you I'm I'll make a I'll make up five dollar better right now zeroing in newsrooms studies to win the third dam what is. Does come under every night you know when. I. I'm they both have become so. On the it's my champ. In my chill the are not the Olympic guy graduates now the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals Charlotte native actress fired Mike mystery of who by the way drill is the family split with a look at the zoo story and I didn't do that kind of Bud Norris you know. Basically just did that brilliant. Or personnel out of a rookie I'm in Mike Metheny got himself Tanzi got to Charlotte and thousands skipper of the other St. Louis Cardinals so to for the captain whenever they event. I was near talking baseball to us today. He just you know forget we exist. And in meetings. Gay you know I mean I tried I tried I tried break a gag you know I did I understand my off season that's because gonna come down I just limited by Ortiz who kills. The funny thing is he heard us talking about baseball and he has some great take a look everybody in the world wanted to hear you just take Georgia and they're like 230 minutes give you my opinion. We want your opinion really than I did. Did I did why I love hearing it I just ordered another guy in the room who would do would passionately talked baseball since you know still sort of the world and it's not the all star game tonight is an old story in the week. Tomorrow we're thanks frank you welcome death you every got tonight. Hundreds I just FYI I don't know and don't let the judge isn't competing. The Steelers on the today than it needed as a generic trumpeted a we got to fields are due tomorrow and then we'll talk about the deal started to recede and they would. Shot it right what does that do they'll blow your mind that you just happen.