Garcia And Bailey H4: Hornets Head Coach James Borrego Joins The Show, TWATF

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Wednesday, July 11th
In the final hour Hornets HC James Borrego joins the show, and it's another edition of TWATF....

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Garcia. Our number fourth child frank Kevin Oz have a good time here on Wednesday and as we promised before the break yesterday hornets head coach. James beret go enjoy the show live from Vegas out there are some religion back in action tonight as they wrapped up deploy preliminary part. I know is set for showdown with Golden State so and we'll talk a bit about that will react to what's your about a year but so Puerto Suez George joined the show for the first time and and he talked about players and expectations in the philosophy and a lot of stuff good conversation and this is what James said dissects. It's been great I mean there is cities are in Bridgestone. The organization has been great. On the you don't were reduced. We're thrilled to be here. And it just a lot of work out just been a lot of work you know putting a step together getting to know these players. British and rejoice it's been a dream. So we look forward to abide my and we will. You'll join me and surely hear over the next a week or so and but it's been a great journey shall four. Let's dive right in there and then not know and Michael Stahl is steroid ministers are the class something off color and has assigned a quick so much to us. But really estimates or tips about Sony's core cadets that isn't that a that is assassinating moved to new Jay's interest you as you well know Tony's 36 he's played the NBA for seventeen years is a short time Shipp a six time all star does. Not a whole lot to dislike about Tony Barca coach except for the fact that he's got a lot of mileage on him and the only play doesn't decide games Lester I think it makes sense because I tell me if I'm wrong your you're trying to lay the foundation of the culture and Tony Parker to help reduce. Absolutely I mean to do bring Europe afford I'm NBA Champions Tour locker room. So each time all star. To bring your nature or our locker room. Asian student are people on TV he. Imperiled our guys to learn from here on. You know identified a guy. Fielder had experience. But you know. Oh clear that our guys can be controlled. Also one that Rezko had basketball left in his in his body you know I am expected to deploy it play mixed behind him. And with Campbell has time. So. You're prepared you're. What the community. Prefer fertility or call what we can do what kind of good player with Caremark. Optical deemed what they're. It took a luxury premier preferred partner coat so. Barbara put a lot of pressure on holding both in the locker room over. Or there and he's more than people won't go whispering but I think if people could car works cited are north where avert further. I know Kemba Walker a week longer or thrilled to have therapy art join our group. It's so. How does he impact to guard rotation what can you do for a kid like Dovonte Gramm especially who look I agree with the organization I was there on draft that spectrum sooner we got the explanation from for meritorious and we got a first round rate on the street alone Delonte Graham coming out of Kansas and I think he's got a lot of potential seems like he showed you a little bit of event but speak to that and and help Tony can help them. Well I mean every single day to sit next to Tony Parker just pick his brain you know how to equate his pick and roll you know what are your people collect or being very you know what got you to this horrible. Don't put different seventeen year if you want championships. Are poor terms. Brevard period every single day this certain experiment word from them. It through school were true can't you know from being provocative interference. On record with only in the locker room. It's gonna try to turn you know squirm underneath Cambodian and talk. And then you know you look him on the court you know the you don't you can watch story you can nobody is orca they're. Your current conflict here's often are crack there's an old third and how. The other lucrative corporate well. We're told James parental rights to the Charlotte hornets joins us on the ticket John just lunch and talk about the other deal from his back beyond though you do send it's it was Mazda also weigh in and Julian stones all to Chicago would you bring back risen back. I was obviously been here before drafted by Charlotte and bobcats and he's an athletic guy still pretty young eighteen to send the Rehman rebound maybe maybe not I don't quite as much on the also incidentally how. How does this magnitude better. Yeah I think you know here where there's room for Gartner expect the rare rebound or. Meet at the trip here turned a poor. He's someone Beckett still impact the paint north property in barrier. After we'd be the court powerful. You know you look at the whole Barack third you know go to the boulders so don't expect him to comment protect the rim Rivera for a our starter blurry then we we believe restore it from what we think they're. How have you I just evaluate miles bridges to the first a couple weeks here and a light him. And that's lettuce is there seems like organization like the kid logging while you write certain. Or is how awful it call I think the organization like him is there's this morning communicate. If you go side to this kid he's strong I don't know what these first little. Encrypted could be attributed to noted in court multiple positions. It grew on the ground. On this year in order to get better and you gotta look at the spirit of acute you know what I need when he got characters. I didn't know what about it ever really spent part repair and put. You know that you're going to earth last week and throw it local and if you look you're I don't. Eating anything. He walked the beat coach who could well coached. You know being inept program you know he was local shall. You know we just added another weak competitor competitor to work group. And Concord new carpet reporter you or be bitter recur in your career. Are you go to high motor and somebody there was always gonna be you're a major oil control. Or or holy month amended it goes also on Friday doubted eleven of the first thirteen finishes its 43 and it just showed these kind of burst and aggressiveness and obviously the shooting of an ability that some people excited about and last year when he was taken eleventh overall look under the the rookie season probably was not a lot of folks were hoping for and and how much you Trinidad Zimmer. Or to the previous regime whatever but it doesn't matter what you see from the league that you lied and and what are your expectations from a league as we get to the season you expect this to two year old starting five our decision. Well I did you know things are expecting about a group of orca that you know I came in here oh current expectation personable week. You know there were clean slate with me. You're watching cruel for a last year and you never know what that you're look like program or are there are going concurrent with them. This is the go to war but were never ever been put carpet throughout these been in the general that we or our duties. Oh reverend we couldn't repair or in. I think this sort of a Kirk being you know Oliver. The work ethic. You don't confident he's strong he's personable. Are you can really shoot the ball but I want them to play maker or the borders and are the very tip credit particularly for the purpose of this season. It changes are you know how dynamic of team we can be especially on the offensive end. Rather than beautiful pieces you're gonna have to work through you're gonna have to get stronger. Tougher defensively which covered the band and hold them accountable true. Which is more than willing. If you tip that want to be coached or be held accountable. And I didn't you know so little setback for us what. You know we're not going to be deterred by this who can have a great summer and I expect term. Could there be you know in the starting lineup or right in the being rotation are actually. Would imagine that the tomb so I don't let him. Sliding back to the small forward position and then does open up that possibility right and did you consider kind of a logical place to land. There we can or number of ways. We're better rare we have grower that can fill that spot in the order that that's why I am not alone could. You know what I think. And makes natural position is a small forward spot I think he can switch you can you know facilitate from nuts are a little bit easier. Our opportunities can be here I think these people are nice breather or there. You're being collected ponying having co anchor we're we're American spirit we need more premier. Are you know you heard that from me but I think every toll here you know is. It's countrymen who has been true you know some big time games from big time company that competition. You always can always work you know mixed. Desire to have a good excuse and income are ordered the man that opened. James Avery go in basketball coach Charlotte hornets join us on the tech job just like James a couple things don't turn you loose here and Michael K don't trust what is his role on this team. Going to defend and rebound is gonna bring a he's going to be your inner. What are. You know we're goats post people post players are valuable and to present yet it a bit cruel major role. On every single bit you're gonna bring his arm but I expected to defend your major contributor on open look or put this that you would decrypt the event. Where were the mirror which. Their front of the ball where lumber are opposing lawyers that's where our own contributor rebel you can push the great you can have all our transition team. And he's gonna play may croak well you know Arnold future sitting in a scorer. Standing still for more offense reported ordered walker around. And you know watching my peers are attributable principally. I'll throw this season book. He's a major order horror or fiber or our culture you know we should review appeared that depend equate or that competitive. Every single minded and keep you got that and because they're pretty good quote anybody art thing. Our coach I'm sure you're well aware that they're Kemba Walker will be a free agent after this year and there. I'm sure you've had those conversations not always and you can disclose on the year but on that does this organization. Don't anticipate having Jim Walker for years to column I didn't. And that a lot of speculation and talk about penetrating amounts of the season and they're trying to kind of stored overblown too until this point we've not seen that so what what is the expectation for Kemba Walker and Charlotte. I think right now we look at it that this if you are both important here I think are that the neutral picker go. The biggest thing we can do right now a couple of great future. Have Kemba Walker are pushing you know the goal scorer level again which under anticipating I'm expecting. Typically look he's he's. If there are trying to turn. Her head at the minute that makes this thing go there and you know I think if they're. We align. Cultural week. Pretty have a few we believe. You know when you're gonna have. All the usual secured so even though you're in our communities grow your it organization. I value here. Oh my we have as a peace there are slow to move forward. Many many years to come. I was James Gregory yesterday joining us here are Garcia and Bailey and look where there was a little bit more there but I wanna step aside and come back and anything that wasn't so I didn't hear it would always try to take on some of that is welcome he couldn't be with a special bread it was fascinating and he took issue with my optimism earlier in the show talk about that and let's talk about the injury is more about the NBA's new proposed rule to I guess reversed the new rule go back to the old rule and no real one and done target reward doesn't talk about that next it's Garcia and Bailey W lessons that. Back to Garcia and say. Yet talk gritty group defensively. Or we repair work or wrong organ player received through more review of various positions first five to eight record over our Clark. Our kids down get a great look. Of course in the legal firms in order to view programs we have playmakers third an acquittal wife says she you can choose. Funding a lot more freeze this year. That was James for regular yesterday when asked to make sure and order stance turn on the TV this fall they basically going to be sings San Antonio Easton he said yeah this maybe a little more up tempo and that was his answer and I thought it was great yesterday and if you have any feelings about that are colas text us. Write me an email Kyle WS AZ dot com the garage door guru and box and find us on the brown -- Jewelers Twitter feed a child really WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 at Garcia and Bailey an eyebrow league Jewelers Christmas in July continues through the end of the month no. Money down zero interest for five years if you spend 2499. Or more check it out of brown lead Jewelers guys' job now a go to frightened. Is that boomer doesn't have ships are squad over. I don't know. Anything over there and eat a hot cup cup and that's a good. Everything I mean so reliant. Oh good good what does this amendment is immense isn't. Many calories less noticed there's like yeah as Brothers or stay Sosa and I just taste good that's I guess it's kind of like food and don't governments over here we are more than what. What we have now. You ever met yeah. A source of revenues. Relates to steroids and build considers excellent he says. Gonna have to agree with Kyle the Portugal took place after hearing Joseph subtly young guys are going to make huge strides in player prominent role on this team success go books. Nor the do over there what's pump ponds they do. Boomer his problems unless you're not so it's not surprising you at odds are I was drive and end up. And I'm like okay what order all the sudden what's changed in what what does change because. A week ago we're sitting here talking about where are we were ninth seed where we're may be an eight seed we're a potentially ten. If everything goes right we might get to a seven or six and everything goes right. And Allison Iowa and drive and then today from did take care my son who has I was at ten foot mouse yeah. Disorder do you root virus. And I hear you guys with your pump pump and it does have me drug and we are going to the for sure. And we might win a playoff series and we might be competing for foresee that. As my prediction on this Dade students are July allowed to 2018 write that down and listen this is exactly what I said. I believe today that in the Eastern Conference they will go to the playoffs next year that I. Analysts I tell you. He really believe that my. Let's put your money where your mouth it's. When you have to be necessarily mean money. But it needs to be some sort of bad weather that make the playoffs or not because there's no way in hell in my opinion this team is better than last year last year's team won 36 games aren't going to are absolutely better. So put your money where your mouth it's I'm willing. I'm willing to stand by what I believe are more understand say what I believed. I think they're gonna win right around 36 games for the third zero. And we're gonna miss the playoffs just like they did last year and only eight. And nine C emergency. OK but yours is a very pragmatic realistic I did I didn't know exactly where you're coming from and I've firmly belief. They're Dwight Howard wasn't our Dwight Howard's exit was addition by subtraction and just second unit is going to be a question would rather I think they're going to be more athletic. And I think you need to comfort zone just rely naming the bomb bomb where guys that you are Democrats emerged Tony Parker is under fire as well it doesn't anybody else to distribute the ball to score. Are you what was the name of the guy in the that causes than the other Frenchman Nick Punto no the other one. Our lead. Permanent Gomez solidarity Jonah and Dana fresh Fran what they're paying their foreign countries from he's also because he's in better shape gonna give give you some some pop off the bench is gonna score. German land. He's an amazing eastern trucks. No we just turned five double yeah I well it'll be kemba. I mean I'm only monk now the US will know until you're right now I was told us about your organization I just gonna start a guy. Edit it if it doesn't united and any production. And you can actually get a good guys out in OK and instead of getting rebounds like Rory go suggested you're gonna bring the ball in from announced. So what do you do when that happens. Among critics as is it. I'm just damn thing on here. The now frank listen I know. I was not going to notice says it does not send us parents yeah. Frank frank I said and I stand by the idea that I think the long term. Better outcome for them would be to blow it up play the young talent to all those banks. I don't think they're going they're not do that I'm not doing met so I have to look at his team and say as his team is presently constructed. As the east currently stands where in the hierarchy. They fall and I think. If frank I don't think you're necessarily wrong or not to say is I think the hornets all 62 tent. And I think that they can get a six seat at the begin ascendancy to thinking in AC so you just ride in the sense to them. I also don't deny us. A guy sort. You say to pick a side. Besides we don't and don't turn out. So I think all orders or go to the playoffs I think to be an eight seed and bigger going to be about 41 and forty winds. Threats you literally just throw the thing I don't I don't turn the deficit run and looked different from where we Brandon. I'm just look has a duty to tell us your wallet. Hold on. Back to settle Boyce I'm starting you guys are just learning stores and now no no I'm gonna tell you right now yeah laughter that's major Eastern Conference is awful. Immediately right now it is truly abysmal compared to the Western Conference earliest. All right they are older or younger more athletic they have better bench production I think just by default I'm not telling you they're gonna win. Playoff series maybe not even a playoff game but I think they are in the playoffs. Next season. Frank you had ninety seconds name any teams there's an important and Eastern Conference next season none all in a more and that was the always good here I'm formal address in terms of this threat I'm also stayed album what is her state of the terms of this met. The terms beware you want to dare I came up with the idea. Money does much or should a money money bags so that's just whatever ritual uncomfortable I don't know. And that's why I'm not defining the bad pause because I can make something ridiculous you know like no way the your not gonna do it. I want to know what your tremors in what you're comfortable with losing a very nice pot luck oh I think monies Maury island edit is that there are far better things to vets we got to tell you something better than that. But does it over cash rich as more and what else can we come up you have to call me sir almost. But it caught you sir yeah that's your IB midget I'll just call you your honor for Aaliyah I said I have no idea what's up you know we've had that promo playing for the past couple months saying frank does whereupon palms of two. Isn't a cheerleader. Boss also someone and a station today well cheerleader eyes that I saw it I feel like to loser should pass to them they know. But there's a difference Evan. I don't know who was there wouldn't hear but I'm I'm almost positive who was the person likes dressing up like ten. So that's not really a punishment. That's more of just another day. And it's 70457. And I just sit and nick has some thoughts on the Lawrence forest real quick. Turn red please turn red maybe at some point there were no Nicklaus nodded. Man I I had to get her back here for air you heard it on line. I'm on I'm I'm all for. The most sort of no problem that's not a battle is on the list. They got and so on all but. The try it I think. That's why we are now they are younger I say Jack let a bad apple here plus seven Obama 43 went. And I probably permanent seat. Going into the playoffs but I just another. There you go thank you nick appreciate the support could agree with you morning after a genius Nick Price is almost our rate right. It doesn't due to make that sound like that's a good thing all fracture in my siblings. Actually gotten word we've brand and actually did the same. Argument that we had for years with this organization but frank they're not gonna do it the way you want at least not initially so just jump onboard NB a things regardless of just what we're doing again next year colors for just coming. I want I just don't. I cannot. I'm not a damn about I am not a mouse and about I'm not as she could get the boat I'm a sheep herder. So your dog I look listen listen mister Dexter was some sense is this strike. James Michael Corwin loose for a slash your second team blew leads in close games having Tony Parker is an upgrade instantly. Granted older but no it was Erisa text is a CW why don't just accept it but it was his playoffs just a self described succumbed itself is before they see where we can. Eleventh tenth nineteen. Are there sixteenth. I'll do sixteenth pick him. There were aware or we're gonna picked second in the draft but those injured taken its teeth up off the floor it's a must read I was I was I. What else are in the Paulson is now what's best for this organization is that we're gonna do. In the and then the next year when Campbell walks away and we're sitting in the same spot again and and hoping that. Listen addition by subtraction Kemba Walker is no longer here that means bully markets to adapt. Score Merrill hole to treat everybody loves to exclude a. Exist hosted an addictive says as the impression America yes slander southern with a lot of boys love it love it love it let's go to Dave next day it was a road. Days. Dan what again confronted him. Well yeah yeah you go to work. Yeah I don't want to notify you aren't. Very. Thank you know if I'm trying to tell. Okay. This is the Garcia and Bailey showed that the daily Garcia show you know it's sometimes. Going to be blowing people up because they agree with me and they don't agree that no religious. Does not have to all I don't it is not yet in another true. I'm bigger than him well yeah sort of doing an amateur he does not have. I have total autonomy to tell you do digs in you know you do a certain uncertain note you don't and I don't even know that he's a big decision. Oh does it now let's interest releasing into a missile that time so that's that's not great let's go to Lamar really quickly we've got a good break Lamar was subdued or you. Love. Ark are privileged. Coast to groping incident cancel my. You sell a quarter of the year Tony Parker prior to play water could be any activity no credit in thirty our way. The pessimism is killing us let us limits well isn't okay Eastern Conference sucks that's realism is an Omar to release him so. So these same culprits are but they never make our pro and I mean how can you get excited saint. Thank you to the bench to bench is better tournament you don't think the bench is better I think to. Know. There's always player and in real Rosie also what are the worst winters family history that's the lower seed isn't any history. You're the set Michael Korda was Lester did the last in the NBA in effect until real percentage from the guy could make a lay up. You'll think Tony Parker's alas to make a lay up. Drab stroke we got to know we got you got strike we're gonna go on I want one that would come back and if he's better it's a world record front. CN and they don't. Time now. With the world according. To frame the. Is that insect Miller's illness. Anyway we've actually got a fairly large development here on what we are just now starting to want to get our arms around the power of the show is my children and other powerful and frank Garcia quite frankly and what we mean by that is you know a couple of days ago live on the year we we still try to get on the at a Thai caves disaster happening out there and the next day. As to frighten dove into it and and kind of put his healing powers on thanks. Everybody was rescued there were saved well that same day we decided. We'll examine and brought this up to his credit we we still try to on the Flint, Michigan water problem. From heads of several years ago well not so well last year it's Israel that regardless. We just now found out that Elon Musk has offered to help Flint, Michigan saw this water problem and I can't think of anything else then frank Garcia is expensive. And you your eyes feel like you're responsible for that as well all eyes. Dear god. I think it guys this year make me do it. May not far far away from him but it does not that when you're messing up my prayer as a please deliver clean water. Those instant cash. For those into this you need more than anyone else any Valentine asked me. Helped him he'll he'll be want to know if you're only help. Now we can go for. That's a crisis yeah. They've got stuck I think the ethics of in the brain responsible. By the way to the guy who just checks in assessing if we need tampons don't think we're good I think that's the wrong text about what's next your your life for your girl from the other line. The nose bleed to help they're really and is there there it's true you can still screws things up there. By those like now you're a virus. Mostly it's what you call went at the map emasculated and it is a little bit center where you know it is but I mean it's it's not well. At the same time you'll never understood it because you're buying tampons distort means you probably have a wife or girlfriend at all so lunch. On you basically telling people high up in a month amid a relationship. Girls do like we release one so Zemin went about tampons. Can press people would think so get used to practice and you shoot above Boston plus it. Our were done it should have hit the Osborne's and enjoy it. All right frank Franklin Garcia yes. Sarah Palin was tricked by comedian Sasha baron Conan. Q did an interview these Cohen telling tone and whatever Yang writes come on I'm looking at now as I was content anyway. Frank Garcia if you could sit down with any person interviewed them who would they. Who invited into the it'd be met Hamlin. And you man handling a because I don't know sometimes what's going on up in their brain if you look at the man like yeah yeah. Both of our bosses there are areas about it and I was thinking Jackson who shot in the shadow box and. They're now they're now taking place in this would be great minds to interview right now because I have no idea what's going through their minds right now. LC Bob Bob literally been called me up for the final innings and here's the thing is the best thing about his job. There's not just another job in America we call your boss dumb and dumber things your way with a stroke. What is your dominant you were right now I'm at right numbers and right now and not all the subjects like this moment on us at this animosity doesn't. That's you know that's everything and that's demand and on Thursday got. Ivan do you have a question today I don't normally get out today. It's frank what's DO weirdest who ever had to eat. That's much better on your questioning and then there to the point buried to the point and the weirdest food and Riverhead the I didn't have to eat it but it was put on my plate. And it was the worst smelling thing I've ever smelt. And had a taste I'm one of those guys that hit it. I'd like what I'd like but I'm not afraid to taste something wants. But there's two things really this one was the worst smell there was glimmer. Liver and onions and and for some reason people in the sixties and seventies. My dad in his dad that his dad they love this stuff liver pierce not liver being cooked and I don't assign transplant. Oh my god is the worst smell and may be the worst Hastert ever experienced in my life but it's not as bad as relates. Alex never know those no you have to smell and taste but you you like even. Like cracked hey you even. Yeah also brought. Quite a black guy. And sometimes and sometimes. The way that they're supposed to be. Almost so it's not full term but you have to that point where with the at the starting embryonic sacked his yes. That started the audience a little crunchy. Come on do yeah. You read it. I'm not ebitda guidance then asked to you I don't really think I don't mean anything dirty by this I don't know much have you every inning by you know Wheaties. No I'm put to use a company can. And my grandfather was in the war. More work to do and when he was in the war I don't know if he extra storage of those things are not but. He would have those those ladies at the house in those cans and I could never read him because of the smell like bureaucrats thought they don't it's my dad loves us tonight and that historic tuna. What about really put a personal about some sort of X right because that was sort of food nutrition you take it can't I would start on the salsa car sort of means in some crackers and that sort of attack that was another delicacy of the sixties and seventies right people would you put on cracker hot sauce -- just talking about him. There's assault I've beaten one but I did them in salad like if you if you are really good Caesar salad you put a starting in their dad took it helps them kind of give a little bit more vets. You know salty fishy taste you're looking forward to it a little bit of that partners I guess is the right way to put it but. The good that way but not by themselves deeply human cells out of course so. What's the best airline. But yeah if you would be loyal to an airline that was your that was you know some guys are very loyal to the airline. I don't. Told him. The cheapest is right there yeah tennis because I my question right is it worth it just always buy the cheapest flight. Are you stay committed to airline now so you can rack up points anathema to the and I committed to many. If you don't I don't know. I don't have their credit cards they always come to me in this in the middle lead the into the flight. We're offering this great this greats like you this great opportunity we're gonna give you 60000 points that's good for one's flight. Yeah from here to Raleigh and up. Bunch of crap because that's that's crap like I wanna do the thing was a guy only fly jetBlue ended all the points and I get a bunch rewards on the but I just always to go back to the cheapest flight instability or your daughter brought you don't know. No not cheapest flights that's what I do that's the only ex I'm loyal to the person who is loyal to me and that's the cheapest place. I fly southwest a lot she. South southwest out here Chris Tucker Southwest Airlines and criminal Southwest Airlines they have. I oversaw southwest of Charlotte all the top. Yeah because that's that's easiest way to get on the her terrorist I don't like southwest southwest is the one there's like no protocol for boarded yeah I usually yeah sanctions and we are rejecting and you need you like you be first in line and go because. My face and Jim backwards and you forget to check in into Rubino overheads right. Storage space nothing like that but again I like jetBlue no Americans find Delta's folic is a good debt that's what I was it just fills the best bills are the smaller airports pleaded not. You have to slide yeah the other there's an airport -- villains are concorde that's true there's an airport are concorde if you look at just look for the deals if you don't like Florida you can go to New York Delhi nanny nine bucks you get to those flights at a Greensboro and in the guilt for whatever reason she does have. Disagrees Vernon Denver I can't really figure out why it's on those jurors. IE I have one thing I'll say this. I will never fly during the day or night against a wooden flute I. This is true what you're doing always says the available options and an NN homeland where you can apply I went and took a five and sometimes socks and stuff you don't say I don't think you know Jesus that you never gonna Sandra day mourning a should said that the today I wanted to know isn't this isn't a difference as a cut off you have mourning today in 90 no now I'm Derek. It's okay to so does he come up visit today yet. No still nice about it you know latest I have early morning they'll be talking about business that they used usually as usual you destroyed your own now I just read okay whatever. This line again. So early in the morning I'll tell you why real quick. As I walked through did the damn security lines I didn't stop at all I checked in a walk in the street loudly right to my gate I was on my plane in fifteen minutes was awesome. I'll never do anything different again. They just Charlotte Douglas airport. Yes all the Pacman Jones thing a guy in DC that dude was that that was somewhere else right yeah Leslie I is Charlie. Douglas met was in a letter it was a landmark as Atlanta beat Atlanta. But he's Marley syrup Charlotte Doug there's airport. You can get in 45 minutes and won those early days flights you're talking about. And mourning be there in before anybody else and think you're getting off and down and ready go we landed short it takes them to one half hours. To get your bags off they're damn plane than it was three it is the slowest. Carousel I've ever seen in my entire life is there anything more infuriating the standing to carousel waiting for somebody else to give you your things back images won't it's awful it's I can see it out there rushed just sitting there somewhere. He. But it's that is out there due to cigarette smoke. Or no load that stuff on. That care so please actually I'm already told my dad Amanda doesn't travel with Todd and I sedan we go to LA next month. I do everything to backtrack I'm not waiting there Britain baggage carousel and limiting it to backtrack we're doing this thing lightweight that we have it is the worst slowest airport I've ever Burnett not been a lot of airports I don't fly as much as like a lot of people do but I fly quite a bit. And that is it to I hate chucking bags back to Charlotte because of that reason is gonna take me an hour to wait lines could knock her for that back and every. More stood in the middle of the night when night winning an hour from monologues because nobody would put monitors are looking got to come back replica shows Garcia and there's a back to Garcia and save. Our boys and girls as always by the sort of probably Jewelers Twitter feed a child really WS NCF frank Garcia 65 and Christmas in July continues through July 31 if you spend 2499. Or more. You get zero interest no money down for five years check out the deal in its entirety and roundly Jewelers. Dot com we had a great show David thanks to make Nixon to stop a minute Michael felt it was fantastic daughter in college football Steve Weiss of the NFL network and of course. James beret go from yesterday if you miss that in we found out to try to is the healer of the world and that Osbourne listened to different dimension in the rest of us not night or day but does some other kind of time in my. Children is there anything else you can think of these cells die tomorrow. Deceit and a prayer maybe funny growth front the dom I'm probably a girlfriend is that religion is that what you're asking how. I'll show calling laments you're joking don't really want a girlfriend army yeah eventually dinar and now not tomorrow I'm not Smart a tiger did you grow from tomorrow. Can't promise you any thing. How thoughtful look at some minutes I don't I don't know your girlfriend I don't know if you know largest securities things are gonna just say no thank you know thank you to send any easily inferred donated generously key players are you today you want a date on today. Absent all right tomorrow. I did all what do you would put my child what they would like to stop stop stop stuff don't you. So just yards you rush right now with a medal on the fifth best approach the series until the hornets I yeah. Thank you kids. And I know this of course brought to my bring it home for all train go to bring you don't propane dot com never looked bedraggled sank around again they won't jump in they bring your pro trade to and from your house they took an integral to make sure that you are. All the sub set up to grow your average price drills all the time and work he burst through a tie for the girls want to yeah I think it's turned. And you know up to brass of the tanker order. Hornets are gonna think they're gonna burn that they're done so you're saying there wasn't you idiots don't know a radius there. To go up bomb where's our yeah. I'm where's yeah and then taken you don't even know very real I know enough. They're not hook echo the outside and I would trade Jim Walker. They're taking and they don't need to trade tip Kemba Walker that's how bad they are will say. 7 o'clock tonight Rangers of the Red Sox on ESP immature to check that out I don't talk to some early tonight as we mentioned a Good Charlotte Golden State take a look at that as you can watch. Who's left about a gram and pay almost diluted you can lawyer watched the chip from Lithuania. The beautiful basket both it was a TV show in the nineties you know what senatorial. We have the Lithuania should they Dresser just as if I just on a normal now. Keep it to deal still has again exposed before running Cuba you. If you ask it anyway you the courtesy laugh I thought it was great 8 o'clock tonight he's a much horse racing if you like hello my summer plus overly done is basically baseball or summer league basketball those your choice defensive. OK it was to protest Evan. Really I don't know if this is considered pale or not. Aren't you don't. But John the beer man. Who has a great and last name and Dennis and last thing is to work with my brother John I don't know your last name but you're considered the beer man. Using the beer so I like to tip my cap to you to one of these days on Friday afternoon met for Colborn. After after I'm done get off you know remain if you can smell what Barack is cooking over here I'm not asking him on a date I want some beer delivered here to the studio. Is that trail. I don't know the secret could believe it at all important to John he may have done that there was a guy didn't get any. As I get it on his. And oh yeah. God best tale I'm tipping my cap to the other four. And somebody's rescuers. Who knows there's a bit they stayed underground for a week with those kids to make sure they all got out first they had to come out wearing sunglasses today because they hadn't seen this on the yeah week those guys went underground three miles into that's in those cadavers to stay with those kids into every last one of them was out they haven't seen the sun in a week and they came out today and done at selflessness to the cap to those gases like those little tunnel lights it was caps you Wear like you go into the tunnels that they can put in there and give those people or rescue them and I just realized that to that point I just. But I just a time when Mike got to the top rescuers thought that the Russian talent there's talent that was dumped but those four guys who stayed underground it was me not you. Who made a mistakes or are you an idea I usually do. I'm used to it. I forgive you okay a religious miserable to work of rerouted to correct those mistakes or are just I just a little roll off my shoulders nowadays. Just par for the course looks that you listen to these other children. I tip my jet a that we don't now we're just a. Did things go aren't real quick Hillary tonight after rusty Palmeiro the guys didn't like 293. In San independently so what. This is the they don't and I probably tell us why digital. NASCAR you know you. Harrison is also a man we're out of here it's Garcia Billick. Shot eight. Anybody what does that do they'll blow your mind that you just happen.