Garcia And Bailey H4: Erik Spanberg Talks David Tepper, TWATF

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Tuesday, May 22nd
In the final hour of the show Charlotte Business Journal Writer Erik Spanberg joined Garcia and Bailey to discuss David Tepper becoming the new owner for the Panthers, and as always it's TWATF...

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But Garcia. You cannot make this stuff off. The second I look back at Twitter after you just told the city health also all New Orleans is what adultery is the very first thing I see a much Taiwan is a story from the New Orleans times Picayune Nolan dot com about New Orleans all Levy system being extremely high risk and minimally acceptable basically sign of what's gonna fly against the dollar and most important. That's just why in the place slot right right is they have the graves above ground. This usually. Mean that places they absolute dump their stadium is a dump the cities that don't they have been in ways that are really good there they have good oysters hurricanes good. Drink the Dracula got the I and we tube hit but she did I am paddy O'Brien there's a line down. Employ a better spared bird never had to mirror canes a one time airstrip virtual business journal and hey he's occasions he probably just defended him Lazard dot. That our recruiting no tiger. Bruises awesome though we'll see that I Bruce and also tell. You are right or we end up why not yet that like. It. And it Erickson you're you're down for the folks don't know you're Atlanta the owners' meetings and you know we we listened to David tempers comments a couple of hours ago when they came out of the vote and we're gonna played after the folks who missed it here in about ten minutes by the way are ten or fifteen minutes so if you didn't your temper we're gonna play that good and I jotted down some notes as as he was talking and he said the first thing that I think people need to be here and that was. The logical place for the Carolina Panthers is in Carolina is in Charlotte specifically and I'm sure for a lot of people that was reassured. You guys pay people to adapt the F they'll probably rep he'd eat tonight and or create the next couple years. I eat eat out in that felt like someone who had interest in leaving. Charlotte, North Carolina all that good news but I think that struck me was that in the ban a spot at which is about at all spoke. We all become we. New direction in terms of ownership and edit their cure on a record. Several Nigeria Richard depressed copper the court that you're impressed opera and every year at that but. It just very our personality it will be out of band that ever helped Carolina. Sort of embraced a much more plain spoken order. The highest price franchise in the NFL did he get a deal. You know I according to our Q but he hit the market they speak the record store employee an adult all the print out value I'm not sure about that but I. You know I think that it might as we talk about the NFL O'Grady an entity Al Turk an all the paying. Hurting nobody popularity. Rock box just double. He Wright speak for our night football. The stadium are still well in Appel television right are still lead the bell. About any other court so it's many problem that they have they are still the clear number 10 I have to believe that the red dot valued between the peppered. Will continue to go up. Erica I got two in the group that last part more please for the foreseeable future and there's there's something the popped up about an hour ago that I was reading during a break and I think this. I think it further underscores your point and I also think it kind of points to maybe you would David tepper rule could be in the larger scope with a lead a once he religious settled and that news was that Nielsen announced today that it that you're tube TV viewership at designated market levels DMAs will now be included in the Olsen local TV audience measurement using that the Nielsen digital TV ready so why does all that matter obviously it's that you know well you're gonna start seeing if -- folks watching on streaming services incorporated into early -- YouTube TV incorporated and the television. Ratings and so when talking about the unifil ratings a whole lot right and of course. On the horizon it looks like the NFL's very interested in talking to negotiating with and possibly striking a deal with the likes of YouTube Google Amazon Twitter to whatever the case may be I think David separate his business acumen. I would expect him I just to be at the forefront of some of these discussions and I think eventually in the not too distant future of these other owners in the assault is more they're Puerto look at David severed expected to take a leadership role. Yeah I think that's right let me start Birk quit you know consumption it they call it inter of people watching don't bite and everything else. They take. Example from this week at how powerful sports are quieter and it is their rates are going down they don't come much lower and other programming. Correctly tripled its right speed that we are very rapidly and I know rep and or at and that belt big that we seek the app. Appetite aunt that lives sports programming and they're kind of like beat it generate I just don't beat the NF LO but just. Probably not respected the interpret temper I make. Look. Or eleven billion dollar what's speaks more. In NFL circle then caught the edge put that we expect eat that hedge fund guys a breath of guy he has had a guy. Eat eat great big bet. Or were and they paid off I think although they won't take him a leader in the NFL in terms going after your revenue or. You know what you know it's Kyle Hannity. Interesting viewpoint earlier in the show. You know as we did does snap judgment any talked about in the amount of money that is potentially could be given. You know to temper with the rough upwards around seventy million dollars if not a little bit more but he talked about if that was to be given back. You know in endeavor is to the city are we were out how you giving that back to the community giving that back as he goes out there and give money back to the hours column. Represent I was just simply wasn't a decision apparently a 75 million dollars on reserve got a ready to give David tepper if he comes to the city with his hand outside today I want public money in my basic stomach mildly -- mullah thought was gone back to senator every day giving you mod my gospel about how I feel about public financing but here's a guy who made his billions and evolution management management hedge hedge fund growing money root them giving dead or alive to his client so if anybody was qualified to own an assault team to take that public money and for once actually produce and are a lot of money David tepper my baby got. Well I think we've talked about the stadium you know the mayor and member of the council. The cop heard other. I don't even know if it ever will ever have an app. For the money to get that they're not going dark I don't wait out there act that way a lot of people a bit of dignity and local government unit yet. They can't secure a long term agreement with the panther say 8101520. Years or worse that I go under the radar our preparation. They consider that market because it not a billion dollar stadium that they're paying you know 3040 if you cannot stoke. I think that. Why is that beat back million dollar is almost a foregone conclusion what there. Port owner and general what they're going to be they're going to ask. Pork and accept public upbeat but everyone help and they're respectively. That they it's just become. Right at doing that. You know and when you start looking that you know the growth and potential growth of what he can bring to this CD with the amount of money that he has. What are some of the things because you know he talks about the tone tropical you know things that he wants to give back to the city he loves to win win in wind and nine ratio himself with the city of Charlotte what does that look like to your Bank of America Stadium area surrounding Bank of America the businesses etc. Well I deeper out to get her parent are you all discussed this already or caught it that it that went to beat by what you. Now the notion that. He'd been minority investors mr. Richard the Battery Park or keep them well you know back and hurt development for bank like an MLS but at immediately order. As charity got that I'm not putting MLB. And Bank of America Stadium all of what about that done so. While there's nothing more than that they think they'll want to affect the keeper stepping like that Al. Show you'd be ambition that he can't cheat given up on what we thought are we not made art you hit. Well not cart. All the otter Carnegie Mellon University so I think he's certainly going to be a corrective in our area. But we don't have much information in terms what expect like he's going to their. Darn I couldn't agree more I was taken notes during his during his so press conference earlier this sort of the first things are wrote down a kind of put a star next there was a dimension. Major League soccer and it's going to be interesting to see as it pertains as you said a moment ago to minority stakeholders in this team were talkative or expand virtual business journal joining us live up from Atlanta at the NFL league meetings and we will keep you too much longer 1 thing I am curious about his. Obviously the Supreme Court ruling is on their agenda to discuss today and kind of figure out and you weren't in those rooms but what's the top of the chatter around the building say about that ruling and and how the NFL's gonna handle this because they seem to be kind of lagging behind the other leagues and just accepting this for what it is. Yeah and shocker that in L might be well equipment repair and its rebel late. You know I think they are those putt and BS sports world generate about trying to figure out exactly what they do we don't have any. Real indication of what NFL or they borrow. Mr. Goodell will address the media and take questions brought people a lot more into public policy statement. Earlier this week where he laid out is is four daughters Annette and that upheld this duck could worker held it like it's work but oh look. I know of the NFL and of late have been out of that game went along and at Churchill are up over ever. When taking the potential revenue which they do I don't see how this is going to be a work it's not going to ignore we ought. To just matter of how they are the language do. Started moving that direction. Erica let's go on this one out and it's you know it's not really related to temper in the panthers' I don't think at least dumb and potentially right now but there's a story and you guys have a story on your website and sing and elsewhere. About a city to the City Council meeting I guess from last week where there was a discussion about a thousand room hotel. Being built in uptown Charlotte next to the convention center and these thousand rooms hotels are seeing is not annoyed at something that's needed I guess to compete with other cities and we can debate the merits of that but you I can't help. Wondering if the words Super Bowl and you and stadium and those sorts of things came up and a lot of people who don't like this idea because they want taxpayer money to build it and wanna pass it off to a different hotel corporation got local hotel folks and wait a minute you want taxpayers to subsidize our competition just to build a thousand room hotel and collect all that revenue to what compete for Super Bowl X what is your take on the gimme gimme your reporting a month. Yeah how we have not hurt the work they're all yet it would shock. And even with or without a Super Bowl. I think the torch to the media is already. Hurting by that that they're going to do that and I think the way it they will. Work around the credit that it has brought up if they're going to look it's come out of yet he Dora the pac money you know our our industry that's what two or later it. And there were attacking ourselves if we want to. And best at a hotel that would operate more urgent that spoke or there that's just my hunched up but I don't think it's our match due. Wonder if they're going to look at mr. bowl bid at some point in that bad or go right back to how much renovation. What required wearing a Super Bowl with that he had not and yet we're gonna get that enter your next year. Eric if you had to guess you know the the length to this interview is about twelve minutes long. And percentage what percentage to Kyle take up with his questions in this interview went into I would like say number three I if you wouldn't mind all for not so. Long has questions in the history of. Hey if you guys if you mr. demand anyway out of that a black or white picket and like you well know there. Are eight. And yet you know eat bank and oh thank you are pretty clearly a major. But I'd like to correct the record actually because we came into this interview with him insulting your native land so I. I didn't feel pretty strongly usually take you must I don't know but I will discuss the difference I'm gonna die every time and we appreciate it. Here that I like our airspace commercial business journal Jesus sent OK just elaborate we come back to intercept yeah yeah yeah we come back into those who drive an old right now is administered some good stuff on this and we got some time to most players and react a little bit but David tepper color right out of those that are out of the vote this morning at the league meetings where he was just voted to ratify and proved to be the next Carolina Panthers owner a great little six minutes seven minutes peace with the media never gonna play for the next two more second Sudan mcinnis look towards Rudolph was shot tears were absolutely predictable -- we come back we're react to it as well us the according to frank and -- -- -- frazzled or simply looked. It's a Davidson over. Thanks there's been Burke Charlotte business journal before even. The Mexico say Franken at Texas wrote to say so cans not go to the case. New system new weapons terminology what a joke I was defend cam Fella that a coworker hundred dollar he went and deeply frustrated. Is there. Are you got some bad information but I think he's there is video evidence against him there enjoying you know it is this morning so you're 100 dollar better still say fighters trying to at at you really know what. By the way what what are we text into the territory. Amuse. And use a news. You do say that precedent is at a news try and muse is an inspiration for an artist. Thank you if that's what you set in Meeks he also told me I wasn't saying Carnegie Mellon correctly yesterday and I was correct so I wasn't emphasizing the day enough yeah you need to listen to me. Everywhere I don't supplements are recent digits upper hold on phonics over here and do a good job to job assault today so was a Davidson throughout the out of the vote this morning down in Atlanta at the league meetings. I came out was introduced by Roger Goodell is the new owner of the Carolina printers and some pretty good audio here stop texting amused to detect sly and Texas to seven to edit one jackass as so it's. Roger Goodell came out and introduce David separates the new owner Richard a lot of answers Mulligan on that and others is what David supper had to say earlier today some really interesting comments as he is that I introduced it. Short while ago. The first subject was the sale of the Carolina Panthers. David tepper met Wii is the finance committee this morning got a unanimous approval from the finance committee. We've presented them to the membership Kenny are unanimous approval from the ownership so. But we'd like to congratulate David and welcome to the NFL we're thrilled to have David so they. Com. To listen I'm thrilled about this. It's. More than fantastic I guess and listen I'm willing to answer any questions you all have. Well you know been with the Steelers for nine years so I've been hanging around this. This lethal over the time. And when this opportunity came up. Pop. This and I think it's event tacit plays with a great football tradition. I think is a great football area it was good people. Play I said before some points. These people down here remind me if I don't people people make fun of me for saying it but to just good people so I don't know how to say that anywhere they like cult like Pittsburgh people. So is very comfortable down there and I think jump from need. You know we do a lot of charity around the country. So it's a fantastic platform. To expand on charity to and and elsewhere thanks so. It's. Content. Well I can't change much before actually by the team. So. And I don't know exactly what's there. Cause I haven't been there. So for me to exactly speak about exactly what it was gonna do this is almost impossible. But I'll say this and this has nothing to do with whatever is there cause I don't know. But for me. You know just a couple things. Palm noise I've had a business for 25 years. You know icon. Believe it is just me now this has nothing to do with the Panthers. I'm a person the believes didn't. Don't quality for. You know everybody including men and women. And I think first is me talking about what happened anything good bad indifferent to pass. The pass in the past to future will be debt. Back here. Where are you middle hi hi I saw on TV. As to what's your what's your name again Ian Rapoport QQ color that appears that a real haircut Israel. Already has something for myself from a sub. Sorry about that now let's get your ears hair lack thereof looks absolutely nuts after the signing up scares them. About the about the Panthers are are you is your plan to keep the Panthers in Charlotte and if so what are your plans for the. Stadium. What's what's the name of the team. Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers. Who lead Carolina Panthers. And listen I you know there is a logical place for this team in the Charlotte. And it is Carolina Panthers. And Emmys his team has has some sort of presence in the Carolinas. Last semi solved. How many are there. That's right this to them. So I'm listen Charlotte is a logical place for stadium on this wars a new stadium again. You're asking me too much tonight and I cannot affect. The only thing I have a market on right now it's lack of knowledge of calls stupidity so I got that out. So I'll learn a lot more the future. I'm a person who doesn't like to. I like to know what I know and I know what I don't know so don't wanna say too much what they don't know. I. Hey David right here your attention the surely sir you have courtesy of substrate. Yes and I can't do that it. That's unfortunate. Very unfortunate. So I understand he met with the minority partners. With the Panthers maybe yesterday. Are you going to have any minority partners one and two. What's your plan for the football side of the building have you gotten any sort of evaluations area where you from a sorry Pennsylvania. Where in Pennsylvania William sport I know you'll square. I'm from Pennsylvania since that's what matters. Com. So. Your question was again. Whether are you going to be the sole owner you're gonna have any limited partners and then also. Ron Rivera Marty Ernie Cam Newton. Football stuff. Come again we're not going to be there for a till July. To do anything but. Pause so the second question was put off till then because I don't think anything's appropriate but I do think there's. There's a great team down there right now and I think my biggest thing I can do. As soon as it can have them and answer the same way answer the last question I've agreed appreciation of how stupid I am. And sometimes it's better to do nothing to do something. So I think you wanna be very careful very carefully when you do anything and that's it onto one that side of the and that's out of the business. As far as the other side was. Minority partner minority partners who hate to answer some questions and I don't really get to answer that question I'm I'm trying to figure out the structure right now. Obviously there's. And some of Ennis is having some local partners. Depending on the I'm trying to determine the development I wanna have in the community. And so that's more development there is the community and might make it more difficult to have minority partners. You know if you wanna do princess and and west team or something like that which might make some sense if you or attractive Charlotte. Or you do other things. So I'm just trying to determine that didn't come the next six weeks. If I'm moving someplace. And we're doing this in Carolina. The first thing I care about is winning the second thing I care about is winning and the third thing I care about is. You guys are smarts. So that's on and off to field. That includes a charity aspect community aspect and how you make your community better. So you can win a lot of ways. And I don't like to loosen anyway. So thank you. There is David set for new owner of the Carolina drifters so I was speaking to the media today after he was. Approved by the other owners and dole now on the Carolina renters insurance a second ago there they don't distorted until July. When the sale actually closes in the but 2.3 billion dollar checkered whatever they always give a money order whatever is given Obama stopped by a 7-Eleven to 2.3 villain or money order and just a depraved that they are noticed that and I would love to be their support they do you have banks to wire money it's menacing continued. Don't you always want to do so Levin and and he gets a key donor money order did you not hear what I said the and the don't wait in line to get the money order. You can you can. Right amends. You want to Tito's you do against Simpson and you know that's good point these measures encampment and that much and they were there a couple of things alleged spree ever reported up but I thought we was really right to put public when he was asked about minority donors in his and I don't know we go into Egypt there and see what's going on determinant the development of this ownership group and who knows maybe in MLS team one day it's like ornament was at the forefront your mind it was all this a random example you throughout their because. What do you know that we don't know that we need to know all of about an MLS franchise because it doesn't sound like him a less. Is all that on after Charlotte anymore to tunnel we talked about last year's what do you know. The other those sorts of threats that guy's obviously get a serious case apparently too because image funny Iraq plus it. Go find it sad analogy you can't be serious kind like patsy he's just vault. I'm I'll be right behind you they Ariza could it don't talk about your oldest that. I don't get in your favor as I know we've we've got we've got to have a new show element frank don't like yeah I think we do yes it. And it's called. The length of Kyle's questions. Can't seriously know what it's crap because this is that the whole narrative is garbage because his or longer than mine I say. I actually to your questions are fantastic. I think it AD clearly define exactly what you are looking for many times as I say 45 seconds under the constant. Lou you know we we you we will we want that we wanna hear where a year ago. It will sometimes and I realize it's not coming out the way that I wanted to understand make it worse. Brought in circles I yeah I don't want her as well so I'm just say on average if you took the raw average of our questions he would lose. Saddam an honest answer yes we are essentially an answer anyway text derided in the us is like dieters are the pitchers are staying in your stay here to reality doesn't need a threat. Maybe maybe not I don't know but there are several I think people need to hear at least for now the logical place for this team is in Charlotte I just don't see it. I don't see it being anywhere else and at what point do you think the future but it's going to benefit the NFL to leave the Carolinas about a team 37 seconds. Must sit out the next world according to frank you can run it about ask is that Ben glisan would have finally has a good radio death a ritual when mark Toney never affects Garcia and they looked. Time now. For the world according. To for an. I'm really pleased with you Dave older this into it and boy you gonna take my advice and mix it up a little bit and US to questions during the segment. Now. That's all right next question I. We root for in the ACC baseball tournament don't care whose client volatile in the ACC. In new kids went into. Who's got a pretty good chance do they don't see states like an. Lower ranked and an error duke Carolina state all released airlines usually typically pretty good so his stick rebuttals all 300 years so yeah I'm and he goes to master giving baseball. That's not here and happened on an Australia recently had some kind Carolina's typically pretty good but coach fox. Harry. Yeah you have Yucca. Many of them Mike fox and outrun you that's great and this month as far as ago. Humor mark stroman who a month. And as he still isn't great mess isn't it. They do and this is sending the question and they should be proud of the question of annoyed at questions in two. You did you come just. It's all right bill. NASA there's like national champs. Agreement would say that because I listen to literally could not careless. About equestrian isn't a question isn't it actually doesn't sounds like something. Diseases quest for knowledge used to study of the of course it's very much not a fluent. Question knowledge that's not a lot of Osborne was your question. Frank I have a conundrum that I go over in my life at all times in his two questions about stake. Okay you're spending not to stay. I. I I don't I'm sorry I'm sorry and knows Rick my first question is is it appropriate to put sauce on a stake excel. Snakes just like anyone like I want no no socks. Absolutely not and alas it's the stakes that we use demise kits. You know it's tougher than jerky. You know you might have to put something on that often but did you get a good steak. Let's say you know local convenience store. But dissent. Is that you get you should get command card revoked. Because I love anyone taken a party. Really I love that stuff it is and it's the only time makes us and ever and only time I've ever put steak sauce on my stakes is when he's too good this is there is a kid. The ideology meat salad bar. In stakes are too he sirloin. So early in my these men horn hit. Passengers the isms are argument he's made hasn't started I like that Evan has a question and what is your question yes frank and noticed that your own these latest Beers. Sports media podcasts yes Jason Behr. Also wondered if you had your own podcast. Based on any topic which topic would be. Oh gosh. Chicken wings. Burgers. Hop count and into avenue in a packed in my house heavenly. I'm stars and literally starving wouldn't waste oil over here and a Scioscia you guys are talking about states here's a question for you guys they got one for you Kyle yeah. Cause now. Kevin. A minimum. Carl Levin my best friend's name grownups don't care what is the best cheapest steak. House steak restaurant you can go to. Is this rule now tell you suburban street staked it was pretty good not much and. I don't know though those closed down goes on board because if I'm happy to see your snakes not sticks and I and I because at my mother was a fantastic cook when we had stage was always T bones is always leagues is always great stuff. It's as though the lowest I'm gonna go because what I need to state county stakes a lot. Well when I just stick a morbid chicken thighs kind of guy when I used a guy wanted to be good. No on undoubtedly got I don't want to I don't wanna go page fourteen dollars for an average stick. I wanna go to a really good steak something dime and sure of the ball. Is out back considered up next good you know is that considered a test that's what middle class he had a middle class state counts yes no NASA talk. Plastic just. Did you say what it is just one guy Cracker Barrel now Britney because if you go to Cracker Barrel and you get the country were breakfast and you get the sir Lawrence Alia it's going to be a little bit fatty but usually the seasoning is perfect selected I can go to the country were directors and Cracker Barrel. The whole deal point nine dollars stimulus data next. Rice they can make I don't like state I don't like sickening it's overrated I love steak and a lot of love example like stage next as as a breakfast combo is overrated and give you one did you got did you have one. Hum. I'd delete stake out that much but I think a candidate ruby Tuesday's live. Tuesday it was accusing anti but the best one not the worst one all the best ones I'll probably have to go Cracker Barrel cracker. After realized stick cracker bills amazing it's and don't do Searle and a surprisingly good which is all you can you please spread over Kosovo independence. Boldly. Maybe that's a lesson number one food 'cause it's all you can eat and you get to meet you gets it you could tell it you know the show us back there as it shifts the the cuts mag there. Are pretty dang good and they have the cast iron skillet. No cooked it to the way you like the slice and as thin as you want this thing is you want but they are the best states to the best low class steakhouse around pessimistic since. No gold crown saying yeah to the effect as pretty damn good. Ground so. In his right upper class steakhouse. Class are so so in that same vein awful houses takes. Do we just universally agree that prices chicken coop his best fried chicken is Schroeder or do you think there's a contender. My minute heading in a while I can't really remember I've never had. Oh never had a the only time I had it was they brought to us one time at the station somebody went around Boston brought to us Stacy was pretty good. The prosecution used to go over there religiously again whenever I was always afraid to ask them because it was like you know he's gonna buy my finger off track. He was stingy he's a stingy he was stingy. Cigarette they're trying to grow right there. No he deserves frank telling the Golden Corral the investor. Don't credibility hello when there. And no no no no no no that's not what I said that you say that the best I said that the best of the worst. The best of the worst that's an asset and disagree with its its trek rumor. I've never had a crack liberals say well why plus mistakes. Can be just a touch more breakfast and get Searle. You'll like we like I've I mean the chicken fried steaks. But now. Two shooting tennis is Chile's does it for me to Yemen to assist me directly to the men's or. Immediately. Applebee's emerged euros Applebee's up there. I Tate what's the what's the wind out guy joint session 88 right now. But why you think about that disguised this he says something's gonna Denny's reported on the gas station at the corner of east and south boulevard has better fried chicken and price is chick I don't. And I'm not gonna say it's better but I'm there all the time and it's really catches I've heard that place is for not I've been and there are couple times a shell station. When the doors open Omar they saw an incredible breakfast suit and it's an incredible breakfast. Who son the Phillies. You guys like chili's. Produce link the kinds of token candidate for the did the rest front for the state and some piece of junk camera. That's not bad choice the San mistaken and I do damage to notice I. How thinner than we have the best breakfast buffet around always got to tell you they do serious I don't judge anybody but if you go to a strip club to eat dinner I'm gonna. Really concerned about no no no no classes no you're absolutely wrong about shore yes 100% I tell me I'm right tell me why I'm wrong and are reduced. I haven't been in a long long time to have a friend used to tell me. That over at the men's club they had the best laying around. There's. There's I don't ago that was the vessel had cash for the sake yeah totally different then they had the best breakfast most I would've never known but that's what to tell me. But strip clubs are notorious for having great things they're notorious I mean I. I I I beat media tent every some of the best food are pet trick regrets it was phenomenal. You had good troops in Gaza Strip club not a great street not just good traffic grits I great stripping gritz a one time only to get out of this may work out well because my fiance civilians on the baby can go you can be restarted some predator try to stage and though camera and overall beside. Didn't he just don't think those baskets and cops. I try to go to get your breath. On front president of the legislature to Garcia grew owner of the day just in the states are congratulations for Sam look threat to stand listeners. Congratulations. You just ruined so I should bring the risks we come back what's incentive to kept journals as migrant and Brett. Because apparently I've been missing out this entire time there aren't enough people telling me that there are five star chefs. And uptown cabaret and other strip clubs they've been through that. Apparently I got to rethink this thing like guidance club I just moments club has these five star shall I just thought the strip club served up like a plate of sadness and loneliness to let you know that that's where there's somebody in this looser and I deliberately go and they're all wrong they got omelet bar and everything for the freshest. Nothing in the Sonoma life and it's pretty inexpensive. He is a wealth of knowledge and oh. I mean that's with a decent home and yeah yeah all right. Well let's move up the I run out of time was it was on CD unit. Zero. C zero up your one job. What's on tap. We're getting out and reloaded 7 o'clock tonight. Well actually start earlier this. Got to this College Baseball with the ACC baseball tournaments Lotta thought to cover a couple of these guys Notre Dame and Miami at 7 o'clock tonight all of these John Durham by the way at the door durables park so Notre Dame Miami it's seven. I'll make sure to tune into that that a bigger game tonight right now Virginia and Florida State oil at last I checked tied 22 NBA so. I keep an island that if you will and also tonight at 7 o'clock Major League Baseball Cleveland Indians at the Chicago Cubs. 8 o'clock race night featuring pocono downs and on TVG. Also smackdown tonight smackdown just recently purchased by fox for a billion horse. On USA at 8 o'clock tonight 9 o'clock in BA player also about a cross your fingers for a non blowout game other Houston Rockets I don't know. And rockets at the warriors game four on TNT. And it's 8 o'clock tonight. Club friendly soccer Los Angeles FC Borussia Dortmund the team is going to be in Charlotte here in about two months that game is on SS 1 at 10 o'clock tonight and it'll late game Major League Baseball on ESPN a doubleheader Major League Baseball Colorado Rockies at the Los Angeles Dodgers on ESP. It's Frank's. Lead to self. Why so disgusted because I had a segment that I wanna be able to use to tip our caps a great stories sports stores whoever else customers notice for I mean I don't. I noticed that just for greatness in general OK when you do your thing and I'll I'll judge you left. Yeah the chess acquaintance that Golden Corral Boca there I mean he gets which ones might have to get the guys together sits there behind. And I could just exploded because there is the chief know enough. Now there's actually a guide to grills that the stakes. How are you weren't going to medium rare that you think are electoral window. And a window I mean this isn't my glass partition you know he's he's standing behind. Could only call out its ice this forever since Sunday and a woman I don't ever let us going and we had Ryan's where I'm from yeah peacekeeping and it's limited of then that was gonna put down the rest of the day let's go let's go to Iraq. Not going to go there like a typical negro voice. Call now. I about criticizing go the other direction I can go that direction item and it's in my tattoo on. One Soto who of the Washington Nationals from nineteen years old man. Pretty incredible went deep in his first at bat against Padres starter Robbie girl and and it didn't really. What what are gracing this was as you know nineteen years old going yard I was just kinda major I mean it's incredible since it first steps. They hit a bomb in his first about a nineteen years old want Soto Washington Nationals took the cap to him a and go back tomorrow looking forward to a big thanks to all of our guests today of course they are spared bird visceral business journal Lorenz O'Neill former us fullback Greg he was fantastic to miss that check it out on the podcast occurred body thousands of both Forbes dot com senior editor there and some source of of the Charlotte Observer great show we're back tomorrow to do it all over again. Britain and Evan Oz frank I'm childless has been Garcia Bayless WS Wednesday. Shake. Anybody what does that do they'll blow your mind that it just happened.