Garcia And Bailey H4: Best Brothers In Sports, TWATF

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Tuesday, June 12th
Frank And Kyle talk about the  best brothers in sports, and it's another edition of TWATF...

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But Garcia. Giles tried to Osbourne Evan and got an intern named nick we're getting we're getting the good is it different in turn every day it right now. Those guys are you bubbles that a guy Jack the other day spent like super Freddy Ferrer and Jim got the gravelly voice unaware you where but he got fired on the he's around he's around the last Internet. Did anyone ever done that yet in and around. Are there just as there are charges as they just can't stand around us for longer than four hours Avastin. Charged establish your thoughts coming up Obama says America are politically Qwikster is like a really quickly yes are sold on that how is it then we have mr. Dawson right. No matter all okay do you actually is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to sports moment I was my own jumped out of woeful. Ha truck again I'm not saying I'm very loyal audience that the I don't know where I'm at school like we don't really we're not really on the radio we're on like the Internet. I actually look at the viewers is that you really funny one time I was looking at the viewers that I had and I saw is sadly one Durham I do wonder who this person is listening right now to mom. And today. Now. This goes I guy guys turned to my laptop that I look how much almighty god. It was either hold up. And also the elderly and ordered. There isn't convinced the greatest legends are no different audio and I I was I was supposed to mean sales today out of so I. Slept in here is a business. You know I know they're welcome. It's I seven aforethought seven and ID is sixty and we a lot of things are trying to track him towered over floor and down for joy were also would play we don't give you we gotta get mixed show love before we get out here to. Ultra militant Sunnis and it was showed talent. It's. I. I'm so what is it it's called phantom jury well. Oh well that wasn't my roommate OK fair or not I can't give it time to do I don't know my schedule is gonna be next semester the I also like. What kind of TV you're watching here is I thought TV three is area or what are we listening to hear that sports okay exports are I mean like. Specific you'll drill through the mantra let's. We ought to give adjusted Donna I was. The podcast I called the grateful take a huge cables plugged it. Plugs at let's get some audio Lanier's so are we thought we haven't even heard the saudis are definitely striking out her daughter yet. LeBron James is this summer of LeBron and oh. Logical okay. But would have happened earlier on ESP and through. Is that Jalen Rose and company were talking about LeBron James and saying that Charlotte apparently making the case for Charlotte as the best destination for LeBron James are different and I've heard the ship. And I really wanna hear it Evans got the audio Gordon played. I. Haven't team. That LeBron James should play for whom no one is talking about. I I really FA marriage for LeBron James to cement his legacy in the NBA to get exactly what you want to end all of the conversations this blend everything. You miss the pistons that team. It's the Charlotte hornets and let me tell you why. Imagine the budget towards America win this jolly well look we're gonna go win next year but Michael Jordan and LeBron James do press comes together their press. Playing one on one after practice they've got a signature or handshake that they do after looking at you. And time in like three years after he's brought it's more free agents they've made a couple of moves and they win the NBA championship. Michael Jordan holes the Larry O'Brien trophy I. Hey is it to LeBron James is as you are the greatest of all time LeBron. June rose. He said after woods hit it's it is only chasing the goes the Chicago. When this deal way to check every box that I bowl on his career high handed over. Indeed truly the go. We went into our. From that. The jumped. Two hours. IG I think you should proof read it after assistant and a auditors don't live there and show I know some reserves are set figure that out we waited two hours from the there where we're gonna make far or grimace or make sure that he comes to Charlotte and moved him and Michael can team up and go out there and play one on one at practice. Really hot waited two hours and there was a possibility. You know. You shirt yeah upturn when they went up there on television. And you saw it you're like oh this will in my that's what I I thought maybe someone was trying to make a real case for this. I don't maybe one of them was sort of electronic a serious case so those who have missiles with a sounds like they. In the world. Would LeBron James one to come here. Ever well I mean okay vessel harsh but I think sketch I think it's more about this issue while Michael Jordan while LeBron James here what would Michael joy knowing what. And that's that's that you know to come on Arnold's got to that it is though I don't know that it is and here's what I told you earlier. LeBron James and assisting you during the India right. And Michael Jordan that's the ghost but he's apparently chasing. We know what we know about Michael's competitive and competitiveness and we know we know about the fact that he is actively aborted me being in the arena. Went abroad comes around all that stuff why does LeBron James. What does Michael Jordan. Want to help facilitate LeBron James surpassing his own legacy why. You you're in jail and rose should be both blown up really I mean with the Canon. A terrible Terry I know why what in the world. Gibbs again is is. LeBron James coming here. I mean they there's nothing to it there's no reason for him to and that's not what I was living donor in the world won them the coming into this city to the county to the to win. I think I was for wins I think every other owner in the league who think along those lines a little modeling Michael Jordan would outwardly say no I don't want LeBron James on my team. OK let's put your poll. Okay. James comes to show other. Evan yesterday. What's gonna happen first. That's really make you. I'm scared and what you isn't as good deals notice how many he's been the last two days to point the fingers in there and giants middle name he has been meeting the last little mean but he's been really just got to grizzly the bureau. It's our last year you are down in Disney is that if they had been courtesy laugh. Clinton everywhere that's funny did you give me and many people courtesy lashes you just laugh and it's funny I left one of sonic has your trophies I can tell higher I don't think so I decided. Is suing over here well lit laws courts are only there but it was a plus lets people decide on the brenly jurist what are feel like we did today and yesterday will Waffle House in my top which Kyle oh yeah that's right. I'm all sample and I pull out our zip I don't know where Lance. You lost it a lost in all but today it was really close towards the end though it was I don't know like seven minutes left you know close ones and I saw as well 7525. Yet destroyed so Waffle House wins that we're the only fifty points go back to his record at what is what is so bad about the tapes. What is so bad about Michael Jordan is not helping LeBron James dual legacy stronger than it is not doing that. Because he's an outwardly say that he's not doing double what what personally even if the cap space situation would allow for it and Jordan's are doing net. I didn't come all this is the biggest debate raging in sports today. In general brought that's the debate today why is LeBron why is Michael Jordan nor to help someone surpassed his own legacy is the greatest of all time. Because it puts more in his pocket and he succeeds is an owner is doing that anyway he's our money and succeeding as a funny in his pocket he's as far as doing anyway he's have you heard Tom. Sorenson is get his ass kicked in Washington he's failed miserably what is making money. You do talk about it all time we still make money. In a failing at that part Michael money. Does that tarnish is legacy. As you know of success of born and be the most competitive guy ever bold things to not win. Mean wants to win. If he wants to win. You know I mean that's why you go to LeBron James more than your legacy. First of all what it would take to pull that off anyway would leave a team in it in much worse position already. But they are much worse position than any other team out to the antidote to so it's not feasible relieved to begin with but it does make the top assistant Allard. Are bends toward what is your thought on us. You could not be more wrong about that scenario there. I solitaire and still on the tip. A sudden the first Muslim agenda because franks being very liberal with Canon today anyways are urged to all right amber you got the chance to let. So glad that bad it is big green Eric Uga wouldn't do it why don't read it all up but the important thing. Tore all if he can't see any neverland and other idol can be so what are the Arnold. Since he pulled. Up part because they haven't got it. Are they are we gonna well we are not well adding that are not attack each. So is there brigadier sabotage the industry herself wish that I. Has actually experienced actor guy yeah or call our Brad Stein and that's one of the smartest calls. Denied ever seeing much to launch of some zone drop noted its interest you know his. Do the sabotage angle. Do we are we totally personalized I am disappointed in the audio that would hurt. I'm disappointed we're even talking about discussing this quite entertaining this. The broadest telling us what we all got whiplash what was on the screen strike we always looked up to see what was going off. It was a joke. And you knew it was a joke I knew it was a joke and you wanna play that joke all that didn't sons on the worst personal items or any other source close and played I don't. No gullible gullible and believe. Something else it shows that. It's a soft with a similar for Sox open a 96 this some got citizen activities but he needed to show today there's been he's been laughing ever since a gunman struck you know what. That's what we're here for blood vessel where your form and trying to sportsmen and our armed forces for some good stretches. Where we talk sports all the good. Deficits and it's the it's got the run of Famer to limit with the sports and now we're gonna get back to sports what do you talk about I'll talk about the second degree for ex brother. It got bagged up and has worked out for the hornets and he's canceled the rest of his NBA visits. And you folks are wondering if he has a promise under from the hornets are one or the other teams that he worked out for the other three teams that worked out for how. Often. As it ever happen in sports history. We're the brother ever lives up to the expectations of the of the of the start you know like brick Blake Griffin and I his brother was awful but he got a shot. You know he's pretty good is okay as a new trend you can signifies true mom you know control on the why do we keep going. You know the the assaults. Against you can make a both really good. Both really mattered most really good ones. Our polymarker. Very hard margin is an okay senator big stiff guy pauses gut calls it the potential hall of Famer. They're both really and I understood under tournament to Jason pals better obvious cylinder with you on them that Marcus also incidentally when they're gonna be near the top. The brother brother I would think so yeah. I was anymore Brothers that were great at what they didn't. Medical. I don't understand I think the brother. But you wanna draw Ozzie can say joy which is really root canal you're always. Liars they did terrible even though the one flyer you know he's one of the best baseball players to play the other McGwire was a first round object sucked it. Seattle is terrible but some good golf sort of draft and I didn't ask just ours or did you take a phone call but the phone call everybody can tell I. A bill Ripken. The internal directories on these days and only network that we know Robert you're robber was on an hour. Say you got a lot about about the ball Brothers yellow mellow and jello. So. It's announced closer gospel regards all they train wreck gone on TV today with the old man non account calling coward so and I mean I Magic Johnson gonna get rid of that one Brothers recipe Keyon. Our because that's just let so shied circus out there but not a whole thing would LeBron. I mean. IE it's. Who do want to hear. You know Franco project is different companies frank Watson. Thank god for Chris Evans and Robert just ask who wants LeBron here. Yeah frank does it and that's them as. Did everyone want LeBron here I did. What are you talking about you. Well it's you're an idiot and it is that you're you're you're literally in India that he doesn't make any sense does that presents let's go to my next this is wrong. From next why why wouldn't we move on from that because we have who have colors are wanna talk to us and our first priority is the listener Paul. I thought crap what it is our first priority is always the list the right money. That's right. They don't. Want to the customers are did you actually get right giving them that's true. Oh some of the guess what the other of those other Walter brother maybe your Michael and know Noah Rosenberg wrote her murder and Molly. The marijuana it's always. I mean the Manning Brothers and he'll really win a championship you actually want to be one mourn and things and once I won on the completely by accident yeah I think it's a completely by accident. A 70457. And ideas instead to judge that you're going to resolve Kyle I WS Lindsay Dutch on the garage door guru InBoxer liberally Jewelers sort of fitted fighters there as well we come back we do and more shenanigans Garcia Villa. Yeah. He's not sorry I mean you need. Hi guys just five per. Perks is backs on your favorite new broom with a first in flight to your target one slight veer from ten Charlotte's best breweries. For only 29 dollars plus she did a limited edition pint glass pitcher card now and get my Turks. Dot com for a tour who are the best Brothers and sport I would tell. Do the best of the one that's really good the other ones it's not so good because I think there's more those in the are. And both of them great the second is much more fun conversation. What's best bowler we're one Brit usually do and it was not a good damning so I mean you we can even go right here in her backyard. And talk about musical hills 'cause everybody thinks the Mac look and play dead cal where western. And they think grind closed the center for play which he's best center in Kansas history no doubt about it. Forefront temple border. I'm. Second best center of turn the radio host or medium to restore often immediate signal never suppress it. Okay there's no doubt about us now when I was kidnapped but little bit and had just as we've been doing this all day event attempted to open you up there to register to bad that I don't want it terrible jokes. Became a bad assets sorry but I will do that urgent. Who's the best Brothers and sports though Jordan do now the US committee and address the question on WS on the amount. I'm harm our Brothers. There are most successful belong was a good football player though wasn't hard delight to Scott's heart alike are doing. A really good sings I'm talking in sport I don't unsuccessful no matter how Omar's. We just didn't tell us sandy Rivera as don't ask don't let people there residue of the once also let's talk to rob talkative today the best Brothers. A fellow you know all of big baseball fan and Alomar broke loose endeavor Brodeur all of all they did they steak well. Done about a no. I mean to do so they want is they want might have been embedded and all the I mean if you look at this stance both global total group known post. And did not want to retention wall would better out of what Pakistan is part of this broke open exports. I have to go Telemar rose so they both did did they think. That's a good one that's actually a really good brandy in Tiki Barber. That's a great of course. Many baloney conversation I have to. The most suitable recommend he's born any conversation via the Brothers bloated and had a conversation maybe not be best for the belong in the conversation. What. Or indeed go ahead of circles go to Don that is accurate to say so let's go to Don Don who grew about Brothers in sports. I got to sit out about it all the various. Jimmy Gaylord you. And they need Gupta Niekro pro or stay open then I decided they are you want it. Thanks Don trichet told culminates a units going way back machine right that's up your Alley well and yet that's like old school breaks logo right there have been a mean when he says the Perry Brothers to remain well the fridge and Michael Payne. My dream Berrian and William the refrigerator Perry and those two good Brothers here's what most successful the Jonas Brothers. But that's a great is that a band well obviously Jonas a lot of Jones Brothers. Yeah yeah not not the city's conflict fits in very different genetic national traumas a good John Jones and Chandler Jones and there's a ton of both her mom like you know and Arthur. But he should Chandler. Or third and John this is Sarah do they weren't that good when you may have dream. The name I just had a miserable month I got it like a second later is that there are yes I've never heard. You didn't tell the congress fighter in the world you another dinner too defensive players in the NFL you don't it was not a net. Brothers don't and who went well so one of them was a and a NFL pushes it certainly is vital because the Williams sisters obviously belong to discover Sichuan in order are my Brothers and Osama sisters. And a whole different conversation with sisters oak Irish the support to our Brothers. Stick to the covers are sorry dude I've read my customers in the Anderson Brothers. Click through to the wrestler is Arn Anderson and I'll I'll Anderson is that only only enemy they were Brothers and I've noted. There's enough food at the bash brother Sarah sterling shares sharp obviously noted they belong in a conversation probably more Telus and Michael Bennett and they are both. So showtime where we'll get his thoughts on showtime does Brothers and sportage dot. Yeah not a debate gaga mid. The budget about it look at. Chip he. Think so is that is that more of one brother was great getaways is cut average. Well they didn't want brother Gregg spoke out so great. This cover up and pat Abbott but remember it as an attempt to go to our weekly debate like popular like that. Sure sure doesn't exist that's the case of news that logic being that we can use. David Fred Roos. FF FF I think is that right there and it doesn't for a group that's the case at all. Did everything stood on the considered its Macintosh there's visitors had to count and want some good ones suck so bad but the only average rather and the medal stroke us. All year brought news of an umbrella Jewelers Twitter pages and bash Brothers the Mighty Ducks now you're right that they've good got to be an. It absolutely dug in their Chris says onto her horse and Harvey grant I mean what was hard. That they're pretty good so they biker there I was there is this your politicians and supports right there that's there. They don't belong among the elites know put it that way they certainly don't know if that boards mentioning but the nuggets. The negro Brothers Phil and let's negro Brothers and also. As an adult. Is I know there was a second first and I was not even conceived at that point. I suppose it is your boy didn't happen. Yes frank does run a mile and a great knuckleball pitchers of all. We had the actual George Brothers calling us Oz that we are denote their virus that. Yeah. It was worse than them so. I just enjoy another chair is Joyce Brothers what's. You ought to go way back about you know little brother's. You're supposed. Then of course there's these forgotten four Brothers Luke. Is it illness or could it. I had the clock to get fog would never know anyway yeah if you're able he wasn't born yes they're gonna happen but. It's sort of sometimes you and I reversed roles of his conversations round supposed to take the millennial UBU taken I don't. Still -- negro a critic on my Vatican figure Joseph Niekro or no one ever thinks about or talks about as good as thrilled he's not science he was a negro brother addressing the and may actually based I don't sadly guys available at a dice image or neutral court tuneup for government that respondent. Here's here's the baseball historian. You usually I'm supposed to remember every name in history of sports you act like baseball's. You can't remember and as I feel. Remembering you know you're gonna jump all of Jerusalem that's what well. Others know. That's like that's what start up is all conversation there's one good one used to these were terrible I don't even know how we got on the discover decisions by I can't even remember now let's go to Josh next move people just kept. I love it fulfilled lives Josh Curtis Brothers of all time before. I don't know migrated it comet that you really you know. Brad and I it to hit the tabloids. Yet big stone get most antibody appreciate possesses those does that is Dustin Millen know where were they from Virginia Beach so get return I had no idea or big stone gap disasters are committed movie out of it with on what Goldberg and I'm actually John and I was busy with. Those images that. Didn't remember much frank worked big stone gaps are you act like it's around the corner nose literally stops I make a rise in Millen though this is there's not that bad plays had no business producing two caliber running backs that they did let them know the Jonas Brothers did that another Joshua delude us. Other jobs Chattahoochee and that ended at another Josh you're what Johnson there. And just not at whatever is ready to get it inside uncalled for and three times. Evan was up guess someone mentioned on buildings and attacks on a great one Kurt and Kyle Busch both champions inertia respective sport we'll take your word for she's. Thanks. I found a way it's insulting given who's on the line as it is it. And ours are you. Oh yeah there you know yeah you gotta go toward that are now yeah I gotta go now NASCAR George burger is Brothers both top. I doubt forum by coach Carr say you're right we don't know about the economic growth that access the president went about it project that the president I don't know listeners. Oh look at what OPEC refused it and I don't know. I remember Joe's name under the old braves logo. There's a manner in Minnesota reckoned growth. And usually 12% are probably have to wait that was taken at Villanova probably about that I would Olympic players cousins and I just as I was like I had electoral. Look at how they don't give a bit if about Nickelodeon and I don't once on one of religion older sister Amanda says strong. An assistant to the pipe was able I don't know can't go to that was setup on Monday about ten with a writer well I don't beta or record back. I certainly would abolish what become a pop the top spot at an attack. After one mission they tell us about. It opens. I don't I don't wrap on our database don't. Cannot and I knew about them about whether my husband Alabama and don't and I can't come up I'm confident I don't know a couple of I can't put your money back and it is welcome on board member and not have and it didn't come upon play quarter panel that. I got two point 66 mile trip but they've written that I can't sit on my back up what I went. There anyway we you can never allowed George to hang up because it's just nets who yes is there to go as though he knew he hit his four we nicely calmly rode off into the sunset you like his NASCAR yet offered to the attorney goes through its if you really quickly. We go to treat next. Allen are out there are. Apple but rocker. Let's go let's ago doesn't it is Patricia mills Allan Bobby Unser. Unser on Johnson in the car license. We're okay present president of Russia you know agenda to Russia I remember them. As it is this deacon or impeach on the on spills all I know it's deacon besides building daddies so don't even close it was a feature and with the dealers and the everybody's belted at the ACL when I'm guessing I yes right yeah I don't. I did not destroy your name. They get like. Damon Beckett. Pride is what I thought Osborne to my guns though it's no wonder strike outs slaughtered him in Australia didn't mind slot. He didn't ties deacon day if there your best Brothers and sports. Try this a bit Goodwin. The photo Brothers that played hockey there respect government play in Munich jail. They include a paradise. Now. Oh Jesus this is nothing but a new commitment mig angina and yeah. That's a good places are presented with a cookie transaction it's the world according to strike. Time now. With the world according to frank and. Team. I'd try to. Distort about busts. In sports. More likely to end of the bust no. Boss did those of us that's going to kemba espionage. Can be a behave behave. No load personal Andrew Luck. Or the Greek tricks little brother. Who ends of the bus. Well I mean the Greeks freaks little brother and wasn't supposed to be anything Ozzie I don't know man like this goes to the next coming of Peyton Manning. Be the chosen one the golden boy. Mean I don't know what it's gonna take for him not to be bussed in winning the championship the gas. Because everything else that to this point for the most part has has bust bust written Alter. Hurt for Andrew Luck. I think Angelo Greg now is on the bus trying to. UST. I know I know I know. I'm just I'm having fun here. Never once standard I would like cockroaches in the sudden started. Normally we all ask one question each and his ran out of here they're all gone banks are more for showed up for the segment we appreciate that all of us bring you script. Paris anyway so. You are born potentially. To be true for we chipped it depends if you can get in place and okay work I'm using your sources in your skills. Of your time spent in Charleston, South Carolina. Tough to see is somebody might have what is it BR BO BRB Joseph derby in the Caribbean being. Have never used. And use the site summit looked in the last night last couple nice diversify your own yeah. Uses site. And they got me all over the place I'm like I'm trying to find a place near the ocean so I can walk to the ocean and not have to drive to you what does and I'm. We love you and I both love the beach. What is the one thing that you hate about the beach. Sand. The sand. It's all I place is sand to an awful I'd BP if you mean as some do and don't want to say and. You know what else I hate. They taste of the water all year I. I hate acts not drinking ocean water that it's not not drinking water at the Mozambican water out of the town close your mouth when you swim. Guess and that's how I'm talking that gets in there I'm saying that the literal tap water at the ocean that was our gross now. He's got this rosy talk that. That is I my dealership as soon know the afraid ocean water residuals go I don't swim much okay first thought he ever knew anything about you know as a young titles champion swimmer publishers of course I. God you called how things you think he was that your Internet but at this point I'm living and they are homeless all residents champion in line might be the first. It was a great basketball players of the mountain yeah don't you all make allegedly. Is it that smoky mountain. The beach I mean hate I hate to say end. I guess all over the place it here you go to the beach you go in the sand you go to the ocean. Are you Freddie ocean not some people are for India and elsewhere it should be just giant sharks and there. I don't go too far. So good check this out we are there Myrtle Beach the other night walking back and it was probably about 10 o'clock to take a little nice walk on the beach. And there's a couple UT three people there. And their many teeth. And they had the shark tank hater but that hasn't they had the shark. And the shark was like three foot long. And they had they brought the tape measure out in and do was hold the shark in one hand in detail on the other hand he says I got it in not going anywhere and compared it. Look at him like more. Hell I wanna come a shark that you're older I don't know youth Chris I don't know you people off I don't know if he had videos I promise it won't. It's let's take one step to look a little closer damn things are scored. All the replaced and he's like hold on like rodeo degree lost is our digital losses on the divorce laws. What is your loser or did you try and community has some corners that we walked away nice and quiet and watch cease pulls out there marriage of the shark. In heavily people gather round. You sharks were the middle of the night. He didn't want this school. Towards the shore up to his homeland. Is. The water. So yes yeah. I multiple feet past the break but can listen assured go. Dude know that mama's way. Good point at the shark just turn around and I have a lot of it is George Bush shark I don't care I mean at about about that you know by. Three inches four inches. Trampling edged these I know that. This guy just letting out. I'm Carson is let me know. Send this guy. I was there are questions was the minister I don't hide that you relate the go ahead please and ask your question. Stairway to this frank I saw something earlier on the TV that bothered me quite deeply it was that stupid W it to cubs fly. EC it always bothers me is carry more annoying. Tradition in sports in flying at W a cubs game because they know it doesn't happen very often. That's a really annoying sports when they issued a lot of it comes yes. Don't be with signifies a windows. Which music slide about seventy times a year does that. I'm team their their preacher Jimenez and drop kicking throwing walnut I'm a it's always do that annoys me menus fly a white flag how like death. The jays Jones industrials are pretty knowing you think so if you and your opposing random. Yelling or our team and your team now these yellows just isn't there and that was me that was Maine that wasn't paying much. Compared just thought it was me me me. Evan do you have a question today for truck. Yes apparently a woman in Jamaica won the lottery. And instead of showing her IT and ADT perceived checked she had a mask that was in a motif week. She basically showed up in a mode you ask so I was wondering frank. If you had to go somewhere public and Hydro identity which place would be. We're we're gonna go away what it is like if you wanted to hide your identity in a certain place which place would be. I wonder where we're we're hired my identity and it in my pocket. You had to go to a public place but she didn't want your identity to be repealed the Lowry do on public and people. And that's good point yeah. All the terrible could you totally bailed me out. Oh much does show you after the show. And a super dude anybody until you're gonna go with little emotion mask would Wear. Where are you masking you're just out there are you disguise yourself you know his bat man outside and enjoy some elusive as. I. And when I go and not how potent. I'm publicly or rescinded it and he's just a house. That's okay. I'll let him whatsoever emerging. When he tees race is considered flip. Mode you. But please don't know the price of equipment but it appeared Clinton feel figured out there and we come back of revolution are exclusive to. I do not miss the 2018 Belk. Kicked off don't college kickoff is the West Virginia Mountaineers take on the Tennessee Volunteers black. Saturday September the first and getting daughter's friends tickets available right now must simply log on to bill college tickles dot com it ulcers is there's going to be great team that's that's a helmet and kick off the season to have here Charlotte's the Belk college kick off West Virginia Tennessee we're going to be there are sure I'll probably have some sort of pessimistic and plays the daughter Allison I can't wait to see that help avoid open to college football season so mountaineers and volunteers Saturday September 1 right here in Charlotte go to Belk college kickoff. Dot com is always an email Kyle WS Lindsay dot com. That's the garage door guru InBoxer got a ton of those got to talk to those. During that brother segments all also it's through these and I respond where appropriate a Jonas not happy with you frank because you said we couldn't talk about the great sisters and sports. And then there's usually you know I didn't say we couldn't talk about and we're just not talking about him right this very second that was a male dominated brother sport or talk. There was an had nothing do with. You'll be deemed sexist or chauvinist or anything like that didn't choose your resign over that's when you automatically go to no I didn't I just said what did you was upset with you that's all. It's also Joan yeah. Joining guy or girl Jonas Demi is like guys named John there's no dudes NATO. Zeros oh yeah another guy's name is Amanda and soon there's never been amended and there's guys named Joan do you. Oh yeah show me once yeah oh. Yeah I don't know. Oh no let's check of the utterly ridiculous stuff off a credit card and as always it was Obama rally Jewelers Twitter feed a child really WS since the outbreak Garcia 65 he's finally opened up his Twitter to get over 200 and different patients I don't know how real and Olympia I got as you know I get emails oh well yeah 26260. Notification sung. On Twitter a Twitter intelligence and demand an aluminum back larger gift basically she took off the back gonna get the situation figured out. But I tell the savings continues through June and roundly Jewelers get a free weekend getaway for two with any purchase over 1999. Dollars building trust for three generations. That's brown Lee Jewelers all right let's let's take a look and see what's on TV tonight. What's on today. Sun sets at the gap brought him up for a hit home propane frank you know. OPEC for. You'll never look bad thank you get a right now. Bring it home to get heavy they do you have it doesn't really matter what I've learned your from our friends Abreu don't propane is based builder takes all the way up to 171000 like some of their competitors who do not. So that's interesting to note too you know more bang for your buck to bring home profane took me a voice Columbia and and is appropriate under. Now what now what's that say your things. Clearly they should know you should you're starting to say something it was a release of the thing you're gonna say on how it's enough. But it's such Fredricka the Muslims say that I thought you were saying some things are gonna show a police finished with the news and save it. System that doesn't say I got to find whatever 7 o'clock tonight women's soccer US vs John it was a friendly and yesterday insert. We're pretty good there religion yeah euros from a religious also 730 tonight New York Mets at the Atlanta Braves and definitely there at 730 RE SPN that I braves and Mets a lead at least tilts. And Delaware today by the way that Hank Jarrett is going to be on the broadcast tomorrow. Of the entire broadcast. Historic solo broadcasts unless the Braves brought to all right we'll see about them the blank there's Saddam loyalists. Not that I'm aware Hank Aaron. These Henry Aaron yeah the one that I could got get autographs from that point that's the oil. I have all the signs. I was struck by concludes the question that it's a video into smackdown regulator Clark the more there's nothing on TV that this man tells a great show it is not a great show fresh snow that does not even who ever you want she's back don't let nobody Amy one wrestler only smackdown. Good yes. What is its truck tender. Dana it's thought that these were throwing out random words and. Bu gon be pretty sure it's a baseball broadcaster bush around it. Thank you couldn't this blog shown the door to close at Tibet and you'll like I had no idea AJ styles and stay knock a more they cast. Maybe I I can feel your World Series of poker he. But specifically believing it was they were good but a. I tried to return to prepare today today. Again if you don't play. You play cling to Clinton years they have felt. He broke his ten years today. In a football game on the best. But he sold out for baca didn't tip of the GeMS like there's there's this theory is that the Rosie went home is that it was a friend. Risk life and limb for her two beautiful love canal. I took my guess down. He went out there and sold out your unbelievable understanding event. Our I'm actually going to you know to my debt to some real it is. Really real. So full of our listeners who wishes to remain anonymous. Six Ers at BAA Twitter DM a little while ago saying this saying quote. Teel was on electric Bolten and Kim's tournament a few weeks ago that he was very friendly and outgoing but that when he asked him about the whole thing and he shut down. And this listener asked TO had been measure differs coat studios response. Was believed them. Best of them discuss this in my muscle while ago steele's response was asked them through. To our little our listeners who was playing alongside TO on the kick ball team against a full term. For a listeners and recently the picture for proof so this is not a may have exhibited the picture for proof yet anyway and what he was asking his listener asked TO about getting fitted for his gold jacket TO said. Ask them. About the whole thing. Well some guys say things that Jim young sport. Well he told me use a sit there and I demands but I'm sure that you know a lot of guys say things in private there arm problem while what did you talk to a person you don't know. Yeah your friend but he could say anything he wants to set. No because every elicited this rare and it's not that's what he's doing anyway I'm just like some revelation is doing a public nephew might not going to be induction ceremony. So is is this is validation is all okay. Where you thought I was talking out of surgery there it and I did you really Dexter looked like this it look toward disarmament argue and it's all really. If you are Jayson Werth did you have that right if it's the periodicals rosters right. Washington's very good. Good decision remembered their motto was this all right sixties there you don't Chrysler wants a cultural series about a media the World Cup. Nigeria Brazil the answers Nigeria Brazil go look at the Kevin to look at the costumes Nigeria showed up there is no stranger much. The Beazer credible. They're they're intimidated on it cowboy hats and like I like how watered should pass and move its solaris on T Nigeria and a follow all the way through until Nigeria's southern oil Moore's stressed I know it is. And I don't go back to back tomorrow for numerous for so hard it's going to be a at least four we are gonna sport so hard to tell you more dollar. Tomorrow Britain and inter net admin on strike on dallas' Greg Garcia Billy W offensive. Shot it right what does that do will blow your mind that you just happen.