Garcia and Bailey H4: Appalachian State head coach Scott Satterfield joins the show

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Tuesday, June 19th
Appalachian State head coach Scott Satterfield joins Frank and Kyle to discuss the upcoming season. Also, the world according to Frank. 

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Forward Kyle Frank Oz border Darius sit there and today is editors still got a myrtle there is doing his thing on the daily sections of birds and the breeze was born out of a lot of stuff to get through throughout the week talking a lot of college football here in the middle of June. As of yesterday it was state and and none north star state in the North Carolina earlier we talked to duke football Steve Weisman later this week we talked to love the day's close and in Scotland gummery all sorts of the the best football coaches in the state one of whom is joining us now. On the tiger John just slide entering his. While the missile six seasons as a head coach of the app state mountaineers got Satterfield is back on with a us here and according city coach it's good to have you back man how you been. I think right they haven't. Absolutely you know I've done this is good place to start zinni is. In a kind of what's next for this program we can look back and and we will be. Three years and FBS football and three bowl wins 39 record and I guess I would just ask you what's next for this program. Well report continue to weird topic. Just like any other. Football coach out there in the country don't didn't collapse go to tour continue to Wear and continue to build our. Our bread and our program to a best programs in the country you know right now the last point and a artistic enough and a bit in the country. I'm in the last 45 games so on Europe but that's great. But what continue to win continue to to go to program where Jerry built some new facilities not starting. So this vehicle or. I'm so we're not or not spell American government continue to grow. It occurs do you think this program can ever get to the point where they're competing you know for one of the final four spots because. You know you we seen it grow and you know obviously. With what Jerry Moore had the program back to back to back in. You know where you've taken a program in the next level with the you know the Sun Belt Conference in winning the conference in kind with Troy this year it's 71 record and you mentioned the thirty. In the 369 record know all the things that go with that resist this is program that potential. Well I don't know of and I cannot make a look at that at a moment will he continue to try to do the best candidate. Break. I don't you do that then they knew that you look back well on a more even when you look back on a decade he's become a war you all just that are. We have a an outstanding product that were put on there every single year. And when you do and you have a consistency than it is going to be one of the better programs out there and so. That's all we can do right now are they come. You know what they're weak system facilities that were going to be building and at all. You know where it is going to be one of the best places that you go boycott school also. Those were going to be you know 510 years now and go to the the book is the program is really really strong will continue to be. They're coach obviously you know you've had Tennessee on the ropes. If you are close to finishing that one off. You know you had no Penn State this year. You know what's going to be the difference because. Blue blood program. You look what they've been able to do. You know looking at night game on and on no on the first is you know right around the corner. Yet it up nightly news you know you start looking at those kind of program that would lead by Clint so why torture. We got this statement is these programs are our top ten program in the country has. You know big gap between say an app like this state of a tense state is a pretty big gap and when you look at. You know they're gonna put up earned and 7000 people in that it is in the stands with close content. You know they're nationally recruiting circuit board parts or fruit so I'm just so terrific gap there request about it they just like to look at its tendency that. Brady given day cola employee got an opportunity to win it doesn't look out on the field so. So in all we're preaches Seaman has taken together and here we go out there compete and knows what apple is close fourth quarter. He's got to find a way to like we did you know against this in you know back 2007. So. No but we wanna quit or be able to knock out a little hot seat and you know just gonna take out corporate special or they know policy. We don't do forward a couple of billion. You know we're talking to Scott Satterfield a coach at state mountaineers join us on the tech become just like what would I think there's there's there's interest in and as impressive as anything decision talked about these. You know power five programs that they're playing you know and further on the schedule and so on and so forth but. Don't even more than that the respect shown by these programs now coming to don't tell would have stayed in the Wake Forest you know played their Miami played there the gamecocks are gonna play there and there there are a lot of US CS programs in new smaller programs at a sound success but if they they couldn't get these programs to come to resemble what does that say about this program. Yeah you're exactly right you know and that you look back when we were worth it about it they jumped the and you know those were some of that did a little like that happening if they don't ranking into. Your balloon and couldn't get him up there are apartments and our administration is not a great job look a look making that happen and not think. They're just the reputation of our program that allows you know seems like like North Carolina and South Carolina. Miami and wake or the couple talked placed flight. And you know what we we've had we've let some down attendance last year you're just a little better. You're more talk of politics that we just let it transition you know four years ago so look out shooting at PF so polar bear would do as a precedent it went three straight bowl nobody ever done so. So who knows what the cellular programmer made all you can do those gaudy unity you're you're out and just try to continued to do to get better and didn't go up to appeal to the Brandon. And hopefully I'll you don't want that you're you're that's not what will look at the school that there're Kurds are they were great peacock. Does it tick you off you know that people still maybe consider you like bill a little you know school lurk. You'll underdog and everybody you play no oral boom we got to know what what did you didn't you so lucky to have all these teams come up and play in little boo. In or is that something that just motivates you guessed. Well it partly motivation and of course you know something that's frustrating really don't elect Coke the year typically go about your crew schools and and you go at the very top was the coaches are used to come to them about it analysts say or an accident or elsewhere are well know are pulling out because we're all okay it. You know it's really not that they not made the you know from years past. But for us which was that was Dario were talking about us don't like 20 god don't Wear gold plated December. You know and engage in name out there and yeah. In those earliest pin where was covered McCain you know all the Balkans and I trust price index that is you know Coakley currently under your experience. I can't you don't play in January I don't think you know that that a bit Hispanic treatment for a program and that's caught the knicks and Oprah go to cost. In a go to be the first to admit I thought it was a mistake personally we got that you guys had a brand and you were taken everybody's asses and you beat me easily beat the best at what you do and do a better and everybody else. And you guys are doing it and you know make the jump a frozen state financially. It obviously makes a ton assess how how. Big of a game is that men you know for for troops perhaps state. Not having made dad died jumped four years ago. Well I think you know for many I didn't really carried away to be honest I don't know ultimately coach nor will repeat not be there suck oil out there but. Welcome back or not they are absolutely the right move to break a monopoly here and there we have had great success and we've been able terror aren't paying her brand out even more or a consistent basis. And you don't articulate there's going up but think our. You don't listen to our school can put trying to come out state it is that the student has grown up and it's all that they expect that make it helped the university. We don't we've been able to accomplish in this bill are still growing and so there's no question that it goes the right moves are I think if you look back at all SES full well now there's. There's a couple school despair outlet. But the big up went in and play with the big boys so to speak and be adept PF level and and have an opportunity to play on national state you can bring these you know anarchy universities and our school. Not a Buddhist. There's been tremendous. And I cannot thank absorb what the right art and to do it. I think again we're continue to grow up they were were re not that opera fit the virtual critic Tom bacon history of this. Coach frank asked about the Princeton game a couple of minutes ago about the second week you come to Charlotte to see the forty knots and that's. You already recruit Charlotte or already will do well known commodity in Charlotte but had to come to Charlotte you know to to play the 49ers and the players from the crowd here in the city and in terms of of recruiting and knowledge of self playing Penn State is great event that's a nationally known program but a debt and we two's pretty important as well. Our future remain absolutely he's worked was so excited about they don't play UNC Charlotte we're not the school it's a couple out the white mosque. Don't vote and faces NASCAR country very excited being real artist if it yet I think probably that week in the Carolinas but in his. You know horror food for those two schools particularly not you know have a lot of tradition but now do you have a favorite distort well. Well all not too although they're trying to get their name out there and so you know to their company plant very extremely hard. If spoke prior art is crime in the area and it is for. People that are gonna become too big gain in the wake up the next but it capital worker was a marked our jobs summit just a quick break occurred off. What this game so we're we're extremely bad about playing like any good. And and hopefully it'll pick and we'll build a plate you're to come I hope we get this series expand that and gonna conduct and a great out or out. He echoed so cal mentioned you know Charlotte is a hot bed at things becoming a hotbed for recruiting others like great kids. Here they come from the area you know I go to school full blown down here you know as well and I got a couple of kids if you're gonna sell these kids on. Why to go to upstate vs Carolina her weight Forster Duchardt or you've shown the blank why would you what would you say to these kids and that state you know and why would they come there. Yes no well I think I want that the quality educate and to get out. We're not critical aspect on a different kind of back there is there's now work were except instead it has been our average GPA the focal point out. Because you have to be an extremely great but it can't screw it up what they do and I'll I'll I'll be triple ballplayer. And a great degree that you don't have an opportunity which at this. If everyone works carts are there not with the play football Colo the championship ring on her finger all the last week but here's. And so you know you get the best the boat or integrating it into the play football manager you're. I couldn't copy and have opted to go put the next level that I felt so awkward train to go that great to be banned by comatose school that well it's very. As opposed to other schools in the Carolinas and not have a great college experience. Do you allow them to meet Dino Hannity. I expect her well her current. Only go well up later on our own little you know. Get it at all are. Here are not you know all out well how are open out there and you know I don't they come up period to grow up. Our scouts or Angeles on this man look at this kind of it's important how do you replace Taylor lent amid that I kind of leadership and what he brought to your program but also Vijay and talk a bit about Doug Jackson gives coming home transfer back from UCLA that State's deficit a year but that's a pretty good this program. Yeah absolutely you know that's not the big question round leaders that tumor on right I'm actually brought to my. You know what what are I want to know it is going to quarterback you know I don't lapse their are your article are all ears. One of the best quarterback pat says okay. Strange you know cellist of soccer replace him but but that comma without their program for two years get a great boring and so our respect. Well to come out employers to start all well all day you know he's got Eric and Taylor editor that disparaged right now so. He's gonna gain who prepared very public support that come up their play good. And that the air support you know we're crew got a house without it out into football player in that corner out out to the west coat well. Oh how could have come back this way closer hold up. Don't have opted to compete political quarterback throughout our program meant so you know we're we're we're glad that we got another local product rocker Sheryl built Kabul on mountain. Think cyclical Baltic. So where do you take and he uses it to tell you can meet place right there on the corner. Yet Daniel artist and you. I am right there restore Oprah the united. You know and then there's another couple quite literally a lot of great restaurant but there are well prepared to bring you up must come up when he became a god that probably Finnessey. When coach got the hunger for sure I've tried shaking in their shale itself true boy I tell you want to I don't have state right now and no I mean are Lakshmi imam bring Mario. I knew I could tell if there we're gonna grab so much Daniel Boone and. Absolutely are just not their cup with Europe or purple ball it's very yeah yeah. They don't know she's always hungry so many things you have opinions and that is a head coach job vessel looked up hopefully we'll talk to go for the month so it was great chats about that we appreciate your time. Up thirty Joseph Scott Satterfield head football coach at state joined us on the tiger job just like three bowl wins three bowl with three in a. That's the best program that I meant to tell on this I do feel like this and I honestly believe this they're the best program. In the Carolinas. And North Carolina the best football programming in North Carolina three man and they have been first. Quite sometime three you know in bowl games 39 in that stretch and all three bowl games one in the state of Alabama and and then apply sisters of the poor now. I mean their blinders on football and oh yeah there dummy were you're the you referenced the Tennessee and lost the game and that was an absolute dogs a day they're known as a giant killers of course with a machine into that but Tennessee performance was impressive (%expletive) me off a lousy coach yeah over an already nice if he's going to be PC right now. You know on talk about it you know all the the right thing to say the right things but. In. Like Indian you know like that the underdog too long I hear you know I really great great great stuff great conversation there really appreciate percent of stopping by a we come back to what expect anticipate there's a little bit took a few things we haven't gotten to yet what you have the wizards I think remarkable oversold that Charlotte game two there's going to be a lot of jobs liking cold air. I don't think I did okay great. I'm not tough tough my sister with that I have an official announcement. Yeah you'll be you'll be proving my point you have an official and files and asked what is your announcement and announcement and a pregnant you know may now. It. I'm not pregnant product gonna make it eventually and mania is seen nobody so what's the announce he does is add state is my second favorite football team oh god I was just. I announcement does not an announcement just a race. Now it's not enough it's not necessarily news it's not really been all that relevant so lump on this point that I was there if it's if we come out I was pregnant. And way cooler Garcia and they would. Get so upset when you tell the truth. I mean we we we say. Speaking the truth seemed Intel answers you know easy virtue speaking the truth but nobody really wants to hear the truth right. And we certainly respect to what pleases us when you say that state is the best program. In the state. And you know automatically get these text from NC state trans Cowen and they're text and and and send a please abstinent and ceased they would wipe the floor mop. The floor with with that statement. You know and I just don't see why they can't understand the difference between. You know the two mean NC state. Had their borne the best seasons last year won nine games early play a different conference. So it's not apples to apples necessarily but they haven't been the best program sorry. Given them maybe the most underachieving. You know program in the state. I. Always said it is C state is sleeping tonight I think last year they kind of owned the DeKalb woke up a little bit. But even Diddy even did I would say to Terry better program over the last ten years to nap blacks to state. I would think apple I just stayed over the last ten years has been consistently the best program in the state of North Carolina. Best of most successful you can Parse it how you want to I am going to enforce and you want to do is insist this morning on its roster yet they do that system up. Of course the anti citizen zealot on this roster Fred and a one Ross who wins the game younger put my money on NC state credit but. Which program has been the most successful of the best run honestly. Honestly that was most known for football success in that it is that state and like that's that's not an insult to NC state I think what Dave doors doing in building but got momentum on the recruiting trail right now is francs or nine wins a year ago a bowl game appearance of all the good stuff NC State's electric Prada and again an optimistic about right now. But everybody they can't discount app State's Ron. And I do think that the competitive balance in the ACC is a little unfair. The lack thereof the lack of competitive now. Outs I think all the majority of the teams are on the on the Atlantic side in a do fill out about and I do feel like that is unfair. You know for the shuffling of the programs and things like that I think there should be a little bit more competitive now. Balance because right now there's nobody touching Clemson well here's here's and nobody touching clubs had. Its moment in time we will which is the better division wanna argue with that right but there wasn't that long ago this wasn't the conversation right very true and what demo has done a Clinton used to be applauded for that right but you know for Florida State and Clemson mostly missing division is an ideal now know it's not what we also know it was also Lucia was also Louisville to Elaine. Lamar wasn't a power house where they were before no one's a paid attention to lose in the trainers reasons trainer has gotten there. You know they have been consistently one of the top teams. In that division one we're good when he was the first time to just almost normal team got a limited to those were good teams and they worked and it was a Lamar Jackson stats strong. As well course that's easy street consistently good program right but to what we're of course is happening anointed as this war moment Miami was supposed to do better for a long time signatures. Finally they let whittled down they wet the bed and they let they let the coastal down there's no doubt about Virginia Tech is banned at the bell Tel four that. You know that that side of the bracket come. You know North Carolina couple years ago had a great run in Georgia Tech has been consistently. And it's a bit above average and. Georgia Tech's been OK I think they're under achieving as well I mean I know Paul Johnson isn't a break records with it the veer option in order. You know the way that he plays offense but. You know Miami's been disappointed. Well you know the last couple years of the Frank Beamer era were were not good news or mediocre 676. They have done their part to the Bob under control right to write for the most part noticed in a ten year span they want for ACC championship you can't ask for much more than that Miami had nothing my didn't even make an appearance and in the ACC title game. You know until last year or so that's what's been dragging a lighting a little bit so I again I don't I feel like people overreacted to the competitive balance thing because it's like everything else intelligible it's gonna go back to the north. I think the same thing applies calm during the big tent. It's not just CA CC I think the Big Ten sucks that that is horrible. And unless it's not much worse than what we have here. It's not I Wisconsin is band that was cut in Wisconsin has been the Virginia Tech of that does it out of the of the big testify comparison I'm a problem federal figured looking at my Michigan. Ohio State Penn State's. And Michigan State I don't know 54 equals in the Atlantic to know Damane Duckett between Ohio State you can stay here because NC State's gonna bring that norm down with a total drivel to a degree Louisville list. Has done its job. In my opinion Louisville has done its job I'm not downing move on say historically speaking their run is not only it's not gonna have the tradition that Michigan Ohio State had no doubt about it. We're not talking about the tradition and the history or talking about the last fifteen point here let's and that much addiction and we wanted to lessen as you know 1012 I sliced in twelve years five IDC which is so I guess bronze stars and of the waiting room. I do think that you know Michigan the cachet that comes in Michigan pissed at Ohio State does outweigh you hold you close to let me tell your coming your comparing you know some of the blue was in college football and don't. You know I may just happen to be in that in that area. But he nine and and you know that's the tradition in the ACC is just not meant that. I mean when you are these massive Midwestern State schools yours colleagues and elected snow is let this conference down as well it used to be much more the powerhouse in the eighty's and ninety's. A boy they won a national championship I'm not mistaken. Yeah like 1981 to someone out now they're trying to get around their right. And of those in the pippin does not been good but I mean there are doozies program is is picking up defensively I think college is awful. OMA endorsement mean it was organized Tom. I I don't let you synergies adds a touch of drama Boston college and my apologies but. What Tom O'Brien was at Boston College that was the best that they ban the head pro players going left to right consistently. On the offensive line and the defense of line. You know with a lot of players Momo was years in there early mid ninety's. And you would know Brian left Boston College was doing their part if you on hold in their. Look when Nick Saban or SARS could change the entire competitive balance of the ACC. But about. Well I don't know I don't know or analyst just demo out of I don't think Dallas Kelly I'm not true a lot of our just I think for some people for some ballots exercise it's a thought of throwing out they're just kind of ruffled some feathers Manila on demo and they're very spot. And they're very spot so I don't penicillin or runoff if there's a love for the all the modern. And it's silly coal cyclical cyclical and I don't know this is that the way you spell cyclical ya in a bunker and that he milieu I see it. It's cyclical okay and which aren't I guess cycle yeah. Patrick. I have for some reason I thought it was our pass a loss that when Oz. Did you see I mean there we come back everybody's Davis and the world toward the front time. Turning now. With the world according. To frame. Question for you. This is. I have an answer so. I've got I've got a really important question one might never really can only answer but no mention. Off frank there was something they came out here recently that said Milan deals. Are the worst tip first. Of all the people who leave tips and there are disagree or just not very good at taking what does that man does LaBroque. Outlet for a tennis center student loan debt yet that's not accept some literature is I can attest to now they just think that there are entitled to you know where there's an import the car due to parked the car with no tea that's the reason rank. That's why they're the worst halves frank I would never bring up something just to Barry hit man. I it's not my nature but what I will say any question I had to ask you is there any scene. More root. And eating a fine establish when they expect you to tip. And not tipping well you know life. Tipping is not a mandatory thing that's a big misnomer. Tipping is predicated to me based on the service in the quality of service idea. I am no problem leaving 22 point 5% if the services accent. If the service is good note fifteen to 20%. If the service sucks. You know I mean you're gonna get something. Glad you're gonna know your service sucked. So. You know I mean that's. Get a salary you can wage do your job okay then I'll pay you accordingly. So let's go let's continue and a lot of thought did all right so we're we're instructive in himself and there won't say which can put him audio more what is the truth. Mum mountain mama much younger I mean you don't know and I have been at a restaurant do you want to know it's been several times but I don't let it's such steel trap memory yes there. So Sunnis are in play and all I want all of wants coffee it's almost cost yourself is it right and wheels your wagers former probably I'd. 1012 minutes allowing the sitting there. Well we're standing or sitting in my cup had been into trouble for solitude and twellman are not your cup presented with tough he's not a good job. So is there should be somebody walked around feel re showing us obviously while I was gonna stand up and I was walking across the restaurant because assaulted at the server station I was gonna grab my own culture just for myself what matters wanna coffee. Is that it is not my. Do you listen you can't do that while knowing that you can do that he candid and you can do that that's my instinct is new and there's nothing wrong with your instinct because a spot on. Are your service sucks I'm thirsty and we'll get some miles on myself and assert myself if that's your station. And you're not doing your job. Myself to your costly because what if your servicing offers a unique my copy that I paid for instance that might. Let me a signal burger passing or his passing here they're passing gear doesn't maybe also signaled oh this person does not Salazar must service some probably gonna get a bad tip now I'm not even gonna put any effort into this the rest of the way okay. Just ask him that may it may be possess in the crosses your mind before you can assert yourself no. I never concerned myself with those. I don't mean this but my Sergio spit my food. If you did targeted immune servicers get and we're not and I'm trying to do is gonna get you know didn't get you to give me great service. So either you care about what you're going to you don't and if you don't care then. And I get great tips the united you weren't there very long. There aren't I'll take it there's a lack of heart on the part of colonials who don't empathize with someone and ask service roll like it man. Sing again come here a lack of empathy among millennial Sunni younger generation which she hit me and is part off. And they don't they just don't see the reason north or the value in giving it. Considers himself millennial are no. That's violent demand because if he's gonna soap identify you gotta respect him. Lack of empathy C. So I didn't buy. That's what is going. Up is there any self identified with the Orioles and I'm Joe's brother yeah. That's a lack of empathy now I don't know but I think it's more awareness. In his empathy they have been taught properly that's our fault that's. You know the people that wanna give everybody eat something for nothing that's not their fault it's the kids is crying you know this throwing a tantrum. You know that still has little spoiled. Is a little rotten you know whatever might be that is just get in on your nerves. It's not the kids' fault it's the parents fault for not disciplining. The child to teach improperly not to cry whine and how to behave. In public around people. It's not the mole hills fault. So I will take accountability that's what adults do more ills they tend to reach deflect and blame. And two. Expect. Yeah all that. All that we I agree with you completely weak and we chilled everything we shall chain restaurants we chilled housing industry we kill we killed television. You don't fairly cordial latest New York Daily News report colonials were rather drink at home because they're lazy at some point you have to take responsibility for your own match ups. They're not always the victim tile. Yeah. Your feelings are are are are important you tonight they did. We really don't matter no stealing them delete them strongly right now my feelings are just as important as yours kind of hatred toward baby boomers that's one. You know frank is there are dumber phrase in English language then I'm shocked. I feel like a lot of millennial saint Agnes I'm shocked and I see what are you shocked. And then they did say don't let it every I think if you are mentioned I don't think I have been shaken. Well on American democracy drink no money today at first shuttle heals that's dreary and I can understand doing your shaken what I did I did understated mob deep rolled in here I might be. Monty then shook ones part want answers this this is ridiculous to English is free it's millennia sticks his nose speaking would you say model to be still my deep Monday. Yeah is that great rep danced oh that's not a tremor actually ran for sure that's nowadays they say that I'm never know Ahmad deep member of the revenues. They mount over the that's the tragedy was for selling a mob deep. How well the thing isn't much easier to continue performing their act. But no I don't know I didn't I don't know lets you know he he I. Perhaps that's all I know as I say dig up and here inside the music thing. Don't read his accomplice I was that judgment guys got it good what's the other turn. Traded. And I am honored that spirit if you never heard say I never heard I'm gonna stay EG. Sees is is right I don't ignore you then you are not missed out on Paula noted we have some owners weren't and all of my dear is serious it Derrius intruders opens up here. As it was two different terms of seed to Odyssey when you say faded enemies like I'm a scientist yeah I'm done on the com say I don't Elena say to you. I thought I thought it a little adjustment exploit it or not Jack. Not faring data and then see you messy legal case you see there's not loudly as they did you might dress up I mean you're not ready Jess is right hook. Hello yeah so I can use that about a half dozen times and I guess I industry trend. Found out that with. Worse what little keep up the honest I don't torn over how do you that what we're doing to us the air iPhone and getting the knuckleball and I would do you. You samba schools medical. I'm restaurant was I. Ever the difference is I'm I'm didn't exactly serious. I'd does the world according to frank real chess club or look. At a true. Others did adjust well by the way there when he won because the stupidest thing ever ever sing I mean. To touch it right you know. You can trust and streams there and there's a plane there. Mean they'll demand digital response fund would really be flying into each other's chests and whatnot. Might you might accidentally and a touch. It and at least at this and this is that if you call us or to rob a real quick he's been waiting broad sword in my meant. I doubt that I doubt going to date this. Yep big cats are one of brand big tent that you guys do. That's roller Trisha is a very much was undermined that. Well I cannot benefit from it out on I've been up and that's the arbitrary edit thirteen. I'm cat Ali and I got double beta to public that the media but how well acting irregular bid and opera. I can't thank. And it ain't like we can't give it didn't name they had tickets and I hope any case he Jena oh look at it brings something new to the table. It's Iran it's Iran I really do unfortunately I think there's a long road ahead trust my man. And now we're at the take the lead in from our friends a little bit longer. Because. Unless we get lucky. That's really kind the only way out this cycle. Which are Phoenix Suns fan. And lose in Charlotte dude and in Charlotte the longer their lives in Phoenix. Interest. A centrist I got enough good enough and are good at Colorado I would it if my sons were playing. My hornet's I would probably right now today root for the horse that would do longer. Sounds terrible to. Disagree tees back today. And Andre in a architecture using the term. And that had a patent they are now. Could you phrase yeah pronunciation and it sounded like you were going for some slang that nobody. It's a little guy. Yeah. We're Lawrence on the middle attack and alive today parents we come back let's wrap up the show what's on separate departure of throughout the doors Garcia and really. Pulitzer goes Christian Bale American Psycho. That's all I can sit here and this is your Lewis right. Yes sir I Lewis in the business and knowledge this is first to bill American Psycho. Any reform. Moving figures are written there you should check it out it's economics are trying to do that someday Syria enough because none. But let's say it's all play and that movies 7045709. To sixty dollars and mussina is a young. I've seen bits and pieces I've ever seen from that is when day. I flexing and mirrors and I don't not known that really other felt when they when they had their business cards and they're they're examining in comparing business cards. I thought it was such an instinct thing because they talk about DHL the flat. The said yeah this is he's really weird and creepy any kind of sets the tone for the movie defected dispersant is you know. Like a pack your sliders no not at all earth isn't flat in it's not perfectly round eaters is sort of like a little bit off egg shaped. They had a convention. Recently the last couple weeks or Flat Earth Society convention and somewhere in Europe burdensome and England I think and pro am like approximately 200 people showed up there's did Lincoln last day of the bachelor did that really believe the earth is flat. He believes it argue I don't think you know I think we actually believe I don't know well. Everybody is it blunt no there's not former said he doesn't think he believes he thinks it was more stuck. There's just so I don't know there's some people out there that believe the earth just let me try to explain like if it was no bull. It was round and how does the water stay over here on this side without falling off it's called gravity well no kidding now. Thank you feel it's nice job genius. What my early snap judgments was about this topic yeah you know I lost my mind mile and then we actually we had one guy who came on the Tex is a quo jets entered technically right both satellites and imagery an old book that's. I'd argue that source flatter and there's did you look at chemistry and earth is William around the they should do you know it would mean that these people exist and unfortunately I don't know if you know what say you know the earth has a bulge. All right. When the moon when the mood you're exactly what you're doing. It and you can usually happens when it bombs chess with a moment. The older Briscoe and Curtis other ones possible pilots. Opposite I think if a series on CU tonight. What's on tonight. It's on several it's about bringing home propane never loaded single tank around again they. Don't just basically a dividend of brought the propane tank to my house hooked it up to the growth fore it was that was done by the time I got home. And they'll keep doing that when Iran out so second operational profit did you burn it. What this week. And having years attach it. Had to have candidates isn't isn't a police yet profane I got. So I what I do at W as the growth of but unjustly done here young listener line and knowledge I've got me ready for a materially is that a lot of it but anyway let's exclusive united that soccer is over for the day but so you don't plan on getting out of the crack of dawn tomorrow you're watching it. Didn't our kids. And maybe artists. Okay that's much more modern way of saying you didn't have to go. Notations combatant it's a little bit side tonight let's go a little bit later this evening we start at 7 o'clock college World Series Arkansas and Texas Tech on ESPN hottest PGA professional championship deal on the Golf Channel 7 o'clock in the years so it's just in assessing his PGA. You know try to do just this yourself more than don't know under the plane you totally don't just want to. We should it break there's a lot of golf is not the same guys. In my that's not that's when you with a 10 o'clock tonight save the World Cup tonight's fox sports one of us you missed all the action from the ass crack of dawn this morning you can catch up tonight on fox sports one fifa World Cup tonight 10 o'clock I Diamondbacks at. Angeles crack of dawn. Yeah. As senator 14 of may be no million dollar ad Astra. She's just like the rest of the girls and I'm yeah. And dissect your local listings for the rest of the best in baseball the make up 'cause of the rain last night college World Series should be fun. Sir how about it Larry sprinkle you're my hero but let me sprinkle. Is Kim into the gap all weathermen out there today and in the in the world thank you thank you for telling us it's hot. Then referred explaining humidity. And heat index because when I go outside I'm just wondering all that moisture is doing collecting around the lower region. And thank you for explaining the heat index. That's my tip of the jets fall weather man out there. On the roots of the jet to you do you can. Home I don't know going to pull immigrants just hope they know calling a guest users this Adams are friends. And her friend got it all works out yeah. No I didn't can't. I look at that video is just it's still good it's still get good dog Dustin Johnson won the US open the celebrated the courage it's for. Watching. There the tournament. Is telling bit more threes than you might be there which. Yeah. Prior to buy a beer with your manners are clearly their spirits that's it if I were back tomorrow looking forward to also sort of moral quick. Tomorrow or hope to be joined by Willie McGinest. We're we're gonna talk to love gonna talk to Dave Claussen Morris 316. Play Tony and as a Roddy not rise and join us we're gonna we're gonna. Totally talked to him aforethought is starting instate few weeks he's coaches is try to try to sell that a starter for justice and there's there's the only work your ass one of these years and to benefit. Literally death and Dynegy thirty Hilton will talk to Tom sorts of room with great show coming up for tomorrow enjoy the other day leading up to restore it may have cause there is frank and Kyle this is very Garcia Baylor WS Lindsay.