Garcia And Bailey H4 From ACC Media Day: Dabo Swinney Replay, Josh Hader Tweets

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Thursday, July 19th

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Garcia. Our number. Born here live from the west and you know what fueled us a left to still talk of college football of the ACC arriving today was about the Atlantic Division so. We talked to a lot of what of Atlantic Division coaches and players and it started off with a bank we actually took dear. Abbas and ten minutes early to make sure we were on a time to talk to Davos when it clumps of football's head coach and the ambassador from what's become. One of the biggest brands in college football one of the for premier programs that we talked to him about. What it's taken from the get to this point and how this team continues to thrive with such a huge target on its back and done your Davos when it from earlier. The head coach of the Clinton tigers Davos will be sitting down with a zero radio row at the western coach Howard got what was Ozzie talking about well we're talking about that what ruffle his feathers yesterday coach Fedora and his house on value and I doubt you wanna get into that and well lord had ups and that's where I thought I'd that you wanted to get better. I dragged into it I'm sure you have much of what were pleasant things and did a dye mound you may have you know a comeback I got to stay hydrated and even energy go got to go back to I don't like it. Like if the I got a chance to watch that the company doesn't. You you've got some good young no doubt about it you know you really do and I got a guy who typically sits there with me every day frank Garcia coached a Catholic here in Charlotte and dump played for the event is obviously. Such a big fan of yours and what he talks about his you know the the ability to trust your kids with a head coach and you know I I don't know. How you feel about it but I think we all kind of look at you would say. Trust will be directed at that cuts would you like her but that's what you wanna be noticed. For appreciate that and you know hopefully. Or that throughout the course of my forty years you know we have something that you which kind of heard any use of 48 you don't look and I left three look I. I love my wife tonight. This got so glad. I hit the so you'd. I think part of it is just have always been rules committee gas and you know my wife and I group together first grade all way up and whether from a hole lies made it very. 44 years and and now you have wanted it to places you know thirteen years in Tuscaloosa and jumpstart my sixteenth year Clemson what tipped as the head coach so. I've tried just kind of keep life simple way you treat people the right way. Always been. Relationship driven and just try to do what you say. You you're going to talk about you're an elementary school sweetheart not many people have to demonstrate no way that we we started going together in the sixth grade. Broke up for a little bit and date date in high school paid off to college and we'll move a little problem yeah sure you got that that's my mosh son my middle son just got the first girlfriend in the sweetie how's. I got three boys and and I tell my wife I'm like you know I really think. The because. They've grown up seeing pictures of me you in the fifth street and you know eleven years old at Christmas day of the whatever I was like I think they feel like that they're gonna have to Mary's their first girlfriend or so I don't know works. So. But yeah we. They've they've they've kind of place bloom girls say you know a moment what he's got a sweet Lou girlfriend now if seepage. There we've been together a long time and asking great so who you share your life somebody who's been there. It's a unique situation at that who's been there really from. The very beginning with me and has met his nose in the inside and out she's she's just been Kathleen as the nation's has been possible. With a missile resistant on the front too because I think that speaks to. A level of commitment and trust that permeate your program do your dog and that's ultimately that's all we wouldn't you know I hear from those guys and you're talking about. Coming back from the capital left you know their teammates coming back from the cook left and you've spoken about this before and good demo I was I was through and mornings good morning radio and in Charleston for a while I was still working the citadel that was we talked a lot of clips of football obviously not a neutral site Robert a lot of the passionate speeches you've given about the culture of the program and how much you care about those kids and again it seems to be reflected. Not just in the way they play good in their decisions as well and that's that back again not not try to polish boots or for a bet that a zillion credit to your program I don't do things. Appreciate every week we've been period. Culture focused since I got the job and don't learn I mean everything that we can learn has been driven from wide view the why of our program why I coach. Knew there why we're gonna run our program this way. You know because we want to graduate your players we want equipped with the tools they need for life a warm have a great experience and I wanted to win but it's in that order. And it's so you know we've we've we've just done it from an inside out perspective it has been very intentional. We've we've we've had a windshield mentality we haven't been defined. He think this afternoon about bad or good it's always about what's next and start over every year reinstall the program reads all the core values. The Who who was aware that we have the most important to why. And that's how you created by an and then in the end didn't he surround yourself with good people. They are how are people first are recruit people first and and so you know that's. How we've been able to sustain consistent. And I think again another example of that is so we we saw the news that Brent venables assigned there are a few more years ago I'm sure the money part of it is not exactly comfortable waited to talk about I mean but you know this is of their hats with great guy and he can go places America countries had no shortage of offers to come the head coach somewhere else he wants to stay at Clemson with you was that. Well I think he's loved his experience there his family his love this he knows there's so we can compete. Recruit and win at the highest level. I think he loves how we do things not just the fact that we can win but how we win. I think he's he's his family obviously loves the sun is coming to play force. He had good situation but I he loves being defensive coordinator. And he loves what he does in his passion about so he's very invested into the it is to deploy years that he coaches so. I think those are all a bunch of reasons. That doesn't mean that he would ever be a head coach when David. But I do think for bread in it where he is in life of the situation do you it would take its job. That that really had it all the boxes checked yes. You know put. You know those are. He's had several he could already been head coach a couple timeouts left if that's what he wanted to do it but he's he shows us they were very fortunate because. He he's such a great fit for our program in great compliment to. He it's amazing thing though the relationship that's an amazing thing and the bud foster's is is a friend Bob and we had but on the talks are not too long ago a similar situation up. Gosh just like to coach football some gifts they just like were they on electrical embrace been around you know he's been around some relief. Good programs. Spent thirteen years we've we've Bob Stoops and he's. I think he's got a really good understanding of all the comes with a dead. You know I think that there's sometimes a part of him that knows that. He would have to get away from certain things that I think he's most passionate about Jeff and I think it's. Hit you know his situation. He doesn't have to do. You know if he wants to go do it great but he is and he doesn't have to based on where. Where he is in his career things like that and in this country really was it more money is salaries pretty much the same but. They gave him some some long term security with some. So for middle income home you know that that he moved. That you take damn rude and in just term you know time I think has suffered in this business coaches. Value Friday morning things is the time. I am I do you have people that wanna talk to sort ought to wanna abuse your time here at two quick things first of all. How do you get back to Charlotte. You know this is ready defect you're talking to folks its earlier view obviously queen city with a have been close fancy love having you back you guys the hunted and you've got a great roster come back with sort of the bullseye is always going to. One step at a time yup you know they don't let's take fob at a time yet take one step at a time okay. You can't win twelve to reward and I can't win for to you went to so what step at a time. Be committed to have a daily focus. Every game is the biggest game of the year. In just embraced that so. Speak great were you feet art when they and it's. And they also look up man you got a few weeks behind you paid maybe you're in the you're behind so that's how we do we've got a very systematic approach it's a very. Very much a daily focus for the staff in the team and and then just leadership you know you guys. Got a bunch of leaders on this team that that know what it takes. And you know you gotta do and that's one thing but you gotta be willing to do what it takes and and so. Go put to work it. When they tell what's that. Aren't there are on August mitigating adios quarterback battle level. He is he'll be also tell you unless I got the best seat in the house in I can't wait to see it all unfold our blog let's go to picture over by a loaded are live pictures on the air is suitable deductible to test deliverables delta. I can talk on the radio it's a good pictures that look. He got to look at Austin and a coach thank you good I was an honest man and tell us all at Nebraska so I. And he hit his his he's he's he's. He LOR do well Frost's I think he's I think he's going to be the new nauseated every endorsed roof like you know I think I think I think he's a great young coach and they can do gulf of job. You know. You could have been a little more he will matter. In our first meeting here the last part of its victory just threw that right up there he really didn't and good coverage your hand behind it you know salt and coach I just wanna tear defrost doesn't work out. I can't yeah. I come this far north as I've ever go to. Does that most consumers here on radio row we appreciate it jokes of the Clemson Tigers. Rcn and sales. The office. Why did things down for the most part got about half hour left of the show window will squeeze in as much as we can. Format is of course you're gonna hear Dave Paulsen head coach of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons yacht on. Right after Davos what he distort the show and devil was fantastic Davis really goes well so you'll hear that conversation that's roll with the expense of the college football fans out there and but this has been ahead a couple of days of of college football you don't it's that time of the ACC and then the SEC even harder out of this week and I'm a college football gods love it through a yup they're college football's it's time in the sun but about this time next week we'll also be heavy into Carolina panthers' training camp as a matter fact. A week from today this very time that will be getting on field updates from from your a lot of very frustrated dip which. Feels like it's taken a long long time to do it here so. We're almost there you know I've done and the balls right around the corner but. It's actually a baseball story don't wanna get into a second if we have a time hopefully at some point during the show first though we go to Seoul lots Carlton wants to talk a little low Carolina with us. On Thursday afternoon Carlton Howard you thank you for holed a. When mom on good on good bad. He yesterday would this morning. Because. Larry regarding the behead a bit its football program. Falls when you have those things you know almost like within the union address. And bring him there's been chopped way not Shockley the only way. The first thing they're back then only at the end it beef up in about BP is he can threaten this stuff. And we're not even give Beckett a program. And it it is disappointing because. A home we just got out of the pain. The probate and everything and then you know have to do is going to be yes they've become the final we got down play and stolen merchandise. They might get suspended. Newport game is likely can never get a break. Of things well on the woody got the. Probe for small back to Poland and I'm not yet they're gonna break in succession. Does any poll holds the real fun. Things here Waterford good I know you recently won a national championship in basketball league history and oracle two weeks ago that. They're a big crunch the numbers and north Carolina's open up more professional athletes across the board and even program because it's his ball land on MO idol I don't dislike the food or apple. But what he says mr. vote was measles virus it was a series and happy do you have a much better served not saying what he said but you're wanted there have been. If you can listen to vote targeting the us yesterday you. It didn't throw her under the bus nice professional but. Lol he did that make it known in his own way that he was pretty surprised that that Larry was saying good things that he was sag now. You know he walked some of those things back at Heidi before Larry but he also supported him on other fronts and I don't I don't disagree that particular set I declared its voice again about the CT think that you know it's it's we're not. It's not conclusive at this point there's more we need to know you know other sports that need to be started no doubt about it. I understand that but I also think it's a little bit of fear of Auburn on the port of Larry. The guys like him in the data canals of the world do you this this whole notion for football's under attack really. Kosovo campuses across the country right now there are popping up all over the place research center's new programs to study the safety of football how to fix it Helmut technology mean. There's a lot of funding going into this so you know I hear it's the media the media's attacking football singling out football that's because football's different. But you we try this false equivalency that was soccer hockey is just not there it's not clear that doesn't mean that seat he can't pop off those athletes that does mean that shouldn't be study because it absolutely should. But but but the the numbers of the numbers that the researchers the research. And you know it's not provides brief action automotive got to go there it it was I grew to crow about what are the door to himself with the service yesterday at 70457096. Ted. But one other store the dollar break up really quickly got soldier was who's got a baseball related but it's it's not about the game so much is. What happens. Tuesday night's. After the all artist during the all star game with Josh rader the pitcher from the walk you brewers whose tweets were dug up because that's the thing that people do these days. Tweets that were dug up from 20112012. You know whether this happens who Dorothy Davidson's old Villanova orders recently miles bridges and their other prominent you know cases of the some sort of forget it right now but. I don't feel sorry for Josh cater to more pride I don't feel sorry for Josh hater or should say. In May be a way to Ethel that's adopted it incidentally here's what we seen enough instances of this now or ever professional athlete in every agent. Should already be in the slot and the ball already done either scrubbing social media accounts or having been thoroughly checked. I got a lot of us like Josh hater tweets an awful. Awful thanks. You know that this this wasn't like you know the did the doctor David show and so you know rap lyrics this was like dude George Rodrigue rap lyrics this was his original thoughts. You know he's had to apologize to those big league baseball you don't just punished in a resume heavy air quotes are punished if I. But sitting at the sensitivity training which clearly probably could consented to go to but. You know. I don't like journalists or fans or anybody else digging up old tweets from athletes and each shameful. Those tweets are from 20112012. So so the the thoughts and ramblings of a 1718. Year old kids. I don't really have any interest in either seeing knowing or or ridiculing them for those. But I don't feel bad for Josh later. Now it's either him or his agent by now should have recognized. That this has been something that's been going on those drugs social media. It cost like twenty bucks or at least it did the last I checked to go have every tweet you've ever sit deleted off your account so. So you know I I I just it's on blue yes Evan just in my ears are replaced ads right now about that. It's unacceptable it's unacceptable what he said but it's unacceptable at this point that the Josh Peter and his agent have gone back and scrubbed at all cut off the bat. You know you know the what a what else is unacceptable to me is that you sent to Suisse to begin with the did did those sentiments still exist. I don't I'm not here to assassinate the character of Amanda and I don't choose Judah we've all done things we said and we we regret but at the same time you know it. Did you yourself and await where you don't have to scrub your social media it's not hard I do it every day. I I think a lot of crazy things but I would never dare put the most social media. Not because I wanna protect my bring ample because I wanna protect the feelings and I. In the interest of other people and this is social media should be used in a way where it's a positive thing not you go warning you you say. Racist bigoted things numbing gold that's crazy. It is crazy but again you know at seventeen years old. Okay five yeah. Yeah I ideally yes we we we probably also some things in the past that you that we would never want anybody to hear or and I'm not I'm not putting down on everybody maybe you haven't what I have sagged as. While I think what he said was reprehensible. And I don't think you should be drug through the mud for some things that you know maybe he said he didn't mean it doesn't mean now I don't know I think Dorset which and 2016 during the presidential campaign as well that's why I'm telling you. I don't feel bad for this guy now because at this point it it should be a common practice standard operating procedure for agents as this exercise when you sauter got first things rubber stamps social media get rid of. All of it I did when I was in broadcasting school. There's a first thing they told us about. If I even have anything better I just had a couple of pictures I had a beer in my hand from college and I took that stuff all social media because I knew that that could be the catalyst he didn't mean he hired somewhere later so it's it's ridiculous in this day and age is somebody like Josh here. We think would still leave those tweets up I'd put up a tweet about lifting weights one time that I took down. Because I just thought I don't wanna be his sense of anybody I took it down it. It's so it's just ridiculous and it's not just beat Josh hater. Shouldn't be ready to for the ECT should be he should be ridiculed for these things I don't I don't care what he did he absolutely should be held accountable for these things are brought a social media tap it's just that simple. Don't look there is a text about agrees Peterson Josh was seventeen or eighteen not thirteen like somebody's athlete he was being drafted in Major League Baseball at time. So we have to stop using the quote he was young and immature and quote I think for him. I'd I don't. I see we don't obviously seventeen to thirteen or big difference about about it is still seventy donors say about what is I have no interest in dragging this doctrine but. But I also don't feel bad for because now that awful things and he was dumb enough to leave them up for people five of and as this text or says. Digging up people's old tweets is a cloud thing to do of course this. But you know what also sank things you know inappropriate things about people of other races creeds genders jokes about the kkk and the things that are off Josh hater has some really reprehensible stuff is Twitter account or at least he did. So while digging up old which is a clown thing to do. So was leaving uphold tweets yellow of that they tried out to sort of that at all. Our look seven 70457. Or 96 to add your thoughts on that anything else have a subtext this find a solid rally Jewelers Twitter feed that child really WS Lindsay. Through the end of the month Christmas in July continues you spent 4499 or more and you can get zero interest no money down for five years check it out of roundly jewels are stuck job. Possible we're gonna for a guy here on the text like if they were born just about five or six years earlier they could've said their piece on MySpace that it would have never been found hot spots off Oscar always. And as I. That's a good job at and Jessica generally is a good joke look we come back to the to the state Paulson earlier in the show head coach in the Wake Forest Demon Deacons we had a blast off of football earlier. You'll hear that next block from the west in the ACC kicked off its Garcia unveiling. Chance to win must between one and a reasonable for South Carolina. Back to Garcia campaign. Garcia Israelis released another forty minutes anyway you're live in the west in the ACC kick off day to winding down or back and studio tomorrow to round out the weekend. Look at four to be at home with had a great time and part of that has been talking to all the head coaches here in the ACC who've been around radio row and one of the date Claussen. Of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons shortness earlier in the show directly after Davos what is a matter of fact talk about. The deacons and the state of the program navigating the first three games of the regular season without their quarterback Kendall had not a whole lot more here's Dave Lawson talkers jobless. Are they Claussen. Head coach should Wake Forest. Even deacons put and it's an on site about what loosened up. But not talk to the five folks here in the great city personal or body frank Garcia passes along his regards as a source familiar of that you have where Izzy playing golf is he early to turn around but for a good cause it. The Charlotte hornets are they have the big annual hoops to turn a bit so off all the Panthers are out there of the horror stories about it for your call that was was a fun interview death so. Could it be enough back in Charlotte good memories from the gulf fallen. Trying to get back to a tier one bowl like that that's right now I distinctly remember when you came on here Charles for the gulf port stop by sausage studio you were dressed I think almost exactly like you people just a shame because you rural suited up you know we're looking like slobs radio well you know what it's. If I was just on the radio I'd I would shave and address it down and you've got much cooler socks and make different have to I don't know why you're doing that for radio I have save that for for T date because mom almost golden it's that if you don't go look in the the more presentable. She's gonna come here handled so you know you get momma says mama does give you could make stuff up here on the radio and let's say you're in a tuxedo and nobody can prove you wrong except he snapped pictures of both of us so I could get away without a but our coach look I'd been a page admirer for awhile now of the job that you. You've done I just a way to force put the programs as well it is there a certain characteristic to coaches like you've been elevated to the program to. You know maybe hasn't been world wants to bed because they're the same resources other places do it could turn around the way to you have I think there's a special quality that I figure I can beat Justin. We heard it but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the well. I think part of it is just you know experience is a great teacher and I got my first head job at Fordham university. In the Bronx in New York City when I was 31 years old. Probably wasn't ready to be a head coach and I took over program netted 122 games in ten years. And I made a lot of mistakes and there's a lot of things that I didn't do correctly early. When I was able to learn from my mistakes because it was in high profile program. And you know because of being able to are we re able to win there you get other opportunities and you know so that I think every time you take a job and a higher level there's a little bit more confidence. Because you've been through these situations before but every school is unique and every schools differed and you know so that there is a blueprint there is a plan but it has to be tweaked dependent on the school you're at another. Think that I've noticed maybe a noticing is that you know we I've been talking to Jim broke for years. You know we we came do expected every couple years Jim's teams would be a little more seasoned snow that's more depth and that was when they really gonna make their move and can make a push the ACC. I thought maybe you were doing other things a similar way but it seemed like you put something together where you you can compete every single year if you don't you're up to be killed. By attrition I see what went when I first got the job. I met Jim broke for lunch and he was very gracious with his time and his advice. In the one thing he shared with me is Dave and I first got there I registered people. We've built a program. Because then we started winning we got to the Orange Bowl and we thought we could record a higher level player. And then we recruited guys it really did belong at Wake Forest. And then they laughed and we couldn't red shirt guys and then we lost her formula and he just said. There's a formula to win here but you know my advice is don't deviate from it. And that was really helpful advice because. You know now we've had. A little bit of success not to run that Jim had from 060 wait we've had two good years. And sometimes you get tempted to maybe get that more talented recruit. But if we know he doesn't fit Wake Forest and he doesn't fit our program and our culture and our university. The staff players not gonna be there you're better off not occurred you know and that was really good advice from Jim. That we still you know that there's certain boxes a young man has to check the play football Wake Forest got in. Obviously there's an ability boxes we need to win football games but there's an academic component. There's secure your component. And if we start. Just worried about the ability boxes don't check the academic in the character box. Then the model of how we run the program I retaining players and develop home we'll get all out of whack and we won't be where we wanna be. Are we talking to Dave Lawson had the ball coach at Wake Forest tortoise on the second job just like elected senator radio rows up the phone just to have affected it's a reflex but. The Atlantic Division. I'm in my goodness you clubs and forest that you guys Boston College NC state global. You know this this. I think back to last year at this event and they don't Johnson offered and then all the coaches and your coveted and rightfully so you look at everybody in the world knows is the best conference in the country at least. Feel that that's what we just work. You know and I look at this this conference right now I think there's no reason that that the ACC can't lay claim that every single year there really want to. Yeah I mean you know it's competitive certainly the the FCC. West is a great football curry for us right you know the did the bigger than the one side of the Big Ten. Has some great football teams but. I think every year we're in that discussion you know and whether we're the best or not I mean that's what makes sports radio and that it makes. Message boards and that's the fun part of it as you can have that debate every year. But with the success that we've had. As a conference on the national level. Then how competitive are cited the division is I mean last year and I think six of the seven teams want to balls. And and we've had success and goals and we've had success out of conference. And it is a tough tough division and again we wanna make progress we wanna keep getting better but we also have great respect for this leg and progress in this league in this division is an easy. And to make progress. You got to beat some really good football teams. In even Syracuse. Is getting better try to do look at the job they did last year against Clausen. So this is a leg that if you don't show up every single week you're gonna get beat. Do you do away with divisions is a lopsided because there's a need to be fixed. I mean he is a lopsided I think right now it is right it is cyclical adjustment is that I don't know if it has been and I just think that. They're yours too. Programs in our cited the division. That look a little bit differently than everybody else got to the turf and terms of you know how they resource things and all that so. And I I think he'll Clemson and Florida State or just their bill. A little bit different than maybe the rest the conference and there's all different levels to it but those two come. You know to have them both in the one division. And you know if you'll probably if they were different divisions he knows them I think a lot of times the last few years they probably wouldn't have it ended up meeting for the you know so you you have a lot of coaches in the Atlantic that would. Like to see it divvied up beneath got almost every coach in the coastal this is no way leave it alone puffed. So targeted inflows of joy and Agassi are already wrote a couple quick things will turn you loose look we got a list of site asking about Brodeur should want most of all doctor George. Craig dork shall let's go when a player great break out your freshman year. You know we get them back healthy Hampton roads directly to reach he's now for real they'll come on. I know it's about who might think about Richmond Virginia ready that's right that's right there's an acknowledgment that's debt that's like a whole different country or Hampton roads get dizzy being you are right about that so he's from highland springs high school. I was the head coach at Richmond for four years that was a high school that we recruited heavily. And Greg is competitor is very skilled. He loves football he's a good teammate. And now he's an exciting player so low we're excited to get him back. Liquid or Richmond spiders program was pumped up a lot of guys you know prominent in the game of football live view and obviously Mike London but just a talker dictionary of leverage its affairs programs are quietly pumped up a lot of fruits and it's it's it's a great school to beautiful campus and when I was there with some really good football players yeah. Okay less than I gotta you plug and ask this fortunately different ways. How you navigate his first three weeks that can run. It's a work in progress have been you know we're going into it. You start camping your goals to win game one game one we don't have candles so. You know we're going as if we don't have we don't have kennel for the first three weeks so we're preparing that way. And then let's see what happens now that Gibson quarterback perhaps it will get him some raps and keep trashing keep going but. It we you know it just got to be fluid it's hard to predict what's gonna happily that terrier Dick thank you very much candidacy projects yes that's for having me on Dave Paulsen head football coach Wake Forest Demon Deacons a lot of fun to watch have been done a heck of a program we appreciated starts. All right we winded down here from the the west in the ACC kicked off two great days of but college football coverage college football thought here at uptown Charlotte we appreciate everybody. Who has joined us today and the list is longer minutes it's Mitch high Cleveland Cyril that was sweaty day Claussen you just heard Bobby Petrino. Dave door Brian Sibley. Title but it leaving anybody out of it it's been a fantastic day for the good conversations and donate. It's big college football heavy so we've not had time to look to talk about some of the other stories that we'll probably get into tomorrow stories like one that broke just a little while ago. And it's of the NBA variety Carmelo Anthony. Hero is officially over for the Oklahoma City Thunder. As expected by a lot of people San prestige front office cut ties. With Carmelo Anthony to Davidson time all star and they sent him and his 27 point nine million dollar salary. To the Atlanta Hawks. In a report a whole really our deal here here's the kicker though here's the kicker. The hawks are gonna take Carmelo had immediately way to dance so well it looks like Carmelo Anthony is actually gonna be on his way to Houston it's okay to team up with. With Chris Paul and James Harden. So go to Western Conference continues to be just filthy rich. Fuller talent and you know Carmelo Anthony. Dealt to the eastern conference for right back to the west of ghosts and no let's that yeah I you know by the LeBeau a distributor from Atlanta. Way it has been shipped off to Oklahoma City as well yeah it has. A surprising there which ray young being on the roster now. Agree I mean that's kind of what you expected you know as Carmelo to go some where and then quickly be waived and he goes somewhere that he wants to go yet I don't I don't really know. What Carmelo has left in the tank like the shots yeah I well I know that but it does he have lots of snakes. Left in the tank. I act but he watched like to Holland. Of OKC basketball this last year but I just. I'm not really sure where Carmelo is and what he's going to be you do I think he's a great third option though. Eight in Houston he's you know he's great he's great guy great guy for being able to come off the bench perhaps in scorer deep deep deep deep bench points things like that. Yep art we're almost out of time and let's see what's on TV tonight. What's on today. I've brought you by of course bring it home propane doce to bring it home propane dot com I'm gonna head home a photo weather permits and maybe throw some stuff on the grill and I've been able to do that comfortably not worry about it because bring a cultural thing whatever it brought out Domino's does premiere brand new propane tank. To my home hook it up to the grill I don't have to go to and what they'll do the same thing for you that at a range of other services that you love her for all of those services check it out right at home. Propane dot com arts tonight on television baseball's back for the second half. St. Louis Cardinals at the Chicago Cubs 7 o'clock obvious he had 8 o'clock WNBA Washington mystics after Dallas wage. On ESP ensued not a clock there's that they have samurai against professional fighters league from union dale New York on the NBC sports network. I wrote on my hand last week Gaza and fell asleep for forgot to watch the total time trying to find out it was more short stay on the NBC sports network. Is actually samurai as a source because if not that's big switch that's also advertised. I'm gonna be accurate. Vincent o'clock tonight X games Minneapolis and interject about this they want it's skateboarding and BMX 10 o'clock. Body ESPN's that I cross country skiing is well I'll really out of season now check your local listings for all the of the other baseball action tonight. Osborne all right I'm just wanted to Mike deaf to it to the ACC I am. Not trying to kiss anybody's guess here but they've done a fantastic job with this event. Billy from I have to sit after about a twelve very active duty CD a tough tough and I started got here and I think Canada that explains my Carmelo Anthony take on an addict got angry. I'm angry. I know but I just what it's like get to the ACC conference it does such a great job all the coaches all the players first class. Mark Richt who love to hear about his so hot dogs that didn't hand. You know just just all the great interviews that we had a these last two days. Always had some thought they were really got quick tip of the cap from its citizens don't have to get first two to Cam Newton. Because that guy's been whilst on social media ballot if I didn't let him lose McCain you've got bad a couple of weeks you'll brought up old camp droplets F bombs on his video and I mean I don't regret having a conversation with. The biggest part of it was this looks like an emboldened do I think that might be a result of the new owner with us. A different outlook going on who his players can and should be and they campus. Cams and a sweet spot right now at this time next week we're going to be have an on field Panthers discussions and it's going to be great. What's also really quickly I would I would I would tip my cap. Two off the Huskies need buckets because they got here I would tip my cap Jerry West who it seems right all along Michael Porter junior with a lot of back surgery and Duff. I got a good feeling the hornets will really come to regret that was bought to open budgets say fitted but he's healthy could get past that stuff but. To protect Jerry West all the other NBA GM to opted to go to different direction I think it's almost like they know what they're doing. Maybe that's tough tough for back to Florida round out the week for Oz it may have added frank got Kyle this has been Garcia Billy W lessons that shot eight. And what does that do they'll blow your mind that just happened.