Garcia And Bailey H3: World Cup Talk With Bruce Arena

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Friday, June 15th
Former US Men's Soccer Team HC joins the show to talk about the World Cup and what the US needs to do to bounce back in 2022...

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But Garcia. Garcia rarely hear our number three strikes out the door we'll have some fun. Assassins thought 70457. Or 9610. We started to show take your phone calls talking about Father's Day in. Father's Day is a special time for a lot of people fathers and sons grandfathers and sports the other the bond that ties a lot of those so your favorite Father's Day story be your own father your son that I W platforms do that today we love these stores and got some good ones so feel free to call look. And does share yours the young third World Cup game of the day has just gone final. Earlier today Uruguay beat Egypt one nil Iran beat Morocco one milk and a moment we got our first tie. Of the World Cup Spain and Portugal and not easily now of course small sample size the easily the best game thus far the World Cup results those two teams went back and forth in the 87 minute a penalty kick. From Cristiano Ronaldo. Tied it three equalizer as you're willing to say that again and he finishes with a hat trick. This third Portugal lawyer with a hat trick in the World Cup so Christiane are normal and although arguably the world's greatest player on the big stage today hat trick to basically carry a Portugal to a 33 tie and audio technical point there are group beat. And that's a for the day I believe he actually starts to pick up this weekend and also by the way keep let me know where the best places to watch soccer like and I I can go anywhere and watch football baseball basketball I'm sure there some of the same but if he soccer bars and charlatans the got a a well kept secret necessarily to soccer fans obviously know where they orbit. You know soccer bars are something that you necessarily are here are taught about as a Shiraz I. I mean we in our industry you know which really hear about is you know painter bars or or for me like Oscar bars or. USC bars or things like dang a south John Parse out Iowa. Even now I've never really heard much about to soccer stuff so I think you and I. Are gonna go bar hopping a little bit as we can if we have the time and we're gonna go to a couple these play. So I think so by the way I was wrong guys until it triggers a free kick out of state that's so that the not a soccer fan and he's a muscle is absolutely right that was a free kick not a total project itself Christiane or ultimate just a minute ago so what's exercise go to the French Quarter of talent it'll be popping one know I kind of figured that. There'll be some people out there watching the games with it will what is what is the quintessential. Soccer bar. It always Charlotte told you a suggestion and oh this is not necessary to quintessential soccer bar but other Charlotte independence opened up their own. Sports bar here in Charlotte and that that that is of interest it's a Jack's Melissa social things slow lettuce adore but that's the way what are we here yesterday hooligans and I was Jacqueline Jackson and there's a whole list of the keyboards were suggested what is the best the quintessential. Soccer bar in Charlotte 70457. Or 96 stand where's everybody's celebrating this game right now somebody said. Don't go to hooligans it's so small Kyle won't sit. Whether or not a should be sent about a half amid odd that while that's a men's club a little bit there in the men's go to guys that would be a terrible place to go wants it arrives 70457. And ID six derivative we're gonna work and some travelers are working in some more it's probably some point to our animal come back nickel while Leonard deal a little bit but I do wanna talk a little college Obama factor won't talk a lot of cultural pull the Kazaa. Well all of college shall always have always will Ozzie is a college football super nurse and and even a recruitment and you you are a recruitment tour what the guys guys I'm assuming you've got your rivals account. I thank you know I looked in my rivals again I have been rivals member cents 2005. Even rivals member since 2005. Bitter rivals and are looked at the other dad dinner rivals member for fort did you thirteen years whatever it is. So you you first got your rivals the count of fifteen years old dude I wanna do now I want to denounce so bad what was going on your machine intruder recruiting guys are seniors don't know I just I just I desperately wanted to know is I don't know because you're you're all the way across the country. Yes for yeah same yeah because I don't have access really attacked on I didn't have Texas City Omaha world herald or Lincoln journal star anything like that but I I wanted to know what was going on throughout the south. I can only imagine how how old boy raised in the hills of western North Carolina feels as a Nebraska Cornhuskers ran on Saturdays knowing there's no one within a hundred mile radius. Who feels the way did you feel so I imagine you do feel pretty isolated. I did and I want to either real reason I wanted to do this is because I I heard some stuff you know when I was watching college football back in the day about how recruiting was a great Trent back then it was Max perhaps super perhaps things like that. And I want to understand how recruiting impact did. This trajectory. Of teens and I wanted to know who was rising who was falling you know when I was kid. Or get. Orton started signing guys like Jonathan Stewart is starting getting guys in their. And so I always wanted to keep track that's yes have had after thirteen. OK see you you are a college football junkie you're also there that's that's the thing you're the you're the highest level. A cultural pondered the casual sore the recruitment who has his accountant. I have decided step away from that world a while back because it just became too much Meyer might and I couldn't bear the emotional way to vet so you know the first of all the decisions and the whims of seventeen year old boys is not something I'm gonna tie my own self esteem and emotions to anymore I don't you know that you see it keep it well in Chechnya although with an Al Scott frost that Nebraska and your body it's about or to ratchet up a little bit so I'm a little bit concerned for your mental health as though the season approaches but. I am first of all. The columns are the coaching situation in the SEC it's something that I wanna talk about for a quick second because I'd just like the ACC a couple of years ago and talked about this few tops. You know when the wind when Virginia Tech put on hired Justin Fuente and when Miami hired Mark Richt and when you're the day of course does not look consumer right now to alleviate hired Bronco Mendenhall. You know I'm surely got a couple here with me they were there were some really really sound coaching hires. In the ACC and it helps to kind of propelled that. Conference. Of your back into a conversation about ordered the best conference in the country two years ago I think you make the case not make the case they absolutely work this year not so much on the SEC the SEC products. Felt like it got stale and it may be SEC product over the last couple years felt like it got a little bit stale and I think these coaching hires this offseason have done a lot to limited. I think Dan Mullen stepping in on the world will actually solve that problem in a big way because I think what will happen is. And I also think Jeremy pretty Tennessee will do a good job and I 'cause I did global happen news is. The marquee programs in the SEC east all seem to have. Better coaches now I think Dan Mullen is one of the best tires are as I look at his quarterback situation with sleep they francs in Kyle try ask. And I think he's a guy who's gonna get through to fully pay francs a lot of people who don't know sleep they franks is. If sleep they francs high Forestar number two pocket passer enacting the 2017 class. Are between sixteen classic skews meets on came through get a lot of good things had some growing pains but anybody can get to a stand mull. And once Dan Mullen starts getting nice bright until link there's going to be a lot of players in the state of Florida who wanna go their place and have fun up tempo thing it's also he's gonna do he's gonna hit it developed. Quarterback to second degree wreck and Andrew Moore and on that front especially because Osborne did text yesterday and just read it because it was it was an interest in Texan got me to last a little bit because you said. A move on studies of what you said here here's is that if I said do you Florida is the sleeper in the SEC east what would you say. And I said false but I'd say it would be I wouldn't be shocked if they wanna watch against because I believe in them all around Dan Moline. Is a hell of a football coach he's held a quarterback developer. He's going to win that and win early I think it's Florida now do I think they're going to chase down Georgia in the SEC east Fisher know enough I think south Carolina's got a better shot at that in the SEC east than Florida does right now but to your point Florida's got some dudes Florida always has athletes as Florida's Dustin dudes do they have the quarterback in place for him to come and they in Moline that is and win a bunch of games right away is the question but I am a believer and that guy and I think that higher. That higher loan. Our new nevermind the Jeremy Pruitt Kyra Tennessee makes that side of the conference so much more compelling. And so much more fresh. That it was 70457090. Sic stand it's me it's Osbourne it's evidence for the next two hours frank is off to vacation resort and while the cat's away the mice will play we're talking a lot of college football here we are gonna give back to the -- it's a little bit and we will continue to update you on the leaderboard at US open and of course the world's -- games done for the day but the US open leaderboard updates will keep coming at -- so I don't hear much college football fans today I don't your team is a matter of fact let's just do a free -- your call me and talk to me about your team 7045709. 610 -- the -- tell me why I -- like your team at this college football season as we head into Father's Day here on Friday also himself on the roundly -- Twitter feed -- child really WS Lindsay feel -- followed tweeting at -- and put those same thoughts and suggestions the savings continue to -- your -- -- get a free weekend getaway for -- was any purchase over 1999. Dollars building trust for three generations that's brown -- -- more college shall point your phone calls on the other side it's Garcia -- College football junkies we watched do we want to hear from you right now. Franks out for a close talking cultural portal to be wrong but went on and I get together it's pretty much exclusively college football so that we're not to do exclusively college football for the next. Hour and forty minutes because. Ten minutes from now. US men's national team coach twice over Bruce Arena will join the show won't we'll get his thoughts on the on this World Cup. Our the United States not being involved in this World Cup the 226 billion there as well and and you know his thoughts on how to continue raising the profile of soccer here in the United States certainly at that level some Bruce Arena will join us or about ten minutes and done again is a lot of college football that we're getting into text or writes in a minute ago actually couple of these that I love. First one says college can tell you why not to root for my team Larry Fedora. I'm gonna guess he's a disgruntled Torre we're we're gonna talk we're gonna talk toward Russell Gordon talks that towards a little duke wake football as well obviously wake football's got a sore subject right now. With the suspension. Of scandal Clinton and tied in Thomas Cole for the first three games of the season yesterday that are in a date cost and obviously had to make a tough decision they are a well earlier I don't know how tough it. I was butts you know we had to sit down the presumed starting quarterback to do exes fall Kendall and for the first three games and that's this huge. And there was a lot of there's a lot of what he will would you say. Loeb a lot of energy around the program in talking about wait force coming into this year. Obviously after the bulls' victory against Texas in an last year you and I high scoring I know high scoring outing I mean there's a lot of people around the program said that this team. Even though there in the hardest division of DC seat could still may be you know surprise a couple of teams and win some games they shouldn't you maybe get to that your nine win plateau. And I think days Claussen. Will we talk about who the best coaches are in America right and is sometimes we overlook the guys who are at programs that are so difficult to win back. Oh he belongs there on his. Claussen yes I'm telling you don't what those guys do. Aggie guide Stanford's season he's made result AF. I mean it would academic requirements that are necessary to recruit players develop players they do more with less than any other progressed. And that is why I'm so impressed with cut Clinton Claussen. Oh. Look I agree with you -- close and needs to be in any conversation. You know regarding some of the best most underrated coaches in the country because when when you're at I believe still. You know there's there's FBS school with the smallest enrollment in the power fox yeah and in the ACC in order Yuri small school private school a nod like a nontraditional football first school. And you're able to where at least. To this point in his tenure do some of the things that Jim growth was doing when he was there incredibly impressive sabres I love cutlass and duke and always love cut. At duke I say all the time to you to rattle off a list of my top three to five favorite coaches in college football and and it goes right beamer Steve Spurrier David Cutler throws the first three out of my mouth every single time there are more likely that I love but I'm a big fan of those guys and I don't think they did as much recognition as they deserve for the jobs they don't their respective stuffs and. The thing about what they do is they find these diamonds and a rusty find guys who appear actually to find guys who aren't sure they don't play just one position and they bring in the and they register in the developing they get him in the weight program and in 23 years later after they've had time to develop 122 sometimes 23 years old playing in college. They're really they're really damn good football players and they're ready to go once the next level for some of them as so it's very impressive what did he got these guys do with these two increased our prospects who most of the big programs overlooked. Yes and it and sometimes they get better results out of those kids in the higher were over Canada higher ranked recruiting classes always say. Recruiting is not rankings it's results. And so if you can if you have a top five recruiting class that your only when an eighteen a year there's there's going to be disconnected there's gonna be debt. There's there's I did you. You discuss aren't exactly I mean tennis council dissenters and wave like I got Kevin somewhat fire tip to someone I think we'll do very good things in Arizona now when he when you look at his time it takes in and he didn't. Hire great I mean you get great results out of his defense period I mean AJ were a shell of themselves after China's no left and even when Johnny Maine cell was dare they weren't great. They relied on their office so heavily when you shoot out type games. Like a text is in an an Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl a year management Zell won the had a Heisman Trophy. So I think it. You went out when I look at the ACC back I want to talk about the door for a second for a because the door to me is the guy who really is on the hot seat these I just saudis an extension knots and I don't. I'm gonna tell you because I here's why I say actors I don't think your line is gonna be very good this year. I think Carolina might win 45 games this year and I. And I talked a lot of true honesty is one particular good friend of mine on Twitter and he was saying six and six is the realistic expectations maybe eight and forced the best case scenario and I can tell you look and looking down. The schedule for North Carolina and looking down the roster for North Carolina. I seen no I see no way did they win eight game you'll be just enough talent. I don't know I think they've got talent not saying they don't have talent and has always what does that suggest that got talent I'm messing you don't tell but if you talk about North Carolina on the defensive side you have to understand each on the pushes is defensive coordinator there and if you don't don't don't we just wealth yet if you don't know job pushes his job bush is is the ex defensive corner Nebraska is somebody I know very well it's very familiar with his work even though he wasn't exactly does that did defence -- they're at Nebraska. On I'm just not sold on the ability the talent to turn that program around and when you look down the schedules I don't see a lot of wins for them on I really don't. You know they go to cal in week one thing you can probably see that's a win but cal beat him last year and ran out got better right on I think they I think more than anything. It's about with a sore rot is developed and ready to roll right. He's ambled down sorrow assist Iraq that's the rat I know your I know he's from where you're from. But it's easy he developed and ready to roll a secret needle to lead this office. And even more than that is Larry for torque capable of taking the person nobody has in using them to waste it will win football games. Comedienne Elijah plenty do Logan on on the team they're playing Georgia in the kick off two years ago. We're running the ball down George with the shortest route. I ED face it was latent within FL talent it turns out bright and what happens they goal weight from them right I just don't trust the Dora. You need to do to correct things with his personnel to win football games. And I I think it I think it he is on the hot seat because I think he's gonna follow plus 39 season with potentially an 8485. And seven season and that's really not gonna sit well. And the reason SI guess it was ceasing year like seven net and. Let us how much to make cater that is that that's my crash a great point that's great talent I would love to hear from Carolina fans on this two books I knoller and Dora has his supporters and I always. Look when that tire was made when he came over from southern miss I thought it was a really really good iron I still think it's I I still stand by that it was a good higher than. But he's not been able to to match some of his better offenses. On the defensive side and I know we're just a couple of years removed from them going what eleven and one of the and it went aren't so Williamson in there there are getting away from from possibly sneaking into the college football well I know that they were close. On Gilbert took a team is full of veterans that have been around and they live scoreboards and that was a fun team to watch there's no question about that but. Does that kind of talent exists on the roster today and I still stand by the fact that it's not on the defensive side now you're talking about the purchase a second ago the idea was that the coaches who's gonna come in behind Gene Chizik and there was going to be continuity there same system most of the same players are they could take a step for the was an ambulance on a disruption and don't get me wrong they were not as bad. As they were two or three years ago three years ago I think that North Carolina but why were seven deep hung on by ECU laws were the worst defenses I've seen on the field the ACC a long time bomb dome. Butler but can he finally. Match your defense to an offense and I'm not saying it's going to be this year and it looked for Nathan Elliott played a lot last year and played really really well and if you're estimated. You know with a quarterback should be and doctor to tell you definitively sector average you don't give it to look like a serious look at an usher the presumed starter is coming out of spring or spring practice at this point. Armed but that there's a lot of grit there you know there's a lot of killing more connected and I've heard that comparison made a lot but you can see it. I mean there's a gamesmanship there that you just love to quarterback positions so you know if you haven't gotten the just by now we're we're talking a lot of cultural lawyer for the next hour passed of this show it's me it's Oz and an Evan is well francs up for the rest of the weekend but 70457. Or 96 today and if this is exactly what I asked for. There were a state fans coming and we were told state a promise from told state we got Michigan fares are way I visual Michigan job Jim Harbaugh is done we conduct all of this Kentucky's and it's going to be got a Kentucky's football fan I feel but the wildcats. That's a good question that's a good question because you finish 7644. In the SEC east. If you know what is hearts fluttering over that right butts. Trick Kentucky's made a big commitment to football in the past couple years in the capital investments in the infrastructure the stadium to the to the recruiting budget to the coaching size I mean that's. There are things second talking to people should still be. Optimistic about but I'm not so optimistic and I think Kentucky is going to challenge Georgia or you know anyone else the top of that but I think could go because they have so many returning starters. On both sides of the football so ought to put a -- in this were gonna come back to achieve those college football questions come again I do wanna have some good conversation with that there are excited to do it but so as promised. As promised this is this is a lot of fun from I'm a very subtle about this. We're talking to our two time US men's national team had George Bruce Arena guided us to join us on the tech job just like here on dates through the World Cup and queen city Bruce thank you how are you. Grade where you are doing well to a well what what are your general thoughts on this so the second day of action in the World Cup blast in Spain Portugal was pretty thriller. All of us do it better than the first bit. But the well it's a good point. And equipment system good game to head about them. Has all the makings of a great world a. It is Russia backed good committed five Dole's a lot. I don't know I think I think doubt you rate it is as it is not a very strong team. Go going into the tournament I believe. Most people thought that. Saudi Arabia and Russia were among the weakest teams in the field so we'll say but a home. Com team and and and the World Cup forces the great advantage in I would expect Russia to get out of group play. I just dismissing much rather obvious question but I just would like to take on it Christiane and all the with a hat trick today it is he in your mind the best player in the world so. Would do it would be hard to argue against them. He's simply be an outstanding. Real Madrid is one. Three consecutive champions league. Titles well with and leading the team he's he's just been fantastic. Portugal weren't one European championships these. Been part of a lot of great things from the sports of opinion are the orator he's not the best player in the world. If you were to make an argument for someone else who would have been. Well these incentives so that as well mass. Right. So poor okay sure enough setup total Bruce Arena joining us on the technique John does slide. Who it's who is the favorite in this World Cup to your month. And my view it it would be Germany you know I think if the team to beat is defending champions. They continue to play well I think through the polar trophy ever have to go through Germany and so they may be tough to get through a lot of people claiming. That Brazil can win this year but that the sin. Stay in play today you know yeah you can't argue against Spain and I learned a lot of people police France as a bird team. So what did you go back to 20s14 and the United States was you know involved with what folks call obviously the group of the group desk I guess so it was a group I don't want to fourteen in the real World Cup in Brazil World Cup I should say what do you look at these groups which one do you think kind of matches there was a toughest group right now in the states. Fit to be honest Serbia. I think it's hard particle but I think you know the group with. With with Belgium's going to be real top. You you know we we would've thought that. That. Spain was gonna win today it's Portugal for that could return to a real art group. There are numbered teams that are simply outstanding and I think what you really need to do speak eat you need to keep the first game in every group before you can really decide. Yeah which group is going to be the top aside note before had a lot of people thought. That the group with. Of serves Portugal and Spain is going to be. Pretty tough because of those two and you know of the in my opinion Portugal expansion prince rights group France as a decent group with Denmark and it. But in all honesty I think payroll payroll typical pro Brazil should have beneath you don't. Out of it group Switzerland's probably the second team there I think I think Germany and Mexico's going to be great opening game and I'm just gonna happen NetSuite is a good team and at groups so. There can be surprising as well I think Belgium and England at are gonna be pretty solid and their group and and and likely advance so does that look activity here out of effect picnic in it there and policies the opening games in each group that the C really to. What's going to be the Compass Group with so far I don't think there's been any surprises. Talking to Bruce Arena former US men's national team head coach she by the way is also won five college cup titles and five MLS cup title series. Pretty good what he does he's joining us on the tiger come just slide off the field Bruce your your thoughts on on Russia as a host your territory to mega again I go back to -- fourteen and I was fortunate enough to be there and revision barrel on the beach there Copacabana watching -- Argentina and in Germany and that's fondle and if that was my first World Cup experience and I was blown away by the magnitude on that and and the passion and it just the energy surrounding it but Brazil and Russia are two very different places and they'll do do do. I guess the lead up in the preparation for these events can be very hectic and Donna just curious which is it about Russia as as a host for the broke. We know is they hosted the Olympics. The Winter Olympics recently and now they have a World Cup because they put a lot of money in infrastructure. I've put a lot of people. Book didn't go crazy you know awarded her. The World Cup to Russia but they've been good both of those Olympics open you know that the start of this World Cup has been out standing. I in I think the World Cup's are about. The teams in the span than. And not about politics so I think it'll be a great World Cup despite the fact that some people question whether Russia should because for a World Cup replica paper world. So do you do you have high expectations are or are you optimistic Torre Torre to an end to talk about it too far ahead but I mean that's gonna come quickly. Personally I think it's it decreases election I don't descent of Novo. But you know. My that is politics that got involved there and and a lot of all the claims I think it was completely bizarre to be armed with this. Hopefully it works out but. I'm gonna really questioned and that should dead. To a lot of excitement credibility for the US to point point six because. I think the US is gonna make. So the World Cup campaign in Qatar. Look at bill. Though I'm with you on that cement that was my next question obviously is is 20/20 six have been announced earlier this week and I know it's it's been a long time since a World Cup was held on North American soil far too long to suggest me a lot of other people and I don't we have the infrastructure employees we have the stadiums we have the people we were all the things that are necessary to host. This caliber of that exist in north America's who has always been a no brainer but I guess to you reminder to the best of your dollars when you what has been there they are hesitant to bring this event back to the United States are simply money interruption or is it something else. Well money corruption. This a good chance general but they do electorate broke it. This hemispheres sit it has been in the different regions of the World Cup so you never gonna see. Reaching dip the World Cup. You know two out of four times something like that so there was the there was the rotation policy. And you have a clearly it was our our time to get it and you know hopefully in another. Twelve years we get it back again and who won't take as long put that they do each sort of rotated. It can get every part of the world involvement World Cup that's why it's going to Carter. That's why it's driven. Career in Japan and Brazil the hardest part of around the globe. Are talking to Bruce Arena former head coach of the US men's national team joined us on the technique come guests lined. So let's talk about this World Cup and in the absence of the United States. Obviously that was on it just just enormous punch to the gut and a lot of a lot of US soccer fans were hurt by that took it personally a lot of the folks who were invested in seeing the sport grow and got a body works. It ordered the headquarters of buddy US cell and then he told me just you know how old devastated he was when that happened what what did that mean. When the United States did not qualify for this World Cup. Well. As much as look of those people you stated that's suffered. I think. Myself and the team itself but a lot you know we put a lot of is trying to. Get things right in 2017. So naturally. Everyone's disappointed. And supported. People. It in the sport in our country and you know what we're terribly disappointed that we've both by the team. Will it hurt us sport may be you know in the short term a little bit but. This sport is soccer is moving forward. It has a lot of momentum and out of point 16 World Cup com. To the US Mexico candidate is that we we've spent ethics. I think we just got to act like they were met it it's a little bit of sit back and you move forward no one's crying in Italy. You know it is it is the game's gonna keep going on in Italy that is to pollinate Cilic and those other countries that didn't quell by the timer. It's all part of it and it and it should be partnered we've been to. Comfortable over the years they can that this is it is automatic and now we're learning. That it's not there's a lot of competition circuit in the World Cup in hopefully we've learned some lessons this time around. Bruce before we let should tell you you have been in and obviously continue to be one of the leading voices and you know developing and growing the sport in the United States and you know just in terms of where this game is in our country right now and what the next step there is what with the vision is you know what what's being talked about what do what does the next step to continue to grow the sport United States and and to try to get on par with some of those those teams those nations that you just mentioned. Most borders grown at this commercial land and Ari indicate this in my book. Per our that we're aren't commercially politically in this sport. Tactically or competitively. We we have improved and I zero win them the most from the fact that we've got to. Have they better developmental system and our country and our Professional League. With this support and need the push from the US soccer it's got to start playing more Americans and especially young Americans. If folk and I have a national team a very quality or we need players play. And too often even an art domestically. Many Americans. Are not on the field and that hurts the national team programs so. That's my biggest emphasis right now or didn't agreement with the US soccer Major League soccer. As to how we push to move forward and and get younger players on the field. So so you did it again just in terms but domestically dimension the MLS are you satisfied with where that league is now I think you kind of hinted at that a second ago but he satisfy other where orders or or where it's headed. Well I think from a commercial one that don't aren't not there to pressure our troops continued to attend to improve the building beautiful stadiums. But studies have much training facilities. Investing money in players internationally. They need to invest more in a domestic player and they need to play the domestic player more. Speaking of domestic players I just say you know Alec Christian jewels and he's going to be here in Charlotte next month. You know with with his club take it on Liverpool and you know that's a name that I know I know you know Bruce I'm kind of weird and I you know I have been to a World Cup but I don't profess to know the game like a lot of my friends know the game so for those who want to know the game and want to get to know the biggest names and stars in the sport maybe embrace it more it who should people know and I and I know that seems like kind of a rudimentary question for guys -- caliber before the people ultimately want to know your game better. Who'd ladies and. Woes is arguably the top American players are complicit. He's an outstanding quarter and he's he's attacked in clarity is a lot of flair he's athletic he is a good court you know and and pace. And his first such were just so important our game. It is outstanding. Pieces it in my opinion he's of version of Seth Curry and our sport. A really dynamic player we about the young players come and did visit. The kid kid McKinney it's playing in Germany as well which all that's going to be good player. A player to play at this Seattle soundness deter right now Jordan Morris I think has the potential bid. A very good forward. We have a very big goal keeper Stefan in Columbus since that outstanding. Some some holdovers. From the the past who have became a player like door open net we've been outstanding player. The country yet Clinton a right back who placed in Newcastle. TC young exciting player and it and it and there are more coming up but. That the once they're gonna come up but you know I'll mention a lot of players that have of playing in Europe as well they the young employers that that are in. In Major League soccer right now we've got to get them on the field and give them the opportunity to develop. Bruce Arena is former U US men's national team has George five time champion at the collegiate level the MLS level and are really quickly tell us more about that book of yours I've now I wanna read it tells all the close what it's about where the confront. Well so often it's so all of bookstores and you know all of met that the use the get a book did you do get this book and it. It's good the titles much wrong with Boston. I talk about my coaching career how are better in the coach in the team's let coach shoots some of the great players who have coached my experiences with the US team and the 20022006. World Cup or 2017. Qualifying campaign event to recommend even patient let me. Two US soccer in Major League soccer try to. To push in the sport forward so I think it's a good book hopefully. People have an interest in soccer will will will will pick it up in and and have some opinions that's sort of that's. First I just for your time in greater insight we appreciate you so much. Pressure there you go grocery and a former US men's national team head coach against five time champ. At the collegiate level until Virginia at the MLS level and of course and it's in their check out his book and I think that might be off on the summer reading list now but we stepped aside we come back an -- picked up the conversation where we lust and also talk to college football quarterbacks are taught him Tar Heels a little states I wanna talk ACC and SEC football courtroom we'll mix intimate sit in the big twelve as those questions those callers coming as well 7045709. This extent boys and girls this is an open invitation -- phone calls got some folks wanna talk about Father's Day two but call me now you wanna talk about your favorite college football team and why we should like your team tell -- 70457. Or 96 Tenet that your phone calls next atrocity and they look. Thanks Bruce great. It's time. Has Joshi the US men's national team and god I did China I was delicately try to tiptoe around it just a little bit what does it say how does sporting wasn't that the United States didn't make the World Cup he was the head coach when the United States and mr. -- so got to be nice about the sorts of things but noticed he is one of the most accomplished people in that sport and against five time champ the collegiate level the MLS level of course twice the US men's national coach and armed. In the United States not being in this World Cup I don't think it's gonna hurt Fox's ratings all that much because again this is a global game that it will be good to see what the ratings look like your domestically over the next couple of weeks in that we we have the guys in autumn bode was talking about this on the Mac it's actors weeks and got world to document -- but the world don't talk about soccer made it's really hard to its reckless cards you when the United States is not and now we did see a thrilling game a little while ago between Spain and Portugal but. You know unfortunately that was. Of the four games have been played so far the Israel won't recede so hopefully this thing continues in that direction because on their for all of fast. And you know of Oz and I and a soccer bar hopping this weekend coming out of all you soccer fans hopefully we get more of that I wanna be they're chanting his wagon jumping at a soccer bar with a much soccer fans this weekend don't you. I yeah I do I I don't wanna go high take you sheer hate that stuff. It seems like America has a soccer problem. Well save that hold that thought I was wishing to explain that you're just couple minutes but first we got some callers have been waiting for a while and I were taken total cost two things especially controlled all right now. Cultural talk. Talk to me about your team which talked about Florida we talked about Carolina we talked about Tennessee we do more of that but talked about your college football team what why should people care why should people watch out for the oval track wash people watch out. For the gamecocks why should people watch out the real regal is the only times well Eagles and replaces more Eagles but Sox 70457. Or 96 during call about college football or call amounts fathers. We went to the budget calls and text about this earlier. It's father's sick and then the bond between fathers and sons and grandfathers. It a lot of it revolves around sports if you got a good Father's Day story wanna hear that a couple of those are really quickly we'll go to Johns first John thank you for old lament. Our air. Or did it I like Europe but return or that we're told that active with mark bricks being. Project he had Miami hurricane. I hate when. Where I get this important time was when many great and stop being brown 1982 that Florida. And I got my butt kicked our football. I went and I sir. And the coolest thing is in 1992. Me my dad actually went to Hawaii together were there for partners. And he actually got seen me serve for the first time. Am. As a military man he had stated that he didn't think it was. Our work well Bain. In Chile actually stop certain equated to actually get optional wine. Are but. That the father they are armed. What do you think about Mark Richt going to Miami and asks this is of them actually. Coming back to that date prosper and stuff. To say tonight I appreciate the phone call that was awesome stuff so I'm I'm going to save my Miami takes the next brakes were on top of that just yet but it but I I don't wanna talk about Miami because on the one hand. That's kind of bug as a as they. As an alumnus of a solo Donnelly ACC school was go missing division. That's kind of in my worst nightmare with Miami over the past twenty years was for the delay and a guy like that and you saw the immediate returns last year but on the back to the that a little bit first ordered our guys. NASCAR George who just just called me a lightweight NASCAR George's call me a lightweight. I was talking about corn outcry won't drag out the list of this patient since the late sixties and I don't quite get up and I'm not the pop up. Go to tackle it don't first door on west. It was Obama's I don't it won't always go back to the doubt that this is. Cannot and eat them or don't want it might sit out on a raptor I don't drop. Asian. I am not touch it up best man that depth look at this. The artifact of the novel was backed by a whole lot like a contradiction you don't associate him on the show ever Obama ticket and one that would come not particular on the and cover the outlook to a spot as a couple of I would expect them. Pulpit and what are apparent and I still go vote brown the Democrat got choked up and up a couple of go to dictionary don't devastation. From the top down. Score tied to optimize the Panama I don't like not coached on it knowing that we end up. I can't just vote or don't give up or go to parliament and got stopped on the wanna say. And outdated. Come back at it let's probably not I don't I don't want to go about it comes to the desktop to happen. Well the world class jerk and I don't care debate coming up at pocono I've got to come out that. Don't accept it or not go to another ballot in its entirety at present it abundantly on their the companies don't want them I don't want. Tony by the look at W camp a couple of more. Details. He doesn't it definitely out there and Bloomberg won a MacBook because they've got a couple I had toast and a cup I am not. Only a mechanism in place and it doesn't clinic did get a payment that you're gonna. I don't know what accompaniment is not up to happen upload it another article I don't wanna take a step let us. At that point you know there are so up the tempo out of a give and. Was such a let him go all day motor tied to NASCAR Georgia may now we can brother try to call it and look we'll come back we got more callers to talk in college football wide open our commercial we're talking a lot of college football.