Garcia And Bailey H3: Will Leitch Joins The Show, Was Larry Fedora Wrong?

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Friday, July 20th
In this hour the NY Magazine writer Will Leitch joined the show to discuss why attendence is down at sporting events.....

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But Garcia. Our number three here on Friday got two hours left to go still plenty of stories play good stuff to get in zero so what your front 70457. Or 9610 calls Texas on the buildings that are Tex lines send me an email Kyle W us since he dot com the garage door girl inbox and the brown Lee George Twitter feed that child Bailey WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65. Around the Jewelers Christmas in July continues through the end of the month. It's been 2499 or more. And I you can get zero interest no money down for five years check out dealer brown the Jewelers dot com all right the last two days we spent at the Westin and uptown ACC kick off the first there was a coastal division the second day was the Atlantic Division which was yesterday and though we were fortunate and happy to talk to Dave Dora because he was not scheduled to join us but. He wanted to come on W a transient talk Tuesday financier of Charlotte so while we certainly appreciate that and we started off by talking about his quarterback Ryan Finley and the offense leading the way this year. Ride that was scheduled to serve a little while and I'm excited to talk to him because. Eight he's you know for most people is the focal point of what she does come back David. I think there might be some people as taxpayers poured out to a series Charlotte all the time that don't know exactly how much firepower you have come back and talk about that a little bit. Favre started with a Ryan you know he's. The special special guy you know I'm just really proud of him. You are through process of making a decision on what we want him. Married for the right reasons you know he wants to lead this football team wants is to be wants to be the best quarterback you can be improved his stock and I'm proud to. There are receivers and him have great chemistry or talented news good depth at that position stuff Lewis Carl Norman. You know Jacoby Myers Claire Thomas. C Jerod the American uneasiness you guys doing. Insurance for 67 Todd and then carriers want to come. You vs Southern California and benefited very player. And then we have some offensive linemen and they can also use their bread very tolerant zone strong trust god so. Lot of far charge you mentioned inexperience and and we need that we those guys to be better than they were last year is going to be moving on her own defense and can tell those guys you really need to be here. Notes kind of their responsibility to protect the soldiers don't that was my next question how do you not just replaced the defensive side have been able to hit the ground running with one. Well we have a lot of kids we played and it was doomed by design we've we've wondered did captain. He did that without perhaps who soldier raised crowd period rose burned areas Bryant show Frazier. Placements williams' Jersey Warner and I says stallings Dexter rise Tim what content can blouse. All these guys have played football you know we've been on special teams you know in the clouds return corner. And so we've got to figure out you're marked on box is going to be there's competition there. You know or other form Robson next going to be there's competition are Thursday bodies and were excited to see the match ups offer. Our Dave Stewart head football coach NC state wolfpack joining us here on radio road to put things in alternate loosening a lot of these two that you would. If you were you know a popular guy last offseason I'm sure your agent took a lot of calls and go understandably so why was why I was NC state the right place Tuesday's simply you got a lot of momentum and Daniel like affairs of more than that. No we love to hear them hear it wasn't like number and we love Raleigh we love our neighborhood art kids love their schools. How like our team like a culture of our team our recruiting. Electoral lifestyle living in North Carolina where are being in the mountains lakes beaches in a car. I mean we're going. And and thankfully I was given an opportunity to have security for me and my staff that's a long one and you know you have a five you're doomed to have multi year contracts and salaries that. Made a competitive from our coaches do not wanna leave then. Pounds plus to get and sometimes. Unfortunately got to go through job. I'm just rumor mills to give which you need you know one and there wasn't the intention of dog uses world wanted to be from the start and I can be years so my kids are out of college or via command ship fire that got I think sometimes people forget that you know coaches talk profile as you are it's still about quality of life it is really very much is it about family. Don't take care of people around. Down there we had a family meeting and everyone of the kids that go to be whose dad don't leave. You know they wanted to be here they love their school. Rules and that there are few wanna go will grow but you know we don't want you to jump in so many pretty easy go to wanna stay when you're not the children. Our coach last thing is kind of an uncomfortable topic and I don't wanna coaches on the you don't wanna talk about it so whatever you wanna do that's fun to pump how do you talk to your players in your guys may do. Recruits about. You know injuries in football but CTS is a topic that everybody seems to be talking about these days and you're the first person to talk about what you tell your guys. You know I think there's so much more information now than there's ever been. When I was a player there was you know abbreviation of you about remembering so. You guys is as things progressed through the information is this handed over. I think our training staff Justin Smith and his crew do best that they can. Educate our players. And because there's changes and there's doctors non DNC is employed to give us researching on brining line. Gives us were researching best practices on how they recommend we practice to help those problems are talking about the so you know I mean I was in college football player 24 years ago. We have 142 days back to back with no days off and they are awfully proud of and nobody said words to us about any other you know now you never have two days back to back. He never have full padded practices two days in row. We have protective gear on top of our helmets to give an additional pattern. We have baseline testing for their brain waves. If there's anything that's often a warm. They can't do anything until they return to normal you know when there's a return to play protocol as a return to learn protocol. Came go to class if you have a concussion blast they don't want your brain to work he can't play video game can watch TV. So our players are aware of all these things are or medical staff educates them we we. Do everything we know but what we know right now is probably nothing compared to what we know in ten years you know so. It's an evolution and it's not just football mrs. women's soccer doesn't want kids to have the ball anymore. You know just. This isn't a football problem it's we're learning more about the human body and so how does. Apply to sports in general minutes NASCAR's everything you know so. Thank you just finding that we know more now of our volume we used to we're finding smarter ways to play the sports report. They don't they're door to head coach of the NC state wolfpack they got to figure to have another thought exciting season day thanks so much pressure on the guys regardless I purchased or zero. There it is we door today door yesterday very interesting stuff so and I we're gonna step aside and wanna come back and Allison which it's almost some of that Franca. Yeah I enjoy talking today we will talk to David addressed some da Tuesday's interest and sometimes days catalyst you know they don't like your questions but tonight I thought they judgments to things to say I saw you perked up a couple of times so low depends on what time of the month. We're talking. After a located. Joba we have more of that reaction this person and they like a. Siena and Bailey. It's extra rights no buildings that are sex lives thanks for having coached door Donnie may not be glitzy with the players' parents and high school coaches trust him and his staff. With their kids and it ties into something that you just so they're doing the right front. Well you know I just kind of you know just listening to Doran you know talking. I know you asked the question but you know here's an opportunity to go out there and talk about how sensitive. You know he is and how much he cares about the well being of in his kids in you know and how knowledgeable he is only comes to. The other was this game. You know could could lead to it's a dangerous game but yet I'm aware and I understand. Now it in the difference between you know him speaking and you know Larry Fedora talking know where he's out there. They're challenging. You know the CTE and you know the he's protecting the game of football on his mind and I got to believe. It's coming across to a certain you know certainly different and now I can only think of if I'm a kid that has no parents that are aware. Of what's taken place from already concerned that my son's playing football because of what we know with CT. How much does this hurt recruiting the feelers for gore promises this hurt recruiting if you're North Carolina. You know I and knowing you have the opportunity if if you're one of those kids to go to either one of those schools. You know Larry Fedora comes on and says what he said two days ago and then. You know Dorn comes on the says what he said yesterday. New hero speak. I was gonna restart Iraqis can take care much out this other guy over here on the other hand and a lot of great things here but he's clueless. And R&R and on on what's taken place in and and direction of football you know he understands that there's no doctors we don't hear those things don't want you say. The one negative thing all the positive things go by the wayside right what does it you know one negative thing it takes you you know want to ask you dep right yeah. Does away with 125 arable. April that's exactly right you know it's it's just some variation on you know takes the entire lifetime to build a reputation and and one mistake to to to rule it no does that kind of he'll philosophy and I would I would I would also western adorable toddler time but it we have enough. Izzo would ask drillers for Doris supporters to come out of the woodwork here for a minute because. The negative always is louder than the positive zero point minute you know trying to deter callers away from the phone not a not I'll probably somewhat nicer there are many. The alert for door followed I think some are out there but. But what but what I was gonna say is I don't think you have the state fans the duke fans the wait fair at all did you lots and coming out what an idiot disguised Dolly's try to get himself fired look at how do you defend that them but I was gonna also so you'll also have we personal on the heels fans side. Among my heels umbrage to our heels football fan Blair's role player is don't say that Larry stuck his foot in his mouth there is hurting himself so are there a difference for Doris supporters out there. Who who wholeheartedly have this guy's back right now I would love to your front and. I don't know these guys that well I know them from our interviews from what other guys tell me from you know watching them you know on the sideline and another personal life I don't know what to like in the locker room I don't know how they addressed their team are. They talked to their kids or know what they say would to their teams and things like that. You know but it's only when you have the ability to make an impression. On people. You know that first impression is gonna stick with you always the first impression that I had with Dave Doran. Taste terrible stick in the mud but you know he's. So we will guy you know he's a passionate guy. Now he's an intense guy. In line and for doorways you know just a little underwhelming so. All those they still things you know kind of exists and it this that this narrative that has taken place over the last couple days is kind of it was just I guess who supported you know most of those. News thoughts that I had when you know initially madam. And again putting on a TV for it Carolina fans or color -- -- Fedora I'm not try to base and attract your average Islam here would you say that's all 7045709. To sixty and where are my Lyris Fedora supporters right now to him back to coach opted to you know you'd have a problem with what he said or did or any of that stuff Paulus let us know Texas is well 70457 or 96 cents. You know then there's this perception. You know out there and probably do golf some I think we do it to show in general. As meat heads and guys that are just gonna go be tougher and and frighten. You don't talk this and we certainly do that sometimes there's no doubt about that but. If there's also I think an awareness that has to exist and what you can say and what you can and you indeed tough. You know and still cry you can be tough and you know still hold. It'll be sensitive you can you can do is boast both of those things can access and you know to me that's kind of where I can't show weakness stupidity that's immaturity. And that's what that is is that it's okay to be a little vulnerable. Right it's actually kind of and lighting to be a little vulnerable to know people that are going to the folly because it gives you that human qualities that he's like me he cares about me he's gonna fight for me he's the whoever takes from each and there's a passion that exists vs. I have the shield on and I'm invincible and I don't know if I'm never gonna cry I'm never going to show weakness and I'm always right. Other stupidity that's that's that shows a disconnect and bright young and old school way of thinking of you know I can't put them seeing me cry there's no crime. M I music Klein is an example but just point. So I I do it speaks it just speaks open minded discredit you said vulnerability a minute ago you know it's about the whole. Larry was lashing out I think because what he does and what he loves. He feels is being threatened and so we use the words under attack and that that's the frustrating part for me is that. Like so many arguments in the budget debates and discussions that we have. It's the polar opposites doing all the screaming yelling fighting and inserting the narrative for the rest of us because believe me there are a lot of people out there just like me you know who. Lights and love the game of football and don't wanna see it go away but also have no issue whatsoever. You know with the research and finding out more about CT because to meet at least a better protection yeah for the guys who want a place for police to preventing it you know as an end and cure yet. You know you can still do that living people I I think decides that you know needs to be supported because what's decides is a supporter enough to find out exactly what's going on then you support decides to fix it go ahead. Does Larry Fedora care about his team yes some lead us. The fact that we have to ask that question. Is the issue. Don't ask that question with a lot of these other guys write because they're coming out there and they're attacking it. They're making the center of attention is that we are concerned they addressed that before when you attack that. You have to ask the question. Right and that's the problem the image that is being portrayed is we don't know. Is he ignorant to the fact is does he understand the the consequences. Even though in my in even though you might care and love these kids eat any money if any probably does and not doubting. In his loyalty his love for that school. Or his team but the fact we have to ask the question because of something he said is the issue. But there are some people who do doubt that because I talk to people. They are yesterday and the day before around that program coverage and one that's in a lot of not that he doesn't care but that. There are a couple of separate people who don't know each other all post to me the question do you think he's maybe try to get himself fired he's got a sweet buyout. Maybe he's missed his window to go to bigger job somewhere else and they biggest frustration now I don't goes all the things are being post I don't believe I think gotten a lot of I think that's a bunch of bull long do I do too much is that a good thing about point oh. Okay 00 and you'll stop a minute my point is simply that. Those questions are being raised and that's not a good thing for Larry Fedora in his program on the recruiting trail yes that's the problem I don't believe they're fired I only that he doesn't care about his kids but the fact of people raising those questions about a potential program what's up boss. I had a caller just pose a question to me why. And it did the question was he said he fifty vehemently disagreed. With what Larry Fedora says and I want to expand off the pointy may be just a second but the point eight was well she she may be where he's crazy like a fox in. All publicity is good punt cities I can tell all pro all I can take you right now. That's not good club. I kiss so work publicity now when you have to recruit as a lifeline to your true or not they are seeing you appear to and I dismissing into an elevator trust Julia if there if there. People negatively recruit against each other. OK let me say that again people negatively recruit against each other and when UT is that big of a caliber bullet to somebody. They're going to kill you on the recruiting trail every single. Time why do you think Doran. You know I mean you can say what you want no oil hi how are you you're right I mean. If you're a guy. You know playing chess. And or an opportunity opportunist. And you see somebody assists triple a themselves. A allows you walk over the top album and you let them see how Smart York. You know there is Jones 7045709. Assists and any thoughts and comments have a soap with those and I won't we'll sneak demand. We'll get Alison you're outside of Russia buddy got about sixty seconds we got to go to Richard Dawson and thank you for calling. I ordered it would take it day in and door got out there actually did try to ball and take pressure off to not comment about the need to make airliner and but here but you bring it it made being black here where he got up he talked about you know it that they didn't iiroc barrel up been. And didn't he comment. The unit ultimate act now wonder Larry was trying to do that and that adds to that point. That's a good sized entourage for Alex is a good question and you know I know it's hard to. You know read people you know sometimes. When you don't concede the body language. Right you don't need to see you know the passion and conviction there talking to US then. You see the look that they have when they're saying what they're saying we had that opportunity to listen in right across from and I made it very evident and clear that I wanted to look at see. Is this guy really believe we send right now right or is he. You know give us the smokescreen and you know trying to heal pour over there and give the Charles Oakley and pull back over here yep you and I had the first chance I think to talk to Larry after reduce Thomas a Daschle on air conversation he believed he believed it. He believed everything he was saying guys and tell you right now there's no I mean. You say what you want I mean are pretty good poker player pretty good reader of people yeah. I bought everything he said he believed every bit as they went back and how important I had any even furthermore. More asked about defense the same look existed ransom by his defense still across a table in his book he could to try and the last pill has been brought some more you know some more weapons and friends I looked at that point. We got to Delaware labor got to get back will Leach national correspondent Major League Baseball but also New York magazine he wrote the piece that basically pose the other issue I know what is going to live sporting events anymore not many people seem to care. We'll talk about that next is Garcia Bailey. Let's get back to Garcia and sale. I don't predict coming up in thirty minutes ago moos the most is close most of Mohamed will join us former chair a lot of territorial Koppel on and double talk some. Talks and it felt socks and printers a week from now we will have real live on sealed updates from training camp and if you don't bouts of five days after that frank and I we're broadcasting live from trying to chip so looking forward to that right now as we told you we had a great conversation on Tuesday. About religious peace in New York magazine about attendance is no professional sports college football college basketball the steady decline and why nobody really seems to Kerry will Leach is joining us on the ticket John does slide first of all Willits so it's a pleasure to have you on the show here. And we appreciate your time a great piece thank you for joining us. I'll play expect our attitude thank you but I dork. So you know what was is a piece that you set out to right because you knew about the trend or are you were just curious to see what was happening and I think we've all turned art television wants its licensee you know. I have to and the knows the 49ers stadium or half empty your mostly empty baseball stadium in Oakland Tampa but what was the motivation modest pace. I don't know we like Al on the operator maggot is this I capture some kind of a larger trend to go beyond the sport that. Anyone it would it would and the bad thing that I was Xperia Betty and and the Atlanta united soccer game and after there were so great. And I talk to someone that worked well and I that was what it looked at it but. Yep great I. You know what they've really opened the protected we are eagerly any compelling television a lightweight when they open upper deck in the 20000 more people here are you spoke it talent television. And I are being a people like you get bell is about it and it I've realized that a lot of ways. Big game went on are basically found did you take it stated the doctors found that that our television and the play and the people in the paint. Are sort of extra than Canada on the the a year or more a lot of students were coming into the game just do inspections aren't good he wouldn't approach was not. Actually all a lot of the time that and I cannot reach our veteran Wall Street Journal has done a good piece about why that was it you may have really it's just that note. There when you see I was just can't take that back when Bob but it debate debate or mr. They did an app that I didn't dig down they look like yep we should book on that we don't worry about that but not really any of Abu Dhabi it. There are making so much money that the number of people actually come into the game. It increasingly irrelevant if someone that loved the ability to me makes me a little bit there. Well I know it and there's something else you touched on on you know beyond that when you were talking about the declining attendance in that you know these commissioners in there and he's league executives don't seem to care as much because they are pulling him. Billions upon billions of dollars and broadcast rights from various networks and that's not really gonna slow down anytime soon because you've got to twitters and Amazon's of the world it also jumping and those conversations they're constantly finding new revenue shares of the problem that you posed. There was people not going to games anymore is that. It's it's all sports fans now however drew from this point forward as wants sports on TV ad and they don't have that connection with the Indian experience the other becomes just another television show that that's your assertion right. Yeah you know it's funny when he that I actually signs that if you don't boy your ball and they won't force them out they all look up all the basketball. But they all know what America did a warrior fund I adore what is well but. It put the television or are they they put that on the exact thing wobble as. Sports fan but I'm not there yet but it doesn't incredible athlete incredible bang. Buy it is clearly a big effort I think that he. To the idea that it just the television program but it might take. It didn't but it gave. I they have audit of the teacher but it isn't the game. Don't know how that allegation that the you know we've been I'd like watching sport on television is because I who are going to sporting events and I think the crowd going crazy. That what might be up. Although I would that that's getting political electricity or what I would create the other game typing back. I think short term ready to write like medium term. All of this city lot that organization they're getting an immediate right all of these sport but don't want Big Apple's wired. But that's the one don't think is it acquired it immediately. But yeah I have acquired. People that bought it that they have. But people that care enough about it in the long term they all right well I think that are other people but I think it all when it got big O I think. My paper forty about it I've ever watched. There's another very rarely caught up at all about the overall a number of great moment that they're there by ordinary shot. I of the globe watching on television by myself and certainly what the true liberate that accumulate lots more. I don't want to used in person who easily gain weight than what mr. computer or your wife at that point. I think that what makes sports fans. It might worry that it is what it is sort of looked at the end game experience it's hard to argue that not gotten the rest of the worst. As the year went on along not because of that they simply gained a portion of players are work. But just because why would you take care that they you're kidding the television and people and end the people better person. Just don't matter as much so I need to make no longer true rip. First short term gain that back of the Big Ten are out on a number all right now but I did think that a long term back has been turned. You know Hillary here's Ramona. Many disagree with some of the things he said knowing that everybody has a personal experience you have your experience with your kids in. Don't watch American ninja warrior and then maybe not having the passion and excitement that. That you have through watching the game by yourself but I have equal passion and excitement for a team and I watched with a group of friends that I go to we create the party we create the environment biamby are it's. The atmosphere so I think is just a personal. You know difference of you know how. How do you go about. About watching the game purse is you know what is actually taking place because the TV markets wouldn't be growing to the point that they are the the simple and we were seventeen billion now if people weren't home watching long term. I don't disagree that if you're not going to the games maybe that experience no tears up but my kids are seeing these party with my buddies and you know. Have excitement in throwing you don't beer popcorn or chips when my team scores or throw something to break the remote when they don't so they see the passion there as well. I don't know what it by much and my children have not seen the probate. Case it's better I don't understand that I think there are being in that. I'd look I get my larger fear though is typical white. But if I might now if you go to a game within what but your people are I get it like I like what he battled to I had better angle it the warmer targeted by Al that your cheaper I totally understand. And I happily get what people make that decision. What really got by kept weapons earlier it doesn't make fans themselves that are actually at big game. It turns them into. Kind of extra deterrent but it two people who are not in a joint anyway. And right now is a good immediate family we even went. Even with all the fractured media lives sport is incredibly. Powerful in the current media landscape because we're streaming everything else. Where were you there at the appointment but a lot of television anymore that the sport so they're for it but on this but I. But predicting it but you look at media I were in media. Good that the media is be stranger at the open the wallet that you. They can hear everything we do you know about media's going to be different it'll be different triggered after that fighting back at the year I agree I think that you buy it out like. Our blanket they'll enjoy watching sport that they are television and don't predict by the they love it too. But I knew they could turn that they also enjoy. You know watching the incredible vehicles. Seagate. And I think that and I feel like it at all they can make a certain age they were. All of the experience when everything is just on a street by it but that doesn't understand the public pay predicted that a little old action at all with Baltic that. I can because of one in a way that many young kids that it now I'm guided by the fact that why do I like sport. One got closed my eyes and what made me likes sport it. Always being a partner that the game I didn't have a great they're great watching game but what really. Seal any big he's someone that one don't watching on television and the next thirty quarter a year. It almost all we guardian that way. I've I've and that I don't they don't beat you bait the watching sport on television it's bad if they spent it almost two bit of a shrewd. The head and bell but I do that they if they don't. They boat what movie for example the blood the world of movies are really try and Peter are desperately trying to buy new gimmicks and we wait the dignity of the 3-D or IMAX are scared ductwork you're either on our backs it gave a slight. It doesn't feel like. It doesn't feel like sport being part of that is probably it definitely and at the back there that and I understand all the bitter are desperate they have to do it that way. More into depth but it does that make a lot of my right now. Corporate beat a couple of along. Yeah well they know Don Kyrgyz few motion sickness so long that's an entirely different discussion did you Demi emotions are tonight Dramamine in the theater but so it's a different distractions are different they were taught to release. I wrote a great piece in the New York magazine new Yorker about so low attendance across sports and well I would simply ask you. You know what what's driving it is that I ticket prices is it's over saturation is it laziness as its. I'm a look at what is driving it isn't simply the TV product or are let's assume actually as a TV product over the next two or three most important factors why people staying home. Yeah I pick apart I think that it if you think that there is the main the main idea but I get there and we've all been taking a bad if not a war. Like if you go to a game you are you recognize immediately open and a lot for a lot more for the other years ago that it probably a lot more in the door. I'm going to sit through. In less than period of debt time. Waiting for a game to come back from commercial because I expected like Erica certainly pretty it NFL game it is basically I think Milwaukee journal that it is copy years ago. That there were actually a total of no dirt. There are seeing that this team minute. Actual action the kind of spoke on an epic about the other way to get between plate and wait but in the back from commercial and I think that. That's a problem like that they need you go to regain. And that about it is the best that everybody knows that but the other issue Tibet is one Q are there are. You don't feel like uh oh I don't get my money right now because. Mr. all about me ego got in the when he experience. If you pay a lot of money shirt you respect your I thought of where I speak for the apple like the regular speed. You're paying a premium price but are usually paid very little for the label want to get called and you're not because. You'll feel like oh what the they can take care about the right out there making sure that I am not and I'm by maximum comfort no British YouTube likely that something that a law that better. I a lot of people are. So the fact that a violent situation in your own often about work when you're around it he about the dot dumb people I think it'll well it well people are getting more and more connected up all of certainly under the collar is. But what they think they talk about what they were wary of going he gave but he can't quite get there like here. Then you'll I can't get ahold of anybody we can argue whether that is bad about this idea about but it certainly will be out. It identity that part of it. Well I deploy until. A limit on your but I got about 3045 seconds why is the NBA the exception of that right now. 400 billion BAA it. It gin it up and what do you know being gay it inevitably they could carry it back but it is really hot right now and they've work. But their conduct because it was down ten years ago by people that were not allowed to locate in the PW Libya well they're both booming Indian it been able to go out. Because a that the bits are the sport indeed they had more to move up. I will Lisa national correspondent Major League Baseball contributing editor New York magazine also the founder of Desmond joining us on the segment John does slime and welcome back and has more conversations that do Sunday that would love to have you back thank you for your time. I don't Willie once again joining us on the ticket John does slugger conversation good piece come back or react a little bit as Garcia and Bela. Rcn and they are. Frank Garcia. Guess which I think will Leach but sounder that's been by the way. Yeah that was impressive to get element that was good yeah. House coffee yeah a lot. A lot he was double minded. He was a runaway Trent. Yeah that was a locomotive was there were most of bricks. The relationship which we are about four questions and look he got a lot of perspective on the surface just got larger perspective and I know you disagree with a secretary Betty said nuts let's go to tell him what would you overall to collect. He thinks that college or that football's headed in the direction. That it's is going to be damaging to the overall experience of the game in the game's going away. But the experience may be for the future I think right now it's little bits and pieces. I I don't agree with that I still feel like they'll be plenty of people going to the games maybe the attendance is down. Novatel adapt those just I think maybe it won't have to adapt and adjust as well as we talked about is the pricing of the seats. You know if that's gonna go down as well but you know. We're a lot of these clubs. People may not be going to the game. Duke album it's easier for me to eat the the money sometimes as always Dubai then go and spend double the amount. It's like you know when you get really good sale and you have that 50% off. Or buy one get one free and you by five. I really save money I spend my right right. I mean so you you just described her husband and wife conversation that is ever addiction just because it's on sale doesn't mean we need it that's right so. You know that's kind of the the dynamic that exists you know it with the European cells. It costs me more even though I'm already paid. And eat that amount you know because of that ticket price Emery you know I've already made up for. In my three or four games I've sold where I'm going to cost I don't need to go to those games because it's gonna cost me fifty dollars for parking is gonna cost me. I'm saving money by not going right that that's the challenge that these organizations have now how do you make it more fan friendly with the PLO also want to put. Bright young but the organizations are you have the tickets sold. Thirty that the monies are being collected because of the PS cells that that's a money that's gonna be a residual each and every year so this in their talk to. The seems you have PS cells absolutely and I. Most teams have DSL lot of teams have the right they don't believe but it's not just a national problem Norman there that's that's the point you know as a key okay you've got a much money in hand if you're the NFL you have DSL holders were spending money at a time that's great. But a lot of a lot of teams a lot of leagues do not have that and a lot of teams have season tickets going on sold a single game tickets go and unsold if empty seats at postseason games all or how. That comment how does adapt house little leagues in Dallas are questionable there was an issue you have to find a way to both adapt but also not overspend while doing it. That's a process of adult sort of adapt is giving you a better. Product on television. They give you more information they give you more opportunities they give you better ways to watch or they give him different avenues to look at what is still at the end of the day grow. Growing their brand and they're collecting on that side that maybe not in the stadium with an. Make much money anyways with ticket revenue they're making more money on the billions that are making with these TV revenue sure. Can stomach a lot of money we know with ticket revenue and having people their personal merchandise import and everything like that's why these guys want big parking for big stadiums and such but they are building all these new stadiums with smaller capacities we talked about it the other day US bank of Minneapolis 66000. Seat capacity. Bank of America's 43 years old and hold 75000. They're building these new stadium smaller and smaller and they're accommodating more for the new kind of fan because. It of the new friend doesn't watch games like the older fans used to the Norstrom was to get up and mingle and walk around and you know it's a social experience that those sorts of things. That's the challenge for some of these leagues are particularly NFL how do you build stadiums to get people to come and have those two things but it also don't cost too much to get people there come. That's a good thing to do it if you're a business community stadiums. And you're not your seat walks in the gaming you're out. What are you doing you'll find food you didn't drinks and isn't bad yeah I mean you're gonna Sarmiento sort of way if we're having this conversation has a negative with the new fans watching. You know then in this gonna do you know deter from that the nasty interpretation that I had that you are giving so kudos is a good challenge it's just different out. It's a good SR challenge it's it's it's it's benefiting them. It it is a challenge to build and try to keep up with the the habits of consumers is what I say I'm not telling you that mingling ending up in a social experience is bad on site trying to track and keep up with the habits of both fans and consumers and to build things to accommodate that and to constantly try to keep open adapt to that's their job they're just different obstacles that's all think it's different. Yes and Sosa remember him watch it to see they're creating bigger televisions around the bar I think so source becoming sports bar live entertainment sports bar. And you know that's what teams a daughter that's a benefit to them. Doesn't hurt the people are still on the stadium bar spent the money to buy. By and drainage system collecting the revenue should shut you see disappoint they are still on the stadium at the same bridge to used to do it right and that's that's the issue to those are two different things if they're in there. Thus that's if you're saying and suggesting that's with the door and that's a different issue then they're not going at all those are two separate things and it's not going. You know what they're doing is creating a better product which is going to be a little bit more expensive each and every year that they're gonna gain they're gonna grow on the TV side of that so there's still winning and that direct. I don't think there's two different things because the reason they are going does that experience is not good enough for as good as it is at home. Right and so you're making those adaptations to try to get them back because they are going to the same rate they used to. So you think it's the only reason not the only reason you think with the big reason is because it the game isn't as good experience isn't as good or maybe it's cause this to expend his. Want to it's a combination that you better spirits and home like you talked about watching on TV you don't spend as much money you don't have to go and the elements for big crowds is the safety aspect which a lot of people care about there's lots and lots of reasons behind it and that's what he was researching and writing about an orderly it's bad or good or just think it's different where a different era where people have to react I had this. Rescission blue grass where you from probably about ten years ago with our template. You know and we are sitting at the Super Bowl in Phoenix in I'm sorry if it's not the right Super Bowl soared two and ten years do we get to point. The doesn't prime time you are we all went down there met who don't remember who was climate we're in Phoenix Arizona for the super boards a boy came up. Two radio road came on our our station or sit there are numerous and at what point. This is their point of diminishing returns because the price people out. I think I think Atlanta is one of the cheaper places to go buy food to watching game to get that experience even with the new stadium. An in source Carolina Clinton not weird we have fairly fairly good year compared to. The rest of the NFL world right and some of these other cities in the markets a TR tickets are priced cheaper than most people are to our food is a reasonable. At what point is start. Price seeing your fans out. I asked that question juniors there's a great question and we have to be very concerned about it. But you know everything you know as a price in there's gonna to be continuing to grow in corporate. Sponsors are starting to build more and NB involve more and I gave a great answer you know. And that's been in prison that he saw but you're at that point. You know where are we at that point of diminishing return our fans start to turn away because it's too expensive. Are we gonna go get a step aside if you're on the phone lines right now I'm tied to come back and we talked to most Mousa Mohammed will join us next we'll talk compared to the bowl the last in this question too to see what he thinks about it and double take your thoughts both on the slow lines on the release that are tax line email Kyle WS Lindsay dot comer of the supple brown to Jewelers Twitter feed Garcia barely.