Garcia And Bailey H3: Who Should Be The Hornets Next Coach?

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Monday, April 16th
In this Hour Darin and Kyle break down who the possibilities are for the Hornets Head Coach position, and give their input on who they should pick...

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But Garcia. Powered over three child really daring jail pro football talk dot job Philly did for frank Garcia the golfers. They have rocked. All sorts of celebrities right around your rate tree country club you've already heard from Marty hernia and we'll see who else drops at 7045709. Friday as we were a few probably fifteen minutes into the show we find out there and did that so Steve Clifford been fired. As a head coach of the war's first of all your reaction to the firing was. One of my reaction was Steve Clifford has been emancipated and he's got a chance to go get it another job right now I think he might and to be perfectly honest with you. He's got a good chance of finding a better job the missile because I am adding I think. You know everybody wants the home team to do well on that kind of stuff but if you take a cold clinical look. At the Charlotte hornets opening right now there aren't that many jobs in the league that you would point to and say yes it was way worse in this one. I mean it's just you know I Gloucester are one maybe thought. Are you you know it was time that does have some friends again today it it's like you know it's probably it's the end stemming Gundy said this the other day we're Kroger. It you know it's a bottom third of the league jobs yeah and that was Freddy be in a little generous and you know the Phoenix is the Sacramento's. Though Memphis is the only land those. The Brooklyn's maybe I mean that's kind of the neighborhood their play and in so I think it's a good coach and it's just it's going to be hard for anybody to walk in here because. Obviously if you look at the record it's not that town it is team and it's also way up against the capping got a lot of bad contracts that might be. Our demoted so I don't know how quickly yeah. It's gonna get good yet Chris did speaking of a team a couple of members Betsy and actually here right now both of pregnancy and Cody Zeller or is it kind of walk around. Always it should see seven voters playing golf in and of itself is up quite the scene but here you talked about whoever's next coming in here well. We find out on. Friday. That the that's what got the news a broken that. The good the hornets have reportedly already been conducting a background search on David visit. Davis Tisdale if you were told former Georgia of the Memphis Grizzlies spared heavily to eight years in Miami is an assisted on the seat seems. With LeBron James it won a couple of titles. Davis is still a young guy was so what was fired in his second season as a head coach the Memphis Grizzlies back last fall. You know a lot of players people across the league blown away they were surprised couldn't believe it did a feud with Marcus all at any time as a Kosher funeral I make it that much money is the star player you're going to lose that battle that's pretty much held that always works. But David says don't you might recourse if you don't really remember Davis there's still you might remember this is that this blow this explosion at a post game press conference. Where he coined the famous phrase they're not go Roca ESCO had us. You know it's unfortunate that. Like Mike Conley who in his whole career has gone zero technical fouls and just cannot seem to get the proper respect from the officials. Then he deserves. I was very poorly officiated basketball getting. Zach Randolph the most rugged guys in the game had zero free throws with somehow wind and had nineteen free throws. First half we sudden nineteen point shot nineteen shots in the pain in we have six free throws they shot eleven times in the pain had 23 free throws. It's not a numbers guy but that doesn't seem that overall. 35 times we shot the ball in the paint we had fifteen free throws but the day. They shot eighteen times that I had 32 free throws Y shot more free throws and our whole tape explain it to them. We don't get the respect that these guys desire is my colleague doesn't go crazy yes class. They just play the game but I'm I don't let them treat us that way. It auto parts got pedigree and I'm a young rookie but they're not Holbrooke us that's unacceptable dolls unprofessional. My guys dug in again and are in the right to be an I game and they did not even give us a chance. Yeah take that for data. Take desperate data suggest now is do you have my reaction of that arrow and I heard that my first reaction was. GM wind tunnel look become the coaches in the country is up up up up up up. And then my second all floods this thing cares about his job this man standing up for his people. Can you gotta respect that leg as a rookie coach or he's been in the twenty years. He has little to put himself out there and M did it run the risk of a fine from the league right to it to go all out after his guys and if your player you gotta respect a coach who's gonna. Put himself out there like that for you. Texas writes and build Exeter checks signed never heard that Al wanted yes love that's well it was that he did know about this Davis is still a guy who furloughed peoples of the top of the coaching search list right now to edit and get a few what was people. Who try to dismiss it because he was fired amid this just sort of that's what Memphis does. They thought Kirk oh yeah Lionel Hollins took over the Easter cover the Western Conference playoffs. Biggest fire. Is it de Jager glove coach out there he gets fired. Able what did the into the QB brown era was ugly American I hug you let the end of any QB brown era and I get ugly it's the nicest guy on earth so. Dave is still was also Lowe who got more audio here he was always Rachel Nichols. And I Tracy McGrady. On the job talking about the end of the Memphis Grizzlies era and build what he wants it in the next coaching job a little bit of a lake to click the listen to a writer. I said at the end of the day I'm I'm a big boy then you know I know going into this that guy that's always a chance that you can be fired and that is so great coaches have been fired in this league which I got to talk to a lot of them after it happened to me in and they all gave me incredible vote of confidence and great advice on. You know how to how to move forward and I got some great advice come out and learn which is also what she does not I am almost trying to learn some new. So you know it is what it is right now and I'm just move forward from. The PC race who like electricity. As you say this Jesse because you've got some athletes then that's another thing we were surprised the US so many current players immediately. About have you back LeBron James that answers feel like my badly in the tall guy you had Dwyane Wade off course also. With youth in Miami that you are players finally even close to. It came out saying what happened here this doesn't make sense to me. Did I meant a lot to me how many you know when you get that kind of response. I mean is that you have has some impact and that's you know I'm when you're doing this job that's what you wanna look back on the Senate's that you had an impact and so you know one day my kids to see that LeBron James. Carolina though and I lost my job and you know dealer as I was the first class kid you know I got to coach him in the rookie game. We got to talk actually you know when we played them for a earlier in the year and I just total Manuel won among favors to watch you carry yourself the best news. You know he had it when he did force coach Terry Stotts. On Twitter at that time whenever I was going after Terry I mean I just it just shows you would know what kind of guy is an. You know also felt good going you know deny kind of response but I don't like being here with you guys either. I know they're gonna let us let us that kind of hot day. This I don't think this will be yours just relying is a meteor visiting I'm. Teams have you thought a little bit about what kind of job you want that's what you want from your next travel elation you wanna be an. I don't know picky I can be. And you're not really just wanna get back on the sideline and tell you what I learned from this last situation and really try to apply it. You know to the next organization. And you know. I'm not fall listen all of this stuff unless you are not like that so much mistakes that I made in this that I wanna grow from a lot and so whatever kind of team that is whether it's a contender team trying to become a contender or young team trying to develop. You know a murder face at all. Sort of the go which heard they're they're get those davis' elbow what you gotta like that and I mean I really do he sounds like a guy who who gets it and is gonna come. Better equipped to its second chance to be a head coach in the NBA is first day the one thing that's interesting to me is you here. Bill listed names trickle on out new gets himself from some of the other guys. We heard a lot of names Jannero assists from Houston was one of the guys for the GM searched it I think a lot of people were excited about could pay here's a new young name maybe is gonna do new young. Different things seem gag and then they harm its country I don't know which cut checks going to be a good. GM or a bad GM I just know it was a very establishment pick a very safe pick a very chalky. Kind of pick and and I don't know I I think his sales probably got an opportunity because. You know as opposed to like it Jerry Stackhouse are estimated hasn't been a head coach in the NBA this guy at least know who's. The procedures this guy knows the process not steal somebody else's word. But yeah I think having a guy who's been around a little bit and build up a good amount of respect to normally can only. Be a good thing though I would agree with that is that was David's is still up fired back in November and again that that was as much to do what they did a disagreement or should say spat with with more Gasol was anything else bedecked grizzlies organization three GM's three coaches in six years that that should not be a reflection in my opinion. But on David's is still the coach and obviously you see guys like a broad Jane today low alerted and Dwyane Wade stuff informally got fired so like vampire about a brownstone met necessarily mean you're bad at your job don't does that all work for a bad organization as a badge of our so there are other names out their last night I was a sort of still going back and look at for some audio. The tour Messina is an indicator of over the weekend I eat my first car in high school was in 1978 Tora missing was that now yeah I'll hopefully he gets RC could ask you about that. Let's to see there was someone without a good little look deep diving into less and I felt some audio so good I got trouble with lefty Johnson because that would stop watching it. You'll hear that next live from retreat go to class or Syrian village. Bad after the Exxon about your great tree country club Joseph moss foundation golf turn it all sorts of celebrities and Jeff Reed former kicker for the for its first it was her time Super Bowl champ told me earlier at last count 43 celeb trustees there and I did. Where and you know we're we're is pretty unique company here today but. We appreciate everybody haven't us out and of course they're about to hit the links a main frank Garcia is out there on the putting green for God's sakes what more celebrity could you want to map that's something you look around the cookies file their right now as an. There's a Thomas de luz oh Cody Zeller out there don't. Thank Kaminsky log probably to go soft Frank's back Carroll was here and though we we got a bus a voter so. There they'll popped it is they see fit Omar Gaither entry Bleier here as well they'll be there Thursday that a deal worth neighborhood girl for our up. Three draft pro football roundtable looking forward to that very much for getting back to the task you can't hear you heard some of that audio from Davidson is still there before the break. He is rumored to not only be a candidate for the host their borders coaching job puts up the New York Knicks as well. And done according to some reports on Friday the other hornets have begun a background check a couple of days. Before they fired Steve Clifford a background check on David there's still so we got to some of the audio. Another name to came up over the weekend for tore Messina. Who is an assistant coach with Gregg Popovich in the San Antonio Spurs outsourcing actually. This is his first stop as a full time assistant coach in the India is not prior to this he was the head coach of CSK in Moscow bound Russia. And before that he was a consultant with the Los Angeles Lakers so I thought you would see him on the floor sometimes during the game did not sit on the bench put. Lots and lots of clips of volume him with Kobe Bryant and and others he's got a good relationship with Kobe but but tore Maceda is the former Italian men's national team head basketball coach. So I got a couple of via a double alleged that last night sort of there was some digging. All the Ole Internet and I've found some of Tora Messina audio from carefully years ago when he was in Moscow coaching. And it was talking about his coaching philosophies we got some good ones here at the first what you hear is is it tour Maceda talking about discipline what it means. For a team to be just let us go and play that. At the same time you can have to kind of discipline and discipline too forced with strength. And the discipline to control except. For two on the sofa because they got especially. Usually the thinking so hard both students wherever so disciplined he's based on the strong sense of responsibility. And these things usually wind and after a successful long time. I think that at one point to. You always faced this famous question are more important lose for the people I don't know the Porsche also because. This goes I mean we've the only thing Wimbledon has the perfect and so what I know is that the great organizations. These crew members level. Principles and people some of these pixels soon principles when you. Principles the sooner or later you were great. But that's just a history of the towns whose. Peace through the roof confidence and some of the club she's lonely so for instance if you just read you a little bit of history and find Jesus is the general. Dare get its initial reaction is look. And Michael make him an officer Larry King Europeans. But it does have that god father field okay yeah and it's fantastic it's. You know it that it reminded me of meals are really the former anthem singer slash restaurant tour here in town was extraordinary Charlotte fixtures sadly. Mr. who's really passed away last year but he was a fixture at a hornet's gains back in the old days could bring down the house with a National Anthem and not. Was always Wilma walker and his restaurants saying for the patrons while he's there to south. Yeah that would be yeah. Slot right now let's talk let's look at international. A slave writers and other way here here is such or faceted talking about he's going from discipline. To say go if he wants to work with people who are willing to say they're sorry but. By the personally. I am afraid that people who never say is I'm sodium items that we'll never find what to. Ultimately that didn't tell him I do you may be forced to do this and never killed the other nice they have boot times. Yeah same and so. I think there. With the players sometimes and make a mistake because they played and make do all sorts of some. Sometimes think I need to use page because. I thank them all the real world wants to see from these two of the game sometimes they played man and I see the pleads on for maybe two minutes and vice Versa. Yeah you never could never have the perfect. They. And the sometimes you make these mistakes. He's for the phone to you don't find. And priceless. Oh I don't see any phone and telling the players and Saudi women's and. They don't do it he wants to work with people who are willing to say the sword he sounds like a mature adult human beings. That's their room for that in the Charlotte sports landscape their base just video I keep in mind as well that's you know it when he worked for the lakers and his subject was the GM they're so that soda that position as a consultant was. So the good Mitch Kupchak has done so he has a lot of familiarity here with Tora Messina here's here's one more on no on technology did do lose their millennial from an Italian basketball coach. I was just reading an article a few days ago this that took them. And long good. The use of well I hope you took and took a little cold distant some reviews your duty to. Because you have everything golden. Display known just for some welcome good ideas on Wall Street games. Isolate the world. Houston's. Paulson who you computer because at the end we'll do what we do we know we're working with two you may soon. Full of no we won't conclude hoped to play here. Get to a point where this team from become so fast food and of course the but it looks like ultimately you know because they see in the real long so. And to keep the brain working. Because of this tour and every time to recruit from the world. There you go back that says it's warm a seat on the on technology. And millennial sounds like me talking about kids probably a personality I am I can the sound this guy more and more I thought she might I now have a new favorite maybe nothing against all low coming David is dale. But I didn't I could work within this going to be the leader in the clubhouse now. Us vice this might see you looked in the final clip that I have for you I wanna I wanna play for the player or play for a coach who tells me Bravo. Every time a maker shouted it's it's it's it's it's Oprah Messina on approaching his players. The most almost so that we we've. In the coach's world. Is that when we imitate that a coach sitting on the bench and post season play is doing some crazy stuff and he's saying look what he's doing and then the ball goes in a certain but problems. But I'll go to shots you know this is this is. The problems and I think he's just not fair is not a loyal. Do that by doing the season's over player only to bulldozing an overall. I think it's very important for everybody that we are arguing that she's decisions. On how much she deserved it doing that could mean cited our system side our way of playing well sidled be respectful and all fifty. Teammates over game over everything. And sometimes you can just keep score sometimes you can be unlucky then maybe the ball goes in and out and then and then all of the does multiple makes a good play good play is because we we see something which seasons a lot of the things according to all the way. Although it seemed possible. Art ever sold you yet of Tora Messina and data whatsoever assault yes. Pat I'm Molina year old that I'm ready to do this that you liked is still you'll love it or Melissa yeah I really do and I mean aside nods is the fact that he's Italian and when people say things with an Italian accent it just sounds smarter. The more sophisticated. A little more worldly at least. All. They mean I like the things the guys is say you don't like B I'll look like the way he thinks about Dayne said. You know a lot of times. I don't his fascinating win the cavaliers gave David blatt a shot to death and after coach in overseas coach and in Israel. Do a lot of stuff in Europe. To give him a shot at LeBron James yet that was a bad experiment that one didn't work out but I liked the idea of let's try something different jobs and one owes them at the NFL earlier in the show us the NFL as a prisoner to. They're being homogenous say and I think in the NBA there's an opportunity. To do business a little differently and and you know maybe create a little. In a market inefficiency free self and take advantage of something 'cause if everybody is gonna do it this way and we're not good enough to do it that way let's try this and see how network. David blatt who by the way has been contacted by the New York Knicks again there are other current job opening of so maybe he wasn't all that terrible coach after all we know we're winning or maybe the nicked her Hotmail or make an economic news is they want to give that to very will be the case lets us know those look there are other names out there Jerry Stackhouse Monty Williams with. They're David says they'll talk to the forefront a couple of days ago Tor was in his they've killed over the weekend so. We don't we grab some of the audio for you here on Monday it. We're to step aside we come back Gary Gibbs tells us when we come back why he's loving the NBA playoffs so much we're here live from the great tree country club Joseph -- foundation golf tournament getting underway momentarily it's Garcia but it would. You know it's unfortunate that. I'm Mark Carney who in his whole career has gone zero technical fouls and just cannot seem to get the proper respect from the officials. Then he deserves. I was very poorly officiated basketball getting. Zach Randolph the most rugged guys in the game had zero free throws with somehow why and then I had ninety free throws. First half we sudden nineteen point shot nineteen shots in the pain in we have six free throws they shot eleven times in the pain had 23 free throws. It's not a numbers guy but that doesn't seem that overall. 35 times we shot the ball in the paint we had fifteen free throws but the day. They shot eighteen times that I had 32 free throws Y shot more free throws and our whole tape explain it to them. We don't get the respect that these guys desire is my colleague doesn't go crazy yes class. They just play the game but I'm not don't let them treat us that way. It auto parts got pedigree and I'm a young rookie but they're not Holbrooke us that's unacceptable dolls unprofessional. My guys dug in again and are in the right to be a night game and they did not even give us a chance. Take that for data. Hospital regulars back to dig couple bits of the buildings that are sex life for the Tuesday so our congratulations on that child Braly Derek did sitting in which year ranger country club the the masses are about to head off to play some golf here accelerate tree country club Joseph moss a company about to look to address all the celebrities and golfers in the house they're off to play and against gay did outlast these quiet the next hour and a half additional staff still free to to give us a call 7045709. B six stand. Some sensitive people out there yet why sensitive people out there we got up early with so what's next that a little while ago saying that. Our Josh father reference was ridiculously inappropriate why I don't know I'm not really sure. We demand is from Italy now in automotive head that the background music and everything else that's neither here nor there are just and I wanted to come back it's all just a bit more per second about these NBA playoffs because. I was watching yesterday I saw the buzzer beater from blow into the Boston game and you know watched Cleveland lose Indiana and us all the good it would James Jordan did last night. I know you or your on the mend right now with a broken ankle jail used illegally get a lot of quality lip outs or more counts times we previously you look what. You saw diet I mean I'm a sucker for the NBA anyway I am one of those weird those who watches it for fun. I prefer it to the college game just presenting its played at a higher level and when you see it. When you get rid of the chat in the NBA and you get into some of these series. Hey there's just some phenomenal basketball being played I mean I'll be honest we did the I was sitting with some friends last night having dinner. It says Oklahoma Utah game Oklahoma city Utah game on and background and assets as it pertains to the greater context of who's gonna win the NBA championship this series doesn't matter all that much I don't think that's right right but that's a phenomenal. I wanna watch those guys play five games I wanna see these guys go head to head a little bit more off today at us. You know how did you watch the end of bugs Celtics the other day. And not just be hook line and sinker signed me up for all of this dip shoot straight into my banks is a gimme that good stuff. Right here you know constantly and there's a game all around the clock every night a week so how bad can debate so he put what did you think about the intimate look Celtics games by the way all this phenomenon mean guys taken place you know. You you thought it was over yeah out and ending Chris Middleton hit a shot dead I don't think they were even. I mean they were set up to sort of guarding but not really not real and it's like okay what you gonna take from back there close. And that's just saying that's what I'd love that the NBA playoffs is there's so many of those moments. It just catching and say hello this is fantastic while I'm not there watching this call regular season. Well hey look at the same time bombs you know you you've got a guy got a bunch of guys the NBA's best vestiges of a second ago and you know it's it's not all that far fetched to believe that a guy can hit an open look from the score stable down however once in awhile and that's what happened with. If you get to overtime and go back and forth a little bit beyond a synthetic oval fouls out. And you know he's going ballistic on the call which I look I agree with I did not that was a thought that that was the file to the fact of the matter was he should have been free to want to begin with. Because you know the foul call that he got to send him with a lot of thought was bogus as well so. There's a lot of action and I don't I look. In the end the comeback yesterday win. The Kansas taking a huge elves and making us wonder. Is this all gonna fall far right far if I don't know Tom we actually have to be concerned about I don't know if the Indiana came. Do this solar cell phone a basis don't eliminate the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round. Oh my god the way they played last night if you can't help but think OK here's the template here's the blueprint here's what you gotta do and and again I think it offers. While I think the local team is pretty far away from being a competitive. Team in the play elsewhere you looked that way that Indiana team was put together everyday thought they were just cast offs every day just thought it was okay here's a bunch also ran says. You know they're the best players have been picked apart when they turn that thing around in a hurry deaths and it's it's pretty fun team to watch to be honest with you yeah. Yeah you know it could affect cavaliers teammate blew up that roster it was the season loves where we didn't know what's that what this looks like because look I think the Phillies might think that the time was they got better. Know the talent on the roster had to prove rise there's certainly more happy yet they were younger more athletic with good teams don't sell not only overnight but he gave it even a matter of weeks teams typically don't Chelsea if it's if teams don't jokes about level overnight for a matter of weeks and so it is that what we're seeing right now cavaliers team that. No just didn't have enough time do you know exited to put this thing together a real discourage over the concluded. It is maybe a little too soon but I mean that LeBron James gas. Pretty good at basketball does then there's your analysis. From a football guy around and NBA playoff series fights I hate it's too early to write his guys off obviously clients there was that moment where in in the next Cleveland team back together I think a lot of these new guys haven't been in that context with him and you know he did have a triple doubles so it's not as if he didn't do enough. To win but they're there were moments in the game where it didn't look like a lot of people were saying aren't LeBron go hit. Were right don't you die down it. Oh you've got to tripled no wait we're supposedly some the duke yes and we don't know how to do this gonna take some time for those guys to figure out what their roles are supposed to they sit well and that's. That's the beauty these playoffs right now to see some of these. Guys come to get their own to figure out what kind of players they actually are and good players the great players look at the draw with the bow. We don't write your we got a text running and how great is the jewel of evil Russell Westbrook rubbing off on him and look up to laugh about Pensacola Tebow is is. So much more than what that Indian front office probably every. We have to debate he's exceeded every expectation they have mechanic gives you you know everybody felt the pacers were blown it up every that he thought the pacers who were. Destined to sail away and there's a lot of that going around here lately right now you know writing in thinking about. Com what would happen in old world without Kimba but I think it's you know the pacers are certainly Al model of how you can do wouldn't be successful and are. You but you've got to have the right platform you gotta have the right people get into place to implement their client that is there another series that this judge captivated right now. I mean how can he not get stuck questions 76ers. They haven't lost in two months I'm glad you said that I mean any any such a fascinating. You know Marco Belinelli who a lot of people were mocking as a useless part when he is here. You have to out now the sudden he's a key part on a really good team and that's kind of being you know he always showed during his time in San Antonio they're just say yeah I mean there is delightful. Mix of holding young and they've got has like Belinelli they've got past lake JJ Redick you don't play their roles with all these fantastically. Talented young. And kids. Marco Belinelli bottler was coach flights were Messina on the Italian nationals it there you go three to thirteen for a I thought if that's the right want oh after work on in my Italians a little row easy valueless and I don't know about inappropriate you Gordon and how are insensitive York you know and usually. Usually I like Noah and a little Italian you know weekly not a lot of not like Rick Pitino but off. Now is sycamore macaroni grill up so it's a thought you know what I. This is fit Freddy Garcia I had broken his concentration. Ladies and gentlemen and really has twice today. So in that dishonest. I've. I've lost it I thought Freddy Garcia brings me a great deal of joy out there nowadays is a lot of fun this should Richard altogether different animal and you don't got a disease. That's -- that's we're live from ray tree country club for those US you know that is not Charlie Brown's teacher in the background Cole got instruction that was Joseph moss that's all of these golfers whether it's you man himself yeah did this thing underlying absolutely right man we got so you don't even better than I think judge no watches the seven footer swing a golf clothes watching B seven footers get into a golf course yeah that also excellent that's that's a challenge. And it's definitely a challenge some of these guys are used to that kind of legroom no dose of times we normally is forget the didn't I just gave conveniences and struggles of our our taller brother yeah Iverson gets firsthand today. Yeah these things are built for six voters. Frank frank Garcia sport as much into a golf cart as he possibly can't got his own I don't know that he today Garcia demanded his own golf course and he'd done careful out there Frankie frank Garcia admitted they'd they'd arrive offered besides Nicklaus golf there's a bunch of guys here about have a bunch of bond I think so I fix over like I gotta I gotta wonder though. The chemist cheating do you think's taken place under that. Just in francs crow justice. A a lot. Now I love I'm sure everybody this is an honorable looking bunch of people I'm sure they're following the rule in the gulf is look like some of the most trustworthy people of Atlanta prior were gonna come back and I mean that in all sincerity this is a great group we appreciate him out of the south we come back to wrap of Broward overthrew long live from rates reduction gloves Garcia Bailey deer density yet. Which got their laws. Well I just so happens these downplaying Blackberry smoke right now I think and I. Thank god daring dance when saw here recently pass on Thursday night film or those guys give good job they rocked a bad that is a good rock and roll concert SE irreverent down again I highly recommended enjoying their music yeah it was. Good time good friends came down smoke friends are back on join me. And now we had a good time I saw those guys they opened for Zach brown about five years ago cracked and it was a phenomenal show they've got a lot of black crowes still doubt I mean it's just it's a very he kind of bluesy rock and roll the got a very scattered looked so GAAP you know and they've hit some gas interstate the bass player was wearing white suit flight three piece suit. Says stay with advanced he did that jacket for the advance of this going on it was stroke. With a big duck dynasty beard over the top is impressive we have great show we had a great time. You know coming off a couple of concerts last week we I with your seed Eagles pick concert last week American spectrum so. So so you know I'm not the biggest Eagles fan in the world there are recognized there one of the all time great veterans and distributed when you get an opportunity to receive daily dose exactly especially Vince Gill flag and and two who was that deacon frog legs almost placement course so I want to go see it the next morning we're talking about frank Garcia starts insisting the Pearl Jam is the better band and makes us throw hole. On Twitter. That's you know asking there was a greater bad Pearl Jam and and the Eagles or bring this up because I finally found out the results of settle down and Pearl Jam 151 to 49. And I got to be honest we dec not a lost little faith in humanity. Why did I don't think so colorful band what's Ecuador and I think I think the Eagles won 51 to 49 what you said pearl just because Franklin. When you told him now at the Eagles well I think frank didn't hear me right because he Eagles won that 61 to 49 in a in a poll that had like over 280 votes parochial that violent just completely changed now except for the fact I am still a little bit dismayed them that the margin was a bigger why. Guy that cut. I'm just telling you first of all the Eagles demographics probably not on Twitter. So you don't say probably not if we only allow the so they are on their behalf frenzy that's true right so website is they are addicted to the trouble on Twitter is what sort we sent out a different form of that surveyed and I think it's a little more lopsided it's not about Pearl Jam eight it's that I just in victims even discussed. You have I don't know I mean if you gave me and I've seen Eagles before I was a tale freezes over tour close at 9495. Something like that so it's all right gathered. When they got back together yeah when they got back together today MTV special. And all that and I remember thinking at that time this is you know like cute this might be my last chance ever seen these guys in ninety Ford I thought yeah. And I think it was that figure was in 1995 but stuff that was it I did same thing with the Ramos on solving Colombia and honey for has it was a farewell tour. Will never see these guys together again or maybe we will. Who can actually will I hit us up 70457096. And we're live from Braintree country club the site of the Joseph moss foundation golf tournament here today. We certainly appreciate that haven't a sound and they've been a great partner for us we have a fumbled a conversation with Marty heard you earlier and we will try to maybe circle around a little bit of that that. And I thought it was interest in the way to US Marty. You know it's good to draft today that you had to and he said well yes we had to. You know I didn't seem overjoyed about that the thought of having to do that put. It's stressful thing drastic drop for a team is a stressful thing Tim you know because there's so many good college football players available in this draft but so few of them will become good NFL player. So well and I think you can tell all you know in the tone of his voice when he's talking about that. You know there's so many variables that he has no control over so. Could he drafted 24 right now yes he can give you a list of five guys he'd love to have a 24 but there's no guarantee those guys are going to be there. There's possibility I mean that was half joking when I asked him about Lamar Jackson it's if he was sitting there at 24 and he as the best player on the board that. Weird stuff happens and somebody's gonna fall I mean their results you know obviously it's terrible story on San Francisco right now through been Foster. And the charges against him but it Peter kings had a Smart piece in the Monday Morning Quarterback this morning about half the saints or. Thinking Ruben Foster was their guy Sean Payton is on the phone with Rubin foster's girlfriend asking her. Can you be the kind of good influence they keeps us down the straight and narrow. And she was saying yes she thought she could. And the saints were pray I mean if Peyton says now all you're probably taken ran ticket thirty. To me anyway even if the 49ers didn't trade ahead of us which is easy to say now course Ruben Foster was absolutely the kind of player they were targeting in interest today and at that point. And sometimes. You know all the planning all the leg work all the months of preparation you've done. Can be tossed asunder by a guy who makes that decisions off the field and you can only. Do so much research to know what a guy might do and you got to base it on things you've observed in the past. I saw somebody asking the question yesterday it's a deal look. Is it isn't an interest in helping Eagles immediately cut loose there'll moral in but the forty daughters are are so hell bent on just waiting to see what happens of rover Foster Arianna numbers for elders say the obvious differences one's a first rounder was a third rounder ones just another guy one might be. What what what has. They think hall of fame caliber talent middle linebacker position. You that that is the most obvious difference however it is interest and demand. Bet you'll first of all do when it comes to the 49ers and Andy's big NFL cities in general. You know for for a prosecutor to slap three felony charges are Rubin fostered to do with. You'll still abuse and haste there emitted gas it kind of felt like it was a little bit of a sure thing and so. You know it seems like they know so I think that the rest of us don't know if that's the case for the diners waiting for the real administering this thing out. Tom yeah and it's a tough position for those guys to the end because they did make a heavy investment to get to Ruben Foster they thought he was bombed us. Days and anything can be a great player when he's well on eligible but you're right he's had a problem being those two things so far is NFL career and I think you know if you wanna talk about avoiding a disaster. Remember last year when John Lynch was talking about gaffe we had to take him third we would do that yeah. The looked so. Announce that would have been you know and it does it changes the calculus for these teams it makes some consider stuff they never thought they. Might do Norwood. Kind of cells in a position to do but. Teams make excuses for stars teams make examples of lesser players I mean it's been that way throughout time in the NFL though it will continue to be that way well. Is its interest into because he just that you're asked the question what what is the crucial whereas the line what is too much you know and again if it's on the team by team right. You know may about a minute basis and I certainly understand that but do you. You always have to ask the course of these guys at what point is too much at what point is too much of the fans we can be expected to still cheer for the Dow right now you know out of and so that's. Well and everybody in the NFL we went through the stuff during the great party years everybody every stand makes Airpwn deal they'll cut their own deal of what matters to me so much that I will or will not. Sponsor this product that will not support disdain men. You know that line's going to be different for a lot of people but you know so many teams over the years if a guy is an only talent. They'll find reasons to keep them on the field. Start 70457. Or 96 to until free text or call and always got one more hour left to go we come back we kick off soured over four. Was sacked corporate fans got to cover the NBA for years and years and years and get his thoughts on. Both the playoffs the opening weekend it boils but also this so hornets coaching search. His thoughts on Doug Davis is still tore Messina Jerry Stackhouse money Williams we'll get as many as we can't that kicks off our number four no world according to frank today. However we will do in the world according to their. Sir why not sure you're aware you're gonna have to tell me the rules there's an automatic deploy there are no rules we just ask you questions you raise them however you see if that thought god I can do is that works for a few bad. That at 1:30 AM die at some points are needed to be by an attitude health plan by a weekend in Nashville this weekend are always everything that we can do that do look at Ford that suits live from the rainbow card for him to tell you lock the race stranger in our Ramos re entry country club. It's Garcia Bailey Derek gets it yet.