Garcia And Bailey H3: Tuesdays With Tom, Frank Hates OTA's

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Tuesday, May 22nd
In this hour Tom Sorensen joins Garcia and Bailey to give his thoughts on David Tepper becoming owner of the Panthers, and Frank explains why he hates OTA's...

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Notes. It's a done deal David tapper is officially the new owner of the Panthers. Temper was unanimously approved by league owners at their meetings today in Atlanta. The sell one officially closed until July though the Panthers to just three weeks ago GA practices today. There were plenty of new players and coaches on hand but citing Greg Olsen said things went well. First they kind of put it altogether had good five weeks since they're cunning individual stuff workouts and stuff on the field coaches introducing some. The terminology is new place new common philosophies and now you get a chance at love field and put it altogether so they once they want but to start. The routier's are voluntary be nearly the entire team was on the field offensive tackle Blake cause zealots out sick courtesy Emmylou cheaply in Julius Peppers are recovering from offseason surgeries they worked on the side. City receiver Fred Ross and running back Kenya on Varner in May have plans continue tonight with game four of the Western Conference finals in Oakland as the warriors of Iraqis two games to one. They came tips off at 9 o'clock in the Charlotte knights played Norfolk tonight superstitious at 4704. I'm sure doors and that's the flash. Relationships are about give and take you take the morning hi tests you prefer to stand by. When it comes to sweep no need to compromise the smartest REIT is better sleep for both of you who. Introducing the new sleep number 360 Smart thing the only bad that senses and automatically just keep people of effortlessly comfortable it's even designed to help with that. Much better this your bed Dudack right now during our semiannual sale save of the 700 dollars us beat number 360 Smart thing. And sing for more details and to find a store near you go to sleep number dot com. Our extreme. Real estate studio. 5610. Tell you what is he. Garcia. Maybe our number three it's all about a three days. The whole sixty minutes nothing but no CA is coming your way for the next hour buckle up baby you know just gotten our number two plus. Tough to return of the balloon top 3433 or four. Medalist. Always make my way all the anything out there. I'll do anything right now to avoid talking about a tears literally anything else. Well what what are you what are you talk about. No seriously I mean what does it has been through ten different routier's it is still and you know put your dog about. I mean literally we talk about. If these guys go out there they're basically. Have to ask don't do it. You have to rookies may be competing a little bit harder trying to make a name for themselves making good impression amongst the veterans. We can't and doing nothing out there are there's Kim there's Norris. Tim Duncan in north Omaha. Camps always pass to Chris McCaffrey out of the backfield after hitting his third step. While. I mean I seriously. Mean the offensive line defense align their new one on ones. Not gonna learn anything about these guys is known nine on seven and that's what football is most blocking and tackling. And there's not going to be any of them out there so if you want us to talk about it I'd rather talk about. Canadian football. Then I'll take Hamilton tiger cats that I would let me know why because actually have somebody actually bought some money. That's that's. An average estimate short run released we still street exactly what frank just talking about right now because these are some Jordan's tweets from covering notice that a British and us. Your readers want. A small note ten yard border worked on the side with traders today. I asked Ron if he's healthy and says he's just getting back into shape if there's one half an excellent. The Norse there's he had himself a nice little work out today snagged a tip ball looked fast out there snagged lead tip ball that and let's fast looks fast. And here's another look there's all sorts Curtis cereal out your moving around well as it continues to rehab his ankle. We do breaking news sounder even have one. Two that's not even that aside it no that was not it. The lawyers once it arrived Khalili is also on your climbing on the hit sled with alignment missed most of last year to a shoulder slashed neck injury. Where we need to get up would you wanted to get breaking news Sutter now because they're original world created the girls are like with dignity good breaking news sound man what. You I mean seriously what he's what do you warning to learn. About this team from OJ scams there Christians there. Ryan's colonials there. You know TD still there. You know what do you learn from this. I'm not really sure. Linebacker Thomas Davis for today's routier's Byrne told he has been in the building consistently. It's been a building pass consist. I don't do people get fired up about this. It's its what are your perspective I don't know that much I. I think is fired up over it about it and I thought it was one of the easiest things we did. In fact that hey I'd probably say no more because you have a bigger chance to look for an offensive climbing getting hit and hurt the need was passed on. You know because now these guys these idiots over there on the defensive side. Of the don't know the temple of the drill hole. But they wanna put their head in your shoulder pad urge your shoulder without sold oppress its so I get more hurt. You know and these things than I do if I'm in regular season with my half pads and shorts on. Distillery sort of stories from Europe it is a barb Morrison that god bless the somebody one time. I got my ass she report by the coaches because I'm the last guy notes the race. And you know we early in the donors eleven on eleven drill. You know these guys he's defensive guys who think they have to guard miles an hour. And a softens the guys we really do any news all of our tactics. I like chopping your ass you know if you're gonna come up tied at number cut you down. I mean we're not the best athletes in the world compared to guys run fourth story. So you know we have to use our bodies to be a heroic guys in order to get the job done for a lot of laughs right some of us have the athletic ability to keep I. Others don't. All right but. You know in order to be competitive out there with our coaches coming out there and chewing our chances. You know we go a little harder and so the defense of guys and you know so many guys are trying to be you know we used to call on T team all Americans. You know of the green weenie secure wherever you want to throw out there Adam. You know the scout team heroes. You know everybody's heard him right we've all heard those guys are few play the game. Slowed down dude you know making the team today but. You know I mean that's with a veteran and you comes out as a rookie. A whole different animal right. I don't give a damn what this veteran says I'm trying to make this team around there and I'm impressed and every time I ten yet I'm gonna miles an hour and that coach is gonna notice me up. Right to print on where you get drafted. The most important thing about this or GA right now is attendance there. At all. A debt that is that's the most important thing because there's some lesser standard was recovered from shoulder surgery so that that is the absolute most important thing there is talk about associate right now is a cam Newton's mayor. Working with these guys building a relationship a DJ Mora Torrey Smith that that part of it is absolutely important like we now see. It you know I mean that's an against Jordan. Nor any of these other reporters are out there but I don't know. You know as a guy that loves his sport. You know what that relationship is where is cam in north and what are they working on you know with their routes. You know what are their combination route combinations look like are they dumping off more than they're throwing down the field. Are they working on timing Monty three throw the ball and hit the fist up throw the ball. I mean who are the receivers. That have that burst ability that just you know take your eyes to. Did you see that. Right end. Those are the things that I wished that you know maybe some of the reporters have been doing this for awhile. It is not expect everybody Bill Duke is everybody in those eyes are different they're trained to different. Promised that cousin there also be honest to god prom photo shoot this actually comes from from her Tom won eleven dealing with this for the last several years covering it no not now the NFL team that I cover but in a lot of big time FBS schools that are covered is that these media relations department and athletic departments have has clamped down. On how much access these reporters he's beat writers even have a so Jordan actually tweeted back and I don't here's a reader who Astor owner Tom one day it was a look complete a legitimate question does it or there are rookies out there I didn't have any Camden DJ videos and Jordan said. Yet they're here. And I can't shoot anymore projects you practice anymore that's stressed that the treasury can only give you videos as a social cultural objectives dye job or cancers doctor almost the most themselves and show you notice now. Is that it's to protect you know the players here yes it is because of the injuries that might take place you're right there's a lot of things that go along with that that. You know they don't want the reporters having access to report so once. A certain time in practice you know goes by. There about two football fields away. There's three football presented his turf for two grass right for the Panthers stadium the panthers' practice field typically the Panthers on the far field the media is not beyond. On the Turner Field. Com and that's you know where they're watching and observing all these things take place so. You know listening to conversations too little warning here and if a coach gives and have more on. I don't hear from coach is George somebody's desk or the coaches you know giving prince some constructive criticism or you know maybe get Nona got to get him going a little bit right. You know so that that there's a lot of reasons. The other teams do those things home. You know and that's just you know that's your right that's that's a SharePoint two whoever is that. Whoever wrote that we have the only a certain amount of. Actually they limited the hell out of the access for the folks covered this team and really quick before step aside Eric Texan of the buildings that protects lenders as I've been distracted Curtis Samuels upright and moving is actually pretty big news. It will be so long is that remains the case in the fall. Nobody likes seeing about their in the routier's enough hopefully that's you know that does he does nothing but get healthier stronger and better between now and the start of the season but as far as he's concerned. It's going to be much bigger news obviously is if he's able to sit upright and healthy moving around when the season gets here I don't wanna come back and I wanna talk some more about. The new league meetings today down in Atlanta and of course the first item on the agenda was to vote through David -- to become the next owner of the Carolina Panthers but there's more on the league agenda today but I do think it's certainly worth talking about 70457. Or 96 stand tallest text us your thoughts on David supper the Panthers OTAs if you wanna talk about that that sponsor and we're gonna get back to the NBA playoffs at some point as well and not just. The NBA or there's I should say the NFL owners meetings and what's on the agenda but there. They're doling out Super Bowls there handing out future Super Bowls and wanna talk about that suits Garcia and they look. I'd 70457. Or 96 dead and they'll take your phone calls. Doesn't folks that striker upset with you why I'm putting it all on you but we're gonna do. Because you know the good you know I was jacked up about OT is this sentence. He's got a screen shot from Jason is a good job. He says he did his first armies that they've been disappointed he's been disappointed in us are really and states here and if so. So that that they were there he was talked down to somebody did we were talking down. All fans is really honest feelings. I thought it was pretty clear we're joking around when it is not so mcdonalds. And around. Well for those who feel that we heard I will apologize and don't ask I don't know like it's a murderer speak for holders from what I've. You also the feelings apparently hurt feelings run totals about a two years. We generated a joint. But we gotta have doing it and do it that much more told us the most is automotive it is different and you can you give my. My little thing is toward messenger and thorough notes included in the kraus Joseph George Bush. Doesn't Martin and Marcus a do or you. Hey I don't do. That do you are a lot out there and I agree to break out of the gates that I am glad to hear. Game they're. In part. You break up but they both wars or per Boe. It did it the other day but that doesn't. You're definitely right about that. They did not Heatley was out there the. You know a matter of fact I was gonna let him play our breaking news tundra Jim that was loaded Jordan's first tweets that it's a Luke has a helmet and cleats and he's out here tonight. So that that. And now and then they don't. Moussaoui who got to work on the volume Baghdad tomorrow. Thanks Margaret. We appreciate the call wrote I just a columnist in southern aforethought similar times and especially when you don't agree with me anytime there is just twice as to continue. Somebody by the way called the listeners got their feelings hurt them snowflakes head. That's just like I was seriously who's they're certainly hurt because we're talking about routier's. And then not meaning anything. Don't mean any thing. Does make in the team's dental specialist back to the second urgent got destroyed it and I'm not. I never it never fails to amaze me to more than you know some alluded to Twitter accounts that I see them just dial part of sessions were with teams and it's up and I don't love sports are clearly do push aside the sometimes you gotta taken aback by the had to see a lot of those so I understand the lowest. If people after the team's Islam and his business in the first pushed we have a Tweeter Brahma Jewelers to Hershey's. And did the Tweeter says you guys know the Panthers are really all we got to talk about in this town wanna talk bobcats I mean hornets wanna talk NASCAR LO well. We action a little bit about both and a whole lot more to windows were done pretty well who knows it's not about ignored the printers got a guy sitting right here in OTAs telling you that. It was always so much you can take out of OTAs is not a word nor did intentionally I'm just not going to over hype dies catching balls and sweat pants that's all. Lewis talked about seriously I mean. Is there are suggestions that you say cancer is a really hard pasts are you can draw seven yards. You know that did you mores fast. You see these are your tracks and Luke has a moment. Mean what is there to talk about I don't know. I mean. You're gonna you're you're completing routes on air. Young guys aren't even in competition out there right now. So I mean you wanna go talk about guys warming up at the YMCA watch as you watch a basketball game do you talk about the Golden State leadership in their in their should race. That's what they're don't they're to order a glorified sugar around over here at Bank of America. So I mean that we can talk about that I guess. He had been what you say means breakdown Golden State Warriors traded entity where their position only under an and who's playing right tackle whose plane left guard. Not a party no I mean wouldn't listen to who's gonna start at left guard to start the season. As I said three weeks ago a month ago. You know three months ago before the season started you know before it did start before the draft took place. He's going to be the most natural guy to go and at left guard position. You know there's no good competition there they're gonna give of you know time to promote an opportunity due to slide over there and compete for that spot. I don't think he'll win it needed today but he could surprise a lot of people bright. Right the surprise everybody and say you know what damage it left guard anyone right now. But the editor did you just shared has very little to do with routier's right now that doesn't today he's not winning that battle notice notice is that. That's not what is for great energy and sometimes and I do understand that sometimes and you've been doing this job as long as I haven't played the league play football as long as he has. Do you you can become a little bit jaded can sometimes forget that you know. Guys who don't do this every day see it very differently nom I promise you'll acutely aware that it's not bad it's a lot of your very. I know we let alone a lot of savvy listeners savvy sports fans listen to a severed his wife for the most part and watch your children's sake this imprisoned gonna get called out immediately familiar you're already. And by the way the buildings that are taxed like this really good right now but when guys are so JB you're apologizing for the people doing baby back there just aren't that Freddie Freddie Mac maybe. You miss that Frederick Jones and right after we talk about practice. You know right after somebody else that's what links cleats they got on that was George talked about us somebody else is we can we can talk about how the Charlotte towns applying the Atlanta blaze Charleston for final game of the six. I'm. Dumb what's on that 100 it's a great suggestion on December and Thomas tried Joan Allen and done the guy Franken you please tell listeners the purchase of OTAs because I agree with both of. About OT yeah okay. That's a good question that's a legitimate question what's the purpose vote CAC college he did your job and ask me a good question I'd be able to explain that to you okay there was a purpose towards Kansas to familiarize. Eyes these guys. With the verbiage there's going to be used as they go into the season. So they are we have the ability to go out there and study yet when they go look at the books they know what to watch so when they go study they'll have the familiarity with what nor is gonna to call it. On the offensive side. Universe is what Shula called. Right and they can use that to start. You know giving that ingrained in the air and their heads so becomes second nature when the season rolls around it's good for you know cam and some of the receivers. To see how fast guy gets out of his break you know can't even if you don't stop in and get inside on that cut. You know faster than what may be Ted didn't camp. Can I not overthrow because this guys is faster enlightening and I can just put up there let's just got to go get it. I do those are the types of things that may be OTA is a good for the good for receiver quarterback relationship is kind of ball camp throws and that's a heavy ball. We're forty so that's that's the most important part of the Sochi a hundred dollars in cam Newton's healthy and that wasn't the case last year and Newt is their building chemistry is getting reps those things are important it is a camera so as far as does the cadence that Gilbert Grape eases to assist that's a perfect way to finish Brenda Gilbert Grape back in the conversation actually Alter it this way did you love this on Friday. Chad says I don't care about today's but I would like to make sure Curtis Samuel has arrived home just mobbed him make it to. Coach is out the way it late after practice and Richard Curtis district don't I was. On the back Tom Sorensen joins us legendary Charlotte Observer columnist Tom talks is what we're going to Tom talks on Tuesday. Some liberation for its on the next it's Garcia Blaylock. All right it's Tuesday victories Tom talks. Tom Sorensen that it is legendary Charlotte Observer columnist joining us on the tech job just slide in a bottler for those wondering if you miss the David tepper. Press conference from earlier we will replace that's for you coming up at 515 so was administered lie ever 350 will play again at 515 about seven minutes of introductory chatter from the Carolina Panthers owner David supper and let's bring in Tom Sorensen to talk a little bit about that and Tom first of all welcome second of all what did you make of mud David tepper first public comments says the owner of the state. Casey strikes me about any one word it would be genuine he he's not the commencement speech he gave their courage amount. We talked about peanut pieces of kit that they got. But you know an upstate and helped make him who he is the man and father and I was impressed that that attack today it is. He comes across like a regular guy and he could see him or hear him doing your show. Consistent decent chip now ramat and appear I'm picket line eager they're just you're right if I'm so I thank suppress average debt. Absolutely the vulnerability he showed and opening up like that is something that I don't think you see many men do in general. Specially billionaires and I thought that was very impressive and I spoke volumes of you know maybe Hui is. You know as a person talked about you know his faith in his family and obviously winning in as he's talked about today and ultimately come to me you know that's that's the most important thing that he said ultimately for our friend that I want to hear is that he is concerned first and foremost about winning winning. And when it. You can't match which he got sick care much what he has got that. Semi did enable them by the team that beat the positioning it in now but I'd just like the fact that. Here's a guy who's one right I mean we're grew up working class Pittsburgh and he lineup that you went there. And and they had trumpet in the financial business and so why would think it went bigot and a cup to ally yet he had these coming and that. Tough to direct it yourself back to 1996. A lot more you know in a blue black hair you have all the greatest problem. Couple more miles along there were being consumed. Here here here is different place you know here in Charlotte, North Carolina. And remember what it was like to have mr. Richardson as the owner as he walked around shaking people's hands. Taking guys on golf cart rides. I appreciate himself with the fan base in the city of Charlotte. And how thankful and positive everybody was you know towards him as an owner. So what similarities differences between the two. Between temper and richest. What kept our strikes me. As more regular got. Interior presence and he'd. After this for what you want to do and not just cruises his role but just because of that stature so we was not wait cared and so. And we wanted to take in coming you know we been Majorly. Made it went hornets came weeks we have felt was really picked up and the most popular lead. Really and and in the history the US I travel it's just extraordinary and we suddenly we were part of it. And we're part of it because. Church. Talking to Tom source in Charlotte Observer joining us on the tech job just slime and tell unless you question because that's not the only thing taking placed on the league meetings and and they've got a bunch of our laundry list of things that they they wanna get through today you know including its projections for our. More than I injections or fueled wanna talk about the new kick off ruled that they're awarding Super Bowls to different cities which are not really had gotten into at this point ought to put. One item that so they are going to be discussing it dominated headlines all year last year was the National Anthem and what they're gonna do about this Albert Berger just reported does saw on Twitter. Quote first sources one anthem idea being discussed. Leaving it up to the home team on whether or not teams come out for the if there is teams do come out for the income potential teams that could be assessed our could be assessed a fifteen yard penalties. For new elect. That there's been another knows thought until they could go the State's rights approach and just let these team handle it on the early it's like they're going out of their way to figure out the worst possible solution. Go to something that I didn't even know was is bigger problem. It's a great way to put it you know you have foul failed. Miserably this last year and and what simply be open the president alluded to that and what the deal. But it took just the game that they deal the game as a bank and greeting to a client to be NFL lightweight but not because. People suddenly didn't care but because there is no greatest stain realistic assessment that they detained. And it was inevitable that there was some some viewers some trance. I would let this thing now you wanna neo. We have a minute it benefits are important to get. Do it and you know you're going to be doctors. Look at Eric read that that time safety concept Cisco still want or. It. I guess it if you wanna keep it out of sight then you just say art if you don't wanna stand Padilla and 1 o'clock. But or practice. I would give the players who latitude to say if you wanna neo. What was it six about it to his agenda president yesterday did a visiting with the NASCAR folks I noted they stand for the playing of the National Anthem and and you know commending them for that and I don't think anybody is completely missed by the fact that he's talking about an organization that it was largely white you know there are many black folks in NASCAR but you know I do wonder how the owners are going to handle that sort of relationship moving forward and how David tepper specifically. In a way if this becomes another controversy where the league mishandled this in the screw it up and we're right back surely some people right back to arguing -- this all the time in a war rolled David tepper poisonous. Can't centrist and try and daughter Nat perspective on. You know the guy is that leader but I think. Good leaders one of equality there haven't been let's. And I think she you know repairs and it's obviously a patriot but he's also. Clearly a player's coach I'm not sure what his perspective has done that I can guess but I don't know. But it you know I'm tepper on unless and listen to the people all part of and that just a management and coaches in the GM. Yeah soccer player unless the players who end up global deal we don't know this guys brand new we have no idea how it's been a reactor. What kind of rules shall enforce. Tom I've played here for the Carolina Kansas for six years and never the National Anthem. Why. I didn't. It Kevin Greene are hurt his wife was a really good singer never hurt never one time sing the National Anthem. As players we just in the locker room that guys can't play nice and there's can be difference of opinions. Why not just make it we're gonna go back to the way it was and stand locker. The guy could work it is a long is it fair to the player I just think it it. I thought taken in the work. And respect former protests. You did you call attention this serious problem. It made it played out and maybe they should stand a lot I don't know why haven't talked at trial but I. Thing they've taken in the last year detract our daughter went to stowaway just say they would get too big time problem in the country and would likely be aware. You're suggesting the NFL cares about players. It. Well I don't know in the Murrah read about it gala you know cure it sort of big time proponent of to tell. And I didn't think he screwed it up and screwed up and scooter got to look good look at him so into machete MBA. Duca right guy who just seems to get. And you know would gamble. Question whether whether to count gonna get it there are he just seems to be. And tech type and it could be an impact but it owners and the players and everybody else is out just. I don't think it out there without. I don't know how much interest you have you know with gambling you know Tom I'm I'm pretty sure illegal boxing scene might like to wager. In on a fighter too but you know when it comes to the NFL. How big of a problem is that going to be if they allow. In these these loose in locker there and in stadiums in as isn't that a conflict of interest and it Integra an integrity problem. I thought that win. You would go to gain of Bank of America Stadium in Ichi advertisement or craft things. Or the other and a T out and not. I thought that made a big change and then when you saw the NHL. With the team and not state it. And that just kind of all that and academic step is over with everybody wanna go to Vegas for a long time. And the Oakland Raiders feel bad for those crazy open plan. It would it would tobacco for sports. I mean George Shinn wanted to bring the basketball team or on to what point and it would have been a resounding success. I think it's going to be OK I mean it's gonna be weird but how how gambit in a matchup that's so we go to. You've been to sports books in Vegas wrote in particular out there are expected in world now we're all goofy it can look we're gonna lose. But it's just like just flashes and drinks of hurry up and she is Dolly's damage is done that cheap eats well appeal like act. That sounds terrible. The. Will be like that small battery operation here she just walked in the airports bet. Com with the guy driving it Bank of America Stadium in somebody's you know they have more at street at least as wait wait academic record. And President Obama. I mean this is just war where guests we have no idea what's gonna happen but the fact is only six states in the country who don't a lottery. And note stated ever since yeah we are we need it until that happens we're spending that. Went back and do what they're gonna do North Carolina and do it in South Carolina do government and do. Tom before lets you go I cannot ask you about the hornets and and what the they figured into the upcoming NBA draft as you well know the pick and eleventh and a lot of people are slowing trade ideas and us this is what order should do and honestly I think at this point it's. We're getting more suggestions on potential trades they do they concluded it couldn't come check it due to more up then we are unknown potential players to take it with the eleventh overall pick or in that range and there's a lot less than ten miles bridges Mattel bridges don't and a whole lot more okay what do prepackaged. Kimbo and this trick and this to move up to four or three or two and then what do you think what we're we're does this team need to go to I don't make statements the wrong word but to really get this first this first part of the makeup -- cup chicks are off to the right start on the spit it out at some point. You know I. It's if you look at possibilities there that are there for a it's intriguing of all I would hate to give up and Campbell I'd actually it just talk to Kemper and knows what Kemp but you know this camera gonna stick around repelled. Technical free yet to next season we don't now and we get to keep depict. I like sexton from Alabama and not count Bridget from not don't know what more. I think he's a good bridges or the better of the two Bridget is not favored Brit though. And I think that appeared good true and I accept it and I'm like you're a game of it you defeat good girl and I can. Just my hope which that they don't practice 74 white got to that they can't. A great allies and I just got about 3040 seconds or less than the margin the margin of victory in both margin of victories in both eastern and Western Conference finals toward a two points right now. I have a problem with that it and it's not that I think it's terrible basketball but you know what where and when the game feels it is kind of decided by the end of the third quarter that's not really great playoff basketball to me in another team's shoot more reporters and so on and so forth but. I just are having a hard time loving it the way that I used to but then again you look at the ratings and people still don't get how do you reconcile those two thanks. A lot of crying out hope they'd be box and I weighed one quiet. It's got there all these then of the winter Golden State Houston and it has been one game. Golden State law which is so inexplicable I discuss its public they've laid down a the union etiquette point when it can get character and three point line you know it goes to a five point lead to a eighteen point lead and and the game's over. I just think we're gonna see I think we're gonna see one of the classic should not to a classic so we war. A static display after everything potentially butch I can't see YouTube and that he. And Colmes stated to game our hope. I hope chieftain. They have they're good at the same time OP wants to what percent. There's Golden State the greatest team ever assembled. Man now I'm a Mac apps and showtime lakers Michael and Scottie Pippen bowl. But boy at the way they play duke got extremely green so good and so one culprit I count and so burden on Al. They meet that they invaded Tibet step up and they may be better than match up well and that premier bank. You've just got to backed out of the Baghdad each other's throats also there right now so I just of that predicament hornets nest and yeah we appreciate your time brother has to do next Tuesday. Any Camelot doing so when I appreciate you get their. Thank you buddy Tom sources Charlotte Observer joining us on the ticket John does slide another remarkable. Genius man fraternity -- chest during a break in though telling us how wrong he is and we come back to wrap of the hour fifty minutes from now they are spared bird Charlotte business journal joins us live from Atlanta at the NFL owners' meetings and again we do have more to get into that we have to talk about wanna try to squeeze in some college football talk as well but what we don't know the total time 5 o'clock or standard 515 if you miss David -- earlier today right after he was voted in as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers he spoke to the media played at four years five to Timothy mr. there's some good stuff there but I do wanna get back into the Kazaa. The guy makes a lot of hair jokes he's gotten here and we'll talk about it store simulate. All right winding down Ballard over 3:5 o'clock which soft haired spammers Charlotte business journal he joins us live from Atlanta let him a few questions about the owners' meetings. Where David zephyr was voted on approved ratified as the Panthers new owner and wolf we'll talk a little bit more about the agenda that is sod down there Atlanta right now to these owners and I we mentioned a minute ago they are still trying to figure out the National Anthem I just discussion that. The approach the guidelines the policies wherever they are and they're doing a horrible job so far these reporters reporting news is accurate at all from the likes of Al a brighter side hey. Always leave it up to the home city news did you decide to play the after the guys come out kneeled in more dim a fifteen yard penalty minutes I just it's almost like. They're going to other chief to either picked the worst thing they could do or there's just feeding bad information Alberto and there are some I don't know shortest a spot why isn't the worst thing. In for some might be the best thing welcome it's quite frankly if you're not gonna leave it the way it is I think your suggestion is the only one makes any system yacht and this is leave the teams in the locker I think that's if you can't play nice you take toil away if you cannot get along on this if you can't come to a compromise that that seems like the most logical thing to do a much. And I say natural position of I don't want anybody to have a platform to speak out things they believe it's not bad assistant what you talked about a minute ago you played the NFL for ten years you never heard once heard the National Anthem on the field so. Mean they exist are playing them believe in 2001 whatever I mean it was a little later human early in my career you're right no Kyle I mean they didn't used to play they played it on his. Have the fly over everything we never see it. Darn I don't know players like it that way or not I mean I like stand locker room a little bit longer. Are you getting more prepared. You know coach is probably have a little bit more ability. Now to you know talk about things unrehearsed before you get out there and filled in. You know you you you give little stiff from whatever might be because you stand around but calm everybody's different and the rules are rules dom. Nonetheless the NFL's rules and if that's what they did you don't want to decide. If you want to abide by them you can still go protest if you'd like there's going to be a fifteen yard penalty nurtured team and if you're a team. You probably going to be cut. Actually just seems like you're really. In appropriate penalty for something that people doing the cause of things they believe so deeply into what I mean it just seems offensive to me like that don't even go that route just keep teams in the locker room if you can't get along a fifteen yard penalty for some orders it again what I normally do or just do what the rules say bright red but it was say they what are you agree with the reasoning behind the nearly any of those things like that from people who feel so deeply about something to say hot you raunchy is a fifteen yard penalty to the weird thing to do to somebody I know you're not a a big rule guy. And would you stop with effort. It's true it's not true. I have no problem asking questions and question things that I find to be you know. Unethical or wrong or inaccurate or misguided but it's not about me not being willing to follow rules there's this they told you. And in the NFL news strongly believe don't do this or you're gonna get finding you're penalized did you do it. If I believe insulting The Beatles course so yeah of course you do what you would I would do the thing that I believe in momentum was that important to me out of it the worst losing your job. If it meant that much to me yeah I mean does that mean that much I don't know I don't like for some doesn't it's not an episode and that's apparently. You know what's happened. I mean you're you're being. Black balled. On the from the NFL is if you take any. There's no and that's and that's fashion well so little so I do wanna talk about as well as they're they're they're handing out or basically scheduling future events like 2090 in the draft. Right it was a Jerry world this year or next year it's going to be outside Nashville and Tennessee Titans stadium. Untoward toward the still figuring out there also handing out Super Bowls 223224. The Tory Tory pre Super Bowls gonna play in Arizona. 224 Super Bowl it looks like he's gonna play in New Orleans and has to be official already have not seen Twitter but if that went through New Orleans. There's going to get the Super Bowl and towards 44 for a record eleven. Time the places that don't mean what Newell who does the city yeah this stinks. There's strong people everywhere vomit all over the streets horses Cooper on the show and I'm I'm Kent I don't. All the stuff flows downhill and they're already below sea level so it rains it goes up to about your chance. Her comeback rehearse for convert the place greatest stakes as the fattest people on the world. Those people Americans in northern Louisiana or New Orleans. The fattest city in America at a city in America to know about all the fried food they eat everything fried. On yet but but Bateman by yet minutes during your eyes I've got some commercial break research sooner we come back with hairspray and virtual business to our live from the NFL owners' meetings that's next it's Garcia and they look.