Garcia and Bailey H3: Steve Merril Stops by and We talk Gambling, NCAA Rule Changes

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Thursday, August 9th
We talk about the NCAA rules changes, and talk to Steve Merril about the lines for tonights Bills Panthers game.

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But Garcia. Our number 32 hours until we can go home and hopefully not be in trouble for the top 33 segment where we. We did earlier and if they think we're in the clear so far I think we are in the clear and got zero text messages from off the the soon be noisy. So I hope that means she's just not listening. But it could be as she's plotted by the bust and might be so high that you might seem retains a lot here she might be paid by the limits tell you this. No not a bad thing. We had a bug last night he is he's on his way down to the University of Florida too wanted to pursue his Ph.D. psychologist who is moving down from doing what. And he's on his drive down first moved her to gains also are stops indices just. And we took about Charlotte you know you've got a better and it showed a morale for a couple of minutes before he desire was did you virus which tried to you but you would let us so low as you stand with you guys. No no I literally he's just. He's one of these guys you I think I don't MI me okay quick can I just tell you the rest of those first. No he's first choice are coming out they want a circuit. Likes to press. Now well so he's on as well I think Selig who plotted out exactly halfway there were stolen from him exactly halfway I think with Rockville. Also he was like hell bent on getting exactly halfway mama do euros only half Mallard on your salad you don't have to go there you can stay with us and save yourself the hotel mark. Is no I don't know I don't like he's adamant that he's not saying in a much juries are what these guys is just so analytically crazy that you have to get exactly halfway before you can sleep or guess of an L seven and you sort of tell me about them. Motivated but. What he's doing he's great there's just there's former all sorts of Lima as sacred heart of the New England the small division one school doing let's say there's terror. What's that does that count. Does he count yeah as an office and he plays sacred heart does that count conference ones do you want a news as it is yeah this multi and he wanted to steal one and 866. There's rough when they recruited him there's a 345. Pounds 66. And our Greg got lost all the weight he's got like 220 and 66 knows golf coach told you would love this dude he coaches club over the intern we had here a couple of weeks ago. From the it was a mixed news that the kid he also went to sacred heart okay so we had a conversation about this mess in the short kind of got former decision division one offensive lineman is a golf coach snell as your two were just he's a pot. But I says he said I was listening to you guys in the way end. He says did you cohost is funny what's his name massive. Size gives him since Fred Garcia goes well and bring Garcia. The authors of one and I said that's right yeah and he said senator right. Yeah that's right and he said. Click click click Saint Louis and yes or okay yeah yeah merit leader to both fronts in May heard it I got excited you know you probably looked up to me has planned league they. Do like that guy. I'm a mimic my game after I really just wanna see how big your head regular soldier story I mean the guys. You know argument autograph spoke not a secure wants that sure we know he's a psychologist intimacy you may wanna be him because of those customers and decent yeah. Damn anyone of those suggestions in the future is in burgeoning sports psychologists and luck in the near future you are. You know everybody else minimum were all you know. Upset about our perspective break just because we do jumping on the radio anyway so. I get back to football guess we have seen in a minute stories we're gonna Steve Merrill coming up before thirty odd look I appreciate I appreciate you good. Great story though when you tell me that you know post at my age Omar enormous head coach Elaine that's the first country in. And it Steve Merrill fourth story we told him what Joseph person live from buffalo sobs first. What do we tell you was going to happen yesterday. What did I tell you was going to happen yesterday. So I was gonna come up well that and the NCAA I was gonna say they messed up are there they did finally the NCAA again said. But guys so are we screwed up again because they did screw up against the rules changes announced yesterday that players can now you declare for the NBA draft and it's a dole undressed and they can then return to their former schools in addition to that you don't delete prospects out there to now have contacts with agents. A both intelligent and high school that there are several different changes to talk about your thumb. But the NCAA survey by the way USA basketball is going to determine who is and is not delete those guys can talk to agents. Well that sounds like a bad idea to begin with it was just you know hey here's an arbitrary thing you can do to decide who's a leader who's not it was already bad enough and then USA basketball to Iran as a way to minute. Yeah you ought to talk to us about that never asked us and we don't wanna do. We have any desire to do that nor do we have the infrastructure to do that Yahoo! doesn't can be India because they have hundreds of scouts at their disposal at all times. And so it blew up on Twitter you know once again the NCAA screws up and now the NCAA is a sign with her up and they're saying that some. Yeah we kind of got it wrong we probably shouldn't have come out with this quite so early we had a lot of things to works room were probably should've kept this under wraps for a little while longer bullets eyesore but that. Let me ask you a question in and I need some help with this because I have I'm lost in trans translation here. What is the NCAA good for. Hosting tournaments seriously meanwhile orderly as they they get their name on the trophy hosting tournament. You know lead the title goes before the championship. Because what else are they good for. They're really good at organizing and hosting tournaments they've got it down pat. Beyond that dude I'm not much I'm not very comfortable and inserting a whole lot else by the YC speaking of that and a guy who probably still similarly there's Jay Bill Lewis on the new rules changes. I think it's a lot of window dressing room and edits come to be expected from the NCAA. I think there are great people that are well intentioned. I don't think there were any bad intentions here. But but it'd just misses the mark of so many different ways the idea of of agents are letting players come back to school when did its first contingent upon. Action by the NBA first which is unlikely to happen for several years. And even if it does the idea that only players that are invited to the column by and can somehow come back if they're not draft list. The NCAA should take their own action and protect their own interest some players should be allowed to come back where they're part of the Columbine or not where of their drafts that are not. Well here's bet. And you are having this conversation during the garage door to Randolph would make adjust a little while ago. And we're talking red and your Josh is of the opinion that the NBA just go ahead start developing and embraced a European soccer model where you know you've got you sixteen teams you fourteen teams and that it would organizations and teams own the rights of the players are within their own photo development like this door cold formed systems hum. There are parts about that idea that I don't love. For supplements question. Before anything else because it's it's based on revenue. Everything in this world you know when it comes to sports nowadays. Is about money right it does not. And you're looking for an answer then asked a question again it's always about money bright and with the NCAA. If they're going to. Avoid going to college and you start this minor league system if you will. Are you watching. A year or you can tune in to watch. Sixteen year old kids play. I don't care I'm not I'm not a basketball junkie like that. Now in the NCAA tournament comes on and March Madness is around to tell you can't get enough of that right. I'm watching six year old kids play a U basketball. You know and then projecting where they're going to be. You know you sixteen team that this sounds great in theory you know to develop a league. But isn't gonna make any money because it's gonna cost a whole lot to run it so why the MBA who want to get involved. And invest in something that they're not gonna make any money and why would they wanna do that. You know what that's an interesting question and an and it's one that I wanna answer on the other side and I just I don't wanna just answerable to talk about the future of college basketball because it feels like. There are people out there who boasts don't want to see the end of college basketball wanna see it done away with an I don't understand that plus a guy who works and that is in that industry John caliper to head coach at Kentucky had some words about that as well so we'll talk about this a live. Think about that as we go to break if you're an investor. Would you invest. In a minor league system. For sixteen year old kids to play basketball to think that you're gonna make money would you put your money and backed. That league would you back that investor. What adds to this conversation in a very interest in ways the gambling aspect of things now and Steve Merrill's coming up in fourth thirties we might pick his brain about that as well we have a time to talk about this on the other side Steve Merrill will join us at 430 we'll talk about this we'll talk about the new gambling landscape of sports we talk about the juiciest spreads in the opening week of college football bat and Joseph person joins us live from buffalo we talked Panthers and bills at 5 o'clock this Garcia Blaylock WS since it. It's extra. But senator sex line 70457. Or 96 tenths I get rid of college basketball altogether that's Ludacris. What happened submitted its talented enough to play a Motley on high school would not necessarily an NBA prospect and that's why the forwarded to Johns Joseph Perry's. Don't click here. That I I really can't fully get behind this notion we talked to just parcel about this earlier wears a guy scrap all the college stuff let's go to European soccer model is a settled what do you fifteen you're seventeen you're nineteen teams and they can belong to each individual and the organization and you know everybody's got to get paid so let's just do with that way. To strike a minute ago when I believe this this and why do week. Sports fans as radio host is regular Joe's what are we keep playing church league softball pickup basketball golf what Everest until we're 6570. Years old and physically can't do anymore because we love it and 99.9. Percent of us. Didn't have the S led a schism to play professional sports but it doesn't change the fact that you love it enough to keep life I'm telling you right now. A guy I. I'm gonna play Sunday league baseball until they drag me off the field it's at 65 years old. Because I love to do it frightened me the same thing which you engulfed they're gonna to drag you off a golf course Osborne loves playing pickup basketball if there's a drag him off the court. Right and so when you're say what about college basketball. College basketball first of all is not going to be that easy to get rid of but the folks who just want a minor league system college basketball is full of some of the biggest most marketable strongest brands in all of sports duke basketball is just gonna fold because the Charlotte hornets now have a form system. It doesn't work that way. Do you think he NCAA. Would allow. You know that to exist mean the NBA can do whatever they want but they're gonna have competition. You know I mean college basketball. Will still be around. Can just it's not the league is not gonna fold because the MBA also stars taking these are sixteen year old prospects because how many of those players actually gonna pan out. A handful right we're about to eat the guy that goes to college for four years. It and you know becomes a pretty good player Moya or what happens to the guy that hits puberty late. And all of a sudden you know grossed four inches Michael Jordan but what happens to the other guys that. You know just have a little bit more guts and determination. And work themselves into BNL player those guys don't exist anymore. President comes to mind for music Ellen Malcolm broaden out of Virginia and rookie of the year in the NBA that kid. We would have never familiar shields didn't. Curry ravaged he would never I don't orders chosen to go on the G legal route over ACC program because this is a kid while he was playing division one basketball was at the same time getting his undergraduate degree and graduate degree right so there are so many of those kind of athletes out there they're not going to. Passover an opportunity to go to a great university. Where they can develop and get an education and it's important shirt and gold the G lead. Macon 45 grand a year to play in front of crowds of nineteen people still be some that do some oil. And will be a lot more people know that probably do it and don't. You know to you know get paid for what they're doing. Now hum in the morning Dunst may be potentially. I don't know I mean I just don't I just don't see that is a money making. Proposition right and if you're gonna sell me on that I'd have to have a lot of confidence that this is going to make money. And you know breaking even to me is I'm not invest in that by with the NCAA. Stick their early in the NBA stick their neck on the line. You know risk the risk of this when they're not gonna make any money this way it's the time. They have resources. To go out there and Scott MBA players. And maybe it it holds it in a little bit and centralizing. Them and puts it in one place. Can avoid these kids don't pan out. Let's save a lot like basketball. It hasn't burnt out. Appliances I was ten don't do it more data is just yelling at me every time our coaches are being harder on me seven touched as well conciliatory tone go on the plane Deanna. Right field to give their luck guys out there and you know I know and we've met him doesn't that we're good college basketball players go to college football players. Didn't play a second in the NBA or the NFL the plate the plate because they love the game. They got an opportunity to play they'll always loved the game. But the ability to go pro didn't I didn't additional needs for how well how much they enjoyed playing at the collegiate level and people love that prop. You know and I don't know if this is a fair comparison or even a similar parallel comparison. Here from basketball to football. If there's a lot of guys they get scholarships the go to division one programs. I would say that 90%. Of the guys that go to Alabama. Have the potential to play pro. Right now everybody's gonna make it why. Why isn't everybody to make it because all I played against guys are more talented they're bigger they're faster the stronger. You know why. They don't have. The determination. That it takes and the sacrifices. That you have to make to love what you do. Those are the guys for the most part to make another camera guys are more talent and everybody else. In the cam Newton's a Julius Peppers now those types of players. They're just gonna be born to do to do those are first round news as you know we've pointed out those are the guys are born to play football but for the most part. The guys that go to college the ones that come out the get drafted. Are the ones that commit more that sacrificed more worked Carter right I mean the harder you work. The more successful you're going to be your heard that from anybody right so. The ones that are committed to doing it in college. The ones that love it truly have a passion that won't be denied. That you're not gonna let anybody tell you you're not good enough to not big enough you're not bassinet and a strong enough because people are your career doing those things and some people start believing those things. The ones that don't the ones that use that as motivation they're the ones that excel they succeed in take it to the next level because that's the top of the chairman. We got some checks coming in and one response to but first here's Kentucky's John cal Perry on the UD NC double a.'s proposed rule changes. Let me just say this none of this goes into effect until the NBA and players association come up with something. And I'm hearing it will be until 2022. So war probably wasting our breasts dealing with. The ins and outs of this play I give an example I'm here in the Bahamas and the CEO of USA basketball gym toll this year. And he's like say wait a minute what we deal with one. Although one per senators we don't deal with foreign players we're not USA basketball in a position. To try to say who gets an agent and who's not Andy and he's willing to do summer stuff. But not himself he wants to be with others she what's collaborate with the NBA with the NCAA with the players association USA together. But USA baskets or this is a lot of stuff that needs to be worked out or give you one. Does send a player can leave put his name in the draft if he doesn't get draft that I wish if he was in the second round. He should go back to college but if they wanted to be that he can go back to college. After he's not drafted my question is what does that those scholarships at that school because they gave the scholarships away because they thought he was leaving. What is it can do now. Does he go to another school. Does he have to sit out sit out he was trying to leave. I just hope as we go through all this stuff we're doing. We're thinking about what to do these young people. I hope that we don't have this none of these kids belong on a college campus it is it true don't you believe that. That's a question that I asked yesterday what happens when a kid goes addressed it wants to come back to school to coach can say. Payment. We we tortured over crude and narrowly we touch you're gone. You lest you must you can launch team it's. You chose that path front and because you chose that path we moved on. I can't be stuck waiting to see if you're gonna come back court you're not I have to conduct business. And the thought you have the good guys good enough. And you know he was gonna help you that they would make room for and what effect necessarily that player. But what who what effect is a guy sit on the end of the bench that needs that scholarship or that is unified is ass off to make the team. Right the detection guy yeah the tenth guy gets booted so no he's on scholarship too. And all of a sudden now I mean is that just the battle of attrition right I mean. Natural selection I don't know I mean yes sorry not good enough so or the best players are gonna play and that's where it works. I'm I'm I'm pretty confident to say this don't count but the guy's brilliant clarity comes back in our John tell party would accept. Oh no I think so too. But there will be instances where the ball and pray and there will be instances like you said we're not a kid who is deserving is put in the work to be there maybe doesn't play as much. Yeah it's kind of processed out. Recruited over forced out it causes problems right guerrillas are not realize looked worlds not clear that it's not fair I get all that. But it seems like there's a little bit better or clearer way to solve this issue listen this was tabled his for a second is a good conversation a good discussion and come back to it but first we come back on the other side Steve Merrill. Pro sports insult this is our guy we love talking gambling was Steve Merrill draw on the phone hang tight we're gonna come back to this conversation because clearly a lot of your fired up and wanna talk about a dozen Texas make some great points so James everybody hang tight or come until you activist Steve Merrill joins us next pro sports central to wanna be here it's Garcia Billick. Welcome back Garcia Bayless here on this Thursday it's game day bills and Panthers and I'm sure there's a subset of sports fans out there Franken might be interested in a pre season spread is that world offered to them and failure strug is one of those does quite frankly. That's what I thought. Why wouldn't you I know Steve Merrill pro sports insult here and that sort of thing he can help yes you guys Steve Merrill on this idea why what how could you go wrong Steve Merrill has been so long had a bad. Well I email us talk about the double personal Fortis the actual games and and things of that nature. The landscape is changing quickly right under we see in the NBA so I'm a total five million dollar deal with. Was MGM and I'm sure this is a very very dynamic time in your industry did you trying to solicit on both what's been going on men and what you see on the horizon. No attention about it to me it's held the daily fantasy sports has got to let the way to this happening. These are sooner than later and how they're capitalizing on it instantly from a month ago we saw a huge deal would stand to all tied up with one of the big British bookmakers. Attracting the kind of dominated the fantasy market in recent years to endorse the distant second. All but they've made a fast duke now they're actually at a draft and try to outdoor sports books are drafting that to be a major player as well what they bought more the Internet based up to what's really happening right now. It is a New Jersey West Virginia Mississippi. The state to a party run and have a legalized sports but he ready to go out there running it through you know race tracks and true casinos only policy sought to go to a brick and mortar location. On draft kings has come I capitalized with one location and security but scandal with a bigger British bookmaker backing them. It is not going to be at the Greenbrier West Virginia there at the meadowlands in New Jersey. And it actually gonna take immediate leave with that so far that he says Qaeda but the dynamic situation it's constantly changing. And though we speak again you know later on in the football season will be different connection to be very very different. You know Steve I. You know that we're we're gonna watch our first sub pre season game tonight Panthers bills and looking forward to that wouldn't want people are speculating. You know where this team's gonna finish in the division and you know you look at the potential I mean they could be Super Bowl contenders cam has MVP season but if you had to make a bet based on. You know of the team that you're gonna get the most bang for your buck that could potentially when the Super Bowl starting now because we're gonna make most your money who would that be. They've got probably won't change too much in the next couple weeks because that this week and next week weeks one into the pre season is basically you know backups only. A week's three is the Drudge rehearsal game that it normally is each season. And the starters will play two to three quarters at least for every team and out to be on Tom all summer we really get to see a look at. At the real team so before the regular season so I think you know the to draw to hold steady. A pretty much for the month of August the one thing that could change them will change them as a major entry of course. It's a Tom Brady's expect to maybe throw one pass to most tied for knowing when. Albeit not at risk too much so we probably won't see the wind changing entries hopefully in the pre season but it took the Bihac right now. Our favorites in the AFC right now patriots and Steelers it's clear and everybody else. Yeah in Vienna city. Call me you know once again we have to look a little bit more wide open to me don't look at last year the Eagles when the whole thing and winning every game. Al right as an underdog just to get it on on so obviously got a bit more room props says their Minnesota right now about two to one saint about three to one he got creamed in Dallas. You got anywhere from maybe. You know three or four teams in the is odds are right on the Eagles all that five or six to one range and I'm really pick it wide open for that reason you know I think it could be some sleepers one team a lot of the sharp money likes. It is forty niners are there at eleven to one right now to win the conference. Get them about twenty to wonder when the Super Bowl that there the second or third farther side sort of glance suitable to finish five they've got rock oil. That got Richard Sherman director hamstring injury but should be okay in the regular season. So ought to get go to pertain to become got to know where it's just got the door to broaden non playoff team. I like cream day whether it's six to wonder when the conference at the playoffs the first summit decade last year I think the people with a purpose this year. Steve right now I see either it's doubled the Panthers and it's an elder president used to talk to him which a look at that put. Over under went publisher for the Panthers sit sit I think nine games is that where you had a. Run around that date night ranger exactly calm and I'll be honest got a ticket to get down here for Carolina are my noted there's some potential there their jewel just a few years ago. But his competitiveness that it actually is right now I think under nine wins is probably the way to play it. There receive a fee if you had to think of the parent has been another there's not to say the NFC east and I think that's a second best division. On the and a seaside. Know where would this team we're with the Panthers beat in your opinion because when they beat the going to be behind the Eagles obviously but the cowboys you might be there's well. On the got a Redskins in his sore in the mix and you know I mean that may be the answer is I mean I think the Panthers ran the Redskins but I don't think many people think about in the cowboys or Eagles. Right or go to the reason brought the underdog wins is to be hardest to their winning ten games or more because of the divisions RN infect you look at the distraught right now. A Carolina's point third and get a C itself but the saints and falcons are out of them. At temple David distant fourth on almost seems to look at the end of CD's to Eagles are modest money to win that division. Cowboys are about 41 giant at 621 Gretzky couldn't find one so. I do agree the Carolina could compete with those bottom three teams a little bit easier although they keep up on the Eagles. I think the FC north division 120 attention Credo obviously Kirk cousins go to Minnesota made the two military road favorite in the conference championship game even stronger this year. But as I mentioned a minute ago I think remains a real sleeper on the Aaron Rodgers and state help that team is dangerous neck and your reloaded isn't. Steve Merrill pro sports info join us on the ticket John just like out of college football for a second look at the opening week lines here and I tell you what I've wondered jumps off to me when I look at right now actually made they'll serve my money on this day must it was Texas Marilyn's because everybody just assumes Texas is gonna hammer Marilyn and it didn't turn out that way I see Maryland and home right now. As a ten point underdog and I don't think people realize how well DJ Durkin has recruited an of this team is actually kind of on the come up a little bit I love Maryland right now it stood plus ten against Texas in the opening weekend what do you think about that immortalized in you sees it looked managers are. Jumped in content and dads out there also Kyle which is pretty key number and there's about a fortify percent chance you know they went by ten points to keep numbered football so that cannot happen to be a little extra value there. A wolf there's about Maryland you know the circus to get a Big Ten home dog of double digits it always attempted to you particularly don't like Maryland the Big Ten team but they are back conference I do think that they can strive to be more competitive. After leaving the ACC. While Texas so little real sleep performing this year they're one of my play on teams. Off topic outlined his pricey I'm not true there's an evaluate them in that game both from an overall pick picture standpoint not actually used Texas with some articles and some other publications this year. As a sleeper for the national title which for the final four. Almost like what Tom Herman on down there he is they wonder what he did in Houston. And out of these if you see it and attacks and I think it's going to be a breakout season form. But they're not export and market explosive team and accused order to be able to more defensive oriented. And back it up we get the church attempt to keep that one quarter close. And I gripped up Merrill I think they're under rated comedy and actually think both of those seems to be played on teams this year protectors and Maryland. You know you look at our state you are right now Steve and you know obviously a lot of speculation with Urban Meyer what's gonna happen is he gonna be suspended isn't anything can happen at all. And is business gonna go on as usual if you weren't ready I know. Ohio State to maybe they'll be one of those teams in the national championship. Would you wait to see what happens with Urban Meyer or would you take it now all the the odds might be junior Trevor a little bit. It's such an addict the weak one it just it was over done they've they've dropped a lot of its organ state by several points a lot of locations it's 36 now on the dropped to several points all I don't think it affects we wanted to call you know it didn't. These are gonna make the difference between you know touched on here there when you talk about a five touchdowns registrar with. Other good not to name their score against the team record and state. And if any of that and you know what you're always looking forward we talk about it you're these big favorites as motivation that there's ever Tim might be motivated heroic smack somebody in week one. It probably Ohio State right now. However the national futures as you mentioned strike at a different story to get them they have to be good all season long enough to give Urban Meyers is there or is not there it's called for. A limited amount a timer there's distractions and problems we are right now. That does concern about the overall season picture. I have a feeling this might not be as big of an issue at all it's played help it make made up right now this could be done by August and Roy won't affect direct perceived as a team like Ohio State albeit probably wanna take it just upright because they've doubly you know knocked another point up but the odds and did not seem to point all the point spread as well for some people connected games. And I get a feeling this might not affect honesty that much of the media type this. In how to classify this as saying they have more smoke than fire and I think would probably go through but two teams in and make that argument but I think Washington. My Huskies have more smoke than they have fire. Yeah he got debt Gillick got a Washington might be on the other wrong side you're making the final four they've they weren't really competitive in those games you feel like Metallica came it always makes the Super Bowl loses or makes a championship game and doesn't make the Super Bowl they always seem to start regret saying. All and that's where I kind of got Washington there's and I also think there's some play on teams in the tech twelve this year. But it's a pretty weak comfort try to you know on the there's a lot of coaching changes his certainly cap the teams had two coaches. So you know washing it could still surprised with the conference player for that reason. All but the pac twelve in general Roy looks down and not just here I think USC. Probably is the most talented team overall they're going to be the team to beat. Well it is followed for the final four goes all the power five conferences I think you're I think the pac twelve could be on the outside looking in this year. Another result like tech into the potential sleeper. To the big twelve and down a notch also a detective is getting better while some of those teams are getting we Dirk. Also detectors can make from the big twelve of course CFTC to medal leads one to email if you get too much to Georgia Clemson literally gonna get along with Alabama. They Steve a look in just a couple of different lines serum assuming did you take to Carolina and cal game all the board after the suspensions Howard looking to take chambers and say a lot of books took that game off the board. Yeah I think there's too much uncertainty about which players will you know which way to the talk but staggering those suspensions as he does know but all are connecting pretty much all the award on since the news came out earlier in the week. The value what the thirteen players like guesstimate stagger a lot of the one game anywhere up to four games suspensions. On the duke UNC will be shorthanded for week one it is one thing bettors don't like if there's one thing not a lakers don't like it uncertainty. On the socially oddsmakers thought that they try to Beckett was propping herself according to we get closer to kickoff week earning a couple of weeks rather. Steve got to put things will turn you loose all of me your thoughts on this Alabama little game because last year that would have been probably the marquee matchup that ESPN or whoever else was promoted but as we know this is little hole without more where that without Mark Jackson a different defensive coordinator. And a lot of unknowns and that line right now for a lot of people wondering 25 and pass. Our eyes typically stay away those got a big numbers for that to me that's kind attempting quite honestly. They get there but Alabama to you gotta figure they're gonna wanna get Killen heard some reps so you're gonna have a situation where they're up by three or four touchdown from these game they're gonna have a basement got it won a national title. No matter who the starting quarterback is your back up has won a national title. Public to be really hard not to keep score points and all of this such as they wanna keep galactic Biggio and hurtful to the tackle but they wanna keep them happy and in the program. It's going to complain touched Alabama it's going to be a top team to handicap the blame big numbers because. They're gonna have so much back door front door I get to the battle termed front door cover potential. That it knocked it couldn't help but when these games are bigger margins in those forethought touch spreads. Gamecocks smoker fired because a lot of people have. They're not actually been taught some rotted for several seasons has been overrated IQ right now maybe they're legit top notch or their pets same level as Georgia though. But I do you think they'll be one of the more competitive teams in the SEC right now it looks like that's stored just conference sir that that's their division. Along with Alabama in the other division I think George have been able to be pretty solid but the thing about college football do you guys know we know one game could change everything. All of that damage is such a disciplined team it's hard to imagine they've all right could seed Georgia paltry a little bit more. In the other divisions such picks up a lot of could be a typical capitalized to. And should we expect Miami to validate what they did last year. They knocked off Miami last year a little bit overrated on but I think Clemson although there that seem to be probably isn't quite as dominant they've been in years apple script development center. There were supposed to do a year or two away last year and it's still got it done that's the scary thing for BA CC is that. You know Clemson should be getting better better with a young team that had last year all Miami I'm not sold on still a terrific team to keep an if you look at her play on Timmons Florida State. Vastly vastly under achieved last year. It's got a lot of talent down there that program a monster like USC US spoke about earlier. A lot of talent a lot of prestige and a lot of history. What did surprise support us they put a lot better this year they could be that possible sleeper be preceded it. What is it sit at Florida State as a possible plea. Did you write about Debra last night. And you put any odds on the a bachelor paradise let's confront some updates on that it is it is impossible to really updated loads. Left his bachelor guy now LT two is a proven deployed to none of us are sent for you. Right Steve. I used to watch American Idol top 1012 years ago. Up into that choke on but yet to catch lots of never capture although the ditto the stars dodge duque to capture my attention to upcoming trip to. Well and you've just captured my attention there. Steve Merrill froze for a simple our guide throughout the football season we really appreciate you Steve what we're committed project. A web site is pro sports and pro dot com we have our first inappropriate to invest that point I want to ten and two baseball run the past two weeks all the information on the web site pro sports info dot com. There you don't stable Ortiz similar. Steve Merrill pro sports and towards joining us on the tech job just lobby gets them. A lot of tweets and sex and another notable calls coming in as well he did they do not like. Steve's thoughts on the over under I'm win prediction for the Panthers early so I guess the implication Steve does and it predictions on the air but they did all of we'll talk about it next set I strongly and yeah we'll talk about a next door simulate W lessons that. Hi this is good. Really quick but I do look at some of the sex and because we got some folks who are fired up upset angry disinterested. All the buildings that are techs like Steve Merrill pro sports gentlemen thanks Demi Georges there before the break. And I asked him a survey Panthers over underwent total I'm saying that not what you have what do you think he's a standardized somewhere in their decision. I think dumb strongly into the under where he thinks that the Panthers roulette when fewer than nine games and I actually saw that his exploration well I don't agree with it was not all that outlandish the it will William by the way in the military attacks like says. All we really that bad to everyone I mean damn only five teams over the past four years. I believe have won fifty games and we are one of the why does that not count I mean damn was it just really come to cam and came only or is it to people only hear. I don't like running quarterbacks no respect actually I'd policies explanation was one that's reasonable and becoming more common is that. You just look at the NFC vs the AFC. And is issues difference like Ross Tucker was ultimately just two days notice that does the painters were in the AFC I'd probably have them as the third best team in the AFC. But the NSC is absolutely loaded onto I agree with him underdog wins no absolutely. Ask you this then. You know if we can stop right there juror. We're having that conversation with these other borderline team that's exactly right. We're only having this conversation about the Panthers why because when it comes to these 5050 games who do you trust more. Well you should trust the team that went. Happening right there trust in the Dallas Cowboys more. Trusting the east LA rams more their trust seeing the Green Bay Packers more they trust. The Minnesota Vikings more team that we be they trust the Philadelphia Eagles more than they're going to be able to repeat their trusting in all these are the teams the falcons in the saints. All over the Panthers wide why they feel like those teams I think there are. It may be one or two teams in this league that are better than everybody else. Maybe two. I would say the patriots are one because they've proven it each and every year they bend in the Super Bowl they've warned multiple champion I guess the second. Good at the oral incite you know really know Coca the Pittsburg Steelers. I think are better than most most teams because of their talent on both side especially if she easier is that that's you know neither here nor there but. You know when you start looking at and a couple of teams I think that you're talking about you know the 22 or three teams in the Tennessee. Who's much better than who. Mean maybe the vikings are more popular because of Kirk cousins. And you know they have a legitimate quarterback now that's going to you know I guess maybe manage the game better. But what does Kirk cousins ever been viewed as. You know our guys to make that big difference that the dominant defense is no doubt about doubt about it I say they're the best defense in the NFC them in the Eagles. And the Eagles it would be the other ones. But those are the two dominant teams. You know what everybody else. Meant to put had to pick one out there want the Panthers behind tomorrow that's my question two reasons first camp. Second Newton mean the MVP yet that one you mean the guys that it's is it tough to quarterback. Right but doesn't that this is not. Never going to be home a radio. And and look I've got no problem is that I enjoyed homer radio sometimes this is not what this is what we feel particular way about Cam Newton I can promise you listen to guys that we'll tell you the way they feel much Andrew and I believe Cam Newton. Brawl is faults and flaws we've all got him. Is a great quarterback. Especially when he's healthy and ought. And I do believe that people look at this team and and the guys especially in the national media who consistently discount esteem and overlook the right now. Look at Cam Newton is the reason why they do not believe this team's batters in the Atlanta Falcons better than the the New Orleans Saints up. I think that's where it starts and ends for a lot of these guys are really do think that let's take one more really quickly we go to key to get his thoughts on that Keith was a brother Howard. Gave I got don't do it not count our group which a lot just listen this guy. I don't wanna know a lot rare about is that the saints in the up upper part over the past five years the camp as a pet. Three when he sees it what those teams have had to. Project last year that faith was seven. Thirteen fourteen and fifteen. And I do like why are they folks stricken imperial brought on like are you kidding me. It's been an African clothes. This fake southern tip of the FC championship game scale the falcons made it give impromptu about Mike Duke now. I don't see where they're still out in front of us. And it sank what garbage spur years probably as seat that I'll look at their record look at the opposite per year but have greater ramat ran out of Atlanta folks. I don't know man outlook got to keep preach the dugout is a lab but and that's an immediate discount those already. Besides him I appreciate that look the bottom line zone the reality yes. Painters mailman when they are Nigerians should that's possible yeah. Yeah that would be a massive failure and disappointment with this roster back quarterback better coached that would be a massive failure but it could happen because this division and this conference is that good but they shouldn't I did the bare minimum number of points for this team to meet everybody else that's rational I think should be ten wins anything less than that is disappointing and I think it's unacceptable. Mean the difference between the two when you look at a coin flip. Right and you just put multiple times. Right you think if it comes up heads four times in a row that fifth time. Better odds of it comes up tails not details are worked out or doesn't work that's always fifty should the same thing applies in the NFL each year is a separate flipped. Every years they separate flipped with these teams that are all about equal now you can have some turn over here and there but nobody's gonna say that well this year because of what they did last year and the year before they've never had a back to back winning season we're gonna go with the odds and we're gonna go with the trends and say that they're not gonna do it again this year because they did last year. That's not the way the NFL work. Our injuries I think that this is the year that changed as we come back on the other side of your holdings stated or Joseph personable join us live from buffalo. Panthers bills tonight looking forward to a oldest DOS and maybe if we hope that Joseph is not the I just calls a Communist and that makes that is raised chicken legs. It's and I don't even though I'm gonna back when we got to restore straits and Americans on the other so I would Joseph person its course Ian Miller's WS NC.