Garcia And Bailey H3: Is TO Skipping The HOF Right? Guilty Pleasure TV Shows...

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Tuesday, June 12th
Frank and Kyle start the show asking whether or not TO is right for skipping the HOF ceremony, and the guys get into a discussion of guilty pleasure TV Shows....

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But Garcia. Lee Giles frank Kevin and Oz there's a soft. The radio radio dot com after as the official new home of WS Lindsay downloaded today and listen to us anytime. Anywhere that's the radio Dodd come back check it out 70457. Or 9610. We'll talk about the parent dreads also talk about TO. Because you had some strong thoughts on that earlier today frank go with Terrell Owens basically turning down his invitation to the hall of fame induction ceremony saying that a non good. A let people know we're gonna have mild celebration sewer to honor me TO for finally getting into the hall of fame and I'm gonna just kind of give you the floor on that really quickly because. I thought you stated it perfectly earlier that he's kind of just fueling the fire invalidating some of the reasons that people didn't want him there in the first place levee don't. Think that it's you know the person aren't you possess soared the characteristics that you have. No matter when it comes to the hall of fame in many guys in the hall of fame that. You know when they got in a when they're trying to get in no were you considered bad teammates are considered you know guys it. You know we're probably disgruntled a little bit and I think the big reason why TO not all fame is because that's ways consider. It's not because the numbers the numbers validate everything as a first know they paid first ballot hall of Famer no doubt about it. We start looking at where he's he stacks up. You know they did it's it's hard to argue that patient RTV there you know but you know way it went when guys that have played this game. Bomb a long time. They have worked detail off they're extremely proud. It's that this is meant a lot to them. You know guys like Chris Carter Leslie Marshall fault guys around the league Jackie Slater can you imagine what what they're sand when they hear. A guy like TO say that. I'm not gonna go because it it's. I'm I'm I'm a little for a little bump pouting and how it's about me now about this league. You know and you know that's what that's what they're gonna say you know that that's where they're going to get to the point where you know it's it's just. It's just more than it is about the numbers it's about the personalities and all the things go with the. Well yeah it bothers me to first of all there was a there was a vote of voter out there so that he would not have voted for TO if he'd known to be done this. That's sort of thing bothers me to look I've issues on both sides decide I have issues with some of the voters and the guys who cast these votes and some of these agendas and obviously had the cause them to do what they do which should issued by and large via dot what was done on the field what's the -- name was the body of work that was done between the lines and it's like that nothing else should matter because. Does your your reprehensible human being maybe maybe you don't belong to VOA at a place like ten but the bottom line here if. Taylor. And in some of the action two minutes of the crimes that you know he had to be in the hall Sam no I don't worry about that there's no ifs ands or butts so that's that's what we're gonna have this conversation with you know right now is that they'll with T and he's not done anything or still is not committing crimes. But it's the the disrespect. No with all which organ and you don't have people saying we don't want you I don't. Know how good I. I'm gonna tell people how to feel about what TO is doing here I just I guess what I'm saying his own solicited I guess it was yesterday maybe whoever we talked to him look across TO one time. And he never forgives you. And disappears too good to resemble thought that to be doing to be exactly what's. They were talking about because this guy's been waiting for three years to do and in detail and where he belongs based on what he did on the field. And he is getting a big middle finger to the folks who run the other though the hall of fame it looked. You don't want your moment you'll want to have someone induct you you don't want to have that jacket put on you on the stat that's fine that's your prerogative. But I just don't get it you work your entire career for the I don't wanna be apart Texans to protect the rights. Needles ignore licensees can't blame them wished him. You get to decide how you handle you know that right. You can't control what people like or don't like and if you do if you're worried about those things and you're gonna. I sit there and how about it it's just adding fuel to the fire skids it's giving the riders in the voters. You know and justification. For every reason they've helped you don't help you out. So yeah you you can blame him for that right because he controls that TO. It's got a big personalities some might call it gregarious some might call what do wherever you wanna cult that we also are you and I were standing there in Minneapolis back in February when TO walked in the media print. Go to do some stuff for the NFL network to do some stuff I like two or three tables down from us and that guy carries himself in a way you can see why soft put into a lot of people should it matter. Going into voting probably not no but the reality is that it does to a lot of people right so when he acts this way. You know what when he. Is this vindictive and if this vindictive about the NFL hall of fame imagine what else sees this vindictive about you you can't blame people for not liking this guy I guess I'm just blown away he doesn't want that moment he doesn't want to be live on the NFL network or on ESPN you know is safe for everyone to watch him the inducted into the hall saying the place he's worked his entire career to be you could say yeah he's gonna have is Boston therefore you know I don't perpetuity he's gonna be hall of -- so what does it matter. So so here's the way you oblige. You know people like that. OK if you're gonna power units or ten from he say no or beer or obliged to just blessed right. They just less going on your party. Do what you need to do you know welcome and ours anymore. Barton an end and that's always stop you know these types of things from from existing you know I am might be you'll stick your nose up pit at that but. You know to me. This is not about TO also aim is not a Santiago. TO is a part of the hall of fame potentially. Don't make it about you. This is about the game it's about the history it's about. You know the the tradition that exists and that's what upsets these I am sure these other hall of famers. There are honored to Wear the yellow jacket because your story brother. Isn't any better. And ours it's not any harder than ours your path wasn't any tougher than ours it's not what you did did what. We all I've fought through to get here this is not a WTO. This about. This jacket and representing. This shield in this league in an honorable respectful way. As an image of Minneapolis a second ago you think back to February in Minneapolis when we were there for the Super Bowl auditory eighteen class was announced and the little network was interviewing those so those those inductees very Louis Randy Moss Brian Dawkins Brian Urlacher always was not very little left. For an event and so maybe we should've seen this thing coming. But I guess I I'd. I'm still blown away because you're inducted Sunday NFL hall of fame. It's the elite of the elite there's so few people they get to Wear that jacket and have been busted you don't want to. It's I. I ask this question all the time you know if you're an athlete and you work your entire life you know two to play a game that you love. And you had the opportunity to have one of the what would you tell the world championships celebrate when your teammates of that or are the hall of fame with the gold jacket also. Right I think you know some people are gonna call you selfish that's an individual war. You know I mean you're selfish for wanting all time over team in a team sport and you know how god Karina won a championship I agree with you. You know I mean if you're going to be mean a lot of guys their ring and Matamoros and has a couple. I come. A lot of guys have brings set on the ends of back ends of benches and collected on. In the give them away in there was no disrespect to the it to the training staff and to the equipment guys they have their part in that they're part of the team. How much they earn that on the field right now I think that's or talk about you or that you are. Learned that jacket on the field Garnett by the respect of your peers you're by conducting. Yourself and an honorable way right you earn it by doing little things every day to make you a big things matter. That's what you do you learn to do the little things so those big things town. And you know that's one of the things that you know is one of those little things that maybe you just disrespect him in you know him and his wife and many in the as a first of all glamour. How do you feel about this 70457. Or 96 to some pivotal careless we get this guy who is name on the sex I was on Mitchell wants is pretty appropriate resist GO is an idiot move on it is what it is all political move on the I can't charge you or your morning guys I'm sure he always finds out and others this year. Literally by the rest 200 other responses like I don't know that this guy's a selfish she's. Two and enjoy your own on our restaurant screw loose right right Goldman notre bird it's a lot you know. Why get so we'll move I don't know we got a lot of good golf or sponsors on that voted to some of those if we can also want to I. I guess why is that there and that's critical less or is it they'll look at that insurgencies listen I'm jealous Sports Radio show on world from a lot of Nancy loves the I don't know us a clear using the radio dot com and I had to class if we're trying to stay away from the volcano sort of that's good advice we'll take some reaction now we give back to beautiful south 100 list were hoping they'd Davis USA today will join us at 430 talks about a still not welcome back to the boards and talk about average for junger brother talk about the draft a little bit. And don't we get into. Wanted to figure out the poll results from yesterday to NY pancakes are better than not yet I don't know destroyed in that and also we get into the worst show me your wives or girlfriends and I to wash its mercy and they look. News today and grizzlies had presented in the that was actually makes what they're really yeah that is what this is on the list startled usually gets what voters are that a 70457. And I'd be sixty in London and we just had differences. Wreckage Alia peace ease ease ease when you don't want to house music I was demands scoreless. I must play list. It's not see the score looks. Alex it's a squirrel X sure looks it looks like a squirrel pony tail. All of about it all the calls but Eli get crazy in Atlanta lawyer Gloria I don't know I don't know why. Yeah I didn't watch that show what I do know don't you know how it goes we have had tangible impact on us just life threatening to have but I. Really out there right now doesn't data out today he's in right now. While the cobwebs in the so pretty why are you keep working on that we went it was earnings birds in the B segment whenever we wanted to do it. That's tomorrow Wednesday via. Come on Thursday at a table there's there's just gotta you've heard an update ready for your love life on Thursday to Thursday think let's do that would make it Thursday thing that we are free to make plans. Or the young lady happens to be listening for trying to get ready for Friday wanna make plans with Adam we can do it on Thursday to consider exactly regular prom isn't going to be since weekend and we don't care if there's plenty of women threes as well so. You need to be prepared to visit the dating and vindication dating her two very different cat. So he might have to have that discussion with you my he's my young science exam on Thursday you go to the beach it's a different set of rules for so we'll that you were you surprised at the beach. States at the beach and unless you're not careful so. Since Thursday that. It's a monolith. I'm gonna be in the windy hill section North Myrtle Beach. The retirement community theater is its us. I spent half a cup. You go to Broadway the regular club now are wondering you know me know I never vented a club in Myrtle Beach. There aren't any of any of hi we're gonna just ever there's a save this for Thursday we're limited to ready for that by the way it's extra running and the child never figure out as hillbilly band for the wedding not quite the clothes are well I talked to saw the other day and a weird conversation the other night we were solid. He'll mutual friends by the way we do you saw did you LC talks a dump. Maybe I know so I am just don't know whose stage name him that maybe religion cornbread about it here is on its agenda towards a good dude you're gonna talk some more fun but it's getting close we'll figure out 70457. Or 96 dead they Davis is gonna have to join us and other days so long battle has opened up plenty of time to talk about bad television as Franklin at their during the bread because bad intelligence branch. Tomorrow I can't help believe what I was going on. Last night by the way we used between Korea and the control up. Three of the audio first. There was a summit ride this historic summit you know president trumpet and president Kim Jong soon and we have the audience we know we have the audio right. For much of Dennis Rodman all you can Dennis Rodman. Was only part of the on board a losing last night but that is so she. In my wrestler watching it and that's that was strikes that's what frank has sent a strike was irate because he was watching the bachelor in North Korean summit. Well yeah I mean didn't care about this guy's toil Libby did you got robbed and and Rodman's burn a modern hat and he's wearing I was in a pot calling. You know it basically online currency for those who don't know it's a little under different companies you know he's talking small like currency like at popcorn T shirt and it is platform right it sounds and maybe your training we don't lie I don't know what that is. But Gary's rare occurrence apparently there's there's a lot of the again. You and the real currency no horses and stray currents were stolen on its correct don't curse reserve currencies were brutally destroyed reticent on line money that are kind of still and I don't know some. So it's a series doesn't even feel real. Of offense knows his mad about that here's Rodman though losing this crying by the way I EA is crying kids on CNN last night's. Play did so monumental loaded their duty do I think he tried to these. Days. Eight he did what no you brought these Naimi Naimi and bigger impetus in this whole entire process Dennis Rodman who was the first person to go to under this grant you right did you tell me what he did to facilitate the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula he. He brought the peace and love of basketball and American sports. To North Korea said today to see at an inch and an un offensive on worrying way also his relationship with little rocket man's yet all of this exactly and we won't listen. He was in this country and see here's the whole time on impact on how great America was planning they. He's not stop played them audio this is Dennis Rodman on CNN last night sparks and sparks plays exercise an accident. This certainly isn't less at those things. Let's set the stamp the youth. When I would I don't know sovereign risk that does all the don't listen I was sitting up protect and everything. Korea and help them all I could go hole and he couldn't go won't eat I don't I'll put the days. Could you have little hole. I knew things don't change I knew what I all the the only one I've never had award this year please come and when it extremely. Electrical bliss took all black but just. OK let me but it still standing that it doesn't quite good but everybody single port. He'll try to ever got some great today it is a group there doesn't see a historic day so happy. Get an idea how can see how do you laugh at that I like my stuff is enough for solo days. Did you just say that man save this world but did you hear did you hear the emotion. The absolute honesty the real life struggles there he had gone he had gotten death threats for trying to bring peace to the world thirty days forty. It cost forty a little. I was afforded an argument over numbers forty. I'm pretty sure in the US how dare you ritual many he's crying he's doing all these things in your just gonna ridicule because he can't speak clearly. Yes that's it's precisely is doing it easily network cable news hit and he's not speaking he's cried and he looks ridiculous suggestion go to. Kevin what are US yes by the way you know one a stretch sir criticizing people that said this all said Dennis Rodman was however drunk oral drugs. When he said I know he wanted him to go to North Korea with him caught up fired him on the apprentice that was said by Donald talked before we are not under. There's old sweet her goals and I looked at mending fences trying to mend the fence it's what. You know we're doing here I know no notes I have no idea but I think that's the yeses and I think you guys are missing the point what. They erupted my bachelor always try to is right about the fact that Texas is what the blue hell is wrong we Dennis Rodman everything. That's the point everything different set to address the second I don't know what's happening right now no one does the cousin Dennis Rodman was that does Singapore summit between couldn't the United States is North Korea no one knows what's happening. Except for fright is just just about the match ramping up and learned is that going to get a day in day Carmen Electra so can you who. Oh he had money. That in grade point. And I wealth that's attorneys and others out there I mean you supporter of the new world orders well a stroke it and that he has and has notoriety isn't life just prepare. I. Expect so casually or for life in the bedroom. The cards or Dennis rather enterprise master wants less and I'll tell you when we come back we're tortured guilty plus it's a few words it's only an all my guilty pleasure or what you're forced to watch would you if you man claimed to be forced to watch I. I have to gosh this or else or get a divorce and gets it and they're so you watch because you want to don't know. Blind yourself I want jedi order my guilty pleasures but this is not one of them you stop why use us right now television show to Monty Johnson makes me want to we'll tell you what that is when we come back men I wanna hear from you what is the worst television but your wives or girlfriends or make you watch I wanna hear about it sources in the it. I got hers next year just developed caught on Gaza were BS and us all the time we get a text from a guy another you know this guy is registers some limited Lieberman on anonymous for now. God sakes it has deterred you guys almost two weeks ago. And I tune correct manager talked in politics again this is a joke TriBeCa in two weeks these Texas for the last three days. So you know you look where we appreciate the fact that we fire you lied to us demand sometimes you just call slash about 70 forethought and she's zero. Was quick yeah yeah of course it'd. That's a god trouble work by the way I know Jessica was lessons are you work. Central 'cause that's the tough talk. A little tough once again I am I. Actually had reviewed a lesser broadcaster is a guy points out or stop and start over right now may have pushed through it yeah I was clear that one that's just the best of the best quit. Quick help me push through. And it's pretty inexpensive too is that we thought boxers do already at MI as well in minstrel I'm doing a better job now you are and the more relaxed about it could also comes with a now. How does that sucks is right here mere announce that's it's usually cover hygienic travel wherever you take to geez he really is doing it'll ever general no doubt about it a little more time and I think a good bunker didn't get quit dot com. Worst tell that to show that your wife or girlfriend makes you watch it is without question. The real housewives of an effect early there isn't general of India India more port to push their horns Tony. There's Jersey. There's New York, New York is Atlanta well that's right the Atlanta as the new one or Newark and has been around while they did one called the Potomac apparently. The real housewives and an assist this just the talk about the real housewives Charlotte really yeah. I've heard I've heard that the rumors are still and watch that. There's no less you know what I'm telling you I these and to meet that stuff that's like rod that's that's what you what you want to rot your brain that's what you watch. What what does it I don't I don't understand what is appealing about watching illusion titled. It's the Botox or the big upsets order CI. These people don't have real problems for the most part so I don't understand the fascination with their lives. So like she's she's not I'm not gonna watch it that's not where should come watch it with me no like the dive through the window so you don't want to know frank I don't need to I don't what she's a body is he doesn't even turn it on in the bedroom and I'm one miraculously tonight because she knows it makes me irate. I don't watch a lot of things with I'll watch some raw watch Iran come I'll watch thought that was a question what are you watching with your significant other. I want we want to know. Come on. And I'm not sure and try to factors. Misses us hello this is Aussie did you guys hear that as us is that that's a guy girl singers I. Doug grow only fuels title watching. Oh message that I got to know the three wanted to go try to think come. Wash some lug so why a lot of matches kind of John Snow the charm so and so or sharp. As I try I watched the first season of order. I couldn't take anymore I'm probably know some of those. Of the the house wives so I mean you watch him fumble where the you're not completely and I'd know her uncle to extract. Zawahiri that damn. Maybe southern charm is the one but I don't want you anymore. I would just I don't like reality television got behind now maybe but I. But I just don't like reality TV it's not my I don't get it. I'd like to be the only reality TV they're watching what the real world that was it I can't do Big Brother I can't do any of the other ones are just I can't. Would you like to bats are individually tell you right now. The real housewives of any thing. It's just brain rot. That's all this brain rot north it's Vogel slugger and realized slow demise well am I as well what do we are titles of first child didn't give me the bad television you watch. Our guys. Are O'Donnell. Well there are a lot. He bong general hospital data they show all BP. I'll look at. Arbor they're ever. A slow either never read your. I don't PP and apparently a bargain or are you people are a mile or you don't watch it Eric I think you're not at all. He got hooked got to watch the stories writer you have to say is that your. Yes I've sort of brought back some prescription the focal you know I'm gonna have to restore my grandmother. Used to sit and watch. Her stories all the time and then my sister got involved. And then next thing you know everybody had to watch 'cause we'll only have one television now smoke seven Ellis. So you always were forced to watch. Arnold was general hospital or days of those days are relies that was my sister's story that was Hamas days of the a couple of toughest. Updates are a lot but it's just that's the same characters are days of our lives thirty years ago of course they are of course they are chased him as a bad TV what are you watch what do you make you watch. I'm forced to watching that he worked in real out by this book teen mom saw zooms. Yeah. We're not only W licensing money rather watch MTV two. Exactly exactly and that by a mile wide one bit. It went up ahead train wreck when it come on it like our help packed in the really go to the and I am stuck watching. Are you poor guy that's also budgets are you know and I'm glad to be released or. He's highly season minute Kyle. These are holding onto it like did you know I'm sure I'm writing my brain trying to figure out what it is and I don't know what qualifies it's like a second ago Texas a shameless there's a show that's a bad telephone shameless or showtime but that's what we're talking about here. I know I'd like I guess southern charm is the most recent one that I can point to render pump rules. Dude you've seen it the first month when I was in Charlotte workers it was obviously there's a housewife obviously would have wanted it over your doors and his his fiancee wants to Vander pump rules all the time I didn't know what it was wish she had an all time slam unfortunately aware of what that is this confused I think that that's hilarious play bad or incessant pleas are nasty bone is only do on earth who still. The virgin after give our guys just mail you have to pass doesn't mean Tebow does not a virgin we don't try to this is not nice at 70457 or 96 and my home man. That's a crazy question and housewives you know thanks thanks for. Did your house trust what else is everywhere else is bad idea a bit. I never I've ever seen Big Brother I got to the Australian all of you but I think the bachelor is as bad as it gets excited to bachelor is as bad as television do so anyway. These people act as if there and loves having been. Indicated together for six weeks and I make fun of it every time OK and every single time or make fun of it this guy's anyone who doesn't know or they have a model launch on their right now. That this is more concerned about how he looks and how she looks. This dude out there could he's got the skinny jeans on is got them come over and he goes Mike MPs will mean a model. My image. That's me my space that's made the. Ever since I. Don't hold still pregnant. Verizon's President Obama at an earlier about it and yet they are notre bats lose completely ridiculous but heavy CNET news showed has come and ABC Osce to previews watch another million dollar period. Did here. And an update now with stereo though Peerman. As you've risen for divorce and goodness go through its appalling really quickly tell what zone meant. Erosion has done that I don't itself as Mets right quick look. You give you get asked in the bag you could have lit these sieve like college after enough after an up why is correct did you take out the rule. All that's happened they're cheap she won't even let me in the room to watch it now because all I do is drag on its all time. They do and what to what you would actually be 819 want to borrow leather on the bumpers let's last. Music man no 10. Yeah and and. Death metal. Clemson hot so there's definitely have to have the oh. Into the cooks coach mark next Margaret so maybe it was a bad reviews. Man not an act where you got. Not quite yet if you make it all or to wait number or rebate. That is pretty bad but it's that we led by the way we got to Cleveland I was in the mid day show right now he's gone tell him all about it. Back you know well I'm jury know where I end up back it up. It could happen after market averages event at seven horrified so good decision is used to read Stevie John and ordered talk about the million dollar period in the back from break. Don't sit there look at. We're all used to the bestseller same song to grab a bat they knew in the American. I don't know I don't watch to show and knows what season. It records and I. There are 70457. And I and his sister and a bad TV said it was awesome and I first multi million dollar period they was great but Osbourne had some good suggestions that he just left off the table I. Clearly there's bad girls club. Ever had many girls clinical and it caught I don't know it's one of those student bag girl's cloning is bad girls climbed that's an investment Jim Tankersley knows best scripts. Chris Lee knows best is a very good one now I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you a nursing crucially knows best from a single one that actually bothers me. Property Brothers. I don't like property Brothers bothers me I don't know why it just doesn't seem realistic it two Brothers are gonna be this you know. I did around Brothers and I'm Jenna hundreds of Haiti's children realize there's a table and that makes sense and I can actually watch it'll I don't know I really don't actually had his children eleven and it's true or not. At times during this they're in the summertime are like me you know when it's cold outside and we have break during the wintertime Christmas break might HGTV. Is stuck on my TV is it that family few. Rarely if family feud that's a that's a round that's a Steve Harvey. 24/7. All night long it's kind of like our silent solar are white noise and. When we did little advice of the guys out there if you're if you're into the home improvement DIY shows which you just can't take Ph.D. TV stuff anymore because it's gotten bad. It really like a house commerce thing if you detect customers is great used to do it. It used to be in the here's why it's taken a turn everybody knows jokes by now it's true because you get this couple and he'll be on their newly asking questions about the of the guys like realize I sharpen colored pencils reliving and she collects buttons and our our budget is 700. Thousand dollars and think you know aside you guys just can't take that stuff anymore so if you wanna watch a real show about building things about DIY stuff that doesn't involve that kind of nonsense phrase there's this whole house was on the house all also wants now what's this old house on PBS and everywhere in order giving great suggestions weren't we're talking about its young terrible I always gonna try to help guys get out of terrible television that's all let's all don't. Closely knows best he's seen in heaven. Yes I have I think my parents sometimes watch it too they wanted to get higher after it like it but you know. I am actually come a surprise no one's mentioned the worst of the worst and that's. Keep enough to cart fashions on the buildings and always that's definitely I can not actually show I refused to watch I refuse hours as to what is that the generous. The always. Don't have an antenna. And I grabbed the wrong guy wrote I don't know notice this the one with the the guys. If they do it like that that the guys are terror if not because we don't want to Seattle has that narrative. No pop culture. It's not pop -- come on man to assist us a call I don't know I just and Doug or near something I don't know buses slowly and Lamar we got to where are female listeners by the way Simon and don't you decide whether she says she can't get her husband out of the room fast enough which is watching repulsed drag race because she thought here's garbage it's her favorite showing the world the mixer smile so. The theft of a I'll toss where it comes none are you always get out of here what is up on it and what does your guilty pleasure television that man real quick we got a book. Yeah. Say it out does it might drop that was critical role and a top rules so but I always go back toward minority loves about it. A global age never never a better once have I wanted to always worked LA is deer on aisle I love LA. The women are did you see on an as shell and the dudes are so dear she gets fought back. Say yeah. Is that that's that's what you watch for right there he broke it down for you and that she really did he just killed the toughest defeat of 45709. This instead. We're in a kick off our numbers forward and back to the more it's a little bit. Earlier today. There were having a discussion about the NBA and we look up to we see on the screens behind us. Jalen Rose and company with a graphic across the screen it's is why Charlotte is the best destination for LeBron James. We still don't really know what was so we got the audio over there we're gonna play at a wanna talk about that or talk about the Greek freaks little brother a little bit because there may be addressed promise there are that is not worth talking about and we get back into the top 100 the NFL's top 100 Cam Newton comes 125 Thomas Davis already tell 173. And double last two await Lou typically striking is well we look at top fifteen top fifty I'm guessing and guess isn't coming eleven or ten or eleven got to stay with Gary I think our group that governor top fifty's we talk about that we take your phone call 7045709. I cry and that this section a bad show. I did I get teary eyed and undercover Boston Ehrlich are absolutely no doubt that there's a sensitive site the frank Garcia that I don't think has been fully exposed. Although we seeing more and more that the past year to see more guys we go to if there's a sensitive side too you. The people the decision occurred last night vision and bachelor. Proudly Jewelers to her feet up here right now I. I got Jason Alexander as frank Garcia and Osborne WFAC almighty god totally agree I thought I was the only one that watched this old house. No this hasn't won of their shows on television to us edit. Dammit I was from Africa reforms next Garcia and barely.