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Tuesday, April 3rd

This is a big hour we have two great guests, talking Hornets and Tiger Woods.


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Garcia. You know strikes Philly is becoming titles on USA. Eagles get one. Nobody gets one. Now the other sixers just have to make a run to the Eastern Conference finals. We're gonna tell yesterday what I made that proclamation yesterday don't sleep on the sixers they're talented team. If they haven't Lauren how to win at that level yet but don't be surprised if they take any team if they lose to seven games. Well it's got to be the sixers because idol in the Phillies a donut and I don't know suppliers are gonna do it I've no idea a couple of quick footed. The sixers say I don't think they might make a run and that will validate the process and you know we'll see distort its. In act said process with their new GM and it sounds like it's going to be amidst objects which were talking to recruit elf Charlotte Observer covers the Lawrence is joining us on the sector job just line. Rick we appreciate tremendous coach I think it's real right this is aspect. Oh yeah Kyle real quickly our outlook and yell out what they do about owners. And I covered pot Don you know. All don't matter until they're really real problematic. Bob. Completely different a bit respected expert in the armed them and constantly ignored it. It was very I mean the reason that Jordan bought the team. For a penny on the dollar was because happily are written into the ground because he wouldn't with the other people that's what I think older become really days. That's a great point Rick and I there was a great. Examples well. OK so so written back to the catcher in the back. And I and our didn't run. You know run off no. Not only it would reduce our daughter. No not a dog and I appreciate that is a great examples franks and a second ago what annoyed I would ask you had to dismiss this is subject and this is real this is happening in. At least that's what it feels like I don't know if there's any barriers lest between him and an assigned to field a noble what is your general trend of the list. Edit at minimum in this short one on its so optical bit in this regard. Com you know they're at a practice and I used and a column today on Wall Street unwinding the trade there's a whole lot. Unfortunately there's a lot more that going on right now that need to be un done. Americans need the you know that and then their needs to be done and you don't saying it they're gonna have to do some painful thing. Dick GAAP and fell back. Well below ground and they're going to be unpopular. And there's certainly going to be a palatable. No one thing that you know about Mitch that I know about it's been a bit and I don't pretend to know him well. But I know I know him through other people is. Mean it is very well connected. And very respected among his peers. That's going to count for something you know him saying it when he goes to somebody and says. Look what can I do to get this seemed a little bit further away from what dec pretzel. Because he's inheriting a massive. Massive amount. Oh problem and it's gonna take it's not gonna take a month that they depict crap. That's a great you know as reclaiming normally we talk about taken one step for back to take teased us forward to seemed like this team has take three steps back. To take an inch forward in on you that luxury tax you talked about you look at good teams you know are doing Jordan's are opposed to going in luxury tax but he also won just wants to fill when he does he's gonna you know it's gonna count. Bob how no sensible person who owns an NB AT. Would be a lock street tax Payer. For the product that they're putting on the court right now committed to that that that would be lunacy and the only that I think the people there a little bit about what Jack. Under the new CPA so punitive and waste that go beyond simply app and a white but he checked. It's very much limits thing you can do its part crate and create signing. Com body are told me a couple of months ago you know that once you cross that line at in this seat and what it does your what the ability the next season it will really dangerous. You know Rick there's a lot of people still like you know nothing's really gonna change you know and regardless of who you had come in here to be the general manager were few we had to come in here and be the coach. There's the perception because you know he doesn't speak very much to us. Michael Jordan is having his input and sometimes step across the line to. You maybe can undermine you know what some of these guys adorned I don't know those things are true or if he's knows things are true but what changes wished it was gut check here. You know who aren't and Mikey brought that up but that's something I think it'd be kind of interesting. I understand. Because they're the perception no friend of Mike in the organization. That the fact that niche it has chabot oh god. You know I think there's there's not a concern. That somehow Beckett translate in in the beating yes man. I wonder if that might have just the opposite effect in what I mean by that is. At sixty hurry you know it's pretty obvious that this is gonna be knits his last job. It's if if I'm him. You know between that time that I offered that job and I accept that. I have a convert very blunt however they can with Michael and Curtis spoke and I think the fall guy. You're hiring need because you know you've got a lot of I need a certain amount of human sperm you I need a certain amount of autonomy. I need you guys to understand that I'm gonna be saying and think you know there are not going to be opened it ear but it the important thing you hear them. And they you act. And I would think that it is credibility counts for something. I think that you know I think that Rick wade that are really good job away from what I've heard that I think it's personality may have been a little bit problematic is. I think Rick what in some time it was more Horry was overly concerned. We're making Michael happy and that isn't necessarily. What it general manager's job. Richie you talked about credibility there for a second right to whoever did what and when Mitch Kupchak. Takes this job. And he does have that kind of credibility that matters when it comes time to pick up the phone. And try to get someone to trade for Dwight Howard doesn't it above the prism of Mitch being who he is. You know and then we talked about you know Gerson gross us and marche virtually and on the maybe even David Griffin was probably in a different class than those two but when it comes down to emit cup check picks up the phone calls and other GM or the organization in looking for a trade that kind of credibility does matter and I'd I'd do things. That even though I looked back and and I credit Jerry West with building a lot of those lakers teams. If that second generation and in 20092010. When they won back to back championships. Don't check don't bet and yet they he had Kobe Bryant but he had to build the pieces around him so I think there's nothing you can look at to maybe doubt come check a little bit there's more going for and I think some people are willing to admit. Well. I don't I I apple we agree with you. Net net net being a known quantity around the league and somebody that people are used to working we're. Arm that spelled out for some you don't count for something. Having said that though I think that much more important thing to keep in mind Beers. You know digging out of there is going to be very difficult and not so he well order. Our expense that Beijing team but also likely died because on the macro. They're only like in fourteen this whole summer we're gonna start and up next fiscal year under this now. I mean that's so radically different that would you'd think a date with yet a spell where you know it's very typical for every seed to beat and Chile and twelve million dollar and up. It's part of our only people who are you know whip over there and so what I'm yet that is. You know the use of baseball analogy you know they talk about the trade yet like you'd you know our our you'll buyer power problem with that mark wait. In the NBA that the upcoming summer is there are going to be a lot of fire that there can be a lot of well. Erica like Steve cliff a lot I think he's held a coach I think he did sell the message I think you guys play hard I don't know if there's talented is the other teams are planned but I do feel like unfortunately sometimes. You know when you take a position like that everybody's going to get fired eventually and it's whether it's collateral damage or. You know you still look like new general manager comes in during his own guy what do you do if your cup shared with Clough. You know frank I'm glad US without question and read connected he you know what it's like. The coach at the highest level. Armed. I think Steve is terrific it is I think I covered nine. And BA coach is there I think either air as sharp and certainly are there voted and are and detail oriented any. My concern is and that record I really like he your opinion on this. I think that there are the problem but generically go to some point if it's scale I think it's John bock was. Where it was a really good thing frankly for our spot. Apple to being someplace other than Carolina emperor or. Do you agree we need frank that at some point just about every body is give your name have been great opera that they'll. Your your your collection in one place there. You know. Rick did it matters the biggest thing that matters is whether you're winning or losing games and if you're running games that message never gets stale if you're losing games. It can get stale overnight. But what frank do you agree with me that there are that with most people they're up by not. No matter how well they're doing their job. That change for changes sake unfortunately. He's about or. Yet another message to duke is that the Porter brought up earlier with is that at some point in everybody's careers they're going to gets fired like that reason and there have been numerous examples I was the budgetary friend told example hitter would when he walked towards the Boston Red Sox but. But budget would bottler were talking to recruit L Charlotte Observer joined us on the second job just slide it and I wanted to show real cheap too long direct but so I would just ask you. Joseph Kimball was not treated by the deadline he is now the franchise's all time leading scorer he's beloved in this city. But how much money is too much money to pay for a dive it's going to be nearly thirty years old and only six foot one. And may be his top eight at his position in the NBA when it comes down to to pay this guy would it's a tough decision I guess the cup check estimates. You know two to pay this job to balance that with what they need to be competitive. And I don't like to have that background about you know remember. That Potomac are on the books for a lot of money. And it's gonna be difficult to move himself yet you know what I'm saying is they're already. Paying other people may be accept that plea you know in advance of duck a duck and it took like twenty minutes ago. I'm sort of an effect meant is that. What if you're out of you know what do you think that very first thing. That book or the general manager should view in the new job and I like that that a backpack that. Immediately schedule a meeting with Campbell there have the most boring other changer bike yeah. And and you know iPod niche I I am I can't make any other plan for what to do here it's quite know exactly where you're coming. What your priorities are what you they argue. How much needing you know being here matter how long you can wait for you know wait for the situation to be with when he again I think it. I think every thing to some degree or another football program number prep with what you guys do you think I think I'm over. I think you hit the I think you hit the nail right on the head I think that's absolutely the first thing that needs to happen here because. Until you know that you don't know what direction to go. Yeah out and and and believe me guys I mean I realize it's Cam Newton it has been an NFL and BP. Bought. Frankly. Kemba is it central air any decision. That that well ordered general and a dramatic end to what people Marty you regard that they after. Can agree more. Rick Bedell Charlotte Observer joining us on the tech job just slide and a Brit only got about tortoise I consumers Dwight Howard ordered next year. I'm probably now because it's not and I think it's going to be even at an expiring contract. Moving somebody who makes 28 million dollar the year it's very very theory typical thing to do particularly at an acrobatic. I think you're right about that directly held joining us on the technique come Greta just like suffer awesome stuff they'll talk disown out. They actually have it all right 704570960. And I any reaction that will certainly take fifteen minutes from now. We're joined by Orman could say in sixty minutes HBO real sports he's got a brand new book out. About Tiger Woods and does slide off the shelves this time it's all dormant detail with masters week upon us we'll talk to him. And die at some point we got some more stuff that we got to get into including a trip this conversation about whether or not they're really going to take. They cornerback in the first round and I and I wanted to know and ask this question a little bit later where you get your news. Where you get your news a sports fans where do you get your news on the daily basis and I just forty news. What are you willing to pay for 70457. Or 96 to end this team minister now Orman it's and it's Garcia a bit. You can blink you'll be hearing the 2008 CWS Lindsay pro football pre draft rounds they've Thursday April 19 at 630 and still worth neighborhood grill. 2999. Did you had to get the ball straight and ESPN draft guide corona and a whole lot more Steve men's from ESPN's scouts think's gonna be there are frank Garcia college football hall of Famer and Super Bowl Sandra Blyth and Omar Gaither former eagle and done mr. Myers parks going to be in the house as well all be there Tebow and back Chris grow over the whole crew. Will be in attendance that night in the if you wanna be there as well go to get my perks dot com right now. It's netbooks and tickets are just give you one suggesting if you're going to be there. Now didn't throw me in law. Think again from what does can be summed it docile underfed. I was waiting and I let her best at home are known confront him. But in the bus trailer. But I did a great food they're last year that's great advice that is good advice well it's figured shrewd about skis. Could result with lunch again today about he's neighborhood grill other bring the wings they always bring this to incredible players awareness so we have some arch area are in hot today to. Teriyaki hot teriyaki and hot I love both of those also look like their honey mustard when you establish a time that was incredible and in this in this sliders and it's is you don't do they're just. They'll blast the second to come out of. A bad they're burger sliders might be some of the best in Charlotte you know they're a little crispy on the outside with the murders but so delicious and juicy on the inside the blue cheese. Into that bill pickle little typically grow like what did you take palladium saw that on top there they get the mustard. Are you all little things that you like go for the fixings but it's it's more the best murders in town. And down because it's not we appreciate them by stopping by for sure. No doubts or reject about the mouse is over on the east boulevard and check model lied about skis drill. Dodd John thereabouts a 910 minutes we talked Orman could say and sixty minutes HBO real sports his new book on Tiger Woods is out. We'll get his take on that an employee of other things Norman can speak on a lot of different subjects but you know again I'm just throw the question out there will cut a circle back to it. Here in just a little bit but I kind of what this kind of bringing in some information while we're waiting. I I want those listeners out there as consumers of sports you know because that's what you're doing with us every single day. Where do you get your news when you wake up more when you need to know so where do you get your news or you consuming on a daily basis and not just that. What are you willing to pay for. Because endless source is the athletic read the athletic in though we we have some of the writers on all the time to sort that new wave accompanied have been brought together a lot of writers who had the unemployment climb when ESPN's sort of laying folks off and fox sports made it tribute to video. And it's. It's sort of a subscription pay based model forty bucks a year you get older great content they do it in the biggest city's biggest markets across the country to what what are you willing to pay for ESPN's new standalone servers were just talking about it yesterday. ESPN's new standalone service weakens us for 499 a month. Get all the ESPN networks what are you willing to pay for where you're you're nervous. And how old are you would generation do you comet because I I think to Wear what I don't think it's a fascinating thing what are you asking these things. Because we got so many responses for yesterday from people don't start talking about the cord cutting thing right. We deal and this is our business that we would we produce content we talk sports has taken a poll wise I'm curious you know where people. Seek out their news where they go after a lot of your your here I think we're par probably the equation because you're listening. A but I am curious where people get their news. We occasionally breaking news you know we talk about the stories more than we do break the news and what you could get you know something for example you know yesterday we were the one of the first to talk about Mitch got checked. You know after we found out where on Twitter yeah I twittered to me I think is arguably one of the biggest news sources out there. Everybody's trying to be first. And you know sometimes because of it you know there are no one to take these risks. A lot of stuff doesn't come true so you have to kind of filters through the minutia on what is real and what isn't you know when you're watching your phones but. In the morning are from me every morning I get up and I have a couple different sites you know and Twitter is one of them. He's kind of school students the you know what have shown you know what took place late last night. You know was there anything that went along with the celebration. In those type of things with Jay Wright's you know you have different conversations people have opinions on there as well and thanks to good very good news source. It's a great aggregators you know of news but most CBS sports. ESPN the score also. You know provides me you know witness the you don't mind news of you know what's going on I. The observer for local news at times I'll scroll through that to see you know the opinions of you know what Tom Sorensen and or what. You know Joseph person or you know you know post ball. Focus dot com. You know some of those things where you where you get information out of pro football you know you can go on that as well amid a lot of different sources out there but Twitter to me. Has it all because it brings it to one source. We're gonna come back to. Because I want to talk more about us forget still come in and already up a bunch and it clicked and I disaster dubious or send me some stuff if you just if you have time to step up a quick text if that's all you can do 70457096. And I I would love to go on a daily basis where you did your sports news we wanna hear from you we come back we talked Orman good today and sixty minutes HBO real sports. His new book on Tiger Woods it's out it's well times tiger's back. Least we think so he's going to be at Augusta this week we talked dormant contain about that and other things next it's Garcia and there. You Goodell results did you. Song I loved this time of year he reminds me when you might get you sit down and watch Tiger Woods play as he did oh yeah how does that. Have debating an unbelievable it was when I was 101112 is also that was its. It's so long there's a time honored tradition so you know it's a time honored tradition alive yet another it's right how. Uncle speaks to the masters this was a well time released just an addict and our next guest Orman Keteyian. New book entitled Tiger Woods and Armand could stay at sixty minutes HBO real sports and watching this guy till some of the best stories in sports for years and years and years. It's an honor to bring him on the tech job just like that we do so now Orman cowardice or. I'm good Kyle frankly Indian guides. It's nicer join us send you know obviously there's so many things I think this is one of the most fascinating guys I've ever need a scene and followed in sports and as our. The producer was talking about you know in got disinterested in something that maybe nobody was interest in before. Before he joined what's one thing. That we need to know about Tiger Woods that we don't know. But good question noise I mean you may not know it means he's a genius let's put it that way in terms of is is golfing. Greatness I mean the work prodigy doesn't even begin their. Describe views. Everything he did physically but I think. His mental. Capacity is indomitable will. You know one quick story just you know what kind of so far is he on he was part of type there were six prototype golf. Drivers that he was testing for Nike and a testament to you know I like every one. You know and the guys that like he said no need to understand they all. You know they always exactly the same amount he said no actually this one number five always. Which more and they they sent him back to. Testing facility in Fort Worth and tore him apart churn out there the one that tiger has. Get kicked out weighed. The difference in the weight from the other drivers was wait a 21 dollar bills was literally at aquarium a difference between. The drivers but he was able that. Not pick them out. What do you know about Tiger Woods I think the book in large measure. Answers the question you know who we is Tiger Woods and that's that's the was the driving force of what Jeff and I spent three years of my life trying to. Trying to answer and it's it's a complicated. Yet her because he's a very complicated person what they extremely. Interest staying I guess as one word to describe it fairly dynamic. I I do think adjusting to the right word because. I I don't know if you know him but he offered in my role lays MB wrote a book about Michael Jordan a couple of years ago and and it did perform very well but there have been books written about Michael before and I think five scenery more than. Under just ended densely written about Michael Jordan the same can be said about tiger was has been so much written about Tiger Woods over the years. But now there's been this entire church new chapter of tiger's life since everything that happened in no nicer when you approach this project to subvert or write a book. About Tiger Woods what was the angle what what new parts of this story needed to be told us I I know you want people to buy the book and read it's not asking for spoilers or what was the approach. I think what what we did what we read every one of those books that there reporting and all we read books about buddhism regret books about the Navy SEALs we were. Books about sex addiction we try to understand tiger aren't. Through the eyes of other people that were around him but I also true it's not arise and that. Then we went through. You know literally. Bought 320. Press conferences official press conferences that. Where he spoke to understand. You know what he gets set we put together. 120. Page timeline at display we've looked through every. Major article significance. That was well there have been written about tiger and bad we went out and interviewed 250 people firm. From every walk of his life. And it's not just me saying and I mean to the biography it's been praised is you know for the intimate details. The fresh information regarding PDT. The depths in the in the complicated nature of the relationship with his parents that. That this story really get of the socially. Awkward. Shy child who was program by its parent. To become a prodigy and to change the game of golf which is exactly what. What happened. But at what cost and at what price does this genius comment I think. You know when you're writing books like this. So many the other books took our segments of tiger's wife Betty but right after he turned pro war in the wake of the scandal. Or through the eyes of somebody that was a caddie for a certain period of time in terms Christy Williams. What Jeff and I were after it was this summer since 360. Degrees view was his wife. Independent of a Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods people and you know that's what you got I mean it's not it's the sum of the parts more than. Mean do we talk about them you know as they are section airs he's you know involved with. You know dozens of women yes to that we delve into the PDT yes we delve into that. It's that there nature of out just absolutely. Cold blooded he could be not only on the golf course but the people that. He interacted with us for too long stretches of time so. It's an immersive portrait I mean it's not something that. You know is necessarily easily explained that in a sentence or two as I just proved to. Records ordered armor to say in sixty minutes or against. On that segment John does slime his new book longer Jeff Benedict Tiger Woods out on not on on bookshelves now go out and grab a copy lots and lots of folks are. You know arm and obviously you know every competitor you know to get to the top of their game has made some sacrifice and you know you have kind of the switch that you turn on and then you turn off and when you get on the course. Where you get on the field you turn it on and you completely different but when you go home. The challenge for most guys is turning that switch off and make whatever that whether his competitiveness whether it's the emotion the passion you have for something and you know it's it's something that you know doesn't. Translate well to relationships. Outside the football field or outside the golf course for competitive guys. What's the biggest thing. The vet Tiger Woods does better than everything else that makes him who he is. Well you mentioned trying to switch on and off and certainly understand that I think you have an audience. He just. Almost unimaginable. Fame and fortune. In terms of a hundred million dollar year. Yen in not in outside income and then be absolute lack of our privacy I mean you're the most famous athlete. We need to piece of planet Michael arm is the most famous famous athlete on the planet and that's what art for the better part of the decade. And to try to understand. The absolute loss of any sort of certainly public intimacy in your life is not being able to go anywhere without being armed subject of the small line. But tiger found solid one place and one place. Them alone and now with inside the ropes that was the one area is quite city control. It was the one area of this life that brought peace to you know what he could shut priority she said shut every. Sitting out in the end that was that was the one calming factor the other place he founded which was very interest in which is part of a book. Is in the middle he'd been to the ocean he would go down there. In swim with. Fisher's because they dated talk back in the details fraud. And it was also. Away when he would immediately cave diver and not many people know that in one of the most dangerous sports in the world. And he's got great taped or he was caught by an expert. Arm that they you know deep sea diver and tiger right away grabbed it is also a tremendous. Spear picture but the reason he. I loved it and fell in love with that was it because it was so peaceful when it was but one place you can get away. The fact that he was in is Tiger Woods so. You know there's a price that comes with the kind of genius that that we all watched it and in more of all we're. It on so many weekends but when you. When you really immerse yourself in tiger's wife if you realized that. You know what we were witnessing was only a very small part of a very mysterious guy. We're told dormant Keteyian sixty minutes CBS news join us on the tech become just like a less than your Orman and I know you used to do sideline. For the NCAA tournament you're right the third to March Madness for for very long time you'll also. You wrote a book for the folks who don't know and another book about so big time college football and some of the scandal and corruption that takes place and in big time college football and as you're watching last night Villanova Michigan it was late into the night we find out the ratings were fantastic on CBS. What will what did you take away from last night because I feel like. Dylan on the one hand we're faced with maybe the fact that not as many people watched the game as I'm sure the NCAA and and TBS had hoped but. Villanova is a great story which takeaways from. I distinct I loved the final four it's my favorite. You know lest the be able with these seven photos and then beyond. On the court when once shining moment was playing well whether it was with duke or whether it was Tom Izzo and Michigan state of to me it's still retain the moral all the money that's ported to come out there a couple of billion dollar a year contract which earned CDS it would seem to certain innocence. That no matter what people do to try to kill. In many ways whether it's a scandal or whether. You know the corruption in the game or whether it's all the money that's being paid to the coaches you just can't chill that spirit in use can't chill that emotion and that. At Villanova team. Was just a marvel to watch and you know when they dismantled Kansas. With a shooting exhibition I've yet seen in eight you know the that I can even remember. And then last night with the nerves and everything else and just seeing how players act that. For the moment. And then deeper Chandler just playing so well in such a big big moment. I just I you know it's like you just look at it's still yet to sit up. Is it an amateur sports it's still the one sport that I see. Certainly beyond college football. That we've seen that in a sense that it was just a joy to watch as the ratings the ratings in pink or scream and everywhere now people are watching a different devices. Certainly I think being on cable purses and network like CBS. You know he's not he's not helpful but it's just the cost of doing business these stage between turner and CBS isn't your pain that kind of money. And I know a little bit about their contract. You know Turner's guaranteeing that CBS doesn't have any losses this contract and that's that's why they have it on on TBS last night. Norman Tiger Woods you know quickly get him back to him you know is arguably my favorite athlete of all time and you know a lot of times you marry you know kind of watch the roller coaster that he's been on. I've seen him grow and I met him when he was a seventeen year old kid is a gust eighteen you'll get the gusto on in nineteen Els would ever you know what every T was in 1997. Menu and I just fell in love with what he did on the golf course and we make parallels we compare them to other great dominant performers. Of their time I. I a lot of times compared to compare him to Mike Tyson and we customize died he kind of sell off the rails when tiger's father died he fell off the re rails what do you compare tiger to. I think you're right I mean it's you know it's funny when you mentioned Tyson yet thick gray line are we got a plan until they get it face. Berry an amount that's where tiger was with music killer you know on the golf course everybody thought and it's starting out. To witness some of the young guns pocket can't wait to compete our there on the back than Augusta and so they have all the guys competed against them in his. Is absolute you know climbs sit you out while be careful what you wish for because it's unlike anything you've ever. Experienced here. I mean he's in the pantheon of the greatest athletes in the history of any sport. In the history of sport so. I I we are very empathetic to him and it took us. You know three years in the whole market is flight to get to where he is now I think. He's more humid and he's more engaged is more appreciative these more more grateful than he'd ever been and you know I think. These peace in the heart peace. You know got anywhere near a chance on Sunday here perhaps some record setting ratings because. His is a story now of of retribution. And not that distorted and America and in the world you know also what was pretty. Yep well said Americans do love a good retribution toward the redemption story in the the book is called Tiger Woods at the yeah that's right the book is called Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armand could say and Armand is joining us on the tech job just like sixty minutes CBS and dot. He's also alleged that is all right arm and where were you really great to judge Joan Cusack and it's dark art or. Absolutely I'd seven it was great augment them tell you that's I mean that I can't wait to read his book and I helps because. You know the question. That I want to. Have answered after reading this book. You know you know me I'm not a big reader. I I won't go get this book I will absolutely go get his book and sit down. And as long as I can you read as many pages I can at a time I think they're a lady di I'm not sure but. Honestly I mean when you start looking at this guy's life in the roller coaster that he's been on you know on what sit there he's gone through. We talked about not having being in being contrite. My biggest question that I want to get out of this after it's all done is is it Daniel right. Because that's that's that's that's the question yes we all have right now no we watched Tiger Woods is that genuine. When he's playing with his kids is that for the cameras when he's on the course is that for the cameras right here is it genuine. And what he's doing in. You know being contrite after the roller coaster ride that he's been out. When you look when you live nearly a decade with the kind of public humiliation. And scrutiny. And and bottoming out that he has at times you'd you'd think that has that kind of affect the you never know there are regulars a fascinating stuff right there is Toobin there that that in order to get away. From the same from the autograph seekers from the cameras from all of it this guy's cave diving spear fish. Some of the most dangerous things you can get into because he just wants to do away from the world and it's not surprising that you hear it but it's shocking to hear a guy with that that much to lose. Yeah again it's not surprising but what a guy with that much to lose that he's doing that kind of stuff on the side it's it's like yeah he's still trade right. I mean people find their their. Their happy place and a lot of different ways right in some people's hunting some people hygiene. Now some people is jumping out of airplanes right I mean I can't explain what makes somebody. Forget about the world around sometimes it just hanging out your kid so you're coming home and give them. Hog right you know whatever might need to get junior happy place that everybody has something different so in this guy's one of the most competitive guys in the world. You know he's tough obviously. People are gonna get a look and say genius he's not genius. You know he's just a good golfers are really good golfer in I mean the guy went to Stanford. I mean it doesn't make him genius but. You know to your house knows the I don't know I mean I'm just fascinated with this guy and I and I and I wanna learn more more. Also will read the book we'll do that we will come back we'll wrap of the hour to six. I want them got to keep asking this question because liberal and activist. Where you get your news. A sports fans as consumers of a content where do you get your news we got a ton of stuff already coming on the buildings that are tech slump just colors of wanna talk to a split. As sports fans when you wake up what would you wanna stay engaged and connected where do you get your news what are you willing to pay for. Are you willing to pay for the athletic they're subscription are you willing to pay. Three ESPN's new. A standalone service that's go launch April the twelfth. So many options now what what what are you what are you willing to pay for where you get your news 7045709. BC extent if all you have time for a text. Jimmy attacks were religion news. What are you willing entries for. How old you. You millennial sixty and above I'm curious is not a survey a knock her share your data like FaceBook does. I'm just curious 70457. Or 96 tennis person in that. Buildings that are tax lie and what element out of it I'm definitely heading out to buy his books and leaping testing us. Plus and that's pretty good feedback that we appreciate that if there was it was all arm and guys fascinating he is. He's been all over the place NBC CBS HBO real sports now was sixty minutes. Are you tell stories with the best and we appreciate his style and this is gonna be quick and quick out. I really carry this and our number four. What are you get your news what are you what are you. What are you willing to pay for where you get your news and there's a reason that I'm asking this question and it's good to come clearer just a minute but. Because of what we do. And because of the way this entire landscape shifted. Over the past ten years. You know were with the evolution of the Internet and streaming. And go on the go viewership and the ability to have content not just. Accessible so you at a moment's notice for being pushed to you sent to you wanna moment's notice Bleacher Report update that's EST an update that's CBS for so Dell all that stuff where you get your news how do you consume it because the the sports fans changing the sports fan is more sophisticated the sports fan you guys are more able to call us out. When we're wrong got soaked. This does business isn't what used to be didn't used it used to be an old fact guys sitting on bar stool under reading other sports section and talk about games the night before you can't do that anymore. And so when we did something wrong god forbid we get their name on the team brought a number wrong. Within fifteen seconds on the tax like somebody's correctly guessed but you get your news much more sophisticated as the sports fan but but consumer habits in the way this thing all works. It is fascinating not just amoeba in how we try to run our business here at a did it become clear but a merger of us and our number for a US mother sought to get into his well let's go to the phone lines it's a course our call here thanks rolled according Howard. Absolutely yeah but did you know amazing interview all thanks that would. Don't point seven. Cannot build homes or living almost one road out with a WB. AM to six universal very. The error. You know Twitter break. And I've got up and Connie exceptions the rule are not really want all I'm super passionate about sport like great guys and not paper every people say don't like gay. Forty prop booked them on. NFL Sunday ticket like 300 did you book a year. You know and volatile courage. Bush I mean there's really no amount of money at Scott I'd say probably. Over a hundred bucks a month comes out and subscriptions urged sports news. Quite a sell out that not. You know you average everyday lives but you know in in in you know what I'd do without. And working in this industry. There's no quicker way to relate to somebody and turn a negative. Experience until pot and spin it there later motorsports and you can really hurt. Homeowners. Moot. If you just talk to about this sport. Yeah. As long as our fans. That's ahead on earth or are jobless but I story appreciated Matt. Sorry does no but seriously today and it's funny you say that because our VP Matt Chandler said something similar meeting that we had not too long Joyce it looked in Charlotte. It has grown so quickly do you know did the explosion of population that you have people all over the place strange transplants from all over the place. But in the city right now it just kind of seem like the universal languages sports. And that's really interest him for a city that is is kind of under a complete. Make over in a sense right now. And that's why I'm asking the question import where do you get your news and I'm not disinterested in the new in the new habits allele here because we got guys that are are 2939495969. Texas right now. Tell us how they get their news and I'm fascinated by the. What we see you don't cut or were you and yours are going right there with tartan the knowledge that we have been. I think fir the last year or two. You know with politics. You know that's kind of where the the news has been going to hold that thought. I wish you did experiment and we come back I want you talk more about that because that's X I wanted to bring that exact same that they want to spit that out the exact same thing up. And no more talk about it you're gonna have me talk about politics and you Jane is this that the word out. I can either go ahead ma am allowed to talk now they're bright guys out of reform Garcia both.